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A complimentary piece to Brian's Bowie Tribute

(Scott)-First of all, how about that Bowie covers project? Masterminded, of course, by the king  of cover
projects the one and only Brian.....the post has been hit A LOT, as it should be. Now, along comes Jon S. (a fantastic recent addition to the blog!) with a supplemental/complimentary piece to Brian's, featuring the band Shearwater (of whom, I will be quite honest, I have never heard.....that's why I LOVE it!)...Jon S. will tell ya all about it....

This is meant as a compliment to Brian's massive Bowie covers tribute. It is a very thoughtful and thorough collection he put together. 
Just a couple of days ago, I saw the band Shearwater had covered the Bowie album Lodger for the website, The AV Club. Like Brian said, listening to the covers, although fairly faithful to the original, gave me a new appreciation for the album. (The youtube link is below if you want to watch the in-studio performance.) 
Also included here is a live performance of Lodger by Shearwater, recorded recently by nyctaper (I know Scott mentioned them in a post not long ago - a great site!). And, since they're a really great band in their own right, I also added the new album, Jet Plane And Oxbow, by Shearwater and another nyctaper live show.

Shearwater - "Lodger" 

01 African Night Flight/02 Fantastic Voyage/03 Move On/04 Yassassin/05 Red Sails/06 DJ/07 Look Back In Anger/08 Boys Keep Swinging/09 Repetition/10 Red Money

Shearwater - Jet Plane And Oxbow

01 Prime/02 Quiet Americans/03 A Long Time Away/04 Backchannels/05 Filaments/06 Pale Kings/07 Only
Child/08 Glass Bones/09 Wildlife In America/10 Radio Silence/11 Stray Light At Clouds Hill

Shearwater - Lodger Live At Rough Trade 3/15/16

01 Fantastic Voyage/02 [banter - Lodger]/03 African Night Flight/04 Move On/05 Yassassin/06 [banter - Adrian Belew]/07 Red Sails/08 [banter - singles in the middle]/09 DJ/10 Look Back in Anger/11 [band introductions]/12 Boys Keep Swinging/13 [banter - SNL]/14 Repetition/15 [thanks]/16 Red Money

Shearwater - Mercury Lounge 2/6/16                                          

01 Prime/02 Filaments/03 [banter - crows]/04 A Long Time Away/05 Rooks/06 [banter - uncomfortable dislocation]/07 Quiet Americans/08 You As You Were/09 Wildlife in America/10 [banter - louder]/11 Pale Kings/12 [band introductions]/13 Backchannels/14 [banter - Lodger]/15 Stray Light at Clouds Hill/16 [banter - thanks]/17 Look Back in Anger [Bowie]

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