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....And Some More PJ Harvey

 (Scott)-Also from Jon S comes PJ Harvey's 1995 album "To Bring You my Love, as well as four concert
boots from that same year.....I've said before I am not as up on PJ as I should be, but this should be a jumping off point. Thanks again to Jon S.

To Bring You My Love (Deluxe 1995)

01 To Bring You My Love/02 Meet ze Monsta/03 Working For The Man/04 C'mon Billy/05 Teclo/06 Long Snake Moan/07 Down By The Water/08 I Think I'm A Mother/09 Send His Love To Me/10 The Dancer/11 Reeling (Four Track Version)/12 Daddy/13 Lying In The Sun/14 Somebody's Down, Somebody's Name/15 Darling Be Here/16 Maniac/17 One Time Too Many/18 Harder (Studio Version)/19 Goodnight/20 Long Time Coming/21 Naked Cousin

Rockerfeller Music Hall, Oslo 5-5-95

01 send his love to me/02 meet ze monsta/03 working for the man/04 harder/05 teclo/06 long time coming/07 down by the water/08 c'mon billy/09 hook/10 me-jane/11 naked cousin/13 50ft queenie12 driving/14 legs/15 oh my lover/16 long snake moan/17 goodnight

Glastonbury 6-24-95

01 Meet Ze Monsta/02 Working For The Man/03 Send His Love To Me/04 My Naked Cousin/05 Teclo/06 Down By The Water/07 C'mon Billy/08 Hook/09 Long Snake Moan/10 Me Jane/11 50 Ft. Queenie/12 Goodnight/13 Water

Macky Auditorium, Boulder 10-5-95

01 Hook/02 Harder/03 Long Snake Moan/04 Dress/05 Driving/06 I Think I'm A Mother/07 Lying in the Sun/08 One
Time Too Many/09 Meet Ze Monsta/10 Long Time Coming/11 To Bring You My Love/12 Send His Love To Me/13 Me-Jane/14 50ft Queenie/15 Water/16 Down by the Water/17 Straight/18 Goodnight

Le Zenith, Paris 11-14-95

01 hook/02 harder/03 long snake moan/04 dress/05 driving/06 i think i'm a mother/07 lying in the sun/08 one time too many/09 meet ze monsta/10 c'mon billy/11 to bring you my love/12 send his love to me/13 me-jane/14 50ft queenie/15 legs/16 down by the water/17 naked cousin-the dancer/18 working for the man/19 goodnight

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