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Nashville Pussy

I've had this one in reserve for a while, not a REAL favorite, but some good sleazy-southern-psychobilly
stuff, with the bonus of the early albums featuring bassist/goddess Corey Parks (she's about 6'5'" with a tattoo on her tummy saying "EAT ME"....for what more could I ask, I LOOOOOOVE them tall women, the taller the better.

Anyway, music.....first up is an EP entitled "Eat More Pussy" (YEH!), it's plenty sleazy, but quite good in my estimation, complete with a total overhaul of AC-DC's "Kicked in the Teeth"......this EP was sometimes given away with the debut full length, "Let Them Eat Pussy", (1998) something of a scuzzball classic, maybe sort of gives you the same feeling as listening to Pussy Galore.....stuff like "Go Motherfucker Go" and "All Fucked Up" are damn near perfect for this genre, and the album also includes perhaps the greatest "fluke" hit of all time, "Fried Chicken and Coffee", which was nominated for a Grammy.....excuse me, I need to vomit.

2000's "High as Hell" is a good listen as well, there is great shit here like "Blowjob From a Rattle Snake" and "She's Got the Drugs", despite the deliberate shock factor, this shit really does rock the yard and is worth your time.

"Say Something Nasty" was their next effort, they attempted to keep the shock value high, but, as often happens with bands of this ilk, it kind of turned silly......not "bad", there are decent psycho-rockers here such as "Keep On Fucking" and "You Give Drugs a Bad Name".....thy peaked with the earlier efforts, when my girlfriend was strumming that bass.......this began the downward path for the band, still, not awful.

Next up was 2005's "Get Some".....not a real favorite of mine, although it contains a fair track or two, notably "Lazy White Boy", which is a RALLY good one.

"From Hell to Texas" (2009) is more of the same, the band's hardcore circle of fans seem to really enjoy it,
no me, the joke was wearing a little thin.......perhaps if they enlisted another 6'5' female bass player.....well, never mind, if you like them you like them, and this one continues the trend...."I'm So High", ""Drunk Driving Man" and "Dead Can't Get Drunk" are pure Nashville Pussy, just a bit past their prime (except for their rabid fan cult.)

Nashville Pussy was a band that knew its formula and beat it to death......."Up the Dosage" (I think the most recent , 2014, but they may have done something since) is yet more of the same, check these song titles:  "Before the Drugs Wear Off"....."Pussy's Not a Dirty Word"...."Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray For Tennessee".......no question, like it or not, this IS Nashville Pussy, they've remained true to their convictions and I give them some credit for that......sure do wish Corey parks would come pay me a visit though.

EAT MORE PUSSY (EP)-Kicked in the Teeth/02 Nice Boys/03 Milk Cow Blues/04 Headin' For the Texas Border/05 Sock It To Me Baby/06 I'm Misunderstood

LET THEM EAT PUSSY-01 Snake Eyes/02 You're Goin' Down/03 Go Motherfucker Go/04 I'm the Man/05 All Fucked Up/06 Johnny Hotrod/07 5 Minutes To Live/08 Somebody Shoot Me/09 Blowin' Smoke/10 First I Look at the Purse/11 Eat My Dust/12 Fried Chicken and Coffee

HIGH AS HELL-01 Struttin' Cock/02 Shoot First and Run Like Hell/03 She's Got the Drugs/04 Wrong Side of a Gun/05 Piece of Ass/06 High As Hell/07 You Ain't Right/08 Rock N Roll Outlaw/09 Rock N Roll Outlaw/10 Let's Ride/11 Blowjob From a Rattle Snake/12 Drive

SAY SOMETHING NASTY-01 Words of Wisdom/02 Say Something Nasty/03 Gonna Hitchhike Down to Cincinnati and Kick the Shit out of Outta Your Drunk Daddy/04 You Give Drugs a Bad Name/05 The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out/06 Keep on Fuckin'/07 Jack Shark/08 Keep Them Things Away From Me/09 Here's To Your Destruction/10 Let's Get the Hell Outta here/11 Slow Movin Train/12 Beat Me Senseless/13 Can't Get Rid of It/14 Rock N Roll Hootchie Koo/15 Outro

GET SOME-01 Pussy Time/02 Come On Come On/03 Going Down Swinging/04 Good Night For a Heart Attack/05 Hate and Whiskey/06 Lazy White Boy/07 Hell Ain't What It Used to Be/08 One Way Down/09 Raisin' Hell Again/10 Atlanta's Still Burning/11 Nutbush City Limits/12 Meaner Than My Mama/13 Snowblind

FROM HELL TO TEXAS-01 Speed Machine/02 From Hell to Texas/03 Drunk Driving Man/04 Lazy Jesus/05 I'm So High/06 Ain't Your Business/07 Dead Men Can't Get Drunk/08 The late Great USA/09 Pray For the Devil/10 Why Why Why/11 Stone Cold Down/12 Gimme a Hit Before I Go

UP THE DOSAGE-01 Everybody's fault But Mine/02 Rub it To Death/03 Til the Meat Falls off the Bone/04 The South's Too Fat To Rise Again/05 Before the Drugs Wear Off/06 Lazy White Boy/07 Hell Ain't What It Used to Be/08 Up the Dosage/09 Takin' It Easy/10 White and Loud/11 Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray for Tennessee/12 Pillbilly/13 Pussy's Not a Dirty Word/14 Begging For a Taste/15 Before the Drugs Wear Off

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