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New guest/friend submits some PJ Harvey

Back from yesterday, when he submitted a bunch of Costello boots I didn't have, comes Jon Schiener, this
time with a load of PJ Harvey.....right up front I will admit to not being TERRIBLY familiar with her work, what have have heard I have enjoyed...Jon S., on the other hne is a big fan, and submits a whole slew of various PJ stuff for us to enjoy:


Dry (Limited Edition) 1992

01 Oh My Lover/02 O Stella/03 Dress/04 Victory/05 Happy and Bleeding/06 Sheela-na-Gig/07 Hair/08 Joe/09 Plants and Rags/10 Fountain/11 Water/12 Oh My Lover (Demo)/13 O Stella (Demo)/14 Dress (Demo)/15 Victory (Demo)/16 Happy and Bleeding (Demo)/17 Sheela-na-Gig (Demo)/18 Hair (Demo)/19 Joe (Demo)/20 Plants and Rags (Demo)/21 Fountain (Demo)/22 Water (Demo)

La Cigale, Paris 11/05/92

01 Water/02 O Stella/03 Dress/04 Missed/05 Hair/06 Joe/07 Victory/08 Sheela-Na-Gig/09 Man/10 Dry/11 Me Jane

Rid Of Me 1993

01 Rid of Me/02 Missed/03 Legs/04 Rub 'Til It Bleeds/05 Hook/06 Man-Size Sextet/07 Highway 61 Revisited/08 50Ft Queenie/09 Yuri-G/10 Man-Size/11 Dry/12 Me-Jane/13 Snake/14 Ecstasy

4-Track Demos 1993

01 Rid of Me/02 Legs/03 Reeling/04 Snake/05 Hook/06 50 Ft Queenie/07 Driving/08 Ecstasy/09 Hardly Wait/10 Rub 'Til It Bleeds/11 Easy/12 M-Bike/13 Yuri-G/14 Goodnight

The Forum, London 5/23/93

01 Man-Size Sextet/02 Rid Of Me/03 Naked Cousin/04 Primed And Ticking/05 Highway 61 Revisited/06 O Stella/07 Dress/08 Rub 'Til It Bleeds/09 Missed/10 Victory/11 Sheela-na-Gig/12 M-Bike/13 Me-Jane/14 Snake/15 50 ft Queenie/16 Man-Size


And, if you don't tell anyone (shhhhhhh), from John N (different guy!) comes her latest release "The Hope Six Demolition Project

01 The Community of Hope/02 The Ministry of Defence/03 A Line in the Sand/04 Chain of Keys/05 River Anacostia/06 Near the Memorials to Vietnam and Lincoln/07 The Orange Monkey/08 Medicinals/09 The Ministry of Social Affairs/10 The Wheel/11 Dollas Dollar

I (Scott) have listened to the new one and liked it quite a bit, couldn't find a real context in which to post it, but thanks to Jon S, this should be a killer post! Thanks to both John N and Jon S for making this happen!

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