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Elvis (Costello) Is Everywhere (Part 7 and OUT)

The final installment of the Elvis-extravaganza, focusing again on another stack o' concert boots, all of them
worth a listen......I think this series has been a pretty fair one, thanks to John N for providing the deluxe editions of the albums I didn't have.

We resume a few days after where we left off yesterday, again from the Dominion Theater, 12/23/78, with Martin Belmont...."Armed Forces" material comprises a good bit of the set, the notable inclusion this time is "I Stand Accused", which I think is the only version that I have.

Next is the (1978, unsure of the date) "Live at the El Mocambo"....a good performance, nothing out of the ordinary to note, but, as always, worthwhile and worth hearing. (A pretty common find, really)

Leading off 1979 is a King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast, from Glasgow Scotland. "Don't Look Back" and "Little Sister" are not frequently performed, and the set ends with a good version of "Girls Talk"...also from 1979 is "Live at Hollywood High", a well known effort that also contains nothing unusual....an EP of a few of these tracks was given away with (at least with MY) vinyl copy of "Armed Forces", nice to have the whole show.

From 6/4/79 is the Pinkpop Festival from Geleen Holland....I think "So Young" is a fairly rare addition, as are "We Can Talk" and "High Fidelity".....I guess a bit of "Get Happy" material had begun to enter the setlist, which is where I get off board.

And lastly, this is interesting, someone took the time to create a "live version" of "Armed Forces", taking live
recordings from various locales/dates (1978-83) and sequencing them in the same order as those on the original album. Quite an effort, I've had this forever and don't remember where I got it from, so I'm unable to credit the creator.

Anyway, hope this is enough Costello for ya.....if ya have anything else ya wish me to post, please by all means send it to me.

DOMINION THEATER 12/23/78-01 Hand In Hand/02 Big Tears/03 Goon Squad/04 (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes/05 I Stand Accused/06 Moods For Moderns/07 The Beat/08 Accidents Will Happen/09 (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea/10 Lipstick Vogue/11 Watching the Detectives/12 Big Boys/13 This Year's Girl/14 (talk)/15 Radio, Radio/16 You belong to Me/17 (encore break)/18 Pump it Up

LIVE AT THE EL MOCAMBO-01 Mystery Dance/02 Waiting For the End of the World/03 Welcome to the Working Week/04 Less Than Zero/05 The Beat/06 Lip Service/07 (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea/08 Little Triggers/09 Radio Radio/10 Lipstick Vogue/11 Watching the Detectives/12 Miracle Man/13 You Belong to me/14 Pump It Up

KING BISCUIT FLOWER HOUR GLASGOW SCOTLAND-01 Little Sister/02 Watching the Detectives/03 You Belong To Me/04 Oliver's Army/05 Don't Look Back/06 Girls Talk

LIVE AT HOLLYWOOD HIGH-01 Accidents Will happen/02 Mystery Dance/03 Lip Service/04 Living in Paradise/05 Goon Squad/06 (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes/07 Party Girl/08 (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea/09 This Year's Girl/10 No Action/11 Stranger in the House/12 The Beat/13 Allison/14 Lipstick Vogue/15 Watching the Detectives/16 You Belong to Me/17 Radio, Radio/18 Pump It Up/19 Waiting For the End of the World/20 Miracle Man

PINKPOP FESTIVAL GELEEN HOLLAND 6/4/79-01 The Beat/02 B Movie/03 Green Shirt/04 I Don't
Want To Go To Chelsea/05 Oliver's Army/06 So Young/07 Party Girl/08 Girls talk/09 Accidents Will Happen/10 High Fidelity/11 Lipstick Vogue/12 We Can talk/13 Pump It Up/14 You belong to Me/15 What's So Funny bout Peace Love and Understanding

LIVE ARMED FORCES-01 Accidents Will Happen (8/23/80 Toronto)/02 Senior Service (12/28/78 Portsmouth England)/03 Olivers Army (5/14/80 London)/04 Big Boys (4/12/79 Bethlehem PA)/05 Green Shirt (Nashville 1/3/82)/ 05 Party Girl (6/7/78 San Francisco)/07 Goon Squad (4/12/79 Bethlehm Pennsylvania)/08 Busy Bodies (2/14/79 Long Beach CA)/09 Moods For Moderns (2/14/79 Long Beach CA)/10 Chemistry Class  (4/15/78 Roundhouse London England)/11 Two Little Hitlers 6/21/78 Rockpalast Cologne Germany/12 (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding (9/7/83 Ausitn Texas)

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