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The Doors Part 5 (of MANY)

Sick of em YET? No? Well, be patient, I have only tapped the tip of the iceberg......a few  more live efforts
today, all from 1968......

First of all (remember, I captured ALL of this as a huge Torrent the other day, so some of it (to me) is oddly programmed, but how I got them is how I will present them, as is my normal procedure) we have a portion of (I remember this, actually), was released as a Jimi Hendrix album, "Woke Up This Morning and Found Myself Dead".....what it is, is a VERY informal jam session with Hendrix, Jim Morrison, johnny Winter, and Buddy Miles, recorded in someone's apartment. It's REALLY pretty bad, and, as I said, only the tracks with Morrison were presented in the Torrent.....he passes out eventually. Anyway, nothing great here at all, if the idea of a Hendrix/Morrison collaboration sounds like your kind of thing, go ahead....you WILL be disappointed!

Next up, a two-disc set of a September 6 show in London at the Roundhouse. They did an early show and a late show, one on each disc. The sound quality is what I would describe as (charitably) "fair", and there are no real surprises in the set lists.

From Copenhagen Denmark comes a September 18th TV broadcast, sound quality is good, somewhat of a short set (being on TV), and an early version of "WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)" which seems to have been a live staple quite a while before it appeared on "LA Woman"

Finally, from September 20, another two set/two disc effort, this time from Stockholm. Fine (soundboard) quality, and sharp performances, make this the pick of the litter for today. The early show contains "Love Street", which I don't remember them performing before, and the late set includes (wait for it) "Mack the Knife".....this one is the one I'd go for, of today's options......

Got a TON of more live stuff, as well as more alternate takes/singles/demos/LOTS more than you could
ever imagine.....at some point I'll slow down with the Doors stuff, I'll bet it takes (guessing) maybe 50-60 posts to get through it. You WILL be sick of them.

WOKE UP THIS MORNING AND FOUND MYSELF DEAD (Portion)-01 Bleeding Heart/02 Morrison's Lament/03 Tomorrow Never Knows

THE ROUNDHOUSE, LONDON 9/6/68 (DISC 1)-01 Five to One/02 When the Music's Over/03 Back Door Man/04 Spanish Caravan/05 Wake Up/06 Light My Fire/07 The Unknown Soldier/08 Promoter's Comments

THE ROUNDHOUSE LONDON 9/6/68 (DISC 2)-01 Five to One/02 When the Music's Over/03 Wake Up/04 Light My Fire

GLADSAXE TV STUDIO COPENHAGEN 9/18/68-01 Alabama Song/02 Back Door man/03 WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)/04 Love Me Two Times/05 When the Music's Over/06The Unknown Soldier

STOCKHOLM 9/20/68 DISC 1-01 Five to One/02 Love Street/03 Love Me Two Times/04 When the
Music's Over/05 A Little Game/06 The Hill Dwellers/07 Light My Fire/08 The Unknown Soldier

STOCKHOLM 9/20/68 DISC 2-01 Five To One/02 Mack the Knife/03 Love Me Two Times/04 Back Door Man/05 You're Lost Little Girl/06 Love Me Two Times/07 When the Music's Over/08 Wild Child/09 Money/10 Wake Up/11 Light My Fire/12 [Turn Out the Lights]/13 The End

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