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From Los Angeles come Bleached, self-described as a psych/punk/pop group, I guess that's fairly accurate,
as much as would be possible I suppose. As far as I can tell, they have released 2 full lengths and a handful of singles and stuff, kind of hard to locate OR locate information on them, I THINK I have most of it here, I could be wrong.

The first album, 2013's "Ride Your Heart", is a fairly decent effort, the band's sound reminds me a small bit of an American version of Sahara Hotnights, perhaps with some Bangs mixed in....sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin are the only members that I can identify, I guess one of them sings/ one strums, can't find any other information on personnel.....anyway, this album has a bunch of fairly rocking stuff (title track, "Looking For a Fight", "Dead Boy").......not a spectacular effort, but worth a listen.

Their new release is "Welcome the Worms", is quite a bit better due to sharper production. Even moreso this time, the Sahara Hotnights comparison is unavoidable (I always LIKED Sahara Hotnights, did a post on them years ago)....."Keep On Leepin On", "Hollywood, We Did It All Wrong", and "Chemical Air" are standouts, but its really all pretty good, and I can see it as a possibility of this landing on a year-end "best of" list or two.

As always, with new releases, should ANYONE, band, label, anyone, take offense to this post, please speak up and it will be removed quickly....keep in mind that my intent is to EXPOSE lesser-known bands to a wider audience, and this band is HARD to find stuff from (obviously it's OUT THERE, I got it, but not that easy to find, even harder to find is information on the band.

In addition, we have a selection of singles & EP's from the band, to review quickly: the 2011 (2 tracks) EP "Francis".....similar to the thin production of the debut album, worth a listen....details, again, are sketchy, but I guess the band released another EP in 2011 ("Carter"?) and what we have is a single from that one, "Think of You"/"You Take Time"......another roughly produced single, and yes, I can STILL hear a trace of early Sahara Hotnights in there.

Another (single? EP?) from 2011 is the two track "Searching Through the Past", with the title track and
"Electric Chair".....of this handful of singles I enjoy this one the most, really good and rocking, both tracks. Good one.

What else? From 2012, A Daytrotter Session EP, really pretty solid performances of some of the above songs, some better than the originals due to crisper production.We round this out with a (single? EP) from 2014, "For the Feel" which has three tracks, the best of which is "Born to Kill", which is one of their better numbers.

Perhaps a band that merits further investigation, if they have anymore material.....the 2016 (new) release is really quite good, and they do show some REAL promise at times. See what you think, I'm always a sucker for female fronted hard rock, and this does fit the bill there.

RIDE YOUR HEART-01 Looking For a Fight/02 Next Stop/03 Outta My Mind/04 Dead In Your Head/05 Dreaming Without You/06 Waiting By the Telephone/07 Love Spells/08 Searching Through the Past/09 Ride Your Heart/10 Dead Boy/11 Guy Like You/12 When I Was Yours

WELCOME THE WORMS-01 Keep on Keepin' On/02 Trying to Lose Myself Again/03 Sleepwalking/04 Wednesday Night Melody/05 Wasted On You/06 Chemical Air/07 Sour Candy/08 Desolate Town/09 I'm All Over the Place (Mystic Mama)/10 Hollywood, We Did it All Wrong

FRANCIS (7" EP/single)-01 Dazed/02 No Friend of Mine

CARTER (single/EP)-01 Think of You/02 You Take Time
SEARCHING THROUGH THE PAST (single EP)-03 Electric Chair/04 Searching Through the Past (one
link for both)

DAYTROTTER SESSION-01 Welcome to Daytrotter/02 Dazed/03 Electric Chair/04 Looking For a Fight/05 Today Your love Tomorrow the World
FOR THE FEEL (Single/EP)-06 For the Feel/07 Poison Ivy/08 Born to Kill (one link for both)

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