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Circle Jerks

My younger brother was, in his teen years, a big fan of the American west-coast hardcore bands (Germs,
Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, etc, etc), myself, not as much (mostly because I got sick of him playing the stuff all the time), but when he became a homeless/hopeless derelict a while back, I got custody of all of his music, for better or worse.....The complete (I think) Circle Jerks included. I know I've featured The Germs and DK's here, Fear, not as sure, and all the "Rodney on the ROQ" comps, so I may as well continue my commitment to variety and throw some Circle Jerks your way.

Vocalist Keith Morris (late of Fear) formed the Circle Jerks (originally known as The Bedwetters) in 1979, along with guitarist Greg Heston, bassist Roger Rogerson, and drummer Lucky Lehrer......they cranked out a similar din to the Germs or Fear, perhaps with a bit more musical chops.

The actually kind of grating "Group Sex" album, their debut, shoots out fourteen tracks in FIFTEEN minutes, it's a bit rough to listen to these days, although one can get a laugh from "Paid Vacation" (sample lyric: "It's Afghanastan!")......a true period piece,genuinely specific of an era and a region, no question.

"Wild in the Streets" is nearly as machine gun in its approach, as always, a sense of humor can save a lot of these type of things, as wittnessed by some good cover choices (title track, "Just Like Me", and, especially "Put a Little Love In Your Heart").....my brother always claimed that the best Circle jerks album (BY FAR, MAN) was "Group Sex", I'd say it'd be a "difficult" choice but I may go with this one.

"Golden Shower of Hits" seems to be an attempt at gaining some mainstream exposure, the longer, more traditional hard rock songs ("Rats of Reality", "When the Shit Hits the Fan") are kind of lame, actually, more "conventional" Jerks numbers prevail, such as "Junk Mail" and "Coup d'Etat"...also the title track is quite creative, stringing together six unconventional cover versions (see track list) to tell a complete story, really ambitious actually.

The next release, "Wonderful", with a revised lineup, continues the move towards desired commerciality,
and, it sucks period. If you want it here it is.

The decline continues on "VI", quite an odd title for their FIFTH album, nevertheless, I don't like this one much either. Again, here it is if you want it, I have not much to say about it.

"Gig" is a live release, not terrible, but I do wish it would have included the classic lineup (pre-"Wonderful"), but it's not terrible, at times it crackles like some of the early stuff.

They disbanded in 1989 and reformed in 1995 to make "Oddities, Abnormalties, and Curiosities", which barely merits a mention either......hey, as I said, I got this stuff from my brother, the first three albums or so at least carry the spirit of the west coast sound of the era, the latter stuff? Could be ANYONE......anyway, here they all in their glory/sub-glory, I bet a few will appreciate these, and those are the folks that these are here for.

GROUP SEX-01 Deny Everything/02 I Just Want Some Skank/03 Beverly Hills/04 Operation/05 Back Against the Wall/06 Wasted/07 Behind the Door/08 World Up My Ass/09 Paid Vacation/10 Don't Care/11 Live Fast Die Young/12 What's Your Problem/13 Group Sex/14 Red Tape

WILD IN THE STREETS-01 Wild in the Streets/02 Leave Me Alone/03 Stars and Stripes/04 86'd (Good
as Gone)/05 Meet the Press/06 Trapped/07 Murder the Disturbed/08 Letterbomb/09 Question Authority/10 Defamation Innuendo/11 Moral Majority/12 Forced Labor/13 Political Stu/14 Just Like Me/15 Put a Little Love In Your Heart

GOLDEN SHOWER OF HITS-01 In Your Eyes/02 Parade of Horribles/03 Under the Gun/04 When the Shit Hits the Fan/05 Bad Words/06 Red Blanket Room/07 High Price on Our Heads/08 Coup d'Etat/09 Product of My Environment/10 Rats of Reality/11 Junk Mail/12 Golden Shower of Hits (Jerks on 45) (Along Comes Mary/Close to You/Afternoon Delight/Having My Baby/Love Will Keep us Together/D-I-V-O-R-C-E)

WONDERFUL-01 Wonderful/02 Firebaugh/03 making the Bombs/04 Mrs Jones/05 Dude/06 American Heavy Metal Weekend/07 I & I/08 The Crowd/09 Killing For Jesus/10 Karma Stew/11 15 Minutes/12 Rock House/13 Another Broken Heart For Snake

VI-01 Beat Me Senseless/02 Patty's Killing Me/03 Casualty Vampire/04 Tell Me Why/05 Protection/06 I'm Alive/07 Status Clinger/08 Living/09 American Way/10 Fortunate Son/11 Love Kills/12 All Wound Up/13 I Don't

GIG-01 Beat Me Senseless/02 High Price on Our Heads/03 Letter
Bomb/04 In Your Eyes/05 Making the Bombs/06 All Wound Up/07 Coup d'Etat/08 Mrs Jones/09 Back Against the Wall/10 Casualty Vampires/11 I Don't/12 Making Time/13 Junk Mail/14 I, I, & I/15 World Up My Ass/16 I Just Want Some Skank/17 Beverly Hills/18 The Crowd/19 When the Shit Hits the Fan/20 Deny Everything/21 Wonderful/22 Wild in the Streets

ODDITIES, ABNORMALTIES, AND CURIOSITIES-01 Teenage Electric/02 Anxious Boy/03 22/04 Shining Through the Door/05 I Wanna Destroy You/06 Sinking Ship/07 Brick/08 Fable/09 Dog/10 Grey Life/11 Exhaust Breath/12 Career Day

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