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The Doors part 2 (of MANY)

OK, I started this out yesterday, may as well complete the box set of studio recordings today, so we can get
into the REAL "finds" here......as I said before, this is a HUGE collection, which, taken a bit at a time, will likely take months to complete. I'm sure you won't care if I don't include the Morrison-less "Other Voices" and "Full Circle", if someone has a fondness for them, let me know and I'll CONSIDER it.

First up, we have what (I think) is almost unanimously considered their weakest studio effort (other than the two mentioned above), "The Soft Parade"....highlighted, I suppose, by the single "Touch Me"(with it's odd "stonger than dirt" ending),  the rest of this, for me at least, falls flat....the title track was the first "long" Doors track which simply didn't work, and the album just didn't get it done for me. There are quite a few bonus tracks on this one, though, "Who Scared You", two takes of "Whiskey, Mystics, and Men", "Push Push", and a couple of alternate takes on "Touch Me"

Much better of course is "Morrison Hotel", with it's great "Roadhouse Blues", "Waiting For the Sun", and "You make Me Real".....this one has a slew of bonus stuff as well: four takes of "Roadhouse Blues", "Talking Blues", "Carol", "Money Beats Soul", alternates of "Peace Frog" and "The Spy", and a "jazz version" of "Queen of the Highway"

"LA Woman" is the final "real" Doors effort, many call it their favorite. I think it's damn great, I will never understand the decision to lead off the album with perhaps its weakest track ("The Changeling"), still, two great long tracks (the title track and "Riders on the Storm"), "Love Her Madly" and several other solid tracks make this one of their top efforts for sure.....just a pair of negligible bonus tracks here, see the track listing.

"An American Prayer" is, in my opinion, pretty much an abomination, music recorded by Densmore, Manzerak, and Kreiger in 1978, with Morrison's taped recitation of his poetry spliced in. I think it sucks, actually, but you got to give em credit for trying to milk every nickle out of old Jimbo that they could.

Finally, included with the box set studio albums, for some reason, is the two disc "Infected Mushroom Presents The Doors Remixed", which features a lot of various Doors tracks, done up in various states of remix......it's interesting, it's listenable, and why it was included with the studio LP's I'll never know, but here it is anyway.....it's not BAD, at all, but it sure feels out of place.

Next time (not sure when), I'll start on the mountain of live stuff here....

THE SOFT PARADE-01 Tell All the People/02 Touch Me/03 Shaman's Blues/04 Do It/05 Easy Ride/06
Wild Child/07 Runnin Blue/08 Wishful Sinful/09 The Soft Parade/10 Who Scared You/11 Whiskey, Mystics,and Men (version 1)/12 Whiskey Mystics, and Men (version 2)/13 Push Push/14 Touch Me (Dialogue)/15 Touch Me (Take 3)

MORRISON HOTEL-01 Roadhouse Blues/02 Waiting For the Sun/03 You Make Me Real/04 Peace Frog/05 Blue Sunday/06 Ship of Fools/07 Land Ho!/08 The Spy/09 Queen of the Highway/10 Indian Summer/11 Maggie M'Gill/12 Talking Blues/13 Roadhouse Blues (Takes 1-3)/14 Roadhouse Blues (Take 6)/15 Carol/16 Roadhouse Blues (Take 1)/17 Money Beats Soul/18 Roadhouse Blues (Takes 13-15)/19
Peace Frog (False Start/Dialogue)/20 The Spy (Version 2)/21 Queen of the Highway (Jazz Version)

LA WOMAN-01 The Changeling/02 Love Her Madly/03 Been Down So Long/04 Cars Hiss By My Window/05 LA Woman/06 L'America/07 Hyacinth House/08 Crawling King Snake/09 The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)/10 Riders on the Storm/11 Orange County Suite/12 (You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further

AN AMERICAN PRAYER-01 Awake/02 Ghost Song/03 Dawn's Highway/04 Newborn Awakening/05 To Come of Age/06 Black Polished Chrome/07 Latino Chrome/08 Angels and Sailors/09 Stoned Immaculate/10 The Movie/11 Curses, Invocations/12 American Night/13 Roadhouse Blues/14 The World On Fire/15 Lament/16 The Hitchhiker/17 An American Prayer/18 Hour For Magic/19 Freedom Exists/20 A Feast of Friends/21 Babylon Fading/22 Bird of Prey/23 The Ghost Song

(Infected Mushroom remix)/02 People Are Strange (Infected Mushroom remix)/03 Break On Through (Infected Mushroom Swing remix)/04 Love Me Two Times (Infected Mushroom remix)/05 LA Woman (Paul Oakenfield remix)/06 Roadhouse Blues (Crystal Method remix)/07 Hello I Love You (Adam Freeland remix)/08 Riders on the Storm (Deep Dish mix)/09 Break On Through (BT remix)

INFECTED MUSHROOM PRESENTS THE DOORS REMIXED DISC 2-01 Light My Fire (Hot Rocks Club remix)/02 Strange Days (TC remix)/03 Riders on the Storm (Blondie Rapture Riders remix)/04 The End (Dave the Drummer remix)/05 Hello I Love You (Adam Freeland Fabric remix)/06 Riders on the Storm (Frederick Ft. Snoop Dogg remix)/07 Break On through (Infected Mushroom Guitar remix)

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