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Return of the "What Is Heavy Metal?" Project

Like it or not, here comes Disc 3 of the "What Is Heavy Metal?" project......as before, I HOPE to inspire
others to make a similar compilation of what defines "metal' to THEM.....before, the first disc was taken from an old Creem magazine article, and the second disc pretty much fell into place.....I had to put some thought into this one, trying to span across eras, pick the "right" songs, and, mostly, ignore/eliminate what I consider to be the posers of the genre......one of the, if not THE most interesting comment/suggestion from the first part was The Beatles "Helter Skelter"......VERY creative choice, and I CAN see the point, but after listening to it a few times, I can't see it....it's a great track and ripe for covering by some metal band (I know a few have tried it, notably Motley Crue, ughh), but it just might be one of those things that is simply "too good" to belong here...anyway, thought provoking suggestions such as this are the kind of thing that this is meant to incite, of course, the inevitable "you're an idiot" comments are welcome as well, although they generally don't accomplish much......here is disc 3:

01 THE STOOGES-Search and Destroy-The Stooges make a return from the first volume, with the highlight track of "Raw Power".....crushing riff, Iggy's tortured vocal, demented lyrics ("a heart full of napalm")....I believe it has been used some in advertising, which, anyway you slice it, is pretty sad.

02 NAZARETH-Razamanaz-Like I said before, pretty
much the only listenable track they ever produced....McCafferty's vocal isn't TOO awful here (or, at least not as awful as it often was), and this track REALLY does bash some serious skull.

03 HARD STUFF-No Witch At All-Not too well known, Hard Stuff was an Atomic Rooster offshoot who produced two fine hard rocking albums in the early-mid 70's....."No Witch at All" is from the debut, "Bulletproof", and if you've never heard it, treat yourself

04 PAT TRAVERS BAND-Heat in the Street-Not a HUGE fan of Travers, he's done some fairly good stuff, but the title track from what I think is his best album is a real smoker.

05 PEARL JAM-Once-before they became infatuated with themselves, Pearl Jam made one tremendous
album ("Ten") which is a slamming retro-70's/metal affair. Much of early 1990's alt/grunge drew influence from 70's metal, and this great song is one of the best examples of that

06 GOLDEN EARRING-Candy's Going Bad-A return engagement for Golden Earring, this track is from "Moontan" as was "Radar Love"......this one is nearly as good if not better, was done up in  a wretched cover version years later by one of the worst bands I've ever heard, The Godz

07 SIR LORD BALTIMORE-Kingdom Come-Someone pointed
out that they missed the first comp, and yes, they should be here, ANY track off the album "Kingdom Come" would suffice

08 TOOL-Ticks and Leeches-Do Tool belong here? I don't know, they could almost be in the hendrix/BOC list of bands that transcend this, but DAMN they did do up some heavy, gloomy stuff....I chose this (from "Lateralus"), but there are a handful more that could have been here, "Prison Sex", "Bottom", lots more.

09 THE RUNAWAYS-School Days-maybe you thought I was kidding last time? Like the 90's grunge
rockers, some of the hard punk bands of the 70's owed a debt to metal as well. Lita Ford was a good metal shredder, as well as being a goddess. Did I mention she was a goddess, also?

10 ATOMIC ROOSTER-Seven Streets-Someone last time suggested this band, I don't know, I loved this album ("Death Walks Behind You") and not a lot else that they did, I thought that they really didn't belong here, maybe, but actually, yes, especially this killer track.

11 SPOOKY TOOTH-Evil Woman-Winding up with a
long, slow, bluesy, keyboard driven screamer.....Spooky Tooth were a HEAVY band, really, and this was them at their very best (from "Spooky Two).

OK bring it on......if you don't like my choices, again, where is YOUR compilation, I'd love to hear it......otherwise, investigate, listen, argue, criticize......it's all in good fun, and whether or not you agree with my selections, you cannot argue that this collection cranked at full volume is a motherfucker to listen to. Enjoy.

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