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I know I have done a post on Suicide before, but I have a fucking reason for this....perhaps you noticed that I was absent from the blog for a few days.....that is because I was hospitalized due to an attempted suicide, using alcohol and tons of pain meds.......sometimes the pain just gets to be too fucking much and life just gets too Goddamn hard to deal with.....if you don't know what I mean you are one lucky motherfucker.....this went down Sunday night and the next thing I knew I woke up and it was Wedensday afternoon......still fucking alive. The TWO people in my life who I care anything about, my wife and my son, I let them down BIG FUCKING TIME......my wife says she wants a divorce and I don't blame her one fucking bit. "The Music That Shaped a Semi-Wasted Life"....what a fucking joke "semi"-wasted.......good Lord, as Neil Young so eloquently put it, "Why do I KEEP FUCKING UP?!?!?!" I wish the fuck I knew.......I don't want anyone's pity, I know fucking drugs and alcohol are not the fucking answer, neither is hurting the people I love by terminating my life......maybe some fucking day I'll figure it out, but FUCK man, life can totally fucking SUCK sometimes......

1.Suicide - CBGB Sept 29 1977 (96 Tears Intro / Ghostrider / Rocket USA / Cheree / Jonny / Frankie Teardrop) 24m 47s
2.Suicide - CBGB Dec 3 1977 (Ghostrider / Jesus Vega / Frankie Teardrop / Put A Little Love In Your Heart) 22m 8s
3.Suicide - The Palladium NYC Jan 7 (Rocket USA / Cheree / Dance / Frankie Teardrop) 21m 44s
4.Suicide - Maxs Jan 13 (Ghostrider / Rocket USA / Cheree / Dance / 96 Tears / Frankie) 22m 54s
5.Suicide - CBGB Feb 3 (Harlem / Ghostrider / Keep Your Dreams / Dance / Frankie Teardrop) 26m 37s
6.Suicide - Brussels June 16 1978 (Frankie Teardrop) 23m 46s
7.Suicide - Paris Olympia June 18 1978 (Ghostrider / Rocket USA / Cheree Dance / Frankie Teardrop / Backstage) 46m 59s
8.Suicide - Hamburg Audiomax June 28 1978 (Rocket USA / Cheree / Harlem) 21m 39s
9.Suicide - Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 Set 1 (Ghostrider / Rocket USA / Cheree / Harlem / 96 Tears) 22m 44s
10.Suicide - Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 Set 2 (Ghostrider / Rocket USA / 96 Tears dance / Harlem) 24m 24s
11.Suicide - London MusicMachine July 24 1978 (Rocket USA / Dance / Harlem Cheree / Mr Ray) 25m 40s
12.Suicide - Our Price Radio Ad 1m 6s
13.Suicide - Erics Liverpool July 29 1978 (Rocket USA / Cheree / Ghostrider / 96 Tears) 31m 14s
14.Suicide - Erics pt 2 July 29 1978 (Cum Ahead Frankie Teardrop) 6m 21s
15.Suicide - Maxs August 25 1978 (Ghostrider / Rocket Miss USA / Cheree / Mr Ray / Jonny / Harlem)

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