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Where the Action is (Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-68)

(NOTE) yes I know the SF links aren't up yet, I'm dong what I can......I promise you that the SF and LA links will BOTH be up before I continue on.....sometimes Zippy does me right, soemtimes I cannot figure out WHAT they are doing, but al in all, EVENTUTALLY all you guys get your links, and that is what ultimately matters.....thanks for your patience, and remember I really do love ya.....I'm not doing this for my health, but to try to spread some of the music that i have loved to a potential new audience. Youn/old/male/female/ doesn't matter. Rock n Roll is the universal, speaks-to-EVERYONE (everyone who GETS IT, that is) language, I there is so much of it out there that needs to be heard by the uninititated. Again, love you all, and TRY to bring you new/old and different things that will maybe make a similalr difference in your life that they have in my own. Love, BigScott1962

Well, here I think we have the last of the "official" Nuggets releases, although I'm certain I have some other internet-only creations ala "mega Nuggets" yet to offer. This one, as the title would lead you to believe, focusses on the City of Angels, and my personal preference only, I prefer it over the San Francisco set.....wonder if the future will release more sets? Texas? New York? Michigan? Regional rock of tha era is so VERY interesting, you kids would never beleive it but there was a time when different regions of the country had their own, unique sounds.....perhaps at the end of the Nuggets trail lies the vaery fab "Psychedelic States" set, which accentuates this point better even than
the Nuggets sets did.......

OK, four discs of neo-psych-garage-whatever from La La Land, much like the San Francisco set a LOT of this enjoys overlap with some of the other stuff I've put up, and a good bit more is so commonly comped as to wonder why they even bothered......still four discs, gotta yield SOME gems. Disc One (Subtitle: "On the Strip") kicks off with the Standells "Riot on Sunset Strip", as Standells tracks go not THAT frequently comped, tracks from the Byrds, Love (not an especially great one), Buffalo Springfield, Iron Butterfly (no, NOT THAT one!), .......we get the Seeds, Music Machine (as you know a fave of mine and it's a fairly rare track "The People in Me"), the underappreciated Peanut Butter Conspiracy, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, The Doors.....lots more, wow, that is some who's who of lat 60's LA rock, and for the most part, they are NOT represented by their best known stuff.......a real triumph, what it attempts to be, it acheives, at least for me.

Disc 2 ("Beyond the City"), tones down the "stars" approach a bit, some lesser knows such as Limey
& the Yanks, Deepest BLue, WC Fields Memorial Electric String Band, and Opus 1, mingled with the bettr known Turtles, Electric Prunes, Kim Fowley, The Yellow Payges, and Fapardokly, again, happily, NOT represented by their best known works. Disc 3 ("The Studio Scene") is even further out there, Yellow Balloon, Roger Nichols Trio, The Common Cold, Thorinshield, and The Moon.....mix that up with (again, happily) LESSER KNOWN tunes from Jan & Dean, The Monkees, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, and the Mamas and the Papas.......again, I really enjoy this ser MUCH more than the San Francisco set, due to the deliberate (seemingly) to stay away from well-established "hits".

Finally we have Disc 4, "New Directions", Love checks back in with the legendary "You Set the Scene", also some way out there stuff from the likes of Peter Fonda, Nono & April, Boyce & Hart, Tim Buckley, Everpresent Fullness, and the Dillards (the kick-ass Darlings from the Andy Griffith show, I beleive)......

I enjoy this set for the reasons that I think LESS of "Love is the Song We Sing".......MUCH of that comp is available elsewhere, often even in better company, this set works by itself, on it's own, giving us Buffalo Springfield and the Doors, and even Iron Butterfly, but NOT "Mr. Soul", or "Light My Fire", or "Inna Gadda Da Vida", but stuff that was (I assume) much more known among the locals who saw these guys play in the traverns of the day.

As I said the end of the "official" Nuggets releases, I think I have a few odds and ends to clean up tomorrow, and then it is up to YOU......you want more of these groovy psych comps? Say the word and I deleiver.......had enough? I'll take that into account as well......it's YOUR blog, I just supply the background noise!

DISC 1-01 THE STANDELLS-Riot On Sunset Strip/02 THE
BYRDS-You Movin/03 LOVE-You I'l Be Following/04 THE LEAVES-Dr Stone/05 BUFFALO SRINGFIELD-Go And Say Goodbye/06 CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND-Zig Zag Wanderer/07 IRON BUTTERFLY-Gentle as It May Seem/08 LOWELL GEORG & THE FACTORY-Cand Cane Madness/09 THE WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND-If You Want This Love/10 THE BOBBY FULLER FOUR-Baby My Heart/11 THE PALACE GUARD-All Night Long/12 SONNY & CHER-It's Gonna Rain/13 THE GUILLOTEENS-For My Own/14 THE RISING SONS-Take a Giant Step/15 THE ASSOCIATION-One Too Many Mornings/16 THE KNACK-Time Waits For No One/17 THE DOORS-Take It As It Comes/18 KALEIOSCOPE-Pulsating Dream/19 THE SEEDS-Tripmaker/20 THE MUSIC MACHINE-The People In Me/21 SONS OF ADAM-Saturday's Son/22 THE PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY-Eventually/23 PENN ARKADE-Swim/24 THE JOINT EFFORT-The Third Eye/25 SPIRIT-Girl In Your Eye

DISC 2-01 THEE MIDNITRS-Jump Jive and Harmonize/02 THE LIGHT-Back Up/03 THE BUSH-To Die ALone/04 THE PREMIERS-Get On THis Plane/05 THE ODYSSEY-Little Girl Little Boy/06 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES-Hideaway/07 THE MERRY GO ROUND-Listen Listen!/08 THE SPATS-She Done Moved/09 THE TURTLES-Grim Reaper of Love/10 KEN & THE FOURTH DIMENSION-See If I Care/11 THE CHYMES-He's Not There ANymore/12 OPUS 1-Back Seat 38 Dodge/13 THE HUMANE SOCIETY-Eternal Prison/14 THE OTHERS-Revenge/15 THINGS TO COME-Come ALive/16 THE VELVET ILLUSIONS-Acid Head/17 LIMY & THE YAKS-Guarenteed Love/18 THE ROMANCERS (aka THE SMOKE RINGS)-Love's the Ting/19 KIM FOWLEY-Underground Lady/20 THE DEEPEST BLUE-Pretty Little Thing/21 THE WHATT FOUR-You're Wisin I Was Someone Else/22 THE WC FIELDS MEMORIAL ELECTRIC STRING BAND -Hippy Eevator Operator/23 THE MUSTANGS-That's For Sure/24 FAPARDOKLY (MERRILL & THE EXILES)-Tomorrow's Girl/25 THE HYSTERICS-Everything's There/26 THE YELLOW PAYGES-Our Time Is Running Out

DISC 3-01 KEITH ALLISON-Actiona ctiona ction/02 DINO DESI & BILLY-The Rebel Kind/03
THE KNICKERBOCKERS-High on Love/04 JAN & DEAN-Fan Tan/05 PF SLOAN-Halloween Mary/06 THE MAMAS & THE PAPAS-Somebody Groovy/07 THORINSHIELD-DayDreaming/08 THE FULL TREATMENT-Just Can't Wait/09 THE YELLOW BALLOON-Yellow Balloon/10 LONDON PHOGG-The Times To Come/11 THE LAMP OF CHILDHOOD-No More Running Around/12 THE GARDEN CLUB-Little Girl Lost and FOund/13 THE MOON-Mothers and Fathers/14 OCTOBER COUNTRY-My Girlfriend is a Witch/15 ROGER NICHOLS TRIO-Montage Mirror/16 PASTERNAK PROGRESS-Flower Eyes/17 THE COMMON COLD-Come Down/18 GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS-Jill/19 THE MONKEES-Daily Nightly/20 MODERN FOLK QUINTET-Night Time Girl/21 THE ORACLE-Don't Say No/22 HEARTS & FLOWERS-Tin ANgel (Will You Ever COme Down)/23 LEE HAZLEWOOD-Rainbow Woman/24 PLEASURE FEATURING BILLY ELDER-Poor Old Organ Grinder/25 THE BALLROOM-Baby Please Don't Go

DISC 4-01 STEPHEN STILLS/RICHIE FURAY-Sit Down I Think I Love You/02 JACKIE DESHANNON WITH THE BYRDS-Splendor In the Grass/03 PETER FONDA-November Night/04 DANNY HUTTON-Roses and Rainbows/05 THE DILLIARDS-Lemon Chimes/06 THE ROSE GARDEN-Here's Today/07 NINO TEMPO & APRIL STEVENS-I Love How You Love Me/08 BOYCE AND HART-Words (demo)/09 THE MOTORCYCLE ABELINE (WARREN ZEVON & BONES HOWE)-(You Used To) Ride So High/10 GENE CLARK-Los Anglese/11 TIM BUCKLEY-Once Upon a Tim/12 THE EVERPRESENT FULLNESS-Darlin' You Can Count On Me/13 THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND-I'll Search the Sky/14 VAN DYKE PARKS-Come to the Sunshine)/15 THE BEACH BOYS-Heroes and Villians (Alternate Take)/16 JESSE LEE KINCAID-She Sang Hymns Out of Tune/17NILSSON-Sister Marie/18 RANDY NEWMAN-Last Night I Had a Dream (Single Version)/19 NOEL HARRISON-Life is a Dream/20 RICK NELSON-Marshmallow Skies/DEL SHANNON-I Think I Love You/22 THE BYRDS-Change Is Now/23 SAGITTARIUS-The Truth Is Not Real/24 LOVE-You Set the Scene/25 BARRY MCGGUIRE-Inner-Manipulations

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