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Dear Enemy

Dear Enemy were a pretty fair new wave/indie pop band from Australia, who were almost unknown in the
US, at least in my observation. The original lineup (ca. 1984) consisted of vocalist Ron Martini, guitarists Chris Langford and Les Barker, pianist Peter Holden, bass player John Joyce, and drummer Ian Morrison....there would be a lineup change or two but basically this is enough information.

They made their name as a live band (used to have a good sounding boot, can't find it at the moment) and released only one proper album, "Ransom Note" in 1984. A veritable stiff in the USA, there are some damn fine new wave/pop gems on it, most notably the really good "Computer One", as well as some other solid tracks in "Kids on the Street" and "The Good Life"......in 2000, "Ransom Note and Beyond" was released, which I think is a comprehensive collection at all of their recorded material, the entire "Ransom Note" album as well as a few random singles, of which, "New Hero" is probably the best known, although, again, stateside, this isn't saying a whole lot.

Fans of the poppish new wave sounds of the mid 1980's, The Romantics, The Shoes, The Records, etc, might enjoy this, an Australian alternative to those sounds......not anywhere near a "classic", but certainly a solid effort and rewarding for fans of the genre/era.

RANSOM NOTE AND BEYOND-01 Computer One/02 The Good Life/03 Talkin to You/04 All Through the Night/05 Kids on the Street/06 On the Line/07 Restless/08 Bit of Your Heart/09 Day to Day/10 New Hero/11 Stay/12 You're Right, You're Right/13 It Was You I Was Looking For/14 Hold On/15 Wild Child/16 Love Flows/17 Looking For Love/18 In the Heat of the Night

Definitely worth a listen.

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