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Mind Spiders

Raise hands, all that know the Mind Spiders, let's see, yeah that's about what I guessed......they have a 2016
release, "Prosthesis", which is included here....as always, I will remove the links if there is ONE single complaint (from anyone that matters, likely NOT you).....but I would hope a good band as obscure as this would want a bit more exposure.

From Texas, The Mind Spiders specialize in a nice blend of 60's garage- punk sounds (think maybe Syndicate of Sound or The Standells) with more recent 00's garage revival type such as the Datsuns or Miracle Workers......the result sounds good to me, why no one I know of (barely) has ever heard of them.

The first release that I can locate here is a 2010 7", which has four really good tunes on it, notaby "Worlds Destroyed", but the four tracks are all pretty spot-on.....I THINK this one may be rare, hard to determine as far in the background as these guys seem to stay.

2011 brought us their first full length, "Mind Spiders", is actually the work of Mark Ryan, who oiverdubbed various tracks to simulate the sound of a "band"......if you didn't know that, it would still sound pretty good, the album DOES work on a particular level, but what was up next........

Next comes "Meltdown", perhaps their coolest
work (I really like them all)....Ryan is a hell of a songwriter, and the two drummer attack works in this context (often it does not).....one of the unknown great albums of the early 00's, 11 songs which pretty much ALL work, if you are a fan of the classic garage sound of Chesterfield Kings, the Inmates, or Miracle Workers, you will really want to hear this if you never have. Not pointing out standout tracks, I think they are all pretty good.

The next disc, "Inhumanistic" is something of a departure, as synths and drum machines are prominent. The music takes on something of a 1980's-ish new wave vibe (think Wall of Voodoo, Suicide perhaps)....still pretty fair, but imo not up to the level of "Meltdown". "Suicide" and "Electric Things" are standouts.

And this brings us to the current album "Prosthesis"......taking the styles of the previous discs and blending them smoothly, we get a new, up to date sound. Again, if there is a complaint from band or label, please let me know and it will be removed at once, but meantime, this is a good album, quite a good one in fact, and I recommend it as highly as the others. Still rich in synths and jagged guitars, but still showcasing an evolving sound, they have cooked up another winner.

MIND SPIDERS 7"-01 Worlds Destroyed/02 Time Sucker/03 Ripped/04 Dirty Secrets

MIND SPIDERS-01 Go!/02 Don't Let Her Go/03
Mind Spiders Theme/04 Read Your Mind/05 Going Away Tonight/06 No Romance/07 One Step Ahead/08 No.3/09 Slippin' and Slidin'/10 Your Soul/11 Neurotic Gold/12 Close the door

MELTDOWN-01 You Are Dead/02 Beat/03 On the Radio/04 More Than You/05 Play You Out/06 Fall In Line/07 Inside Out/08 Skull Eyed/09 Join Us Now/10 Wait For Us/11 Meltdown

INHUMANISTIC-01 Prelude/02 Inside You/03 Suicide/04 They Lie/05 City Stuff/06 Suicide/07 You Are Mine/08 Pictures/09 I Want You/10 The Steady/11 Make Make Make/12 Oblivion

PROSTHESIS-01 Rip It Out/02 No Filter/03 Running/04 Cold/05 Prosthesis/06 Split In Two/07 Nothing Without It/08 Ulcer

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