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Iggy Pop's Early Solo LP's

I know Iggy has been at it forever, I don't think (not positive) that I've ever heard of anything post-new
values, and I DO know that I don't have any (likely COULD find them on the Bay but I'm not sure of what to expect......anyone with KNOWLEDGE of the post-(original) Stooges Iggy Pop stuff, let me know if it's worth my while), so today I will give you the four albums I DO know, and we'll take it from there.

After the Stooges imploded, Iggy recorded "Kill City" with James Williamson.....it's a rough sounding album, blusier than the previous Stooges classics, and I think in general somewhat underrated.....there are some other sounds on here, other than the standard guitar/bass/drums, there are, at various times, there are some keyboard parts, some sax, etc......if one thinks of this as a great lost Stooges album, one would be amiss, but to think of it as its own piece of work one would be fine.

In 1977 Iggy released "The Idiot", produced by David Bowie whose influence is all over the album. It's a polarizing album, many love it, many hate it......barely hard rocking at all, it does have some charming stuff ("Sister Midnight", "Nightclubbing", "Dum Dum Boys")......I find it to be just OK, but you gotta give the boy a point for trying.

"Lust For Life" was released the same year......Bowie produced again, and I personally find it the best of this cluster of albums.....the title track is so well known nowadays it is used in advertising (if you'd have told me THAT in 1977, I'd have asked the name of your dealer), but it really IS a good song. Better still is the lesser-known "Turn Blue", in particular the "Jesus......this is Iggy" portion of the track.

Finally my senior year in high school he released "New Values"....it's surprisingly good, with frantic tracks "I'm Bored", "Five Foot One", and "Billy Is a Runaway"......there are other good ones here, too, and if your familarity ends with "Lust for Life" or whatever, you may find this the most Stooges-like of this foursome (James Williamson produced).

OK Iggy has released about a zillion albums since, and as I said, I honestly don't recall ever hearing any of them....I checked the Bay, and there are a bunch of them there, but someone tell me which are good and which suck, please, and maybe we'll post a few more and I'll learn something. Until then........

KILL CITY-01 Kill City/02 Sell Your Love/03 Beyond the Law/04 I Got  Nothing/05 Johanna/06 Night
Theme/07 Night Theme (Reprise)/08 Consolation Prizes/09 No Sense of Crime/10 Lucky Monkeys/11 Master Charge

THE IDIOT-01 Sister Midnight/02 Nightclubbing/03 Funtime/04 Baby/05 China Girl/06 Dum Dum Boys/07 Tiny Girls/08 Mass Production

LUST FOR LIFE-01 Lust For Life/02 Sixteen/03 Some Weird Sin/04 The Passenger/05 Tonight/06 Success/07 Turn Blue/08 Neighborhood Threat/09 Fall In Love With Me

NEW VALUES-01 Tell Me a Story/02 New Values/03 Girls/04 I'm Bored/05 Don't Look Down/06 The Endless Sea/07 Five Foot One/08 How Do You Fix a Broken on part/09 Angel/10 Curiosity/11 African Man/12 Billy Is a Runaway

So here ya go.....and if anyone has advice about the many later releases, as I said, I can get them with a click but don't really want to in cases they suck.

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