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Jonder presents his fave band You Am I in a covers set!

(SCOTT) first of all, a lot of work went into this obviously.....secondly, my first exposure to I Am You was
Jonder's recent compilation of their work........and I enjoyed them quite a bit, that is why we are here....to ALL introduce each other to new things that we may regret we have missed......anyway, I was doing something else but having some trouble with both Pirate Bay AND Song 365 (grrrrrrr), so it's Jonder to the rescue with another fab set of stuff  (You Am I covering various tracks, to me sounds EXCELLENT).......can't wait to listen to this one!
I'm going to try again to make a few You Am I converts with this set of covers.  As AC/DC fans, Scott and Brian might particularly like the first track, where singer Tex Perkins (ex-Beasts of Bourbon) is backed by You Am I on "Dirty Deeds".  Tex also croons Rod Stewart's "Tonight's The Night" near the end of this comp (before the Frank Ocean cover!)  

In between, You Am I pays tribute to the Stooges, Stones, Dolls, Who, Pretty Things, Beatles, Easybeats, Replacements, X, Big Star, and more.  Brothers and sisters, I truly believe that You Am I is one of the best rock bands currently in action, with a shit-hot rhythm section, raunchy guitars, and a great frontman.  See if you don't at least agree that they do these songs proud.  Can I get a witness?

01 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
02 (You Must Fight To Live) On the Planet of the Apes
03 Search And Destroy
04 Live With Me 
05 Looking For A Kiss
06 Fox On The Run 
07 Ramblin Rose
08 In The Street
09 Circles 
10 Can't Explain
11 Makin Time
12 Midnight To Six Man
13 You Can't Do That
14 She's So Fine
15 I Can Hear The Grass Grow
16 My Friend Jack
17 There's Gonna Be A Showdown
18 I'm So Tired
19 White & Lazy
20 Ain't Exactly Good
21 Television Addict 
22 We're Desperate
23 You And Your Sister                                                         
24 Tonight's The Night
25 Super Rich Kids

YOU AM I COVERS:  tinyurl.com/gpq2myh

Thanks to Jonder for these, like all the rest of my contributing friends, PLEASE never leave me, this blog would be a shell of what it is without your great outside contributions!

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