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Chelsea Punk Singles Collection

I had another fab modern day psych post from John N all ready to go BUT had a technical difficulty or
two....look for ittomorrow, trust me it is BAD FUCKING ASS.......so, while we wait for that, why not go back to (one of) my default positions, ie, PUNK ROCK SINGLES, dog, this time from the great Chelsea!

This is the extent of my personal collection from Chelsea, and it is quite good.....the time/place are right (England, mid 70's), and the requisite "angry young man" stuff is here with no problem.....here are ALL thier singles, A & B sides, which kick like all good punk of the era and while great, also place you in a wonderfuly dated time/place.......great stuff, you'll love it. Trying to keep the variety out there for ya, if there is something else you'd prefer, LET US KNOW, we want to be varied, we want to be unique, and we mostly WANT TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT!........I wouldn't have even put this one up tonight had I not had a (small) issue or two with John N's latest psych masterpiece......likely Friday for that one....but for now check this out, I love it, and if you know the stuff I like, by now, this will be for you as well!

CHELSEA PUNK SINGLES COLLECTION-01 Right To Work/02 The Loner/03 High Rise Living/04 No Admission/05 Urban kids/06 No Flowers/07 No One's Coming Outside/08 What Would You Do/09 I'm On Fire/10 Look at the Outside/11 Don't Get Me Wrong/12 No Escape/13 Decide/14 Rockin Horse/15 Years Away/16 Freemans/17 ID Parade/18 How Do You know/19 Evacuate/20 New Era/21 War Across the Nation/22 Stand out/23 Last Drink

If you are familiar, you know how great this is......if not, enjoy the new experience!

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