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By request, EELS part 3, and OUT!

If you've been paying attention for the last few weeks, you'll know that friend of the blog Blake requested
some EELS.....well, I knew I had SOME (2 or 4 albums), but I had no idea of the mountain of material (good stuff too mostly) that was available.....so I decided to make this comprehensive, the first part covering the studio releases, the second taking on live stuff, and now, and this is especially for EELS true mega-fans, singles, EP's rarities and more.......I have by no means listened to all of this stuff yet (anxious to though), so critique will be limited.....however, just reading the descriptions should let you know if you want these or not.....thanks to Blake for the original request, I know I learned a BUNCH about EELS I'd not known before!

OK, we are gonna start off with three pre-EELS EP's done as "solo" efforts from E. We have three such EP's, "Bad Dude in Love" (1985), "A Man Called E" (1992), and "Not For Airplay" (1995), also a full length pre-EELS full length by E entitled "Broken Toy Shop" (1993)......I have only carpet-bomb listened to these, what I've heard I do like, and NO QUESTION anyone can hear the seeds of what would be EELS' later, more defined work here.

The CD "Souljacker" (2001) came with a pair of singles (I am told sometimes sold in the same package, sometimes not), each containing four tracks.....maybe a bit of overlap, but completists will love them. The singles titles are "22 Miles of hard Road" and "Rotten World Blues", see below for track lists.

OK, never heard this one, not sure I want to, some sort of E side project entitled (wait for it) "I Am the
Messiah" credited to "MC Honky"......this is from 2002, as I said, I'm gonna pass until someone recommends it to me, hey, it's here if you want it.

E also released a non-EELS soundtrack album, "Levity" (2003), I carpet bombed this one a bit too and it sounded pretty good as well......again, recommendations? Hatreds? Another one I never even knew existed.

Perhaps the true gem here (ask a rabid EELS fan) might be "Useless Trinkets", a 2 disc set jammed with rarities, B-sides, all sorts of odds and ends.....likely something even the biggest "true EELS believer" may be unfamilar with unless they already have this.

Finally, for the dabblers, this may be what you've been wanting....."Meet the EELS is a fairly straight forward "Best of" set, a lot of the tracks (the ones I WAS familiar with) from the earlier LP's are here, a nice collection if this is the one stop shopping you are looking for.

This has been a challenge, trying to do something comprehensive on
a band with which I was only about 1/3 familiar........I learned a lot about E/EELS, and I anxious to hear the rest of this stuff......STILL reminds me a lot of Elliott Smith (as I think I said, there is a MEGA-Smith post coming at some point, and him I AM familar with) or Nick Drake, especially songwriting wise, and those are certainly not put downs......Blake, this is for you buddy, if you happen to have anything to share with the rest of the blogger world, don't hesitate!

BAD DUDE IN LOVE-01 Everybody's Tryin' To Bum Me Out/02 Gotta Get Out Tonight/03 History Baby/04 Too busy Thinking About My Baby/05 Eunice/06 I Just Wanna Be With You/07 Bad Dude In Love/08 The Girl In My Neighborhood/09 Burning Love/10 Aint Braggin/11 I Can't Get Next To You

A MAN CALLED E-01 Hello Cruel Worald/02 Fitting In With the Misfits/03 Are You & Me Gonna Happen/04 Looking Out the Window With a Blue Hat On/05 Nowheresville/06 Symphony For Toy Piano In G Minor/07 Mockingbird Franklin/08 I've Been Kicked Around/09 Pray/10 E's Tune/11 You'll Be the Scarecrow

BROKEN TOY SHOP-01 Shine It All On/02 Standing at the Gate/03 The Only Thing I Care About/04 Manchester Girl/05 LA River/06 A Most Unpleasant Man/07 Mass/08 Tomorrow I'll Be Nine/09 The Day I Wrote You Off/10 Someone to Break the Spell/11 She Loves a Puppet/12 My Old Raincoat/13 Permanent Broken Heart/14 Eight Lives Left

NOT FOR AIRPLAY-01 Shine It All On/02 LA River/03 Tomorrow I'll Be Nine/04 Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas

22 MILES OF HARD ROAD-01 I Write the B-Sides/02 Hidden Track/03 Jehovah's Witness/04 Mr E's Beautiful Remix (Butch n Joey Remix)

ROTTEN WORLD BLUES-01 I Write the B-Sides/02 Hidden Track/03 Jehovah's Witness/04 Rotten World Blues

I AM THE MESSIAH (MC HONKY)-01 Sonnet No. 3 (Like a Duck) (Sir Rock-a-Lot and Sir Whacks
a-Lot)-/02 Hung Up (Sir Rock-a-Lot and Sir Whacks a-Lot)/03 The Object (Sir Rock-A -Lot and Playboy Gigolo Bandit)/04 A Good Day to Be You (Sir Rock-a-Lot and Sir Whacks a-Lot)/05 Baby Elephant Rock-A-Bye (Wally Gagel and Sir-Rock-A-Lot)/06 What a Bringdown (Sir Rock-a-Lot and Playboy Gigolo Bandit)/07 Only a Rose Pt. 1 (Rudolf Friml and Brian Hooker)/08 My Bad Seed (Sir Rock-a-Lot and Playboy Gigolo Bandit/09 The Devil Went Down to Silverlake (Gagel and Sir Rock-a-Lot)/10 Soft Velvety 'Fer (L'il Fer, Sir Rock-a-Lot, and Sir Whacks-a-Lot)/11 The Baby That Was You (Sir Rock-a-Lot and Sir Whacks a-Lot)/12 3 Turntables and 2 Microphones (Sir Rock-a-Lot and Sir Whacks a-Lot)/13 Only a Rose Pt. II (Friml and Hooker)

LEVITY SOUNDTRACK-01 What I Remember Most/02 Skywriting/03 Running the Bath/04 Gravity/05 Haunted Piano #1/06 In Manual's Room/07 Taking a Bath in Rust/08 Flashback Rules/09 Post-flashback Blues/10 Lonesome Subway/11 Haunted Organ #1/12 Sofia Writing In the Sky/13 To Adel Easley/Trouble in the Alley/14 Manual's Got a Train to Catch

USELESS TRINKETS DISC 1-01 Novocaine for the Soul (Live From Hell)/02 Fucker/03 My Beloved Monster (Live from Tenessee)/04 Dog's Life/05 Susan's Apartment/06 Manchester Girl (Live on the BBC)/07 Flower (Live BBC)/08 My Beloved Mad Monster Party (Live BBC)/09 Animal/10 Stepmother/11 Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas/12 Your Lucky Day In Hell (Michael Simpson Remix)/13 Altar Boy/14 Novocaine For the Soul (Moog Cookbook remix)/15 If I Was Your Girlfriend/16 Bad News/17 Funeral Parlor/18 Hospital Food (Live BBC)/19 Open the Door (BBC)/20 Birdgirl on a Cell Phone/21 Vice President Fruitley/22 My Beloved Monstrosity/23 The Dark End of the Street (Live)/24 The Cheater's Guide to Your Heart (Live)/25 Useless Trinkets

USELESS TRINKETS DISC 2-01 Mr E's Beautiful Remix/02 Souljacker part 1 (alternate Version)/03
Dog Faced Boy (Alternate Version)/04 Jennifer Eccles/05 Rotten World Blues/06 Can't Help Falling In Love/07 Christmas Is Going to the Dogs/08 Mighty Fine Blues/09 Eyes Down/10 Skywriting/11 Taking a bath In Rust/12 Estranged Friends/13 Her/14 Waltz of the Naked Clowns/15 I Like Birds (live)/16 Sad Foot Sign/17 Living Life/18 The Bright Side/19 After the Operation/20 Jelly Dancers/21 I Could Never take the Place of Your man (Live Town Hall)/22 Mr. E's Beautiful Blues (Live at Town Hall)/23 I Want to Protect You/24 I Put a Spell On You (Live)/25 Saw a UFO

MEET THE EELS: ESSENTIAL EELS-01 Novocaine For the Soul/02 Susan's House/03 My Beloved Monster/04 Your Lucky Day In Hell/05 3 Speed/06 Last Stop: This Town/07 Climbing to the Moon/08 Flyswatter/09 I Like Birds/10 Mr E's Beautiful Blues/11 It's a Motherfucker/12 Souljacker Part I/13 That's Not Really Funny/14 Fresh Feeling/15 Get Ur Freak On/16 Saturday Morning/17 Love of the Loveless/18 Dirty Girl (Live at Town Hall)/19 I Need Some Sleep/20 Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)/21 I'm Going to Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart/22 Trouble With Dreams/23 Railroad Man (Edit)/24 Losing Streak

So there ya go, 3 parts, God knows how many albums and tunes, I hope there is something here for everyone, hardcore fans and novices alike.....I enjoyed doing this one, as I learned alot and look forward to hearing those I haven't gotten to yet!

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