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Jonder presents the Figgs

I must confess ignorance of the Figgs, however, I respect Jonder's judgement that I WILL be familiar with
them in the next few hours....sounds like yet another winner whipped up by regular guest/contributor Jonder! Many thanks!

The Figgs are my favorite rock band in the Northern Hemisphere.  (You Am I rules Down Under.)  The Figgs' 1994 debut, Low-Fi At Society High, is a joyride of whip-smart songs with the energy and attitude of early Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson (think "Got The Time", not "Stepping Out").  If you see Low-Fi At Society High in the discount bin, grab it!   

After two major setbacks (being dropped by a major label, and losing guitarist Guy Lyons), the Figgs made one of their strongest albums, 2000's Sucking In Stereo.   The Figgs have thrived as a trio with two prolific songwriters: guitarist Mike Gent and bassist Pete Donnelly.  Mike and Pete have done a number of solo records and side projects.  The Figgs also played and recorded as Graham Parker's backing band for over a decade.  Figgs drummer Pete Hayes also writes and sings: his "Je T'Adore" was used in a Lexus ad.  

To celebrate their 25th year, the Figgs compiled 1000 People Grinning, a 25 song anthology.  It's another essential purchase.  The blog Wilfully Obscure recently gathered up all of the Figgs singles and songs from tribute albums (see below).  There's a new Figgs record coming in May 2016, and you can hear three of the new songs at soundcloud.com/thefiggs

I urge you to go to a Figgs show and buy their records at thefiggs.net.  They are a hard working band and deserve your support.  To spread the word, I put together some favorites that aren't on the anthology (plus a few solo songs), starting with their 2015 album and going back to Ginger, their first cassette release from 1992. 

Jonder's Figgs Favorites:  http://tinyurl.com/jondurl
Wilfully Obscure's Figgs singles:  www80.zippyshare.com/v/tXsRuF4Q/file.html
01 Wealthy Women/ 02 Chased/ 03 Dorado/ 04 The Only One/ 05 The Central Stumble/ 06 Paper Knives/ 07 City Loft Home/ 08 Longing For You/ 09 I Brought Kicks/ 10 Gone To Seed/ 11 Sit And Shake/ 12 If I Lose My Heart/ 13 The Big Mistake/ 14 Three Times A Riff/ 15 The Daylight Strong/ 16 Rushing All The Time/ 17 Dance Lesson/ 18 Wait On Your Shoulders/ 19 Excuse The Lame Excuse/ 20 Take Everything/ 21 Another View/ 22 FTMU/ 23 Powder King/ 24 Cherry Blow Pop/ 25 Slow Down/ 26 Floored/ 27 Harrison St/ 28 I Got The Drums

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