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Jon Der's cool "Tribute to The Fall"

(Scott)-That Jon Der is one creative individual, I give him that.......following up Brian's recent Fall mega-
post, here comes another great friend of the blog with a PERFECT follow up......he describes it in good detail here, but I had a long drive yesterday/today and listened to a lot of this, WAY cool, and I know from Brian's post there are a LOT of Fall fans out there, so check this one out.....

The Fall formed in 1976, and is now in its 40th year.  There are more than 30 official studio albums (plus countless bootlegs, compilations, and live albums).  The group has been the subject of eight books (one of which tracks down some of the 60 former Fall members).  The only constant in The Fall throughout the past four decades is singer and songwriter Mark E. Smith.

So where does one begin?  Brian shared ten excellent Fall albums here.  The 2004 compilation 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong is another great place to start (although it could be expanded with a third disc to cover the decade since its release).   Here's my own compilation of essential Fall songs, presented in reverse chronological order.  Some (like "Auto Chip") have been edited for length.  "Bury" is a non-LP single version. "Blindness" is a non-CD vinyl version.  "I Want You" is a personal favorite that is actually performed by the Inspiral Carpets with Mark E. Smith on vocals (one of his many guest appearances with other artists).

I couldn't resist sharing some Fall covers and songs about The Fall.  There is a 2 CD compilation called "Perverted By Mark E." that features versions of Fall songs as well as original songs about The Fall and its leader.  Jeffery Lewis' history of the band is the only song here from that comp.  Sonic Youth recorded a session for John Peel (who was a massive Fall fan), which was released as an EP called 4 Tunna Brix.  Pavement paid tribute during another Peel Session, and Deerhunter performed a Fall song during a session for BBC DJ Marc Riley.  Riley was one of the first of many to be kicked out of The Fall by the mercurial Mark E. Smith.  

If you're curious about the wonderful and frightening world of Fall history, here's a timeline of the group's membership:  http://bit.ly/1RqQjor  If you're even curiouser, visit thefall.org, an exhaustive fansite with discography, lyrics, and news.  It was once the official Fall website, but I think Smith fired them too.


01  Auto Chip 2014 (edit)
02  Bury 2 + 4
03  Higgle-dy Piggle-dy
04  Blindness
05  Theme From Sparta FC
06  Cyber Insekt
07  Touch Sensitive
08  I Want You
09  Behind The Counter
10  Free Range
11  Black Monk Theme
12  Bombast
13  2 x 4
14  I Feel Voxish
15  The Classical
16  Kicker Conspiracy
17  Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
18  Totally Wired
19  Container Drivers (Peel Session)
20  Totale's Turns (excerpt)

FALL COVERS AND TRIBUTES:                                                                                       

01  Me And Yer Granny On Bongos - The Armitage Shanks
02  Hit The North - Frank Sidebottom
03  Totally Wired - Terry Edwards
04  Southern Mark Smith - The Jazz Butcher
05  Mark E. Smith and Brix - Barbara Manning
06  Mark E. Smith - Shrag
07  How He Wrote Elastica Man - Elastica (with Mark E. Smith)
08  Stalking Mark E. Smith Around NYC - Necropolis
09  I Am Mark E. Smith - Fat White Family
10  The Story Of The Fall - Jeffrey Lewis
11  Winter - The Fiery Furnaces
12  Various Times - Wreck
13  Psycho Mafia - Sonic Youth
14  The Classical - Pavement
15  Fiery Jack - The Yummy Fur
16  Totally Wired - Yo La Tengo
17  Who Makes The Nazis - Deerhunter
18  Hip Priest - DUSTdevils


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