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Cop Shoot Cop

I always thought Cop Shoot Cop would have been great no matter what, because they had one of the best
band names of them all (hint: it had nothing to do with police, it has to do with heroin addiction, think about it if it doesn't hit you immediately), but they were great anyway, some unique and numbing noise rock from the early/mid 1990's.

Cop Shoot Cop were, at first, bassist/vocalist Tod A, David Ouimet on sampler/keyboards, and Phil Puelo on drums......their first release, the EP "Headkick Facsimile", is a noisy, grating, wonderful mess, SORT OF along the lines of Big Black but not really THAT close, pretty "different" as rock without guitars tends to be.

Before the release of the first full length, the band added a second bassist, Jack Natz, and a second sampler, Jim Coleman....I don't know about you, but  personally can't think of any other 2-bass, 2-sampler,  no guitar bands, ever,ever.... Anyway, the first album "Consumer Revolt", is a great one, sort of a precursor to Nine Inch Nails or Chemlab a few years ahead of them.....great noisy/semi "industrial" rock, check "Smash Retro!", or "Disconnected 666", or damn near anything else......reminds me of a cross between maybe Chemlab and A Place To Bury Strangers, except without the guitars, I guess this is pretty unique actually.

1991 saw the release of the somewhat similar "White Noise", another
snarling hornets nest of, well, white noise.....if you liked the first (better) one, likely you'll like this one......really, the same goes for the 9excellent) EP "Suck City", as well as 1993's "Ask Questions Later".

The band added a guitarist/trumpet (!) player before recording 1994's "Release".....while the two-bass attack is still in place, the addition of guitar kind of ruined it for me personally.....I've always liked those no-guitar bands (Mommy and Daddy, Black Diamond Heavies, etc) and the addition of guitar moved Cop Shoot Cop closer to the "mainstream" of rock.......obviously, though, the addition of some trumpet made sure that they still maintained a fairly individual sound......I will say, however, that I never really cared a lot for this one (it's NOT bad though).

Got one more EP before wrapping this one up, 1995's "Any Day Now, released before they called it a day. This is a band that is kind of hard to take, love them or hate them (I always loved this shit because it annoys people who don't appreciate it so damn much)........try in small doses if unfamiliar, start with "Consumer Revolt" and procede.

I think I'll probably be away from the computer for a couple days, I hope the multiple posts of yesterday and today keeps ya busy. Likely talk to ya on Sunday......enjoy this stuff for now.

HEADKICK FACSIMILE-01 Shine On Elizabeth/02 Mistake/03Smash Retro!/04 Triumphal Theme/05 Lie/06 Fire In the Hole/07 Robert Tilton Handjob

CONSUMER REVOLT-01 Low.Com.Denom./02 She's Like a Shot/03 Waiting For the Punchline/04
Disconnected 666/05 Smash Retro!/06 Burn Your Bridges/07 Consume/08 Fire In the Hole/09 Pity the Bastard/10 Down Come the Mickey/11 Hurt Me Baby/12 System Test/13 Eggs For Rib

WHITE NOISE-01 Discount Rebellion/02 Traitor/Martyr/03 Coldest Day of the Year/04 Feel Good/05 Relief/06 Empires Collapse/07 Corporate Protopop/08 Heads I Win, Tails You Lose/09 Chameleon Man/10 Where's the Money/11 If Tomorrow Ever Comes/12 Hung Around

SUCK CITY-01 Nowhere/02 Days Will Pass/03 We Shall Be Changed/04 Suck City (Here We Come)

ASK QUESTIONS LATER-01 Surprise Surprise/02 Room
429/03 Nowhere/04 Migration/05 Cut to the Chase/06 $10 Bill/07 Seattle/08 Furnace/09 Israeli Dig/10 Cause and Effect/11 Got No Soul/12 Everybody Loves You When (When You're Dead)/13 All The Clocks are Broken/14 Untitled

RELEASE-01 Interference/02 It Only Hurts When I Breathe/03 Last Legs/04 Two at a time/05 Slackjaw/06 Lullaby/07 Any Day Now/08 Swimming In Circles/09 Turning Inside Out/10 Ambulance Song/11 Suckerpunch/12 The Divorce/13 Mooney-Drunk

ANY DAY NOW-01 Any Day Now/02 New God/03 The Queen of Shinbone Alley/04 Transmission

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