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Some Requested EELS Part 2

Back again with the second (of three) parts of the massive EELS collection.....again until I received the
request (from Blake), these albums were for the most part unfamiliar to me......thusly, I've heard them only once (at most) and really can't shed a lot of light on them......I think today we'll put up a batch of live recordings, and when we get to Part 3 we will wrap it up with a slew of singles, EP's, side projects, and more. Look for it in the next week or so.....so as for Part 2.......

From 2001 comes "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"......listened to this one yesterday, pretty good live stuff (differing venues) from the "Daisies of the Galaxy" tour, I found the version here of "Susan's House" to be quite good, a lot of this is acoustic stuff, and, as an aside, some of these shows were from opening for Fiona Apple, which I never knew EELS did until now, but thinking about it, a pretty fair match for each other.

Another multi-venue, multi date effort was "Electro Shock Blues Show".....as I mentioned in Part 1, I have long been a fan of the studio effort of the same name, and find this live effort of tunes from that era to be quite good as well, although not as intense as the original.....still, many of my fave EELS tunes are here, and always good to hear stuff like "Cancer For the Cure" and "Going to Your Funeral" again in different versions.

"EELS With Strings: Live at Town Hall" is an interesting 2006  release, recorded in 2005 in NYC. What makes it interesting is it takes some older and more familiar EELS tunes and stands them on their heads with some outstanding orchestration. Maybe not for everyone but I liked it on first listen. Nice cover of Johnny Rivers'"Poor Side of Town" also.

Another good effort is "Live and In Person! London 2006".......so what can we say? Again, good covers of some classic, vintage era EELS tunes and a version of "I Put a Spell On You" among other stuff......again, I don't know how many HARD CORE EELS fans we have but if there are alot I'm sure they'll be wanting to hear this one as well........

OK, "only" four albums in this one, Part 3, whenever I get to it, will be a good bit bulkier.......and that's where we'll get to the rarities and stuff. For now, enjoy the live EELS stuff.

OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING-01 Feeling Good/02 Overture/03 Oh What a Beautiful
Morning/04 Abortion in the Sky/05 It's a Motherfucker/06 Fucker/07 Ant Farm/08 Climbing to the Moon/09 Grace Kelly Blues/10 Daisies of the Galaxy/11 Flyswatter/12 Vice President Fruitley/13 Hot and Cold/14 Mr E's Beautiful Blues/15 Not Ready Yet/16 Susan's House/17 Something Is Sacred

ELECTRO SHOCK BLUES SHOW-01 Cancer For the Cure/02 Fingertips part III/03 Going To Your Funeral part 1/04 Efil's God/05 Souljacker Part 1/06 My Beloved Monster/07 Novocaine For the Soul/08 Not Ready Yet/09 Last Stop: This Town/10 Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas/11 Flower/12 Dead of Winter/13 Electro-Shock Blues/14 The Medication Is Wearing Off/15 Climbing to the Moon/My Beloved Monster/My Girl

EELS WITH STRINGS-01 Blinking Lights (For Me)/02 Bride of Theme From Blinking Lights/03 Bus Stop Boxer/04 Dirty Girl/05 Trouble With Dreams/06 The Only Thing I Care About/07 My Beloved Monster/08 Pretty Ballerina/09 It's a Motherfucker/10 Flyswatter/11 Novocaine For the Soul/12 Girl From the North Country/13 Railroad Man/14 I Like Birds/15 If You See Natalie/16 Poor Side of Town/17 Spunky/18 I'm Going to Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart/19 Suicide Life/20 Losing Streak/21 Hey Man (Now You're Really Living/22 Things the Grandchildren Should Know

LIVE AND IN PERSON-01 Old Shit/New Shit/02 Rock Show/03 Crazy Love (Crazy Music)/04 Eyes Down/05 Jesus Gonna Be Here/06 My Beloved Monster/07 A Magic World/08 Not Ready Yet/09 Dog Faced Boy10 /Souljacker Part 1/11 I Put a Spell on You/12 That's Life/13 I Like Birds/14 Mr E's beautiful Blues

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