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So.....who's for some THROBBING GRISTLE?

Busting my ass to get as much Throbbing Gristle posted in the month of February as humanely possible (why
is that significant? It isn't, just for the hell of it.....by the way this ISN'T the last one, there will be yet another)......from the vaults of LoFi Larry, here is yet another handful of Gristle releases, these covering the era of roughly 1997-2004.......once again, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this effort, and if there is any MORE of this stuff hiding out there, try to get it to me now, and I'll get it up because I have a feeling that after I complete this effort, I may not wish to hear much of these gentlemen for a bit......
-Kreeme Horn

01 Careless Idle Chatter/02 Merely Nodding/03 Raw Mode of Life/04 Rumour and Dishonour/05 Ugliness is a Form of Genius

-Dimensia In Excelsis

01 Dimensia/02 Scorched Earth/03 Tangible/04 Carnality/05 Marriage Carriage/06 Still Walking/07
Slam/08 Principia  Disciplina/09 Forbidden

-TG24 1 Hour Sample, Promo

01 Untitled/02 Untitled

-The Astoria, London 2004

01 Vatican (Sorry Nicholas)/02 Persuasion/03 Live Ray/04 Convincing People/05 Almost Like This/06 Splitting Sky/07 Army of Something/08 Hamburger Lady/09 How Do You Deal?/10 What a Day/11 Discipline

-Mutant TG

01 Persuasion (Motor Remix)/02 Hot on the Heels of Love              
(Carl Craig Re-Version)
/03 What a Day (Hedonastik Remix/04 United 
(Two Lone Swordsmen Remix Vocal Version)/05 Hamburger Lady 
(Carter Tutti Remix)/06 Hot on the Heels of Love (Ratcliffe Remix)
/07 Still Walking (Carl Craig Re-Vision)/08 Hot on the Heels of Love 
(Carter Tutti Remix)

-The Taste Of TG

01 Industrial Introduction/02 Distant Dreams Part 2/03 Persuasion USA/04 Something Came Over Me/05 Dead on Arrival/06 Hot on the Heels of Love/07 We Hate You Little Girls/08 United/09 Cabaret Voltaire (Live At Industrial Training College Wakefield, 7/1/78)/10 Exotic Functions/11 Zyklon B Zombie/12 Walkabout/13 Hamburger Lady/14 His Arm Was Her Leg (Live at the Factory, Manchester 5/18/79-Edit)

-TG Now

01 X-Ray/02 Splitting Sky/03 Almost Like This/04
How Do You Deal?


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