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...As the Minions slobber for ANYTHING from Throbbing Gristle.....

As we search and scrape for more Throbbing Gristle material (they released SO little ya know) here is thenext installment of the mind bending LoFi Larry collection.......I've got 10 discs for ya tonight (I think), covering a rouchly ten year period, pasically 1986-95.......again, no point in TALKING about these much, but I know there a few people out there (like me ) that dig up on getting EVERYTHING particular bands have released, and Throbbing Gristle is a challenge (Brian made a vague comparison to the Grateful Dead, as far as having SO MUCH material out there.....I'd take 45 minutes of Throbbing Gristle over a yearas worth of the Grateful Dead (PLEEEASE don't ever request THEM, one of my all time most disliked bands......hey, we all have our likes and dislikes, they are certainly in the latter category as far as I am concerned)........anyway, I didn't wish to make this a "bash-the Dead" post (well, it IS kinda fun actually), but to get a step closer to my goal of posting ALL of the Throbbing Gristle material that my friends have submitted to me to share with you.....the download numbers are unspectacular (as expected), but steady (as I also expected), you crowd that is DL'ing everything I put up from them, breathe easy, here's more, and there will be AT LEAST one more large batch of them...........I know I do some odd stuff here, at times, like this mega-TG epic, but it's just something I found of interest.....I always thought they were a unique and interesting band, and once I discovered JUST HOW MUCH shit they have put out, I wanted to try to capture as much as I could........once again, I thank Brian, Rob, and (in this case) ESPECIALLY LoFi Larry whose home must be overrun with Throbbing Gristle CD's...........enjoy, that's what we are here for!


01 CD1

-Sacrifice, remixes of Thee Psychic Sacrifice

01 Weapon Training
02 Convincing People
03 Hamburger Lady 
04 Chat Up
05 Day Song
06 Persuasion



01 Telephone
02 Camera



-Funk Beyond Jazz, (different From Beyond Jazz Funk)
01 Invocation-Vision Serpent/Summoning-Shield jaguar/Rite of Death- Balam-Lx/04 Persuasion-Lady Xoc/05 Still Walking-Bird Jaguar/06 Elipse-Manchee Chol/07 Murder thee Abyss-Bac-T'ul/08 Perforator God-Quadripartite/09 Spirits Flying-Chac-Xib-Chac/10 Disciplined-Paddler Gods/11 The Scattering.....


-Live Volume 1, 1976-78
01 Introduction/02 Very Friendly/03 Dead Ed/04 No Two Ways/05 Last Exit/06 Forced Entry/07 National Affront/08 A Nod and a Wink/09 Feeling Critical/10 Cease to Exist



-Live Volume 2, 1977-78

01 Tesco Disco/02 Knofe In My Side/03 Urge To Kill/04 Assume Power Focus/05 IBM/06 It's Always the Way/07 Hamburger Lady/08 Mother Spunk/09 Caberet Voltaire/10 DOA

-Live Volume 3, 1978-79

01 Introduction/02 Whistling Song/03 Industrial Muzak/04 Weapon Training/05 See You Are/06 Convincing People/07 His Arm Was her Leg/08 What A Day/09 Ice Cool Down/10 They Make No Say/11 Wet, Weird, and Smeared


-Live Volume 4, 1979-80
01 Introduction/02 Punished/03 Heathen Earth/04 An Old man Smiled/05 Russ/06 Tortured Smiles/07 We Said No/08 Auschwitz/09 Devil's Gateway/10 Trained/11 Five Knuckle Shuffle/12 Wall of Sound/13 Wall of Sound                                                                                                  



01 As It IS/02 Exit/03 Lucifer/04 Jehovah/05 Satan/06 Christ/07 So Be It......



-Blood Pressure

01 Blood Pressure/02 Destoria/03 Cereberal Anyureism/04 Catheder Depletion/05 Humoral Response/06 Zyklon B Zombie/Speed                                                


So, dig it minions, here is a bunch more.......can ya keep up? (I know I CAN'T).......but the "concept" here is that Throbbing Gristle, as well as Industrial Records, were about music IN BULK (the more I think about Brian's throwaway comparison to the Dead, the more sense it really makes)......I am trying to bulk the shit out of thier stuff, of course,, with a band like this, I could never get "all" of it, but I am trying to paint a picture of what they were all about........and to the handful of you who are DL'ing EVERY ONE of these, God Bless.......you are ambitious as well, and I appreciated that you continue to patronize GROWING BORED FOR A LIVING, FAAAAAR from the world's "best" blog, but, hopefully, one that is at least not boring and can keep your interest!

AT LEAST one more batch to come, stay tuned, and thanks for your support!

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