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A Collection of Raspberries from John N!

And I already did a Raspberries post a long, long time ago......I think it included but thier "greatest hits" and a
live boot, something like that.....However, I DID NOT have the "original" Raspberries discs, and as this was a favorite band of mine as a lad (10 years old or so), it's thrilling to me to be able to put up the original recordings, no joke......

The Raspberries were a kind of hard rocking/pre-power pop act, thier singles kicked a bit of ass (in particular "Go All The Way" as well as a couple more), they really rocked hard had a sort of maybe Beatles/Cheap Trick type vibe going, and I know that THIS sixth grader was really into their stuff back in 1972 or so.......I assume my previous "Greatest Hits/Live Bootleg" post is probably long gone, and I do not feel like looking for it right now, but if you are a fan of early 1970's PURE, LOUD power pop, influential beyond what most of us think, these are your lads, really........GOOD fucking shit here, glad John N sent me these.

So what do we got? Let's begin with the self-titled debut, (1972) I was ten years old and suffering through my parents divorce, I tried to use music to comfort my soul, and, yes, like it or not, the Raspberries were on of my faves at the time......

I guess I should credit the lads, Eric Carmen (so close to "Eric Cartman" I HAVE to mention it, sue me) on vocals, bass, and piano (he would later have a solo career that, for my money, was close to as enjoyable as a root canal), Wally Bryson on guitar, Dave Smalley on rythm guitar, and Jim Bonfanti on the skins......this was a really good singles band (for the era), their shit rocked hard (imo), and was catchy as fuck, the definition of good, early 1970's AM radio staples......hey, if you don't like thier shit, piss off.....I liked it, and THAT is what matters!

Four albums here sent from my new pal John N (dude seems to have most ever album released in the history of the planet)......starting out, their self titled debut included perhaps their best/best known single ("Go All the Way"), which, over 40 years later still sounds great to THIS old man......it also contains some unknown stuff of similar sound and quality such as "Rock N Roll Mama" and "Don't Want to Say Goodbye"......good album, IMO, NOT "just" a singles act......good stuff here.

Later that same year, they released "Fresh", perhaps not as good, but with another stellar lead-off single "I Wanna Be With You", and, again, if you actually listen to the album, there is some good shit here ("filler"?)......"Let's Pretend" was a good song and a minor hit, "Drivin' Around" was pretty good.....you get the idea. You're either gonna thank me for these, or you're gonna think I'm losing it......joke is on you fucker, I lost "it" LONG before now!

The third LP, "Side 3", also blasted out a couple of power-poppin' singles, notably "I'm a Rocker" and "Tonight", and if I remember correctly, this album had a scratch/sniff sticker on the cover which smelled like (wait for it) Raspberries........oh we were so creative in those magnificent 1970's.......all in all though, this is not a bad LP either.

Fourth, and finally, John N sends us thier Capitol finale, "Starting Over" (sort of an odd title, wonder what the story is behind it).......again, some rocking good poppish singles notably the title track and "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)"........all in all, these are good albums.

Yep.....I KNOW that this is a band that would be better suited presented as a "greatest hits" thing (the live
boot was cool as well), however, it tickled me to have John send me the originals, this was my shit when i was fucking TEN, a lonely, fucked up, frightened child of a nasty divorce........I had all these on vinyl back then, I still may (my vinyl is down in the basement, don't think I ever transferred these (opting for the singles collection), but the memories of my miserable childhood come flooding back when I hear these, perhaps I oughta put up a bunch of Slade, too, I already tortured ya with Uriah Heep a couple weeks ago.

Anyway, I hope you don't take these to seriously, and I DO hope you enjoy them in the nostalgic, early 70's, ROCKING (and, yes, as top 40 pop, these DO fucking rock) manner in which I intend.......

Thanks John N, no one would question that you DO HAVE SOME STUFF, and more importantly, that you are a great enough guy to share it. I hope you remain a member of our "team" here, you will be a perfect fit should you decide to join us, trust me....thanks my man!

THE RASPBERRIES-01 Go Aoll The Way/02 Come Around and See Me/03 I Saw the Light/04 Rock N Roll Mama/05 Waiting/06 Don't Want To Say Goodye/07 With You In My Life/08 Get It Moving/09 I Can Remember

FRESH-01 I Wanna Be With You/02 Goin' Nowhere Tonight/03 Let's Pretend/04 Every Way I Can/05 I Reach For the Light/06 Nobody Knows/07 It Seemed So Easy/08 Might as Well/09 If You Change Your Mind/10 Drivin' Around

SIDE THREE-01 Tonight/02 Last Dance/03 Making It Easy/04 On the Beach/05 Hard to Get Over a Heartbreak/06 I'm a Rocker/07 Should I Wait/08 Ecstasy/09 Money Down

STARTING OVER-01 Over Night Sensation (Hit Record)/02 Play On/03 Party's Over/04 I Don't Know What I Want/05 Rose Coloured Glasses/06 All Through the Night/07 Cruisin Music/08 I Can hardly Believe You're Mine/09 Cry/10 Hands On You/11 Starting Over

We strive for variety here......as I've said, damn near ANYTHING goes.....tonight I have put in double time, trying to get you wonderful folks a good cross section of some widely varied rock  roll........I prefer doing THAT to "niching" my blog, making it ALL "stoner rock' or "punk" or whatever.....this is the concept we have chosen, and it is my greatest hope that as many of you as possible enjoy this stuff.......please leave comments, it's almost as good as if you sent me cash or drugs!

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