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Some Yo La Tengo from John

Sometime last year I did a mega-big Yo La Tengo post......I thought it was pretty damn comprehensive,
John N sends me some stuff that I did not have that first time......if you are new to this blog or to Yo La Tengo, my best guess is that most of the links are still active as it was a pretty popular post. I'm not going to rehash thier lengthy history here, if it's of interest to you, please seek out the original posts.

So, let's see what we got here.....most interestingly, and unbeknownst to me, 2013 marked the 30th anniversary of the band, and somewhere around there (2014 evidently) they reissued the classic "Painful" in a super-deluxe edition ("Extra Painful") with not only bonus discs but a slew of download-only material, all of which John has included in these links.....as I always thought "Painful" was a hell of a fine album, it amazes me that noone told me of this reissue. I guess I need to watch more MTV or something (no not REALLY).

From 2012 we have "Fade" which I think I missed the first time, it also contains an extensive bonus disc....... We have the "Stupid Things" EP (2012) with a myriad of versions of that particular tune. Also of interest (to me at least) is a split CD  with YLT and Bardo Pond each taking on a 20-minute plus experimental/psych epic. A good one, listened to it earlier today and to me it's the highlight of this package. And, finally, from 2015, "Stuff Like That There", which is actually of more recent vintage than the original post....it's pretty cool as well, with updated versions of some of their older tunes and some interesting cover versions.

Not going into a hell of a lot of detail here because if I recall the original post was 4 or 5 parts, all the background info you'll need is there.....but this really fleshes it out, this is a band I've always really liked, and thanks VERY MUCH to John N for these super badass links.

EXTRA PAINFUL (D1)-01 Big Day Coming/02 From a Motel 6/03 Double Dare/04 Superstar
Watcher/05 Nowhere Near/06 Sudden Organ/07 A Worrying Thing/08 I Was the Fool Beside You For Too Long/09 The Whole of the Law/10 Big Day Coming/11 I Heard You Looking

EXTRA PAINFUL (D2)-01 Nowhere Near (demo)/02 From a Motel 6 (live)/03 Tunnel Vision (unreleased instrumental demo)/04 Sudden Organ (demo)/05 Smart Window (unreleased Painful session)/06 Big Day Coming (Live Acoustic)/07 Slow Learner (Unreleased demo)/08 Double Dare (demo)/09 A Worrying Thing (demo)/10 I heard You Looking (live)

EXTRA PAINFUL (D3 7")-01 Shaker/02 For Shame of Doing Wrong (8 Track Version)

EXTRA PAINFUL (Download Bonus Material)-01 Double Dare (Sominextraction) (Live)/02 What She Wants (Live)/03 Ashes on the Ground (Live)/04 Nutrica (Live)/05 For Shame of Doing Wrong (Live)/06 Superstar Watcher (Live)/07 Big Day Coming (Live)/08 I Was the Fool Beside You For Too Long/09 Shaker (Live)/10 Artificial Heart (Live)/11 Whole of the Law (Loops)/12 Nowhere Near (Live)/13 Sleeping Pill (excerpt)/14 Big Day Coming (live)/15 Sudden Organ (Live)

FADE (D1)-01 Ohm/02 Is That Enough/03 Well You Better/04 Paddle Forward/05 Stupid Things/06 I'll Be Around/07 Cornelia and Jane/08 Two Trains/09 The Point of It/10 Before We Run

FADE (BONUS DISC)-01 01 Ohm (live)/02 Two Trains (demo)/03 Note To Self/04 Move To California
(Times New Viking Cover)/05 Is That Enough (live)/06 Cornelia and Jane (Instrumetal)/07 A Day In the Life of a Tree/08 Super Kiwi/09 Stupid Things (EYaf Remix)/10 I Saw the Light/11 Stupid Things (Instrumental)/12 Ohm (live 2)/13 Oriole 5/14 La Grange

STUPID THINGS EP-01 Stupid Things (12" Mix)/02 Stupid Things (EYAEZ Remix)/03 Stupid Things (Original Instrumental)

STUFF LIKE THAT THERE-01 My Heart's Not In It /02 Rickety/03 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/04 All Your Secrets/05 The Ballad of Red Buckets/06 Friday I'm In Love/07 Before We Stopped to Think/08 Butchie's Tune/09 Automatic Doom/10 Awhileaway/11 I Can Feel the Ice Melting/12 Naples/13 Deeper Into Movies/14 Somebody's in Love

YO LA TENGO/BARDO POND-PARALLELOGRAM-01 Bardo Pond-Screens For a Catch (Full Bearing Eyes)/02 Yo La Tengo-Electric Eye

Thanks to John N, this should fill out everyone's Yo la Tengo combined with the earlier stuff I posted.....if there are links from that one that are broken, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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