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Been a lack of Throbbing Gristle lately, so........

The "24 Hours" set was a legendary epic in it's time, this set (also compliments of Lo-Fi Larry) wass perhaps
lesser known. Ten MORE CD's, originally on cassette (but not in the suitcase packaging)......I'm sure most of you are not going to mess with this, having seen all the TG I've put up in the last week or so, but I just think that Industrial Records concept of simply releasing EVERYTHING was something of a fascinating concept. I'm really not going to go into a lot of detail, but again these are titled simply by number (ie IRCD 30), with the location/date provided......if I can find track lists somewhere (give me a minute), I will provide them as well.

I don't know if this completes the Throbbing Gristle saga or not, I'm really not that knowledgeable about them (although obviously I enjoyed their stuff, certainly not "get down and party" music).....if there is more, FUCK IT, bring it on......perhaps this can be the all time biggest collection of TG ever put together in blogland? Or, maybe NOT, too.......

IRCD 30 Oundle Public School, UK, 16th March 1980                               

Track One (29'30")

00'00" Introduction
01'28" Cornets
06'20" An Old Man Smiled
14'20" Subhumans
18'46" Heathen Earth "When's the music?"
26'57" Something Came Over Me

Track Two (27'56")

00'00" Something Came Over Me (cont.) "...an awful lot of toilet rolls... have you all had a shit?"
04'10" The World is a War Film
09'40"'Oundle Public Schoolboys- England is a Toilet'
11'00" Don't Do What You're Told, Do What You Think / Wall of Sound
21'51" (Performance ends) "Show us your legs!
IRCD 33 Sheffield University, UK, 10th June 1980

Supported by Cabaret Voltaire.

Track One (31'15")

00'00" Introduction
00'47" Punished
10'00" Heathen Earth
16'25" Strangers in the Night
18'10" Instrumental
24'38" Tortured Smiles
31'12" We Said No

Track Two (23'53")

00'00" We Said No (cont.)
05'23" Flesheaters
22'43" (Performance ends)


IRCD 36 SO36 Club, Berlin Germany, 7th Nov 1980

Track One (30'37")

00'00" Introduction
00'52" Instrumental
10'29" Instrumental
16'37" An Old Man Smiled
25'06" Trained Condition of Obedience

Track Two (44'24")

00'00" Trained Condition of Obedience (cont.)
01'43" Instrumental
10'36" Something Came Over Me "A song for people who wank."
21'04"'Church Music'
26'42" Instrumental
33'20" Discipline
42'15" Wall of Sound
44'04" (Performance ends)


IRCD 37 SO36 Club, Berlin Germany, 8th Nov 1980

Track One (20'29")

00'00" Introduction                                                                                                                      
00'40" Cornets 
04'16" Instrumental
13'04" An Old Man Smiled
20'28" (Recording ends)

Track Two (27'35")

00'00" Instrumental
02'39" Instrumental
05'48" Instrumental
13'32" Something Came Over Me (cuts out 14'56" to 15'30")
19'00" Discipline
27'20" (Performance ends)


IRCD 38 Kunsthofschule, Frankfurt Germany, 10th Nov 1980

Track One (28'47")                                                                                                         

00'00" Introduction
03'06" Cornets
09'00" Strangers in the Night
16'44" Instrumental
20'21" Something Came Over Me
25'53"'The Wine Incident'

Track Two (13'50")

00'00" Discipline
11'43" Wall of Sound
13'02" (Performance ends)"Das ist the end.""There's another film in just a few minutes, enough time to have a piss in the meantime."


IRCD 39 Rafters Club, Manchester, 4th Dec 1980

Track One (31'17")

00'00" Illuminated 666
00'31" Betrayed
05'16" Womb of Corruption
12'51" Very Friendly
21' 50" Something Come Over Me
28'12" Playground

Track Two (30'38")                                                                                                                      

00'00" Playground (cont.)
10'54" Devil's Gateway
15'47" Hastings
20'52" Discipline
29'18" (Performance ends)


IRCD 40 Heaven, London, 23rd Dec 1980
http://www103.zippyshare.com/v/dQBKDDsQ/file.htmlTrack One (31'17")

Track One (31'12")

00'00" Invocation "Hell in Heaven"                                                                    
00'43" Summoning
07'35" Rite of Death
13'32" Persuasion
19'30" Still Walking
24'49" Eclipse (for Tanith)

Track Two (29'29")

00'00" Murder of thee Abyss
05'42" Tokyo Summer
12'04" Spirits Flying
19'08" Discipline

IRCD 41 Lyceum, London, 8th Feb 1981Track One (31'12")

Track One (29'43")

00'00" Primal Church
12'13" Look Away
26'25" Endless Discipline "What we need now... now that you've all relaxed a 
little bit, 
digested the hamburgers..." *

Track Two (26'07")

00'00" Endless Discipline (cont.) *

* After 'Look Away', Once Upon A Time lists the following tracks: 'Endless Discipline', 'Discipline', 'Consummation' and 'Endless Discipline'. On the TG+ recording however 'Discipline' appears to be endless. Any help on this appreciated.

IRCD 42 Veterans Auditorium, Los Angeles USA, 22nd May 1981

Track One (29'51")

00'00" Introduction "How do you do, IS IT LOUD ENOUGH YET?"
01'40" Dimensia
05'22" Scorched Earth
11'45" Tangible
13'43" Persuasion
19'34" Carnality
20'35" Marriage Carriage
29'34" Still Walking

Track Two (28'41")

00'00" Still Walking (cont.)
05'32" Slam
14'39" Principa Disciplina/Forbidden


IRCD 43 Kezar Pavilion, San Francisco USA, 29th May 1981

Track One (29'51")

00'00" Introduction
00'25" Dead Souls
05'53" Guts on the Floor
12'56" Circle of Animals
18'22"Looking for the OTO
23'34" Vision and Voice
30'46" What A Day "I forgot the words to that song so I can't do it anymore."
31'23" Funeral Rites
37'19" Spirits Flying

Track Two (23'57")

00'00" Spirits Flying (cont.)
00'10" Persuasion U.S.A.
07'37" Discipline
15'55" The Process
17'16" Discipline (reprise)
19'21" (Performance ends) "Thankyou and goodnight. That's the end of Throbbing Gristle" 20'18" (Recording ends)
20'27" Pre-performance sound check

Thanks to Larry for these as well, others have contributed to this multi-part epic, Brian from Toledo,and  Rob from Canada as well as Larry (Hope I didn't forget anyone)........if there is more of this stuff out there (and I don't doubt it) BRING IT THE HELL ON, we'll take it on.......ANYTHING FUCKING GOES HERE!

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