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Peace, Love and Poetry, Part 2

In many ways similar to the punk "Bloodstains" series, this fine set of psychedelia gives "flavor" to each individual corner of the world that it takes on. Yesterday we saw the first 5 albums of the set, today the remaining five.......Lots of tracks to list so commentary at a minimum.

Volume 6 features acts from Brazil.Not a lot of TERRIBLY familar names, you should, I guess, know Sound actaory and Os Brazos, lots of other unknown gems here though. Volume 7 goes for music from Mexico, Los Dug Dug's (featured n an earlier edition and once profiled on this blog) check in, as well as Kaleidoscopeafter those, these are fairly unknown to must but the HARDEST CORE psych fans out there. Volume 8 is possibly my favorite album in the set, (and I like them all), psychedelia from AFRICA! Featuring of courses the tremendous Otis Waygood Band (I should profile them sometime they really are great), Suck, and of course Chrissy Zebby Temb & Ngozi Family.....I really love the sounds on this one. VOlume 9 takes us to Turkey, where of course Erkin Koray gets a turn, he's the only REALLY well known one, but this has as unique a sound as any on the set. Finally, we have Chile.....Agaturbia is likely the best known band here, but it is a good set as well. Links probably not until sometime on Saturday.

BRAZIL-ON BANDO-E Assim Falava Mefistofeles/02 OS BRAZOS-Tao Lounge De Mim/03 A BOLHA-Razao De Exister/04 LIVEROOL-Voando/05 BANGO-Inferno No Mundo/06 BUTTONS-Birds In My Tree/07 ASSIM ASSAADO-Lunatica/08 O TERCO-I Need You/09 SPECTRUM-Trilha Antiga/10 MODULO 1000-Animalia/11 OS LOBOS-Miragem/12 RUBINHO E MAURO ASSUMPCAO-Quero Companheira/13 SOUND FACTORY-Lets Go/14 TERCO-Iagoa Das Lontras/15 PAULO BAGUNCA-Mensagiero/16 LULA CORTES E ZE RAMHALLO-Maracas De Fogo/17 MARCOS VALLE-Revolucao Organica/18 HUGO FILHO-Quero Voce Voce/19 MARCONI NOTARO-Fidelidade

AFRICA-01 mMCULLY WORKSHOP IHC-Shame/02 OTIS WAYGOOD-TeN Light Claps and a Scream/03 BIO-Chapter One/04 ABSTRACT TRUTH-Cool, Sounds For Heads/05 FREEDOM CHILDREN-Glactic Vibes/06 SUCK-Time to Suck/07 THE THIRD EYE-Awakening/08 FREEDOM CHILDREN-Astra/09 MACK SIGNS PORTER-Peace on You/10 OTIS WAYGOOD-Ten Light Claps and a Scream/11 RIKKI LIONGA-Sunshine Love/12 CHRISSY ZEBBY TEMBO & NGOZI FAMILY-My Ancestors/13 QUENTIN E KLOJAEGAR-Fantasy/14 ABSRACT TRUTH-Silver Trees/15  FREEDOMCHILDREN-Battle Hymn of the Broken Hearted/16 THE THIRD EYE-Brother/17 OFEGE-Try An Love

MEXICO-01 LOS DUG DUGS-Lost In My World/02 KALEIDOSCOPE-Hang Out/03 LA FAE PEIDRA-Roaming/04 EL TARRO DE MOSTAZA-El Rudio Del Sileno/05 LA VIDA-Touch Me/06 LA LIBRE EXPRESSION-Joven AMonte/07 FLYING KARPETS-Behind  a Young Girl's Smile/08 LA REVOLUCION DE EMILE ZAPATA-=En Luvis Dell Luvizuviz/09 SPIDERS-It's  You/10 THREE SOULS IN  MY MIND-Lenon Blues/11 TONCHO PILATOS-Tommy Lyz/12 RENAISSAANCE-I'm Dying/13 EMAN ROCH-The Train/14 GRUPO CIRUEA-Nada Nos Detrende/15 LOS OVNIS-Cusando Era Nio/`6
SURVIVA-The World Is A Bomb

CHILE-01 KISSING SPELL-Yellow Moon/02 LOS JAVIAS-Foto De Primera Comunion/0-4 AGUATURBIA-Erotica/05 BLOPS-Los Momentos/06SACROS-La Realidad//07 LOS MACS-La Muerrrrrtr De Mi Hermano/08 BLOPS-Pisandose La Cola/09 EMBRUJuio-Canto SIn Nombre/10 LOS BEAT /11 Agiturbia-I Wonder Why/12 TUMULTO-Tu, Yo Y Nuestro Amor/13 BLOPS-Piromano/14 ESCOMBROS-Magnetism/15 LOS BEAT 4-Civilizacion/16 CONGREGACION-Cuantos Que No Tienen Y Merecen/17 EL CONGRESO-Asi Seras

TURKEY-01 SELDA- Bundan Sonra/02
OZDEMIR ERDOGAN-Uzin I Nce Bir Yoldayim/03 ALPAY-Kirpiklerin Ok Ok Eyle/04 MAZHAR FUAT-Sur Efem Atini/05 ERKIN KORAY-Yugmur/06 ERSEN-Kara Yazi/07 EDIP AKBAYRAM-Yakar Incedeni Inciden/08 HARDAL-Bir Yagmur Masali/09 SELDA-Ince Ince Bir Kar Yagar/10 EROL BUYUKBURC-Hop Dedik/11 CEM KARACA-Tatli Dillim/12 UC HUREL-Aglarsa Anam Aglar/13 BARIS MANCO-Kirpiklen Ok Ok Eyle/14 MOGOLLAR-Halicte Gunes In Batisi/15 BULENT ORTACIGL-Sen Varsin/16 ERKUT TACKIN-Citmek Dus Tu Bana

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