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Without question, you've all wondered as have I, the eternal question of "what would Iron Maiden
sound like if they were Polish?".....No? You haven't? Well, honestly, neither have I, but the answer is Turbo, likely the greatest of "all" Polish metal bands.......you are gonna have to trust me on this one, these motherfuckers rock the house, and the style of music and vocals REALLY DOES remind me of Maiden......as you know I strive, regularly, for DIFFERENT shit, this is different and it ROCKS like a motherfucker........PLEASE let me know what you think of this, I am giving you my whole Turbo collection, which I THINK may be thier entire discography. The participants names are too hard to type, for me, right now, I'm sure the song titles will be bad enough, but check this out.....love metal? Here is some GOOD SHIT you may not have heard before (non-english language alert)....

DORSOSLE DZIECI-01 Szalony Ikar/02 Przeadane dni/03 W sobie/04 Ktos zamienil//05 Pozorne zycie/06 Toczy sie po linie/07 Nie znaczysz nic/08 Mowili kiedys/09 Dorosle dzieci/10 Jak w ogien/11 Fabryka keksow (Live)

SMAK CISZY-01 Smak Ciszy/02 juz nie z toba/03 Wybieraj sam/04 Czy mnie nie ma/05 Slowa pelne slow/06 Wszystko bedzie OK/07 Jaki byl ten dzien?/08 Caly czas ucza nas/09 Wariacki taniec/10 Narodziny demona

KAWALERIA SZANTA-01 Zolnierz fortuny/02 Dlon potwora/03 Sztuczne oddychanie/04 kometa Halleya/05 Kawaleria Szanta cz. I/06 Wybacz wszyskim wrogom/07 Kawaleria Szantana cz. II/08 Ostantni grzesznikow placz/09 Bramy galaktyk

OSTATNI WOJOWNIK-01 Ostatni Wojownik/02 Miecz Beruda/03 Aniol Zla/04 Seans z
Wampirem/05 Bogini/06 Kon Trojanski/07 Syn Burzy

EPEDEMIE-01 Salvator Mundi/02 AIDS/03 Ocean Lez/04 Petla Czasu/05 Szalony Swiat/06 Anty RJ//07 Rozkosz I Bol/08 Gniazdo Smutku/09 13.12.88

AWATAR-01 Armia/02 Upior w operze/03 sen/04 Granica/05 LSD/06 Katatonia/07 Awatar/08 Embrion/09 Falsz/10 burn/11 Lek/12 When a Blind Man Cries/13 Neon Knights

TOZSAMOSC-01 Paranoja/02 Samotnia/03 Legenda Thora/04 Czlowiek i Bog/05 Eneida/06 Maqmra/07 Pismo/08 Otwarte drzwi do miasta

ALIVE-01 Seans z wampirem/02 Kawaleria sztana cz I/03 Ostatni grzesznikow placz/04 Syn burzy/05 Ostatnis wojownik/06 Zolnierz fortuny/07 Aniol zla

AKUSTYCZNIE-01 Powitanie/02 Ach! Nie Badz Taki
Smialy/03 Wszystko Bedzie OK/04 Kawaleria Szatana II/05 Caly Czas Ucza Nas/06 Coraz Mniej/07 Szalony Ikar/08 Fabryka Keksow/09 Czy Mnie Nie Ma/10 Lek/11 Pozorne Zycie/12 Smak Ciszy/13 Dorosle Dzieci/14 Juz Nie Z Toba/15 Wybieraj Sam/16 Jaki Byl Ten Dzien

OK, not fucking around here, this is some badass fucking shit that maybe the majority of English language speaking metal fans likely are unaware of......nonetheless, I recommend this highly, as you know, I have a weakness for non-English rock, but I am not dicking you around here....this shit rocks fucking hard as hell, and you will be doing yourself a disservice if you pass on it.

I haven't done any non-English rock/metal in a while but Im here to tell ya....Turbo fucking kicked some serious ass.......dont miss this shit.

Postscript: A few of these albums won't upload with zippy for some reason currently unknown to me....I am going to keep trying, BUT please do not miss out on the ones I CAN get posted.....they are great as well......if I can get this glitch fixed, the rest of them will be up then. Sorry.

The albums that I'm currently having issue with are Akustycznie, Dorsosle Dzieci, and Tozsamosc....seriously I don't understnad why they won't "up", I'm gonna keep working on it, I'm pissed because these albums are a significant part of the picture, BUT please check out the rest of these....I'm going to spend sunday trying to figure out what's wrong with these three discs and TRY to get them up as well, but please don't let that detract you from the rest of these.



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