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My second (and final, I think) "supplement" to the "Other Beatles"

I forgot I had this one sitting on my hard drive, it's something of a mess BUT if you've been tickled
by the Beatles covers thing up till now, here are literally all you should need for the rest of your life. I don't even know how many there are, yet, until I list them below in a minute.....there is not structure to this, at all, the creator of this Torrent took several Beatles cover albums ( "Gregorian Chants", Chet Akins "Picking on the Beatles", "Butchering the Beatles", etc, took some other random Beatles covers, and basically threw them into a blender......the result is KIND OF sloppy, BUT, I figure, the order below is the order they appear in the torrent, you can pick and choose what you want to do with them, be it put them into albums or whatever.....I wouldn't have compiled it the way he did, but it IS
damned ambitious, A LOT of stuff here.....just the sequencing (Track's #01 on each of about ten albums are the first tracks, a little later, good old alphabetical order takes over).....some of the tracks as listed do not even have artist listings, if I can I will look them up for you but if I can't I'll at least name the comp it came from and maybe add "unknown" and maybe someone else can track it down.....

There's a hell of a lot of stuff here, MEGA-varying styles as you'll see.......I'd bet one could make a "project" album or two out of these alone, maybe a whole album of versions of "I am the Walrus' or something........this is a HUGE torrent, a SHOCKING ten parts (and NOT FLAC, either), and given the way its presented, I have no way of knowing (track wise) where one part ends and another starts.....I thought about putting these on discs so we could have a "set" with some structure, but, who the hell am I? I'm presenting it howthee guy created it, even if it wasn't the way I might have done it......anyway, just read the track listing, it'll blow your mind.......there is so much stuff here I won't even begin to try to point out highlights/lowlights, just read the track list and your eyes will fall out if Beatles covers happen to be your thing........enjoy and comment, I'll be MOST interested to see how many choose to download all ten parts of this, the "Other Beatles" projects have done quite well....this might just be too lumbering and big, but we'll see.......enjoy, and if you get creative, you can probably find some great ways to sequence these on disc or on IPod or whatever......

CHANTS-Yesterday/03 CHET ATKINS-I Feel Fine/04 THE SMITHEREENS-All I've Got to Do/05 THE KENNEDY CHOIR-Across the Universe/06 TONY VEGA-Hey Jude/07 AIMEE MANN & MICHAEL PENN-Two Of Us/08 SWINGLE SINGERS-Ticket To Ride/09 ROBIN WILLIAMS & BOBBY MCFARREN-Come Together/10 RICK WAKEMAN-Eleanor Rigby/11 TINA TURNER-Help/12 GEORGE BENSON-Here Comes the Sun/13  ALICE COOPER, STEVE VAI, DUFF MCKAGAN-Hey Bulldog/14 JOHN HOLT-I Will/15 UNKNOWN-Magical Mystery Tour/16 JIMI
HENDRIX-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/17 CHRIS RICHARDS-You Like Me Too Much/18 GREGORIAN CHANTS-Hey Jude/19 MCCOY TYNER-She's Leaving Home/20 THE SMITHEREENS-All My Loving/21 KENNEDY CHOIR-Something/22 CHET ATKINS-Yesterday/23 SARAH MCLACHLAN-Blackbird/24 TITO NIEVES AND TITO PUENTE-Let It Be/25 SWINGLE SINGERS-Penny Lane/26 ROSEANNE CASH-I Don't Want To Spoil the Party/27 UNKNOWN-If I Needed Someone/28 GOLDIE HAWN-A Hard Day's Night/29 LEMMY KILMISTER, JOHN 5, ERIC
SINGER-Back In the USSR/30 ELTON JOHN-Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds/31 JOSHUA RIFKIN-I'll Cry Instead/32 HERMAN VAN VEEN-Fool on the Hill/33
GROOVE COLLECTIVE-I Want You/35 CHET ATKINS-If I Fell/36 THE SMITHEREENS-Don't Bother Me/37 KENNEDY CHOIR-All My Loving/38 RUFUS WAINWRIGHT-Across the Universe/39 GUIANKO-Can't Buy Me Love/40 SWINGLE SINGERS-Revolution/41 GEORGE MARTIN-Don't Bother Me/42 UNKNOWN-I Don't Want to See You Again/43 WILLIE NELSON-One After 909/44 ROBIN GIBB-Oh Darling/45 THE
Night/58 THE WALLFLOWERS-I'm Looking Through You/59 SWINGLE SINGERS-Day Tripper/60 GEORGE MARTIN-All I've Got to Do/ 61 BILLY J KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS-I'll
Keep You Satisfied/62 WHITESNAKE-Day Tripper/63 BUGS & FRIENDS-Hello Goodbye/64 MODERN GUSTIN TRIO- I Want to Hold Your Hand/65 LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA-Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds/66 SARAH VAUGHN-I Want You/67 SARAH VAUGHN-Fool On the Hill/68 THE DYNAMITES-Hey Jude/69 CELINE DION-Here There and Everywhere/70 JOSHUA RIFKIN-You've Got to hide Your Love Away/71 FOOL'S GARDEN-Martha My Dear/72
JACK BLADES, TOMMY SHAW. DOUG ALDRICH,MARCO MENDOZA,VIRGL DONATI-Tomorrow Never Knows/73 GREGORIAN CHANTS-Girl/74 CHET ATKINS-I'll Cry Instead/75 JAMIE HOOVER-Only a Northern Song/76 THE SMITHEREENS-I Saw Her Standing There/77 KENEDY CHOIR-Yesterday/78 TOM SCOTT-Fool On the Hill/79 CELIA CRUZ-Ob la Di Ob La Da/80 EDDIE VEDDER-You've Got To Hide Your Love Away/81 SWINGLE SINGERS-Norwegian Wood/82 ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA-All You need Is Love/83 JOURNEY-It's All too Much/84 ANONYMOUSLY YOURS-Get back/85 VANESSA MAE-Because/86 JOHN BUSH, STEF CARPENTER, MIKE INEZ, JOHN  TEMPESTA-Magical Mystery Tour/87 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS-While My Guitar Gently Weeps/88 GREGORIAN CHANTS-Blackbird/89 RAMSEY LEWIS-Michelle/90 THE SMITHEREENS-I Wanna Be Your Man/91 KENNEDY CHOIR-With a Little Help From My Friends/92 CHET ATKINS-Things We Said/93 BEN HARPER-Strawberry Fields/94 RAY SEPULVEDA-Fool On the Hill/95 SWINGLE SINGERS-Birthday/96 MODERN GUSTIN TRIO-Can't Buy Me Love/97 CARPENTERS-Please Mr Postman/98 ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA-I Am the Walrus/99 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS-I Am the Walrus 100 JIM CARREY-I Am the Walrus/101 MC IRON-I Feel Fine/102 JOSHUA RIFKIN-Recitative/103 RIPPER OWENS, GEORGE LYNCH, TIM BOGERT, CHRIS SLADE-Revolution/104 SOULETTES-Let It Be/105 THE BYRDS-Roll Over Beethoven/106 CHET ATKINS-A Hard Day's Night/107 GREGORIAN CHANTS-An I Love Her/108 LEE RITENOUR-A Day In the Life/109 THE SMITHEREENS-I Want to Hold Your
Hand/110 KENNEDY CHOIR-Michelle/111 MANNY MANUEL-I Want To Hold Your Hand/112 SHERYL CROW-Mother Nature's Son/113 SWINGLE SINGERS-Lady Madonna/114 MARCIA GRIFFITHS-Don't Let Me Down/115 GEORGE MARTIN-Please Please Me/116 BEATLES SONS BY SUPERSTARS-Come Together/117 CRYSTALITES-Lady Madonna/118 KIP WINGER, BRUCE KULICK, TONY FRANKLIN, AYNSLEY DUNBAR-Day Tripper/119 JOHN WILLIAMS-Here Coms The Sun/120 MC IRON-Taxman/121 GREGORIAN CHANTS-In My Life/122 CHET ATKINS-I'll Follow the Sun/123 NELSON RANGELL-Let It Be/124 THE SMITHEREENS-It Won't Be Long/125 KENNEDY CHOIR-Ticket To Ride/126 DOMINGO QUINIONES-Ticket To Ride/127 BEN FOLDS-Golden Slumbers/128 SWINGLE SINGERS-Yesterday/129 GEORGE MARTIN-I Want to Hold Your Hand/130 SLADE-Martha My Dear/131 BILLY CONNOLLY-Being For the
Benefit of Mr. Kite/132 RINGO STARR-Christmas Time Is Here Again/133 XAOIUE EIOA-Come Together/134 DOBBY DOBSON-Carry That Weight/135 MOTLEY CRUE-Helter Skelter/136 BILLY IDOL, STEVE STEVENS, BLASKO, BRIAN TICHY-I Feel Fine/137 ERIC HANSEN-I Feel Fine/138 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS- We Can Work It Out/139 CHICK CORREA-Eleanor Rigby/140 GREGORIAN CHANTS-Michelle/141 CHET ATKINS-She's a Woman/142 THE SMITHEREENS-Little Child/143 KENNEDY CHOIR-Eleanor Rigby/144 THE VINES-I'm Only Sleeping/145 OSCAR D'LEON-Lady Madonna/146 SWINGLE SINGERS-Strawberry Fields/147 MODERN GUSTIN TRIO-Hard Day's Night/148 GEORGE MARTIN-From Me To You/149 BUGS & FRIENDS-Help/ 150 DIE TOTEN HOSEN-I Am the Walrus/151 UNKNOWN-I Need You/152 FANCY-All My Loving/153 ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA-Beatlephonic Medley/154 BEATLE SONGS BY
SUPERSTARS-Got to Get You Into My Life/155 MARCIA GRIFFITHS-Don't Let Me Down/156 ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA-Medley/157 SWEET-Paperback Writer/158 GEOFF TATE, MICHAEL WILTON, CRAIG GOLDY, RUDY SARZO, SIMON WRIGHT, SCOTT WARREN-Taxman/159 GEORGE MARTIN-The Pepperland Suite/160 CHET ATKINS-And I Love Her/161- GREGORIAN CHANTS-The Long And Winding Road/162 MARMALAde-Ob La Di, Ob La Da/163 RUSS FREEMAN-While My Guitar Gently Weeps/164 THE SMITHEREENS-Not a Second Time/165 KENNEDY CHOIR-Let It Be/166 JESUS ENRIQUEZ & MILES PENA-With a Little Help From My Friends/167 SWINGLE SINGERS-Drive My Car/168 DEL SHANNON-From Me To You/169 GEORGE MARTIN-Little Child/170 PHIL COLINS-Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End/171  THE HEPTONES-Ob La Di, Ob la Da/172 JEFF KEITH, PHIL CAMPBELL, CC DEVILLE, CHRIS CHANEY, KENNY ARONOFF-I Saw Her Standing There/173 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS-Yesterday/174 GREGORIAN CHANTS-Fool On the Hill/175 CHET ATKINS-Michelle/176 SPYRO GYRA-In My Life/177 THE
SMITHEREENS-This Boy/178 KENNEDY CHOIR-Penny Lane/179 BLACK CROWES-Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds/180 CHEO FELICIANO-Yesterday/181 SWINGLE SINGERS-Blackbird/182 UNKNOWN-Mean Mr Mustard/183 ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA-She Loves You/184 BB SEATON-Eleanor Rigby/185 GEORGE MARTIN-Friends and Lovers/186 DOUG PINNICK, STEVE LUKATHER, TONY LEVIN, STEVE FERRONE-Hey Jude/187 VADIM BRODSKY-If I Fell/188 BESATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTSARS-She's Leaving Home/189 DAVID BENOIT-Here, There, and Everywhere/190 GREGORIAN CHANTS-Across the Universe/191 CHET
ATKINS-She Loves You/192 THE SMITHEREENS-Till There Was You/193 KENNEDY CHOIR-Hey Jude/194 JOSE ALBERTO-And I Love Her/195 CHOCOLATE GENIUS-Julia/196 SWINGLE SINGERS-When I'm Sixty Four/197 GEORGE MARTIN-There's a Place/198 MODERN GUSTIN TRIO-Yellow Submarine/199 LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA-Abbey Road Medley/200 JEFF SCOTT SOTO, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, JEFF PILSON, FRANKIE BANALI-Drive My Car/201 ERROL DUNKLEY-I'll be Back/202 SEAN CONNERY-In My Life/203 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS-The Long And Winding Road/204 FRANCIS GOYA-Yo Te Amo/205 ARTURAO SANDOVAL-Blackbird/206 ALL ARTISTS-Come Together/207 HEATHER NOVA-We Can Work It Out/208 SWINGLE SINGERS-Fool on the Hill/209 MODERN GUSTIN TRIO-Ticket to Ride/210 SUGAR BEATS/VICKIE GROSS-Your Mother Should Know/211 ROSALYN SWEAT & PARAGONS-Blackbird/212 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS- You Wont See Me/213 DAVE GRUSIN-Yesterday/214 HOWIE DAY-Help/215 SWINGLE SINGERS-All My Loving/216 FRANKIE HOWARD-When I'm Sixty Four/217 MAROON 5-If I Fell/218 UNKNOWN-For You Blue/219 DEAD KENNEDYS-Back In the USSR/220 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS-Magical Mystery Tour/221 BLUE CARTOON-I Want to Tell You/222 PAUL WESTERBERG-Nowhere Man/223 SWINGLE SINGERS-I Am the Walrus/224 SPARKS-I Want to Hold Your
Hand/225 PROCOL HARM-Eight Days a Week
/ 226 TAKE THAT-Beatles Medley/227  PHYLLIS DILLON/Something/228  THE MARLOWES-Old Brown Shoe/229 GRANDADDY-Revolution/230 SWINGLE SINGERS-Good Night/231 PAUL MCCARTNEY- All Things Must Pass/232 PM DAWN-Norwegian Wood/233 NICK CAVE-Let It Be/234 ERIC CLAPTON/PAUL MCCARTNEY-While My Guitar Gently Weeps/235 DANDY-Yesterday/236 PHIL COLLINS-Tomorrow Never Knows/237 PAUL MCCARTNEY-Something/238 THE MOHAWKS-Let it Be/239 TWENTY CENT CRUSH-Taxman/240 ROY WOOD-Polythene Pam/241 BRAIN POOLE-Twist and Shout/242 THE JOHNNY ARTHRA ORCHESTRA-Something/243 GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS-How Do You Do/244 CILLA BLACK-For Noone/245 BOB MARLEY-And I Love Her/246 JACKIE ROBINSON-In My Life/247 SAMIAM-Cry Baby Cry/248 CILLA BLACK-Step Inside Love/249 YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD-Lovely Rita/250 THE MOWHAWKS-And I Love Her/251 DAWN PENN-Here Comes the Sun/252 MARSHALL WILLIAMS-Norwegian Wood/253 PAUL WELLER-Sexy Sadie/254 UNKNOWN-Hey jude/255 JOHN LENNON-I'm The Greatest/256 JOHN LENNON-Yesterday/257 ERIC
RAKOW, SHERRY KONDOR, SUGAR BEATS-All Together Now/258 APRIL WINE-Tell Me Why/259 BADFINGER-Come and Get It/260 BADFINGER-Come and Get It/261 BARBARA CASINI-I Need You/262 LUCY KAPLANSKI-I've Just Seen a Face/263 NANCY SINATRA-Run For Your Life/264 WORLD PARTY-Martha My Dear/265 STARS ON 45-Beatles Medley/266 BELA FLECK & THE FLECKTONES-Norwegian Wood/267 BEN FOLDS-Golden Slumbers/268 BEN HARPER-Strawberry Fields Forever/269 BILL RAMSEY-Yellow Submarine/270 BILLY J KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS-Do You Want to Know a Secret/271 BILLY J KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS-I Call Your Name/272 BILLY J KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS-I Call Your Name/273 BILLY J KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS-Do You Want to Know a Secret/274 BLACKSTREET-Can't Buy Me Love/275 BLINK 182-I Saw Her Standing There/276 DEE LONG-Blue Jay Way/277 BOREADES-Love You Too/278 BOREADES-The Inner Light/279 BRIAN POOLE & THE TREMELOES-Twist and Shout/280 BUCK OWENS-Act Naturally/281 BUCKINGHAMS-I'll Be Back/282 CARPENTERS-Can't Buy Me Love/283 CHAD & JEREMY-From a Window/284 CHARLIE LANDSBOROUGH-The Long and Winding Road/285 CHER-The Long and Winding Road/286 CHUMBAWAMBA-Her
Majesty/287 CILLA BLACK-A Shot of Rythem and Blues/288 CILLA BLACK-Yesterday/289 CILLA BLACK-Yesterday/290 DANNI CARLOS-Drive My Car/291 DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-In My Life/292 DAVID BOWIE-Across the Universe/293 DAVID BOWIE-Penny Lane/294 JIMI HENDRIX-Day Tripper/295 AAO-DDT/296 DEAN REED-Kansas City/297 DICKIE ROCK & MIAMI SNOWBAND-Boys/298 DICKIE ROCK & MIAMI SNOWBAND-Boys/299 DEPECHE MODE-Yesterday/300 BARBARA CASINI-Do You Want to Know a Secret/301 DONS OF QUIXOTE-Savoy Truffle/302 CADENCE-Drive My Car/303 THE DONNAS-Drive My Car/304 EDDIE ANGEL & THE HI RISERS-Don't Ever Change/305 EDDIE ANGEL & THE HIGH RISERS-I Just Don't Understand/306 EDDIE ANGEL & THE HI RISERS-So How Come (No One Loves Me)/307 EDDIE ANGEL & THE HI RISERS-Angel of Love/308 EDDIE VEDDER-You've Got to Hide Your Love Away/309 ELLIOTT SMITH-Because/310 ELTON JOHN/JOHN LENNON-I Saw Her Standing There/311 ELTON JOHN/JOHN LENNON-Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds/312 ELVIS COSTELLO-Step Inside Live/313 EPISODE SIX-Here There and Everywhere/314 EPISODE SIX-Here There and Everywhere/315 ERIN RAKOW, SHERRY
KONDOR, SUGAR BEATS-All Together Now/316 FIONA APPLE-Across the Universe/317 JOE GOLDMARK-Flying/318 FOO FIGHTERS-Blackbird/319 FRANK ZAPPA-I Am the Walrus/320 FREDDIE & THE DREAMERS-I Just Don't Understand/321 FREDDIE & THE DREAMERS-Johnny B Goode/322 GEORGE HARRISON-Get Back/323 GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS-A Shot of Rythem and Blues/324 GUNHILL-Eleanor Rigby/325 HANS JORG HACK-Wenn Ich Mel Alt Bin/326 ODETTE TALERIA-Happiness Is a Warm Gun/327 HEATHER NOVA-We Can Work it Out/328 BANANARAMA & LANANEENEENOONOO-Help/329 THE BEATLES-Help (Instrumental)/330 CHUMBAWAMBA-Her Majesty/331 JUAN JOSE-You've Got to Hide Your Love Away/332 GEOFF GIBBONS-I Need
You/333 IAN & THE ZODIACS-I Need You/334 NELLIE MCKAY-If I Needed Someone/335 UB40-I'll Be On My Way/336 UNKNOWN-I'm Looking Through You/337 INCONNU-I'm Only Sleeping/338 JACK JOHNSON-Rocky Raccoon/339 JACKIE LYNTON-Little Child/340 JAMES TAYLOR-Yesterday/341 JEANNIE & THE BIG GUYS-Boys/342 JOAN BAEZ-Let It Be/343 JOE COCKER-With a Little Help
From My Friends/344 JOE COCKER-I'll Cry Instead/345 JOE VAL & THE NEW ENGLAND BLUEGRASS BOYS-What Goes On/346 JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES-A Shot of Rythem And Blues/347 JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES-Some Other Guy/348 JOHNNY CASH-In My Life/349 KID ROCK-Come Together/350 KON TUGIEZY-Track Name Unlisted/351 KUKA SHAKER-Baby You're a Rich Man/352 LE GROUP 5-Please Mr Postman/353 LE GROUP 5-Roll Over Beethoven/354 LE
GROUP 5-Sweet Little Sixteen/355 LE GROUP 5-You've Really Got a Hold On Me/356 UNKNOWN-Leaving Home/357 LOVING HEARTS-Manchmall  wenn ich Traume/358 MAX FOMA ZABL-back in the USSR/359 MEXICAN ORCHESTRA-All my Loving/360 MICHAEL JACKSON-Come Together/361 NIRVANA-All You Need Is Love/362 NIRVANA/SONIC YOUTH/REM-Twist and Shout/363 NO DOUBT-Ob La Di Ob La Da/364 FRANCK-Norweigan Wood/365 LOW-Nowhere Man/366 OASIS-All You need Is Love/367 OASIS-Hide Your Love Away/368 PAUL MCCARTNEY-I Wanna Be Your Man/369 PEARL JAM-I Got a Feeling/370 PEARL JAM/OASIS-Day Tripper/371 PETER & GORDON-I Don't Want to See You Again/372 PINK FLOYD-Across the Universe/373 THE PRETENDERS-Not a Second Time/374 RINGO STARR-Love Me Do/375 ROBERT GORDON-Run For Your Life/376 ROBERT PALMER- Not a Second Time/377 ROCKAPELLA-Beatles Medley/378 RUFUS WAINWRIGHT-Across the Universe/379 SARA MCLACHLAN-Blackbird/380 SHERYL CROW-Mother Nature's Son/381 SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES-You Really Got a Hold On
Me/382 SOUNDGARDEN-Come Together/383 ODETTE TALLERIA-From me To You/384 SPOOKY TOOTH- I Am the Walrus/385 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS-Revolution/386 SUGAR MINOT-Hard Days Night/387 SUN PK-I'm Happy/388 THE BEATLES-Take Good Care of My baby/389 TEENAGE FANCLUB-Tell me What You See/390 THE APPLEJACKS-Kansas City/391 THE APPLEJACKS- Like Dreamers Do/392 THE APPLEJACKS-Too Much Monkey Business/393- THE BIG THREE-Some Other Guy/394 THE CRICKETS-Don't Ever Change/395 THE ESCORTS-Dizzy Miss Lizzy/396 THE FOURMOST-Sure To Fall in Love With You/397 THE GANTS-Bad Boy/398 THE GANTS-Rain/399 THE HOLLIES-A Taste of Honey/400 THE HOLLIES-Mr Moonlight/401 THE HOLLIES-Sweet Little Sixteen/402 THE HOLLIES-Talkin Bout You/403 THE KINKS-Don't Ever Change/404 THE KINKS-Long Tall Sally/405 THE MERSEYBEATS-Long Tall Sally/406 THE MERSEYBEATS-Mr Moonlight/407 THE OVERLANDERS-Michelle/408 THE RAINBOWS-Sweet Little Sixteen/409 THE RAINBOWS-Too much Monkey Buisness/410 THE ROLLING STONES-I Wanna Be Your
Man/411 THE ROLLING STONES-Money/412 THE SAXONS-A Shot of Rythem and Blues/413 THE SAXONS-I Saw Her Standing There/414 THE SEARCHERS-Money/415 THE SEARCHERS-Some Other Guy/416 THE SEARCHERS-Sweet Little Sixteen/417 THE SEARCHERS-Twist and Shout/418 THE SUNDOWNERS-A Shot of Rythem and Blues/419 THE SWINGIN BLUE JEANS-Johnny B Goode/420 THE SWINGIN BLUE JEANS- Long Tall Sally/421 THE SWINGIN BLUE JEANS-This Boy/422 THE TEDDYBEARS-To know Him Is To love Him/423 THE UNDERTAKERS-Money/424 THE CARPENTERS-Ticket To Ride/425 THE GANTS-Rain/426 THE HOLLIES-A Taste of Honey/427 THE HOLLIES-If I Needed Someone/428 THE HOLLIES-Mr Moonlight/429 THE KESTRELS-There's a Place/430 THE SETTLERS-Nowhere Man/431 THE SKATALITES-Ringo Theme/432 THE STEREOPHONICS-Don't Bring Me Down/433 THE SWINGIN BLUE JEANS-This Boy/434 THE THURSTON LAVA TUBE-I am The Walrus/435 THE TRENDS-All My Lovin/436 THE TRUTH-Girl/437 THE UNDERTAKERS-Money/438 THE VENTURES-Strawberry Fields Forever/439 MINDY SMITH-The Word/440 THE GANTS-Bad Boy/441 UNKNOWN-This Boy/442 THRICE-Eleanor Rigby/443 TMYS-Track Title Not Listed/444
TOM HOOPER-Long Long Long/445 TOMMY QUICKLY-Tip of My Tongue/446 VARIOUS ARTISTS-What Goes On/447 AANAEUA OAAYOA-Veselie/448 VLADIMIR KUSHIN-Yesterday/449 BEN KWELLER-Wait/450 WALTER & THE DAIRY KINGS CLEVENGER-I Will/451 WAYNE FONTANA & THE MINDBENDERS-Keep Your Hands off My Baby/452 WAYNE FONTANA & THE MINDBENDERS-Some Other Guy/453 WES MONTGOMERY-I'll Be Back/454 Yes-Every Little Thing

Yes, quite a sprawling mess.....if I'd have realized just how much I might have fine tuned it, there are
a lot of tracks duplicated (same song/artist), a few times back-to-back in the batting order, and there is insufficient information on some artists/titles......I'm going to try to hunt down the "unknowns" the best I can.....If you download this whole thing, I'm curious, how do you plan on breaking it up and enjoying it? Myself, I'll probably just keep the tracks I don't have elsewhere and make a multi-disc comp, there IS some DAMN GOOD shit on here, a lot of it in fact, it's just going to be the ultimate hunt and peck mission.......a lot of work, see what you think!

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