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Tribute to David Bowie

How am I supposed to tribute David Bowie? Those glam comps I put up the other day were far from
tributary, if anything, they tend to insult the guy, putting him on a comp with the fucking Bay City Roller......hell I was going to put up a ton of rare shit, but I have SO MUCH it would take days and would be so much work (to do it correctly).......so, here's what we'll have......today and either tomorrow or over the weekend, we'll put up a handful of stuff, sorry if you already have some of it, I'm picking pretty much at random.

First up: "Absolutely Rare", it contains some live tracks from the early 70's,  duets with Marianne Faithful  and Lulu, and a handful of demos......pretty haphazard, but this is the kind of thing I have a bunch of......

Next set is simply titled "Outtakes and Rare Singles", great versions of "Width of a Circle", "Rebel Rebel", "Lady Stardust" and more......included because there is a good bit of stuff I havene't seen on the web the last few days.

Forget where I got this one but it's not as good as it sounds like it would be, is prettty rare tough I think..."Bowie-1973 Lost Sessions W/Lou Reed and Mott the Hoople".....we get Bowie fronting Mott for "All the Young Dudes" and some other fun throwaways, Lou Reed joins for vocals on "Sweet Jane", then Reed fronts Mott for a few tracks.....an interesting curiosity.

Next up I just found an EP "1971 Outtakes", which is just what it sounds like, there is a tiny bit of overlap with "outtakes and Rare Singles", but enough unique material to make inclusion worthwhile.

Gonna close this up for today with two discs from the next 'phase", the 1976 PNE Vancouver Live Rehearsal tapes, fairly rare, I think, as well, which features some good post-Ziggy material.

I know I haven't quite waxed poetic on these albums, but what can you say? Enjoy them, I have a bunch more for the next couple days. RIP David Bowie, gone but DEFINITELY NEVER forgotten.

ABSOLUTLEY RARE-01 My Death/02 Sorrow/03 Time/04 Everything's Alright/05 Space
Oddity/06 I Can't Explain/07 The jean Genie/08 1984/Dodo /09 I Got You Babe/10 Rebel Rebel/11 Dodo/12 Can You hear Me?/13 Right/14 Somebody Up There Likes Me/15 Golden Years

OUTTAKES AND RARE SINGLES-01 Holy Holy/02 Rebel Rebel/03 Take My Tip/04 Sweet Thing Reprise/05 Lady Stardust/06 Little Toy Soldier/07 Space Oddity/08 The Supermen/09 Right On Mother/10 Rupert the Riley/11 Looking for a Friend/12 Shadowman/13 Lightning Frightning/14 Cygnet Committee/15 Unwashed and Somewhat Unslightly Dazed/16 The Wild Eyed Boy From Free Cloud/17 Width of a Circle/18 Fill Your Heart

LOST SESSIONS W/ MOTT/LOU REED-01 All the Young Dudes/02 It's Alright/03 Henry the H-Bomb/04 Sweet Jane/05 Shakin All Over/06 Please Don't Touch/07 So Sad

1971 OUTTAKES-01 Tired of My life/02 Shadowman/03 How Lucky you Are/04 I've Got Lightnig/05 Looking for a Friend/06 Rupert the Riley/07 Rupert the Riley (with effects)

LIVE REHEARSALS VANCOUVER 2/2/76 DISC 1-01 Station to Station/02 Suffergette City/03 Waiting For My Man/04 Word on a Wing/05 Stay/06 TVC 15

LIVE REHEARSALS VANCOUVER 2/2/76 DISC 2-01 01 Sister Midnight/02 Life on Mars/03 Five Years/04 Panic In Detroit/05 Fame/06 Changes/07 The Jean Genie/08 Queen Bitch/09 Rebel Rebel

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