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RIP David Bowie

No doing too well with the passing of L'Bowie, one of my faves, (also one of my wife's favorites, and
one could even say one of my Dad's, as well, as he took me to see L'Bowie on my 12th birthday)....saw him a few times over the years, the last about 20 year back when he teamed with Trent Reznor for that fine series of concerts (I'll post one when I get to the "real" tribute).

Coz this ain't it....I already had theses in the works, a few choice glitter/glam comps of the 1970's.....while I love the simple/goofy glam rock of the era, there are a few things wrong here.....while there is plenty of Bowie, the contexts are awful, breaking up side 2 of "Ziggy" or side 2 of "Diamond Dogs", well, it just ain't right.....and as a "tribute", rather than a silly goof, it assumes that we can put Bowie (as well as Roxy Music, they both transcended the scene by MILES) in the same general category with Slade and Suzi Quatro, it doesn't REALLY fit, it'll be ok for now,but once I construct a PROPER tribute fans of L'Bowie should be happy. (btw I know Brian has some good Bowie stuff on the way while I finish THIS one up......I just want to stress, while this is titled "RIP David Bowie", it is NOT "My David Bowie Tribute".......that will be soon, you will be happy with it.

But, what we got here? well, like the titles tell ya, first we get three discs of "The Golden Era of Glam
Rock 1971-76"......plenty of obvious tracks that we could argue for inclusion, lots of Bowie tracks, T Rex, Slade, Quatro, Sweet.......nothing rare imo, but if you were a "glam novice", perhaps you'd begin here...by the way, who the fuck decided the fucking Osmond Brothers "Crazy Horses" belongs here? I recall someone covered it on the great "Sucking in the Seventies" set, but HERE? OK, man....

The second disc of the set includes some CLASSIC tracks, such as Mott the Hoople's "All the Young Dudes" and Roxy's "Do the Strand", "Suffergette City" from Bowie, all destroyedby the context in which they are programmed.....I hope most of you have this great music, on the original albums......hopefully VINYL! Another disc with PLENTY of Sweet, Slade, T Rex, and a couple lesser known acts, Chicory Tip and Blackwood Sue.....glitter/glam did not offer up a "deep" field of music, when tracks like Blackwood Sue's, for exmaple, emerge, they are a fine addition to these comps (a three disc, Nuggets-type anthology of unknown glam tracks of the era would be a Godsend.......perhaps I'll put it on my list........

More great Bowie tracks (heard in thte wrong context again, sigh, "Drive In Saturday" and "Rebel Rebel" are among his best, but they need to be heard in proper context, sorry......Sweet and some of the other regulars of the series turn up, but this third disc contains the most varied example of stuff, such as Wizzard, Showaddywaddy, MUD, and even Sparks.

As a tribute to Bowie, this doesn't work......there are good tracks here, buried in between Gary Glitter and Suzy Quatro, this works more like a K-TEL set......had Bowie not left us, this would be just a fun batch of records, but things change.....all I can say is wait for my REAL Bowie tribute (tomorrow? we'll see!)

Next up, another 3-disc set, somewehat similar with a bit of overlap, "Glam Rock Anthology".....The
Dolls turn up here, they missed the other set somehow, classic Dolls tunes as well...the Runaways tear into "Saturday night Special", Bowie/Iggy Pop's duet on "China Girl" is memorable, we also get a wider spectrum of lesser known selections.....Hello, Robert Glass (covering "Life on Mars"), great tracks from Suede, Cherie Currie's post-Runaways take on "Cherry Bomb", Patrick Star, Geordie......I think the inclusion of some of theses acts, as well as better programming makes this the superior effort to the one above.

Last batch for tonight, from ME at least, is a mere TWO disc selection, along the same lines....."Dynamite, The Best of Glam Rock".....many of the same representative acts show up here as on the other two sets, plus stuff from Angel, Medecine Head, Cozy Powell ("Dance With the Devil"......a fine drumpiece that has (?) to do with glam rock........

Anyway, as I said I was already working on this when L'Bowie passed, so I decided to go ahead with it.....I'm torn when one of the greats passes, as Lemmy did the other day.....should I get up something to tribute them at ONCE? Or take my time and get a REALLY good one out there?

In the case of L'bowie, he was such a great that he deserves the best......I'll be working on his situation
the the enxt day or two, but PLEASE......if you have ANYTHING of interest (rare/live/demo/spoken word) NOW is the time to remember the great David Bowie and how much better he made our lives.....I know for a fact that mine is better, and I thank you David Bowie, for your greatness.

GOLDEN ERA OF GLAM ROCK VOLUME 1-01 T REX-Ride a White Swan/02 SLADE-Coz I Luv You/03 SWEET-Wig Wam Bam/04 GARY GLITTER-Rock n Roll Part 1/05 SUZI QUATRO-Can the Can/06 ALICE COOPER-I'm Eighteen/07 DAVID BOWIE-Life on Mars/08 ALVIN STARDUST-My Coo Ca Choo/09 T REX-Hot Love/10 SLADE-Look Wot You Done/11 SWEET-The Ballroom Blitz/12 GARY GLITTER-baby Please Don't Go/13 SUZI QUATRO-48 Crash/14 ALICE COOPER-Under My Wheels/15 DAVID BOWIE-Starman /16 THE OSMONDS-Crazy Horses/17 T REX-(Get It On) Bang a Gong/18 SLADE-Take Me Back 'Ome/19 SWEET-Hell Raiser/20 GARY GLITTER-I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)/21 SUZI QUATRO-Daytona Demon/22 ALICE COOPER-School's Out/23 DAVID BOWIE-Ziggy Stardust

GOLDEN AGE OF GLAM ROCK VOLUME 2-01 BLACK WOOD SUE-Standing in the Road/02 T REX-Jeepster/03 SLADE-Moma Weer All Crazee Now/04 SWEET-Blockbuster/05 GARY GLITTER-I Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock N Roll)/06 SUZI QUATRO-Devilgate Drive/07 ALICE COOPER-No More Mr Nice Guy/08 DAVID BOWIE-Suffergette City/09 CHICORY TIP-Son Of My Father/10 T  REX-Telegram Sam/11 SLADE-G'udbye to Jane/12 SWEET-Teenage Rampage/13 GARY GLITTER-Do You Wanna Touch Me/14 SUZI QUATRO-The Wild One/15 ALICE COOPER-Elected/16 DAVID BOWIE-The Jean Genie/17 ROXY MUSIC-Do the Strand/18 T REX-Metal Guru/19 SLADE-Cum On Feel the Noize/20 SWEET-The Six Teens/21 GARY GLITTER-Hello Hello I'm back Again/22 MOTT THE HOOPLE-All the Young Dudes

GOLDEN AGE OF GLAM ROCK VOLUME 3-01 WIZZARD-See My Baby Jive/02 DAVID BOWIE-Drive In Saturday/03 THE RUBETTES-Sugar baby Love/04 T REX-Children of the Revolution/05 SLADE-Skweeze Me Pleeze Me/06 SWEET-Fox on the Run/07 GARY GLITTER-I Love You love Me/08 MOTT THE HOOPLE-All the Way From memphis/09 MUD-Tiger Feet/10 DAVID BOWIE-Rebel Rebel/11 THE RUBETTES-Juke Box jive/12 T REX-Solid Gold Easy Action/13 SLADE-The bangin' Man/14 SWEET-Action/15 SPARKS-This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us/16 MOTT THE HOOPLE-Roll Away the Stone/17 T REX-20th Century Boy/18 SLADE-Far Far Away/19 SWEET-The Lies In Your Eyes/20 MOTT THE HOOPLE-The Golden Age of Rock N Roll/21 SHOWADDYWADDY-Hey Rock n Roll/22 COCKNEY REBEL -Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)

GLAM ROCK ANTHOLOGY DISC 1-01 T REX-baby Strange/02 THE GLITTER BAND-Rock n ROll Part1/03 MICK RONSON-Only After Dark/04 SWEET-Ballroom Blitz/05 HELLO-New York Grove/06 ROXY MUSIC-Virginia Plain/07 ALICE COOPER-No More Mr Nice Guy/08 MUD-Rocket/09 THE NEW YORK DOLLS-Personality Crisis/10 THE RUNAWAYS-Saturday Night Special/11 LOU REED-Walk on the Wild Side/12 IAN HUNTER W/MICK RONSON-Once Bitten Twice Shy/13 MOTT THE HOOPLE-Love Now/14 IGGY POP/DAVID BOWIE-China Girl

GLAM ROCK ANTHOLOGY DISC 2-01 SUEDE-Animal Nitrate/02 SUZI QUATRO-A Girl Like Me/03 DANA GILLESPIE-Andy Warhol/04  COCKNEY REBEL-Mr Soft/05 SHOWADDYWADDY-Trocadero/06 THE GLITTER BAND-Rock On/07 GEORDIE-All because of You/08 T REx-Children of the Revolution/09 SLADE-Cum On Let's party/10 SWEET-Little Willy/11 FOX- S-s-s-ingle Bed/12 HELLO-Tell  Him/13 NEW YORK DOLLS-Looking For a Kiss/14 ROBERT GLASS-Life on Mars

GLAM ROCK ANTHOLOGY DISC 3-01 LOU REED-Viscious/02 CHERRIE CURRIE-Cherry Bomb/03 IAN HUNTER/MICK RALPHS-Roll Away the Stone/04 MIKE RONSON-Billy Porter/05 SUEDE-Trash/06 MUD-Tiger Feet/07 T REx-Hot Love/08 SWEET-Teenage Rampage/09 THE GLITTER BAND-Just For You/10 JAMES WHILD LEA-Let Me Be Your Therapy/11 MOTT THE HOOPLE-Born Late 58/12 IGGY POP-The Passenger/13 COCKNEY REBEL-Sebastian/14 PATRICK STAR-Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

DYNAMITE DISC 1-01 COZY POWELL-Dance With the Devil/02 SWEET-Ballroom Blitz/03 GLITTER BAND-The Tears I Cried/04 ANGEL-Good Time Fanny/05 48 CRASH-Suzi Quatro/06 SLADE-Mama Weer All Crazee Now/07 T REX-I Love To Boogie/08 HELLO-Good Ol USA/09 GEORDIE-Goodbye Love/10 MUD-Dyna Mite/11 GARY GITTER-I'm the Leader of the Gang (I am)/12 SPARKS-Girl From Germany/13 STEVE HARLEY & COCNEY REBEL-Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)/14 BLACKFOOT SUE-Standing In the Road/15 BARRY BLUE-Do You Wanna Dance/16 SILK-The Kids a Punk/17 KENNY-Fancy pants/18 BAY CITY ROLLERS-Yesterdays Heroes/19 CHICORY TIP-What's Your Name/20 SHOWADDYWADDY-Rock N ROll Lady/21-MEDECINE HEAD-One and One Is One/22 DAVID BOWIE/LULU-The man Who SOld the World

DYNAMITE DISC 2-01 SLADE-Get Down Get With it/02 SUZI QUATRO-The Wild One/03
BLACKFOOT SUE-Sing Don't Speak/04 COZY POWELL-Na Na Na/05 CHRIS SPEDDING-Motorbikin'/06 GEORDIE-Don't Do That/07 MUD-The Cat Crept In/08 GARY GLITTER-Do You Wanna Touch me (Oh Yeah!)/09 JOHN KONGOS-He's Gonna Step On You Again/10 COZY POWELL-The Man In Black/11 SILK-Forever and Ever/12 SHOWADDYWADDY-Hey Rock N Roll/13 GLITTER BAND-Angle Face/14 ANGEL-Little Boy Blue/15 HEAVY METAL KIDS-She's No Angel/16 BONNIE ST CLAIRE-Clap Your Hands/17 HELLO-Tell Him/18 JOHN KONGOS-Tolehoshe Man/19 HOT CHOCOLATE-You Could've Been a lady/20 KENNY-Hot Lips/21 WIZZARD-See My baby Jive

OK, as a tribute to the late great bowie, this doesn't get it done for me........I'll find some more respectable material tomorrow to bring this thing home.......for now, though, at least relive the 1970's glam/glitter era, which was wonderful if you were there!

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