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Give 'em the Boot Part 2

Volumes 4-5-6 of "Give Em The Boot", featuring bands from Hellcat Records, once again, I will say that ALLEGEDELY there is a Volume 7, I cannot seem to locate it if it does exist. Anyway, a lot of the bands better known (Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Distillers), and lesser known (Hunns, Slackers, Tiger Army) that peppered the first three discs appear throughout these volumes as well, along with new additions, such as Westbound Train and Los Difuntos......a good set, in particular fo fans of Rancid and bands influenced by them to varying degrees. Should have something else tomorrow, don't know if another obscure punk comp or not, really no idea, so just check and we shall see.

VOLUME 4-RANCID-Killing Zone/02 THE AGGROLITES-Dirty Reggae/03 TIGER ARMY-Atomic/04 THE SLACKERS-Propoganda/05 ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS-Kiss Kiss Kill Kill/06 US ROUGHNECKS-Lost Paradise/07 F-MINUS-Caught In Between/08 THE HUNNS-Marshall Law/09 DROPKICK MURPHYS-I'm Shipping Up to Boston/10 LARS FREDERIKSEN & THE BASTARADS-1/11 BRAIN FAILURE-That's What I Know/12 CHRIS MURRAY-Let There Be Peace/13 NEKROMANTIX-Dead Bodies/14 TRNSPLANTS-Romper Stomper (Remix)/15 JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS-Junco Partner/16 ORANGE-No Rest For the Weekend/17 REZUREX-Dia De Los Muertos/18 THE UNSEEN-Wasted Time/19 DUCKY BOYS-Break Me/20 HORRORPOPS-Where they Wander/21 SOUTH CENTRAL RIOT SQUAD-SCRS/22 MERCY KILLERS-Trauma/23 12 STEP REBELS-Skinwalkers/24 THE ESCAPED-Wasted Life/25 PRESSURE POINT-Rise Up/26 WESTBOUND TRAIN-Room To Breathe

VOLUME 5-01 RANCID-Tattoo/02 DROPKICK MURPHYS-The Warrior's Code/03 TIME AGAIN-Cold Concrete/04 TIGER ARMY-Swift Silent Deadly/05 THE UNSEEN-Act the Part/06 THE SLACKERS-Crazy/07 THE SINNER-Left Alone/08 THE AGGROLITES-Funky Fire/09 HORRORPOPS-Crawl Straight Home/10 ROGER MIRET & THE DISASTERS-Another Generation/11 THE HEART ATTACK-Widowmaker/12 MERCY KILLERS-Pamint De Mort/13 WESTBOUND TRAIN-I'm No Different/14 LARS FREDRICKSON & THE BASTARDS/15 ORANGE-I'm a Cxxt/16 NEKROMANITX-Driller Killer/17 STATIC THOUGHT-Victim of Hate/18 LOS DIFUNTOS-Day and Night

-Freaks In Uniform/03 THE AGGROLITES-Reggae Hit LA/04 STATIC THOUGHT-Corruption/05 TIME AGAIN-Soon It Will Be/06 THE UNSEEN-Talking Bombs/07 WESTBOUND TRAIN-Please Forgive Me/08 THE SLACKERS-Rider/09 THE HEART ATTACKS-You Oughta Know By Now/10 OPERATION IVY-Here We Go Again/11 ORANGE-Get the Fuck Out of My Way/12 LOS DIFUNTOS-Born, Raised, Passed Away/13 TIM ARMSTRONG-Inner City Violence/14 SOCIETY'S PARASITES-Who's On Your Side?/15 NEKROMANTIX-Voodoo Shop Now/16 LEFT ALONE-City to City/17 DROPKICK MURPHYS-Citizen CIA/18 TIGER ARMY-Afterworld

Should get the links up with no problem, unless of course there is a problem.....Enjoy a weekeend filled witht he year's best sporting event, the NCAA basketball tournament.....it is odd that I am not nearly as big a fan of college hoops as I am of say, the NFL or MLB, but the NCAA hoops tourney just works so perfectly, it is thrilling television......GO BUCKEYES!

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