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Let us chat......topic: Nazi rock n other fun stuff

Hello, I've been a bit sporadic in  my posting of late, understand that while I am still working full
time with a three hour round trip commute each day ( layoff should come in 2-3 weeks, can hardly wait), my wife, son, and  I opened a Hickory Farms store at the mall for the holidays and I've been working there a bit as well (see? I truly AM a money grubbing capitalist, no arguing that I guess).  Plus, of course, it IS football season, enough said.....

However, what I wish to discuss here are some recent comments regarding "The Best of Norland" compilation which I posted recently.......I can't help myself, I would post ANYTHING that would puss people off, because, well, it's fun. Among the comments, there has been some good discussion from blog-friend jonder and another anonymous contributor, both who make their points well and in an adult manner, and some cry-baby, name-calling gibberish from a different anonymous reader........THAT, along with the " YEAH WHITE POWER BRO" comments I've gotten on previous, similar posts, are really what I love because they show how moronic some people can be.

Ok, let me play this out simply.....I agree with, basically NOTHING, in the nazi/skin philosophy......you call it "hateful", you are correct.......but to say that Rage Against the Machine, for example, ISNT ALSO "hateful" is insane.....at no time did I attempt to compare them, nor, give an opinion as to which is "worse", the fact is RATM were supporters of terrorist organization Shining Path, and released stuff like "Bullet in the head"......sounds hateful to me......I deliberately leave my personal feelings out of this stuff for the most part, but it never fails to amaze me when NO ONE complains about leftists who have equally, in my opinion, looney theories about stuff.....and I mean NEVER A WORD, and if you check, I've posted FAR more left wing stuff than Nazi stuff......not even close.

I'm trying to explain myself.....I post this stuff (ANY of it) NOT because it's good music (necessarily) or because I agree/disagree with any of it, but because: 1) it's for the most part unusual, 2) I freely admit I do love to offend/piss people off, and 3) because it's my blog and I will do anything I damn well please.....don't listen to it, if you don't want to, BUT IF YOU DONT, please don't offer up your uninformed criticism, you simply, imo, cannot evaluate an album you HAVENT HEARD......I just can't see it.

Lol, I will tell you one thing that DOES offend and annoy me....that would be organized religion.....but if someone submits some Christian rock, or maybe even some fire and brimstone gospel stuff, I will GLADLY post it, for the controversy factor, and in the hope that some clueless numerous will insist I am some type of religious fanatic or something......hey, sue me I ENJOY it when my fellow humans sound stupid.....character flaw, I guess.....hell, I once posted an album by CHARLES FUCKING MANSON and no one said shit. It's a curiosity, as are albums by artists of any (IMO, again) whacked-out political view.....

It's up to YOU to decide if the right wing stuff or the left wing stuff is "worse"......I have not and do
not, at least for the most part, reveal my political beliefs on this blog......that's not what it's here for.....BUT when some tool tells me that I "shouldn't" post Nazi-rock THAT HE HASNT EVEN LISTENED TO, it only GUARENTEEES that I will be posting more of it from time to time....I love both the intelligent discussion as well as (more, actually) the moronic, hiss fit posters who either HATE this stuff, or LOVE it, too an extreme degree.....

I am happy to post ANYTHING ANY one of you submits, satanic stuff, Christian stuff, racist stuff ( black OR white), gay stuff, ANTI gay stuff.....ANY FUCKING THING.......THATS what we are about here, NOT trumpeting MY personal beliefs.....but, to ALL.....please keep the comments coming......and PLEASE submit ANY damn thing you think would be interesting, my history clearly shows I WILL POST IT.

Now, just for fun, here is something I WAS NOT planning on posting right now, but JUST FOR Mr. Anonymous Tough Guy, who vowed that he WILL NOT stop visiting here (check his comment), here is a personal gift to YOU.....the SIX DISC "White Pride World Wide" set......yes, it's the same lame-ass punk-metal with goofball lyrics that will cause at lest a few of you to call me names and whatever......but THAT is what I want, FIGURE OUT THAT YOU ARE BEING PLAYED......REALLY you are.

DISC 1-01 NORDIC THUNDER-True Heroes/02 FREIKORPS-Schwarz Weib Rot/03 CENTURION-Hear My Cry/04 BULLY BOYS-White Pride/05 BULLY BOYS-Keep Fighting/06 BULLY BOYS-No Way Home/07 RAHOWA-White People Awake/08 KONKWISTA 88- Znaky Prawdy/09 KONKWISTA 88-Skinheads/10 KONKWISTA 88-Prawdziwe Lysle/11 ARYAN- New Storm Rising/12 SVASTIKA-Aryan Pride/13 SVASTIKA-88/14 SVASTIKA-Kick To Kill/15 SVASTIKA-Day of the Rope/16 BOUND FOR GLORY-Our Voice is Stronger

DISC 2-01 SVASTIKA-Spandau Hero/02 SVASTIKA-Alliance/03 INVOLVED PATRIOTS-Ignorant Society/04 INVOLVED PATRIOTS-Three Years of Winter/05 INVOLVED PATRIOTS-Another One Died/06 BULDOK-Lvi Srdce/07 BULDOK-Ohen A Led/08 BULDOK-Slzy Zen/09 THE VOICE-Never/10 THE VOICE-Fallen Hero/11 NO REMORS-Deutschland/12 NO REMORS-A.H./13 NO REMORS-We Fly the Swastika/14 EXCALIBER-Den Soudu/15 STORM-White Skinhead Warrior/16 STORM-Not In Vain

DISC 3-01 01 RAHOWA-The Rain Will Come Again/02 RHOWA-Final Call/03 WIETZE-Confrontation/04 STRONGHOLD-Dismembered/05 ESTRIPE IMPERIAL-Morir O Vencer/06 ESTRIPE IMPERIAL-Es Por Ti/07 NIBELUNGEN-In Our Minds/08 SQUADRON-Vote With a Bullet/09 SQUADRON-A Fine Day To Die/10 EXCALIBUR-Vlejmuz/11 EXCALIBUR-1985/12 SS TOTENKOPF-Can't Be Beaten/13 SS TOTENKOPF-My Child/14 FINAL SOLUTION-Vanguard/15 FINAL SOLUTION-Allegiance/16 ENGLISH ROSE-One Mission/17 ENGLISH ROSE-By Any Means/18-NEW MINORITY-Take Back Our Streets

DISC 4-01 BLUE EYED DEVILS-Total War/02 BLUE EYED DEVILS-On the Attack/03
VOLKSTROI-Lobeck/04 VOLKSTROI-Dem Duetschen Volk/05 PUTON SVEA-The New Dawn/06 PLUTON SVEA-Segregation/07 CELTIC WARRIOR-The White Flame/08 CELTIC WARRIOR-Survivor/09 STURMWHER-The Hammer/10 VE'RSZERZDO'S-Szent HaBoru/11 VE'RSZERZDO'S-Fuher Eggsog Forradalma/12 HEYSSEL-Be My Enemy/13 HEYSEL-I hate You/14 CENOTAPH-White Metal/15 CENOTAPH-Blood Covenant/16 CENOTAPH-Circle of Traitors/17 STONEHAMMER-Little Red Lies/18 STONEHAMMER-I See My Race

DISC 5-01 FORTRESS-Magnum Maid/02 FORTRESS-Our War/03 JOCKE KARRLSON-Violence/04 JOCKE KARRLSON-Ursinnig Vrede/05 KONKWISTA 88-We've Got the Power/06 KONKWISTA 88-No Way No Excuse/07 MIGHT OF RAGE-Temptation/08 MIGHT OF RAGE-Last Hour/09 HEYSEL-Hate Core/10 HEYSEL-Defiance/11 YOUNGLAND-The Pride of America/12 YOUNGLAND-I Think It's Time/13 VINLAND WARRIORS-My Hammer/14 VINLAND WARRIORS-Berserker/15 SAGA-Our Pride Is Our Loyalty/16 SAGA-Justice

DISC 6-01 SAGA-Arise/02 SAGA-Kinsland/03 RAVENOUS-Be the Same/04 RAVENOUS-Stand Up/05 RAVENOUS-We're Not Gonna Take It/06 JOCKE KARLSON-Nightriders/07 KOLOVRAT-Third Way/08 KOLOVRAT-Holy Fight/09 BRIGADE M-Oorlog In Nederland/10 BRIGADE M-Media-Maffia/11 INJUSTICE SIDE-Rudolf Hess/12 INJUSTICE SIDE-SSF/13 RACE RIOT-Payback/14 RACE RIOT-Adrenalin

Now, THAT oughta bring ought the nutjobs from EITHER side of the ailse......a veritable "Nuggets" of hateful racist rock n roll.......and, before anyone accuses me of "enriching" these douches by "purchasing" thier music, please......do you really think I have "purchased", say, more than about 10% of my stash?......I DOWNLOADED it for free, they didn't make a nickle. You are under NO obligation to listne to this, obviously.......but understand that I have every right to post it, and I do so AS A STATEMENT OF FREE SPEECH, as well as to annoy/aggrevate the segment that will take it THAT way, and, as I've said, I REALLY enjoy upsetting such whack-jobs, AS WELL AS inulting any nitwit who lavishes this with the "Yeah Maaan Waytogo" comments as well.......honestly, I swear to you, the GREATEST feeling is when someone REALLY (and I mean REALLY) UNDERSTANDS what I am really trying to do with these......if you don't, you don't, but if you cannot discuss it anymore maturely than to call me names, you are every BIT as ignorant as these performers here......have a look in the mirror......

"Anonymous Internet Tough Guy", this one is JUST FOR YOU.......I'm sure the many, many racist bands here appreciate YOUR efforts in getting thier work exposed......why not submit your email address so they can PERSONALLY thank you?

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