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USA Garage Greats 1965-67 Part 20

Well, happy Monday, and we reach the 100 disc plateau today....I know that some of ya haven't been able to get all 100 of em yet, but we WILL take care of ya after I get the whole series posted....this is, of course, the greatest compliation series ever, around 145 discs, created by the men of Twilight Zone, Ryp and Gyro, about 4 or 5 years ago. Please visit Twilight Zone (http://twilightzone-rideyourpony.blogspot.com/) and thank them for their tremendous contribution to our culture....artwork is available for all volumes, go to PART 2 of the series, check under "comments" and there are download links for them, you need to do it yourself.

The first disc today features bands whose names begin with "U", I know we've already had "Z", "Y", "W", can't remember right off the bat if any others, but sure is incredible...I wonder why smack in the middle of the "U" volume is a single track by The Spirits, but I'm sure there must be a reason, and it is very unimportant anyway....I always really hated the track that disc is "named for", the often comped "You Ain't Tough" by the Uniques, but obviously I'm not gonna like em ALL......always really DID love the lead off track, the Underdogs "Loves Gone Bad", (also fairly frequently comped), so things do tend to even out

YOU AINT TOUGH-01 THE UNDERDOGS-Love's Gone Bad/02 THE UNDERDOGS-Mo Jo Hanna/03 THE UNDERDOGS-Surprise Surprise/04 THE UNDERDOGS-Down on Your Knees/05 THE UNDERDOGS-The Man In the Glass/06 THE UNDERDOGS-Judy be Mine/07 THE UNDERGROUND BALLOON CORPS-(Heart) Made of Stone/08 THE UNDERGROUND BALLOON CORPS-Grass Is Greener/09 THE UNDERPRIVLEGED-You Hurt Me/10 THE UNDERPRIVLEGED-Come On/11 THE UNDERTAKERS-Roselyn/12 THE SPIRITS-Double Shot "Live at the Funny Farm"/13 THE UNDERTAKERS-Searching/14 THE UNDERTAKERS-The Reason Why/15 THE UNDERTAKERS-Unchain My Heart/16 THE UNDERTAKERS-It's My Time/17 THE UNDESYDED-Freedom of Love/18 THE UNDESYDED-Baby I Need You/19 THE UNION JACKS-I Gotta Go/20 THE UNION JACKS-No One But You/21 THE UNIQUES-Bolivar J/22 THE UNIQUES-Ladys Man/23 THE UNIQUES-My Babe/24 THE UNIQUES-Run & Hide/25 THE UNIQUES-Good Bye So Long/26 THE UNIQUES-You Aint Tough/27 THE UNIQUES-Strange/28 THE UNITED NOTIONS-Wait Until Tomorrow/29 THE UNITED NOTIONS-Someday Baby/30 THE UNIVERSAL SET-Memphis Express/31 THE UNIVERSAL SET-Ballad For Linda

YOU'RE MEAN TO ME-01 DESTINYS CHILDREN-Collectors/02 DESTINYS CHILDREN-For Me/03 THE FOURGATHERING-You're Mean to Me/04 THE PLAGUE-I've Been Through It Before/05 THE PLAGUE-Tears From My Eyes/06 THE TOMBSTONES-I Want You/07 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-You'll Never Be My Girl/08 THURSDAYS CHILDREN-Try Girl/09 THE BEAU HAVENS-Elizabeth/10 THE BEAU HAVENS-Feel So Good/11 THE FOURGATHERING-Betty And Dupree/12 THE RIOTS-You're My Baby/13 THE RIOTS-I Can Go On/14 THE EMOTIONS-I Just Do/15 THE EMOTIONS-Every Man/16 MIKE & THE DIMENSIONS-Why/17 THE SANDS-Little Things/18 THE SHADOWS-If You Love Me/19 THE SINNERS-Only On a Rainy Day/20 THE TODES-Good Things/21 THE WAVE RIDERS-Aint It a Shame/22 THE COBBLESTONES-Flower Pwer/23 THE COBBLESTONES-Down With It/24 THE TRE-MENDEZ-Wild Free and Twenty Three/25 THE ALIMINATORS-Let Down/26 THE RUNABOUTS-I Need Time/27 THE RUNABOUTS-The Chase/28 THE MISSING LINKS-They Say You Lie/29 THE CARETAKERS-Hidden Steps/30 THE SQUIRES-Going All the Way/31 TH SQUIRES-Go Ahead

I'M NOT TALKIN'-01 THE THINGS TO COME-I'm Not Talkin'/02 THE THINGS TO COME-Till the End/03 THE WORDS-Run Away Love/04 THE WORDS-What is the Reason/05 THE DEVILLES-You've Made Up Your Mind/06 THE STAINED GLASS-A Scene In Between/07 THE STAINED GLASS-Mediocre Me/08 THE WORLD COLUMN-Lantern Gospel/09 THE WORLD COLUMN-Midnight Thoughts/10 PF SLOAN-From a Distance/11 PF SLOAN-Patterns Seg. 4/12 PF SLOAN-This Morning/13 PF SOLAN-Sins of the Family/14 THE WORLD OF MILAN-One Track mind/15 THE WORLD OF MILAN-Shades of Blue/16 MOUSE-Would You Beleive/17 MOUSE-Like I Know You Do/18 JOEY DAY-The Chase/19 TOBY BEN BLUES BAND-Married Woman/20 TOBY BEND BLUES BAND-I Don't Want You/21 THE US STAMPS-Go And Dry Your Tears/22 THE US STAMPS-Come On/23 THE WYLDE HEARD-Stop it Girl/24 THE WYLDE HEARD-Take It On Home/25 THE WYNGATE-See Whats Right/26 THE WYNGATE-Persian Night Flight/27 THE WORRYIN KIND-Wild About You/28 THE WRENCH-The Day Is Hard/29 RICK DURHAM & THE DYNAMICS-I Got My Eyes On You/30 RICK DURHAM & THE DYNAMICS-Black and Blue/31 THE WRONG NUMBERS-I'm Gonna Go Now/32 THE WORDS OF LUV-I'd Have To Be Outta My Mind

LIVING ON BORROWED TIME-01 THE ORIGINAL SURFERS-Shes My Baby/02 THE HERE & AFTER-Talk Talk/03 THE HERE & AFTER-Hey Joe/04 GEORGE WALLACE JR-Think/05 THE BLUE SOULS-Grey Over Blue/06 THE 8TH WONDERS OF THE WORLD-You You Yeah/07 THE FIVE FLYS-Livin For Love/08 GARY & THE NIGHT LITES-I Don't Need Your Help/09 THE BONNE VILLES-Tell Me/10 THE BONNE VILLES-Naughty Girl/11 THE SECOND GENERATION-Baby i Need You/12 THE CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Chocolate Moose Theme/13 THE CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Take a Ride/14 THE ELECTRIC PRISM-Time Change/15 THE BENDS-If It's All the Same To You/16 HALF PINT & THE FIFTHS-Orphan Boy/17 HALF PINT & THE FIFTHS-Living On Borrowed Time/18 THE ORGANISED CONFUSION-Tell Me Why/19 THE ELEMENTS-Lonely Town/20 THE POOR SOULS-Honey Tell Me/21 THE POOR SOULS-You'll Be the One To Suffer/22 THE PAINTED FACES-I Want You/23 THE WILD-Sit Down/24 THE WILD-Monkees/25 DAVE & THE STONE HEADS-I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better/26 DAVE & THE STONE HEADS-Slow Down/27 BC & THE CAVEMEN-As Long As I'm Around/28 BC & THE CAVEMEN-Come On/29 THE NEWPORTS-Life Must Go On/30 THE 5 WILLIAMSON BROTHERS-I've Got a Bead On You Baby/31 THE EXCELS-It Isnt So/32 GARY & THE COUNTS-Just the Way It Used to Be

THERES A FLOWER SHOP-01 THE PARADOX-There's a Flower Shop/02 THE PARADOX-With Someone To Love/03 THE C-MINORS-Don't Go/04 THE APOLLOS-Room 4/05 JAY DEE & THE CHASERS-I Do/06 JAY DEE & THE CHASERS-Gloria/07 THE SWAYDES-Anymore/08 THE SWAYDES-Why/09 THE SQUIRES-I Don't Care/10 THE SQUIRES-The Batmobile/11 THE SHADOWS-That Old Familiar Song/12 THE SHADOWS-Pause/13 THE RAVIN BLUES-Hold On/14 THE RAVIN BLUES-You're No Good/15 OUR GANG-Careless Love/16 OUR GANG-Heartbeat/17 THE FE FI FOUR PLUS TWO-Double Crossin Girl/18 THE FE FI FOUR PLUS TWO-I Wanna Come Back (From the World of LSD)/19 THE FONOGRAF FOUR-Unknown/20 THE FONOGRAF FOUR-You're Not Foolin Me/21 THE CIRCUS-Bad Seed/22 THE CIRCUS-Bur Witch Burn/23 THE BARDS-Alibis/24 THE BARDS-Thanks a Lot Baby/25 THE GRAPES OF WRATH-Cause It Was Her/26 THE GRAPES OF WRATH-For Every Year/27 THE EXPRESSIONS-One More Night/28 THE EXPRESSIONS-Return To Innocence/29 THE STRAWBERRY SOCIAL-The Sunday Before My Life/30 THE STRAWBERRY SOCIAL-Love Minus Zero/No Limit/31 THE FUGITIVES-Don't Pretend/32 THE FUGITIVES-We Gotta Run/33 THE SUPER-CHICKS-Something Else

Between you and I, I am getting tired of these.....I'll be happy to get some hard core punk or some brain bending stoner stuff up there....After this, I think I will have had enough garage-rock greats for QUITE some time~!

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