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Who's up for some Clash bootlegs?

As we continue with Lewdd's enormous submission of Clash concerts, we are still in 1977 (where were
YOU? myself I was a 15-year old stoner/punk rocker at Springfield (Ohio) South High School).....I may not have pointed it out for a while, so I will here....Lewdd saves these shows for archival/historical value, thusly, the sound quality of them individually is anything but guaranteed.....I haven't listened to them myself, there are only so many hours in the day. So, some of them MIGHT suck, but where, in the history of blogdom, could you ever find such a comprehensive look at one of the all-time great bands, The Clash, and their fantstic live shows? Right. Nowhere. So, I'm going to keep putting these up until we reach the end, and THEN we will get to Lewdd's extensive collections of Misfits, Pistols (I likely will filter that one as I have posted so many Pistols boots before, we'll see), Damned, and The Jam......he's a great contributor, and I hope you appreciate the rarity of some of these shows, no matter what they end up sounding like.

GLASGOW 10/25/77-01 Complete Control/02 1977/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 I'm So Bored With the USA/05 Clash City Rockers/06 White Man in Hammersmith Palais/07 Protex Blue/08 City of the Dead/09 Cheat/10 The Prisoner/11 Capital Radio/12 Police and Thieves/13 Career Opportunities/14 Janie Jones/15 Garageland/16 London's Burning/17 White Riot/18 What's My Name/19 1977

EDINBURGH 10/26/77-01 Tuning/02 London's Burning/03 Complete Control/04 1977/05 Jail Guitar Doors/06 Remote Control/07 Capital Radio/08 Hate and War/09 Police and Thieves/10 The Prisoner/11 Clash City Rockers/12 I'm So Bored With the USA/13 Career Opportunities/14 Janie Jones/15 Garageland/16 What's My Name/17 White Riot

LEEDS 10/27/77-01 London's Burning/02 Complete Control/03 1977/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Clash City Rockers/06 Capital Radio/07 Hate and War/08 Police and Thieves/09 The Prisoner/10 I'm So Bored With the USA/11 Career Opportunities/12 Janie Jones/13 Garageland/14 What's My Name/15 White Riot

MANCHESTER 10/29/77-(20 Tracks, unlabeled, please, the first person that downloads this submit a track listing, you will be helping us all tremendously, thanks!)

SHEFFIELD-11/01/77-01 Complete Control/02 London's Burning/03 1977/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Clash
City Rockers/06 Capital Radio/07 Protex Blue/08 Police and Thieves

Still quite a bit more live Clash still to come, many thanks to Lewdd for this treasure chest!

Garage Fuzz Part 11

I'm glad these have been so popular, and they truly have been......as I've said before, I forget how I
packaged this collection the first time I posted it, but I guess it was the wrong way (probably too large chunks for general consumption), but this time it has been off the dial popular, being packaged by letter.....it does make a difference I suppose......Today I give you around 20 or so tracks from the letter "K", a couple of these bands (unusual to this set) have been featured here before, Kaleidoscope, whose four albums i posted a LONG time ago (any interest in a re-post? it has been quite a long time) and Kenny & the Kasuals,("Journey to Tyme", one of the very best tunes of the scene) whom I profiled no too long ago (I would look except that I don't care).....anyway, these are hidden among the usual WAAAAY out-there unknowns, which are generally the highlights when it comes to this particular scene.....enjoy letter "K".....wow, man, some fab letters like "L", "M", and "N" will be up next........try to contain yourself.

PART 11-01 KALEIDOSCOPE- A New Man/02 KALEIDOSCOPE- Colours/03 KAMA DEL SUTRA-She Taught Me L:ove/04 KATCH 22-Major Catastrophe/05 KATZ KRADLE-Bad Case of You/06 KEN & THE FOURTH DIMENSION-See If I Care/07 KENNY & THE KASUALS-Journey to Tyme/08 KING'S COURT-Don't Put Me On/09 KIRKBYS-It's a CRIME/10 KIT & THE OUTLAWS-Don't Tread On Me/11 KITCHEN CINQ-Determination/12  KITCHEN CINQ-Please Come Back to Me/13 KNACKS-The Theme of the Day/14 KNIGHTS BRIDGE-Make Me Some Love/15 KNIGHTS BRIDGE QUINTET-Sorrow In C Major/16 KNIGHTS OF THE ROAD-The Color of Dream/17 KYKS-Where Are You/18 KYND-Mr America

Please continue to enjoy this series, I'm glad it has been well-received this time as opposed to previously!

Jungle Nausea

Well, I've been working on the blog long enough that I can download a few more John N files, and golly-gee the winner is YOU!!  Here's something he submitted that sounded interesting, I have not even carpet bombed this one, but what the hell, it sounds like the kind of thing I like to post (1982).....attaching the write up that came with it, likely more descriptive than anything I could write anyway.......let me know what ya think, I won't hear this one until probably tomorrow.

Jungle Nausea formed at the dawn of the 80s when some members of SMEGMA recruited other Portland new-music enthusiasts (including poster artist Mike King) for a project that would combine punk, new wave, American roots music, and a sense of humor. They weren't much like the other local bands of the era, but that wasn't what they were going for. Instead they found their own twisted path, playing the heck out of their mix of conventional and homemade instruments and getting unintended sounds out of their rhythm machine. The live shows were few, but incredibly memorable. This release combines their 1982 EP in its entirety, and a whole side of unreleased live and studio tracks. All tracks engineered by the legendary Mike Lastra of SMEGMA.

JUNGLE NAUSEA-01 Alternative/02 Uniform/03 Eat/04 What You Know/05 Turn Off/06 Slave Boat to Hell/07 Sympathy/08 Job Club/09 Air Conditioner from Hell

New Release From the Brian Jonestown Massacre

The ever hard-working and diligent John N generously sends us the new release from The Brian Jonestown Massacre.....entitled "Third World Pyramid", I certainly won't lie to you.....I haven't heard this one yet either.....I've always enjoyed this band (see archive if the older albums are still available), I'll likely get to this one tonight or tomorrow morning (you think this shit is EASY?....well, it KIND OF is, but you do have to listen to a hell of a lot of albums.....can't remember what my complaint was, sorry)......we can discuss this album later, if it's either great or it sucks hardcore, but for now, let us all simply be grateful that John N (and the rest of our fabulous guest submitters) are out there, providing us with the best in both new AND old rock n roll..........I know I personally am eternally thankful, I hope you folks are as well!

THIRD WORLD PYRAMID-01 Good Mourning/02 Government Beard/03 Don't Get Lost/04 Assignment Song/05 Oh Bother/06 Third World Pyramid/07 Like Describing Colors to a Blind Man on Acid/08 Lunar Surf Graveyard/09 The Sun Ship

ESP Ohio

Filling the leadoff spot today as capably as an in-his-prime Rickey Henderson  (American baseball reference for those in the non-baseball world) is the ever-reliable John N, starting our blogging day out with some new indy rock from the great land of Ohio, aptly named ESP Ohio......a side-project for Guided By Voices Doug Gillard and with Robert Pollard, entitled "Starting Point of the Royal Cyclopean".

Pretty decent release, ironically I have never been a really huge fan of Guided By Voices even though they are from my own sort-of backyard (the Dayton Ohio area, where I have spent my life for better or worse), don't get me wrong, I don't really dislike them or anything, just kind of a very neutral reading on them.....this is fairly GBV-ish, the singles "Royal Cyclopean" (pretty good) and "Lithuanian Bombshells" (quite good) are worth a listen, and really, the whole album deserves a spin.......thanks to John N for remembering my fellow Buckeyes!

STARTING POINT OF THE ROYAL CYCLOPEAN-01 A Much Needed Shot in the Arm/02 The Great One/03 Tom Tom Small and Wonderful/04 Miss Hospital '93/05 Bird Man of the Cloth/06 Intercourse Fashion/07 You The Earthman/08 Flowers and Magazines/09 Royal Cyclopean/10 Weakened By a Logical Mind/11 Girls' House/12 The Violent Side/13 The Ticket Who Rallied/14 Sleeping Through the Noise/15 Lithuanian Bombshells/16 Grand Beach Finale

By request Smashing Pumpkins (Part 1)

Someone commented yesterday that they wanted some Smashing Pumpkins put up, and I have a ton, I'm
going to give you a two day sample which will be the mere tip of the iceberg of what I have. I have posted a lot of this stuff before, not sure exactly how I did it then, but I think that this time I will give you the quite remarkable 5-disc rarities set "Mashed Potatoes", and tomorrow some demos and boots and all that good stuff......The Pumpkins were a band that when they were bad they are AWFUL, they performed one of the VERY WORST live sets I have ever seen anyone do (Dayton Ohio 2000), and on record they COULD BE just as bad......but when they were on, they were perfectly amazing, as they also played one of the most smoking sets I have seen, as well, (Dayton Ohio ca. 1995 or 96).

I am going to avoid the "official" studio albums, if enough of ya are lacking a copy of "Gish" or whatever let me know an I'll put them up, but this seems to me like the kind of band whose fans are certainly going to own at least the obvious material.......let us just stick with the rarities, as there is some fine stuff in this stack.....

If anyone has a specific Pumpkins request, say a certain demo package or a particular live show, let me know and I'll see if I have it (I have a LOT), otherwise I'll just select some stuff for ya....for today here is "Mashed Potatoes" which is a glorious mish mash of all kinds of things, and is really, for what it is, a wonderful collection.

DISC 1-01 Happy Fucking Valentines/02 Tristessa (Live '92)/03 There It Goes (Demo '88)/04 With You (Demo '88)/05 Jesus Loves His Babies (Outtake '91)/06 Stray Cat Blues (Live '90)/07 Snail (Radio '91)/08 Bob Speaks/09 Window Pain (Live '90)/10 Wave Song (Live '90)/11 Blue (Acoustic '91)/12 Lie I Lie (Live '89)/13 My Eternity (Radio '88)/14 Jesus Is the Sun/15 Sookie Sookie (Live '90)

DISC 2-01 Slunk (Live '92)/02 Rocket (Live '93)/03 Under Your Spell (Demo '88)/04 Honeyspider (Live '90)/05 STP (Demo '91)/06 Snap (Demo "91)/07 Rhinocerous (Live '93)/08 Let's Meet the Band/09 Bleed (Live '88)/10 Opal-Worship (Live '90)/11 Drown (Live '92)/12 Fat Man Blues (Live '89)/13 Try to Try (Live '90)/14 Venus In Furs (Radio '88)/15 WNUR Interview (Radio '88)

DISC 3-01 And From the West Side.../02 Girl Named Sandoz (Live '92)/03 365 (Live '90)/04 Spaceboy (Outtake '93)/05 The Joker (Live '92)/06 Suffer (Live '92)/07 Coming Attractions/08 Egg (Demo '89)/09 Bury Me (Live '92)/10 Moleasskiss (Demo '92)/11 I Am My End (Live '90)/12 My Dahlia (Demo '88)/13 Vanilla (Demo '89)/14 East (Demo "88)/15 Kill Your Parents/16 Terrapin (Live '91)/17 Cinder (Live '91)/18 Luna (Acoustic '91)

DISC 4-01 Interview Nozems-a-Go-Go/02 Morning Jam (Live '90)/03 I'm Free (Live '90)/04 Jennifer Ever (Demo '88)/05 Plume (Live '92)/06 Disarm (Live '93)/07 Siva (Live '93)/08 Translucent (Demo '90)/09 Not Worth Asking (Live '90)/10 Over You (Live '90)/11 Where's Vince (Outtake '93)/12 Smiley (Acoustic '91)/13 Geek USA (Live '93)/14 Crush (Live '92)/15 C'mon (Live '90)

DISC 5-01 Hello Kitty Kat (demo '92)/02 Nothing and Everything (Demo '99)/03 Mayonaise (Outtake '93)/04 Out of Focus (Live '92)/05 Offer Up (Live '92)/06 Silverfuck (Live '92)/07 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Live '93)/08 Stars Fall In (Demo '89)/09 Godzilla (Live '90)/10 Bye June (Live '92)/11 Spite Free (Demo '88)/12 Daydream (Demo '89)/13 I'll Never Change (Live '90)/14 Infinite Sadness (Outtake '95)

OK, hope the dude that requested this is happy......got some concerts and demos that I'll put up here tomorrow (or Saturday).......Smashing Pumpkins were one of my very fave 1990's bands, in a lot of ways they reminded me of an earlier Chicago hard-rocking outfit, Cheap Trick......how do you feel abaout THAT comparison? They both rocked it hard AND poppish/commercially, and both were assemebeld  keeping maximum visual impact in mind.......I don't know, just seemed like to me that they were somewhat similar when we look at their careers as a whole, maybe not, I love both bands though......check here tomorrow or Saturday for some more great Smashing Pumpkins rarities, it's my pleasure!.

The Queen Annes

A fab John N submittal, some mod/power pop from the great Queen Annes. from the wonderous Northwest........gonna once again take the easy route and include the attached write up, as it says everything better than I personally could, but you'll want to trust me on this one, this is a good album/band......read up and then listen, this is a wonderful album that we all need to hear/own!

From the late 70’s right through to the mid 90’s, some of the greatest bands in power pop history were from Seattle. Bands such as Exploding Hearts, Super Deluxe, Sparkler and the greatest Seattle power pop band of all time, The Heats.

Not to be overlooked in the power pop craze at the time, Mod Pop counterparts The Queen Annes released a cassette in the early 80’s entitled Something Quick. I recall really enjoying their sound, one that had all the drive and unbridled energy of The Who. The way I understand it, they tried to follow up on the release in 1997 with a full length LP entitled Revenge. However, like so many worthwhile recordings of that time, the project was shelved.

Until Now.

Thanks to the folks at Green Monkey Records, Revenge has been unveiled in all its splendor… but re-titled as Released!. With Released!, The Queen Annes offer up a variety of styles and influences that prove to be broader in scope and so much more entertaining than their earliest work. It’s a shame that it didn’t find it’s way to the marketplace back in ’97.
The Who influence is still there of course, as on “Circus Train”, the opening track. This song has jangle to spare and the horns in the beginning are a nice touch. “She Swims Sideways” is an interesting psych-pop number and sounds almost as if it could be a Jeff Kelly composition. “What’s It All About” is another favorite and has the lyrical feel and DIY treatment of a good dBssong.
Other highlights include “It’s Not My Life” with its sideways Motown feel and well placed horns, “Kiss Me I’m Dead” (another psych-pop song that reminds me of The Green Pajamas a little bit – just a little bit). There’s a couple of great cover tunes too. The Bee Gees’ “Harry Braff” and the Brian Wilson composition “This Whole World” are great covers, the latter showing us that these guys could have been a really good harmony group if they had wanted to.
Finally, “Lady of the Waves” is a very pleasant acoustic track that offers another new texture to a very diverse, engaging record.
Whether you remember The Queen Annes or not, Released! should not be missed. Get your copy of Released! directly from Green Monkey Records or at Kool Kat Musik. And, if the history of Northwest rock interests you, pick up this one, also from Green Monkey Records.

“Their 60’s-inspired music consists of a winning combination of jangle-pop, power pop, guitar-heavy mod stuff and neo-psycheldelia, … This is the kind of catchy, hook-filled pop that is bound grow on one” Jeff Bale – Ugly Things

Electric Fuzz

Took this off another blog, again, if you want to know which one, email me and I'll tell you, I just don't want to give unwanted "publicity" ...this is pretty cool, a three disc live set from Norfolk VA psychedelic jam band Electric Fuzz.......I listened and thought it was worthy of inclusion here.....see what you think, I enjoyed it myself.

Below is all the info you need, as well as the track lists if you are interested.....somewhat Grateful Dead/Phish influenced semi-psych jams, worth a listen. We preach VARIETY round here, and I'm always on the look for different sounds to share with the world......I thought this one was pretty good, you can see what you think!
The Electric Fuzz Band
2014-05-16 The Taphouse
Norfolk, VA
FM Broadcast

The Electric Fuzz Band 
 Jay Morgan - Guitar, vocals
 Ryan Russell - Guitar, vocals  
 Derek Givans - Drums, vocals
 Cory Potrafka - Bass, vocals

01. GettinBETTER
02. Searching For Sunshine
03. Fried Neckbones
04. Jingo
05. Blue Hats Little Sister
06. Iron Maiden tease
07. Neighborhood Dispute
08. Sister Sunday
09. Fire On The Mountain
10. Pain and Tears

01. Tienas Llerba Buena
02. Muy Gordo
03. Machine Gun
04.GET Out Of Norfolk
05. 20th and DeBree
06. Wanna Take You Higher
07. Tripsong

08. Super Slick Butt Kck Mix
09. Revolution Revelation

01. Southbound
02. Grinning In Your Face
03. Franklin's Tower
04. Olde Crowe
05. VoodooCHILD

The Jim Carroll Band

An old favorite of mine, I loved the "Catholic Boy" LP when it was released....today it sounds horribly dated,
one of the worst-aging albums in rock history, but that is the way it goes sometimes.....not that we care, Carroll was a fine singer/writer, was profiled in the movie "The Basketball Diaries" (In which he was played by Leonard DiCapprio), (you may also wish to look into his writing)....anyway, I STILL love "Catholic Boy" (1980), there are some incredible songs on there (notably "It's Too Late", "Wicked Gravity", "Crow", "City Drops Into the Night", and more)....dragging the album down a bit is the best known song, "People Who Died" which has NOT aged well, not at all, it's almost (sadly) comical to listen to the details of the deaths of Carroll's childhood pals, BUT, ignore that and you hear some fine Stones-ish rock, it really IS a fab album, although it is almost the definition of a "period piece".......

He had only one good album in him, and "Catholic Boy" was it......I happen to have his two other studio releases, "Dry Dreams" and "Pools of Mercury"........in two words, THEY SUCK.....BUT, I'm sharing them just because.....well, they ARE sort of rare (and for decent reason!)

OK, MUCH better than that are these two fab live boots, one from Boston (1980) and one from New York (1981)......these are really pretty great, drawing on a lot of "Catholic Boy" material, using some alternate lyrics for "It's Too Late (an actual reference to Reverend Sun Myung Moon!), a fab cover of "Sweet Jane" (in which he changes the lyric from "Riding in a Stutz Bearcat Jim" to "Riding in a Stutz Bearcat Lou", quite a cool small tribute if you ask me)....I wouldnt steer ya wrong....these boots are GREAT.....the other studio LP's? Well, procede with caution, you'll see if you venture there.......

OK, love me some Jim Carroll Band, they were a fave of mine ca. 1980......only one good album, but he made his mark, a couple of good books, a good movie made about his life, and, of course, "Catholic Boy"......hope ya like these, it's been YEARS since I've put them up, if you dig up on these congratulations, you are truly a leftover from the late 1970's, just like, well, me.......live with it or revel in it, it's life one way or the other.......

BTW if anyone has any other Carroll boots, that would be fantastic if you could share them!

CATHOLIC BOY-01 Wicked Gravity/02 Three Sisters/03 Day and Night/04 Nothing Is True/05 People Who Died/06 City Drops Into the Night/07 Crow/08 It's Too Late/09 I Want the Angel/10 Catholic Boy

DRY DREAMS-01 Work Not Play/02 Dry Dreams/03 Them/04 Jealous Twin/05 Lorraine/06 Jody/07 Barricades/08 Evangaline/09 Rooms/10 Still Life

POOLS OF MERCURY-01 Train Surfing/02 Falling Down Laughing/03 Zeno's Law of High-Heeled Shoes/04 Desert Town/05 It Goes/06 My Ruins/07 Pools of Mercury/08 Things That Fly/09 I Am Not Kurt Schwitters/10 Hairshirt Fracture/11 Female as Thunder/12 Cinco de Mayo-Message Left on a Phone Machine/13 The Beast Within/14 8 Fragments for Kurt Cobain

12/1/80 BOSTON-01 Intro-Wicked Gravity/02 Three Sisters/03 City Drops Into the Night/04 Catholic Boy/05 It's Too Late/06 Voices/07 Crow/08 Lorraine/09 Nothing Is True/10 People Who Died/11 Dialogue/12 Sweet Jane

LONG ISLAND NY 12/27/81-01 Wicked Gravity/02 It's Too Late/03 Catholic Boy/04 Nothing Is True/05 Day and Night/06 I Want the Angel/07 People Who Died

Jim Carroll.....long gone, long forgotten......"Catholic Boy" is a great early 1980's remnant, is a semi-classic,
and the boots are totally fab as well......the other studio LP's? Well, at the very least, they are kind of hard to find......please check some of this if unfamiliar, and by all means check the movie "The Basketball Diaries", it's tremendous IMO and gives us as good a picture of Carroll as we are likely ever to get.

Again.....ANYONE have any other Carroll material? It's hard to find shit.....would be tremendous if someone out there had another boot, some more studio shit, or, really ANYTHING !

Good Jim Carroll Band follow-ups

Yesterday's Jim Carroll brought us some excellent follow-up material, thanks to all who stepped up and
submitted......all of these were posted in the comments section of yesterday's post, and seems like a good time to remind everyone, the comments section is fine, usually I will catch them there, but if you wish to share something, if it's not extra work for you, it is better to email your submission to me at csgmiller@sbcglobal.net as I will be CERTAIN to see it then and give it the attention it deserves.....but if it's easier to put them in "comments", no problem, I'm happy to take them any way I can get them.

First of all, from Thomas Jefferson (that's what it says) is another concert bootleg, this one from Uncle Sam's, Nantasket Beach, MA, 6/20/82. Here is the complete set-list:

1. Interview
2. It’s Too Late
3. Wicked Gravity
4. Them
5. Jody
6. Reason to Believe
7. Lorraine
8. City Drops Into the Night
9. Barricades
10. People Who Died
11. Interview


A good bit of post-"Catholic Boy' stuff here, as this boot is a bit more recent than those that I put up. Haven't heard it yet, but the "rarity" factor alone here is enough to make this fairly desireable.

Next up, an Anonymous contributor gives us a pair of gems, the first being Carroll reading from his classic "Basketball Diaries" :       http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/R3IUhJBg/file.html  

And, the same reader also gives us an album with which I am unfamiliar, "Praying Mantis", which he refer to as a "spoken word, poetry recital stuff"......sounds way cool to me, especially as a rarity/historical document.....     http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/72gh9YlW/file.html

And, finally, (for now, I hope there may be more to come) our old friend Petty Vendetta (please visit his blog of the same name, ( http://pettyvendetta.com/blog/, stuff there that you may love) ).....he has sent us some cool shares from time to time as a long timer on the blogging scene, and today he gives us a pair of good ones, first, another spoken word effort, "Jim Carroll Readings at Naropa" (never heard it, Petty Vendetta adds the "highly recommended" tag to this one, act accordingly....in addition, in reference to the two submissions from Anonymous (above), PV also suggests we "get these while you can", not sure why but I'm sure he has his reasons so I would follow his advice)......he also sends what I think is a different reading of "The Basketball Diaries" than the one above (not really certain if they are different but I'll post both to be certain)....

Be rightback, gonna go check as to whether I have a copy of the book on my computer (I don't think so)
No, didn't have one, sorry, try that place where they lend out the books, uhhhh the Lie-Berry or something like that.......seriously I will look around, I'm sure either myself or someone out there in blog land will have/find a PDF or some other format, because it really is fantastic reading, at least I think so. 

SPOKEN-     http://pettyvendetta.com/jim-carroll-readings-at-naropa/

BASKETBALL-  http://pettyvendetta.com/jim-carroll-reads-basketball-diaries/

OK, a spate of Carroll stuff today, I bet you there is some more of it out there, you know where to send it if you have it.....by all means I'd be sure and read the book, listen to the spoken stuff (I've not heard it, excited to), of course listen to the boot, and I'll add one more thing.....unsure if Netflix has it or not, or RedBox or whatever, but the movie "The Basketball Diaries" is quite phenominal as well with Leonard DiCapprio taking on the roll of Carroll and also, just a damned fine and entertaining film in my opinion.

Without looking it up, Carroll passed away in about 2008 or 2009........I really loved "Catholic Boy" back in 1980, it was an important album to me........I'm glad that he is remembered by so many, as so many have material of his they wish to share........and we'll always welcome more, anymore concert boots will of course be appreciated, and, especially, a print version of "The Basketball Diaries" (as well as his other effort, I think it was called "Living at the Movies" but don't quote me on that).....

Thanks to everyone who contributed......contributions, and I ALWAYS say this, are the life blood of this particular blog, 100%.......if not for outside contributions this site would be NOTHING.

Highly Suspect

(scott) Time for a newer release, a John N submission, this from the current year, Highly Suspect's "The Boy
Who Died Wolf".......the attached write-up talks about them appearing at the Grammys, which I have watched perhaps once in my life, so THAT does me no good, but upon carpet bombing, it's pretty good, grungey,  garagey-roots rock n roll, and never anything wrong with that one. I'm gonna have to give this one a more thorough listen, meantime, here is the info, the link, and all that good stuff.

When the Brooklyn trio Highly Suspect played the Grammys in February, it had a lot of viewers scratching their heads. The band's performance of "Lydia," the lead single from 2015's Mister Asylum, wasn't particularly innovative or exciting; apart from an exhilaratingly abrasive squall of noise from singer-guitarist Johnny Stevens, the song fell squarely into the area between the grunge revival and the garage-rock revival, all vein-popping angst and gutsy snarl. Mostly, people were asking themselves, "Whoare these guys?"— and also, "How did an unknown band whose first album came out just a few months ago score nods for Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song?"

To answer the first question: Highly Suspect came together playing covers as a bar band in Cape Cod, where Stevens and twin brothers Rich and Ryan Meyer (on bass and drums, respectively) had been friends in high school. From there, they moved to Brooklyn and got signed. And that's about the whole story. What's more remarkable is that Mister Asylum captured the ears of the Grammys — and that its follow-up, The Boy Who Died Wolf, may be poised to push the band far wider. "Serotonia," the album's first single, rides on an edgy-yet-fluid riff that hints at the group's early days playing Jimi Hendrix classics. Smoldering, bluesy and subtle, it's an odd choice for a single — and Stevens' opening line, "I wish that everyone I knew was dead / So that I'd never have to pick up the phone," isn't exactly the stuff of which jingles are made. Like Queens Of The Stone Age at its sludgiest, "Serotonia" feels far more organic and atmospheric — right down to the epic, Pink Floyd-esque solo. That atmosphere doesn't work as well in "Send Me An Angel," a forgettable cover of Real Life's '80s hit, but Stevens and crew get points for tackling it with slinkiness and gusto.

In recent interviews, the members of Highly Suspect have made no apologies for their embrace of the sex-drugs-and-rock-'n'-roll cliché, nor do they have a problem with being pegged as a throwback to the mainstream grunge of the '90s. That said, there's more to The Boy Who Died Wolf than brooding attitude or warmed-over Bush riffs. "My Name Is Human" is raw and nervy, paced slowly and saturated in Soundgarden-like menace. There's no small amount of Nirvana lurking inside "Little One" — the track's eerily strummed intro pays bracing tribute to the darkness of In Utero — although on the other hand, "Chicago" is a bare-bones, piano-driven confessional wreathed in smoke and memory. It all makes for a monolithically moody experience. Thankfully, the band is smart enough to break it up with barnstorming grunge-punk gems such as "Look Alive, Stay Alive" and pummeling, hook-packed rockers like "Postres."

Coming off a couple of precocious Grammy nominations, the trio has a lot to live up to. Not that theMister Asylum, the new album is backed by heavyweight label muscle, but fans get the final say: Will Highly Suspect become the next breakout success à la Kings Of Leon or Imagine Dragons, or will it be a blip? Either way, one thing is already certain: WithThe Boy Who Died Wolf, Stevens and the Meyer twins have taken a big step toward fine-tuning their retro-grunge attack into something far more dynamic, soulful and alluring.
band is entirely an underdog. Like

THE BOY WHO DIED WOLF-01 My Name Is Human/02 Look Alive, Stay Alive/03 Little One/04 For Billy/05 Serotonia/06 Postres/07 Send Me an Angel/08 Viper Strike/09 F.W.Y.T./10 Chicago/11 Wolf

Medicine Boy

(scott) It's back to back John N 2016 contributions, this Medicine Boy release ("Kinda Like Electricity") is (sort of) another example of what I consider the "future" sounds that we hard rock n roll lovers will be listening to quite soon, the noisy/semi-psych/shoe gaze blend that is coming into vogue as of late (wittness the best track on this album, "E.V.I.L.", it's fab.......). Other than this contribuation, I don't know dick about these guys, but it's a pretty enjoyable effort. Medicine Boy are a duo, ..Lucy Kruger & Andre Leo...they are from South Africa, and this, I understand is their first release......certainly it's not "great", but it DOES have its moments......if you like some of the recent albums from 2016 we've been sharing, this kind of shares the same sound as a lot of them, I really do think this is where hard rock is going.

Kind of off-topic, but not really...do you realize how many really good bands of the last decade or two have been male/female duos? The White Stripes, The Kills, The Raveonettes, Mommy and Daddy, Mazzy Star, The Firey Furnaces....plenty more too, those were off the top of my head after about 10 seconds of thought. Medicine Boy continue the trend.

KINDA LIKE ELECTRICTY-01 The Back of My Eyes/02 You're An Animal Now/03 Time Is a Train/04 Beautiful Blue/05 Lucy/06 E.V.I.L./07 Anything, as Long As It's Black/08 Lashes/09 Alone/10 The End of the Day

This is one of those I need to listen to again to form a solid opinion, happens sometimes, but upon first listen, yes, I do recommend, pretty good.

Garage Fuzz Part 12

Oh, my this series has been quite popular, MUCH more so than when I posted it the first time (I think I
screwed up however I formatted it, I don't recall how that was, but I think by letter is more likely the way to do it...) Today, we submit to you the letter "L", quite a bunch of good tracks here (as usual). As I have said before, I did not create this torrent, and I don't know who did (wish I could credit them), but I DO wish to keep it alive/circulating for as long as I possibly can, this is one project that CERTAINLY deserves to live on, it's just THAT good.

PART 12-01 LA DE DA'S-Don't You Step In My Way/02 LADDS-Survival/03 LARRY & THE BLUE NOTES-In and Out/04 LAST IMAGE-Leaving You/05 LAST KNIGHT-Shadow of Fear/06 LAUGHING KIND-Empty Heart/07 LAVENDER HOUR-So Sophisticated/08 LEE TRACY & THE TRIBUTES-Bird Doggin'//09 LEO & THE PROPHETS-Tilt a Whirl/10 LES SINNERS-Nice Try/11 LIBERTY BELL-That's How It Will Be/12 LIGHT BRIGADE-Baby You Don't Care/13 LIMEY & THE YANKS-Guaranteed Love/14 LITTER-Action Woman/15 LITTER-I'm a Man/16 LITTER-Whatcha Gonna Do About It/17 LIVE FIVE-Hunose/18 LIVE WIRES-Love/19 LIVERPOOL FIVE-She's Mine/20 LIVERPOOL SET-17 Years to the End/21 LIVERPOOL SET-Seventeen Years To the End/22 LIV'IN END-The Orange Rooftop of My Baby's Mind/23 LOCAL TRAFFIC-Time Gone to Waste/24 LONDONS-Old Man/25 LOOSE ENDS-Hey Sweet Baby/26 LOS JOCKERS-Psychotic Reaction/27 LOS PEYOTES-Tango Fuzz/28 LOS SIEMS-Mister Acelerador/29 LOST AGENCY-One Girl Man/30 LOST GENERATION-I'll Gladly Pay/31 LOST LEGEND-Love Flight/32 LOST SOLES-Do You Remember/33 LOST TRIBE-Fools Live Alone/34 LOU CAPRI-Love and Kisses/35 LOVE CORPORATION-Love Corporation/36 LOVED ONES-Surprise Surprise/37 LUV'D ONES-Please Get Up/38 LUV'D ONES-Portrait/39 LUV'D ONES-Up Down Sue/40 LUV'D ONES-You'll Never Know/41 LUV'D ONES-Your Mind Is/42 LUVIN KIND-Missy DM

By Request, Smashing Pumpkins Part 2

As promised, wrapping up the Smashing Pumpkins rarities.....there is a lot more of this stuff in my stash, if
there is a lot of interest in more, I will post it, just let me know (a LOT more demo collections and concert boots are available, should there be a demand for them)....anyway, today I selected a bunch of both (demos/boots) that should satisfy most Pumpkins fans for now.....this was a band with about a million songs that never were released, and, as such, the demos albums in general are quite interesting because they contain shit you have not heard before....always a cool thing.......please check these, and keep in the back of your mind that there is more should there be a demand for them!

1988-89 DEMOS-01 The Vigil/02 Nothing and Everything/03 Holiday/04 The Cross/05 Jennifer Ever/06 East/07 Nothing and Everything/08 Sun (Remix)/09 She (Live)/10 Spiteface/11 Honeyspider (alt.)/12 With You/13 Egg/14 Rhinocerous (alt.)/15 Bye June/16 Stars Fall In/17 Daughter/18 Daydream/19 Psychodelic

1989 REEL TIME STUDIOS SUMMER SESSIONS DEMOS-01 Egg/02 Bury Me/03 Bye Jane/04 Cinnamon Girl/05 C'Mon/06 Daughter/07 Daughter (Extended)/08 Daydream/09 East (alt.)/10 Honeyspider (edit)/11 Honeyspider/12 Honeyspider/13 I Am One/14 Love/15 Not Worth Asking/16 Psychodelic/17 Rhinocerous (alt.)/18 Rhinocerous/19 Snap/20 Stars Fall In/21 With You

1989 REEL TIME STUDIOS FALL ACOUSTIC SESSIONS/SIAMESE DREAM DEMOS-01 Waiting For You Now/02 Fat Man Blues/03 Fat man Blues/04 Bleed/05 She/06 Vanilla/07 My Dhalia/08 Waiting/09 Stray Cat Blues/10 I Am One/11 Cherub Rock/12 Dream/13 Quiet/14 Rocket/15 Today

666 DEMOS-01 The Viper/02 Funk Jam/03 Tribute to Johnny/04 Noodling WBFTT Intro/05 Porcelina of the Vast Ocean/06 XYU/07 Zero Bass and Drums (Take 1)/08 Zero Bass and Drums (Take 2)/09 Thru the Eyes of Ruby/10 V-8/11 XYU/12 The Black Rider/13 Zero Guitar (Take 1)/14 Zero Guitar (Take 2)

GRAVITY DEMOS DISC 1-01 Jelly Belly/02 Beautiful One (ugly)/03 Bullet With Butterfly Wings/04 No Escape (Weeping Willow)/05 To Forgive-For Nothing Less/06 Blast/07 Descendo (Mouths of Babes)/08 And I Stumbled to You (Pennies)/09 Dizzle/10 A-Ab-E-B-F/11 Rings/12 James Complex Song (So So Pretty)/13 With Longing/14 Straight Ab (Love)

GRAVITY DEMOS DISC 2-01 Set the Ray to Jerry/02 The Innocents (Galapogos)/03 A Drone (Speed)/04 Busy Down Tune Bib-G (Lucky Lad)/05 Jackboot/06 New Wave A to G/07 A-B-G Drop A/08 Glamey Glamey/09 Walking Country/10 Tonight Tongiht/11 The Groover/12 New Wave Echo (Germans in Leather Pants)/13 Pretty Drop A (Milleu)

CHICAGO 11//3/91-01 Rocket/02 Tristessa/03 Window Paine/04 I Am One/05 Siva/06 Drown/07 Silverfuck

LONDON 7/4/93 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Rocket/03 Cherub Rock/04 Rhinocerous/05 Today/06
Spaceboy/07 Siva/08 Dancing in the Moonlight/09 Disarm/10 Starla

LONDON 7/4/93 DISC 2-01 Outshined/02 Suffer/03 Hummer/04 Drown/05 Stage Banter/06 Kooks/07 Smiley/08 Bye Jane/09 Stage Banter/10 Crush

CHICAGO 10/23/95-01 Tonight Tonight/02 Zero/03 Today/04 Disarm/05 An Ode to No One/06 Thru the Eyes of Ruby/07 Geek USA/08 Porcelina of the Vast Oceans/09 Bullet With Butterfly Wings/10 Cherub Rock/11 Mayonaisse/12 XYU/13 Baby Loves Rock/14 If You Want My Love/15 Auf Wiedersehen

Jerry Spider Gang

A good album ("Porn on the Bayou") of early 00's punk from the French outfit Jerry Spider Gang....I don't really know what got me to thinking about this one, but it REALLY fucking slams.....the way you want your punk to be never lets up for even a second, rocks like a motherfucker.....this is kind of thing I love posting here the most, actually....I had forgotten about this album, but for some reason I listened to it today......oh HELL yes this fucking thing rocks like you will never believe......punk rockers, if you are unfamiliar, you are totally cheating yourselves, trust me, this is no goddamn joke.

PORN ON THE BAYOU-01 High School babes/02 Tokyo Fever/03 Life Is a Hell/04 I Need More/05 Big Black Car/06 Streetwalker/07 Situation Two/08 Cock In My Pocket

Burn, Rubber City Burn

Happy Saturday morning to all.....I've been laying off the blog on the weekends, but nothing else much to do right now before the Buckeyes game stqarts, so I'm sure none of you will mind if I make a few posts? There's one BIG John N submission that I'd like to get put up there today, it's kind of really awesome.

For now, since again I miss my son Grant who is being educated in his freshman year at the University of Akron, lets dig into the punk comps for the great "Burn Rubber City Burn", a cool stack of punk singles from the golden age of Akron punk, 1975-80.....the obvious bands are here.....Devo, The Bizarros, Rubber City Rebels....but the rub here is these are NOT obvious song choices, not the best known stuff by any means, which makes this a great collection that you will love. Besides those semi-rare tracks from the big-timers, we also get some semi-obscure bands as well, 15 60 75 Number Band, Chi-Pig, and others.

A fine set that nails the scene pretty accurately. Highly recommended. Really miss you a lot Grant, how about submitting some music soon, slacker, and see you Thanksgiving week!

BURN RUBBER CITY BURN-01 THE BIZARROS-I Bizarro/02 THE WAITRESSES-The Comb/03 HAMMER DAMAGE-Laugh/ 04 DEVO-Mecahnical Man/05 TIN HUEY-Squirm You Worm/06 THE BIZARROS-Lady Doubonette/07 CHI-PIG-Ring Around the Collar/08 DEVO-Auto Modown/09 RUBBER CITY REBELS-Kidnapped/10 DENIS DEFRANTE AND MARK FRAZIER-The Mannikin Shuffle/11 JANE AIRE AND THE BELVEDERES-When I Was Young/12 TIN HUEY-Puppet Wipes/13
CHI-PIG-Apu Api/14 THE BIZARROS-Nova/15 RUBBER CITY REBELS-Such a Fool/16  DENIS DEFRANGE-Sector Wars/17 RALPH CARNEY-Closet Bears/18 15 60 75 NUMBERS BAND-Narrow Road

Lyin' Bitch & The Restraining Orders

From Denver Colorado, ca. 2008 comes the second album (never heard the first one, anyone?) from these ultimate sleeze-punks......this stuff tries a little too hard, perhaps, but don't leave your sense of humor at home and this can be appealing. Thanks to Spider for loaning me this one.

CANT CUM WITHIN A HUNDRED FEET OF YOUR LOVE-01 Intro to the LBRO World Order/02 Hello Bitches/03 Ugly/04 Itch, Scratch, and Sniff/05 Secret Sessions/06 Ice Cold Beer/07 W.W.G.A.D./08 Fuck Myself/09 The Devil's Work/10 Step Into My Back Hand/11 Shot of Whiskey/12 Get a Shot/13 No Rules/14 Brain Mouth and Class/15 Best Selling Liars/16 Can't Take it To The Grave/17 Bless This House/18 Goat on a Boat

Another Jim Carroll share

An Anonymous contributor sends us this, a 1983 release from Jim Carroll, "I Write Your Name".....unsure If I've ever heard it, I vaguely recall it's release and if I recall it was not very well received.....I could be wrong about that, for one, and since we are going through a Carroll "phase" here, it's certainly appropriate. I'll be giving this a listen this afternoon......thanks to everyone who has submitted to this "cause", still looking for print copies of his books if anyone has PDF's or similar?

I WRITE YOUR NAME-01 Love Crimes/02 (No More) Luxuries/03 Voices/04 Sweet Jane/05 Hold Back the Dream/06 Freddy's Store/07 Black Romance/08 I Write Your Name/09 Low Rider/10 Dance the Night Away

After viewing the track list, I am certain I have not heard this one, because I can't recall having heard a studio version of Carroll's "Sweet Jane".....I also notice that he had some damn good songwriting assistance on here, Lenny Kaye aids on "Love Crimes", and Allen Lanier helps out on "Dance the Night Away" (assuming NOT the Van Halen non-classic!).....I think most likely Carroll's music was considered fairly redundant by most people post-"Catholic Boy", but, perhaps as we revisit his career all these years later, we may see/hear things differently.....personally, I'll listen to this one with an open mind and give it an honest evaluation.

A Patti Smith rarity

(scott) At least I think it's pretty rare anyway, I don't recall seeing it many times on the net......this is "Paths That Cross", a two-disc effort of live recordings from various venues, with a few guest performers.....her old friend Tom Verlaine of Television fame plays guitar on a few numbers here, and this new kid Robert Zimmerman shows up on several tracks, assisting with vocals and guitar......man what an annoying voice THIS kid has, I predict he's never going ANYWHERE. Just fuckinga round of course, and of course I would be remiss did I not mention this were a submission from the wonderful Link-ATM that is John N.

DISC 1-01 Intro/02 Piss Factory/03 Somalia/04 Dancing Barefoot/05 Dylan's Dog/06 Dark Eyes/07 Southern Cross/08 Black Peter/09 Not Fade Away/10 Ghost Dance/11 Because the Night/12 Paths That Cross/13 People Have the Power/14 Farewell Reel/15 Jacksons Song/16 About a Boy

DISC 2-01 Piss Factory/02 Horses/03 Wicked Messenger/04 About a Boy/05 Poem-Dancing Barefoot/06 Because the Night/07 Ghost Dance/08 Southern Cross/09 Mortal Shoes/10 Poem-Rock n Roll Nigger/11 Not Fade Away/12 Farwell Reel/13 Dark Eyes

Carpet bombed (by scott) but not thoroughly listened to yet, what I've heard was really pretty good (I'm a big Patti fan), good enough for me to go ahead and recommend pretty highly.

A Box Set, Early Years of a British Band

This is today's "big" submission, from the John N collection, of course.....here we have 11 discs of Pink Floyd from 1967-72.....quite a slew of fine stuff, live and studio recordings both......I have really always liked Floyd from this period, one could REALLY hear the seeds of "Dark Side of the Moon", "Animals", "Wish You Were Here", etc.....this set is really fine for anyone wishing to understand the roots of one of the great UK bands of them all.

DISC 1- 1965-67 CAMBRIDGE STATION DISC 1-01 Lucy Leave/02 Double O Bo/03 Remember Me/04 Walk With Me Sydney/05 Butterfly/06 I'm a Kingbee/07 Arnold Layne/08 See Emily Play/09 Apples and Oranges/10 Candy and a Currant Bun/11 Paintbox/12 Matilda Mother (2010 Mix)/13 Jugband Blues (2010 Mix)/14 In the Beechwoods (2010 Mix)/15 Vegetable Man (2010 Mix)/16 Scream Thy Last Scream (2010 Mix)

DISC 2-1965-67 CAMBRIDGE STATION DISC 2-01 Introduction/02 Reaction In G/03 Matilda Mother/04 Pow R. Toc H./05 Scream Thy Last Scream/06 Set the Controls For the heart of the Sun/07 See Emily Play/08 Interstellar Overdrive/09 John Latham Version 1/10 John Latham Version 2/11 John Latham Version 3/12  John Latham Version 4/13  John Latham Version 5/14  John Latham Version 6/15  John Latham Version 7/16  John Latham Version 8/17  John Latham Version 9

DISC 3-1968 GERMIN-ATION-01 Point Me at the Sky/02 It Would be So Nice/03 Julia Dream/04 Careful With that Axe Eugene (single version)/05 Song 1/06 Roger's Boogie/07 Murderotic Woman (Careful With That Axe Eugene) (BBC)/08 The Massed Gadgets of Hercules/09 Let There be More Light (BBC)/10 Julia Dream (BBC)/11 Point Me at the Sky (BBC)/12 Embryo (BBC)/13 Interstellar Overdrive  (BBC)

DISC 4-1969 DRAMATIS/ATION DISC 1-01 Hollywood/02 Theme (alt.)/03 More Blues (alt.)/04 Seabirds/05 Embryo/06 Grantchester Meadows/07 Cymbaline/08 The Narrow Way (BBC)/09 Green is the Color (BBC)/10 Careful With That Axe Eugene (BBC)/11 Interstellar Overdrive/12 Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun/13 Careful With That Axe Eugene/14 A Saucerful of Secrets

DISC 5-1969 DRAMATIS/ATION DISC 2-01 Daybreak/02 Work/03 Afternoon (Biding My Time)/04
Doing it/05 Sleeping/06 Nightmare/07 Labyrinth/08 The Beginning (Green is the Color)/10 The Narrow Way Part 3/11 The Pink jungle (Pow R. Toc H.)/12 The Labyrinths of Auximeans/13 Footsteps-Doors/14 Behold the Temple of Light/15 The End of the Beginning

DISC 6-1970 DEVI ATION DISC 1-01 Atom Heart Mother/02 Embryo/03 Fat Old Sun/04 Green Is the Colour/05 Careful With That Axe Eugene/06 If/07 Atom Heart Mother

DISC 7-1970 DEVI ATION DISC 2-01 On the Highway/02 Auto Scene Version 2/03 Auto Scene Version 3/04 Aearoplane/05 Explosion/06 The Riot Scene/07 Looking at Map/08 Love Scene Version 7/09 Love Scene Version 1/10 Take Off/11 Take Off Version 2/12 Love Scene Version 2/13 Love Scene Take 1/14 Unknown Song Take 1/15 Love Scene Take 2/16 Crumbling Land/17 Atom Heart Mother

DISC 8-1971 REVERBERATION-01 Nothing Part 14/02 Fat Old Sun/03 One of These Days/04 Embryo/05 Echoes

DISC 9-1972 OBFUSC ATION DISC 1-01 Obscurred By Clouds/02 When You're In/03 Burning Bridges/04 The Gold It's In the.../05 Wot's...Uh The Deal/06 Mudmen/07 Childhood's End/08 Free Four/09 Stay/10 Absolutely Curtains

DISC 10-1972 OBFUSC ATION DISC 2-01 Careful With That Axe Eugene/02 Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun/03 One of These Days/04 A Saucerful of Secrets/05 Echoes/06 Careful With That Axe Eugene

DISC 11-1967-72 CONTINU ATION BOX ONLY BONUS-01 Flaming/02 The Scarecrow/03 The Gnome/04 Matilda Mother/05 Reaction In G/06 Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun/07 Scream Thy Last Scream/08 Vegetable Man/09 Pow R. Toc H./10 Jugband Blues/11 Baby Blue Shuffle In D Minor/12 Blues/13 Ummagumma/14 Music From 'The Committee" Number 1/15 Music From "The Committee" Number 2/16 Moonhead/17 Echoes

Might act quickly if interested