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John N Sends us Black Spiders

(scott) I don NOT know Black Spiders, at all, although I have posted many arachnid-based bands on here
before (Lime Spiders, Pink Spiders, Black Widow).......This turned up in my email from John N, he listed it as a "hard rock/metal kind of thing", which is certainly within the confines of the stuff I will accept! Let me have a second to look them up, and we'll talk about them briefly.........

OK, they are from the UK, I've listened to some of the samples, they are no doubt metal-rockers, you can hear Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Metallica, and others among their influences.......really, sounds pretty damn good to me, this will go on the listening list for Thursday......sounds like some damn slamming hard good stuff from here, comments please, this is another new one to me, so let me know what you think by all means!

ST. PETER EP-01 St.Peter/02 I'll Be the Judge/03 Undertaker Blues

CINCO HOMBRES (DIEZ COJONES) EP-01 Stay Down/02 Jitterbug/03 Skit/04 Meadow/05 kicked in the Teeth

NO GOATS IN THE OMEN EP-01 Just Like a Woman/02 D&B/03 Cold Dead Hand/04 No Class

KISS TRIED TO KILL ME EP-01 KISS Tried to Kill Me/02 Somebody's Fault Not Mine/03 Sons of the North/04 Search and Destroy

SONS OF THE NORTH LP-01 Stay Down/02 KISS Tried to Kill Me/03 Just Like a Woman/04 Easy Peasy/05 Blood of the Kings/06 St. Peter/07 Man's Ruin/08 Medusa's Eyes/09 Si, el Diablo/10 What's a Good Rock Without a Roll

THIS SAVAGE LAND-01 Knock You out/02 Stick it to the Man/03 Balls/04 Young Tongues/05 Put
Love in It's Place/06 Raised By Wolves/07 Trouble/08 Teenage Knife Gang/09 Creatures/10 Sleepy Demon

Hey, rock on......thanks John N......pretty much anything with a "hard" or "metal" or "punk" or "psych" (you get the idea) label on it, I will most likely post......anyway, from the samples I hear of these really do rock out like a mother, in that retro-70's/80's classic metal way, and what ever in the fuck could be wrong with THAT?????


Another submission from John N (and another newer-one, heed my previous advice), Merchandise are a Tampa band that cranks out some perfectly acceptable hard/punk/pop........"A Corpse Wired For Song"), is really, a good album, the parts I've carpet-bombed......actually a pretty damn good one, this is (by my count) their fourth LP, and again, this is another band with which I was unfamiliar.......that's what I like though, EVEREYONE keep sending me these bands I don't know (yet) and treat me to additional education......LOVE hearing me some new and different bands, and THAT, my friend, is the spirit and attitude that I TRY (hard, really) to bring this blog-type-thing to LIFE........enjoy this album, it's good, and another fabulous submission from the global-wide link czar, John N.........like ALL of the rest of my team, I hope he NEVER leaves me, such great submissions!

A CORPSE WIRED FOR SONG-01 Flower of Sex/02 Crystal Cage/03 Right Back to the Start/04 End of the Week/05 Lonesome Sound/06 Shadow of the Truth/07 Silence/08 I Will Not Sleep Here/09 My Dream is Yours

A good one, recommended by myself, at least.

Starting on Lewdd's Clash boots

OK, Lewdd is the great team member who shared with us all those fantastic Buzzcocks and Descendents boots, he's sent me a bunch more, and at random, let us start on his Clash shares......now, mind you, I likely have 150 Clash boots myself, which I posted on this site long, long ago (no longer live links)......I checked Lewdd's file and YES he has a metric shit tonne of Clash shows, some of which I already have, some of which I don't, but I'm not sorting them out, you will get EVERYTHING he send to me, with a couple of factors I wish to point out;

1) He states that SOME of these are of good sound quality, some are not......I'm not sorting THAT out, I'm posting them all. If some of them sound shitty, that is life in bootleg-town

2) They will be posted in the order in which he sent them to me, thusly, they will NOT be chronological....it's much easier for me to keep track of them this way, sorry.......

There are a BUNCH of Clash boots in this file, I assume if I put up a few every couple days we will still likely have Clash stuff through October.......Cool, in my opinion, "The Only Band That Matters!" (if you know what that means, you are likely as old as me, if you DON'T, sorry abut your luck, JUNIOR)....anyway, I'll follow the same general format I used on the Buzzcocks/Descendents, four or five at a time until we get through them.......there are a LOT, and that is a great thing, but obviously I haven't listened to all of them yet, SO if you are interested, take a chance, I will not hear ANY of them until after they are posted, so it's Russian Roulette for you downloaders........however, it IS the fucking Clash, one of te best bands of them ALL, so all of us (Clash fans, punk rockers, children of the 1970's) owe a great debt to Lewdd for this one. Check these out, take your time, I'll present them fairly slowly........but thanks a ZILLION to Lewdd for this amazing submission!!!!!!!!!

09 May 1985-01 Clash City Rockers/02 Guns of Brixton/03 Garageland/04 Police on My Back/05 I Fought the Law/06 Straight to Hell/07 White Riot/08 Brand New Cadillac/09 Spanish Bombs/10 Be Bop a Lula/11 Radio York Interview

02/01/82 TOKYO SUN PLAZA-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/04 Brand New Cadillac/05 Charlie Don't Surf/06 Clampdown/07 This is Radio Clash/08 Armagideon Time/09 Jimmy Jazz/10 Tommy Gun/11 Police on My Back/12 White Riot

05/20/82 LOCHEM FESTIVAL HOLLAND-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 Guns of
Brixton/04 Train In Vain/05 Radio chatter/fans/06 Clash City Rockers/07 Know Your Rights/08 The Magnificent Seven/09 Ghetto Defendant/10 Should I Stay or Should I Go/11 Police and Thieves/12 Brand New Cadillac/13 Bankrobber/14 Complete Control/15 Career Opportunities/16 Radio Announcer over Career Opportunities/17 Career Opportunities Continued/18 Clampdown

08/31/76 THE 100 CLUB-14 Tracks, unlabeled (Please, someone provide a set list, this is GOLDEN ERA Clash right here, please help me out here, as I can't put all this material up daily without a BIT of help on setlists, etc.......)


I was all set to quit for the evening, (baseball playoffs, a lot more important than you hosers, by the way, Orioles fans, WHAT was Showalter thinking about last night, not using Zach Britton? just mind boggling, and I could give half a fuck about either team)......BUT then I recalled that I DID want to put this album up, listened a couple of days ago and it's great, MORE of that fucking early 1970's hard rock that I love so much (AND some of which is fairly unknown like this one).

Dont know if they ever released another album or not, all I know is this one, the band consisted of singer Peter Stirling, guitarist Alan Parker, drummer Clem Cattini, keyboard player Alan Hawkshaw, and bassist Herbie Flowers......just another one of those zillion classic hard rock albums of the 1968-72 (or so) era that I keep at least TRYING turn you guys onto......this is a great one, too, like a LOT of albums from that era/genre that totally or nearly totally unknown  gems..........you guys know I am passionate about this music, and I haven't steered you wrong yet right? (Stray Dog, BF Trike, Dark, and on and on)......

I can just about guarantee that any hard rock/stoner rock fans that understand my infatuation with this era of underappreciated music is going to love this one, it's awesome as are so many of the records of this era.

RUMPLESTILTSKIN-01 Make Me Make You/02 Poor Billy Brown/03 Knock In My Door/04 No One to turn To/05 Mr. Joe (Witness For the Defense)/06 Pate de foie gras/07 Rumplestiltskin/08 Squadron Leader Johnson

Some Random Playboys, 1955-1966 (or so)

Trying these out to see how you all like them, if they go over OK, I have TONS of issues from the more
recent years, personally I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of Playboy, the great writing, the wonderful interviews, and of course, the stunning photography of those motherfucking goddess-types. Anyway, I'm waiting on something else right now, so I'm gonna put up a handful (maybe ten or so) old Playboys ranging in date (I think) from 1955-62......once we gt to 1970+, I have a LOT more, if these are popular I will start semi-regular posting of them........as always, LET ME KNOW......if you aren't crazy
about this kind of post, LET ME KNOW, I always want to keep everyone happy....myself I LOVE old Playboys, and I certainly think/hope that there are a few others who do as well. Please, love these or hate these, but PLEASE tell me one way or the other....I know sometimes the non-music stuff I do seems kind of out of place, but, FUCK IT....I do what I want.........just help me gauge the popularity

Jon S Outdoes Himself Again.....

(scott) We may have to be a little bit careful with this one, as Brian was with his huge project by the same
artist, the one and only Robert Zimmerman. I think that is what we will refer to him as, hopefully that is under-the-radar enough for our purposes.....anyway, when I saw the track lists, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
EIGHTEEN (!) discs of bootlegged Zimmerman work, We can all read about it HERE

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ The_Bootleg_Series_Vol._12:_ The_Cutting_Edge_1965%E2%80% 931966

Gotta feeling this one is going to be off the charts popular, so if you get involved with this one (and you certainly ought to), just please don't refer to the Zimmerman boy by that "stage name" he uses......the robots might just smell that out. Anyway, JUST in case, I think I'd act fairly quickly on this one, you just never know, and I'm trying to look out for everyone's best interests. This promises to be an absolute motherfucker, so let's all be REAL COOL and hope it stays around for a little bit of time!

Disc One

01 Love Minus Zero_No Limit [Take 1 Breakdown]/02 Love Minus Zero_No Limit [Take 2COMPLETE]/03 I'll Keep It with Mine [Take 1]/04 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [Take 1]/05 Bob Dylan's 115th Dream [Take 1 Fragment]/06 Bob Dylan's 115th Dream [Take 2COMPLETE]/07 She Belongs to Me [Take 1 Complete]/08 Subterranean Homesick Blues [Take 1]/09 Outlaw Blues [Take 1 Complete]/10 On the Road Again [Take 1 Complete]/11 Farewell, Angelina [Take 1]/12 If You Gotta Go, Go Now [Take 1 Complete]/13 You Don't Have to Do That [Take 1 Incomplete]/14 California [Take 1 Complete]/15 Love Minus Zero_No Limit [Take 3 Remake Complete]/16 She Belongs to Me [Take 2 Remake Complete]/17 Outlaw Blues [Take 1 Remake False Start]/18 Outlaw Blues [Take 2 Remake Complete]/19 Love Minus Zero_No Limit [Take 1 Remake Complete]/20 Love Minus Zero_No Limit [Take 2 Remake]/21 Love Minus Zero_No Limit [Insert]/22 Subterranean Homesick Blues [Take 1 Remake Complete]/23 Subterranean Homesick Blues [Take 2 Remake False Start]/24 Subterranean Homesick Blues [Take 3 Remake]/25 Outlaw Blues [Take 1 Remake False Start]/26 Outlaw Blues [Take 2 Remake Fragment_Breakdown]/27 Outlaw Blues [Take 3 Remake]

Disc Two

28 She Belongs to Me [Take 1 Remake Complete]/29 She Belongs to Me [Take 2 Remake]/30 Bob Dylan's 115th Dream [Take 1 False Start]/31 Bob Dylan's 115th Dream [Take 2]/32 On the Road Again [Take 1 False Start]/33 On the Road Again [Take 2 Complete]/34 On the Road Again [Take 3 False Start]/35 On the Road Again [Take 4 Complete]/36 Maggie's Farm [Take 1]/37 On the Road Again [Take 1 Remake Complete]/38 On the Road Again [Takes 2-6 Remake False Starts_Complete]/39 On the Road Again [Take 7 Remake Complete]/40 On the Road Again [Takes 8-9 Remake False Starts]/41 On the Road Again [Take 11 Remake False Start]/42 On the Road Again [Take 12 Remake False Start]/43 On the Road Again [Take 13 Remake]/44 It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) [Take 1 False Start]/45 It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) [Take 2]/46 Gates of Eden [Take 1]/47 Mr. Tambourine Man [Takes 1-2 False Starts]/48 Mr. Tambourine Man [Take 3 Breakdown]/49 Mr. Tambourine Man [Takes 4-5 Breakdown]/50 Mr. Tambourine Man [Take 6]/51 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [Take 1 Remake]

Disc Three

52 If You Gotta Go, Go Now [Take 1 Complete]/53 If You Gotta Go, Go Now [Take 2 Complete]/54 If You Gotta Go, Go Now [Take 3 Complete]/55 If You Gotta Go, Go Now [Take 4]/56 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 1 Complete]/57 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Takes 2-3 Fragments]/58 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 4 Breakdown]/59 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 5 False Start]/60 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 6 Breakdown]/61 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 7 Insert]/62 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 8 Complete]/63 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 9]/64 Sitting On a Barbed-Wire Fence [Take 1 Rehearsal, Breakdown]/65 Sitting On a Barbed-Wire Fence [Take 2 Complete]/66 Sitting On a Barbed-Wire Fence [Take 3]/67 Sitting On a Barbed-Wire Fence [Take 2 Edited Version Complete]/68 Sitting On a Barbed-Wire Fence [Take 1 Remake]/69 Sitting On a Barbed-Wire Fence [Takes 4-5 False Starts]/70 Sitting On a Barbed-Wire Fence [Take 6 Complete]/71 Like a Rolling Stone [Takes 1-3 Rehearsal]/72 Like a Rolling Stone [Take 4 Rehearsal]/73 Like a Rolling Stone [Take 5 Breakdown]/

Disc Four

74 Like a Rolling Stone [Rehearsal Remake Rehearsal]/75 Like a Rolling Stone [Take 1 Remake Rehearsal]/76 Like a Rolling Stone [Takes 2-3 Remake False Starts]/77 Like a Rolling Stone [Take 4 Remake]/78 Like a Rolling Stone [Take 5 Remake Rehearsal]/79 Like a Rolling Stone [Take 6 Remake False Start]/80 Like a Rolling Stone [Take 8 Remake Breakdown]/81 Like a Rolling Stone [Takes 9-10 Remake False Starts]/82 Like a Rolling Stone [Take 11 RemakeCOMPLETE]/83 Like a Rolling Stone [Take 12 Remake False Start]/84 Like a Rolling Stone [Take 13 Remake Breakdown]/85 Like a Rolling Stone [Take 14 Remake False Start]/86 Like a Rolling Stone [Take 15 Remake Breakdown]/87 Like a Rolling Stone [Master Take Guitar]/88 Like a Rolling Stone [Master Take Vocals, Guitar (BD)]/89 Like a Rolling Stone [Master Take Piano, Bass]/90 Like a Rolling Stone [Master Take Drums, Organ]

Disc Five

91 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 1 Breakdown]/92 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 2 False Start]/93 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 3 Incomplete]/94 Tombstone Blues [Take 1COMPLETE]/95 Tombstone Blues [Takes 2-3 False Starts]/96 Tombstone Blues [Take 4 Complete]/97 Tombstone Blues [Takes 5-7 False Starts, Rehearsal]/98 Tombstone Blues [Take 9]/99 Tombstone Blues [Take 10 False Start]/100 Tombstone Blues [Take 11 Breakdown]/101 Tombstone Blues [Take 12]/102 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 1 Complete]/103 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 2 False Start]/104 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 3 Complete]/105 It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [Take 4]/106 Positively 4th Street [Takes 1-3 False Starts]/107 Positively 4th Street [Take 4 Complete]/108 Positively 4th Street [Take 5 Complete]/109 Positively 4th Street [Take 6 Breakdown]/110 Positively 4th Street [Take 7 Breakdown]/111 Positively 4th Street [Take 8 Breakdown]/112 Positively 4th Street [Take 10 Breakdown]/113 Positively 4th Street [Take 12]

Disc Six

125 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 6 Rehearsal, False Start]/126 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 7 False Start]/127 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 8 False Start]/128 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Takes 10-11 False Starts]/129 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 12 Complete]/130 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 14 Breakdown]/131 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 15 Breakdown]/132 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 17]/133 Highway 61 Revisited [Take 1 False Start]/134 Highway 61 Revisited [Take 2 False Start]/135 Highway 61 Revisited [Take 3 Complete]/136 Highway 61 Revisited [Take 4 False Start]/137 Highway 61 Revisited [Take 5 Complete]/138 Highway 61 Revisited [Take 5 (Mis-Slate) Complete]/139 Highway 61 Revisited [Take 6]/140 Highway 61 Revisited [Take 7 False Start]/141 Highway 61 Revisited [Take 8 False Start]/142 Highway 61 Revisited [Take 9]

Disc Seven

143 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [Take 1 Breakdown]/144 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [Take 3 Complete]/145 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [Take 4 Rehearsal]/146 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [Take 5]/147 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [Takes 9-10 Breakdown]/148 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [Takes 11-12 False Starts]/149 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [Take 13 Complete]/150 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [Takes 14-15 False Starts]/151 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues [Take 16]/152 Queen Jane Approximately [Take 1 Rehearsal]/153 Queen Jane Approximately [Take 2 Complete]/154 Queen Jane Approximately [Take 3 False Start]/155 Queen Jane Approximately [Take 4 False Start]/156 Queen Jane Approximately [Take 5 Complete]/157 Queen Jane Approximately [Take 6 Complete]/158 Queen Jane Approximately [Take 7]/159 Ballad of a Thin Man [Take 1 False Start]/160 Ballad of a Thin Man [Take 2 Breakdown]/161 Ballad of a Thin Man [Take 3]/162 Ballad of a Thin Man [Take 4 Insert]

Disc Eight
163 Desolation Row [Takes 1-2 Remake False Star, Breakdown]/164 Desolation Row [Take 3 Remake Breakdown]/165 Desolation Row [Take 4 Remake False Start]/166 Desolation Row [Take 5 Remake Complete]/167 Tombstone Blues [Take 1 Complete, Vocal Overdub]/168 Tombstone Blues [Take 2 Complete, Vocal Overdub]/169 Tombstone Blues [Take 3 Complete, Vocal Overdub]/170 Desolation Row [Take 1 Rehearsal]/171 Desolation Row [Take 2 Rehearsal]/172 Desolation Row [Take 1 Complete (With Insert)]/173 Desolation Row [Take 5 Complete Master Without Acoustic Guitar Overdub]/174 Desolation Row [Take 6 Guitar Overdub]/175 Desolation Row [Take 7 Guitar Overdub]/176 Tombstone Blues [Take 1 Harmonica Overdub]/177 Medicine Sunday [Take 1 Incomplete]/178 Medicine Sunday [Take 2 Incomplete]/179 Jet Pilot [Take 1]/180 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Rehearsal]/181 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 1 Fragment]/182 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 2 Fragment]

Disc Nine

183 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Take 1 Fragment]/184 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Take 1 Edit 1 Complete]/185 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Take 1 Edit 2 Complete]/186 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Take 2 Complete]/187 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Rehearsal]/188 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Take 3 Complete]/189 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Take 4 Complete]/190 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Take 5 Complete]/191 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Take 6 Complete]/192 I Wanna Be Your Lover [Take 6 (Mis-Slate)]/193 Instrumental [Take 1 Fragment]/194 Instrumental [Take 2 Complete]/195 Visions of Johanna [Take 1 Rehearsal]/196 Visions of Johanna [Take 2 Rehearsal]/197 Visions of Johanna [Take 3 Rehearsal]/198 Visions of Johanna [Take 4 Complete]/199 Visions of Johanna [Take 5 Complete]/200 Visions of Johanna [Take 6 Rehearsal]/201 Visions of Johanna [Take 7 Complete]/202 Visions of Johanna [Take 8]

Disc Ten

203 Visions of Johanna [Takes 9-12 False Starts]/204 Visions of Johanna [Take 13 Breakdown]/205 Visions of Johanna [Take 14 Complete]/206 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 1 False Start]/207 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 2 False Start, Rehearsal]/208 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 3 False Start]/209 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 4 False Start, Rehearsal]/210 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 6 Complete]/211 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 7 Breakdown]/212 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 8 Complete]/213 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 9 False Start]/214 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window_ [Take 10]/215 She's Your Lover Now [Take 1 Breakdown]/216 She's Your Lover Now [Take 2 Rehearsal]/217 She's Your Lover Now [Take 3 Breakdown]/218 She's Your Lover Now [Take 4 Incomplete]/219 She's Your Lover Now [Take 5 Rehearsal]/220 She's Your Lover Now [Take 6 Complete]/221 She's Your Lover Now [Take 7 False Start]/222 She's Your Lover Now [Take 8 Rehearsal]/223 She's Your Lover Now [Take 9 Rehearsal]/224 She's Your Lover Now [Takes 10-11 Rehearsal]/225 She's Your Lover Now [Take 12 Rehearsal]/226 She's Your Lover Now [Take 13 Rehearsal]

Disc Eleven

227 She's Your Lover Now [Take 14 Breakdown]/228 She's Your Lover Now [Take 15]/229 She's Your Lover Now [Rehearsal]/230 She's Your Lover Now [Take 16 Complete]/231 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Take 1]/232 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Take 2 Complete]/233 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Take 1 Rehearsal]/234 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Take 2 Rehearsal]/235 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Take 3 Fragment]/236 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Take 4 Rehearsal]/237 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Take 5 Rehearsal]/238 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Takes 6-8 Rehearsal]/239 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Take 9 Rehearsal]/240 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Takes 10-14 Rehearsal]/241 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Take 15 Complete]/242 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Takes 16-17 False Starts]/243 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Take 18 Complete]/244 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Rehearsal]/245 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Take 19 Complete]/246 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Takes 21-22 Breakdown]

Disc Twelve

247 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Take 23COMPLETE]/248 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Take 24]/249 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Master Take Guitar (BD), Organ]/250 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Master Take Vocal]/251 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Master Take Piano, Drums]/252 One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) [Master Take Guitar, Bass]/253 Lunatic Princess [Take 1 Incomplete]/254 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Takes 1-2 False Start, Incomplete]/255 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Insert]/256 I'll Keep It with Mine [Rehearsal]/257 Fourth Time Around [Take 1 Rehearsal]/258 Fourth Time Around [Take 2 Breakdown]/259 Fourth Time Around [Takes 3-4 Rehearsal]/260 Fourth Time Around [Take 5COMPLETE]/261 Fourth Time Around [Takes 6-7 Rehearsal]/262 Fourth Time Around [Take 8 Rehearsal]/263 Fourth Time Around [Takes 9-10 False Starts]

Disc Thirteen

264 Fourth Time Around [Take 11COMPLETE]/265 Fourth Time Around [Takes 12-13 False Starts]/266 Fourth Time Around [Takes 14-16 False Starts]/267 Fourth Time Around [Takes 17-18 False Starts]/268 Fourth Time Around [Take 19 Breakdown]/269 Fourth Time Around [Take 19 Again]/270 Visions of Johanna [Take 1 False Start]/271 Visions of Johanna [Take 2 Breakdown]/272 Visions of Johanna [Take 3 False Start]/273 Visions of Johanna [Take 4]/274 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Takes 1-2 Rehearsal]/275 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Take 3 Complete]/276 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Takes 4-5 Rehearsal]/277 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Take 6 Breakdown]/278 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Take 6 Again Rehearsal]/279 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Take 8 Complete]/280 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Take 9 Breakdown]/281 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Take 10 False Start]/282 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Take 11 Breakdown]/283 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Take 12 False Start]/284 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Take 13 Complete]/285 I'll Keep It with Mine [Instrumental] [Take 1 Rehearsal]/286 I'll Keep It with Mine [Instrumental] [Take 2 Rehearsal]/287 I'll Keep It with Mine [Instrumental] [Take 3 Rehearsal]/288 I'll Keep It with Mine [Instrumental] [Take 4 Rehearsal]/289 I'll Keep It with Mine [Instrumental] [Take 5 Rehearsal]/290 I'll Keep It with Mine [Instrumental] [Takes 6-7 Rehearsal]/291 I'll Keep It with Mine [Instrumental] [Take 8 Rehearsal]/292 I'll Keep It with Mine [Instrumental] [Take 8 Again Complete]/293 I'll Keep It with Mine [Instrumental] [Take 9 Complete]

Disc Fourteen

294 Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands [Take 1 Complete]/295 Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands [Take 2 Rehearsal]/296 Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands [Take 3 Complete]/297 Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands [Take 4]/298 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Take 1 Rehearsal]/299 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Rehearsal]/300 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Take 1 Breakdown]/301 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Takes 2-3 Rehearsal]/302 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Take 4 Breakdown]/303 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Take 4 (Mis-Slate) False Start]/304 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Take 5]/305 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Takes 6-8 False Starts]/306 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Take 9 Breakdown]/307 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Take 10 False Start]/308 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Takes 11-12 Breakdown]/309 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Take 13 Breakdown]

Disc Fifteen

310 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Take 14COMPLETE]/311 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again [Take 15]/312 Absolutely Sweet Marie [Rehearsal]/313 Absolutely Sweet Marie [Take 1 Complete]/314 Absolutely Sweet Marie [Take 2 False Start]/315 Absolutely Sweet Marie [Take 3]/316 Absolutely Sweet Marie [Insert]/317 Just Like a Woman [Take 1 Complete]/318 Just Like a Woman [Take 2 Complete]/319 Just Like a Woman [Take 3 Complete]/320 Just Like a Woman [Take 4 Complete]/321 Pledging My Time [Take 1 Breakdown]/322 Pledging My Time [Rehearsal]/323 Pledging My Time [Take 2 False Start]/324 Pledging My Time [Take 3]/325 Pledging My Time [Take 5 False Start]/326 Just Like a Woman [Take 6 Breakdown]

Disc Sixteen
327 Just Like a Woman [Take 8 Complete]/328 Just Like a Woman [Takes 9-10 False Start, Breakdown]/329 Just Like a Woman [Takes 11-12 Rehearsal]/330 Just Like a Woman [Take 13 Breakdown]/331 Just Like a Woman [Takes 14-15 Rehearsal]/332 Just Like a Woman [Take 16 Complete]/333 Just Like a Woman [Take 17 Breakdown]/334 Just Like a Woman [Take 18]/335 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) [Take 1]/336 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) [Take 2 Rehearsal]/337 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) [Take 3 Rehearsal]/338 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) [Take 4 Rehearsal]/339 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) [Take 5 Breakdown]/340 Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) [Take 6]/341 Temporary Like Achilles [Take 1 Complete]/342 Temporary Like Achilles [Take 2 False Start]/343 Temporary Like Achilles [Take 3 Complete]/344 Temporary Like Achilles [Take 4]/345 Rainy DayWOMEN #13 & 35 [Rehearsal]/346 Rainy Day Women #13 & 35 [Take 1]

Disc Seventeen

347 Obviously Five Believers [Take 1 False Start]/348 Obviously Five Believers [Take 2 Breakdown]/349 Obviously Five Believers [Take 3COMPLETE]/350 Obviously Five Believers [Take 4]/351 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [Take 1]/352 I Want You [Rehearsal]/353 I Want You [Take 1 Complete]/354 I Want You [Take 2 Breakdown]/355 I Want You [Take 3 Rehearsal, False Start]/356 I Want You [Take 4 Complete]/357 I Want You [Take 5]/358 I Want You [Take 5B Insert, Guitar Overdub]

Disc Eighteen

359REMEMBER ME/360 More and More/361 Blues Stay Away from Me/362 Weary Blues from Waitin'/363 Lost Highway/364 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/365 Young But Daily Growing/366 Wild Mountain Thyme/367 I Can't Leave Her Behind (1)/368 I Can't Leave Her Behind (2)/369 On a Rainy Afternoon/370 If I Was a King (1)/371 If I Was a King (2)/372 What Kind of Friend Is This/373 Positively Van Gogh (1)/374 Positively Van Gogh (2)/375 Positively Van Gogh (3)/376 Don't Tell Him, Tell Me/377 If You Want My Love/378 Just Like a Woman/379 Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands

Again.I have to give props to Jon S, the guy goes the extra mile for this blog, NO ONE could possibly ever argue THAT!!!!!! Another incredible submission


John N sends this one along, I was only slightly familiar with this band, but I carpet bombed some of this
and, well, yes, there is some good stuff here. From Doncaster England, Beachbuggy are Jack Straker on guitars/vocals, Jim VeVee on drums, and AD on bass.....interesting list of influences given by their Wikipedia page.....The Fall, The Wedding Present, Buffalo Tom, and Sonic Youth.....quite an eclectic mix, to be certain, but from what I hear so far, a pretty damn good and somewhat overlooked combo.......

The first album, 1998's "Unsafe at Any Speed", is really a motherfucker, riff rocking punk, and, yep, those influences listed above do come through......."Kill Straker!" is a good one, as is "Firebird Special" and a couple more, to me the whole thing is brought down a notch by the gimmicky auto-racing motifs that recur, BUT don't get me wrong, I do still like this one a good bit.

Next up they released "Sport Fury" in 2002........the sound is a good bit more fleshed out, and, to boot, a MUCH better collection of songs....."Bad Guys Wear Black", "Touch My Stuff (You Can Die)", "Just a Little Punk" among others are really god songs, and the performances are MUCH better than on the debut album.....I recommend this one.

Their third and final release was "Killer B".......again, the sound does mature somewhat, and that is not necessarily a bad thing, there are some solid rocking tracks here, the title track, "Dirty Mouth", "Deathray", etc, are fairly killer tunes.

This was a good band, they released three 2.5 to 3 star albums, and they do rock. An overlooked band on the part of many, me included, who enjoy some alt/punk.........don't miss these are three GOOD albums you will like!

UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED-01 Radio Ad/02 Kill Straker!/03 Heavy Hitter/04 General Electric/05 San Francisco/06 Hey! Jack/07 Firebird Special/08 Aluminum/09 Four Four Oh/10 Quarter Mile Man/11 The Driver

SPORT FURY-01 Kickin' Back/02 Good Guys Wear Black/03 Touch My Stuff (You Can Die)/04 From
the South/05 Science Fiction/06 Godspeed My Friend/07 It Might Be the Jets/08 The Fastest Time/09 Just a Little Punk/10 Cuba/11 Tom's Dead/12 Radio Ad (Italia)

KILLER B-01 Untitled/02 Killer Bee/03 Fire In My Eye/04 Oh Wow!/05 Strip City Heights/06 Strike!/07 Dirty Mouth/08 Easycome Easygo/09 Ah Oooh/10 The Hitt/11 Very Bad Thing/12 Deathray/13 Radio Ad (Japan)

Good good stuff from the great source that IS John N.....these are good albums, I thank him for allowing me to add them to MY stash, I'm thinking more than a few of you may feel the same way......

The Explosives

A fairly (I think) unknown crew from Austin Texas, pure late 70's-early 80's power pop, and nothing but.....if you want something else, you came to the wrong place today......I can't find much factual information about them, I simply have this one album ("The Explosives '79-'82"), which has a number of the gently rocking tracks that made the power pop of that fab era so fucking wonderful.......if, like me, you enjoy occasionally stumbling upon a previously unknown power-pop gem from the early 80's, this is one you will want to check out.....I've got LOTS more of em, of course, and I dunno, I might feel a "power pop" mood/phase coming on........we'll see....but for now, let me know what you think of The Explosives, somewhat semi-catchy power pop!

THE EXPLOSIVES '79-'82-01 Saftey In Numbers/02 Come Here and Do It/03 Sellin Out/04 I Go Insane/05 I Wanna See You Cry/06 Stuck in the Ball Turret/07 Dancing All Night/08 Very First Time/09 Lonely Street/10 A Girl Like You/11 If I Touch Her/12 I'm an Explose/13 I Won't Go Back/14 Fortress Europe/15 Tommy and Toni/16 Dog Star/17 UFO/18 Summertime Come/19 Come Clean

This one out of the vast BigScott62 collection, there is a BUNCH more of this stuff if you guys want obscure 80's power pop, just say so, you'll get more than you dreamed possible!

Let Us "redux" Blue Cheer

An old fave of mine, that have been featured here at least once or twice.....in case you don't know, Blue
Cheer were the ultimate in ugly, grinding, sludge rock, and they put out two FAB albums of the same.....I've posted these before, but, as previously, I think my first posts were vinyl rips (NOT necessarily a bad thing), but I DO happen to have some digital editions of their two amazing albums (yes, I know about their "other" albums.....my opinion: they suck. PERIOD).....so, I am going to re-up the two CLASSIC Blue Cheer issues, in glorious (or not) digital format, these albums are so loud and sludgy, they are ABSOLUTE classics, this is just another opportunity for you to check them and be part of the "down with Blue Cheer" club......no kidding, "Doctor Please" from "Vincebus Eruptum" is on the first disc of BigScott's "What Is Heavy Metal?" project, and the rest of this sludgy stuff is that good, loud, UGLY rock n roll that any of us former/present drug fiends have GOT to love!.....

So without further ado, and since I couldn't think of anything else to put up today, here, motherfucker, are the GREAT Blue Cheer! (Longtime readers will recall that last time I posted a live boot with these, the rason I didn't this time is simple: it REALLY kind of sucks).

VINCEBUS ERUPTUM-01 Summertime Blues/02 Rock me Baby/03 Doctor Please/04 Out of Focus/05 Parchment Farm/06 Second Time Around

OUTSIDEINSIDE-01 Feathers From Your Tree/02 Sun Cycle/03 Just a Little Bit/04 Gypsy Ball/05 Come and Get It/06 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/07 The Hunter/08 Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger/09 Babylon

This is CLASSIC shit here, if you are a newb to THIS stuff, you MUST get with the program!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New contributor Nazz sends a couple of DAMNED albums, COOL

(scott)- Naz has been around for a bit, but I don't think he's sent us any material before......so, right now,
he's giving us some classic DAMNED albums, and not a one of us is going to turn THAT down, right? Thiws blog is open to ANYONE who wishes to submit any KILLER ROCK N ROLL, and welcome to NAZ if he wishes to be a regular contributor........these two albums are CLASSICS, nothing but, and let us thank Naz for sending them........Naz, please join the "team" and submit often.......I LOVE the submissions, and the readers love them too......helps make us what we "are"......great submissions, and PLEASE continue to send em in, we'll get em posted, THAT part I promise!

Hey, Scott.

I didn't see these on the blog, and they are a couple of my favorite punk albums... hell a couple of my favorite albums period.  Both are by The Damned.

Machine Gun Etiquette:

The DOWNLOAD LINK is http:// www113.zippyshare.com/v/E6hVeCxI/file.html
(added space to keep Yahoo from adding a hyperlink)


(From the 2004 Chiswick Reissue)
1 Love Song    
2 Machine Gun Etiquette    
3 I Just Can't Be Happy Today
4 Melody Lee
5 Anti-Pope
6 These Hands
7 Plan 9 Channel 7    
8 Noise, Noise, Noise
9 Looking At You
10 Liar    
11 Smash It Up (Parts 1 & 2)

12 Love Song (Ed Hollis Version)
13 Noise, Noise, Noise
14 Suicide    
15 Smash It Up (Part 2) (Backing TRACK - Singalonga Damned)    
16 Smash It Up (Part 4)    
17 Burglar    
18 I Just Can't Be Happy Today (DJ Edit)
19 Ballroom Blitz
20 Turkey Song

(from the 2004 Emergo re-issue)
1 Rabid (Over You)
2 White Rabbit (Extended Version

(from the 2004 Chiswick "Smash it Up" CD SINGLE
1 Smash It Up (Parts 1-4)

The Black Album

The download link is http: //www54.zippyshare.com/v/T9ElZizK/file.html (added space to keep YAHOO from adding a hyperlink)


1 Wait For The Blackout    
2 Lively Arts    
3 Silly Kids Games    
4 Drinking About My Baby    
5 Twisted Nerve    
6 Hit Or Miss    
7 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde    
8 Sick Of This And That    
9 History Of The World Part I
10 13th Floor Vendetta    
11 Therapy    
12 Curtain Call

You can just call me "Naz" in posts... this EMAIL ADDRESS is listed as "Naz Nomad" but I have posted in comments on the site as "Naz Fride" a couple of times from my Google+ account.  They are both me, so it's simpler to just call me Naz I guess.

I hope you like these.  My tastes run to old-school punk, British Invasion, rockabilly, garage, psychedelia and stuff like that, but I love all kinds of music, from Dylan, Costello and Bowie to doo-wop and funk.  I hope I have more stuff you're INTERESTED IN. Glad to help out if I can.


Groop Dogdrill

Sent by John N as a completer for the earlier Beachbuggy post.......Groop Dogdrill released a couple of albums after Beachbuggy had called it a day, And John has done us a favor AGAIN by sending to us for our inspection.......first we have 1998's "Half Nelson", quite a decent effort ....with it's rocakbilly undertones it might remind you perhaps of Reverend Horton Heat or somebody like that, but basically what we here is "good time, party" rock n roll, and nothing wrong with that.....

They released a (somewhat) similar effort, "Every Six Seconds", actually a more sophisticated writing effort to say the very least,

 which is respectable as well.....the band's semi-obsession with Americana and American Culture (The Rolling Stones did the same thing, although a LOT more skillfully, obviously) make the songs somewhat interesting, and keep ya listening to the lyrics. All in all, you could do a LOT worse than to grab these, if you're just looking for, you know, something "different", ???

HALF NELSON 01 Lovely Skin/02 Cocksucker Blues/03 Gentleman's Soiree/04 Lifestyle/05 Oily Rag/06 Southbound Tuxedo/07 Jackie O/08 Gracelands/09 Hessus/10 (That) Texaco Feeling/11 Salt Peter/12 Silver Boots

EVERY SIX SECONDS-01 Simian Kind (Read By Sara Kitching)/02 Head of Safety/03 On Me Not In Me/04 Clown Smash Everything/05 Komet/06 Low Sperm Count/07 Angel Wings/08 Speak & Spell/09 Bob N Laura/10 Best Sex in Texas/11 Smaller Target/12 Mummy's Little Soldier (Intro)/13 Mommy's Little Soldier/14 Soaur Milk

How About Another batch of Lewdd's Clash boots

Like I said before, there are so many of these that it's my preference to GET THEM POSTED, and then
listen to them afterwards......chances are, I'd bet money, that some of them sound like shit......but I havcae no idea which, I guess you can find out. TONS, though, of Clash stuff this fellow has (Same guy that had all the Descendents/Buzzcocks), myself I've got and have posted before something like 200 Clash boots, adn so what as they are one of he best bands I've had the pleasure of seeing (My 24th Birthday (I think) 05/02/62 at Dayton Ohio.......rocking show, and I'm sure more of these discs are "great" than the opposite!

THE 100 CLUB 8/31/76-01 Intro/02 Deny/03 1-2 Crush On You/04 I Know What To Think About You/05 I Never Did It/06 How Can I Understand the Files/07 Protex Blue/08 Janie Jones/09 mark Me Absent/10 Deadly Serious/1148 Hours/12 I'm So Bored With the USA?13 What's My Name/14 1977

GOING TO THE DISCO 9/5/76-01 Deny/02 1-2 Crush On You/03 I Know What You ThI ink Abour Me/04 I Never Did It/05 How Can I Understand/'06 Protex Blue/07 Janie Jones/08 Mark Me Absent/09 Deadly Serious/10 48 Hours/11 I'm So Bored With You/12 Sitting at My party/13 London's Burning/14 What's My Name/15 1977

9/20/76 THE 100 CLUB LONDON-01 White Riot/02 London's Burning/03 I'm So Bored With the USA/04 How Can I Understand the Files/05 Protex Blue/06 Deadly Serious/07 Deny/08 48 Hours/09 What's My Name/10 Janie Jones/11 1977

BIRMINGHAM UPGRADE 10/27/76-01 White Riot/02 Birmingham's Burning/03 I'm So Bored With the USA/04 I Can't Understand Files/05 Protex Blue/06 Deadly Serious/07 Deny/08 Career Opportunities/09 48 Hours/10 What's My Name/11 Janie Jones/12 1977/13 1-2 Crush On You

Normally I don't make these type of comments, but, damn, FOUR Clash boots all from 1976? I'd my jumping on that similar to the way I would jump on Rose McGowan, lying before me, legs spread.....Oh, sorry, never mind..........

  1. Deny 3:34
  2. 1-2 Crush On You 2:57

Acid Black Cherry

Acid Black Cherry is the name of the solo project of Japanese musician Yahu, after his band Janne Da Arc
disolved or whatever they  did......whatever, though, it's exciting to be able to provide you with three totall BANGIN albums of hard rock....(and you know my theory that non-English language shit is fab....so If you don't think so, sorry, but you are gonna hafta deal with that, because the three albums that I have here are PRETTY FUCKING GREAT, been listening to them today, some, and these are some DAMNED intersting Japanese pop/metal efforts, likely, unlike anything you've heard......now I can't know THAT for sure, but I do know this: these are three bad-ass albums.......see what you think, and of course, think about what we are trying to do here.....It's about the rock n roll, man........the rock n roll. That's how I was raised up, and it's gonna stay that way, until whatever, but you'll look like you just ain't in the groove should you miss these fucking fab albums.......trust me they fucking ROCK! I'm personally telling you, you don't want to miss these there great, fucking hard rocking albums!

(As always, when I have albums that are in a language that my computer won't replicate, well, I wind up with songs titled (MP3#1) or something like that......well, especially in this case.....if you miss these albums, it is your loss, as there is some great hard rock/alt pop on these sides......NOT fucking kidding around here, some great music, been really enjoying it today!

BLACK LIST-01 Sins/02 (Japanese Title)/03 Spell Magic/04 Scar/05 (Japanese Title)/06 Bit Stupid/07 (Japanese Title)/08 Black Cherry/09 Murder Licence/10 (Japanese Title)/11 Dragon Carnival/12 Prologue-End

QED-01 Mother/02 Cord name Justice/03 Jigsaw QED Version/04 mp3/05 mp3/06 mp3/07 1954 LOVE
HATE/08 I'm Not a Ghost/09 mp3/10 mp3/11 Maria/12 20 8Century Boys

RECREATION-01 Koi Hitoyo/02 mp3/03 mp3/04 mp3/05 Monochrome Venus/06 mp3/07 mp3/08 mp3/09 mp3/10 Beautiful Name

This stuff is not to be missed.......I really enjoyed he fuck out of it, seriously, I hope like fuck you do as well....NOT dicking around here, these are some fantastic hard rocking albums, just don't miss em coz you have a "thing" about non-English rock.....here are three discs of it, and all three arae fucking SLAMMING!

Jimmy & the Boys

And how about another early 1980's power-popping gem, this one from that fab land down under.......I had forgotten about this one, but sometimes when I'm thinking "what to post today", someimes my mind wanders to some strange locals......so, anyway, you know I love the strange power pop of the early 1980's, tp me, single albums from one-shot knockoffs like Jimmy & the Boys (this was actually their second effort, anyone have 1981's "Not Like Everybody Else"? Never heard a note of it, BUT after popping this one in after so many unheard years, I gotta say YES the power pop scene of the early 80's produced as many GREAT unknown albums as did, oh, say, the grunge rock of the early 90's, the glam of the mid 70's, of course, the killer heavy psych of the early 70's, the insane psych of the mid 60's, the stoner rock of more recent years....often times a scene "explodes" and it takes a whole to get the good albums sorted out.....

Actually a really good one here, hope you can find time to check this one, reminds me (EVER so slightly of maybe The Len Price Three), but this, like the rest of the  period pieces that I talk about so often, this, like so many, can stand on it's own.......good album, and a forgotten one as well........hey this is what i DO, right, I hope you guys get a crack at this album, it really IS a good one.

TEDDY BOYS PICNIC-01 Products of the Mind/02 Mirror Mirror/03 Get Off My Cloud/04 Brave New World/05 Teddy Boy's Picnic/06 They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me/07 Out of Phaze/08 Man of Steel/09 Love is Cheap/10 Pretty Boys/11 Don't Shoot

Tell ya what, this is a damn good album.......3.5 star maybe? I was really surprised that it was so much better than what I had remmebered......a REALLY good one, I say that a good bit, BUT when something happens to encapsulate an entire era/scene AND function as a fairly unknown gem, well, might just be me, but I thought that was why we all be here to begin with, right-o?

Jon S Warms us up with an amusing video.

Gotta LOVE the facial expressions......

Years ago, in one of his (brilliant) Baseball books was criticizing the way baseball votes for it's all star game.....he said (mind you this was probably 1992 or so) if we ran Presidential elections the way baseball chooses the all-star game, eventually we would wind up with someone like David Duke or (wait for it) Donald Trump as a president.......mind you, he meant this as a JOKE!

Anyway, enjoy the video, another classic from the Trump collection:



(scott) Along with the zillion Clash boots I posted a year or two ago,  the seemingly endless Lewdd
collection of classic Clash stuff, and now Jon S chipping in HIS Clash stash, this could be ALL YOU EVER NEED for your Clash listening purposes! There will be some overlap, for certain, (I am NOT going to sort them out, too  much work), but chances are, if the Clash released it, it is either 1) below, in Jon S's deep stash, 2) coming, in the multi-part Lewdd post, or 3) something I have that you might have to ask for. But this just MIGHT, taken as a whole, be the most comprehensive set of Clash rarities/boots ever assembled (i don't really mean that in the context of figuring out what actually IS the most comprehenisve set of Clash boots ever assembled)........anyway, as always, thanks to Jon S, who really goes the extra mile in assembling these amazing mega-posts for us. The Clash were one of the greatest, and you can use the resources available here to have the greatest Clash record collection in the universe! "The Only Band That Matters"!!!!!!!!

Lewdd's Clash post inspired me to listen to one of my all time favorite bands. I used to have a lot more bootlegs by The Clash but lost most to a hard drive crash. So, I definitely appreciate what Lewdd is doing and like toOFFER a compliment to it. Boots are FM or soundboard sourced.

The Clash

Sound System (Box Set)

Disc One

01 Janie Jones/02 Remote Control/03 I'm So Bored with the USA/04 White Riot/05 Hate & War/06 What's My Name/07 Deny/08 London's Burning/09CAREER OPPORTUNITIES/10 Cheat/11 Protex Blue/12 Police and Thieves/13 48 Hours/14 Garageland

Disc Two

15 Safe European Home/16 English Civil War/17 Tommy Gun/18 Julie's Been Working On the Drug Squad/19 Last Gang in Town/20 Guns On the Roof/21 Drug-Stabbing Time/22 Stay Free/23 Cheapskates/24 All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts)

Disc Three

25 London Calling/26 Brand New Cadillac/27 Jimmy Jazz/28 Hateful/29 Rudie Can't Fail/30 Spanish Bombs/31 The RightPROFILE/32 Lost in the Supermarket/33 Clampdown/34 The Guns of Brixton/35 Wrong 'Em Boyo/36 Death or Glory/37 Koka Kola/38 The Card Cheat/39 Lover's Rock/40 Four Horseman/41 I'm Not Down/42 Revolution Rock/43 Train in Vain

Disc Four

44 The Magnificent Seven/45 Hitsville UK/46 Junco Partner/47 Ivan Meets GI Joe/48 The Leader/49 Something About England/50 Rebel Waltz/51 Look Here/52 The Crooked Beat/53 Somebody Got Murdered/54 One More Time/55 One More Dub/56 Lighting Strikes (Not Once But Twice)/57 Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)/58 Corner Soul/59 Let's Go Crazy/60 If Music Could Talk/61 The Sound of Sinners

Disc Five
62 Police On My Back/63 Midnight Log/64 The Equaliser/65 The Call Up/66 Washington Bullets/67 Broadway/68 Lose This Skin/69 Charlie Don't Surf/70 Mensforth Hill/71 Junkie Slip/72 Kingston Advice/73 The Street Parade/74 Version City/75 Living in Frame/76 Silicone On Sapphire/77 Version Pardner/78CAREER OPPORTUNITIES/79 Shepherds Delight/79 Shepherds Delight

Disc Six

80 Know Your Rights/81 Car Jamming/82 Should I Stay or Should I Go/83 Rock the Casbah/84 Red Angel Dragnet/85 Straight to Hell/86 Overpowered By Funk/87 Atom Tan/88 Sean Flynn/89 Ghetto Defendant/90 Inoculated City/91 Death Is a Star

Disc Seven

92 White Riot/93 1977/94 Listen _ Interviews/95 Capital Radio/96 London's Burning/97 Complete Control/98 City of the Dead/99 Clash City Rockers/100JAIL Guitar Doors/101 (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais/102 The Prisoner/103 Crush On You/104 Time Is Tight/105 Pressure Drop/106 I Fought the Law/107 Groovy Times/108 Gates of the West/109 Capital Radio110 Armegideon Time/111 Bankrobber/112 Rockers Galore… UK Tour

Disc Eight

113 The Magnificent Dance/114 Midnight to Stevens (Outtake)/115 Radio One/116 Stop the World/117 The Cool Out/118 This Is Radio Clash/119 This Is Radio Clash (Different Lyrics)/120 First Night Back in London/121 Rock the Casbah (Bob Clearmountains Mix)/122 Long Time Jerk/123 TheBEAUTIFUL People Are Ugly Too (Outtake)/124 Idle in Kangaroo Court/125 Ghetto Defendant (Extended Unedited Version)/126 Cool Confusion/127 Sean Flynn (Extended 'Marcus Music' Version)/128 Straight to Hell (Extended Unedited Version)

Disc Nine

129 I'm So Bored with the USA (Beaconsfield Film School Session)/130 London's Burning (Beaconsfield Film School Session)/131 White Riot (Beaconsfield Film School Session)/132 1977 (Beaconsfield Film School Session)/133 Janie Jones (Polydor Demos)/134 Career Opportunities (Polydor Demos)/135 London's Burning (Polydor Demos)/136 1977 (Polydor Demos)/137 White Riot (Polydor Demos)/138 City of the Dead (Live at the Lyceum)/139 Jail Guitar Doors (Live at the Lyceum)/140 English Civil War (Live at the Lyceum)/141 Stay Free (Live at the Lyceum)/142 Cheapskates (Live at the Lyceum)/143 I Fought the Law (Live at the Lyceum)

Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg

01 Straight To Hell/02 Know Your Rights/03 Rock the Casbah/04 Red Angel Dragnet/05 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/06 Ghetto Defendant/07 Sean Flynn/08 Car Jamming/09 The Fulham Connection/10 Atom Tan/11 First Night Back in London/12 Inoculated City/13 Death is a Star/14 Cool Confusion/15 Idle in Kangaroo Court W1

The Lyceum, London 12/28/78

01 Safe European Home/02 I Fought The Law/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 Drug Stabbing Time/05 City Of The Dead/06 Clash City Rockers/07 Tommy Gun/08 (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais/09 English Civil War/10 Stay Free/11 Cheapskates/12 Julie's In The Drug Squad/13 Police And Thieves/14 Capitol Radio/15 Janie Jones/16 Garageland/17 Complete Control/18 London's Burning/19 White Riot

Monterey, CA 9/8/79

01 Intro/02 I'm So Bored With The USA/03 Complete Control/04 London Calling/05 Jail Guitar Doors/06 (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais/07 Drug Stabbing Time/08 Police And Thieves/09 Stay Free/10 Safe European Home/11 Capital Radio/12 Clash City Rockers/13 What's My Name/14 Janie Jones/15 Garageland/16 Armagiddeon Time/17 Career Opportunities/18 Fingernails/19 White Riot

Palladium, NYC 9/21/79

1-01 Safe European Home/1-02 I'm So Bored With The U.S.A./1-03 Complete Control/1-04 London Calling/1-05 (White Man In) Hammersmith Palais/1-06 Koka Kola/1-07 I Fought The Law/1-08 Jail Guitar Doors/1-09 The Guns Of Brixton/1-10 English Civil War/1-11 Clash City Rockers/1-12 Stay Free/1-13 Clampdown/1-14 Police And Thieves/1-15 Capital Radio/1-16 Tommy Gun/1-17 Wrong 'Em Boyo/1-18 Janie Jones/1-19 Garageland/1-20 Armagideon Time/1-21 Career Opportunities/1-22 What's My Name/1-23 White Riot

Capitol Theatre, NJ 8/3/80

01 Intro - 16 Tons - Clash City Rockers/02 Brand New Cadillac (Vince Taylor and His Playboys cover)/03 Safe European Home/04 Jimmy Jazz/05 London Calling/06 Guns Of Brixton/07 Train In Vain/08 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/09 Koka Kola/10 I Fought the Law (The Crickets cover)/11 Spanish Bombs/12 Police and Thieves (Junior Murvin cover)/13 Stay Free/14 Julie's In The Drug Squad/15 Wrong 'Em Boyo/16 Clampdown/17 Janie Jones/18COMPLETE Control/19 Armagideon Time (Willie Williams cover)/20 English Civil War/21 Garageland/22 Bank Robber/23 Tommy Gun

Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam 5/10/81

01 London Calling/02 The Leader/03 Somebody Got Murdered/04 (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais/05 The Guns of Brixton/06 Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)/07 Ivan Meets GI Joe/07 Ivan Meets GI Joe/08 This Is Radio Clash/09 Charlie Don't Surf/10 The Magnificent Seven/11 Bankrobber/12 Train in Vain/13CAREER OPPORTUNITIES/14 Clampdown/15 One More Time/16 I Fought the Law

Bonds International Casino, NYC 6/4/81

01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 The Leader/04 Train In Vain/05 (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais/06 This Is Radio Clash/07 Corner Soul/08 The Guns Of Brixton/09 The Call Up/10 Bankrobber/11 Complete Control/12 Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice)/13 When Ivan Meets G.I Joe/14 Charlie Don't Surf/15 The Magnificent Seven/16 Broadway/17 Somebody Got Murdered/18 Police And Thieves/19 Clampdown/20 One More Time/21 Brand New Cadillac/22 The Street Parade/23 Janie Jones/24 Washington Bullets

Jamaica World Music Festival, Montego Bay, Jamaica 11/27/82
01 introduction/02 London Calling/03 Police On My Back/04 The Guns of Brixton/05 The Magnificent Seven (incl. Armagideon Time)/06 Junco Partner/07 Spanish Bombs/08 One More Time/09TRAINIn Vain/10 Bankrobber/11 This Is Radio Clash/12 Clampdown/13 Should I Stay Or Should I Go?/14 Rock the Casbah/15 Straight to Hell/16 I Fought the Law

John N with The Outcasts Discography

Tremendous punk band from Northern Ireland, ca. late 70's/early 80's......bassist/vocalist Greg Cowan,
guitarist Colin Getwood, rhtyhm guitarist Martin Cowan, and drummer Colin Cowan.....no question a "singles" band as so many of the punk bands, especially European ones of the era, can be classified. Lotsa cover versions, some often staggering live sessions, loud, snarling punk in spirit, of, oh, maybe an Irish Stiff Little Fingers, if that makes any sense to you.....hey we ALL love the great punk of the late 70's and early 80's, as with most genres, when we dig deep, we find some wonderous stuff........these are gems of that great bygone era. Play loud!

SELF CONSCIOUS OVER YOU (PLUS SIX BONUS SINGLES)-01 Self Conscious Over You/02 Clinical Love/03 One Day/04 Love Is For Sops/05 You're a Disease/06 Love you For Never/07 The Princess Grew Up a Frog/08 Cyborg/09 School Teacher/10 Spiteful Sue/11 The Cops Are Comin'/12 Frustration (single A-side)/13 Don't Want To be No Adult (single B-Side)/14 You're a Disease (single B side version)/15 Justa Nother Teenage Rebel (Single A Side)/16 Love Is For Sops (Single B Side Version)/17 The Cops Are Coming (Split Single)

BLOOD AND THUNDER (PLUS SEVEN DEADLY SINS EP, PLUS SEVEN BONUS SINGLES)-01 Winter/02 machine Gun/03 Sex and Glory/04 Gangland Warfare/05 Programme Love/06 Princess of Oblivion/07 Frustration/08 Angel Face/09 Magnum Force/10 Beating & Screaming Part 1/11 Beating and Screaming Part 2/12 Mania/13 Nowhere Left to Run (single A Side)/14 The Running's Over, Time to Pray (Single B Side)/15 Ruby (Single B Side)/16 The Cops Are Coming (Live In London) (Single B Side)/17 Seven Deadly Sins/18 The Chase/19 5 Years/20 Swamp Fever/21 Waiting For the Rain/22 1969 (Single A Side)/23 Psychotic Shakedown (Single B Side)/24 Blue Murder (Single B Side)

Force/03 Seven Deadly Sins/04 1969/05 The Cops Are Coming/06 Swamp Fever/07 Programme Love/08 Clinical Love/09 Ghetto Blaster/10 Mania/11 machine Gun/12 Ruby/13 Gangland Warfare/14 Winter

Say Yes! A Tribute to.........well, someone.......

No posts yesterday did ya miss us? The 5-0 Vikings were busy crushing the overmatched Houston Texans.....I will suspend much comment on the Vikings FOR NOW (as I am not totally sold), but I will say they have already won as many games as I predicted they would.

Anyway, let's get a bunch of music-type stuff posted today.....this is yet another John N submission, it's a "Tribute Album"......let's play a game and see if you can guess who is being tributed! BECAUSE, not too long ago, I tried to do a comprehensive post on the "tributee" in question, and it was QUICKLY yanked, so, as per policy, I didn't finish it......good stuff, too, I had lots of boots, rarities, etc, and never got to post them.....hmmmmmm....well, I've described this artist as THE most depressing/depressed songwriter of them all, and very few would argue with that (although he has written some stunningly beautiful songs), as he obviously had depression problems, based upon his work and his eventual suicide.

Likely you know whom it is by now, if not, you'll get it.....I never knew this tribute album existed, and I haven't spun it yet, but I think it's a cool enough idea that we need to share this one around......Waxahatchee, who have been blog-semi-regulars for a short while now, appear on this one, as do J Mascius, Lou Barlow, Amanda Palmer, Tonya Donelly, and others.......if that isn't an esoteric enough partial list for ya, I don't know what, but I WILL add in the fact that MY PERSONAL favorite song by the artist in question (shhhhh...."King's Crossing" is it's title) is NOT covered here, but be advised, this guy, despite his issues, was a BRILLIANT songwriter, making a decent tribute album......OK, no more hints, you know it or you don't, just that this IS a brilliant writer, so (I'll get back to ya) I assume this is a good one......I think I'd recommend expedience to you if you wish to try this, as this IS one I've had a problem with before (not just "rumored" problems or a rep for problems).......try it out, report back, and enjoy, but please don't mention his name. I'm sorry we have to sometimes do things this way.

Thanks as always to John N, link king of the galaxy!

  1. Between The Bars - Tanya Donelly
  2. Ballad Of Big Nothing - Julien Baker
  3. Pictures Of Me - Amanda Palmer
  4. Waltz #2 - J Mascis
  5. Needle In The Hay - Juliana Hatfield
  6. Bled White - Yuck
  7. Say Yes - William Fitzsimmons
  8. Miss Misery - Tomo Nakayama
  9. Waltz #1 - Escondido
  10. Oh Well, Okay - Adam Franklin
  11. Condor Ave - Jesu/Sun Kil Moon
  12. Angeles - Waxahatchee
  13. Division Day - Lou Barlow
  14. No Name #3 - Caroline Says
  15. Easy Way Out - Wild Sun

Dread Zeppelin

Ah, why not, it's about time I dragged this one out.......Dread Zeppelin.......are ya familiar? This can be quite
amusing, in small doses, we get some Led Zeppelin tunes (among others),  set to reggae beats, and as a special bonus, Elvis Presely-style vocals.......I found this shit quite amusing some 25 years ago or so, had pretty much forgotten about them, but, someone asked me the other day, and yep, I happen to have a large "torrent"-style collection.....in other words, no "proper" albums here, but a TON of tracks, strung together in good ol' alphabetical order in a nice, big, Pirate Bay posting from God knows how many years ago......

Lord knows, this stuff does wear thin pretty quickly, BUT I think a handful of ya might appreciate the dumb humor involved here. I find it quite amusing, perhaps you will as well, don't worry, there is no huge landslide of these boyos on the horizon, but I do try to keep things diverse/mixed up for my peeps........btw, any of you have any legit "proper" Dread Zep LP's? Share em up now if ya do, let's see what they are all about! (unsure, but I MAY not have ever heard one in album format)........

Here we go, enjoy it, Mon, if ya don't like this one, gimme a few minutes and I'll get some more goodies up, I'm thinking you get a LOT of posts today after I took yesterday off! (hey, football season AND the baseball playoffs AND my divorce all going on at the same time? And yet I STILL find the time to enthrall you with these incredible slices of sound? I can hardly think of a word that would describe me!)

One can program this however one wishes, obviously, as we don't have the "albums" per se.......just don't take it all TOO seriously, have a laugh, and if ya got any shares, you know where I am!

DREAD ZEPPELIN TORRENT PROJECT-01 The First No-Elvis/02 Blue Christmas/03 Winter Wonderland/04 Do the Claw/05 Lemon Song/06 I'll Be Home For Christmas/07 1-800-Psychic Pal/08 White Christmas/09 Black Mountain Side/10 4 Jah People/11 Baba O'Reilly/12 Born on the Bayou/13 CC Rider/14 Disco Inferno/15 Earshot!/16 Freebird/17 Friend Bob Marley/18 Golden Slumbers /19 Hotdog/20 Jungle Boogie/21 Kingston Celebration/22 Living Loving Maid/23 Misty Mountain Hop/24 My Pink Cadillac/25 No Quarter/26 Nobody's Fault But Mine/27 Ramble On/28 Rock N Roll Medley/29 Shaft/30 Stairway to Heaven/31 Takin' Care of Buisness/32 Ten Years Gone/33 The Last Resort/34 Train Kept a Rollin'/35 What Is and What Should Never Be/36 Wooedstock (live)/37 Smoke on the Water/38 Whole Lotta Love/39 Black Dog/40 Communication Breakdown/41 Going to California/42 Jailhouse Rock/43 Jive Talkin'/44 Light My Fire/45 Moby Dick/46 Stir It Up/47 Sunshine of Your Love/48 Unchained Melody/49 Your Time Is Gonna Come/50 Good Times Bad Times/51 Big Ol' Gold Belt/52 Viva Las Vegas/53 Brick House (Of the Holy!)/54 Heartbreaker/55 Immigrant Song/56 Spambake

LITTLE bit different that what I usually post, but hey, so what? I hope a few of ya find these amusing, and
we keep the "Hey Man Zep Rules man why You make fun of them Man, You Suck Man, I hate you Man......oh, and can you repost that Radiohead show from five years ago?" -type posts to a minimum......this shit is fairly funny, although I will even admit there is likely more of this stuff here than you could ever possibly need!

Unity Floors

Image result for unity floors exotic goldfishAnother of those fab John N submissions, as well as another fab band from Austrailia, here are two good albums of semi-rocking shoegaze stuff.......i have listened to these, and, actually, I enjoyed them a good bit, which is why I am posting them (I don't post EVERYTHING that is sent to me, trust me).....I was not familiar with this band prior to the submittal, but, yes, I find both of these albums, pretty good.....not great, but certainly of the 2.5 star level, and there is certainly not an issue with that. ("Life Admin" is the recent release, ie last couple of weeks, and "Exotic Goldfish Blues" is from a couple years back, 2013 to be exact......these are both pretty fair efforts, see what you may think.......as always, searching the corners of the universe with my blogging crew in order to bring you some DIFFERENT rock n roll.....hope ya like it, if not, we'll get something else up today......

Image result for unity floors life adminEXOTIC GOLDFISH BLUES-01 Nice Fit/02 Day Release/03 Holy Hell/04 One In a While/05 Petrov's Clouds/06 just For a Minute/07 Georgina/08 Gettin' On/09 Littoral Drift/10 Want It All/11 Crash Cars

LIFE ADMIN-01 Moving to Melbourne/02 Give and Take/03 No One Else/04 Young Professionals/05 Harsh Truths/06 Cost of Living/07 Life Admin/08 Hungarian Heritage/09 Such a Star/10 Wouldn't It Be Nice

Thanks of course go to John N for these ones, another excellent choice to submit.