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Studkid submits Clearance

(scott)- Studkid evidently enjoyed Jon S' Pavement collection to the point that he submitted an album (unknown to me) "Rapid Rewards" from Clearance. According to Studkid, it harkens to "Crooked Rain Crooked Rain"-era Pavement. No way possible, in ANY universe, that one could complain about THAT!
Thx Jon s' for the Pavement boots. They have been one of my favorits for years. You  can not get enough pavement, and when there are years between Malkmus records, you try to get the fix elsewhere. I have one here: Chicago bandCLEARANCE and there record "Rapid Rewards". It wil take you rightBACK TO Crooked Rain/ Crooked Rain.

Clearance - Rapid Rewards (2015)

01 Delays Expected/02 You've Been Pre-Approved/03 No Glance You Took/04 Nonplussed/05 Rather Not Bother/06 Parlance Quote/07 Elsewhere Waits/08 Total Closeout/09 Crowded Out Flimsy Maneuver/10 Swiftboating (onto the Rails)/11 Care of the Claims Department/12 Flowers In Epoxy/13 Back of the Yards

The Descendents Part 3

(scott) Got a bunch of Descendent's EP's and singles,from John N's re4cent submission an obviously great
band, BUT one that I don't think has ever been thoroughly profiled here before, so, again, "The Team" (John N in this case) comes through, and another of the great bands is right in front of you, if your collection is incomplete next year, it isn't OUR fault!

ALL-LIVE PLUS ONE DISC 1-01 Fairweather Friend/02 Skin Deep/03 Can't Say/04 She Broke My Dick/05 Until I Say So/06 Crucifiction/07 Breakin Up/08 Better Than That/09 Bubblegum/10 Honeypeeps/11 She's My Ex/12 World's On heroin/13 Birds/14 I Want Out/15 Educated Idiot/16 Birthday IOU/17 Carnage/18 'cause/19 Self Righteous/20 Teresa/21 Hate To Love/22 Carry You

ALL-LIVE PLUS ONE DISC -01 My Dad Sucks/02 I'm the One/03 Hope/04 Thank You/05 M-16/06 Mr. Bass/07 Weinerscnitzel/08 Original Me/09 I Like Food/10 Silly Girl/11 Coffee Mug/12 Get the Time/13 Myage/14 Cheer/15 We/16 Everything Sux/17 This Plsce/18 Van/19 Bikeage/20 All-O-Gistics/21 Ctsalina

ITS A HECTIC WORLD (7" SINGLE)-01 Ride the Wild/02 It's a Hectic World

BONUS FAT EP-01 My Dad Sucks/02 Mr Bass/03 I Like
Food/04 Hey Hey/05 Weinerschnitzel/06 Global Probing/07 Ride the Wild/08 It's a Hectic World

I'M THE ONE EP-01 I'm the One/02 Everything Sux/03 Lucky/04 Shattered Milo

WHEN DID I GET OLD EP-01 When I Get Old/02 Gotta/03 Sick O Me

'MERICAN EP-01 Nothing With You/02 'merican/03 Here With Me/04 I Quit

SPAZZHAZARD EP-01 Days of Desperation/02 Thinkin'/03 Grindstone/04 Business A.U./05 Unchanged

The Launderettes

Total kickass all chick band from Oslo Norway......I could (and likely will, sigh) research what else they might have on the market, but I will tell you this.....this Launderettes album ("Shaken and Disturbed") is fucking BAD ASS.....of course, I have a personal weakness for hard-ass, tough motherfucking chicks, and when I listen to "Rebel Love" or "I Wanna Jump Your Bones", i get a wonderful feeling all over my body, knowing there are still TOUGH ASS CHICKS around (I've never liked sissy-girls).......the fucking Launderettes have my permission to capture me as their personal sex-slave, it's far less about the music in this attitude, rather than their attitude thsat I love so much.....I've explained before, and I'm sure I will again, my attraction to dominant, promiscuous women......I love them, as they fucking "GET IT".....we'll discuss this another time, several times probably, but in the meantime this is a wonderful album, some great chick-punk and we can ALWAYS use some more of THAT!

SHAKEN AND DISTURBED-01 Turn Around/02 Rebel Love/04 Transition Man/05 Loser/06 Let's Go/07 I Wanna Jump Your Bones/08 Porn Star/09 You'are So Wrong/10 Nobody But Me

More Teachings of Madame Angela: Robert Mirabel

(scott)- Madame Angela is sensitive to a number of issues, a lot of human rights issues often finding an especially soft spot for issues regarding the plights of Native Americans, in particular those on the Reservations. This is where Robert Mirabel comes in, a Native American vocalist/flute player/poet/etc. Honestly I have never heard of the guy, but I did listen to a good bit of this carpet-bomb style today, and I will say it is more than a bit enjoyable, mixing what is obviously traditional Native music with more modern musical stylings and lyrics involving the issues with which the tribes deal in their lives.

This dude has released MANY albums, and I assume is quite well known in Native American circles, hell, he should be, I guess, this album (a 2001 live release, "Music from a Painted Cave"). I really had no idea what to expect, but (and I WOULD be honest to Angie as I would to anyone else, If ya like something that I think sucks, I'm gonna tell you I think it sucks......ask Angie about my feelings toward the Grateful Dead!) I really do like this album and intend to seek out a bit more of the upper-tier stuff if I can. Strangely "rocking", lyrical, and incorporating a lot of various instrumentation and sound effects, I'm glad that my love Madame Angela hipped me to this one, when it comes to the wide world of music and what it means to each of us, we can ALL stand to do a little  bit of learning from the other guy.

Unlesss the Grateful Dead is involved, then one gets a pass.

Really nice effort here though, solid and enjoyable as can be. I really liked the songs "Hope" (excellent lyrically and musiscally), the fairly frantiac "Drum Battle", the slowly building/churning "Navajo Fires" and Angie's favorite track "Skinwalker's Moon".

Myself I always love it when introduced to a new brand of music, much more so when it takes me so much by surprise as this one did. I'll be seeing what other material Angie has and checking it out as well, if it's on this level, we'll be getting to some more of it fairly shortly. But this hits on all targets, musically great, conceptually, a fine, activist standpoint, really liked the album. Really. A LOT. sorry to go on so much, but at this point in the old ball game it is really hard to musically catch me totally off guard. This one did it.

MUSIC FROM A PAINTED CAVE-01 The Dance/02 Little Indians/03 Ee-You-Oo/04 Courtship Song/05 Medicine Man/06  Skinwalker's Moon/07 Shield Dance/08 Runner's Dreamtime/09 Hope/10 Painted Cave/11 1000 Miles/12 Drum Battle/13 Navajo Fires/14 An Kah Na/15  Sisters/16 Stiltwalker

From Jon S, Record Club

(scott)- I don't know how many of you know what this (Record Club) is all about, a little hard to describe,
considering the fact that I was kind of warned to maybe not use a bunch of names on this one, not sure, so I'll just remain safe and give you the Wikipedia link that Jon S included when he sent the post originally:


....myself, I have heard these before, and they are nothing if not interesting.

Sorry for being so vague, just trying to make sure everybody is happy!
The Velvet Underground And Nico

01 Sunday Morning/02 Waiting For My Man/03 Femme Fatale/04 Venus In Furs/05 Run Run Run/06 All Tomorrow's Parties/07 Heroin/08 There She Goes Again/09 I'll Be Your Mirror/10 Black Angel's Death Song/11 European Son/12 Heroin (Alt. Version)

The Songs of Leonard Cohen

01 Suzanne/02 Master's Song/03 Winter Lady/04 Stranger Song/05 Sisters of Mercy/06 So Long, Marianne/07 Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye/08 Stories of the Street/09 Teachers/10 One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong


01 Little Hands/02 Cripple Creek/03 Diana/04 Margaret-Tiger Rug/05 Weighted Down/06 War in Peace/07 Broken Heart/08 All Come To Meet Her/09 Books of Moses/10 Dixie Peach Promenade/11 Lawrence of Euphoria/12 Grey_Afro


01 Guns In the Sky/02 New Sensation/03 Devil Inside/04 Need You Tonight/05 Mediate/06 Loved One/07 Wild
Life/08 Never Tear Us Apart/09 Mystify/10 Kick/11 Calling All Nations/12 Tiny Daggers

Yanni Live At The Acropolis

01 Santorini/02 Keys To Imagination/03 Until The Last Moment/04 The Rain Must Fall/05 Acroyali_Standing In Motion/06 One Man's Dream/07 Within Attraction/08 Nostalgia/09 Swept Away/10 Reflections Of Passion



another great submission, Jon S!

From Jon S an excellent covers album

(scott)-as covers projects are sort of one of our more popular features here, this is another tremendous submission from Mr. Jon S.......info below, I listened and it's got some definite highlights........I'm sure you know by now whether or not you want to hear this.

John Cale covers The Velvet Underground with guests - La Philharmonie, Paris 3/4/16

01 I'm Waiting for the Man/02 White Light_White Heat (with The Libertines)/03 All Tomorrow's Parties (with Mark Lanegan)/04 Venus in Furs/05 I'll Be Your Mirror (with Étienne Daho)/06 There She Goes Again (with Animal Collective )/07 Sunday Morning/08 European Son (with The Libertines)/09 Femme Fatale (with Lou Doillon)/10 Black Angel's Death Song (with Mark Lanegan)/11 Run Run Run (with The Libertines)/12 Heroin (with Saul Williams)/13 Sister Ray

Curtis Mayfield's final performance

(scott) Third of FOUR submisions from Jon S today, the guy can also excel at small posts like these today, or the amazing huge comprehensive discographies......personally, I hope he continues to send me stuff forever, he sure does make some amazing submissions, thanks as always Jon S.

By the way, as for the music on this one, it's smokin', always liked a lot of Curtis Mayfield's stuff!

Curtis Mayfield's last show - Summerstage, Central Park 7/7/90

01 Superfly/02 It's Alright/03 I'm So Proud/04 Freddie's Dead/05 Pusherman/06 Billy Jack/07 We Gotta Have Peace/08 People Get Ready/09 Give Me Your Love/10 Do Be Down/11 To Be Invisible/12 Don't Worry, If There's A Hell Below (We're All Gonna Go)/13 When Seasons Change/14 Ending

The Ramones 40th Anniversary

(scott) Jon S sends along this monster, commemorating  the 40th (!!!!) anniversary of "The Ramones".......the
complete tracklist appears below, personally, I see quite a few tracks that I am almost certain are unique to this set, and it's been a while since I've discovered any "new" Ramones music. RIP, Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, and Tommy!

The Ramones 40th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue

01 Blitzkrieg Bop/02 Beat On The Brat/03 Judy Is A Punk/04 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/05 Chain Saw/06 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue/07 I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement/08 Loudmouth/09 Havana Affair/10 Listen To My Heart/11 53rd & 3rd/12 Let's Dance/13 I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You/14 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World/15 Blitzkrieg Bop (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/16 Beat On The Brat (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/17 Judy Is A Punk (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/18 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/19 Chain Saw (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/20 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/21 I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/22 Loudmouth (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/23 Havana Affair (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/24 Listen To My Heart (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/25 53rd & 3rd (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/26 Let's Dance (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/27 I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/28 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (40th Anniversary Mono Mix)/29 Blitzkrieg Bop (Original Stereo) (Single Version)/30 Blitzkrieg Bop (Original Mono) (Single Version)/31 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Original Stereo) (Single Version)/32 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Original Mono) (Single Version)/33 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (Uncensored Vocals)/34 I Don't Care (Demo) (2016 Remastered)/35 53rd & 3rd (Demo)/36 Loudmouth (Demo)/37 Chain Saw (Demo)/38 You Should Have Never Opened That Door (Demo)/39 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Demo)/40 I Can't Be (Demo)/41 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (Demo)/42 I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You (Demo)/43 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Demo) (2016 Remastered)/44 I Don't Wanna Be Learned _ I Don't Wanna Be Tamed (Demo)/45 You're Gonna Kill That Girl (Demo)/46 What's Your Name (Demo)/47 Loudmouth (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/48 Beat On The Brat (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76)/49 Blitzkrieg Bop (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/50 I Remember You (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/51 Glad To See You Go (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))52 Chain Saw (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/53 53rd & 3rd (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/54 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/55 Havana Affair (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/56 Listen To My Heart (Set 1)
(Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/57 California Sun (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/58 Judy Is A Punk (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/59 I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/60 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/61 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Set 1) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/62 Let's Dance (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA 8_11_76) (2016 Remastered)/63 Loudmouth (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/64 Beat On The Brat (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/65 Blitzkrieg Bop (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/66 I Remember You (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/67 Glad To See You Go (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/68 Chain Saw (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/69 53rd & 3rd (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/70 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/71 Havana Affair (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/72 Listen To My Heart (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/73 California Sun (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/74 Judy Is A Punk (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/75 I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/76 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/77 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))/78 Let's Dance (Set 2) (Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, CA (8_12_76))

DO NOT piss me off

Recently, Saturday in fact, I posted what I thought would be a very popular selection, submitted to me by
one of my greatest submitters, Jon S....."The 40th Anniversary Edition" of the first Ramones album, with a vast galaxy of bonus material. here is what transpired afterwards: One "anonymous" reader commented that the recording quality of the set is poor (see comments, that one is still up, because if it is a legit complaint, I want to know about it, as I had not listened to it yet)......a couple people said it sounded fine, someone else said it was bad, hard to tell who is who since everyone commenting was "anonymous".....OK, I don't allow that kind of shit in my comments section, I've deleted the ones I think NEEDED deleted, but that shit is beside the point. "Anonymous" pissed of Jon S, who announced he would no longer be posting here.

I emailed Jon S to try to smooth things over, I don't know if it will help or not, but I will tell you this. If you piss of one of my team, to the point that he wishes to no longer contribute, then you PISS ME OFF. I am asking nicely, DO NOT act like an ass in the comments section, I've been through it before and it is not going to happen. I'm NOT going to disallow "anonymous" comments, BUT if I have to I will.......because THIS blog is great because of the people who submit INCREDIBLE material to it, not due to people who won't even attach a screen name to their comments.

As for the Ramones effort, I still have not had time to listen......BUT here are my thoughts. First of all, John S is one of my most respected contributors, and he, as WELL AS John N (another of my most respected contributors) both sent the set.......I posted Jon S's simply because I received it first, but I HIGHLY doubt that two contributors of this stature would BOTH send me a defective file.....if I research it and find something IS wrong with the posted edition, I will post the other one, see, a PLAN B!

Not only that, but I see that there are a lot of demos, mono mixes, stuff like that on the set, and it's the FUCKING RAMONES, it isn't Genesis or something.......what do you THINK a mono mix of an early Ramones song is going to sound like? Actually I can't comment on this, as I really HAVEN'T listenened yet, but that isn't the point. Let me spell the point out:

This takes a fucking good bit of work to do this, on a near daily basis, we get great music, new and old, to you folks......my team and I REALLY DO work hard to create quality posts, the kind you WONT find anywhere else......if for ANY reason you find them unsatisfactory, contact me, and if there is a tchnical issue, we'll see what we can do.......if it's just something you don't care for, for GODS SAKE skip it, there is plenty more shit here for you to investigate. Point being, we work hard on this shit, I know I do, and I know the rest of the team does as well.......why piss ANY ONE of us off, and risk lowering the quality of the blog?  Hey, do you know where I am at in my life? Fucking 54 years old getting divorced from my wife of 30 years, my son three hours away at college, do you think I need fucking drama over my fucking BLOG? I don't, trust me.......and if you "anonymous" comment makers can't play nice, I will shut this mitherfucker down in a heartbeat, I do NOT need to sort shit out because someone doesn't like something posted here, for whatever reason......for the record, NONE OF US are getting paid for this shit, we are (believe it or not) DOING IT FOR YOU........all we ever ask for is maybe a "thank you" or, even better, a contribution of your own.......but for God's sake, DON'T bitch about the posts......there is NOTHING TO GAIN, and EVERYTHING to lose, including the blog itself. I hope Jon S realizes that his work means a lot to 1000's of people, remember everything he has provided us with, those AMAZING comprehensive posts on Husker Du, The Replacements, Echo & the Bunnymen, Pavement, as well as those great posts on lesser known greats such as Hop Along and Car Seat Headrest........do you WANT to lose stuff like that? I fucking DON'T.......I've asked the man to reconsider, I hope he does, but if he doesn't, it's due to a single asshole who has no idea how to act when receiving something in exchange for nothing (in this case, LESS than nothing, given the moronic remarks).........

OK, here it is........this is how I feel. Jon S's work means  A LOT to me, as I have told him, you, and anyone else who will listen. RESPECT his hard work, or, if you must, IGNORE it......but do not fucking criticize him......he works hard, as we all do, to try to make this blog different and (hopefully) better than the others......I hope he continues to contribute, (he had talked about a mega-Sonic Youth post before, I'd love that!), but if he doesn't, its the fault of ONE anonymous asshole who is unappreciative and acts like a 14 year old.

If shit like this continues (and to be fair, in general, it has not been a HUGE problem of late), I will end this
fucking blog in a heartbeat. I usually work 2-3 hours a day on it, that's just ME, and if you don't think I could use that time for something else you are quite wrong.........Jon S, here is a public request from me, please don't stop posting, I apologize to you for the actions of morons who know no better (evidently).......

It is simple. Be COURTEOUS and GRATEFUL to the folks who submit here, they do a magnificent job,I've detailed that before, but they REALLY do, and if you don't appreciate that, you are in the wrong place.........I hope Jon S remains with us, if he doesn't, well, that's what happens when someone who is doing something for YOU is disrespected.

Think this over. I want this blog to continue......I really do.....I will not, however, wage a continuing battle with comment makers who are rude, inconsiderate, unappreciative, and childish.....I don't have to, and I won't. Keep the comments constructive, if there is a technical issue, be CERTAIN to let me know, but to simply bitch for the sake of bitching? No.....I simply don't have the time for that shit.

By the way, Cynthia Watros, who was so badass as Libby on "Lost" decorates this particular post. Thanks, Cynthia!

Mountain Dust

Ok, lets get to some music, today, I have a shit load of John N stuff, it's all pretty new, so you know what that means.......either someone will get mad about it and I'll have to remove it, OR the creators will be grateful and allow it to stay.....we'll see......first up is a fab album I listened to earlier today, "Nine Years" from Mountain Dust......from Canada, this is an absolutely fab album of hard-psych/stoner greatness.....I think it's their debut but I can't find out for sure. Sure is a kick-ass, loud, hard rocking album tough......motherfucker is badass, trust me.

NINE YEARS-01 Evil Deeds/02 Aveline/03 Running Fool/04 Tale of the Red Rain/05 Dead Queen/06 Lonely War/07 Nine Years


Another submission from the great John N, Pill's album "Convenience" is their debut (I think they had a previous EP) and it is GREAT......possibly top-20 year end material, we shall see.....it rocks like fuck, really chaotic, and also includes fab topical lyrics (check: " Speaking Up", "My Rights", "Fetish Queen")......Veronica Torres lyrics and vocals are both worth your minimal effort.......great album here, I recommend it highly.

CONVENIENCE-01 60 Sec./02 Which is True?/03 My Rights/04 Fetish Queen/05 Dead Boys/06 J-E-N-O-V-A/07 100% Cute/08 Sex With Santa/09 Speaking Up/10 Vagabond/11 Love & Other Liquids/12 Medicine

Something new for the Beatles fans

Released just this or last week, I think, we have a new edition of the out-of-print for a while classic "The Beatles Live at Hollywood Bowl"........always a great album, a very energetic performance, this new 2016 release contains previously unreleased bonus tracks, and FUCK YES, it's great to hear this tremendous album once again........As i sometimes say, If you want this one, you may want to act quickly, just saying.......

LIVE AT HOLLYWOOD BOWL-01 Twist and Shout/02 She's a Woman/03 Dizzy Miss Lizzy/04 Ticket to Ride/05 Can't Buy Me Love/06 Things We Said Today/07 Roll Over Beethoven/08 Boys/09 A Hard Day's Night/10 Help!/11 All My Loving/12 She Loves You/13 Long Tall Sally/14 You Can't Do That/15 I Want to Hold Your Hand/16 Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby/17 Baby's In Black

Argueably the best commercially available live Beatles recording, how can you go wrong with four bonus tracks.Long a fave of mine, great to hear the bonus material. And, as I said, maybe act quick, ya never know?

Tremendous new release

Kind of didn't want to put the artist's name in the title, but this is SOOOOOO fucking good, I had no choice but to post it......from John N (of course) comes this amazing collection of Jack White's accoustic tracks.....of course, I'm a long time Jack White/White Stripes fan (one of the best live shows I've seen was The Jack White Band with my son Grant a couple of years ago), and I consider him, along with maybe Dave Grohl and of course the ladies of Sleater Kinney, to be among the small cluster of what I consider the musical geniuses of the post 2000 era.........anyway, I ALWAYS am up for some new jack White recordings  (again, ala the Beatles post below, if this interests you, MAYBE you might wish to hurry up, just saying)

Fine collection of stuff, I predict this will go over pretty big......just please, if this gets pulled, it won't be back, so give it some thought. From a long-time White Stripes mega-fan!

ACCOUSTIC TRACKS 1998-2016-01 Sugar Never Tasted So Good (White Stripes)/02 Apple Blossom (White Stripes) (remixed)/03 I'm Bound to pack it Up (White Stripes) (remixed)/04 Hotel Yorba (White Stripes)/05 We're Going to be Friends (White Stripes)/06 You've Got Her In Your Pocket (White Stripes)/07 Well It's True That We Love One Another (White Stripes)/08 Never Far Away (Jack)/09 Forever For her (Is Over For Me) (White Stripes)/10 White Moon (The White Stripes)/11 As ugly As I seem (White Stripes)/12 City Lights (White Stripes) (Previously Unreleased)/13 Honey We Can't Afford to Look This Cheap (White Stripes)/14 Effect and Cause (White Stripes)/15 Love the Truth (Jack) (Acoustic Mix)/16 Top Yourself (The Raconteurs) (Bluegrass Version)/17 Carolina Drama  (The Raconteurs) (Acoustic Mix)/18 Love Interruption (Jack)/19 On an On an On (Jack)/20 Machine Gun Silhouette (Jack) ( Acoustic Mix)/21 Blunderbuss (Jack)/22 Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy (Jack) (Alternate Mix)/23 I Guess I Should Go To Sleep (Jack) (Alternate)/24 Just One Drink (Jack) (Acoustic Mix)/25 Entitlement (Jack)/26 Want and Able (Jack)

Plenty of gems here, obviously, mostly though the previously unreleased White Stripes track "City Lights.....as I said, you might want to act quickly, just in case.......

A new contributor with some very cool stuff

(scott) Lewdd (long time reader) has sent me some fab Decsendents boots, which we will get to soon (after
I finish John N's Descendents submissions), but for now, he also sends us a couple discs of punk covers, entitled "Under the Covers".....two discs/volumes, and there is some GREAT shit on these.......please join me in welcoming Lewdd to the Growing Bored For a Living submission team, I hope he continues to send us great shit like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VOLUME 1-THE RAMONES-Surfin' Bird/02 THE RAMONES-California Sun/03 THE DICKIES-nights In White Satin/04 THE DICKIES-Paranoid/05 CHANNEL 3-Stupid Girl/06 MINOR THREAT- Good Guys (Don't Wear White/07 THE REPLACEMENTS-Hey Good Lookin'/08 SOCIAL DISTORTION-Under My Thumb/09 SOCIAL DISTORTION-Ring of Fire/10 THE RED ROCKERS-Folsom Prison Blues/11 ALL-Hot Rod Lincoln/12 ALL-A Boy Named  Sue/13 THE DESCENDENTS-Wendy/14 DOA-War/15 THE DIODES-Red Rubber Ball/16 GOLANT PISTONS-Friday on My Mind/17  HAMMERSMITH GORILLAS-You Really Got Me/18 THE JOLT-Whatcha Gonna Do About It/19 SEX PISTOLS-Substitute/20 SEX PISTOLS- Stepping Stone/21 SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS-Mystery Girls/22 THE CLASH-Police and Thieves/23 THE DAMNED-Help!/24 THE SAINTS-Lipstick On Your Collar/25 THE SAINTS-River Deep Mountain High/26 THE JAM-Batman Theme/27 THE REZILLOS-Somebody's Gonna  Their Head kicked In tonight/28 DROPKICK MURPHYS-Dirty Water

VOLUME 2-01 PENNYWISE-Under the Covers/02 DROPKICK MURPHYS-It's a Long Way to the
Top/03 DROPKICK MURPHYS-Fortunate Son/04 LONDON-Friday On My Mind/05 SEX PISTOLS-Road Runner/06 SEX PISTOLS-Rock Around the Clock/07 SEX PISTOLS-Whatcha Gonna Do About It/08 SID VISCIOUS-My Way/09 SID VISCIOUS-Something Else/10 THE CLASH-Pressure Drop/11  THE CLASH-I Fought the Law/12 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-We Gotta Get Out of This Place/13 UK SUBS-She's Not There/14 COCKNEY REJECTS-Motorhead/15 THE DICKIES-Communication Breakdown/16 THE DICKIES-Banana Splits/17 THE RAMONES-Little Bit O Soul/18 THE RAMONES-Spiderman/19 THE RAMONES-Any Way You Want It/20 THE RAMONES-R.A.M.O.N.E.S./21 HEXTALLS-Texas/22 BLACK FLAG-Louie Louie/23 THE DEAD KENNEDYS-Take This Job and Shove it/24 THE DEAD KENNEDYS-I Fought the Law/25 THE DEAD KENNEDYS-Viva Las Vegas/26 THE DEAD KENNEDYS-Rawhide/27 MIA-California Dreamin'/28 MIKE NESS-I Fought the Law/29 MINOR THREAT-Steppin Stone/30 THE ROMANTICS-She's Got Everything/31 LESS THAN JAKE-Greased Lightnin'/32 LESS THAN JAKE-We Go Together

Please, oh please, can someone please help this poor guy?

I just got this email (from someone I never heard of), and this guy is in TROUBLE. I figure if we all chip in a hundred bucks or so, and, if need be, we can set up a go-fund me account, or perhaps a bake sale, and we can get this fine, honest man (and his cherished FAMILY as well)
home all safe and warm. All I can say is lucky for him that there are caring people like us still around today!

Good Morning

I hope you get this mail on time, please I'm presently in (Manila Philippines) with my Family due to an urgent call about our niece's kidney transplant which she needed proper medical attention and family support. Now we are stuck as We were attacked by four armed robbers on our way back to the hotel where we lodged.
As i am writing to you all our valuables, cash, credit cards and cellphone were stolen away. I have no means of communication and did report the incident to the Embassy and the Police but to my dismay they seem not bothered but only agreed to issue us a temporary passport. Now I have to pay for our tickets and settle my hotel bills with the Manager.  The hotel manager won't let me leave until I settle the bills, I need your help/LOAN financially I need you to loan me $2,250 USD, Western union transfer is the fast option for me so that  i can receive it in a Minute with my ID, I promise to make the refund once I get back home hopefully tomorrow, you are my last resort and hope, Please let me know if I can count on you as we are in panics and I need you to keep checking your email because it's the only way I can reach you.
Thanks you as i await your swift response!

William Mahoney


Thanks for choosing ME William, I won't let you down. Could you use my credit card number until we can get some cash to you? just let me know.

Madame Angela presents "Drums of a Nation" (John Richardson)

Madame Angela gave me this one to listen to today, more of the native American music which she loves and finds inspirational. I have to say, like the previous (Robert Mirabel) post, I enjoyed this MUCH more than I expected to. Split into two halves, the first (I prefer) is entitled "Thunder Dreams", and with it's weird sound effects and strange time changes, it damn near (to me on first listen) borders on classic psychedelic rock, it's around 23 minutes and seemed to breeze by in about ten. Same for the second side, "Rainmaker", my knowledge of this kind of thing is limited to zero, I assume this is some sort of rain-prayer or close approximation, again, wicked sound effects and the incredible pacing of the drums works out REALLY well, hell, this could be a great lost album by Pink Floyd or something, and I mean that as a compliment.

I will have to see if Angie has the "Celtic Drums" set, that sounds pretty cool, and there is some more of his stuff floating around out there. I have been apprehensive, but I have really enjoyed (so far) ALL of the music that Angie has submitted for our approval here, there is a LOT more and she walks it like she talks it, the stuff she listens to is most generally intertwined with her pagan/witch lifestyle, which I am trying to learn more about each day. Yes, I do love the woman, but I would NOT be bashful about saying this stuff sucked, IF i thought it did......but I don't. The stuff she has turned me on, which is stuff she thought would be appreciated by some in blog-world (and it has), has thusfar been stuff that I have really enjoyed from a simple listening standpoint, as well as from a scholarly point of view.

And that is saying a lot. Thanks Angie, this is another good post, IMO at least, and I know you will be sharing a lot more in the future (really, she has some great stuff, and relax, I won't violate the "no Grateful Dead" rule, not even for her. Just glad I have her in my life, also glad to have her views and very different, individual musical tastes to share on the blog, another fantastic team member that makes this blog the unique piece of work that, at least, I think it is........

DRUMS OF A NATION-01 Thunder Dreams/02 Rainmaker

Wrapping up John N's Descendents stuff

I screwed this up yesterday and posted a bunch of albums I had already put up, well, whatever, this was a
find submission pretty much tracking the complete (official) recorded efforts by the great Descendents, grandfathers of all modern-day brattish-punk rock.

The reason I wish to wrap up John N's submittal is Lewdd (you may have checked his fab "Under the Covers" comps he put up yesterday) has sent me a BUNCH (and I do mean a BUNCH) of Descendents' boots, which will work as a perfect compliment to John N's effort......you see? All these fantastic contributors, their work all fits together and works perfectly. Lewdd seems to be something of a punk fanatic, maybe, and,  if he wishes to contribute regularly, perhaps he has a bunch of "out there" punk stuff that we don't know of yet......and God only knows, THAT is why we are all here, right?

OK, but I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, as I want to post the remainder of John N's submittal. John N did a great job on this, the Descendents are/were a band that was in serious need of documentation on this site. Now that we have THAT wrapped up, I'll occasionally drop in a cluster of boots to round this thing out.


SOMERY-01 All/02 My Dad Sucks/03 Suburban Home/04 Silly Girl/05 Kids/06 Clean Sheets/07 Sour Grapes/08 Seinerschnitzel/09 Myage/10 Good Good Thing/11 Van/12 Bikeage/13 Enjoy/14 Theme/15 Coolidge/16 I like Food/17 I Wanna Be a Bear/18 I Don't Want to Grow Up/19 Cheer/20 Pervert/21 Hope/22 All-O-Gistics/23 I'm Not a Loser/24 Get the Time/25 Hul' rtin' Crul' e/26 Cameage/27 Descendents/28 No!

RAREAGE!-B SIDES AND RARITIES COMP-01 Like the Way I Know (outtake)/02 Doug Rides a Skateboard/03 Veni Vidi Veci (Outtake)/04 Silver (live)/05 Silence (demo)/06 Lucky (b side)/07 Shattered Milo (b side)/08 Gotta (b side)/09 Grand Theme (B side)/10 Sad State of Affairs (from "Rock Against Bush: collection)

TWO THINGS AT ONCE (MILO GOES TO COLLEGE/BONUS FAT)-01 Myage/02 I Wanna Be a Bear/03 I'm Not a Loser/04 Parents/05 Tonyage/06 M-16/07 I'm Not a Punk/08 Catalina/09 Suburban Home/10 Statue of Liberty/11 kabuki Girl/12 marriage/13 Hope/14 Bikeage/15 jean Is Dead/16 My Dad Sucks/17 Mr. Bass/18 I Like Food/19 Hey hey/20 Weinerschnitzel/21 Global Probing/22 Ride the Wild/23 It's a Hectic World

ALL/LIVE PLUS ONE DISC 1-01-Fairweather Friend/02 Skin Deep/03 Can't Say/04 She Broke My
Dick/05 Until I Say So/06 Crucifiction/07 Breakin Up/08 Better Than That/09 Bubblegum/10 Honeypeeps/11 She's My Ex/12 World's On Heroin/13 Birds/14 I Want Out/15 Educated idiot/16 Birthday IOU/17 Carnage/18 'cause/19 Self Righteous/20 Teresa/21 Hate to Love/22 Carry You

ALL/LIVE PLUS ONE DISC 2-01 My Dad Sucks/02 I'm the One/03 Hope/04 Thank You/05 M-16/06 Mr. Bass/07 Weinerschnitzel/08 Original Me/09 I Like Food/10 Silly Girl/11 Coffee Mug/12 Get the Time/13 Myage/14 Cheer/15 We/16 Everything Sux/17 This Place/18 Van/19 Bikeage/20 All-O-Gistics/21 Catalina

Great submission, John N, quite a comprehensive take on an often overlooked and underappreciated 9for their influence on Green Day, among many others)........hope long time fans have filled in the gaps, pups have found a new band to groove on, and EVERYONE who enjoys the Descendents will be seriously into the series of bootlegs coming your way, compliments of new contributor Lewdd......look for them to begin SOON!

The final word on the Ramones thing

(scott)-OK I still haven't listened to it, and with all the bullshit that's came with it, maybe I won't......here is
the deal......some entitled folks out there were not pleased with Jon S' submission of the 40th Anniversary issue of The Ramones debut album........

OK, Jon S did not a goddamn thing wrong, in fact, he, like the rest of us here, was trying to get interesting new musical releases into your hands quickly.......that is NOT something for you or anyone else to bitch about......if the file is not the best, then the file is not the best, as I said I haven't listened yet, but I do know these facts: 1) it IS the fucking Ramones, it's hardly like Alan parsons or someone was producing, 2) according to the notes, there are a lot of demos, mono mixes, live tracks which are very likely audience recordings, and on and on......please do NOT act entitled to ANYTHING, that can be the RUINATION of what we are attempting to do here.

John N, who is as respected here as is Jon S, ALSO sent me the same set, I used Jon S' simply because I recieved it first.......fine, here is a link for John N's submittal, if you like it better, then you come out ahead, right?


And, also, despite everyone criticizing him and all, Jon S actually finds out of the goodness of his heart, the submission of the 2001 expanded/remastered re-release of the album, which someone (I forget who, with all the cast of characters who have been involved in this silly, petty arguement) said was a "better" reissue than the recent release......maybe it is judge for yourself, I am to the point that I simply DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. Jon S seems to have gotten over his anger, great, I'm not sure I have though......DO NOT disrespect ANYONE here....ESPECIALLY not my blogger team, but just don't disrespect ANYONE. We are not fucking curing cancer here. We are not solving any world problems, we are not really doing ANYTHING truly constructive......we are sharing some goddamn Ramones or Descendents or whomever's albums, if one of them falls short of your personal standards, give me a fucking break.......it happens. It's happened to me before, it's happened with guest links, it fucking happens. I am NOT going to begin a tradition of posting multiple versions of the same thing, but in THIS ONE CASE ONLY I am going to.....you guys have a few options now, do what you want with them, frankly, I don't care what you do.
The Ramones - Ramones (2001 Expanded and Remastered Reissue)

01 Blitzkrieg Bop/02 Beat On the Brat/03 Judy is a Punk/04 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/05 Chain Saw/06 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue/07 I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement/08 Loudmouth/09 Havana Affair/10 Listen to My Heart/11 53rd & 3rd/12 Let's Dance/13 I Don't Wanna Walk Around with You/14 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World/15 I Wanna be Your Boyfriend (Demo)/16 Judy is a Punk (Demo)/17 I Don't Care (Demo)/18 I Can't Be (Demo)/19 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Demo)/20 I Don't Wanna be Learned _ I Don't Wanna be Tamed (Demo)/21 You Should Never Have Opened that Door (Demo)/22 Blitzkrieg Bop (Mono Single Version).mp3


Let us not have this happen again. I happen to like the fact that this place that I created is a sanctuary for
music lovers, and more, more like lovers of pop culture, or God knows what, but EVERYONE HERE GETS ALONG, and that is IMPORTANT......we're sharing music here. Nothing more. If you think something (anything) else is going on here, you are mistaken and in the wrong place.

There are now THREE versions of the re-issued first Ramones album here. Jon S' original post, Jon S' re-post of the 2001 release, and John N's posting of the same volume sent by Jon S in the first place. Try them all, I don't care. or try none of them, I still won't care. This situation became kind of ridiculous, because of readers who (this is the ONE problem I have had over the years with readers) feel that they are entitled, who feel that I (and the rest of us) are a their disposal like some fucking utliity (I've used that term before but it fits).......

Please behave yourselves....trust me, we REALLY DO work hard on this thing, I know for a fact that I DO......we ask nothing in return, but please just act civilized, there is nothing else you even need to do.......act civil, contribute stuff if you want, comment constructively, but please do not bitch about anything that anyone offers up here.....remember, they (we) are doing it for YOU.

Jon S presents an all-time great rock n roll classic

Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" is one of the greatest rock albums ever created, by anyone......if you've
never heard it, RUN, don't walk, to the nearest computer and download this absolute masterpiece. Every second of this album brings a new surprise, there is (really) NOTHING like it in the history of recorded rock.

"Metal Machine Music" is a double disc set, I happen to have both a vinyl copy and a CD version, and it is so great that EVERYONE should have both in case one wears out. It's that good. You will NEVER hear anything that can compare with this, the brilliant instrumentation, the amazing continutity that keeps you riveted, the amazing production values, among the best in rock history........if you have never heard this, your life is about to change for the better......and of course, if you HAVE heard it before, you'll want to keep quiet, so as not to ruin the incredible listening experience that is in store for the virgin ears that will be taking in this all-time classic.

I cannot say enough about this incredible, unique album......often it is said that an album sounds like "nothing else" in rock, this one puts that expression to the test. Never have you heard anything CLOSE to this, nor, likely, will you again......of course, I need to thank Jon S for contributing this masterpiece, but, as I said, I myself have both vinyl and CD copies of this gem, it is THAT good.

Remember, if you have never heard this, your life is about to change.......you have never heard ANYTHING this incredible......if you HAVE heard it, of course, you will WANT TO REMAIN QUIET so as not to spoil what is about to happen to all those lucky folks hearing this masterpiece for the first time. Myself, I LOVE side three, it's (IMO) the most amazing of the four, but they are all brilliant........this is a lucky day for some of you, if you get to hear this work of brilliance for the first time.......trust me, it'll be like drawing a before/after line in your very life, it is THAT significant and life changing.


THE single most important link on which you will ever click, your life is about to change!

Rebel Flesh

(scott) sent to me from the vast archive of John N, we have some new punk from Rebel Flesh, their new LP "Holds You Tight" is a rocking-ass retro-punk effort, reminding me of the Misfits or Dead Boys, great stuff, like stepping into a time machine for 1978.........good damn album here, if you are a punk fan, and, as I've said before, really, if you AREN'T, why, really, are you here? Check out that kick-ass tune "Horror Queen"....this is a good one, at least it clicked for me, see what it does for you!

HOLDS YOU TIGHT-01 Kiss of Blood/02 the Looker/03 Horror Queen/04 Sydney's Kiss/05 Loveless/06 Pentagram Hand/07 Only Tonight/08 Without You/09 Machine Called Death/10 Evangalista/11 Night Streets/12 Star Crossed Crawlers/13 Venom and Vile/14 Black Days Baby

This is a good one, IMO........see what ya think I guess!