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Banana Moon

Now, HERE is a rare one for you, seems like a good time to drag this one out. Banana Moon were a band formed by guitarist  Daevid Allen after leaving Soft Machine in the early 70's, drummer Marc Blanc, bassist Pete Fontaine, and sometime vocalist Gilly Smith. Confusingly, this also contains some tracks from Gong, whom Allen would later join.....anyway, what we have here is kind of a French Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd light psych, with strange and sad lyrics. This is a hard one to get your mitts on, and I had forgotten all about it..... it's better as a "collectable" than a listen, although, I will say, it certainly has it's moments (see "Pretty Miss Titty" in 3 seperate versions, as well as "Hyp Hypnotise You".......there are remnants of the classic Soft Machine Sound here, as well as, obviously, what would become Gong, it's not coherent in the slightest, but it is interesting and prog/psych fans of the early 1970's Euro-scene should lap this up! Enjoy, and PLEASE let me know your feelings on this!

01 Intro/02 Pretty Miss Titty/03 Rich Girl/04 Un ouef For You/05 My Mother's Gone to India/Hare Krishna/Time of the Green Banana/Remember the Name/06 La belle cerebrale/07 Est-ce que je sues (garcon ou fille)/08 Hyp hypnotise You/09 Goldilox/10 Why Do You Come Knocking at My Door?/11 Rock N Roll Angel/12 Why Are We Sleeping/13 French Garden/14 French Garden/15 Pretty Miss Titty/16 Pretty Miss Titty/17 Gong Song/18 Je ne fume pas des bananes (Pop Club 1968)/19 Je ne fume pas des bananes

Really a pretty obscure one, see what you think and give me a full report!


While I'm in an obscure late 1960's psych-rock groove, let me present one album wonders Mephistopheles, who produced but the single album "In Frustration I Hear Singing".....this is a so-so effort for the era, not one of the hard rocking, metalic-psych albums of that era which I enjoy so much, but more along the stranger, hippie-psych which was more prevelant at the time.

Some decent fuzz guitar and drum rolls here and there give it psych-cred, and there are so fair to solid songs: The title track, "Take a Jet", "Vagabond Queen", "Collections".....pure period piece, for my dough there is an AWFUL song here, just not a true standout, either......commectors of 60's psych raritites (ie if you grabbed "Bananamoon") this is one more for your stash. Not bad, and likely something you havent heard before.

IN FRUSTRATION I HEAR SINGING-01 Take  A Jet/02 Collections/03 Dead Ringer/04 Vagabond Queen/05 Do Not Expect a Garden/06 In Frustration I Hear Singing/07 Make Up Your Mind/08 Searching In the Night/09 The Cricket Song/10 Sleeping Deeply/11 The Girl Who Self-Destroyed/12 Elizabeth

Woodstock, 40 years after

This is a fine six disc set commemorating the
Woodstock Festival, far better than the official release as it is MUCH more comprehensive......There are probably more lies about Woodstock than most any event of the 20th century, those that I have personally heard include one jerk who claims he appears on the album cover ("See? See" that blue jacket is ME man!").....sure....and another local dickweed claims to have started the "Rain Chant", which I am sure puts him in the company of about, oh, 10000 others......my hippie parents intended to go, and take me (age 7) and my brother (age 6), but fagged out for whatever reason....it would be easy for me to lie and say "I was THERE, MAN", but I wasn't.......but this six disc set is as good as being there really......let's investigate each disc, and at the end, I'm sure you will want this. were you there or not.

Well, Disc one, as does the "official' disc one, leads off with Richie Havens' amazing "Handsome Johnny", I have always loved that particular performance....anyway, the first disc also contains John Morris, Sweetwater, Tim Hardin, Melanie, Ravi Shankar (one of my Dad's very faves), and Arlo Guthrie (one of my Dad's SUPER-faves, including the fine version of "Coming into Los Angeles").....essential, as are all of these discs.

The second disc of this set is a nice blend of stuff that made the soundtrack and other odds n ends.....for example, a couple of fine Santana tracks, a great set by Joan Baez (NO LIE here, I saw Joan baez perform live in Columbus Ohio when I was about 8, likely the first legit live music performance I saw.....it was really good too), we also get Quill, Country Joe McDonald (the wonderful "Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag", as well as the overrated "Fish Cheer"), John Sebastian, and the Incredible String Band.......perhaps the weakest disc of the set, but not without merit.

Disc three has the fine Canned Heat set (I've been meaning to profile them for a while, perhaps this week), the definitive version of "Going Up the Country" for my dough, also some fine hard stuff from Mountain, mercifully not so much from the Grateful Dead, and capped off with an energetic set from CCR, three highly fine tracks that are just as rockin' as you could possibly want.

We move onto disc four, perhaps the best of the discs here......as a "period piece", we get to hear Abbie Hoffman's, uh, "speech", but the true gems here are a fantastic set by Janis Joplin, Sly and the Family Stone's high-energy take on "I Wanna Take You Higher" (now THERE is a band I should profile!), The Who doing excerpts from "Tommy", and a fine set from Jefferson Airplane (the "Somebody To Love", a great song to begin with, is perhaps performed in its best version here). Great disc.

No problem either with disc 5, the late Joe Cocker putting out like his life depended on it (especially "With a Little help From My Friends", a fine effort) and plenty more from Country Joe and the Fish, but also a couple fine tracks from Johnny Winter, and they even sneak one in from Blood Sweat and Tears. A good listen, once again.

Finally, we get to disc six.....a good portion of which is dominated by CS&N, not a bad thing, as they really put out in their set, arguably the highlight of the set, we also get the Butterfield Blues Band, just a touch of Jimi Hendrix, and plenty of Sha Na Na (ah, irony....)....normally, I'd find this odd, but what the fuck, I have documented Hendrix' Woodstock stuff ad infinitum, if you've been paying attention you've already got it all, so, well, dig up on Sha Na Na or whatever instead.

I hope you guys find this of interest.......it's more comprehensive, obviously, than the "official" release, which, in and of itself, was prettya damn good, this just fleshes it out a bit......let me know, as always, what you think of it, if it doesn't work for you, perhaps the next post (which is Jonder's INCREDIBLE Wire cover project) will.

Love you all, really......that is why I do this......PLEASE keep the requests and submissions coming....we have a good thing going here, despite what the band Tender Age and that "other" blog think......

DISC 1 01 RICHIE HAVENS-Handsome Johnny/02 RICHIE HAVENS-Freedom (Motherless Child)/03 JOHN MORRIS- Choppity Choppity/04 SWEETWATER-Look Out/05 SWEETWATER-Two Worlds/06 BERT SOMMER-Jennifer/07 BERT SOMMER-And When It's Over/08 BERT SOMMER-Smile/09 JOHN MORRIS-There Goes Marilyn/10 TIM HARDIN-Hang Onto A Dream/11 TIM HARDIN-Simple Song of Freedom/12 JOHN MORRIS-'Flat Blue Acid'/13 RAVI SHANKAR-Raga Puriya-Gat In Sawarital/14 MELANIE-Momma Momma/15 MELANIE-Beautiful People/16 MELANIE-Birthday of the Sun/17 ARLO GUTHRIE-Coming Into Los Angeles/18 ARLO GUTHRIE-Wheel of Fortune/19 ARLO GUTHRIE-Every Hand in the Land/20 JOHN MORRIS-'All You Funny People'

DISC 2-01 JOAN BAEZ-Joe Hill/02 JOAN| BAEZ-Sweet Sir Galahad/03 JOAN BAEZ-Hickory Wind/04 JOAN BAEZ WITH JEFFREY SHURTLE-Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man/05 JOHN MORRIS-'Bring Scully His Asthma Pills'/06 JOHN MORRIS-'Insulin and Quill Intro'/07 QUILL-They Live the Life/08 QUILL-That's How I Eat/09 CHIP MONCK-'I Understand Your Wife Is Having a baby'/10 COUNTRY JOE McDONALD-Donovan's Reef/11 COUNTRY JOE McDONALD-Fish Cheer-Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag/12 SANTANA-Pursuasion/13 SANTANA-Soul Sacrifice/14 JOHN SEBASTIAN-How Have You been/15 JOHN SEBASTIAN-Rainbows All Over Your Blues/16 JOHN SEbASTIAN-I Had a Dream/17 THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND-The Letter/18 THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND-When You Find Out Who You Are/19 CHIP MONCK-'She Is Lost 7'

DISC 3-01 CHIP MONCK-'We're In Pretty Good Shape'/02 CANNED HEAT-Going Up the Country/03 CANNED HEAT-Woodstock Boogie/04 CHIP MONCK-'The Brown Acid is Not Specifically Too Good'/05 MOUNTAIN-Blood of the Sun/06 MOUNTAIN-Theme For an Imaginary Western/07 MOUNTAIN-For Yasgur's Farm/08 CHIP MONCK-'For Those of You Who Have Partaken of the Green Acid'/09 JERRY GARCIA/COUNTRY JOE MCDONALD-Green Acid Advice/10 GRATEFUL DEAD-Dark Star/11 CCR-Green River/12 CCR-Bad Moon Rising/13 CCR-I Put a Spell On You

DISC 4-01 JANIS JOPLIN-Work Me Lord/02 JANIS JOPLIN-Ball and Chain/03 SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE-Medley: Dance To The Music-I Wanna Take You Higher/04 ABBIE HOFFMAN-'The Politics of the Situation'/05 THE WHO-Amazing Journey/06 THE WHO-Pinball Wizard/07 THE WHO-Abbie Hoffman vs. Pete Townsend/08 THE WHO-We're Not Gonna Take It/09 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-The Other Side of This Life/10 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-Somebody To Love/11 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-Won't You Try-Saturday Afternoon/12 GRACE SLICK-We Got a Whole Lot of Orange/13 JEFFERSON AIRPLANE-Volunteers/14 WAVY GRAVY-'Breakfast in Bed for 400,000'/15 JOHN MORRIS-'It Just Keeps Goin''/16 MAX YASGUR-Max Yasgur Speaks

DSIC 5-01 JOE COCKER-Feelin' Alright/02 JOE COCKER-Let's Go Get Stoned/03 JOE COCKER-With a Little Help From My Friends/04 JOE COCKER-The Rainstorm/05 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Rock N Soul Music/06 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Love/07 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine/08 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Summer Dresses/09 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Silver and Gold/10 COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH-Rock N Soul Music (reprise)/11 JOHNNY WINTER-Leland Mississippi Blues/12 JOHNNY WINTER-Meantown Blues/13 BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS-You've Made Me So Very Happy

DISC 6- CROSBY STILLS & NASH-Suite-Judy Blue Eyes/02 CROSBY STILLS & NASH-Guinnevere/03 CROSBY STILLS & NASH-Merikesh Express/04 CROSBY STILLS & NASH-4+20/05 CROSBY STILLS & NASH-Sea of Madness/06 CROSBY STILLS & NASH-Wooden Ships/07 BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND-No Amount of Loving/08 BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND-Love March/09 BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND-Everything's Gonna Be Alright/10 SHA NA NA-Get a Job/11 SHA NA NA-At the Hop/12 SHA NA NA- Get a Job (reprise)/13 JIMI HENDRIX-The Star Spangled Banner-Purple Haze-Woodstock Improvisation/14 CHIP MONCK-Woodstock Farewell

Let me know what you think of this set, to me, it's as close to being there as we could possibly recreate.....I wasn'tat the OTHER one (in the 1990's) either, and I think I will sometime next week find a retrospective of it an post that as well (if I can find one).......ONE LOVE!

Dream Theater Part 1

Many love them, many hate them, in my opinion they were always quite ambitious, quite experimental, and
often quite innovative, as well as sometimes pretty bad. They made a slew of albums, I know there is no way I have them all, but I do have a few of them, so let's investigate a bit.....

For today let us concentrate on their pre-2000 albums, and in the next part (unsure when, remember I am in the middle of the multi-part Costello thing as well). The band was formed by guitarist John Petrucci, bassist John Myung, and drummer  Mike Portney in the Boston area ca. late 1980's......I am not about to go into all of their lineup shifts, Petrucci and Myung being the anchors......the first release was 1989's "When  Dream and Day Unite" (note: there also exist recordings from pre-"Where", when the band went by the name "Majesty", I have never seen one) which is fairly standard progish-metal, with strangely poor vocals from Charlie Dominici, who would be let go......it's not a horrendous effort, not anything special either, there are some pretty good tracks here, such as "A Fortune in Lies", "Those Who Help to Set the Sun", and "Only a Matter of Time"......the lists of influences on their sound are too numerous to mention, which, oddly creates a fairly unique sound.

James LaBrie, a more conventional metal vocalist, takes over on "Images and Words".....a better effort by most all accounts. With bands such as this one, there is always the option available that there is some grand concept at work, I'll be damned if I know what it is (or if there is one), I do know this is a pretty good record, "Surrounded", "Pull Me Under" and "Metropolis Part 1" are all worth the effort on one of 1992's most underappreciated efforts, allowing even for the fact that, as I said earlier, a lot of people that I know HATE these guys.

1994 brought us "Awake", which I think is one of their better efforts....harder rocking than the previous sets, yet still retaining the "conceptual" pretensions, (again, no idea what this is all about, but it IS a good effort)....."6:00" and "Caught In a Web" are good examples of tunes which can stand on their own, and then there is the "A Mind Beside Itself" trilogy, which is like the kind of thing that Rush used to specialize in,  only listenable.

"A Change of Seasons" is an EP which contains the stunning 23 minute title opus, plus a bunch of live cover material.....the covers, for me, are just pretty much filler, but this is WAY worth it for the title track, it is that length to good effect, as opposed to its detriment, which is what happens so often. Recommended.

"Falling Into Infinity", as best as I can determine, is mostly about the band's frustrations with their record
label.....it's a decent effort, not as good as some, but with this band you honestly NEVER know....as always, sharp instrumentally, as always, maybe not-so-sharp conceptually and lyrically, but you be the judge....EVERY Dream Theater album at least has its moments, and this one contains "Peruvian Skies" and "New Millenium", as well as a few more. Solid 3.5 star album

We will complete this part of our investigation of Dream Theater with "Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From a Memory", which is a fairly bloated affair, a sequel to "Metropolis part 1" from "Images and Words".....structured like some sort of opera or play, ("Acts" and "Scenes") the story is not TOO difficult to follow, and I do give them props for THAT.....musically it is as technically proficient as the other Dream Theater albums, one guy I know calls this his all time favorite album (by ANYONE), I can't see that, but really, it is a pretty stunning effort.

When we get to the next part, these guys will really go prog-crazy, some for better, some for worse....but, here is the first half of their career, if unfamiliar give it a try, it's not as stodgy as Rush, not as hard rocking as Tool.....as I said, some like it, some hate it.....I think it's pretty good, overall, and I do find it strange that they never reached the mass popularity that I would have predicted for them.....hell Rush earned it, and these guys were certainly better than Rush......anyway, here are the albums, and sometime next week, we'll get to the rest of their stuff.

WHEN DREAM AND DAY UNITE-01 A Fortune In Lies/02 Status Seeker/03 The Ytse Jam/04 The Killing Hand/05 Light Fuse and get Away/06 Afterlife/07 The ones Who help to Set the Sun/08 Only a Matter of Time

IMAGES AND WORDS-01 Pull Me Under/02 Another Day/03 Take the Time/04 Surrounded/05 Metropolis part 1/06 Under a Glass Moon/07 Wait For Sleep/08 Learning to Live

AWAKE-01 6:00/02 Caught In a Web/03 Innocence Faded/04 Erotomania/05 Voices/06 The Silent Man/07 The Mirror/08 Lie/09 Lifting Shadows Off a Dream/10 Scarred/11 Space-Dye Vest

A CHANGE OF SEASONS-01 A Change of Seasons/02 Funeral For a Friend-Love Lies Bleeding/03 Perfect Stranger/04 The Rover-Achilles last Stand/The Song Remains the Same/05 The Big Medley

FALLING INTO INFINITY-01 New Millennium/02 You Not Me/03 Peruvian Skies/04 Hollow Years/05
Burning My Soul/06 Hell's Kitchen/07 Lines in the Sand/08 Take Away My Pain/09 Just Let Me Breathe/10 Anna Lee/11 Trial of Tears (I. It's Raining, II. Deep in Heaven, III. The Wasteland

METROPOLIS PART 2: SCENES FROM A MEMORY-01 Act 1 Scene 1-Regression/02 Act  1 Scene Two I-Overture 1928/03 Act 1 Scene 2 II-Strange Deja Vu/04 Act 1 Scene 3 I-Through my Words/05 Act 1 Scene 3 II-Fatal Tragedy/06 Act 1 Scene 4-Beyond This Life/07 Act 1 Scene 5-Through Her Eyes/08 Act 2 Scene 6-Home/09 Act 2 Scene 7 I-The Dance of Eternity/10 Act 2 Scene 7 II-One last Time/11 Act 2 Scene 8-The Spirit Carries On/12 Act 2 Scene 9-Finally Free

OK, I could EASILLY hate these guys and their ultra-serious approach, but I don't because they have such great musical chops......draw your own conclusions, and as you will see on Part 2 of this (whenever I do it), you will see that they had barely cracked the ice on pretentious seriousness......does fucking ROCK at times though, which to me is what matters most.

Another Great Covers Post from Jonder

(Scott)-Hell, I always LOVED Wire......see the post I did on them long ago, unsure the links are active....but
Jonder here creates a good look at other bands covering some of those classic Wire tunes, NOT, imo, an easy band to cover, but yet here are some great takes, and he promises more to come? Sounds fantastic to me....thanks Jonder, and keep em coming for as long as you desire!

Wire is one of the most influential and respected bands of the first wave of British punk.  Each of Wire's first three albums was more innovative than the one that preceded it.  Original members Robert Gotobed, Graham Lewis, and Colin Newman continue to record and perform new Wire music to this day.

There is an album called A Houseguest's Wish that collects 19 versions of the Wire song "Outdoor Miner" -- and I found a dozen more.  There are at least a dozen versions of "12XU".  "Mannequin" and "The 15th" are also popular to cover.  There's a Wire tribute album called Whore, and another called Post Flag, featuring Japanese bands covering the songs from Pink Flag in LP order.  #17 is from Post Flag.  None of the other songs here have been previously compiled.  Thanks to Nathan Nothin for #6 and to Spavid for #9.

01 BIG BLACK - Heartbeat
02 CEREMONY - Pink Flag
03 NEW BOMB TURKS - Mr. Suit
07 MONUMENT - Dot Dash
08 fIREHOSE - Mannequin
09 KUSTOMIZED - Surgeon's Girl
10 WAX IDOLS - Sand In My Joints
11 BAND OF SUSANS - Too Late
12 SCRAWL - Reuters                                                       13 HEAVY FRIENDS - Mercy
14 CHARLES DE GOAL - A Question Of Degree
15 VALKYRIANS - I Am The Fly
16 KLONHERTZ - Impossible
17 HER - Champs
18 DYKEHOUSE - Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºW
19 MONKS OF DOOM - The 15th
20 BLUE AEROPLANES - Outdoor Miner
21 LEMONHEADS - Fragile
22 NOUVELLE VAGUE - Marooned
24 GAZELLE TWIN - Heartbeat

I have another collection of Wire covers on the way.  I would love to hear the Lightning Seeds' version of Outdoor Miner as well as any of the following Wire covers, if anyone has them to share:  Angry Angles - The 15th; Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - Mannequin; Couch of Eureka - Three Girl Rhumba; Deja Voodoo - Strange; Dr. Kloot - Strange; Moose - Kidney Bingos; Selves - Feeling Called Love.

The Churls

(Scott) been looking for this one for a while, John N comes through with both releases from this fab 1960's
Canadian garage/punk/psych band.....great shit here, you guys will want this one! Thanks to John N, it's a really fine submission!
"Yes, you too will be surprised when you hear "She Needs a Man" and think that the Churls surely swiped some moves from the Rundgren version of "Hello It's Me", then realize that that one didn't come out until a good two years later! Perhaps the Churls should get some sorta garage band award for being able to play it teenage wholesome one minute and late-sixties punk next, ..."

and I thought I heard The Who 'hear' and there, but what do I know?

Churls_The - The Churls & Send Me No Flowers (1968-69) [2-on-1 CD].zip

YOUTUBE:  https://youtu.be/7TPStxUx4Es

As the person who found the very young fledgling Churls in a coffee bar, nurtured them, groomed them, managed them and took them across Canada and brought them from $25 gigs to dare I say thousands per show...you are totally off base with your comments re pinching other peoples material. May be your opinion but not so. We all wrote, arranged and practised 24/7 on creating definite British converted American blues sounds which unfortunately due to a lousy agreement with A & M were not able to be recorded. Old Herbie Alpert wanted a sort of rocky yet not too harsh sound from a Canadian band and frankly even though I was in on the production of same, they sucked. On the other hand if you had ever had the pleasure to see them live, you would have seen a repeat of The Beatles Shea Stadium every where the boys went. They rocked every house with Stones covers, Muddy Waters, Otis Redding, Howlin Wolf, Bo Diddley and every other blues artist from Chicago and the Delta who ever influenced a British band to record their music a different way which in turn was interpreted by The Churls even rockier and harder. Unfortunately all the so called "reviewers" of these two albums only hear the forced sucky sounds of a very strong minded Herb Alpert. In order to get the studio time and hope for some exposure we took the deal. In hindsight...a bad move. To this day as I get older and greyer I know the potential of this band and they literally could have been the second Stones live... never got the chance though which disheartened them greatly and led to their demise. Just found your blog and had to spout the truth. Take it from one who was there....Bill

The Churls-THE CHURLS/SEND ME NO FLOWERS CD (Second Harvest)

Here's the first of my DENIM DELINQUENT-influenced picks, a "twofa" consisting of both of the platters engrooved by this long-forgotten Toronto band who actually got a pretty sweet deal from A&M considering these guys weren't exactly gonna be the new Carpenters let alone Cat Stevens. Far from what any of us would consider part and parcel to the late-sixties "A&M Sound", the Churls were in fact a pretty on-target garage band who "borrowed" elements from across the hard rock spectrum...nothing new of course but at least they sure knew how to steal from the right bands! And although both of their albums are what might be called "uneven" these Churls sure come off a lot more pleasing to the lobes than many other late-sixties flybynight aggregates of the day and not only that but they retain a good sense of just what teenage hard rock/pop could excel during those strangely transitional times.

I couldn't hear much if any of the Syd Floyd that DD editor Jymn Parrett thought he did, but otherwise the man was pretty spot on in his evaluation of the band and their ability to mix various regional and gulcheral rock phenomenons and get away with it. Riffage brazenly taken from everyone from Jimi to the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Leaves and a good portion of the NUGGETSbunch can be easily enough heard. In fact, if Lenny Kaye had broadened his NUGGETS timescope by a few months I'm sure the Churls would have made a fine inclusion to that epochal set! And (of course) I can't forget mentioning the group's own Canadian heritage from which they milk plenty, and that's the same heritage that gave us the likes of It's All Meat and dare-I-say the Guess Who who seem to be improved on in the translation! Makes me wonder if the Churls made it out in time to take advantage of the Canadian Content laws up there. I mean, the world surely would be much better off with more Churls and less Gordon Lightfoot! 

There does seem to be a little too much of a stab at AM-radio sensibilities (which if I recall correctly weren't
exactly anything to get excited over at the time) on these recordings and the occasional use of horns does detract from the natural power of the Churls but that doesn't hide the fact that this group is a pretty good late-sixties sleeper that I never would have considered latching up if it weren't for the rave review in that DD supplement!

But these two albums sure do a good job mixing the hard punk and straight pop, the former to get the teenage boys all hot and bothered and the latter to swoon the girls into an ecstatic frenzy. Plus these Churls sure do a good job with the harmonies and arrangements (thanks to organist Newton Garwood who seems to be the genius behind the band) and heck, I can pick out at least five sure-fire hits on both the AM and FM bands here (the latter surely would have been wowed by the tension-inducing "See My Way" off of #2 SEND ME NO FLOWERS which clocks in at an amazing 5:16). Yes, you too will be surprised when you hear "She Needs a Man" and think that the Churls surely swiped some moves from the Rundgren version of "Hello It's Me", then realize that that one didn't come out until a good two years later! Perhaps the Churls should get some sorta garage band award for being able to play it teenage wholesome one minute and late-sixties punk next, sounding the way you kinda wish that band down the street did when you were five years old and even you knew what good rock & roll was at that early age! 

Don't let the medieval costumes fool you, this is a must-get that I'll rank up there with THE HEAD SHOP and all of those other flashes that none of would have known about if it weren't for the writings of Parrett and various early-eighties French fanzine editors whose wares were made available in those long-gone Bona Fide catalogs that gee, I gotta admit I kinda miss!

The chord-crunching blues-rock on the Churls self-titled debut was hardly a million-seller for A & M. Still, that didn't stop Herb Alpert from issuing a second set of songs for the lads later that very same year. A & M's usual roster of easy listening and M.O.R. bands was changing fast in 1969, with the likes of Fairport Convention, Joe Cocker, Free and Blodwyn Pig all seeing their names on labels alongside that familiar trumpet motif. And for an obscure Toronto quintet churning out a mix of Claptonesque power chords and proto-boogie in the coffee houses of Yorkville, the trip out to A & M's studios must have seemed like the chance of a lifetime. 

But as their manager Bill Riley recalls in the blogosphere, it turned out to be a silly move in hindsight. "We all wrote, arranged and practised 24/7 on creating definite British converted American blues sounds, which unfortunately due to a lousy agreement with A & M were not able to be recorded. Old Herbie Alpert wanted a sort of rocky yet not too harsh sound from a Canadian band..., (but) in order to get the studio time and hope for some exposure, we took the deal." 

The Churls may have fancied themselves contemporaries of Cream or the Rolling Stones, but Alpert probably had his sights set more on an AM dial about to fill up with the rock-lite of Norman Greenbaum, the Jaggerz and Sugarloaf. On the resulting follow-up Send Me No Flowers the late-sixties blues-rock dots are all connected. Those creamy Hammond organs and searing guitars are everywhere, propping up Robert O'Neil's heady vocal, especially on the buoyant title cut and the equally hard-hitting 'See My Way'. But with songwriting that was tepid at best, and with nothing here approaching the next 'Green-eyed Lady' or 'Spirit in the Sky', Alpert sent pink slips instead of roses, and it wasn't long before the Churls' brief moment on rock's stage had ended. 

(Both The Churls and Send Me No Flowers were reissued by Pacemaker on one CD in 2012.)

Now THIS HERE is a submission, Boyo

Sorry I've been away for a few days with some personal issues, hope this makes up for it....I posted links to
all these Nuggets collections long ago, I'm sure they are all dead,but take a look at this submission by Raul Sanchez Amor:

raul sanchez amor has left a new comment on your post "Love is the Song We Sing-San Francisco Nuggts 65-7...": 

va – Love Is The Song We Sing – San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970 [4xCD] @320
info here http://www.discogs.com/Various-Love-Is-The-Song-We-Sing-San-Francisco-Nuggets-1965-1970/release/1970902
CD1 : http://www43.zippyshare.com/v/8791873/file.html
CD2 : http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/20531435/file.html
CD3 : http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/75301355/file.html
CD4 : http://www44.zippyshare.com/v/74421743/file.html
va – Where The Action Is! – Los Angeles Nuggets: 1965-1968 [4xCD] @320
info at http://www.discogs.com/Various-Where-The-Action-Is-Los-Angeles-Nuggets-1965-1968/master/229021
CD1 http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/74389964/file.html
CD2 http://www62.zippyshare.com/v/48386996/file.html
CD3 http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/19190975/file.html
CD4 http://www28.zippyshare.com/v/32651373/file.html
va – Children of Nuggets [4xCD] @320
info here : http://www.discogs.com/Various-Children-Of-Nuggets-Original-Artyfacts-From-The-Second-
CD1 http://www24.zippyshare.com/v/94986540/file.html
CD2 http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/99322073/file.html
CD3 http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/76301848/file.html
CD4 http://www58.zippyshare.com/v/96571346/file.html
Hitsville USA – The Motown Singles Collection Volume One 1959-1971 [4xCD] @320
CD1 http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/96980472/file.html
CD2 http://www.solidfiles.com/d/6f76006878/
CD3 http://www72.zippyshare.com/v/50029076/file.html
CD4 http://www54.zippyshare.com/v/60778521/file.html

Now I am damned if I am going to print all the track lists, go back to the original posts if you wanat them.....but anyway, thanks to Raul for this BIG submission


Again John N steps up and presents a good one, this being the complete Bowie "Earthling" set. Starting off
with the actual "Earthling" album (ca.1997), it really is a good set, I embarassed to say I don't think Ive heard it before, but there are some damn good songs ("I'm Afraid of Americans", "Telling Lies", and several others).

On top of this we get the Bonus EP with various remixes (Moby, NIN, etc), which is worth a listen and finally "Earthling In the City", which was a giveaway disc containing live versions of several of the numbers. Again, I had never heard this one before, but it's a keeper!

EARTHLING-011. Little Wonder /02 Looking For Satellites/03 Battle for Britain/04Seven Year In Tibet/05 Dead Man Walking/06 Telling Lies/07 The Last Thing You Should Do/08 I'm Afraid of Americans/09 Law (Earthlings on Fire)

EARTHLING BONUS EP-01 Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 1)/02 Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 2)/03 I'm afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails VI Clean)/04 I'm Afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails VI Mix /05 I'm Afraid of Americans (Show Girls OST Version)/06 Little Wonder (Censored Video Edit)/07 Little Wonder (Danny Sabre Dance Mix)/08 Little Wonder (Junior Vasquez Club Mix)/09 Pallas Athena (Tao Jones Index)/10 Seven Years In Tibet (Mandarin version)/11 Telling Lies (Feelgood Mix)/12 Telling Lies (Paradox Mix)/13 V-2 Schneider (Tao jones Index

EARTHLING IN THE CITY-01 Little Wonder/02 Seven Years In Tibet (Edit)/03 Pallas Athena (Live)/04 The Heart Filthy Lesson/05 Telling Lies (Paradox Mix)/06 Seven Years In Tibeet (Mandarin Verion)


I know I have done a post on Suicide before, but I have a fucking reason for this....perhaps you noticed that I was absent from the blog for a few days.....that is because I was hospitalized due to an attempted suicide, using alcohol and tons of pain meds.......sometimes the pain just gets to be too fucking much and life just gets too Goddamn hard to deal with.....if you don't know what I mean you are one lucky motherfucker.....this went down Sunday night and the next thing I knew I woke up and it was Wedensday afternoon......still fucking alive. The TWO people in my life who I care anything about, my wife and my son, I let them down BIG FUCKING TIME......my wife says she wants a divorce and I don't blame her one fucking bit. "The Music That Shaped a Semi-Wasted Life"....what a fucking joke "semi"-wasted.......good Lord, as Neil Young so eloquently put it, "Why do I KEEP FUCKING UP?!?!?!" I wish the fuck I knew.......I don't want anyone's pity, I know fucking drugs and alcohol are not the fucking answer, neither is hurting the people I love by terminating my life......maybe some fucking day I'll figure it out, but FUCK man, life can totally fucking SUCK sometimes......

1.Suicide - CBGB Sept 29 1977 (96 Tears Intro / Ghostrider / Rocket USA / Cheree / Jonny / Frankie Teardrop) 24m 47s
2.Suicide - CBGB Dec 3 1977 (Ghostrider / Jesus Vega / Frankie Teardrop / Put A Little Love In Your Heart) 22m 8s
3.Suicide - The Palladium NYC Jan 7 (Rocket USA / Cheree / Dance / Frankie Teardrop) 21m 44s
4.Suicide - Maxs Jan 13 (Ghostrider / Rocket USA / Cheree / Dance / 96 Tears / Frankie) 22m 54s
5.Suicide - CBGB Feb 3 (Harlem / Ghostrider / Keep Your Dreams / Dance / Frankie Teardrop) 26m 37s
6.Suicide - Brussels June 16 1978 (Frankie Teardrop) 23m 46s
7.Suicide - Paris Olympia June 18 1978 (Ghostrider / Rocket USA / Cheree Dance / Frankie Teardrop / Backstage) 46m 59s
8.Suicide - Hamburg Audiomax June 28 1978 (Rocket USA / Cheree / Harlem) 21m 39s
9.Suicide - Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 Set 1 (Ghostrider / Rocket USA / Cheree / Harlem / 96 Tears) 22m 44s
10.Suicide - Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 Set 2 (Ghostrider / Rocket USA / 96 Tears dance / Harlem) 24m 24s
11.Suicide - London MusicMachine July 24 1978 (Rocket USA / Dance / Harlem Cheree / Mr Ray) 25m 40s
12.Suicide - Our Price Radio Ad 1m 6s
13.Suicide - Erics Liverpool July 29 1978 (Rocket USA / Cheree / Ghostrider / 96 Tears) 31m 14s
14.Suicide - Erics pt 2 July 29 1978 (Cum Ahead Frankie Teardrop) 6m 21s
15.Suicide - Maxs August 25 1978 (Ghostrider / Rocket Miss USA / Cheree / Mr Ray / Jonny / Harlem)

Elvis (Costello) is Everywhere! Part 2

OK, first of all, thanks to everyone for the support and outpouring of love. I am amazed, really, to find that
my shit has touched so many of your lives in whatever large/small dose. I am trying to dry out, I'm going to be fucking honest here, it's going to be a living nightmare for a while I think, if anyone out there has any advice (ie someone who has been sober for sometime), please contact me via email and I will give you my phone number. Anyway, I do appreciate all the kind words.

I'm not going to comment on these albums too much, because, as I said before, I really don't like them too much. I'm going to take the easy way out and post them, and, if someone (and there will be some) who DO like them wants to offer up any commentary on them, the stage is yours. I just gotta get some fucking sleep, I feel like fuck right now, honest to God, I've been abusing substances for pretty much about 44 of my 54 years, give or take, so this shit is new to me........anyway, here are the  next three Costello & the Attractions albums, "Get Happy!", "Almost Blue", and "Trust".......I think there are bonus tracks on them, I'll check and see. Someone, and I know many do, who enjoys these discs please offer up what it is you like about them ("Get Happy!" is listed in the book "The 50 Worst Rock Albums of All Time" and I agree).....anyway, here they be, try to get some more Dream Theater up tomorrow, perhaps.

GET HAPPY! DISC 1-01 Love For Tender/02 Opportunity/03 The Imposter/04 Secondary Modern/05 King Horse/06 Possession/07 Men Called Uncle/08 Clowntime Is Over/09 New Amsterdam/10 High Fidelity/11 I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down/12 Black and White World/13 5ive Gears In reverse/14 B Movie/15 Motel Matches/16 Human Touch/17 Beaten to the Punch/18 Temptation/19 I Stand Accused/20 Riot Act

GET HAPPY! DISC 2-01 I Stand Accused (alternate version)/02 So Young/03 Girls Talk/04 Human Touch (Alternate version)/05 Temptation (alternate version)/06 Motel matches (alternate take)/07 Clowntime Is Over No. 2/08 B Movie (alternate version)/09 Girls Talk (alternate version)/10 Getting Mighty Crowded/11 From a Whisper to a Scream/12 Watch Your Step (alternate version)/13 Dr Luther's Assistant/14 Ghost Train/15 New Lace Sleeves/16 Hoover Factory/17 Just a Memory/18 I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (alternate version)/19 New Amsterdam (alternate version)/20 Black and White World (demo)/21 Riot Act (demo)/22 5ive Gears in Reverse (demo)/23 Love For Tender (demo)/24 Men Called Uncle (demo)/25 King Horse (demo)/26 Seven O'Clock (demo)/27 High Fidelity (live)/28 Opportunity (live)/29 The Imposter (live)/30 Don't Look Back (live)

ALMOST BLUE-01 Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used To Do?)/02 Sweet Dreams/03 Success/04
I'm Your Toy/05 Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down/06 Brown to Blue/07 Good Year for the Roses/08 Sittin' and Thinkin'/09 Colour of the Blues/10 Too Far Gone/11 Honey Hush/12 How Much I lied/13 He's Got You (Live)/14 Cry Cry Cry (Live)/15 There Won't Be Anyone (Live)/16 Sittin' and Thinkin' (live)/17 Honey Hush (Live)/18 Psycho/19 Your Angel Steps Out of Heaven/20 Darling, You Know I Wouldn't Lie/21 My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You/22 Tears Before Bedtime/23 I'm Your Toy

TRUST-01 Clubland/02 Lovers Walk/03 You'll Never Be A Man/04 Pretty Words/05 Strict Time/06 Luxembourg/07 Watch Your Step/08 New Lace Sleeves/09 From a Whisper to a Scream/10 Different Finger/11 White Knuckles/12 Shot With His Own Gun/13 Fish N Chip Papaer/14 Big Sister's Clothes/15 Black Sails in the Sunset/16 Big Sister/17 Sad  About Girls/18 Twenty Five to Twelve/19 Love For Sale/20 Weeper's Dream/21 Gloomy Sunday/22 Boy With a Problem/23 Seconds of Pleasure

The Zombies

Of all the British invasion bands, the most perfectly NAMED at least was the Zombies......creepy, strange, chilling at times......a great singles band for a short while, with stunningly classic efforts such as "She's Not There", "Tell her No", and "Time of the Season".....the band was somewhat the playground of Rod Argent, who later formed the band Argent and released one of the worst and most overplayed singles in the history of music, the horrendous "Hold Your Head Up".....

Anyway, great collection here. I figured I hadn't given up much in the last few days, still lots of problems and work ahead of me (you all know all about that), so here you go.......maybe even something else later, we'll see......

THE ZOMBIES GREATEST HITS-01 She's Not There (Stereo Overdub)/02 I Can't Make Up My Mind (Stereo)/03 Tell Her No (Stereo)/04 You Make Me Feel Good (Stereo)/05 Kind of Girl (Stereo)/06 Leave Me Be (Stereo)/07 Sometimes/08 Don't Cry For Me/09 It's Alright With Me/10 I Don't Want To Know/11 I Love You (Stereo)/12 Nothing's Changed (Stereo)/13 I remember When I Loved Her (Stereo)/14 Indication (Stereo)/15 Just Out of Reach (Stereo)/16 What More Can I Do/17 She Does Everything For Me (Stereo)/18 Time of the Season (Stereo)/19 She's Not There (Single Version)/20 Time of the Season (Alternate Mix)

Sleepy Sun

Been meaning to get to this for a while, some good psych from Santa Cruz CA. Originally Sleepy Sun were vocalists Bret Constantino and Rachel Fannan, guitarists Mat Holliman and Evan Reiss, bassist Jack Allen, and drummer Brian Tice.....Fannan left after the album "Fever".

All four albums here, with Fannan or without, feature good old trippy-hypnotic psychedelia, I prefer the earlier two with Fannan, but all four are worth a listen.

The  debut (2008) "Embrace" is perhaps the best, centered around a couple of long pieces, "Sleepy Son" and "White Dove", but the whole thing is really quite good and quite cohesive. perhaps even better is "Fever", probably the best known of the four, with the fine tracks "Marina" and "Sand Storm Woman", this also includes a pair of EP tracks tacked onto the end as a bonus.

After the departure of Fannan, they released "Spine Hits"......the sound does change a bit without female vocals, but it's not a disaster, shorter songs such as "Stivey Pond" and "Siouxsie Blaqq" standout.....the most recent release (of which I am aware) is 2014's "Maui Tears", centered around it's long, hypnotic title track.....it's not a bad effort at all either, making them 4-4.

I like this band a good bit, see what you think, it really does take the traditional 60's psych sound and modernize it, to good effect......give a listen and an opinion please...

EMBRACE-01 New Age/02 Lord/03 Red Black/04
Sleepy Son/05 Golden Artifact/06 White Dove/07 Snow Goddess/08 Duet With the Northern Sky

FEVER-01 Marina/02 Rigamaroo/03 Wild Machines/04 Ooh Boy/05 Acid Love/06 Desert God/07 Open Eyes/08 Freedom Line/09 Sand Storm Woman/10 Horses/11 Sleepy Son (Live)/12 The Chain (Live)

SPINE HITS-01 Stivey Pond/02 She Rex/03 Siouxsie Blaqq/04 Creatures/05 Boat Trip/06 VOG/07 Martyr's Mantra/08 Still Breathing/09 Yellow End/10 Deep War/11 Lioness (Requiem)

MAUI TEARS-01 The Lane/02 Words/03 Everywhere Waltz/04 Outside/05 1132/06 Thielbar/07 Slowdown/08 Galaxy Punk./09 Maui Tears

Dream Theater Part 2

And, so, Dream Theater went on and on, becoming more and more ambitious, more and more serious, and,
some would say, more and more unbearable (as I said before there are many who HATE this band)......for my money, the next release, the double disc "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" (2002) is pretty good, quite complex in it's concepts (look it up, I'm not going into it all here), quite varied and textured musically, and, at least, the first disc, easilly ranks among their better work......"The Glass Prison" may be my favorite effort.

The following year they would release "Train of Thought", which, (imo) to there credit is a good, more hard rocking, less "Rush-like" effort. I do know that some of the band's hardcore following (and they certainly do have one) dislike this one for just these reasons, but, to me, criticism of AnYONE for being harder rocking AND less like Rush can ONLY be a positive. "This Dying Soul" and "In the Name of God" stand out.

"Octavarium" is up next, NOW we are back towards "Rush-ville"....a tremendously complicated effort musically, maybe too much so, as it kind of falls flat for me......still, there is a lot going on here, some love it, I don't question a bit. "The Root of All Evil" stands as my personal favorite.

The trend toward the ultra-mega seriousness continues on "Systematic Chaos" (not that these boys were exactly the Ramones to begin with).....it's trying to tell some damn grand story, I couldn't begin to explain it if I desired to (I don't). The multi part, multi segmented "In the Presence of Enemies" takes up about half the disc, and if you are a fan of that kind of thing, think Rush's "2112" without the humor (!), this will be for you, I assume......Dream Theater had pretty much lost me by now, as often happens right when they were picking up a much more massive audience.

Because, in 2009, they released the sprawling three disc "Black Clouds and Silver Linings"....I think I've only listened to it once, but it was memorable enough for me that I named it the worst album of 2009, for whatever that is worth. The album (disc 1), itself, wouldn't be as bad as all that, really, were it not for the unlistenable covers collection (disc 2) (shit from Queen? Uh, no....) and the THIRD disc which features (not making this up) INSTRUMENTAL VERSIONS OF THE SONGS ON DISC 1.......someone probably thinks this is a good idea. I have not met him yet.

" A Dramatic Turn of Events" is notable for the departure of drummer/primary songwriter  founding memeber Mike Portnoy, replaced by Mike Mangini. Actually, perhaps due to being shot in the arm by the shake-up, I kind of like it a bit......complex as ever, deliberately progressive as ever, "On the backs of Angles" is pretty damn good, and the rest is not unlistenable.

So the most recent effort that I have is the imaginatively titled "Dream Theater". Again, being fair, it's not as bad as I'd really like to SAY it is, there are, to their credit, a bunch of songs shorter than 10 minutes (exception, of course, being the 20 minute "Illumination Theory".......however, "The Enemy Inside" and "The Bigger Picture" don't sound too bad......

Yes, I know they have also released a metric shit ton of live stuff. I don't have any, if you do and you want it
posted, you know what to do......I also know they've released an album this year, but, what with some of the shit I've been going through, I haven't QUITE yet found time for the all-important new Dream Theater disc......again, haven't heard it, maybe never will, whatever.

An interesting, eventful, and productive career, none could argue that, bit at times a tiny bit on the pretentious side, be hard to argue that, as well.

SIX DEGREES OF INNER TURBULENCE DISC 1-01 The Glass Prison (I. Reflection II. Restoration III. Revelation)/02 Blind Faith/03 Misunderstood/04 The Great Debate/05 Disappear

SIX DEGREES OF INNER TURBULENCE DISC 2-01 Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (I. Overture II. About to Crash III. War Inside My Head IV. The Test That Stumped Them All V. Goodnight Kiss VI. Solitary Shell VII. About to Crash (reprise) VIII. Losing Time/Grand Finale

TRAIN OF THOUGHT-01 As I Am/02 This Dying Soul ( IV. Reflections of Reality (revisited) V. Release)/03 Endless Sacrifice/04 Honor Thy Father/05 Vacant/06 Stream of Conciousness/07 In the Name of God

OCTAVARIUM-01 The Root of All Evil/02 Nature Sounds/03 The Answer Lies Within/04 Pitch Bend/05 These Walls/06 Wind-Heartbeat-Chimes/07 I Walk Beside You/08 Panic Attack/09 Synth Solo/10 Never Enough/11 Voices Begin/12 Sacrificed Sons/13 Octavarium

SYSTEMATIC CHAOS-01 In the Presence of Enemies Part I (I Prelude II Resurrection)/02 Forsakaen/03
Constant Motion/04 The Dark Eternal Night/05 Repentance (VIII Regret IX Restitution)/06 Prophets of War/07 The Ministry of Lost Souls/08 In the Preence of Enemies Part II (III Heretic IV The Slaughter of the Damned V The Reckoning/VI Salvation)

BLACK CLOUDS AND SILVER LININGS DISC 1-01 A Nightmare to Remember/02 A Rite of
Passage/03 Wither/04 The Shattered Fortress (X Restraint XI Receive  XII Responsible)/05 The Best of Times/06 The Count of Tuscany

BLACK CLOUDS AND SLIVER LININGS DISC 2-01 Stargazer/02 Tenement Funster-Flick of the Wrist-Lily of the Valley/03 Odyssey/04 Take Your Finger From My Hair/05 Lark's Tongues in Aspic, Part Two/06 To Tame a Land

BLACK CLOUDS AND SILVER LININGS DISC 3-01 A Nightmare to Remember/02 A Rite of Passage/03 Wither/04 The Shattered Fortress/05 The Best of Times/06 The Count of Tuscany

A DRAMATIC TURN OF EVENTS-01 On the Backs of Angels/02 Build Me Up Break Me Down/03 Lost Not Forgotten/04 This Is the Life/05 Bridges in the Sky/06 Outcry/07 Far From Heaven/08 Breaking All Illusions/09 Beneath the Surface

DREAM THEATER-01 False Awakening Suite (I. Sleep Paralysis  II. Night Terrors  III. Lucid Dreams)/02 The Enemy Inside/03 The Looking Glass/04 Enigma Machine/05 The Bigger Picture/06 Behind the Veil/07 Surrender to Reason/08 Along for the Ride/09 Illumination Theory (I. Paradoxe de la Lumiere Noire  II. Live Die Kill  III. The Embracing Circle  IV. The Pursuit of Truth  V/ Surrender, Trust & Passion

BigScott62's "What Is Heavy Metal?" Project.....

This is intended as a fun project, the original idea stemming from an article in Creem magazine long ago, in about 1980-81...
Obviously metal has changed in that time, and we'll adjust for that, and I wish I had a scan of the original article, it was great...anyway, I DO remember the 11 tracks that the Creem article spelled out as being "true" heavy metal, and also a comment or two they may have made as to certain performers, both legit and poser.....

So what the fuck IS "heavy metal"? Well, it's louder than most regular" hard rock", NOT necessarily
"faster".....it usually is nearly devoid of humor, although there can be exceptions....mostly, though, (and we are talking about "good" heavy metal, not "just" heavy metal"), you listen, and it either gives you "that" feeling or it doesn't.......pretty piss poor definition, but maybe I can make it more clear by discussing a few acts who did not have a track make the compilation, and we will discuss why. If I insult someone dear to you, well, life
can be cruel I guess.........remember, NONE of the acts I am about to discuss here (albeit breifly) are going to have a single track on the comp......now, there will be some (to you probably) be some VERY surprising things that DO make the comp, but please keep a sense of humor about this whole thing......after all, after what I have been through of late, whether or not Aerosmith does or does not qualify as quality heavy metal is not REALLY relevant in the overall scheme of things....this is about having some fun.

and thus said, let us begin with

AEROSMITH-Don't feel them as a heavy metal band.......good hard rock singles band, no question, but
then so were, say, the Stones, the Who, Alice Cooper, and others.....I can't think of a SINGLE Aerosmith song I would consider "heavy".....their BEST song (by FAR to me) was "SOS (Too Bad)", which is a tremendous hard rock song and about as "heavy" as something by BTO.

AC-DC-Well, post Bon Scott, they suck, so let's leave that as is......in the Bon Scott era, their material was SILL a bit "same-ish" and lacking in variety to seriously qualify here, with honestly considerably less-than-
great songs pretty much.......best song (imo): "Riff Raff" by a long shot.

BLACK SABBATH-OK, here is a legit contender....their droning sound was both heavy and original, and their ultra-serious lyrical matter was such to the point of being comedy......however, let me challenge: what is the GREAT, HEAVY Black Sabbath song? Something on the first album? maybe, but not leaping to mind. "Paranoid" or "War Pigs"? just not THAT great......how about "Wheels of Confusion" or "Supernaut" from "Volume 4"? Arguable, but at the end of the day, I think, metal? yes, great metal? no........slightly.

BLUE OYSTER CULT-Actually TOO GOOD to be placed here. The flawless technologically-informed metal on their first three perfect albums is way too complex, the lyrics too brilliant and challenging (humorous as well), and AFTER those three albums, they not only weren't "heavy" but they SUCKED, sorry, ESPECIALLY the over-rated and overplayed "Godzilla"

CLUTCH-Close, actually, but a more-stoner vibe to me.....a "What is Stoner Rock?" project......I'll keep it
in mind......

DEEP PURPLE-Not really, ALMOST (not quite) in an elevated category, ala BOC......"Smoke on the Water" and "Highway Star" both SUCK........"Rat Bat Blue", "Return of The Rat", and several others just miss the comp actually.......they were a good band for a while, maybe not quite as heavy as some may remember, though.

DEF LEPPARD-Please.......next?

FOGHAT-Well, other than maybe "Honey Hush", everything they subjected us too pretty much sucked, and "Honey Hush" ain't THAT great.

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD-Again, you can't SUCK and be considered for this comp.

HEART-Some good heavy songs, ("Barracuda"), but too few of them and WAY too much slop-pop crap

HENDRIX-Much like BOC, simply TOO GOOD and BROAD to be relegated here.....some Hendrix ("I
don't Live Today", ie) is essential listening to understand latter-day metal, but I think it would be an insult to Hendrix to place him on this list.

JUDAS PRIEST-Stupid clothes and about 3/4 of a CD's worth of good material does not a great metal band make......"most of "Stained Class" is great and heavy, most of the rest, well, ISN'T.......

KISS- A clown act that wasn't even heavy....stupider than Nugent, even, and far more unlistenable....what the FUCK is so "heavy" here? Oh, that's right......NOTHING......

LED ZEPPELIN-HERE we are going to explode a myth.....Led Zeppelin was a great great band......a great METAL band? not even CLOSE. What the fuck is so "Heavy?" most of the first album? OK.....half of the second? OK........a third of the 4th? sure......after that not so much........perhaps in the BOC/Hendrix class, maybe to diverse and challenging to place here.

MOTORHEAD-Heavy enough, but also something of a self-parody (Motorhead basically wrote the same song about 3000 times)......I love Motorhead, and there should maybe be some special category for them, I have no clue as to what that might be.

MOUNTAIN-Close, no cigar......"Mississippi Queen" is WAY TOO overplayed, and the rest of their shit is
not exactly QUITE of the quality to which I refer.

MOTLEY CRUE-Please, GOD, please, next......

TED NUGENT-Oh, God......WAY to goofy and stupid, and an overrated shredder to boot.......many praise "Double Live Gonzo", I may as well......as a comedy album for high school kids........

NAZARETH-Please....they only had one LISTENABLE song "Razzamanazz", (which, in fairness, I DID consider for the comp), and having one of the worst vocalists in rock history (Dan McCafferty) certainly doesn't help

NEW YORK DOLLS-Don't laugh, they are close, I mean in a category with the Velvet Underground, Stooges, and MC5, all of whom DO make the comp......The Dolls could have heavied it up a bit should they have desired, never really did (except arguably on "Frankenstien")......with only 2 albums (both classics, given), just can't see it, but essential stuff nonetheless



THE RUNAWAYS-Closer than you think......Lita Ford was a hell of a metal strummer (see "School Days" or "Can't Catch Me")....thought about including one of these on the comp.....in the end, not nearly enough good material

REO SPEEDWAGON-Please, please


SLAYER-Though they do not make the comp, I will give you this one

UFO-Generic as possible, one great song, "Lights Out", and WHY OH WHY if you insisted on (good idea) covering a song by Love, WHY WHY WHY "Alone Again Or" (HORRIBLE idea and cover) rather than "August" which could have been amazing, maybe....

VAN HALEN-Similar, I'd say, to Aerosmith.......hard rock singles, also a much too sillly.

OK, I'm sure I forgot a bunch of em.......but you get he idea. NOW, here are the two discs of this fab ass
compilation......there are going to be some artists here that surprise you, and I AM NOT saying that for example, Love was a great metal band.....BUT "August" from Love is one of the greatest of metal songs.....


01 THE VELVET UNDERGROUND-"Sister Ray"-OK, argue with THIS........nearly twenty minutes of sonic assault, tripped out lyrics, a tour-de force......should be heard on RECORD as the digital version is one of the absolute worst EVER, there are sheets of guitar which simply DISAPPEAR on CD.

02 THE MC5-"Looking at You"-The Five could have had any number of their crash and burn stuff here (actually, see disc 2), but this is the best of the best.......maybe the heaviest three minutes on record. Amazing

03 LOVE-"August"-A lesser known track from the album "Four Sail", not kidding, Frank Fayad (who?) contributes some amazing guitar noise, and Arthur Lee's drug addled lyrics are perfect.

04 THE YARDBIRDS-"Stroll On"-A "Train Kept-a Rollin'" rewrite and an amazing one.......if you've never heard this I DARE you to tell me it doesn't cut the original to ribbons.

05 THE MOVE-"Hello Susie"-Very imaginative, loud, noisy, lyrical.......a great, great track......while we certainly wouldn't think of the Move as a great metal band, they will also check in on Disc 2.

06 RORY GALLAGHER-"Laundromat"-Oh, fuck yes, "Laundromat".....that tight riff, those vocals, those
lyrics ("What do you think of that? I'm sleepin down at the laudromat")......tremendous song from an underappreciated hard rocker

07 MOTT THE HOOPLE-"Thunderbuck Ram"-From the "Mad Shadows" album, this was as  heavy as Mott ever got, mostly, they gave us brilliant hard rock singles and albums......all things considered, though, it can't get MUCH heavier than this

08 BLUE CHEER-"Doctor Please"-From "Vinncibus Eruptum".....what can I say? Can you DARE argue this? if so, HOW? Also, drugged out lyrics (see also "August") ALWAYS help

09 THE STOOGES-"Gimme Some Skin"-The Stooges could turn the amps up as well as ANYONE, and this (to me) is their heaviest effort out of a LOT of contenders

10 GOLDEN EARRING-"Radar Love"-To quote the original Creem article,"you don't think I know how silly this looks on here? Point is, THIS is the kind of stuff that made me (the writer at the time) pretend that I was playing air-guitar in front of my bedroom mirror......hard to imagine that years from now, someone is going to be writing about jerking off in front of the mirror to something off the fourth Rush album".....well put.

11 THE VELVET UNDERGROUND-"European Son"-The second Velvets track closes out disc one and the original Creem 11........the Velvets could have had twenty more songs here, and are perhaps, the "heaviest" band ever


01 THE MC5-"Sister Ann"-Another "Sister" leads off disc 2......never understood that ending with all those horns and shit but the heavy guitar part is a masterpiece.

02 BUDGIE-"Breadfan"-you either know Budgie or you don't, this is them at their very heaviest and best

03 IRON MAIDEN-"Back in the Village"- Surprised? Well, Iron Maiden were a GREAT metal band, overall, and this to me is their best (lots more too).......also the second loudest live band I ever heard (after Motorhead)), and those amazing stage props were the stuff of legend.

04 THE MOVE-"Brontosaurus"-ANOTHER fantastically hard rocking song from the Move. No more for me to say, really.....

05 THE EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND-"Don't Even Know Which Day It Is"-from their self titled classic, if unfamiliar these guys are ripe for MUCH further investigation.....this heavy number isn't even the BEST song on the album (that would be the brain-bending "House of Turnabout").

06 DAVID JOHANSEN-"Cool Metro"-from his first solo LP, with some help from Joe Perry of all people, this was heavier than anything the dolls ever cooked up.

07 THE DICTATORS-"The Minnesota Strip"- From "Bloodbrothers", great, snarling song about picking up
teenage prostitutes.......what could possibly be better than THAT?

08 THE DEAD BOYS-"Sonic Reducer"-our second consecutive punk/metal hybrid classic, and both TRULY belong here.......

09 BLACK PEARL-"Forget It"-somewhat lesser known (I did a full post on them long ago),  but a heavy tune......three lead guitars (hear em?)......comped occasionaly on various 60's comps.

10 PINK FAIRIES-"Do It"-From "Never Never Land", one of about 6-8 Fairies tracks that could have
made the cut, all three of their early discs are essential listening

11 SOUNDGARDEN-"Superunknown"-And a surprise entry to close it up, Soundgarden was a fine metal band for a while, "Outshined" or a few others could be here as well

So now ya know, as they say...........argue, ridicule, mock, whatever..........I'll get the discs put together, you play them loud and make the ultimate determination.

The Coathangers

Here's a good one from link-meister John N, a band 
with which I was unfamiliar, and have apparently madea few albums over the past decade or so, unbeknownst to me......I like this one though......from Atlanta Georgia come the Coathangers, a way cool all-girl punkish trio, with their mos recent release, "Nosebleed Weekend"......the title track is a way cool, rockabilly-tinged shouter, and the rest of the album is worth a listen without question.......I'd love to hear some of their earlier stuff, anyone? 

NOSEBLEED WEEKEND-01 Perfume/02 Dumb Baby/03 Squeeky Tiki/04 Excuse Me/05 Make It Right/06 Nosebleed Weekend/07 Watch Your Back/08 Burn Me/09 I Don't Think So/10 Down Down/11 Hiya/12 Had Enough/13 Copycat

Super Deluxe Edition of a True Classic

The three disc Super Deluxe Edition of the Velvet Underground's "White Light White Heat" is a must for any
fan of the Velvets, whom of course are one of my very favorite bands. Lots of GREAT stuff here, quite a bit previously unreleased, and in case you've always wondered, the mono mix of the original album.....this is  favorite album of mine, "Sister Ray", "I Heard Her Call My Name", "The Gift"......there's even an instrumental version of "The Gift", oddly enough.......can't say how long this one will remain here, so if interested I'd move quickly. The track list below will clue you in as to what goodies are here.

DISC 1-01 White Light/White Heat/02 The Gift/03 Lady Godiva's Operation/04 Here She Comes Now/05 I Heard Her Call My Name/06 Sister Ray/07 I Heard Her Call My Name (Alternate Take)/08 Guess I'm Falling In Love (Instrumental Version)/09 Temptation Inside Your Heart (Original Mix)/10 Stephanie Says (Original Mix)/11 Hey Mr. Rain (Version 1)/12 Hey Mr. Rain (Version 2)/13 Beginning to See the Light (Early Version)

DISC 2-01 White Light White Heat (Mono)/02 The Gift (Mono)/03 Lady Godiva's Operation (Mono)/04 Here She Comes Now (Mono)/05 I Heard Her Call My Name (Mono)/06 Sister Ray (Mono)/07 White Light/White Heat (Mono Single Mix)/08 Here She Comes Now (Mono Single Mix)/09 The Gift (Vocal Version)/10 The Gift (Instrumental Version)

DISC 3-01 Booker T (Live In NYC)/02 I'm Not a Young Man Anymore (Live in NYC)/03 Guess I'm Falling In Love (Live In NYC)/04 I'm Waiting For the Man (Live In NYC)/05 Run Run Run (Live In NYC)/06 Sister Ray (Live In NYC)/07 The Gift (Live In NYC)

A great one, obviously.

A very good guest submission

(Scott)....yesterday I expressed interest in hearing more of The Coathangers, and quickly an anonymous contributor steps up with not only several live shows of theirs, but also about a million links to various other bands live shows.....from something called "NYC taper"....I have no idea exactly what that is, however, there is so much here I certainly don't want it buried in the comments section. Thanks a million Anonymous!

7 search results for "coathangers"

The Coathangers: April 17, 2014 Baby’s All Right – FLAC/MP3/Streaming Full Set

April 24, 2014
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[photos by acidjack. they’re not very good, but the recording is]
The Atlanta all-female punk threesome The Coathangers go for the jugular, but they go for it with a smile. Since their last record, 2011’s Larceny and Old Lace, they no longer have a keyboard player (Candice Jones aka Bebe Coathanger), but stripping down has served them well. The raw ferocity of the remaining members — Minnie Coathanger (Meredith Franco), Crook Kid Coathanger (Julia Kugel) and Rusty Coathanger (Julia Luke) — is more than enough to fill a stage and dominate a forty-five minute set.
This show at Baby’s All Right gave us a look at the material from their 2014 release, Suck My Shirt, and if these songs are any indication, they’re more than fine without the keyboards. The ladies in this band share vocal duties producing an enticing mix of babydoll sweetness and punk snarl. The band’s other most notable component is their shared sense of humor, which can run to dark places, starting with the band name (a reference to the bad old days of abortion).
Throughout the set, the band offered ample doses of self-effacing humor to go with their reckless, infectious songs. When we last saw themLarceny and Old Lace had just hit the shelves, and they gave new life to several of those now-keyboardless songs like the burner of a set opener, “Johnny” and melodic, somewhat slower-paced “Trailer Park Boneyard”, which was one of my favorites. The new Suck My Shirt material really shone, from the blistering “Adderall” and “Springfield Cannonball” to the rough and raucous “Smother”. The night’s closer, “Don’t Touch My Shit”, was perhaps the perfect example of how punk can grow up without getting lame. The band brought the eight-year old daughter of a friend of the band a young girl who is (one of the band members’ relatives/daughter? If you know… feel free to let me know in the comments) in on guest vocals. We were warned that she’d be saying some bad words, and she did. Best to get them started off early if you want ’em to turn out right!
This recording is a digital multitrack recording and the sound quality is outstanding. Enjoy!
Stream the entire set and download individual tracks (full set downloads below):

Download the complete show: [MP3]  | [FLAC]

Note: All of the material on this site is offered with artist permission, free to fans, at our expense. The only thing we ask is that you download the material directly from this site, rather than re-posting the direct links or the files on other sites without our permission. Please respect our request.
The Coathangers
Baby’s All Right
Brooklyn, NY USA
Exclusive download hosted at nyctaper.com
Recorded by Devin Foley and acidjack
Produced by acidjack
Multichannel digital multitrack 24bit/48kHz files>Adobe Audition CS 5.5 (compression, alignment, mixdown, fades)>Izotope Ozone 5.5 (effects, EQ)>Audacity 2.0.3 (tracking, amplify, balance, downsample, dither)>FLAC ( level 8 )
Tracks [Total Time: 44:14]
01 [intro]
02 Johnny
03 Smother
04 Follow Me
05 Trailer Park Boneyard
06 Sicker
07 Springfield Cannonball
08 Call To Nothing
09 Arthritis Sux
10 Adderall
11 Hurricane
12 Derek’s Song
13 Sex Beat [The Gun Club]
14 Shut Up
15 Cheap
16 [banter]
17 Don’t Touch My Shit
If you enjoyed this recording, please support The Coathangers, visit their website and buy their records from Suicide Squeeze Records.

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The Coathangers: June 24, 2011 285 Kent – Flac and MP3 Downloads + Streaming Song

July 12, 2011
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[photo courtesy of Edwina Hay]
If there’s a really an identifiable punk/garage “ethic”, the Coathangers do it right. The band plays their instruments with abandon, writes songs that tell it straight, and at their wild live shows, they don’t hold anything back or pull any punches. At their most recent NYC show a couple of weeks back at DIY venue 285 Kent, the Coathangers played a beyond-punk-length set that was extraordinarily entertaining for all the right reasons. Their energy, sense of humor, and apparent disregard for convention was evident from the outset — “Johnny” is a screaming punk song that set the tone that continued throughout songs like “Gettin Mad and Pumpin Iron”, “Nestle in My Boobies” and early 7″ release “Shake Shake” (streaming below). In between, the band performed much of their brand new release Larceny & Old Lace (Suicide Squeeze). As they were faced with an opening set deadline, the band continued to play through house music and ultimately when the microphone power was cut, performed the last song completely off-mic. It didn’t seem to matter though, as the massive crowd participation propelled the Coathangers to the finish.
I recorded this set with the Neumann microphones on an eight-foot stand next to the soundboard and mixed it with a vocal-heavy soundboard feed. This room presents many audio challenges and the mix and balance of this recording was a difficult prospect. We’ve done the best under the circumstances, and hope you enjoy!
Stream “Shake Shake”:
Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Direct download of complete show in MP3 files (HERE)
Download the Complete show in FLAC [HERE].
The Coathangers
285 Kent
Brooklyn, NY USA
Digital Master Recording
Soundboard + Audience Matrix
Soundboard + Neumann KM-150s > Edirol R-44 (Oade Concert Mod) > 2x 16bit 44.1kHz wav files > Soundforge (level adjustments, mixdown, set fades) > CDWave 1.95 (tracking) > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac
Recorded and Produced by nyctaper
[Total Time 47:01]
01 Johnny
02 Toomerhead
03 Hurricane
04 Trailer Park Boneyard
05 Gettin Mad and Pumpin Iron
06 [banter]
07 Sick Sick Birds
08 Call To Nothing
09 [banter2]
10 My Baby
11 [banter3]
12 Jaybird
13 Shake Shake
14 [banter4]
15 Arthritis Suxx
16 Well Alright
17 Chicken 30
18 Pussywillow
19 Nestle in My Boobies
20 Cheap Cheap
21 Don’t Touch My Shit
If you email nyctaper for access to this recording, we expect that you will PLEASE SUPPORT The Coathangers, visit their website, follow them on Facebook, and purchase their official releases at the Suicide Squeeze Records website [HERE].

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List of All Available NYCTaper Recordings – 2011 Posts

December 26, 2015
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This is a rejuvenation of the lists we used to do in the early days of the site. I’m trying to get every year up in this category, so this is a look back four years at 2011. The following year (2012) will be available soon, and 2015 will go up in January. That will complete a full listing of the entire NYCTaper archives and make available every recording in our history only two clicks away. Again, don’t take this as an invitation to download massive quantities of recordings. If I find someone downloading 10 or 20 shows at once, I’ll block your IP address.
All 2007 Recordings Listed [HERE]
Part 1 of 2008 Recordings (January through June 13) Listed [HERE]
Part 2 of 2008 Recordings (June 13 through July 31) Listed [HERE]
Part 3 of 2008 Recordings (July 31 through December 31) Listed [HERE]

All 2009 Recordings Listed [HERE]
All 2010 Recordings Listed [HERE]
All 2013 Recordings Listed [HERE]
All 2014 Recordings Listed [HERE]
Alphabetical List of All Available Recordings at NYCTAPER.COM
(Click on Title for location):
Posted in 2011 (260 Recordings):
Acrylics: January 8, 2011 Rock Shop
Akron/Family: February 17, 2011 Knitting Factory
Akron/Family: March 5, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Anamanaguchi: January 6, 2011 Knitting Factory
Anamanaguchi: July 22, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead: April 29, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Antietam: May 10, 2011 Bell House
Antlers: May 6, 2011 Knitting Factory
Antlers: May 19, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Antlers: May 20, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Antlers: October 3, 2011 Wellmont Theatre
Antlers: December 10, 2011 Webster Hall – Flac and MP3 Downloads + Streaming Songs
Arbouretum: October 14, 2011 Glasslands
Archers of Loaf: June 25, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Atlas Sound: June 16, 2011 St. Cecelia’s Church
Atlas Sound: December 18, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Austra: December 4, 2010 Glasslands
Avey Tare: December 2, 2011 Knitting Factory
Babies: May 27, 2011 Knitting Factory BK
Babies: June 18, 2011 McCarren Park (Northside Festival)
Bardo Pond: November 19, 2011 Death By Audio
Bill Callahan (Smog): June 14, 2009 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Bill Callahan (Smog): July 12, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Black Angels: April 8, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Black Angels: July 15, 2011 Maxwell’s
Blasters: March 11, 2011 Maxwell’s
Blitzen Trapper: December 9, 2011 Maxwell’s
BOBBY: December 03, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Bonnie “Prince” Billy: December 7, 2010 Maxwell’s
Born Gold: October 22, 2011 Cameo Gallery CMJ Show
British Sea Power: March 21, 2011 Maxwell’s
British Sea Power: April 21, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Brokeback: November 8, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Buffalo Tom: April 28, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Buke and Gass: January 29, 2011 Bell House
Camper Van Beethoven: January 14, 2011 Highline Ballroom
Caribbean: June 5, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Cass McCombs: May 12, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Cass McCombs: July 20, 2011 Maxwell’s
Caveman: August 19, 2011 Cameo Gallery
Caveman: September 17, 2011 Beekman Beer Garden
Celebration: April 22, 2011 Union Pool
Coathangers: June 24, 2011 285 Kent
Condo Fucks: November 4, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Cotton Jones: March 11, 2011 Maxwell’s
Country Mice: November 16, 2011 Glasslands
Cracker: January 14, 2011 Highline Ballroom
Cymbals Eat Guitars: October 27, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Daniel Wayne: November 17, 2011 Glasslands
David Bazan: June 22, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Dean Wareham: January 13, 2011 Maxwell’s
Decemberists: January 26, 2011 Beacon Theatre
Deerhunter: August 23, 2011 Webster Hall
Deer Tick: August 10, 2011 Wantagh NY
Deer Tick: November 20, 2011 Webster Hall
Deervana: June 19, 2011 Brooklyn Bowl
Delicate Steve: February 17, 2011 Knitting Factory
Delicate Steve: March 5, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Depreciation Guild: January 15, 2011 Rock Shop
Destroyer: April 3, 2011 Webster Hall
Disappears: July 26, 2011 Union Pool
Doug Paisley: September 24, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Drive-By Truckers: December 30, 2010 Brooklyn Bowl
Drive-By Truckers: February 15, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Earth: October 2, 2011 ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror
Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour: March 21, 2011 Knitting Factory
Eternal Summers: April 15, 2011 Glasslands
Eternal Summers: June 17, 2011 Knitting Factory (Northside Festival)
Eternal Tapestry: October 14, 2011 Glasslands
Exitmusic: August 19, 2011 Glasslands
Explosions In the Sky: April 6, 2011 Radio City Music Hall
Explosions In The Sky: October 3, 2011 Wellmont Theatre
Family Band: July 23, 2011 Backyard Brunch Sessions
Felice Brothers: May 18, 2011 Bell House
Felice Brothers: September 29, 2011 Webster Hall
Fergus & Geronimo: February 23, 2011 285 Kent
Forms: February 12, 2011 The Rock Shop
Freshkills: April 20, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Fruit Bats: September 13, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Fucked Up: November 15, 2011 Warsaw
Funky Meters: September 14, 2011 Brooklyn Bowl
Futurebirds: February 26, 2011 Union Pool
Giraffes: February 5, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Givers: June 18, 2011 Backyard Brunch Sessions
Godspeed You! Black Emperor: March 15, 2011 Brooklyn Masonic Temple
Godspeed You! Black Emperor: March 16, 2011 Brooklyn Masonic Temple
Godspeed You! Black Emperor: March 17, 2011 St. Paul’s Church
Godspeed You! Black Emperor: March 18, 2011 St. Paul’s Church
Gourds: October 1, 2011 Sullivan Hall
Grails: April 24, 2011 The Knitting Factory
Grooms: January 8, 2011 Rock Shop
Guided By Voices: June 18, 2011 Northside Festival, McCarren Park
Hamilton Leithauser: February 20, 2011 Cameo Gallery
Harvey Milk: March 15, 2011 Union Pool
Heartless Bastards: July 23, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Heartless Bastards: July 24, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Heavy Pets: August 26, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Helmet: October 11, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Hi-Risers: March 11, 2011 Maxwell’s
Hold Steady: January 31, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Hold Steady: September 17, 2011 Beekman Beer Garden
Holiday Shores: June 19, 2011 NYCTaper Northside Showcase Public Assembly
Hoop Dreams: August 2, 2011 Glasslands
Hoop Dreams: October 20, 2011 NYCTaper CMJ Show at Cake Shop
Hooray For Earth: March 8, 2011 Glasslands
Hooray For Earth: October 27, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Ian O’Neil (of Deer Tick): December 7, 2011 Glasslands
Implodes: August 10, 2011 Mercury Lounge
JEFF The Brotherhood: June 25, 2011 285 Kent
Jessica Lea Mayfield: April 1, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Jessica Lea Mayfield: November 17, 2011 Glasslands
Joan of Arc: August 10, 2011 Mercury Lounge
John Vanderslice: May 12, 2011 Mercury Lounge
John Vanderslice: May 13, 2011 Rock Shop
Jukebox the Ghost: May 4, 2011 Rock Shop
Julian Lynch: January 7, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Julian Lynch: May 20, 2011 Bell House
Kurt Vile: December 26, 2011 Maxwell’s
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper: October 9, 2011 Backyard Brunch Sessions
La Sera: March 2, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Lemonheads: October 10, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Little Scream: May 20, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Local H: April 21, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Loom: June 19, 2011 Public Assembly (Northside)
Loom: December 03, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Low: April 27, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Lucero: July 23, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Lyonnais: April 15, 2011 Glasslands
Magik Markers: June 17, 2011 Northside Festival, St. Cecilia’s RCC
Man Forever: July 14, 2011 Union Pool
Maps & Atlases: April 19, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Matt Douglas: January 9, 2011 Pete’s Candy Store
Megafaun: March 30, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Megafaun: April 16, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Megafaun: September 24, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Melvins: June 6, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Melvins: June 7, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Mekons: October 9, 2011 City Winery
Minerva Lions: August 7, 2011 BBS at the Richardson
Mission of Burma: January 28, 2011 Maxwell’s
Mission of Burma: January 29, 2011 The Bell House
moe.: November 26, 2011 Terminal 5
Moondoggies: January 30, 2011 The Rock Shop
Mountain Goats: March 28, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Mountain Goats: March 29, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Mountain Goats – March 30, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Mount Moriah: October 12, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Mr. Dream: March 4, 2011 Glasslands
Mr. Dream: June 16, 2011 [Northside Festival] Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY
Mr. Dream: October 21, 2011 NYCTaper CMJ Day Party at Cake Shop
Mt. Eerie: September 21, 2011 285 Kent
My Morning Jacket: December 14, 2011 Madison Square Garden
Nada Surf: December 14, 2010 Rock Shop
National: December 12, 2011 Beacon Theatre
Nicole Atkins: February 9, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Nicole Atkins: March 11, 2011 Maxwell’s
Nicole Atkins: September 29, 2011 Webster Hall
North Highlands: October 22, 2011 Cameo Gallery (CMJ)
North Mississippi Allstars Duo: June 6, 2011 (Late Show) Iridium Jazz Club
North Mississippi Allstars: October 28, 2011 Brooklyn Bowl
Oberhofer: October 1, 2011 Monster Island Farewell BBQ
O’Death: January 15, 2011 Bell House
Oh Land: January 26, 2011 Hiro Ballroom
Oh-OK: October 22, 2011 Cake Shop
Oneida: April 2, 2011 Ocropolis IV
Oneida: June 17, 2011 Secret Project Robot (Rated O Set)
Oneida: June 17, 2011 Secret Project Robot (Preteen Weaponry Set)
Oneida: June 19, 2011 Secret Project Robot (Absolute II Set)
Owen: December 2, 2011 Glasslands
Pains of Being Pure at Heart: May 6, 2011 Webster Hall
Pepper Rabbit: June 17, 2011 Knitting Factory (Northside Festival)
Prussia: October 20, 2011 Cake Shop NYCTaper CMJ
Prussia: October 22, 2011 Cameo Gallery (CMJ Show)
PS I Love You: March 30, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Psychic Ills: October 31, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Psychic Paramount: July 26, 2011 Union Pool
Purling Hiss: June 11, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Purling Hiss: November 18, 2011 Cameo Gallery
Queens of the Stone Age: March 25, 2011 Terminal 5
Quiet Life: January 30, 2011 The Rock Shop
Quiet Lights: June 19, 2011 Public Assembly (NYCTaper Northside Showcase)
Quilty: June 19, 2011 NYCTaper Northside Showcase Public Assembly
Real Estate: May 20, 2011 Bell House
Real Estate: October 15, 2011 Bohemian Beer Garden
Real Estate: November 23, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Roadside Graves: August 28, 2010 Mercury Lounge
Rosebuds: October 12, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Royal Baths: December 9, 2011 Glasslands
Savoir Adore: June 26, 2011 Vivo In Vino
Savoir Adore: October 20, 2011 NYCTaper CMJ Show at Cake Shop
Sea and Cake: November 8, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Sebadoh: November 11, 2011 Maxwell’s
Sharon Van Etten: January 8, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Sharon Van Etten: April 16, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
She Keeps Bees: April 16, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Shinji Masuko: October 10, 2011 Knitting Factory
Shilpa Ray: January 21, 2011 Brooklyn Bowl
Shovels & Rope: May 18, 2011 The Bell House
Skeletons: August 25, 2011 Glasslands
Sleepies: June 16, 2011 Northside Festival, Glasslands
Sloan: June 29, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Smashing Pumpkins: October 18, 2011 Terminal 5
Soft Black: January 21, 2011 Brooklyn Bowl
Soft Circle: October 10, 2011 Knitting Factory
Sonic Youth: August 12, 2011 Williamsburg Waterfront
Stars: October 11, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Surfer Blood: April 29, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Soulive: March 12, 2011: Brooklyn Bowl
Steve Kimock & Friends: November 4, 2011 Brooklyn Bowl
Suuns: January 25, 2011 Rock Shop
Teletextile: August 7, 2011 BBS at the Richardson
Tennis: March 2, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra: October 2, 2011 ATP
Thurston Moore: May 20, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Times New Viking: May 27, 2011 Knitting Factory
Tom Tom Club: January 12, 2011 Irving Plaza
Tom Vek: July 13, 2011 Union Pool
Trans Am: October 8, 2011 Union Pool
Trey Anastasio Band: February 22, 2011 Terminal 5
Tribes: December 8, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Tristan Clopet: June 18, 2011 Backyard Brunch Sessions
Tristen: February 23, 2011 Knitting Factory
Tristen: October 20, 2011 NYCTaper CMJ Show at Cake Shop
Umphrey’s McGee: September 9, 2011 Brooklyn Bowl
U Say USA: June 19, 2011 NYCTaper Northside Showcase Public Assembly
Vetiver: September 13, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Wakey Wakey!: May 4, 2011 Rock Shop
War On Drugs: January 8, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
War On Drugs: April 3, 2011 Webster Hall
War On Drugs: August 19, 2011 Cameo Gallery
War On Drugs: December 11, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Wavves: June 18, 2011 McCarren Park
Weird Owl: July 14, 2011 Union Pool
White Fence: August 13, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
White Fence: October 20, 2011 NYCTaper CMJ Show at Cake Shop
White Suns: June 16, 2011 Northside Festival, Glasslands
Widowspeak: March 3, 2011 Glasslands
Widowspeak: June 30, 2011 285 Kent
Widowspeak: August 2, 2011 Glasslands
Widowspeak: October 20, 2011 NYCTaper CMJ Show at Cake Shop
Wilco: September 22, 2011 Central Park Summerstage
Wilco: September 23, 2011 Central Park Summerstage
William Tyler: November 16, 2011 Glasslands
Wise Blood: April 1, 2011 Glasslands
Wooden Shjips – November 10, 2011 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Woods: February 4, 2011 Monster Island Basement
Woods: June 17, 2011 Northside Festival, St. Cecilia’s RCC
Woods: August 13, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
Wormburner: August 10, 2011 Wantagh NY
Wye Oak: January 27, 2011 Rock Shop
Wye Oak: April 14, 2011 Bowery Ballroom
XVSK: July 23, 2011 Backyard Brunch Sessions
Yellow Ostrich: January 4, 2011 Mercury Lounge
Yo La Tengo: March 23, 2011 Maxwell’s
Yo La Tengo: May 10, 2011 Bell House
Yo La Tengo: May 11, 2011 Bell House
Yo La Tengo: December 22, 2011 Maxwell’s
Yo La Tengo: December 23, 2011 Maxwell’s
Yo La Tengo: December 26, 2011 Maxwell’s
Young Adults: June 19, 2011 Public Assembly (Northside)

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List of All Available NYCTaper Recordings – 2014 Posts

January 2, 2015
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In the early days, I did these lists of all of the recordings for a given year at the site. I hadn’t done one since 2009. Lately, there have been requests to continue to post these lists since it gives people easy access to the archives. So here is 2014. I’ll work backwards to previous years until the entire site is cataloged. Please don’t take this as an invitation to download vast quantities of recordings at once. That’s just gluttonous and the site and the server can not handle massive concurrent downloads. If I find someone downloading like 10 or 20 shows at once, I’ll just block your IP address, its that simple.
All 2007 Recordings Listed [HERE]
Part 1 of 2008 Recordings (January through June 13) Listed [HERE]
Part 2 of 2008 Recordings (June 13 through July 31) Listed [HERE]
Part 3 of 2008 Recordings (July 31 through December 31) Listed [HERE]

All 2009 Recordings Listed [HERE]
Alphabetical List of All Available Recordings at NYCTAPER.COM
(Click on Title for location):
Posted in 2014 (220 Recordings):
Aa (Big A little a): January 28, 2014 Death By Audio
Acid Mothers Temple: April 23, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Amanda X: October 23, 2014 NYCTaper Unofficial CMJ Cake Shop
Amen Dunes: February 8, 2014 Glasslands
Angel Olsen: December 9, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Antietam: December 6, 2014 Trocadero Philly
Antlers: June 17, 2014 Rough Trade
August Wells: October 12, 2014 Rough Trade
Axxa / Abraxas: March 21, 2014 Baby’s All Right
Beach Day: October 23, 2014 NYCTaper Unofficial CMJ Day Party, Cake Shop
Beach Fossils: December 17, 2014 Glasslands
Big Ups: February 21, 2014 Shea Stadium
Big Ups: November 2, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Blitzen Trapper: June 7, 2014 Mountain Jam X (Hunter, NY)
BOYTOY: February 24, 2014 Shea Stadium
Breakdown: June 20, 2014 St. Vitus
Built to Spill: May 20, 2014 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Bustle In Your Hedgerow: February 7, 2014 Brooklyn Bowl
Caged Animals: December 11, 2013 Union Pool
Cass McCombs: October 31, 2014 Rough Trade
Cass McCombs: November 1, 2014 Rough Trade
Cate Le Bon: January 16, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Caveman: October 15, 2014 Baby’s All Right
Celebration: September 26, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Chatham County Line: September 5, 2013 Hopscotch Festival, Long View Center (Raleigh NC)
Chris Robinson Brotherhood: June 8, 2014 Mountain Jam X (Hunter, NY)
Cian Nugent: February 19, 2014 Union Pool
Circuit des Yeux: September 5, 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival, Tir na Nog, Raleigh NC
Cloud Becomes Your Hand: March 14, 2014 Northern Spy / Ba Da Bing SXSW Showcase
Coathangers: April 17, 2014 Baby’s All Right
Coeds: March 13, 2014 DC Against the World SXSW Party, New Movement Theater
Commonwealth Choir: July 26, 2014 XPonential Fest
Coup: March 13, 2014 SXSW, New Movement Theater (Austin, TX)
Courtney Barnett: June 17, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Crazy Pills: April 8, 2014 Death By Audio
Cross Record: March 14, 2014 Ba Da Bing / Northern Spy SXSW Showcase, Palm Door
Cross Record: March 15, 2014 Post-SXSW Private Show (Dripping Springs, TX)
Daniel Bachman/Nathan Bowles: September 5, 2014 Three Lobed/WXDU Show King’s Raleigh NC
Dave Hause: July 26, 2014 XPonential Music Festival
Daytona: July 16, 2014 Glasslands
Dead Meadow: February 11, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Dead Stars: May 6, 2014 Cameo Gallery + October 17, 2013 Cake Shop
Deafheaven: January 18, 2014 285 Kent
Dean Wareham: April 5, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Death of Samantha: May 29, 2014 Baby’s All Right
Deleted Scenes: March 13, 2014 DC Against the World SXSW Party, New Movement Theater
Doug Gillard: April 8, 2014 Glasslands
Doug Keith: March 19, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Doug Tuttle: October 25, 2014 Trouble In Mind CMJ Showcase, Rough Trade
Dream Syndicate: November 15, 2014 Rough Trade
Dream Syndicate: November 16, 2014 Rough Trade
Dva: January 9, 2014 Trans Pecos
Dva: March 14, 2014 Northern Spy / Ba Da Bing SXSW Showcase, Palm Door
Earth: September 24, 2014 St Vitus
Ed Schrader’s Music Beat: September 26, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Enemy Waves: September 5, 2014 Vintage 21, Hopscotch Music Festival, Raleigh NC
Everymen: May 19, 2014 Baby’s All Right
Ex Cops: November 25, 2014 Glasslands
The Fleshtones: February 27, 2014 The Grand Victory
Freeman: July 23, 2014 Baby’s All Right
Frightwig: September 8, 2014 Knitting Factory
Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger: March 14, 2014 Northern Spy / Ba Da Bing SXSW Showcase
GOASTT (The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger): June 8, 2014 Mountain Jam (Hunter, NY)
Glenn Tilbrook: September 25, 2014 City Winery
Govt Mule: June 7, 2014 Mountain Jam (Hunter, NY)
Gradients: September 5, 2014 Shea Stadium Interview/FLAC/MP3/Streaming
Greensky Bluegrass: September 13, 2014 Gramercy Theatre
Gretchen Lohse: February 26, 2014 Trans Pecos
Gringo Star: June 14, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Growlers: September 18, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Heaven: February 7, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Heliotropes: January 25, 2014 Radio Bushwick
Herbcraft: January 24, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Heroes of Toolik: May 14, 2014 Cameo Gallery
Hiss Golden Messenger: July 31, 2013 Motorco (Durham, NC)
Hiss Golden Messenger: March 2, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Hiss Golden Messenger: September 18, 2014 Rough Trade
Hungry Ghost: November 22, 2014 Brooklyn Night Bazaar
Hunters: October 15, 2013 Oh My Rockness CMJ Show, Cameo Gallery
Hurray For The Riff Raff: April 2, 2014 Knitting Factory
Hurray For The Riff Raff: July 26, 2014 XPonential Fest
J Fernandez: March 15, 2014 Post-SXSW Private Show (Dripping Springs, TX)
J Mascis: October 17, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Jane Lee Hooker: September 8, 2014 Knitting Factory
Jeff Tweedy: June 7, 2014 Mountain Jam X (Hunter, NY)
Jeremy Messersmith: July 26, 2014 XPonential Music Festival
Jon Langford: April 4, 2014 Bell House
Jonathan Wilson: February 12, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Jonathan Wilson: June 7, 2014 Mountain Jam X (Hunter, NY)
Juan Wauters: October 26, 2014 Panache CMJ Baby’s All Right
Kevin Morby: January 16, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Kevin Morby: October 24, 2014 Aquarium Drunkard CMJ Showcase, Rough Trade
Kickback: June 10, 2014 Pianos
Kickback: October 23, 2014 NYCTaper Unofficial CMJ Day Party, Cake Shop
King Buzzo: July 14, 2014 The Wick
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: October 13, 2014 Baby’s All Right
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: October 26, 2014 Baby’s All Right
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard: October 31, 2014 338 Moffat
Landlady: September 6, 2014 Hometapes/Trekky Records Show, Pour House, Hopscotch Raleigh NC
La Sera: May 10, 2014 Baby’s All Right
Larkin Grimm: February 26, 2014 Trans Pecos
Lee Ranaldo and The Dust: January 11, 2014 Bell House
Lee Ranaldo and the Dust: April 24, 2014 Union Pool
Little Black Egg Big Band: September 5, 2014 Three Lobed / WXDU Day Show, King’s, Raleigh NC
Low Fat Getting High: February 21, 2014 Shea Stadium
Lucero: November 4, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Lucero: November 5, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Lucius: June 8, 2014 Mountain Jam X (Hunter, NY)
Mainland: October 23, 2014 – NYCTaper Unofficial CMJ Cake Shop
Marah: July 12, 2014 Bowery Electric
Marah: July 26, 2014 XPonential Music Festival
Mary Halvorson: July 14, 2014 The Wick
Matt Northrup: September 5, 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival, Vintage 21, Raleigh NC
Meat Puppets: October 31, 2014 Rough Trade
Meat Puppets: November 1, 2014 Rough Trade
Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood: December 11, 2014 Terminal 5
Megafaun: May 2, 2014 Baby’s All Right
Mike Doughty: March 1, 2014 City Winery
Mission of Burma: February 7, 2014 Bell House
Mogwai: May 9, 2014 Terminal 5
Mr Twin Sister: October 4, 2014 Babys All Right
MV & EE: February 17, 2014 Baby’s All Right
MV & EE: February 24, 2014 Baby’s All Right
MV & EE: September 5, 2014 Three Lobed/WXDU Day Show, Hopscotch Fest King’s Raleigh NC
Negative Scanner: October 25, 2014 Trouble In Mind CMJ Showcase, Rough Trade
New Bums: March 23, 2014 Baby’s All Right
Nicole Atkins: February 13, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Nicole Atkins: June 18, 2014 Madison Square Park
Night Beats: July 2, 2014 Baby’s All Right
NYMPH: March 14, 2014 Northern Spy / Ba Da Bing SXSW Showcase, Palm Door
Oneida: January 31, 2014 Knitting Factory
Oneida: July 17, 2014 Glasslands
Oneida: October 17, 2014 Secret Project Robot
Ought: October 14, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Outer Minds: March 13, 2014 DC Against the World SXSW Party, New Movement Theater
Owen Pallett: May 13, 2014 Glasslands
Palehound: May 9, 2014 Death By Audio
Palehound: October 23, 2014 NYCTaper Unofficial CMJ Day Party, Cake Shop
Parlor Walls: April 15, 2014 Glasslands
PCPC: October 21, 2014 St. Vitus
Phil Cook/Caitlin Rose: September 6, 2014 Trekky Records/Hometapes Show Hopscotch Raleigh NC
Phil Lesh and Friends: May 28, 2014 Central Park Rumsey Playfield
Phish: July 11, 2014 Randall’s Island
Phish: July 12, 2014 Randall’s Island
Pink Avalanche: November 22, 2014 Brooklyn Night Bazaar
Potty Mouth: January 6, 2014 Glasslands
Prettiots: October 23, 2014 NYCTaper Unofficial CMJ Day Party, Cake Shop
Pujol: May 23, 2014 Death By Audio
PUP: February 21, 2014 Cameo Gallery
Purling Hiss: October 23, 2014 NYCTaper CMJ Day Show, Cake Shop
Quilt: May 16, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Rocketship: June 1, 2014 Trans Pecos
Rooks: January 23, 2014 Pianos
Ryan Sawyer and Darius Jones: April 16, 2014 Union Pool
Ryley Walker: September 6, 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival, Fletcher Opera Theater, Raleigh NC
Ryley Walker: October 24, 2014 Aquarium Drunkard CMJ Showcase, Rough Trade
Sharon Van Etten: October 9, 2010 Mercury Lounge
Sharon Van Etten: June 13, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Sharp Things: September 11, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Slothrust: February 21, 2014 Shea Stadium
Slothrust: March 14, 2014 Ba Da Bing / Northern Spy SXSW Showcase, Palm Door
Smashing Pumpkins: December 8, 2014 Webster Hall
So Cow: September 20, 2014 Cake Shop
Songs: Ohia & Magnolia Electric Co.: Jason Molina Tribute at The Hideout (Chicago, IL)
Soulside: December 17, 2014 Saint Vitus
Soulside: December 18, 2014 Saint Vitus
Spacin’ & Purling Hiss: September 5, 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival, Tir na Nog, Raleigh NC
Speedy Ortiz: November 2, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Split Single: May 21, 2014 Glasslands
Spoon: September 5, 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival, Raleigh, NC
Stars: November 10, 2014 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks: February 26, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Steve Gunn: October 12, 2014 Rough Trade NYC
Strand of Oaks: December 4, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Sunburned Hand of the Man: September 5, 2014 Three Lobed/WXDU Day Show, King’s Raleigh NC
Sunflower Bean: December 20, 2014 Baby’s All Right
Survival Knife: November 22, 2014 Brooklyn Night Bazaar
Tedeschi Trucks Band: June 7, 2014 Mountain Jam X (Hunter, NY)
Thee Oh Sees: June 15, 2014 Death By Audio
Thee Oh Sees: June 14, 2014 McCarren Park (Northside Fest)
Thee Oh Sees: November 18, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Thou: March 23, 2014 Saint Vitus
Thurston Moore: October 21, 2014 St. Vitus
Tonstartssbandht: July 30, 2014 Palisades
Tonstartssbandht: October 31, 2014 338 Moffat
Tony Conrad: September 5, 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival, Vintage 21, Raleigh NC
Train Company: June 20, 2014 Bowery Electric
Twin Peaks: 2014-05-13 Mercury Lounge
Ty Segall: September 17, 2014 Webster Hall
Unicycle Loves You: February 16, 2014 Radio Bushwick
Vivian Girls: March 2, 2014 Baby’s All Right (Final Show!)
War On Drugs: March 19, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
War on Drugs: March 20, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
War on Drugs: September 4, 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival, Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh NC
Whiskey Bitches: February 16, 2014 Radio Bushwick
Whiskey Bitches: April 8, 2014 Death By Audio
Whiskey Bitches: October 23, 2014 NYCTaper CMJ Cake Shop
White Fence: October 13, 2014 Baby’s All Right
White Lung: September 3, 2014 Glasslands
White Lung: September 6, 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival
Wilco: September 6, 2014 Lockn Fest
Wilco: September 7, 2014 Lockn Fest
Wilco: October 28, 2014 Capitol Theatre
Wilco: October 29, 2014 Capitol Theatre Portchester
Wilco: October 30, 2014 Capitol Theatre Portchester
Wild Cub: October 18, 2013 Terminal 5
William Tyler: April 16, 2014 Union Pool
Woods: April 22, 2014 Baby’s All Right
Woods: May 16, 2014 Bowery Ballroom
Woods: November 6, 2014 Death By Audio
Woodsman: January 24, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Wormburner: September 26, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Wussy: April 4, 2014 The Studio at Webster Hall
Wussy: October 10, 2014 Knitting Factory
Wussy: October 11, 2014 Private House Larchmont NY
Wytches: July 24, 2014 Mercury Lounge
Yellow Ostrich: December 8, 2014 Glasslands – FINAL SHOW
Yo La Tengo: December 6, 2014 Trocadero Philly
Yvette: September 4, 2014 Hopscotch Music Festival, CAM Raleigh, Raleigh, NC
Zula: August 7, 2014 Shea Stadium

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Gringo Star: June 14, 2014 Mercury Lounge – FLAC/MP3/Streaming Full Set

August 11, 2014
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[band promo photo]
Gringo Star‘s formula ain’t hard to figure out, nor is it foreign to fans of the stellar garage rock that’s been pouring out of the Atlanta, GA area for the past several years. Helmed by the Furgiuele brothers — Nick and Peter — Gringo Star plays fun-loving, to-the-point tunes that find them in good company with other recent site favorites like fellow Atlantans The Coathangers and the West Coasters Night Beats. This late-night set atMercury Lounge proved to be the kind of free-for-all you might expect, with the band as ringleaders. Their latest album, Floating Out to See, finds them in a slightly mellower, more textured mode on the LP, but in the tight confines of Mercury it all came out pure party music. I can only hope the after party was as much of a scorcher as this set. 
This set was recorded by the Mercury staff directly from the soundboard and provided to us. The sound quality is excellent. Enjoy!
Download the full set: [MP3] | [FLAC]
Stream the full set:

Gringo Star
Mercury Lounge
New York, NY USA
Hosted at nyctaper.com
Produced by acidjack
Midas Verona Soundboard>Tascam CD–RW900SL>CD-R>Izotope Ozone 5 (effects, imaging, EQ, exciter)>Audacity 2.0.3 (tracking, fades, amplify, balance, upsample)>FLAC ( level 8 )
Tracks [cuts in after first song]
01 100 Miles
02 Find A Love
03 Make You Mine
04 The Start
05 Ask Me Why
06 Look For More
07 Count Yer Lucky Stars
08 Going Way Out
09 Mexican Coma
10 You Want It
11 Come Back Home
12 All Y’All
13 Shadow
If you enjoyed this recording, PLEASE SUPPORT Gringo Star, visit their website, and buy Floating Out to See on iTunes or Amazon.

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NYCTaper Upcoming Schedule – Spring and Summer 2012

April 23, 2012
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[image by Songbirdnest]
It has been a while since we posted an updated schedule, but now with the Summer season closing in, its time to let our readers know where we’ll be recording music. The two highlights are obviously our shows, the NYCTaper 5th Anniversary show and our Northside Festival showcase, but there are a ton of other excellent shows.
[Caveat: Below is the updated schedule. We expect to attend and record these events. However, circumstances will prevent some of these from being done, and others will be added in the meantime.]
If you want nyctaper to record your band, a band you represent, a show you’re promoting, or even your favorite band in the world, get us in the door and make sure everyone who needs to approve of the recording gives permission. Also, remember each person on the nyctaper crew does this all for free, the recordings, the post-production, the reviews, the links, etc., so treat us fairly.
Alcoholic Faith Mission:
April 27, 2012 Glasslands Gallery Brooklyn
Acid Mothers Temple:
April 30, 2012 Knitting Factory Brooklyn
Lower Dens:
May 2, 2012 Glasslands Gallery Brooklyn
Mike Watt:
May 2, 2012 Le Poisson Rouge NYC
May 4, 2012 St. Vitus Brooklyn
May 5, 2012 285 Kent Brooklyn
May 6, 2012 Mercury Lounge NYC
Oneida (and special guests):
May 12, 2012 285 Kent Brooklyn – NYCTaper 5th Anniversary Show.
The Wandering (Luther Dickinson, Amy LaVere):
May 14, 2012 Joe’s Pub NYC
Steel Phantoms:
May 15, 2012 Cameo Gallery Brooklyn
Ty Segall / White Fence:
May 16, 2012 Webster Hall NYC
Spinto Band:
May 17, 2012 Rock Shop Brooklyn
Justin Townes Earle:
May 17, 2012 Webster Hall NYC
Maps & Atlases:
May 19, 2012 Glasslands Gallery Brooklyn
May 23, 2012 Bell House Brooklyn
Psychic Ills:
May 25, 2012 Death By Audio Brooklyn
The Coathangers:
May 30, 2012 Death By Audio Brooklyn
The Soft Moon:
May 31, 2012 Music Hall of Williamsburg (permission pending)
Mountain Jam:
June 2, 2012 Hunter Mountain NY
June 9, 2012 Glasslands Gallery Brooklyn
Pontiak / White Hills / Rhyton /EULA:
June 14, 2012 NYCTaper Northside Festival Showcase 285 Kent Brooklyn
June 20, 2012 Webster Hall NYC
Purling Hiss:
June 23, 2012 285 Kent Brooklyn
Wooden Shjips:
June 24, 2012 Knitting Factory Brooklyn
June 27, 2012 Bowery Ballroom NYC
Blitzen Trapper:
July 14, 2012 Concerts on the Oval NYC
Tommy Brull Foundation Shine A Light Festival:
July 21, 2012 Mulcahy’s Wantagh NY
Wilco / Lee Ranaldo:
July 28, 2012 Ommegang Brewery Cooperstown NY

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NYCTaper Tuesday Night Recommendation: Not-CMJ Party by Impose Magazine

October 21, 2008
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Impose | e4e1 present:
2-stage T.G.I.T fest
P&L celebrate the release of their new record on jagjaguwar

12am: double dagger [baltimore]
11:30pm: the coathangers [atlanta]
11pm: parts & labor [record release!!]
10:30pm: flying [tour kickoff!!]
10pm: rahim
9:30pm: boo and boo too [lawrence, KS]
9pm: dinowalrus
8:30pm: fiasco
8pm: pwrfl power
7:30pm: pictureplane [denver, CO]
7pm: BDRMPPL [denver, CO]
6:30pm: scary mansion
6pm: air waves

TUESDAY october 21 – death by audio
49 s 2nd st btw kent & wythe
doors at 5, show at 6
L to Bedford
JMZ to Marcy
G to Broadway

Elvis (Costello) Is Everywhere Part 3

Another batch of deluxe edition Costello release, provided by that "link guy" John N.....as I said before, I

don't really care much for ANY of his post-"Armed Forces" efforts, but he certainly has his fans, and to them, these deluxe releases offer a treasure trove of stuff.....so that's why I'm sharing them, as I work my way toward the REAL shit, my large stash of vintage Costello bootlegs, which I'll get to as soon as I'm through with these. So, no commentary from me, as I said, these are albums I really don't like that much, but those boots, when I get to them, are incredible, I SO wish I could have seen him and the Attractions live ca. 1980 or so.....oh well, but you'll see, once I get to those boots, THAT is some incredible listening.

As for now.....

PUNCH THE CLOCK-01 Let Them All talk/02 Everyday I Write the Book/03 The Greatest Thing/04 The Element Within Her/05 Love Went Mad/06 Shipbuilding/07 TKO (Boxing Day)/08 Charm School/09 The Invisible Man/10 Mouth Almighty/11 King Of Thieves/12 Pills and Soap/13 The World and His Wife/14 Heathen Town/15 The Flirting Kind/16 Walking on Thin Ice/17 Town Where Time Stood Still/18 Shatterproof/19 The World and His Wife (live)/20 Everyday I Write the Book (live)

GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD-01 The Only Flame In Town/02 Home Truth/03 Room With No Number/04 Inch By Inch/05 Worthless Thing/06 Love Field/08 The Comedians/09 Joe Porterhouse/10 Sour Milk-Cow Blues/11 The Great Unknown/12 The Deportees Club/13 Peace In Our Time/14 Turning the Town Red/15 Baby It's You (with Nick Lowe)/16 Get Yourself Another Fool/17 I Hope You're Happy Now/18 The Only Flame In Town (Live)/19 Worthless Thing (Live)/20 Motel Matches (Live)/21 Sleepless Nights (Live)/22 Deportee/23 Withered and Died

BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE DISC 1-01 Uncomplicated/02 I Hope You're Happy Now/03 Tokyo Storm Warning/04 Home Is Where You Hang Your Head/05 I Want You/06 Honey Are You Straight Or Are You Blind/07 Blue Chair/08 Battered Old Bird/09 Crimes of Paris/10 Poor Napoleon/11 Next Time Round/12 Seven Day Weekend/13 Forgive Her Anything/14 Blue Chair/15 Baby's Got a Brand New hairdo/16 American Without Tears No. 2 (Twilight Version)/17 A Town Called Big Nothing (Really Big Nothing)/18 Return To Big Nothing


And just a note......I already said I don't like these albums. Think this through, though.....at least they are HERE.....I can REALLY live without, at this time in particular, the segment (a small one) out there who enjoys calling names and ranting and raving if I happen to dislike something they like, or vice versa. My point is NOT to always post stuff that I personally like.....My point is to post what I think will generate interest, for whatever reason. I had been thinking of putting up all of my spectacular Costello boots for a while, and this seemed like a good lead in for it....the fact that I don't care for them, especially, should really have no bearing on you. Live and let live, like I said AT LEAST I put them up, right? And, notice, i DID NOT make fun of them, as I do with many albums I post and don't especially like. 


Hot on the heels of the recent Zombies post I give thee another British Invasion great (note: yes, I know they were actually from Ireland).....happened to hear "Here Comes the Night" on Sirius XM 21 today (Little Steven's Underground Garage, they play some pretty good stuff on there if you are unaware), and, anyway, what a great tune. All I have, actually, like the Zombies is this greatest hits kind of thing, but its worthwhile, in fact, its great (warning, it is in FLAC, how I get them is how YOU get them).....

Them, personnel wise, were singer Van Morrison, bassist Alan Henderson, drummer Ronnie Milling, guitarist Billy Harrison, and keyboardist Eric Wrixon......they formed in Belfast in 1964, and were, for a short while absolutely amazing and ahead of their times at the art of garage rock/r&b......they were a force only for a short time as Morrison left in 1966 for solo glory, yet, their influence is hard to overestimate. The single "Gloria", alone is perhaps THE seminal garage rock anthem (long, long ago I posted an entire album of "Gloria" covers, similar to the "Paint It Black" and "Louie Louie" (Brian and I tag-teamed that one) efforts I've put up since....."Hey Joe" is perhaps the only other 60's garage standard from which I could get an entire album, and I'm in no hurry to do so.

Anyway, great stuff here.....aside from "Gloria", and the aforementioned "Here Comes the Night", there is also "Stormy Monday", "Mystic Eyes" (featuring some badass harmonica from Morrison), "The Story of Them", and a handful more....you know, I really don't think (not sure) that I've EVER heard a proper "album" from them (rather than a singles comp), I know there were two, "The Angry Young Them" and "Them Again" neither of which I can recall hearing. Maybe I have, but not blazing to mind, anyone want to come to my aid here?

Anyway a fine batch of singles, nothing rare or special for this collection, just some of the finest music of the era.

THEM FEATURING VAN MORRISON-01 Gloria/02 The Story of Them/03 Stormy Monday/04 Mystic Eyes/05 Hey Girl/06 Baby Please Don't Go/07 Here Comes the Night/08 My Lonely Sad Eyes/09 Richard Cory/10 It Won't Hurt (Half as Much)/11 Turn On Your Love Light/12 I Put a Spell On You/13 Don't Look Back

A Super Deluxe Edition of ANOTHER true classic

Again, I don't know how long this one will be permitted to remain, that one from the other day is still there
and has been hit HARD, and if you liked that one, well, check out THIS six disc reissue of "The Velvet Underground", the band's third album.....a stark contrast to the incredible onslaught that was "White Light White Heat", this album was a Lou Reed-dominated effort, focusing on quieter numbers "What Goes On" and "Beginning to See the Light" and the highly experimental (I guess thats the word) "The Murder Mystery", but it is the mountain of alternate takes, rare mixes, live stuff, and more,  that is the true prize here.....not for everyone, certainly not for the dabbler, but if the Velvet Underground is perhaps one of your favorite bands of all time and you cannot get enough of their incredible work (like myself), this, like everything else I've put up from them/related to them over the years is absolutely, 100% essential, period.

DISC 1-Candy Says (Valentin Mix)/02 What Goes On (Valentin Mix)/03 Some Kinda Love (Valentin Mix)/04 Pale Blue Eyes (Valentin Mix)/05 Jesus (Valentin Mix)/06 Beginning to See the Light (Valentin Mix)/07 I'm Set Free (Valentin Mix)/08 That's the Story of My Life (Valentin Mix)/09 The Murder Mystery (Valentin Mix)/10 After Hours (Valentin Mix)

DISC 2-Candy Says (Closet  Mix)/02 What Goes On (Closet Mix)/03 Some Kinda Love (Closet Mix)/04 Pale Blue Eyes (Closet Mix)/05 Jesus (Closet Mix)/06 Beginning to See the Light (Closet Mix)/07 I'm Set Free (Closet Mix)/08 That's the Story of My Life (Closet Mix)/09 The Murder Mystery (Closet Mix)/10 After Hours (Closet Mix)/11 Beginning to See the Light (Alternate Closet Mix)

DISC 3-Candy Says (Mono)/02 What Goes On (Mono)/03 Some Kinda Love (Mono)/04 Pale Blue Eyes (Mono)/05 Jesus (Mono)/06 Beginning to See the Light (Mono)/07 I'm Set Free (Mono)/08 That's the Story of My Life (Mono)/09 The Murder Mystery (Mono)/10 After Hours (Mono)/11 What Goes On (Mono Single)/12 Jesus (Mono Single)

DISC 4-01 Foggy Notion (1969 Mix)/02 One of These Days (2014 Mix)/03 Lisa Says (2014 Mix)/04 I'm Sticking With You (1969 Mix)/05 Andy's Chest (1969 Mix)/06 Coney Island Steeplechase (2014 Mix)/07 Ocean (1969 Mix)/08 I Can't Stand It (2014 Mix)/09 She's My Best Friend (1969 Mix)/10 We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together (2014 Mix)/11 I'm Gonna Move Right In (1969 Mix)/12 Ferryboat Bill (1969 Mix)/13 Rock and Roll (MGM Version, 1969 Mix)

DISC 5-01 I'm Waiting For My Man (Live 1969)/02 What Goes On (Live 1969)/03 Some Kinda Love
(Live 1969)/04 Over You (Live 1969)/05 We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together (Live 1969)/06 Beginning To See the Light (Live 1969)/07 Lisa Says (Live 1969)/08 Rock and Roll (1969 Live)/09 Pale Blue Eyes (Live 1969)/10 I Can't Stand It Anymore (Live 1969)/11 Venus In Furs (Live 1969)/12 There She Goes Again (Live 1969)

DISC 6-01 Sister Ray (Live 1969)/02 Heroin (Live 1969)/03 White Light White Heat (Live 1969)/04 I'm Set Free (Live 1969)/05 After Hours (Live 1969)/06 Sweet Jane (Live 1969)

Get it while you can, just saying.........although this is never a band whose material has caused me issue, this is a fairly recent release and I COULD sere someone taking offense, and, should they, of course, as is my policy, it will be removed STAT.