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Some Random Led Zeppelin Rarities, Part 1

OK, Led Zeppelin.....never done a thing with them on this site, but I sure as hell did enjoy their shit
while growing up, and my 16 year old son loves them as well, so, yeah....."mainstream", if you want, but, some of the most popular posts I have ever done were the lengthy "rarities"  concerning The Beatles, The Stones, and The Who....and I have a hunch that  lot of people will be wanting some of these Zeppelin outtakes/boots and stuff, some of it is not of the highest quality (we'll try to sort that out), Zeppelin is one of the all-time leaders in the category of awful sounding bootlegs (because so many horrid audience recordings exist)......if you hate Zep (many do), sorry, but I think they were a great band, myself, and the proof, to me, is evidenced by the fact that my son REALLY likes their stuff (he plays some guitar and does a few Zeppelin tunes), branding it with a bit of an "eternal" quality......you guys MY age need to come to terms with the fact that damn near FORTY YEARS have passed since they were at thier peak (!).....saw them once, in Indianapolis in the mid 70's, they certainly were great on THAT day, on of the most powerful live acts I have experienced.

Today we will deal with some of the studio rarities, the next couple of days we will take on some of the live shows I have.....I know, the live shows CAN wear a little thin, what with the never-endng versions of "Dazed and Confused" and ""Whole Lotta Love" and (OH GOD NO!) "Moby Dick", but they do have their moments too, as a lot of their lesser-favored material could work as excellent live numbers, as we shall see tomorrow/Monday, but for now, let us stay in the studio.....this stuff can be spotty, as well, but again, it has its moments.

Well, let' start with "Physical Rarities", it is fairly common but has a lot of interesting alternate takes on a number of tracks both well known (an early acoustic "Stairway to Heaven", an alternate version of "Custard Pie") and unknown ("Willow Tree", "Walter's Walk")....recommended, it's a good set.

"Led Zeppelin III Outtakes" is exactly what it says and be forewarned, there are  a TON of them, (41 tracks on one disc).......lots of takes on a couple of my faves, "That's the Way" and of course "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp".....it is a little sloppy, fans will find it to die for.

You'd need to be a huge fan, also, to sit through all three discs of "The Alternate Physical Grafitti",
but as I always really enjoyed that album (it's hard to beleive that it was absolutely savaged my music critics upon it's release, I doubt you could fine one critic now who would ADMIT trashing it, but look it up, it's true), lot of off here, a wierd vocal mix "Trampled Underfoot" and some rambling instrumental versions of some others, it is nothing if not extensive, you may want to grab it, and reprogram it down to a single disc, it could be done easilly.

"Coded: The Limited Trance Remixes" is yet another one of "those", an album full of electronic manipulating of a bunch of their stuff, rendered sometimes unrecognizeable under various remix techniques....either you like this kinda thing or you don't, I kind of DO, so here it is....

A friend of mine (Greg) a huge Zeppelin fan created his own "Led Zeppelin Live and Rare Tracks", it is an amature effort all the way, bunch of random live tracks for which I have no annotation, but also the B-side "Hey Hey What Can I Do", as well as accoustic versions of "Whole Lotta Love" and "Black Dog" (!)

"Ultra Rare Trax Volume 1" contains another batch of demos and alternate takes, if "Stairway to Heaven" gets it done for ya, there are several versions here.....allegedly there is a "Volume 2", but I don't think I've ever seen/heard one, so if it exists, you know.........

I am going to throw a brief live set on here, I  DO NOT know (or care that much) the date/locale, it is OLD, as all the songs on it come from "Led Zeppelin I" it's a good, energetic set and contains a live version of "Dazed and Confused" that actually clocks in at less than an hour. I enjoy listening to it probably more than any of the "full length" boots which will be coming your way the next couple days...

I know that Zeppelin is a polarizing band....some elevate them to God-like status, some detest them to
the point of absuridty....as usual, Uncle BigScott62 opts for a middle of the road approach, they did make some DAMN good records, but, like ANY other band, are not above being made fun of when the opportunity presents itself.....if you either worship OR despise Zeppelin, well, I really don't care....this is just another dive into the "variety" pit, ya know if ya don't like it something else will be coming your way soon!

Links be there in a little while. Word UP! (always wanted to say that......anyone have a fucking clue as to whatever it MEANS?)

PHYSICAL RARITIES-01 Jenning's Farm Blue/02 Poor Tom/03 Walter's Walk/04 Trampled Underfoot/05 Custard Pie/06 Black Dog/07 Since I've Been Loving You/08 No  Quarter/09 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You/10 Stairway to Heaven/11 Swan Song/12 Ozone Baby/13 Wearing and Tearing/14 Something Else/15 Immigrant Song/16 Moby Dick/17 Out on the Tiles/18 Willow Tree/19 Baby Come Back Home

LED ZEPPELIN III OUTTAKES-01 Friends: Take 1/02 Immigrant Song/03 Out on the Tiles/04 Bron-Yr-Aur: Jimmy and Miss Crimson/05 Poor Tom: Take one/06 Poor Tom: Take two/07 Hey Hey What Can I Do/08 Instrumental/09 Instrumental/10 Poor Tom: Take Three/11 Instrumental/12 Instrumantal/13 That's the Way Take one/14 That's the Way Take two/15 That's the Way Take Three/16 That's the Way Take Four/17 Thats the Way Take Five/18 Friends Take Two/19 Bron-Yr-Aur Take Two/20 Bron-Yr-Aur Take Three/21 Bron-Yr-Aur Take Four/22 Instrumental/23 Instrumental/24 Since I've Been Loving You (Vocal Track)/25 I Wanna Be Her Man/26 Instrumental Take 1/27 Instrumental Take 2/28 Instrumental Take 3/29 Instrumental Take 4/30 Down By the Seaside/31 Down By the Seaside/32 Instrumental Take 5/33 Instrumental Take 6/34 Instrumental Take 7/35 Instrumental Take 8/36 Instrumental Take 9/37 Instrumental Take 10/38 Instrumental Take 11/39 Instrumental Take 12/40 Instrumental Take 13/41 Instrumental Take 14

THE ALTERNATE PHYSICAL GRAFITTI DISC 1-01 The Wanton Song/02 The Wanton Song/03
Take Me Home/04 In the Morning/05 Trampled Underfoot/06 In the Morning/07 Sick Again/08 The Rover/09 Untitled Instrumental/10 In My Time of Dying


THE ALTERNATE PHYSICAL GRAFITTI DISC 3-01 Swan Song/02 Swan Song/03 Ten Years Gone/04 The Wanton Song/05 Trampled Underfoot/06 Kashmir/07 Custard Pie/08 In the Light/09 Swan Song

CODED: THE LIMITED TRANCE REMIXES-01 The Immigrant Song/02 In the Light/03 Nobody's But Mine/04 Misty Mountain Hop/05 No Quarter/06 Stairway to Heaven/07 Black Dog/08 Spirit of the City/09 Crackback

GREG'S LED ZEPPELIN LIVE/RARE TRACKS-01 Hey Hey What Can I Do/02 The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair/03 Black Dog (Acoustic)/0 Whole Lotta Love (Acoustic)/05 GOing To California/06 Stairway To Heaven/07 No Quarter/08 Over the Hills and Far Away/09 Ten Years Gone/10 Dancing Days/11 Black Dog/12 Battle of Evermore/13 Tangerine

UNKNOWN LIVE SET-01 Communication Breakdown/02 Dazed and Confused/03 Baby I'm Gonna Leave You/04 How Many More Times

ULTRA RARE TRAX VOLUME 1-01 Stairway To Heaven Demo 1/02 Stairway To Heaven Demo 2/03 Acoustic Demo #1/04 Acoustic Demo #2/05 Black Dog/06 No Quarter/07 Stairway to Heaven Demo 3/08 Untitled Insrumental/09 Stairway to Heaven #4/10 Stairway to Heaven #5/11 I Wanna Be Her Man/12 Acoustic Demo #3/13 Acoustic Demo #4/14 Acoustic Demo #5/15 Acoustic Demo #6/16 Acoustic Demo #7

Quite a bit of stuff here, give me a lil while to get the discs upped and posted.....I have a metric shit
tonne of live Zep shows, no way I am posting ALL of them (MAN some of those "Dazed and Confused" epics can be just brutal), but I think I have enough GOOD live material for a couple of days.....remember, Zeppelin never really even  HAD a good, "official' live album until the three-disc "How the West Was Won" appeared, I think in 1998 or so.....obviously "The Song Remains the Same" doesn't quite feed the pitbull......so, tomorrow we will begin investigating a few of their live shows......hope ya like em, if ya don't THEN TELL ME WHAT YOU WOULD RATHER I POST!

Random Led Zeppelin Rarities Part 2

Ok, today on with the live stuff....and I know I have been having some internet connection issues,
making the Part 1 uploads go a bit slower than I'd like, but hey.....I THOUGHT this post would be popular, and by cracky, it certainly has been! Ya know yer uncle aims to please, I am a a goddamn chameleon, unpredictable as the wind!

SO, Zeppelin live.....yes, I saw them once, when I was a teen, they were REALLY good live, but some of their boots are kind of hard to listen to frankly.....the drum solos, the hour-long versions of "Dazed and Confused" and "Whole Lotta Love"......well, entertaining if you were THERE, but nearly unlistenable on record, to be honest......BUT to their credit, the boots usually DO include their moments as well, so let us delve into a batch of them here, with some more to come tomorrow.....

The oldest I have here are from 1969, the Fillmore West...I have a pair of shows, one undated and two discs, one a single disc and dated 4/27/69.....I am going to chance it and put both up, they MIGHT be the same show, I don't have time to check right now, but whatever..both open with "Train Kept a-Rollin'", both contain a lot of stuff off the first album, which was for my money their highlight....odd thing, they had a number of great tunes that they seem to almost never have performed live......"The Ocean" and  "The Crunge", notably.....I don't know that these and others EVER show up on any boots, just intersting to note...perhaps they just didn't work well live, seems like at least "The Ocean" anyay.....

From 1970 we have a single disc show from Royal Albert Hall....notable for the opener, "Somethin' Else" and the closer, "C'mon Everybody".....also a smoked up "Communication Breakdown" which always slammed it hard when performed live.

The 2 disc 1971 "Blueberry Hill" set is fairly common, pretty good though, catching the band, I guess at their "peak".....a good selection of stuff from albums I, II, and III, including a fairly blazing "Immigrant Song" ...

A bit more obscure, I think, is the 1973 Southampton University set, of which the third disc is
"rehearsals", with some obscure material such as "Love Me" and "King Creole".....the show itself is pretty good, too,with lots of "Houses of the Holy" era stuff.

We'll wrap up today with a double set from Liverpool, 1/14/73, which, I guess I lied, DOES contain "The Ocean", also "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp" which I love and am always happy to hear....as I'm sure I've told you before, my teenage friends SAMAX from Lima Ohio do a version of it that I HONESTLY think cuts Zeppelin's big time, and Max, if you would PLEASE send me some (more)  MP-3's the world would KNOW that!

More live Zeppelin stuff tomorrow as we wrap this up......I just never know.....it looks like this may be one of the more popular things we've ever done here......which is KIND OF strange, I think, but again, I just NEVER KNOW.....and if you guys are happy, then I have done my job i suppose!

FILLMORE WEST 4/27/69-01 Train Kept a-Rollin/02 I Can't Quit You Baby/03 As Long As I Have You/04 You Shook Me/05 How Many More Times/06 Communication Breakdown

FILLMORE WEST 1969 DISC 1-01 Train Kept a-Rollin/02 Communication Breakdown/03 I Can't Quit You Baby (Part 1)/04 I Can't Quit You Baby (Part 2)/The Lemon Song/05 Blues Medley/06 Baby I'm Gonna Leave You/07 You Shook Me (Part 1)

FILLMORE WEST 1969 DISC 2-01 You Shook Me (Part 2)/02 I've Been Loving You So Long/03 Medley/04 How Many More Times?/05 Drum Solo/06 Dazed and Confused/07 Guitar Solo/08 White Summer

ROYAL ALBERT HALL 1970-01 Somethin' Else/02 Bring It On Home/04 How Many More Times/05 Whole Lotta Love/06 Communication Breakdown/07 C'Mon Everybody

LIVERPOOL 1/14/73 DISC 1-01 Over the Hills and Far Away/02 Black Dog/03 Misty Mountain Hop/04 Since I've Been Lovng You/05 Dancing Days/06 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp/07 The Song Remains the Same/08 The Rain Song

LIVERPOOL 1/14/73 DISC 2-01 Dazed and Confused/02 Stairway to Heaven/03 Whole Lotta Love
(Medley)/04 The Ocean

SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY 1/22/73 DISC 1-01 Rock and Roll/02 Over the Hills and Far Away/03 Black Dog/04 Misty Mountain Hop/05 Since I've Been Loving You/06 Dancing Days/07 The Song Remains the Same/08 The Rain Song/09 Dazed and Confused

SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY 1/22/73 DISC 2-01 Stairway to Heaven/02 Heartbreaker/03 Thank You/04 Communication Breakdown

SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY 1/22/73 DISC 3 (REHEARSALS)-01 Drum/Mellotron Tuning/02 Love Me/03 Frankfurst Special/04 King Creole/05 Love Me....BONUS TRACKS 1/18/73 BRADFORD-06 Whole Lotta Lovev/07 The Immigrant Song

BLUEBERRY HLL 1971 DISC 1-01 The Immigrant Song/02 Heartbreaker/03 Dazed and Confused/04 Bring It On Home To You/05 That's the Way/06 Since I've Been Loving You

BLUEBERRY HILL 1971 DISC 2-01 Black Mountain Side/03 What Is and What Should Never Be/04 Moby Dick/05 Whole Lotta Love (Medley)/06 Communication Breakdown/Good Times bad Times/For What It's Worth/07 Out on the Tiles/Blueberry Hill

 may or may not get all the links up tonight, I know I am a little behind.....but all you Zep-heads will wait I am sure...wrapping this up tomorrow with another stack of boots! Until then, be well.....retirng 6/27, have I mentioned that?

Something to look at wile we wait (and wait) for the Zeppelin links

I have spoken about SAMAX, from Lima Ohio, many times, they are a brother-sister duo (trio, now that they have added a drummer).....they reminded me since I first saw them White Stripes, except Sam (who REALLY IS Max's sister is a WORLD CLASS vocalist, and Max is a guitar whiz who even looks something like Jack White.....I wish I had a video to show you of their positively smolderingrsion of "Bron Yr-Aur Stomp", which cuts Lez zeppelin's to the bone (think I'm joking?), they have a remarkable knack for taking established material and making it their own.......here are a few video links of some recent performances , I LOVE these kids, more so than nearly anyone recording right now.....



WHITE LIAR (MIranda Lambert cover, exceptional)




These kids are GREAT and deserve a look.....the girl has the voice of an angel and Max is a greatly skilled musician?

Letters, we get letters.......

OK......yes I know Part Two of the Led Zeppelin rarities is taking a ridicuosly long time to get done.....I don't need reminded of it, it just happens.....I have just a couple emails complaining about it, nothing too nasty, and I understand the sentiments......I JUST DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY than other blogs, it HELPS me keep things straight in my long-drug addled, recently apnea weakend brain.....I write the post and THEN i upload the discs.....sometimes I "problem disc" ( a few of them this time), which I COMPLETELY understand.....after all, someone who's not SEEN the blog before goes "WHOA, Zeppelin rarities.....I WANT THOSE.........RIGHT NOOOOOOOW!".....simply doesn't work like that here, I know it works on 99% of other (better) blogs, but this is how I do it here, and if I encounter a disc that is hard to up, or hard to convert to zippy, of course I feel "bad" (not TOO bad, mind ya), because I know YOU WILL GET THEM......at least in the meantime I gave you some fine videos of my favorite teen-project right now, it's not quite a representative sample, they are so GREAT live that
you would never beleive (I LOVE thier maerial selection.....Johnny Cash, the White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, Melissa Ethridge, Alannis Morrissette, Maroon Five, The Civil Wars, The Dixie Chicks and TONS more, and each track they select, the MAKE IT THEIR OWN, the ABLSOLUTE MOWT IMPORTANT THING when covering the material of others......I'd love it if you guys check out their vids (yesterday) and tell me what you  think, if you think they suck, so be it, but I love them, inparticular Sammi's angelic voice)

Anyway, at least I put SOMETHING up during our "rain delay" (you oughta see what the Cincinnati Reds put on TV durng a rain delay, they go to a bar and ask moronic Reds "tirvia" ("Hey, in 1975 the Reds had a catcher whose name rhymes with "Connie Wrench"....any idea who?" drunk in bar: "uhhhh, Joe O'brien?"   the prize for a correct answer? ten whopping dollars and a chance to run that clear to twenty with a second correct answer.....don't think anyone's evr hit that "jackpot" yet.

I want you to enjoy the vids, if ya don't here's some good news.....the Zep links willbe up in the next
couple hours (Part TWO), and I will get started on Part three tonight also.....these big posts are a lot of work and i should maybe prepare a ittle differently for them, but, too much work, and, you will get over it and still be here for the NEXT post (perhaps "Kings of the Sun" by rquest? Sound kind of interesting!

Anyway I appreaciate your patience.......for all good things, we must wait! (sometimes anyway!).....please, this will be worth, it I promise!....use this slack time to think of stuff yu'd like to see me take on here!

Anyway, these kid are good pals of mine, and I think they are REALLY REALLY GOOD and UNIQUE, take a second to catch their vids, Sammi (once again) literally has the voice of an and Max is a FINE guitarist who used play kickdrum as well a sing/play guitar, before the added Nick, the new permanent drummer (And a good addition he is)

Support your local bar bands!

After delay upon delay,Part 3 of Zed Zeppelin rarties

More live sets today, having a bit of trouble with the
"Part 2" uploads (OLD discs, some internet
problems, etc), but in light of the popularity that these have enjoyed I am sure that if one has an additional day to wait for the links, one would likely not have a problem with this. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for making these one of my more "hit" posts, ever......

Picking back up in 1973 today, we begin with a two disc Paris show, exact date not verified, but does contain "Going to California" which was not really a staple of their shows. ALSO from 1973 we have a show (2 discs) from Buffalo NY, 7/15/73, a good set which pretty much DOES run through most of their concert staples, sounds good though.

Now, from 1975 the mammoth FOUR disc "When We Were Kings", 5/24/75......the first disc leans heavilly on "Physical Grafitti", ending with "Kashmir" and containing the rather curious selection of "Sick Again". Disc 2 contains "Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp", "That's the Way", "Trampled Underfoot" and more, probably the best disc of the four, because disc three contains a never-ending "Moby Dick", a never-EVER ending "Dazed and Confused", and an almost never ending "Stairway to Heaven".....a little rough to listen to, for me at least. Disc 4 contains a never-ending version of "Whole Lotta Love", which at least incorporates the rarely performed live "The Crunge", and an odd set-closing"Communication Breakdown" which incorporates "D'yer Maker", and actally pulls it off, fairly well at least. Four disc live sets just beg for some "home editing", so have your way with it.

Cleveland Ohio 4/22/77 (2 Discs), titled "Destroyer" includes some material from the then-current
"Presence", "Nobody's Fault But Mine" and "Achilles Last Stand" make for decent live numbers, and they had the mercy to at least not drag out "Candy Store Rock". The most recent set I have here is a 2-disc set from Zurich, 6/29/80, which includes material from the then-current "In Through the Out Door", not ever really a favorite of mine, and even then NOT that album's better numbers, which for my money would be "Fool In the Rain", "I'm Gonna Crawl", and "Carroselambra", which are all really pretty decent tunes so maybe the album is better than I give it credit for, but it sure as hell isn't due to the inclusion of "In the Evening" or "Hot Dog" or "All of My Love", all of which they decided to assault the good folks of Zurich with on this day.....disc two fairly smokes with some classic material ("Rock N Roll", "Heartbreaker", more), which makes this a decent set as well.

Well, that will about wrap this up from here.....I have some others but there is SO MUCH similarity in some of their shows (not that they are BAD, just similar) that I think we will leave it here with at least a fairly representative showing from their entire career.....if you have any favorites of your own, now's the time to trot em out.

PARIS 1973 DISC 1-01 Immigrant Song/02 Heartbreaker/03 Since I've Been Loving You/04 Black Dog/05 Dazed and Confused/06 Stairway to Heaven

PARIS 1973 DISC 2-02 Going to California/03 That's the Way/04 What Is and What Should Never Be/05 Whole Lotta Love (Medley)/06 Lemon Song/07 Black Mountain Side/08 Communication Breakdown

BUFFALO NY 7/15/73 DISC 1-01 Rock N Roll/02 Celebration Day/03 Black Dog/04 Over the Hills and Far Away/05 Misty Mountain Hop/06 Since I've Been Loving You

BUFFALO NY 7/15/73 DISC 2-01 No Quarter/02 The Song Remains the Same/03 The Rain
Song/04 Dazed and Confused/05 Stairway to Heaven

WHEN WE WERE KINGS DISC 1-01 Introduction/02 Rock N Roll/03 Sick Again/04 Over the Hills and Far Away/05 In My Time of Dying/06 The Song Remains the Same/07 The Rain Song/08 Kashmir

WHEN WE WERE KINGS DISC 2-01 No Quarter/02 Tangerine/03 Going to California/04 That's the Way/05 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp/06 Trampled Underfoot

WHEN WE WERE KINGS DISC 3-01 Moby Dick/02 Dazed and Confused (Includes San Francisco)/03 Stairway to Heaven

WHEN WE WERE KINGS DISC 4-01 Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge/02 Black Dog/03 Heartbreaker/04 Communication Breakdown (Includes D'yer Maker)

CLEVELAND 4/27/77 DISC 1-01 Going to California/02 Black Country Woman/03 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp/04 White Summer/05 Black Mountain Side/06 Kashmir/07 Jimmy Page Solo/08 Achilles Last Stand/09 Stairway to Heaven/10 Rock N Roll/11 Trampled Underfoot/12 Since I've Been Loving You

CLEVELAND 4/27/77 DISC 2-01 In My Time of Dying/02 No Quarter/03 Nobody's Fault But Mine/04 Sick Again/05 Since I've Been Loving You/06 Ten Years Gone/07 The Battle of Evermore/08 The Song Remains the Same

ZURICH 6/29/80 DISC 1-01 Train Kept a-Rollin'/02 Nobody's Fault But Mine/03 Black Dog/04 In the Evening/ 05 The Rain Song/06 Hot Dog/07 All Of My Love/08 Trampled Underfoot

ZURICH 6/29/80 DISC 2-01 Since I've Been Loving You/02 Achilles Last Stand/04 Stairway to
Heaven/05 Rock N Roll/06 Heartbreaker

OK, give me some slack.....some of these CD's are REALLY old and for whatever reason are taking a LONG time to upload......I apologize but the end result is the same: you Zep freaks get your fix and bottom line, I get to do a post or two fewer AND concentrate on my retirement plans.....have I mentioned that I was retiring?

A Couple of Good Email from Songs For Snakes

Got this a couple days ago, I'll past the whole thing except where he erroneoulsy thinks my name is "Carla" due to my email address........
Dear Growing Bored For A Living,
My name is Bill Taylor from the San Francisco band Songs For Snakes. I am writing to you in an effort to get our music heard by like minded people via Growing Bored For A Living and hopefully establish new relationships. Songs For Snakes was formed in 2005 with the vision of blending the energy and power of punk/indie rock with a touch of melancholy. Imagine Husker Du and Jawbreaker having a pleasant cup of green tea withSimon and Garfunkel. I was raised on the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel which gave me a love of melody but I also really love the power of loud classic rock bands and the DIY ethic of punk/indie rock. Our recently released third album entitled "Charcoal Heather" encompasses these diverse influences while delivering a tight and focused group of songs. You can check out the album at songsforsnakes.bandcamp.comand download our songs free or I can email you MP3’s if you prefer. Please feel free to pass our songs on to other interested parties. We hope you like the tunes and thank you for listening.

 And a second email from the band:

Indie Rock) Songs For Snakes – Charcoal Heather – 2012, MP3, 320 ...Bill Taylor from the band Songs For Snakes here and I am writing to you because you may have liked our last album Charcoal Heather. I wanted to let you know that our new album Year of the Snake is out and we have pressed a limited edition of 300 colored vinyl with letter press jackets. The download is free or name your price. We hope you like it and we think it is the best music we have made to date. You can check it out here...https://songsforsnakes.bandcamp.com. I hope all is well and thank you for listening. Bill Taylor
So there you go! yourself to "Year of the Snake" at the link above, and as the man says, pay what you think it's worth.......I think that is fair enough, but please be fair and generous....from the description, sounds interesting at least, and peraps we'll be seeing a post on them in the near future.......anyway,check it out for free OR slipe them a fwe bucks, they just want you to hear their stuff and of course let your friends listen to it.......I will be listening to them, and hope to do a feature on them in the next week or !

Thanks for the submission,SCOTT M (Carla is my wife, whose name has always been on my email account!)


Juan De La Cruz

OK, maybe you don't know these lads, judging from the less-than-enthusiastic response to the post of
the GREAT Los Natas, maybe it's to be expected.....but Juan De La Cruz (A band, not an hombre) put out some pretty bad ass stuff that those of us with the open mind just might enjoy, just a possiblity....or, maybe you prefer everything sound like Foreigner or someting, in which case I just can't help ya......Juan De La Cruz cranked out some pretty damn fine Phililipino-tinged hard rock in the early 1970's, I DO NOT have their entire body of work here, but wha I do have, I am betting, is enough to whet your appetite and get you interested, and if any of you folks have any more stuff by Juan De La Cruz, perhaps you willbe wonderful enough to share what ya got......

OK. The first album, "Up In Arms" (1968) features Wally Gonzalez on vocals and guitar, keyboardist Rene Sugeco, bassist Clifford Ho, drummer Bobot Guerrero, and multi-instrumentalist Romy Santos.....it is a fairly good album, much different than  the harder-rocking stuff to come but does feature a very enjoyable version of "Stranger In a Strange Land", also a slew of live bonus tracks.....all in all pretty good album though.

Gonzalez then shifted gears to his more envisioned "power-trio"format. While I don't have and have never heard "Himg Natin", the second album, we do have number three "Maskara" and four "Super Sessions", as well as a very good compilation "Shake Your Brains" which might be the best starting off point for novices.

Very competent, very good hard rock, some non-English lyrics, some English, I know the non-English scares some folks off, but these are worth while early-70's sounds that I think you'll enjoy.....some of this crew went on to form Speed Glue and Shinki, who I may or may not have featured here before, but they also made some very good 1970's rock n roll......

Pretty much forgotten in the US today, come on Yanks, open your ears and let your Uncle know what you think about this latest attempt at variety after the Led Zeppelin epic! 

Links coming up, I promise, and please, I ask again, check out the albums provided by Songs For Snakes from a few days ago, they are good and I may put them up directly.

UP IN ARMS-01 Justice (Where Are You)/02 Stranger In a Strange Land/03 Mystery Roach/04
Requiem For a Head/05 Lady In White Satin/06 Love of  Woman/07 Kagatan (Live)/08 Balong Malalim (Live)/09 Beep Beep (Live)/10 Palengke (Live)/11 Langit (Live)/12 Serap Ng Buhay (Live)

MASKARA-01 Maskara/02 Pinnoy Blues/03 Nadapa Sa Anina/04 Nakatangong Mata/05 Beep Beep/06 We Love You/07 Pagad Sa Panniga/08 Rak En Roll Sa Mundo/09 Balong Makela/10 Palengle/11 Nagtakbay/12 Last Song

SUPER SESSIONS-01 Langit/02 Kagatan/03 Langit/04 Great Pinnoy Antiquithes/05 Himig Natin

SHAKE YOUR BRAINS-01 Take You Home/02 I Wanna Say Yeah/03 Palengle/04 Shake Your Brains/05 Rising Nation/06 Pagoda Sa Pahinga/07 Pinnoy Blues/08 Beep Beep/09 We Love You/10 Last Song

Gaza Strippers

Rick Sims, formerly of the Supersuckers and Didjits (certainly no shame THERE), formed the Gaza
Strippers in the early 2000's, along with bassist Darren Hooper, fellow guitarist Mike Hodgekiss, and a variety of drummers......the rocked out more Didjits-flavored humorous punk (after all, they were called the "Gaza Strippers")..........not as well known as The Supersuckers or Didjits, and maybe now QUITE as god (at least as the Didjits), but there are four (that I know of) Strippers albums that fit nicely on the shelf of people who enjoy the genre of tounge-in-cheek, early 2000's punk with a sene of humor........

The first release was 1999's "Laced Candy", a smoking, hard rocking, and underappreciated album that I think is kind of a semi-classic, Sims shreds his axe and screams like a man in pain throughout, the highpoint for me being  the set-closing cover of Love and Rockets'"Yin and Yang and the Flower Pot Man," which really has to be heard to be believed.

The following year brought us another fine release "1000 Watt Confession",  another fine collection of short shotgun blasts of screeching punk, "Mommy Shot Daddy", "Juvenile Detention", "Outasight" and plenty more, a great album.......highly recommended

Next up was "Electric Bible The New Testement", another fine collection tunes with one of their trademark "out there" covers, this time Elvis Costello's "Lipstick Vogue".....but don't miss "Throttle Bottom", "Brainwasher"and all the rest.....these are under-rated albums all, and if you respect my opinion at all (SOME do, for some reason, I guess, I really, really enjoy these.

2002 brought us "From the Desk of Dr. Freepill", another fine album, "Yin and Yang"  makes an appearance here, again, but there is plenty of good NEW material, a fine skewering of "Sheer Heart Attack",  a cover of BOC's "ME262" so out of place as to qualify as semi-genius, and "Almost Instant Karma".....the Suckers and the Didjits, in my estimation, were most completely underappreciated punk bands of their era, and the Gaza Strippers follow suit. Great albums, 4-star at least.

Maybe you have never heard of the Gaza Strippers.....but I once did a Didjits post that went over
quite well, so I know there are somd didjits fans out there at least.......you will love these albums, trust me, they are ALL fantastic. Thank me later.

LACED CANDY-01 Automat/02 For Dead/03 C'mon Join the Ride/04 Brainwasher/05 Missle Command/06 Ape/07 Throttle Bottom/08 Medecine Man/09 Dead Mr Hubble/10 Yin and Yan and the Flower Pot Man

1000 WATT CONFESSION-01 Outasight/02 Get em Down/03 My Car Is/04 Cat Fight/05 Juvenile Detention/06 Newburgh Housewives/07 Who Can Save Me?/08 Sex and the Drifter/09 Injected/10 Swan/11 Mommy Shot Daddy/12 Jesse Wayne/13 As Long As It Feels Good

ELECTRIC BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT-01 Throttle Bottom/02 Low Dog/03 Lipstick Vogue/04 Transistor/05 Brainwasher/06 White Hotel/07 Pull the Plug/08 Laced Candy/09 Stinger/10 Star

FROM THE DESK OF DR FREEPILL-01 Almost Instant Karma/02 Sheer Heart Attack/03 Sugar Machine/04 Rodan/05 The Suicide Lovers/06 Electric Rider/07 ME262/08 My Car Is/09 Swan/10 Yin and Yang and the Flower Pot Man/11 Unknown

You'll like these, I promise......good stuff!

The Grand Astoria

Fine Russian rock band from St Petersburg.......
The current lineup consists of Kamille
Sharapodinov vocals/guitar, Igor Suvorov guitar, Michael Bookin bass, and Albert Vartanov drums......to the best of my knowledge they have released three CD's, all of which are very, very good, and if you are a lover of the hard psych/stoner stuff that I post here, you will like this.......vey good albums.

The first, self titled opus (2009) is a great one, it basically takes psych/stoner/punk/metal/ and anything else you might dredge up, throws it in a blender, and comes up with a fairly unique hard edged sound that I find quite interesting....opening with shorter riff rockers like "The Art of Communicating With Aliens", and morphing into some longer workouts ushc as "Salvation Is Near" anad "Bell Jar".....a fine album, albeit mostly unknown in the USA.

The following year they released the imagnatively titled "II", which is a better album than the debut and for my money oneof the top ten albums of 2010, if that means anything to you........similar sound, but more complex numbers, more reminiscent of the longer numbers on the debut......hard to argue with a title like "The Inner Galactic Experience of Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath"......this is a fine album, even name checking Wikipedia ("Wikipedia Surfer").......don't miss......

The third album "Omnipresence" is quite enjoyable as well, shorter numbers, but still hard rocking and imaginative.......the title track and "Rat Race in Moscow" are fine numbers, and if you enjoyed the first two albums, perhaps this one will do it for ya as well.....I like all three of these albums a good bit, sometimes I have trobule encouraging you guys to check out non-American rock n roll, but PLEASE do, and let me know what You think.......this is GREAT fucking Rock N Roll here

THE GRAND ASTORIA-01 The Art of Communicating With Aliens/02 Evolution of the Planet Groove/03 All the Same/04 The man. The Sun. The Desert/05 Salvation Is NEar/06 Bell Jar (The World Is Not OK)

II-01 Enjoy the View/02 The Inner Galactic Experience of Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath/03 Visit Sri Lanka/04 Wikipedia Surfer/0Radio Friendly Fire

OMNIPRESENCE-01 Doomsday Party/02 Hungry & Foolish/03 Mania Grandiosa/04
Omniabsence/05 Rat Race In Moscow/06 Something Wicked This Way Comes/07 The Song Of Hope/08 Omnipresence/09 Stonewall

DON'T MISS THESE, YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!.... shake my head at the low numbers for the great LOS NATAS, PLEASE check out Grand Astoria, they rock the fucking house and you WILL be happy......unless you thing everything should sound like Hootie and the Goddamn Blowfish or something!

PLEASE DO NOT MISS THESE, they are really good....you don't want me to start talking about retirement and shit again do ya?

Forget Cassettes

An almost forgotten indy-rock bnd from Nashville
Tennessee in the mid-00's, they put out a couple
of very good albums that you may have never heard, or may have heard and forgotten, in either case, good stuff...basically created around vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Beth Cameron, also keyboardist/drummer Doni Schroeder, along with various other hangers-on, (most notably bassist/multi-instrumentalist Jay Leo Phillips) they were the mainstays.....bottom line is they created two wonderful indy-rock albums that are pretty much forgotten today, I like both discs a lot, and I also have a super-ultra rarity from them, just in case the albums intrigue you.

The debut was "Instruments of Action", from 2006, a fine and forgotten LP from that year......to what can I compare it? maybe a more complex, harder rocking Rilo Kiley? Heartless Bastards? PJ Harvey? Firey Furnaces? when a band comes along and I have a hard time finding a good comparison, I usually think of that as a GOOD thing, and that is the case here as well......highlight is the rockin'"Ms. Rythem and Blues", but plenty of other surprisingly innovative, creative moments

The following year they released the even better "Salt", a fine, fine album which has been criminally overlooked over the past 7 years or so......it's really good, all the way through......great singing, great music, and fine songs......I PROMISE you you will like this album if you try it out, it's really fab.

Now, also, I have a super-rarity from Forget Cassettes that you will find NO WHERE else....I have a WOXY Lounge Act recording from when they appeared on that now defunct show, from which I obtained so many wonderful and rare recordings.....WOXY was the greatest, they are missed, but at least someone was "thinking ahead" enough to save some of their greatness for prosperity!

Anyway, I like these albums, the indy-rock of the mid 00's kind of swallowed them up (Amusement
Parks On Fire and others got MUCH more attention than did these guys......let me know whatu think of these discs, as well as the super-ultra-rarity.......see ya tomorrow with God knows WHAT?

INSTRUMENTS OF ACTION-01 German Girls/02 Accismus/03 Ms. Rythem and Blues/04 Instruments of Action/05 Legacy's Demise/06 Like Tiny Swords/07 Bruce Wayne/08 Talking Big/09 Scales/10 Victory Is Guilt

SALT-01 Venis On/02 Quiero, Quires/03 The Catch/04 Nicholas/05 My Maraschino/06 Lonely Does It/07 Patience, Beth Reprise/08 Salt and Syncope/09 Tabula Rasa



Variety......a word I use frequently, and hopefully
this will help seal THAT deal. I am no fan of
rap/hip hop in general, never have been much, other than a very few acts that were exceptions (Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Run DMC, and NWA)......I like music that makes people feel THREATENED, and the music of NWA scared a LOT of God -fearers to death back in the late 80's/early 1990's.

NWA were Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Ezy-E, MC Ren, and DJ Yella Boy.....like some others, they were destined for implosion, but they did manage to squeeze out on classic album, THE standard of Gangsta Rap, "Straight Outta Compton".

Not only is "Compton" scary to the people it's intended to scare, it's also a masterful, highly listenable disc......starting with three out-and-out classics of the genre, "Straight Outta Compton", "Fuck Tha Police", and (especially) "Gangsta Gangsta", it's also loaded with small sonic gems/masterworks of studio manipulation such as "8-Ball Remix" and "Dopeman", topical, listenable, frightening to the right audience, this is a fine album, I can ALMOST giveit five stars other than a bit of sub-par stuff (the work MC Ren is fairly ordinary to be honest).....an important and very very listenable album, even today.

I think they made an EP or two, maybe another album, I don't have em and if I've heard em they didn't impress me...there was a lot of tension here, a lot of turmoil, and it was inevitable they would b short-lived.....but we rarely see this one on the rock n roll blogs, so, hell maybe give it a try......just don't be too "scared"!

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON-01 Straight Outta Compton/02 Fuck Tha Police/03 Gangsta Gangsta/04 If It Ain't Ruff/05 Parental Discretion Iz Advised/06 8-Ball (Remix)/07 Something Like That/08 Express Yourself/09 Compton's In the House Remix/10 I Ain't the One/11 Dopeman/12 Quiet on the Set/13 Somethin' 2 Dance 2

Link soon.....check it dawg!

The Yum Yums

Some very great punk-pop from the land of Norway......if you are not familiar, you are depriving
yourself. They specialize in very short, sachariny-sweet numbers, with a lot of covers, including Sweet's "Wig Wam Bam" (also covered by the Donnas in another version) and Ohio Express'"Chewy Chewy" (!)....."Singles N Stuff" is the only artifact I have from these , but it is a damn good one, twenty-six tracks in a breezey whirlwind of power-pop greatness...if you are a fan of power-pop, punk-pop, or any of the like, this IS for you......hard to find much info on them to be honest, if one of you guys is a super-Yum Yum's fan please hook us up, but other than that, this is what I have of them and it certainly seems fairly representative. Pure pop-rock for "now" people! Dig it man.....

SINGLES N STUFF-01 Girls Like That/02 All the Way/03 Need Your Love Tonight/04 Be My Baby/05 Punk Rock Coming Through the Door/06 Walking Out On Love/07 Let Me Into Your Life/08 Crazy Over You/09 Chewy Chewy/10 Valerie/11 Bird Dance Beat/12 Be With Me/13 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/14 I've Found Love/15 Wig Wam Bam/16 Back To Rosie/17 I Can't Pretend/18 Ways To Do You In/19 Goodbye to You/20 Never Let You Go/21 Baby I'm So Lonely/22 We Just Gotta Dance/23 Digging On You/24 Let's Go/25 Tonight/26 Kule Damer

the Yum YumsShort post, but sometimes it is best just to let the music do the talking, this would be one of those times......trust me on this one, I love it, and you might as well......please let me know what you think, and also please continue to request anything you might desire, and I will try to do my best to satisfy......

Countdown to retirement: 32 working days.....mmmmmmmmmm can hardly wait, a whole new chapter of life for myself, BigCarla66, and BigGrant97......exciting as hell!

Impala Syndrome

Not really an unknown "classic", but a decent album with three or four really good tracks.....from Venezuela ca. 1969, this is as far as I know the only effort these boyos put forth.....upon listening, you will have very little doubt, indeed,  that Rudy Márquez, Edgar Quintero, Neiro Qunitero, Bernardo Ball, and Francisco Belissario had heard a Cream album or two prior top crankin out this recording......in particular the Jack Bruce-style bass playing and vocals, but also similar to the less-jamming, studio riff-pop of, say, most of "Best of Cream"......and, really, what would be so wrong about that?

What we have here are 11 tracks, when it's good (ie the riff-rocking "Too Much Time" and "Let Them Try"), it merits an additional listening or two, when it's, well, NOT SO good (ie "Love Grows a Flower", or, "I Want to Hug the Sky"),it can be either be hilariously dated hippie gibberish, or damn near embarassing, dependant upon your viewpoint I suppose.

Anyway, NOT a lost "classic", but  a decent and listenable slab of hard rock n roll, and the world can ALWAYS use more listenable slabs of hard rock n roll...check this out, or don't, no one cares, welcome to the weekend, those of us with retirement pending are prepping for semi-permanent "weekend" status....

Links coming right up.....Tell ya woman ya LOVE her, right this fucking MINUTE!

IMPALA SYNDROME-01 Too Much Time/02 Love Grows a Flower/03 Children of the Forrest/04 For a Small Fee/05 New Love Time/06 Let Them Try/07 Land of No Time/08 I Want to Hug the Sky/09 Leave, Eve/10 Fun (Don't Look Behind)

Melissa Auf der Maur

Couple of relatively obscure discs from Melissa Auf der Maur here, they have "moments" on them
and are NOT "lost classics"......Melissa was the one-time bassist for Hole, and later, replaced D'arcy as Smashing Pumpkins bassist before embarking on these solo efforts. The most memorable thing about her, to me, is a moment on one of the great Hole bootlegs, in which Courtney Love announces that Hole is "the best fucking band on the bill",and that "Everyone should stay,  to see your butt Melissa", oh that wacky Courtney.

Anyway: in 2004 she released "Auf der Maur", a decent enough 12 song collection......sort of Hole-lite, perhaps, but I was always a huge fan of Hole, so, sue me...."Lightning Is My Girl", "Followed the Waves", "Real a Lie", and "Taste You" are the standout numbers here, I have included as a bonus track her singing "Paranoid"during a period when she was singing with a Black Sabbath cover band!

The follow up, "Out of Our Minds", (2010), isn't maybe quite as good, but it is decent as well, tracks like "The Hunt" and "Meet Me On the Darkside" would have fit in pretty well on the debut.....

In my opinion these are not especially well known albums, if you are a fan of 1990's alt/grunge, certainly they will be worth a listen to you, personally, I like them, and as they are such unknown efforts, I'd like you to check them out and comment upon them.......variety variety variety and PLUS I haven't seen these on too many of the blogs, either I don't think......so enjoy!

AUF DER MAUR-01 Lightning Is My Girl/02 Followed the Waves/03 Real a Lie/04 Head Unbound/05 Taste You/06 I'll Be Anything You Want/07 Beast of Honor/08 My Foggy Notion/09 Would If I Could/10 Overpower Thee/11 Skin Reciever/12 I Need I Want I Will/13 BONUS-Paranoid

OUT OF OUR MINDS-01 The Hunt/02 Out of Our Minds/03 Isis Speaks/04 Lead Horse/05 Follow the Map/06 22 Below/07 Meet Me On the Darkside/08 This Would Be Paradise/09 Father's Grave/10 The Key/11 The One/12 1000 Years/13 Mother's Red Box

Links be coming, still  to requests and suggestions.......PLEASE let me know what you think of these, plenty more off the wall stuff in the CD collection for us to share, but what I love MUCH MORE is when others get involved (Dave Sez already goes WAY beyond the call of duty!) and share stuff that THEY have with the rest of the world.....together we can help each other to that PERFECT, CUSTOMIZED music collection!

Acid Bath

Not the biggest fan of the "death metal" sound, but this is so all-incorporating, bringing in a LOT of
other elements, that I am able to get past the sometimes "growled" vocals that put me off of most death-metal......maybe half, or a bit more, of this includes "those" vocals, but I wouldn't pass these up on that basis or you miss out some inovative hard rocking stuff.

For the most part, with a few variations, Acid Bath were vocalist/guitarist Sammy Duet, guitarist/vocalist Mike Sanchez, lead vocalist Dax Riggs, drummer Jimmy Kyle, and bassist Audie Pitie......they originated in the early 1990's in, of all places, Houma Louisiana.......

Since I so frequently hear the question, "Yo, Scott, what DO you think Blue Cheer would sound like, were they formed in the 1990's and incorporated a vocalist like the guy from Fear Factory?"......I thought this might answer that question the best, and let all of those who ask rest easy....in all seriousess, it really isn't quite THAT simple, but there are elements of truth there....

Some consider the 1994 debut, "When the Kite Strings Pop" to be an undiscovered classic in hard rock circles....I don't know if I go quite to "classic" status here, but it is a good album, one that incorporates a LOT of different textures to the traditional Blue Cheer-like sludge sound, as well as the classic "death metal sound"....lots and lot of songs about death, drugs, insanity, death by drugs, insanity by drugs, death by insanity....you get the idea......"Tranquilized" is a great one, "Finger paintings of the Insane" is, as well, "Scream of the Butterfly", "God Machine".......and not only THAT but you get to sample titles like "Dr Suess is Dead", "The Bones of Baby Dolls", and "Cassi Eats Cockroaches", which samples the great movie "A Clockwork Orange", a smart move for which the guys deserve credit......I give this a four star rating, which may surprise you if you know my history. Fun bonus: The cover art was a painting done by John Wayne Gacy while on death row!

Two years hence came "Paegan Terrorism Tactics", a quite good follow up, covering much the same subject matter......the opening "Paegan Love Song" is a good'n, as are "Dead Girl" and the weird          " Graveflower".....also a couple pieces of spoken-word poetry serve to further elevate the weirdness factor here. Fun bonus: the cover art is from Dr Jack Kevorkian!

Unless someone has a super-rare live disc or something, the only other thing that I have is a fairly readilly avilable demos set, "Demos 1993-96", which includes rough (!) versions of many of the tracks from the two official releases.....for fans, but I've never really known a "fan"this weird band.....

I like em though.....listened to "Kite Strings" today and it is a complex, innovative, hard rocking album with some totally bizarre time changes........please check it out, you just might like thisya do, then be sure and check out the other crumbs I've left here.......really, different AND pretty damn good!

WHEN THE KITE STRINGS POP-01 The Blue/02 Tranquilized/03 Cheap Vodka/04 Finger Paintings of the Insane/05 Jezebel/06 Scream of the Butterfly/07 Dr Suess Is Dead/08 Dope Fiend/09 Toubabo Koomi/10 God Machine/11 The Mortician's Flame/12 What Color Is Death/13 The Bones of Baby Dolls/14 Cassie Eats Cockroaches

PEAGAN TERRORISM TACTICS-01 Paegan Love Song/02 Bleed Me an Ocean/03
Graveflower/04 Diab Soule/05 Locust Spawning/06 Old Skin/07 New Death Sensation/08 Venus Blue/09 13 Fingers/10 New Corpse/11 Dead Girl/12 (Hidden Track) The Beautiful Downgrade

DEMOS 1993-96-01 Dr Suess Is Dead/02 What Color Is Death/03 Scream of the Butterfly/04 God Machine/05 The Mortician's Flame/06 Dope Fiend/07 Finger Paintings of the Insane/08 Jezebel/09 The Bones of baby Dolls/10 Venus Blue/11 Bleed Me an Ocean/12 Graveflower

Links in a little while......I'd really like to know wha you think about this rather unique act......got a request vmail for some Sheavy, thought I had done them before, but a check reveals otherwise...so if I can get it all together tonight, Sheavy it is for Tuesday, if not, Wedensday......LOVE some Sheavy, and who doesn't?!?

By request, Sheavy

I recieved an email this afternoon, asking for some Sheavy, hell, I would have guessed I had done a
post long ago, but a quick investiagtion reveals that nope, I never have, and especially since the request comes from long "missing in action" stoner rock guru Mark Eveligh, we'll get on this with quickness!......a great band who deserves a full-feature-length post, I am happy to present them in all their greatness! Hopefully I have all thier releases here, Dime has no boots or rarities, nor does the Bay, so we will see if any of the minions surprise with a live disc, or something obscure, Sheavy cerainly have enough material and a hard-core enough following that there should be SOMETHIN out there......

So, Sheavy, formed in Canada in 1994, (they were originally "Green Machine", but changed when another "Green Machine" objected"), consisted of singer Steve Hennessey, guitarist Evan Chaulke, bassist Glenn Tizzard, and drummer Jason Williams (This is the most RECENT lineup, there have been many changes, Hennessey is the mainstay).....over the years they have cooked up a perfectly wonderful stoner/doom sound on several fine albums, perhaps of the Kyuss school of stoner rock BUT maybe a bit more structured, and a bit more their "own" band......

They debuted in 1996 with "Blue Sky Mind", a pretty fair piece of hard rocking stoner stuff,
"Mountains of Madness" and "Cosmic Overdrive" being typical bangers of the era, stoner fans of course are aware of ALL early Sheavy material, as it is on par with th work of Fu Mau, Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, and the rest of the greats of that genre that most of the population does not even know exists.....this is why YOU are SPECIAL!

1998 saw the release of the fine "The Electric Sleep", a certifiable classic of the stoner rock genre.....check the hard rocking title track, "Virtual Machine", "Stardust" and all the rest, a fine album that ranks with the best of 1990's stoner rock.

In 2000 they released "Celestial Hi Fi", also a great album known well to fans of stoner rock, similar in sound to their previous work, but for fans of the scene/sound, a not-to-be-missed effort....."Hyperfaster" and "Strange Gods, Strange Affairs" stand out, but lots of hard rocking moments here.

These gentlemen knew their formula.....2002's "Synchronized" is again cut from a fairly similar cloth, but, again, a good album, hard rocking, and stoner fans know that this is the SHIT....."Next Exit to Vertigo", and "Kill Queens Go Disco" standout to me, but what the hell, maybe the third straight 3.5 star (or better) album......

So, in 2005, they released "Republic?", which updated the sound a bit, to their credit......harder, punkier riffs, shorter songs, I assume MAYBE some kinda "concept" although don't ask ME what it is......once again, though. "Republic?" is a great album, in the world of stoner rock, another classic!

These guys tredged on....."The Machine That Won the War" is yet another fine album, again, I ASSUME some "concept", buo lazy/dumb to figure it out......rather, I prefer to just groove to the hard rocking of tracks like "Demon Soldiers" and "One of Us MustBe Dead" among other rocking numbers which DO NOT sound transposed from the 1990's, but rather, serve as nother notch in the growth of this wonderfully under appreciated. hard rocking band.

They have since released yet another pair of albums, listenable but NOT spectacular, "The Golden
age of Daredevils" and "Disfigurine", these are both include here, and are for fans of the band/sound, not as great as some of the earlier stuff......also we have a demo set and a rarities comp, see below for details of those, and I think that PRETTY MUCH summarizes Sheavy.......a great band that gets forgotten, see, even I forgot about them, thinking I had already done a post about them (Spiritual Beggars fall into the same category, awesome and forgettable stoner rock)......

Lotta stuff here.....links as quick as I can get em to ya.......going to the casino with my lady for a couple nights, I will take the kindle and TRY to get posts up for you guys and gals when I'm gone, hope I can get it done, we shall see if not, stay busy with these recent good posts, and I will be back soon, I promise, after all, obviously I love hooking you guys up with a sound or two you may not ahve heard before!

BLUE SKY MIND-01 Mountains of Madness/02 Blue Sky Mind/03 Domelight/04 Cosmc Overdrive/05 Sea of Tomorrow/06 Supa-Hero/07 The Gun-It Jam/08 Psycho Universe/09 First/10 Shinging Path/11 Dallas Tar/12 The Everlasting/13 Dreamer's Mind/14 Lonely and Me/15 Crock/16 Month of Sundays

THE ELECTRIC SLEEP-01 Virutal Machine/02 Velvet/03 Destiny's Rainbow/04 Electric Sleep/05 Born In a Daze/06 Automaton/07 Savannah/08 Saving Me/09 Oracle/10 Stardust/11 Last Parade

CELESTIAL HI FI-01 Hyperfaster/02 What's Up Mr. Zero/03 Stingray Part II/04 Solarsphere/05 Strange Gods, Strange Alters/06 Celestial Hi Fi/07 At the Mountain of Madness/08 Persona/09 A Utopian Interlude/10 Gemini (The Twins)/11 Tales From the Afterburner

SYNCHRONIZED-01 Firebird  350/02 Last of the V8 Interceptors/03 Next Exit to Vertigo/04 Part of the Machine/05 Synchronized/06 Invasion of the Micronauts/07 Kill Queens Go Disco/08 Ultraglide/09 AFX...Thrown For a Loop/10 Set Phasers to Stun/11 The Time Machine

REPUBLIC?-01 Spy Vs Spy/02 The Rook/03 Hangman/04 Standing at the Edge of the World/05
Revenge of the Viper Three/06 A Phone Booth In the Middle of Nowhere/07 The Man Who Never Was/08 Stingray, Part III/09 Moments of Silence/10 Imitation of Christ/11 Last Chance (Gremlin X)

THE MACHINE THAT WON THE WAR-01 The Sleeping Assassin/02 Demon Soldiers/03 Humanoid/04 Dawn of the Black Orchid/05 Aboard the Mothership/06 Rings of Saturn/07 Here Falls the Shadow/08 Lords of Radiation/09 The Dark Carnival/10 Where Earth Meets Sky/11 One of Must Be Dead/12 The Gunfighters

DISFIGURINE-01 In the Shadow of Vesuvius/02 Waking the Bloodbeast/03 Disfigurine/04 Echo in the Skull/05 Dead Since Birth/06 Clutching at Straws/07 The Book of Lost Time/08 Beyond the Black Waves/09 Eyes of the Demon Lord/10 War on Titan/11Voices From the Star Chamber

THE GOLDEN AGE OF DAREDEVILS-01 The Golden Age of Daredevils/02 Sunday Morning Suicide/03 For Those Who Chose to Stay/04 Lucifer at Sunset/05 Loving the Abyss/06 The Black Tower/07 The Orphaned Sky/08 Neutron Star........./12 Rings of Saturn (Hidden Track)

So, there are their EIGHT regular studio releases, not really a bad one in the bunch!......But, i the words of Blue Oyster Cult "Wait, There's MORE!".......since this is my "welcome back!" gift to great friend of the blog Mark Eveligh, here is everything else I can scrape up. Mark, since these lads are from your great-white neck of the woods, do you have anything else to share with any old or new Sheavy fans? Thanks for the reqeust mark, and DON'T be a stranger, LOTTSA great stoner bands I still haven't dealt with: Dozer, Fu Manchu, and Spiritual Beggars, just to name a few!

RARITIES DISC-01 Junior's Eyes (Black Sabbath Cover)/02 The Electric Sleep (demo)/03 The Electric Sleep (Live)/04 Country Parade (Dan on vocals)/05 Fishin For Chicken (Dan on Vocals)

BORN TOO LATE (SPLIT WITH CHURCH OF MISERY)-(Tracks 1-4 Church of Misery)-01
Spahn Ranch/02 Road to Ruin/03 Reverend/04 War is Our Destiny/ (Tracks 5-10 Sheavy)-05 Destiny's Rainbow/06 Suitcase blues (Live)/07 Mountains of Madness (Live)/08 Blue Sky Mind (Live)/09 Domelight (live)/10 War Pigs (Live in the Studio)

REPUBLIC? LIVE AT THE MASONIC TEMPLE (DVD AUDIO)- 01 Spy Vs Spy/02 Solarsphere/03 Hangman/04 Kill Queens Go Disco/05 Stingray Part III/06 Imitation of Christ/07 Last Chance Gremlin X/08 Destiny's Rainbow/09 Standing at the Edge of the World/The Man That Never Was/10 Tales From the Afterburner/11 Tales From the Afterburner/12 Electric Sleep/13 Firebird 350/14 Last of the V8 Interceptors/15 Persona (LOL Remix)/16 A Phone Booth in the Middle of Nowhere/17 The Rook

THE MACHINE THAT WON THE WAR-(BONUS DVD AUDIO)-01 The Sleeping Assassins/02 Demon Soldiers/03 Celestial Hi Fi/04 Lords of Radiation/05 Rings of Saturn/06 Humanoid/07 Where Earth Meets Sky/08 Supa Hero/09 Electric Sleep/10 Aboard the Mothership/11 Dawn of the Black Orchid/12  The Dark Carnival/13 One of Us Must Be Dead/14 Here Falls the Shadow/15 The Gunfighter/16 Synchronised/17 Imitation of Christ/18 Revenge of the Viper Three/19 Saving Me From Myself

OK......that's a LOT of material, more than I thought maybe I had, but this was a good and underappreciated band.....never really had a bad album, and if you are a fan of the stoner "sound", don't forget these guys.......thanks again for the request Mark, it really surprised me that i had not done a full post on them , one is "needed", really......and, again, if you can add anything to it (I know all about that great stoner rock stash YOU have!), please make it even more complete! Thanks a lot my stoner-rock loving brother!

Lotta links, gotta new internet servie, HOPEFULLY quicker uploads but we'll see! I'll get what I can tonight, the rest tomorrow!


Kind of an odd story, here, for whatever the reason......D-Generation put out a solid, self-titled album
of sort of Dolls-influenced glam/punk in 1994.....used to have it before my CD's got ripped off about that that time.......anyway, D-Generation were singer Jesse Malin, guitarists Danny Sage and Howie Pyro, bassist John Carco, and drummer Michael Wildwood. For my money, their self-titled debut was one of the better albums of that year, in particular the fine "No Way Out".......but, for some reason, the band thought that their label  didn't promote the disc correctly (I think it was Chrysalis, but who cares), and it was LATER released on another label as "No Lunch", with some of the same material, some new tracks, different sequencing, etc......that is the one that I have, actually, I preferred the original, if any friends out there might have it.........

Anyway, even in it's bastardized version, "No Lunch" is a good disc, I'd prefer it if "Guitar Mafia" from the l had made it to here, but at least the great "No Way Out" is here ("Call us fags and call us phonies, but I make the geamonies" (geamonies, huh?), as are some other good tracks "Capital Offender" and "Waiting For the Next Big Parade...decent album, fans of punk, glam, the Dolls, and even garage rock might enjoy this little-known nugget......

Apparently they created yet ANOTHER album, 1999's "Through the Darkness", I have never heard it, and unless one of you sets me straight and shares it, likely I never will......but check this out, it's worth it just for "No Way Out", and honest to God I don't remember EVER seeing it on any of the blogs before, so check it out, enjoy, and let yer Uncle know what ya think.

Trying to write these up in advance for a few days as myself and BigCarla66 are headed to the casino for  days of blackjack and hard core sex.......just a little pre-retirement celebration, I'll try to use the Kindle to keep you slugs happy with SOMTHING daily, but forgive me if I miss a day while striking it rich at the blackjack table........check out this album though it IS pretty damn good, if NOT as good (IMO) as the original version (which I would LOVE to have a replacement of, any friends got a copy?)

NO LUNCH-01 Scorch/02 She Stands There/03 Frankie/04 Capital Offender/05 No Way Out/06 Major/07 Disclaimer/08 Waiting For the Next Big Parade/09 Not Dreaming/10 Too Loose/11 1981/12 Degenerated

Link in a little while.....tell yo uncle whatcha think bout THIS one........

Wild Turkey

Let's dig back deep for a bit more of that early 70's rock n roll that we all love so much.......Wild
Turkey were a Jethro Tull offshoot, consisting of bassist Glenn Corrnick, guitarist Tweke Lewis, guitarist/singer Jon Blackmore, and drummer Jeff Jones....they created a couple of early 1970's gems that are fairly unknown, we present them here and hope thatyou enjoy them whild BigCarla66 and myself are enjoying a couple days of blackjack and semi-kinky sex (as semi-kinky as we 45-50 year olds can indulge in at least!)

First album was 1971's "Battle Hymn", it is a damn good, straight ahead hard rock epic, plenty of good shit here, "Butterfly", "Twelve Streets of Cobbled Black", "Sanctuary", and lots more, this version genrously includes a pair of live bonus tracks.

The following year they released "Turkey", it is quite good as well, maybe not QUITE on par with "Battle Hymn", but a good album nonetheless, just listened to it today in fact......plenty of ear-pleasing straight-ahead rock n roll, good vocals and guitar, and THIS ONE also includes a threesome of live bonus tracks, good deal!

I also have "Rarest Turkey", no idea why it's so "rare" given the relative obscurity of the two original albums, but not complaining........good stuff here, too, the single version of "Good Old Days", "If You See Kay" (oh, so CLEVER), and once again, a generous handful of live bonus tracks..

These are good albums, really.. hope you check them out and REPORT BACK with your opinions on them, variety, variety, variety, oh, I've already done that spiel before.....sorry but I'm half drunk. Anyway, we still be at the casino, be home tomorrow, and GOD KNOWS what I'll be in the mood to post then.....all I know is that, when I retire (June 27), this blog is NOT retiring with me, in fact, I may "improve" it, although THAT wouldn't be too terribly hard to do.

Everyone, please take care of and your spouses and your children.......really, WHAT ELSE is there? Nothing.......

BATTLE HYMN-01 Butterfly/02 To the Stars/03 Twelve Streets of Cobble Black/04 Dulwich Fox/05 Easter Psalm/06 Sanctuary/07 One Sole Survivor/08 Gentle Rain/09 Battle Hymn/10 Sentinel/ BONUS TRACKS LIVE 11 Social World/12 Traffic Island Jam

TURKEY-01 Good Old Days/02 Tomorrow's Friend/03 A Universal Man/04 Eternal Mother/The Return/05 Ballad of Chuck Stallion and the Mustangs/06 The Street/07 See You Next Tuesday/08 Telephone/LIVE BONUS TRACKS- Soldier Airplay/10 Brother/11 Social World

RAREST TURKEY-01 Soldier Boy/02 Brother/03 Street Walker/04 Rich man's Woman/05 Social World/06 Good Old Days (Single Version)/07 Life Is a Symphony (B Side)/08 If You See Kay/09 On Sole Survivor (Live)/BONUS TRACKS-10 Winning Card/11 Saint & Sceptic/12 Big Time Loser/13 One Night Stand/14 Rock N Roll Disaster

Links be comin up soon.....PLEEEEEEEEEEASE comment on these, and PLEEEEEEEEEASE guide me as to what you'd like to see on this here blog......it's YOUR blog, YOURS, I just have the CD's....it will never be "great" like some of the others, but I like how it works, music lovers HELPING EACH OTHER complete their "perfect" music collection! What the fuck could be BETTER?

By the way, they reformed in the 1990's and I could really give a fuck

Some great files from the Dave Sez archive

Dave Sez has been sending me stuff forever,remember the ultra-great Jam and Au Pairs collections,
as well as many others......well, it's been a little while since I've posted any of his fine stuff, and it is piling up a little bit, through the fault of one person (me)......so today and tomorrow, I'm going to empty out his file, a lot of great if unrelated stuff.......check out below, everything here is EXTREMELY rare and stuff you are going to want!

Let us start with the great Linton  Kwesi Johnson, Live on the BBC 1984....tried to post this before but it was an unsplit FLAC file which was too big for Zippy's liking, so I converted it to MP3 files which should work just fine.....still unsplit, but you'll still love this show, with artwork included.....here is the information:
Linton Kwesi Johnson - 1984 Live On The BBC
Scan submitted/created by [steve23yh]
HQ Scans:
Publisher: CD-R
Reference :BT610CD
Date :
Made In :UK
Quality :SUP (10/10)
Booklet & packaging :Own artwork
Total duration: 57:41

A Radio One In Concert performance, recorded at Paris Theatre in London on 30th May 1984 and broadcast on 5th June. Spot-on FM.
For those unacquainted, LKJ is a poet, whose gigs involve his rhythmic recitals, over a dub background provided by Dennis Bovell's band and music. The band for this performance was:

Paget King : Keyboards
Patrick Tenyue : Trumpet
Buttons Tenyue : Trombone
John Kpiaye : Lead Guitar
Francois Cuffy ; Rhythm Guitar
Bruce Smith : Drums
Nick Straker : Synthesiser
Geoffrey Scantlebury : Percussion
Dennis Bovell : Bass
The beginning of the set (tracks 1-6) is just Dennis Bovell and the Dub Band, before LKJ joins from track 8 on.

1. Introduction 0:41
2. Instrumental (Bovell) 2:12
3. Dub Master (Bovell) 4:58
4. Come With Me (Bovell) 3:41
5. Reggae High (Bovell) 4:02
6. Brain Damage (Bovell) 3:12
7. Introduction 1:00
8. Dread Beat An' Blood (Johnson/Bovell) 3:21
9. All Wi Doin' Is Defendin' (Johnson/Bovell) 3:02
10. Want Fi Goh Rave (Johnson/Bovell) 4:01
11. Reggae For Dadda (Johnson) 3:53
12. Band Introduction 1:41
13. Reggae For Peach (Johnson/Bovell) 3:14
14. Di Great Insohreckshan (Johnson/Bovell) 3:43
15. What About The Workin' Class? (Johnson/Bovell) 5:37
16. Makin' History (Johnson/Bovell) 3:56
17. Reggae For Rodney (Johnson/Bovell) 3:34
18. Instrumental (Bovell) 1:52

WE have another LKJ set from the Paris Teater 1984....this is another that I squeezed down to MP3 to accomodate Zip, also unplit tracks but I ahve listened to this one as well and it is quite good too....

Here is the info for THIS set: (Both sets are included in the LKJ link in the comments section)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - 1984 Paris Theatre, London (FLAC)
From the Dave Sez archive: more LKJ, taken from a BBC Radio One In Concert performance, recorded at Paris Theatre in London on 30th May 1984. Mixcloud>WAV>FLAC, artwork thanks to www.bootlegzone.com.
Introduction 1:00
Dread Beat An' Blood 3:21
All Wi Doin' Is Defendin' 3:02
Want Fi Goh Rave 4:01
Reggae For Dadda 3:53
Band Introductions 1:41
Reggae Fi Peach 3:14
Di Great Insohreckshan 3:43
What About The Workin' Class? 5:37
Makin' History 3:56
Reggae For Rodney 3:34
Instrumental 1:52
Listen to the gig online: http://www.mixcloud.com/dubwisegaragecollection/linton-kwesi-johnson-paris-th-london-1984-bbc-broadcast/

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Changing gears, we have some wonderful and rare stuff from Richard Lloyd, late of Television, of
course.....here is the info for THIS set:

Richard Lloyd - Live and Studio

From the Dave Sez archive: the only gig recording I know of from ex-Television guitarist Richard Lloyd together with some unreleased studio recordings ...
Richard Lloyd - Live at The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, 22 June 2001 (320)
01 What I Know
02 Pleading
03 The Knockdown
04 Fire Engine
05 I Thought
06 Raising The Serpent
07 Hey Joe
08 Alchemy
09 Strangestrange
10 Downline
11 Torn Shirt
12 Chat with audience
13 Cortege
14 Misty Eyes
15 Good Times, Bad Times
Originally posted by the great gomonkeygo at http://thenewdisease.blogspot.com/2008/09/through-fields-of-fire.html - many thanks!
For a June 2001 review of Lloyd's album "The Cover Doesn't Matter", see http://behindthebeat.com/2001/06/richard-lloyd-the-cover-doesnt-matter/.
Richard Lloyd - Stock Audio (c. 2012, 320)
Stock audio is music that has been created for use as background music for videos, films, television, etc. Lloyd has produced a set of stock music himself, and it’s not just instrumental background rumblings either, as much of this material comes in the form of structured song composition with vocals. As far as I know, none of this material has ever been on any album and seems to have first been made available in 2012, though we have no idea when it was actually recorded.
01 Want You (3:21)
02 Murder Boogie (5:36)
03 We Will Climb (6:34)
04 Diogenes (1:36)
05 Want You To Stay (3:03)
06 Tasting Quicksand (2:01)
07 Pull (4:13)
Many thanks to Willard at http://www.willardswormholes.com/?p=12701 (mediafire link still live).

Thanks, to Dave Sez for his generosity in sharing these, and there will be more to come.....my apologies for dragging my feet for so long, welcome to MY world!


A sad note, I just wanted to say that the guy I spoke about (Stooges post, several months back), my longtime "drifter" friend, on Wedensday night actually tried to jump between the cars of a train which started, he tripped, his leg was cut off, and he was dragged by the train....he lived, but the prognosis is not good, I don't think he'll make it........he lived a kind of a storybook life, and a more "fitting" ending couldn't have been written in Hollywood. Hope he makes it, but it seems VERY unlikely.

One of the saddest things about getting old is watching the people you've known for 30-35 years check out......I'm not the biggest "prayer" guy in the world, but in this case it seems like the best option.

More stuff from the Dave Sez collection

Again, Dave Sez is one of the most valuable contributors to this blog......he gives us LOTS of varied
stuff, most of which is EXTREMELY rare......we are all quite lucky that he has generously shared these parts of his archive with us.

First we'll put up a 1992 show from a reformed Television, a very favorite band of mine.....great to hear "Venus" and "Marquee Moon", no matter what circumstances they fall under. Here's the text supplied straight from the man:

Television - Live at the Academy NYC 1992 (2003)

01 - Intro
02 - 1880 or So
03 - This Tune
04 - Venus
05 - Beauty Trip
06 - No Glamour for Willi
07 - Call Mr Lee
08 - Prove It
09 - The Rocket
10 - Rhyme
11 - In World
12 - Marquee Moon
Lossless rip thanks to Hans De Vente!
From http://www.thewonder.co.uk/live92.htm:
CD only, Ohoo Music (USA), 2003

Tom Verlaine: Guitar, vocals
Richard Lloyd: Guitar, backing vocals
Fred Smith: Bass, backing vocals
Billy Ficca: Drums

"Ladies and Gentlemen, and others as well..."
The first release from Television since 1992, this is a CD released through the band and sold at gigs in the USA in March 2003. Recorded on the first reunion tour to support the release of Television, 8 of the 11 songs come from that album and the other three from Marquee Moon. The final part of the Intro eases into "1880 or So" and before you know it Richard Lloyd pulls off a startling guitar break; later in the song Verlaine throws out fractured, sharp lines. Before the first song is over you hear what Television live has become. A rare and a wonderful thing. Either of these guitarists would be enough to front any band; together the combination of their differing styles and sounds creates a seemingly-limitless range of great moments. Currents and crosscurrents, oppositions and interlocking attacks. Verlaine's stark, off-centre inventions locked in with Lloyd's fiery, inventive excitement. All of this going on over Fred Smith's rock-solid bass and Billy Ficca's tight-but-loose foundation. And, of course, the hi-hat.
That old 70's insult that Television were "the Grateful Dead of punk"? Nonsense, of course. There's no stoned noodling here, no self-indulgent thirty-minute showcase excess. And this band has two guys who can play rhythm guitar. No other band I can think of plays together like this. Check out: The way in which, in "Beauty Trip", over staccato drumming and walking bass-line, the guitars share a dialogue - Verlaine's rhythm spilling off into Lloyd's liquid runs, as if Richard was finishing a sentence which Tom started. Verlaine creating the space for Lloyd to stretch out into a great break (which never overpowers the rest of the band sound. When Verlaine's guitar break does erupt, it makes sense in its timing and structure and lasts exactly long enough.
The series of little 'stroked' lines that Verlaine plays just before the last verse of "Prove It". I'm struck by how mathematically beautiful Television's music can be - a kind of random precision.
In "The Rocket", how out-of-control it can all sound even when I know it's not - the guitars in opposition to each other, Verlaine's almost taunting and Lloyd's screaming in reply.
You want dynamic tension? Listen to how the tumbling fierce end of "The Rocket" careers to a halt then mutates into the hesitant, minimal sketches that structure "Rhyme". The way the bass and snare drum create and hold a constant feeling of uncertainty/holding back that supports Verlaine's stream-of-consciousness vocal until there's almost nothing going on, everything clipped and tense along with the almost-inarticulate vocal.
The way the guitars build and layer "Marquee Moon" over the muscular rhythm. Verlaine seems to leave the song for a time, keeping on ear on it, pulling the most urgent noise from his guitar before slotting right back in to help push it to the climax (and yeah, this is sexy music).


Next up rare Clash show, at least I don't have it whcih makes it "rare" nearly by definition. It is from 1982, at Montgo Bay......here is the text for THIS classic rarity:

The Clash - November 27, 1982
Jamaica World Music Festival - Montego Bay, Jamaica
Recording Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master (Sony TC-D5M/TDK MA-C90/Dolby B)
Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi DR-1/Dolby B) -> Sound Devices 744T (24bit/44.1k) ->
Samplitude Professional v11.2 -> FLAC/16
(1 Disc Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)
All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
April 15, 2011
-- Thanks to Frank Streeter for lending me his masters
d1t01 - Introduction
d1t02 - London Calling
d1t03 - Police On My Back
d1t04 - The Guns Of Brixton
d1t05 - The Magnificent Seven (w/ Armagideon Time)
d1t06 - Junco Partner
d1t07 - Spanish Bombs
d1t08 - One More Time
d1t09 - Train In Vain
d1t10 - Bankrobber
d1t11 - This Is Radio Clash
d1t12 - Clampdown
d1t13 - Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
d1t14 - Rock The Casbah
d1t15 - Straight To Hell
d1t16 - I Fought The Law

Since the Clash is in Flac, I opted to split it, raher than convert it.

ANd finally, a great Wilko Johnson special, from 1986, another rarity/clasic that you will no question enjoy too. We are lucky that Dave Sez is willing to share these great rarities with us, take the chance to thank him!


Wilko Johnson Special

From the Dave Sez archive
1986 Japan FM In Studio @ 320, full artwork
1. Intro
2. All Right
3. All Through The City
4. Looked Out My Window
5. Keep It To Myself
6. Dr. Dupree
7. Muskrat
8. Sneakin' Suspicion
9. Route 66 (With Makoto Ayukawa)
10. Highway 61
11. Back In The Night
12. She Does It Right
13. Bye Bye Johnny
Thanks to hearrockcity! See http://hearrockcity.blogspot.com/2013/04/in-my-time-of-dying-cough.html HRC also has a great live Wilko gig from Belgrade in 1990 at http://hearrockcity.blogspot.com/2014/03/still-alive-and-well.html
Wilko - "In Memory Of Muddy", live in France 1983, bootleg EP Loser 001, @ 320, no artwork
1. Rolling And Tumbling
2. Sneakin' Suspicion
3. I Got My Mojo Working
Wilko & Lew Lewis Band - Bottle Up And Go! EP 1983 (out of print), @ 320, full artwork
01. Caravan Man
02. Bottle Up And Go!
03. I Wanna Be Your Lover
04. Looked Out My Window
Celia & The Fabulous Mutations - You Better Believe Me
October 1977 45 A side @ 192, full artwork
(by Celia Gollin, JJ Burnel of the Stranglers, Wilko Johnson and Terry Williams of Rockpile)

SO thanks to Dave Sez again......he is doing an incredible service, sharing his rarities throught our
planet......this is ALL good shit and you will like it, I am certain.......It's an honor that such a legend of internet sharing/rarities compling hs chosen this blog as one of his distribution points!

Links coming up soon!