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Arc of Ascent

If you've been around here a while you know I love me some Datura, they claimed with two absolute drop-dead albums of stoner brilliance a while back.....(A member of Datura sent me an email once thanking me for profiling them on the blog, and mentioned Arc Of Ascent).....Arc of Ascent released "Circle of the Sun" in 2010 I think, it could EASILLY be the third Datura album if there one, nearly as good as either  of the Datura efforts....Arc of Ascent on this album were bassist/vocalist Craig Williamson, drummer John Strange, and guitarist Sandy Schaare. If you liked New Zealand's finest (Datura of course) you cannot go wrong with this one.

However, unbeknownst to me, they have also released a second disc "The Higher Key" (with a new drummer) in 2012......cannot find a copy of it much of anywhere, their Bandcamp site hawks it for sale and I'd happily pay the price but would LOVE to hear it first.......so anyone have a copy to share (Mark E?)........but for now here is "Circle of the Sun", a great album!

CIRCLE OF THE SUN-01 Universal Form/02 Cosmic Eye/03 The Inner Sign/04 Absolution In Light/05 Godhead/06 Master of the Serpents

Good album, anyone with the other one either share or advise, a good word from a trusted sould would lead me to  the ten bucks from Bandcamp!

Agitprop the Politics of Punk

Strange I haven't gotten around to this one before, pretty solid three disc set of politicized 1970's-80's
punk, at least partially from some lesser known sources......obviously with such collections we'll have some throwaway material and some overlap with other sets, but this one is really quite likeable and rewarding......missed a couple days last week durng the Nirvana-fest, so how about a bonus post tonight, (MAY even get another DAVE SEZ set of Clapton rarities up tonight as well, thanks Dave!)

Disc One has a ringer or two, "Chemical Warfare" by the Dead Kennedys shows up quite often, a does Stiff Little Fingers "Suspect Device" and Penetration's "Don't Dictate", good songs all, but we also get some fine stuff, lesser comped stuff, from the Redskins (the fine "Unionize"), The Three Johns "Death of a European" (GOTTA do a Three Johns post soon, been meaning to forever), The Exploited's "Hitler's in the Charts Again", and of course, Chaotic Dischords "Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You".....twenty tracks and a very listenable collection, as I've said so many times before punk is rivalled only by power pop as compilation material as listening to it so authenitically reproduces the radio experience.

Disc Two has some more easy pickin's, The Pistols "Submission", The MC5's "Kick Out the Jams", TRB's "Glad To Be Gay", and Sham 69's "If the Kids Are United" all turn up fairly regularly, but we get another Three Johns track, "Soldier Soldier" by Spizz, ("I'm In Love With) Margaret Thatcher" from the Notsensibles......a good disc, not quite up to disc 1 IMO, but hell, it also includes Angelic Upstarts, Anti Nowhere League, Poison Girls, and more, really a good set and if you have a lot of this you could likely program a full disc out of stuff you didn't already have (OK, I couldn't, but that's ME!)

Finally Disc Three is probably the best of the three.....after disposing of "Anarchy in the UK", and Sham 69's "Borstal Breakout" (again, no disrespect to these songs, they are great, just readilly available), we get another standout track from the Redskins, some Riot Squad, a Stranglers track ("Peasant in the Big Shitty"), as well as a Stooges tune that I swear to God is not ringing a bell for me, either it's a rarity or my mind is slipping faster than I thought ("I Got Nothin'/I Got Shit")......overall this is a very fine three disc set which any fan of the genre would most likely wish to hear......enjoy, really, it's quite a good one!

DISC 1-01 EX PISTOLS-Land of Hope and Glory/02 THE MEKONS-Fight the Cuts/03 THE REDSKINS-Unionize/04 BILLY BRAGG-It Says Here/05 PENETRATION-Don't Dictate/06 POISON GIRLS-Old Tart/07 THE 3 JOHNS-Death of a European/08 NEW MODEL ARMY-Spirit of the Falklands/09 JOOLZ-Paved With Gold/10 MORGANS-Atishoo/11 DEAD KENNEDYS-Chemical Warfare/12 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-The Murder of Liddle Towers/13 PATRIK FITZGERALD-Irrelevant Battles/14 NO RESPECT-No Respect/15 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Suspect Device (Live)/16 CHELSEA-Right to Work/17 CHAOS UK-Selfish Few/18 CHAOTIC DISCHORD-Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You/19 THE EXPLOITED-Hitler's In the Charts Again/20 BONUS TRACK-The Politics of Punk

DISC 2-01 THE SEX PISTOLS-Submission/02 SPIZZ-Soldier Soldier/03 NOTSENSIBLES-(I'm In Love With) Margaret Thatcher/04 MENACE-GLC/05 RED LONDON-CND/06 THE MC5-Kick Out the Jams/07 VIOLATORS-Government Stinks/08 SHAM 69-If the Kids Are United/09 THE DAMNED-Gun Fury/10 TOM ROBINSON-Glad to Be Gay/11 BILLY BRAGG-Between the Wars/12 UK SUBS-Fascist Regime/13 ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE-Streets of London/14 STIFF LITTLE FINGERS-Alternative Ulster (Live)/15 ANGELIC UPSTARTS-Solidarity/16 POISON GIRLS-Persons Unknown/17 THE THREE JOHNS-Fruit Flies/18 NEWTOWN NEUROTICS-Living With Unemployment/19 ANTI PASTI-No Government/20 CAPTAIN SENSIBLE-Smash It Up

DISC 3-01 THE SEX PISTOLS-Anarchy In the UK/02 THE EXPLOITED-Class War/03 THE VARUKERS-Protest and Survive/04 THREATS-Politicians and Ministers/05 RIOT SQUAD-Fuck the Tories/06 THE ADICTS-How Sad/07 SHAM 69-Borstal Breakout/08 THE FALL-Rowche Rumble/09 THE RUTS-Babylon's Burning/10 IGGY & THE STOOGES-I Got Nothing/I Got Shit/
11 THE AU PAIRS-America/12 CHRON GEN-Fiasco/13 THE BOYS-Cop Cars/14 THE STRANGLERS-Peasant in the Big Shitty/15 THE CORTINAS-Facst Dictator/16 REDSKINS-Red's Strike the Blues/17 THEATRE OF HATE-Do You Beleive In Westworld/18 VICE SQUAD-Stand Strong Stand Proud (Live)/19 NEW MODEL ARMY -Vengeance/20 THE RUTS-In a Rt

The History of American Hardcore 1980-1986

American Hardcore: The History Of American Punk Rock 1980-1986 (2006)A single disc today, compliments of Rhino Records, and I also have another (seperate post), generouslly sent our way by great friend of the blog, DavSez......the two posts could not be much different, but as you know I do strive for.......oh, yes, variety.......hope ya like today's efforts.

First up we have "The History of American Hardcore, 1980-86", which is pretty accurately summarized by it's title.....I've said before, this is not one of my "favorite" scenes of them all, andI have taken what I feel is a bit of undue criticism for this....I've never claimed a "dislike" for the scene, some great shit came out of it......it's just that it simply wasn't my favorite, AND I grew up in a home where it WAS my younger brother's favorite, and it got kind of tired after a while, likely why to this day HE does care, especially, for Led Zeppelin, the Ramones, the Smiths, and more......not a big deal, nor, certainly as big a deal as some "Hardcore" fanatics have tried to make it out to be in the past.

black-flag-logoSo, how about this comp? It's pretty good, quite representative in what it attempts to accomplish, and gives us some damn good tunes, also works together, coherently, quite well, as a single entity, reinforcing my theory again that punk and power pop work FAR better than most rock genres as compilations (reason or such stated here multiple times, pay attention pot-head).

OK, we start off with a decent one, Black Flag's abrasive "Nervous Breakdown", certainly well known in west-coast hardcore circles. The Middle Class check in with a short (less than 1 minute) quickie, before we reach (IMO) our first classic....."Pay to Cum" by the Bad Brains (I have done a Bad Brains feature post before, check archives)......one of the great singles of the era, ANY genre, if you don't have it by some chance, please get it now.....DOA turn up with the ode to then-President Reagan, the delicately titled "Fucked Up Ronnie", a worthwhile period piece, practically Hardcore Folk music (in message only!)....the legendary Circle Jerks turn up with "RedTape",Minor Threat gives us "Filler"......obviously a veritable all-star lineup of the bands of the genre/era......without listing everything here (that is what the track list is for), we get atrack from the underappreciated Big Boys (who probaly deserve their own post), Really Red turns out the classic "I Was a Teenage Fuckup", even an Adolescents demo ("I Hate Children")......wrapping things up is of Flipper's best (did a full Flipper post not too long ago, links may still be good), "Ha Ha Ha Ha".....

Circle JerksWell, not ALL encompassing, no Germs, no Dead Kennedys, no Toxic Reasons (I know you don't know them, they were from Ohio and were kickass), but the 26 short teeth-kickers here do a fine job of representing......play this loud, don't take it too seriously, but this is a good one, hope ya enjoy it!

THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN HARDCORE 1980-86-01 BLACK FLAG-Nervous Breakdown/02 THE MIDDLE CLASS-Out of Vogue/03 BAD BRAINS-Pay to Cum/04 DOA-Fucked Up Ronnie/05 CIRCLE JERKS-Red Tape/06 MINOR THREAT-Filler/07 MDC-I Remember/08 UNTOUCHABLES-Nic Fit/09 GANG GREEN-Kill a Commie/10 THE FREEZE-Boston Not LA/11 JERRY'S KIDS-Straight Jacket/12 SS DECONTROL-Boiling Point/13VOID-Who Are You/Time To Die/14 SCREAM-Came Without Warning/15 NEGATIVE APPROACH-Friend or Foe/16 BAD ATTITUDE-Articles of Choice/17 DIE KRUEZEN-Think For Me/18 BATILLION OF SAINTS-My Minds Diseased/19 7 SECONDS-I Hate Sports/20 THE BIG BOYS-Brick Wall/21 REALLY RED-I Was a Teenage Fuckup/22 ADOLESCENTS-I hate CHildren (demo)/23 YDI-Enemy For Life/24 DRI-Runnin Around/25 CRO-MAGS-Don't Tread On Me/26 FLIPPER-Ha Ha Ha Ha

Flipper - Rise Above! And more good stuff to come this week, next week, and WAYYYYY into the future from GROWING BORED FOR A LIVING......and PLEASE remember I'm ALWAYS up for guest contributions, ala those of Dave Sez, or ANYTHING ELSE (hey what happened to that Washington DC-area mega-post I was promised a while back?????)......and remember NOT limited to music.....pictures? short stories? essays? LOVE to see/hear it all, this is the place as I will accept anything, we are all "friends" here, cyberfriends, but friends no less, and I for one am interested in what talents or hobbies the minions are willing to share with us!

I hope all is wll with everyone and your families, really....it actually is becoming a reality to me that I am ACTUALLY going to RETIRE this summer.....thrilling, exciting, scary, you name it.....but it is time.....for a guy who's had the same job for 31 years, married to the same lady for 27 years, lived in the same home for 25 years.......well, a huge life change like that is scary, but exciting....I'm only 52, and am looking for work to supplement my retirement income, but I just cannot wait to begin this new chapter of the lives of BigScott62, BigCarla66, and BigGrant97!

DaveSez.......YOU listen!

We've had some fantastic contributions to this blog over time, I'd like to personally thank the anonymous donor that dumped the metric shit-tonne of Snakefinger stuff recently, GREAT job, and I understand your wish to remain anonymous, that's your choice, just understand how much so MANY of us appreciate it.....

One of thebest, of course, is Dave Sez, who has a stash  of recordings that it would probably give me months of pleasure to simply LOOK THROUGH, the stuff is all SO DAMN GOOD and interesting.....if you liked the Clapton demos the other day, by all means get with this fine set as well.....today a set with Clapton and Marcus Miller and his band, I listened to this today and it is fantastic.......trust me you do NOT want to miss this, I will let Dave Sez fill you in on the details, but this is ONE THAT YOU WANT.........great, great contrbution, love it, and thanks ALL go to Dave Sez, I am merely the middleman.........so what areyou waiting for? Read Dave's words of wisdom, and then get busy downloading this smoking file! And don't forget to thank him......also, once again, if YOU have any interesting albums or live shows or whatever, PLEASE share them with everyone here.....I don't have EVERYTHING, and other people's stuff is MORE than welcome, plue it equals less work for the BigLad!

Take it Dave:
Marcus Miller and Eric Clapton
Legends Studio Rehearsals Summer 1997
A+ stereo, full artwork, text and research included
eric clapton sets old sock release ahead of international trek eric ...From the Dave Sez archive: another set of top-quality Clapton tour rehearsals, this time with Marcus Miller and his band called Legends, formed in 1997 for an eleven-date European Jazz Festival tour (several of which gigs were recorded and are available on request). At the time, Clapton was going through a mental storm and doubting his ability to play anything else but the blues. Marcus shook him up and offered jazz .. and some blues. Included here from the LA rehearsal studios but never played live on the European tour are the only recordings of Marcus on "Layla" and Clapton on guitar and vocals on Miller's "Silver Rain". The ultimate Marcus rarity - Dave sez: go get, you won't regret! Split by my taste into "Best" and "Rest".
Excellent groove but only @ 192 kbps - anyone got 320 or FLAC? Leave us a word and hopefully a link in the comments, much obliged.
Marcus Miller - bass guitar
Eric Clapton - guitar and vocals
Steve Gadd - drums
Joe Sample - keyboards
David Sanborn - saxophone

Legends Rehearsals - the Best
01 - Snakes
02 - Marcus #1 (“Groovin”)
03 - Full House
04 - Peeper
05 - Going Down Slow
06 - Silver Rain
07 - Layla
08 - Rock Me Baby
09 - Marcus #1 (“Groovin”)(sax David Sanborn)
10 - Full House (sax David Sanborn)
Legends Rehearsals - the Rest
11 - Ruthie
12 - I Got You I Feel Good
13 - Put It Where You Want
14 - Suggestions (“In Case You Hadn’t Noticed”)
15 - Ruthie (sax David Sanborn)
16 - Jelly Roll Morton (“Shreveport Stomp”, Samples solo)

Now THAT is a contribution......really, really, enjoyed it, hope you do too.......a good one, and come on, the rest of you, share something......create something......I DON'T WANT this to be the "best" blog in the world.......but I WOULD love it if it were the most, I don't know, "down to earth", or "familial", where we ALL share what we have as we ALL continue our neer to be fulfilled search for the PERFECT customized music collection. God bless you all (if that is your belief, we'll have to discuss out opinions on THAT subject some time as well!)

These Arms Are Snakes

From the early 2000's, some post-hardcore weirdness from These Arms Are Snakes.......something of a 2nd-line all-predigree, vocalist Steve Sneer came from Kill Sadie, other members came from Botch.......in 2003 they released their debut EP "This Is Meant To Hurt You", their only releas with a keyboardist. The EP goes out of it's way to be "wierd", nothing wrong with that on the surface......you may enjoy tracks such as Drinking From the Necks of the Ones You Love" and "Riding the Grape Dragon"....don't really know who I can compare these gents to, always a good sign in my estimation.

So, they dropped the keyboards which, according to Sneer, alowed the band's wild live shows to get even more rowdy without a keyboard cluttering up the works.....the first album with the "new" lineup was "Oxeneers or the Lion Sleeps When It's Antelope Goes Home". Quite different from the earlier EP, it features stripped-down wierdness such as "The Shit Sisters" and the lengthy "Idaho"......something of an unknown "psuedo-classic", I like the album, many, I assume will dislike it.

So, in 2006 the released "Easter" as though Patti Smith had never existed, if you like these guys you may opt for this as your favorite album.....weird, energtic, punky hard rock, stuff like "Mescaline Eyes" and "Crazy Woman Dirty Train" would make a "Best of", were there a demand for such.

The called it a day in 2008 with "Tail Swallower and Dove", really pretty similar to the previous two efforts, standout tracks incude "Prince Squid" and "Lead Beater".....simply, if you liked the other disc, you will like this one as well.

A footnote to rock history, these guys were nothing if not interesting......if unfamiliar, investigate here if you're a fan of 70's punk, maybe of 90's industrial stuff, post-hardcore rock.......these are fairly good albums, and, at the very least, might be a new sound that you may be happy to discover....if not, something else will come along tomorrow......

THIS IS MEANT TO HURT YOU (EP)-01 Riding the Grape Dragon/02 Run It Through the Dog/03 Diggers of Ditches Everywhere/04 The Blue Rose/05 Drinking From the NEcks of the Ones You Love

OXENEERS OR THE LION SLEESPS WHEN ITS ANTELOPE GOES HOME-01 The Shit Sisters/02 Angela's Secret/03 Big News/04 Tracing/05 Your Pearly Whites/06 Gadget Arms/07 Greetings From the Great North Woods/08 La Stanza Bianca/09 Darling of New Midnight/10 Oxeneer/11 Idaho

EASTER-01 Mescaline Eyes/02 Horse Girl/03 Subtle Body/04 Desert Ghost/05 Child Chicken Play/06 Hell's Bank Notes/07 Abbracaddabra/08 Deer Lodge/09 Lady North/10 Perpetual Bris/11 Corporeal/12 Crazy Woman Dirty Train

TAIL SWALLOWER AND DOVE-01 Woolen Heirs/02 Prince Squid/03 Red Line Season/04 Lucifer/05 Ethric Double/06 Seven Curtains/07 Long and Lonely Step/08 Leadbeater/ 09 Cavity Carousel/10 Briggs

OK, something a little bit different......this is the kind of thing that gets almost zero interest at times, which makes me wonder if some of you guys even understand what I''m trying to do here......I wonder if I put up Kansas or some lame ass shit like that, would it generate more interest than These Arms are Snakes? Makes one wonder about the state of the world, and the level of interest in learning new things.......just sayin'........

The Jim Jones Revue

Some of you might freak for this UK garage combo, named for everyone's favorite messiah/Kool-Aid pitchman.....they have a fairly unique sound, combining some definite 1960's "Back From the Grave"-style garage rock blended with elements of modern, heavier such as maybe the Stooges or MC5......consisting of Jim Jones, Nick Jones, Gavin Jay, Henri Herbert, Rupert Orton (Beth's brother).......they releasedd their very good and raw self titled debut album in 2008, 10 pretty fair rockin tunes, notably "Princess and the Frog" and "Rock N Roll Psychosis" it's a little on the short side but still a quality record.

Their next release (I don't have it) was a collection of singles and B-sides ("Here To Save Your Soul") which has some overlap with the debut, if anyone has it please share I THINK there are a couple of tracks available only there. Anyway, that led to the release of the fine "Burning Your House Down", certainly a more mature musically and a bettter effort than the debut, again, a strange mix of straight-ahead Jerry Lee Lewis/Little Richard type stuff as if played by The Chesterfield Kings? I always think it to be a GOOD thing when I have a lot of trouble describing a band.....the title track, "Dishonest John", "Shoot First" and more standout.......HA I thought of something of a comparison, say, a UK version of the Iron City Houserockers who I did a post on a while back, check the archives.

The most recent effort is 2012's "The Savage Heart", for my dough not quite as good as "Burning", but still perfectly acceptable garage/punk/whatever/revival-rock......to be quite honest I've only listened to it a couple of times and the standout tunes aren't coming blazing, but trust me this is a decent album as well, all three of them are very much worth your while, I think, for the folks that appreciate garage-rock, as so many here do.

So rock out to these, no "grand statements" or "concepts" (GOOD!) just good old rock n roll. PLay it loud.

THE JIM JONES REVUE-01 Princess & the Frog/02 Hey Hey Hey Hey/03 Rock N Roll Psychosis/04 Fish To Fry/05 512/06 Another Daze/07 Meat Man/08 Make It Hot/09 Who's Got Mine/10 Cement Mixer

BURNING YOUR HOUSE DOWN-01 Dishonest John/02 High Horse/03 Foghorn/04 Big Len/05 Premeditated/06 Burning Your House /07 Shoot First/08 Elemental/09 Killin' Spree/10 Righteous Wrong/11 Stop the People

THE SAVAGE HEART-01 It's Gotta Be About Me/02 Never Let You Go/03 7 Times Around the Sun/04 Where Da Money Go?/05 Chain Gang/06 In and Out of Harm's Way/07 Catastrophe/08 Eagle Eye Ball/09 Midnight Oceans and the Savage Heart

Also thanks to the anonymous friend who contributed the second (rather hard to find) Arc of Ascent album, if ya missed it see the comments section of the Arc of Ascent post from the other day.....haven't listened to it yet but I'm going to in just a fwe minutes, and if it's half as good as any of Datura/Arc of Ascent's previous work, it's going to be a winner!

The Junior Varsity

A not half bad disc, assuming one has a sense of humor, (obviously no small assumption as so many of us seem to be lacking one), I would describe this as maybe something like (wait for it) "a "poor-man's Nikki & the Corvettes" (NEVER thought would describe ANYONE in that manner and it's really not even all THAT accurate). Peekaboo Records brings us The Junior Varsity's "Bam Bam Bam"

From Houston Texas we recieve the assembelage of drummer Matt Murillo, bassist/vocalist Kim Hammond, and guitarist/vocalist Rebecca Whitley, formerly of the Jewws (profiled here once, long long .....perhaps YOU were on of the 3 or so people who downloaded THAT one).....this one gives us fourteen tracks in a breezey twenty minutes, sacharine sweet, 50's influenced cutie-pie girly pop....this is NOT going to  everyone, but it does have a sort of new-wave twang to it, as well as some surf-guitar undertones.......I do recommend this, and if ya don't like it, hell, it'll be over before ya know it anyway......

The sort of title track (actually the song is called "Bam B B Bam Bam Bam"), "Poppa Burger", "So Great" and "Mark Lochridge Twist" are standouts, no classic by any means, and the comparison to Nikki is the best I can muster up.

I have apologize for being a stupid ass, I fucking FORGOT to post the links to the These Arms Are Snakes albums, and the fact that nobody even seemed to notice for a day or two reminds me once again of the very significant place in the universe that this blog occupies......so, to fans/readers of the blog (BOTH of ya), sorry and I'll get those hotly anticipated links up today! Try to contain your excitement!

BAM BAM BAM-01 Bam B B Bam Bam Bam/02 Lafayette Rock City/03 Poppa Burger/04 Dance Franny Dance/05 So Great/06 Mark Lochridge Twist/07 Switch Sides/08 Pop Sicks/09 My Boyfriend/10 Pin Money/11 Alley Cat/12 Can't Take It No More/13 Woodpecker Stomp/14 Package Store

Still striving for variety, and ALWAYS happy to try to honor any requests that you folks suggest......I'm by no means running low on material, I know I've been posting a BIT more sporadically than my previous strict once-a-day routine, but I've been preparing for retirement, trying to get everything figured out before naming the date and signing the papers (righ tnow looks like July or August, MAN that is not very long......scary and exciting all at once, 31 years and ready to go in a new direction......right now I am pretty much working for free, except for medical coverage, and I could get (no shit) a minimum wage job and combined with my pension be making MORE than I make now......

Heavy Glow

Heavy Glow - The Filth and the FuryI had forgotten about these guys, I rediscovered them on one of my "blind searches" (often before getting in the truck I go back to the CD room and with eyes closed grab a disc which I am required (MY rules!) to listen to in its entirety.....sometimes the results are not great, and when I grabbed Heavy Glow's "The Filth and the Fury" EP, I couldn't remember shit about them to be honest, and my initial reaction (before popping it in) was "well at least it's just an EP"........

Quite pleasantly surprised, I dug out their other EP (self titled) and their full length "Midnight Moan", and certainly these boyos have nothing to be ashamed of.....they really don't fit into much of any niche rather than good old hard rock, maybe a bit to the psych leaning edge of things although not quite of the "stoner" ilk, if you get what I mean.

Review – Heavy Glow – Midnight MoanSo, I had to do a little research, their story is not especially interesting.....from San Diego, Heavy Glow are guitarist/vocalist Jared Mullins, bassist Joe Brooks, and drummer Dave Rollans.Their very first release was the self titled EP (2009), decent hard rock tunes all, standout being "Grinnin' In the ", but entirely listenable.  In 2010 they released the independently produced "The Filth and the Fury" EP, copping the name from that legendary Pistols boot, although this has nada to do with the Pistols, punk, or any of the like.....gotta dock them a point for swiping the title, really, did they think noone would remember the original?

Anyway it's a damn good hard rocking EP, five tunes of medium (4-5 minute length), really, all 5 are pretty good if nothing spectacular....."I Almost Prayed", "Bourgois Baby" and the somewhat hypnotic "Love Ghost", while far from lyrical masterpieces sound perfectly, somewhat bluesy, somewhat psych, maybe even a bit garagish.......say a band attempted to "be" Cream......then another band attempted to "be" THAT band.....carry this on for five or six generations and the result might be Heavy Glow....I guess I'm going to leave that description because it's accurate but it sounds like I'm putting them down. I'm not, really.

Heavy Glow EP (2008)In 2011 they punched out their first full length, "Midnight Moan" a similar collection of songs highlighted by "Slave Dance"......again, a perfectly listenable album, not one that haunts you or calls you back to it over and over, but you want a decent piece of hard rock that won't strain your brain or anything, this could be for you (it seems so odd that I picked them by random selection, and they are SO competent and generically enjoyable, somehow it seems ironic. Why? I dunno.

So, what the hell why NOT Heavy Glow? These are by no means future "classics", but at least they don't suck, and they rock out, and so what the fuck? EVERYTHING can't be of heavy significance.....sometimes loud riffs and wah wah solos are enough.

Have no clue as to whether they are still kicking it, I saw rumors of a planned 2014 release but can't confirm whether it's out or not......be interested should anyone know or have heard it or have it (share, perhaps?)

Heavy Glow explore the boundaries of hard rock—and the music ...HEAVY GLOW (EP)-01 It's Too Late/02 Grinnin In the Dark/03 Better Line/04 Smitten/05 Trailin St Judas Blues/06 Heavy Glow

THE FILTH AND THE FURY EP-01 I Almost Prayed/02 Love Ghost/03 Hot Mess/04 Bourgeois Baby/05 Red July

MIDNIGHT MOAN-01 Lose My Mind/02 Slave Dance/03 Today Is Technicolor/04 All My Money/05 Collide/06 Purgatory Blues/07 Smithereen/08 Midwestern Lullabye/09 Diggin a Ditch

Comments, please? I know I've been a bit irregular/sporadic of late, busy with the "life" thing, and, again, sorry about the links for These Arms Are Snakes (yes I'm reupping them NOW).......so many BIIIIIG posts I still wanna commit to, Yo La Tengo, Motorhead, the Stranglers and others have sat here halfway compiled for a while, the mega posts are just a LOT of work and while I LOVE doing them, I have to have the time........so I hope some of these shorter posts do the trick for ya......the Junior Varsity link is up, These Arms are Snakes will be up shortly AND I hope to still get Heavy Glow up tonight (Sunday)......hope you and your families had an enjoyable and happy Easter holiday weekend.

Herba Mate

Let's go "out there" for something a little bit different to wrap up the Easter weekend postings, some
very excellent Italian stoner rock from Herba Mate.......just a hunch, just MAYBE, I suspect these
 guys just MIGHT have heard a Kyuss album or two in their day........whatever, being known as the "Italian Kyuss" is likely better than being called, say, the Italian Ratt or Posion or something. Moral: If you TOTALLY wear your infleunces on your sleeve proudly, be certain your influences don't suck.

So, from 2011, we have "The Jellyfish is Dead and the Hurricane is Coming", which I believe is their only effort to date. Herba Mate are bassist/vocalist Alessandro Trere', Guitarist Andrea Barlotti, and drummer Ermes Piancastelli. Again, highly influenced by Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age, this is an album that is FULL of stoner jams, not a whole lot of vocals (the vocals that do appear are in English and Trere' has a fine stoner-growl)......quik recap (just listened to it), the intro is entitled "Machumba" and is for my money pretty much a throwaway, the Herba Mate sound kicks in on the second track, "Imargem", a blasting instrumental that is strong enough to basically be one of the album's centerpieces, rare praise for the sometimes misses-the-mark category of instrumental stoner rock.....a good one though, lots of distorted guitar, tempo changes, throbbing bass.....kinda like, well, Kyuss.

... che hanno in programma gli herba mate band stoner rock di castelMy personal favorite track on the disc is "Aragosta vs Panther", which is the first time we hear Trere's vocals.....this track is all over the place, turning into another fine freeform jam before returning to it's original groove.....good track. Up next we have the first of two untitled instrumental jams, this one is labeled as "XX" so that's what we'll call it, again, I often think that stoner instrumentals leave something to be desired, but this works, a solid workout by all three members in a breezy four and a half minutes. "Nicotine" and"Bugs" are also damn fine stoner instros, I know there have been a few instro-only stoner bands such as Karma to Burn which I generally approach with caution, but these dude COULD HAVE, I think, pulled off an all instro disc, actually high praise coming from me.

REVIEW: Herba Mate - The Jellyfish Is Dead And The Hurricane Is ComingUp next we get another vocal track, "1 to 65", featuring perhaps the best of the albums limited vocals, followed by another untitled instrumental, (this one labeled on my copy as "(XXX)", another highlight for my money, the album's heaviest track, souding somewhat like a bizarre interbreeding of Kyuss and Tool........the last track, "Sputnik", is basically not that great, a bit too "experimental" and maybe not the greatest idea these guys ever had, they should really remember where their bread is buttered.......interested in any future releases they may issue, though, their instrumental chops are
A-1, myself I could stand a BIT more vocals (because they are really good), and this here was really one of the lesser-known gems of 2011.

Give this a try, PLEASE, especially YOU Mark Eveleigh (MIA?), stoner rock fans ought to freak over this one.......a very enjoyable experience, hope it equates to a pleasant discovery for a couple of ya at least!

THE JELLYFISH IS DEAD AND THE HURRICANE IS COMING-01 Machumba/02 Imargem/03 Aragosta vs Panther/04 XX/05 Nicotine/06 Bugs/07 1 to 65/08(XXX)/Sputnik

All I ask for is a comment, I have a hunch that MOST of ya aren't familiar with this one (unless you are maybe from Italy), so if you check it out PLEASE let me know what you think, the free exchange of opinions about the music I post IS the lifeblood of this blog. Also, please, as always, reqeust anything you may wish for, chances are I MIGHT have it......

The Electric Toilet

Don't be fooled by perhaps the stupidest name a band ever bestowed upon itself (God, I wonder if, in 1970, they thought it was like way cool man?) this is a good period piece, good heavy blues-influened rock n roll from Memphis Tennessee....."In the Hands of Karma" (frankly, not the greatest album title of all time, either) is a pretty damn good slice of 1970's Stonesy rock, highlighted by, my favorite at least, the 8 minute "Within Your State of Mind".....the title track throws in some oddball effects, but as a period piece is both funny and entertaining at once.

This would be the only effort they had in them, because two members of the band were tragically killed in a traffic accident after the album's release. It is often odd how tragedy sometimes affects rck n roll.....some become much bigger stars in death, Cobain, Hendrix, Morrison, Sid......while some imply have promising careers simply snuffed out, simply to be pretty much forgotten footnotes, such as the Exploding Hearts, Gaunt, and The Electric Toilet. There is no actual rationale for this, there are many different types of deaths as there are many different types of lives. Some are long and some. Some are full and some are empty. Some are happy. Some, are not.

Appreciate what you have, TODAY, NOW.

IN THE HANDS KARMA-01 In the Hands of Kama/02 Within Your State of Mind/03 Revelations/04 Mississippi Hippie/05 Goodbye My Darling/06 Son't Climb Nobody Else's Ladder

Links in a lil while......

Erna Schmidt

Here is "Erna Schmidt Live, 1969-71"......it's the only thing I can personally come up with from the band, perhaps other recordings exist but I don't know of them. Pretty unique recording progressive-psych Krautrock from the days listed.....I'll try to reconstrut their story as well as I can.....(the following text taken from progarchives.com who summarize it better than I ever could......)

In the early 60s a band named R & B CORPORATION was founded near Stuttgart which was playing conventional beat music with Wolfgang Mathias at the drums. Hubert Stütz (guitar) joined in 1965 and brought up some new blues rock elements. Further on the band crossed the frontiers to improvised music oriented at Jimi Hendrix, bands like Cream or Ten Years After and soon they became known in southern Germany. Walter Laible (bass) joined in 1967 and they played as the support for Rory Gallagher, Brian Auger, Procul Harum, Alexis Korner and others.

According to the upcoming krautrock movement they started to write their own music/lyrics and decided to change the band name. In a proper sense the story of ERNA SCHMIDT was now opened in 1969. The band continuously enlarged with Rolf Schiegl as the second drummer, Sam Drake (flute, piano), hammond player Romi Schickle, also known as a member of PROF. WOLFFF, Peter Mayer (vibraphone) and a brass section.

They gigged all over Germany and could also be seen on stage at the legendary Quartier Latin in Berlin. Known for incredibly long improvisations, usually being stoned on the stage and jamming all the way, often together with guest musicians, they developed to a very popular live band in the meanwhile.

The next change occured when Schiegl and Drake left the band at the end of the year but Hartmut Mau came in as a substitute who played several wind instruments and was part of a circle around bass player Helmut Hattler, a founding member of KRAAN. Now as a quartet they had a widespreaded repertoire of selfcomposed songs consisting of improvisations and provided with variations on every gig. Due to a friend of drummer Mathias 20 hours of recordings of that time survived which were remastered by Mick Baumeister in his studio. The band decided to publish only some excerpts which are having an excellent sound quality.

The album 'Live '69 -'71' was finally released by the Garden Of Delights label in 2000 with a 32-page colour booklet. The songs are sought out very well showing the band on a high musical/technical level and avoiding endless noodling. Stütz's various guitar playing alternating between psychedelic, heavy and jazz rock is remarkable and combined with Mau's flute the songs sometimes are close to Jethro Tull.

So, back to the BigBoy now, that summarizes it as well as I ever could....this is a fine, challenging album, complex, jazzy, rocking and, yes, in fact, Tull-like.....I got this one from my Dad, whom I mentioned before was a big Tull fan, and this was another of his faves.....I probably heard this album more than any ten year old that ever lived, but it IS a good one and stll rings true when I play it today.....as I said, I am uncertain as to whether there are other recordings, if you are a prog/Kraut expert, please enlighten us.......meantime, enjoy this, and by the time you read this I will be BACK from my retirement conference and will finally have a firm grip when my final day of work with the State of Ohio will be......I know you couldn't care less, but I haven't been as excited snce my son was born, or, at least since Randall Cunningham took a knee and kept the Vikings out of the 1998 Super Bowl, without question the most moronic coaching decision in the history of a team with many of them.......or maybe that time Drew Barrymore showed up insisting she "had to" have my baby.....

ERNA SCHMIDT LIVE 1969-71-01 Erna Schmidt/02 Wab Gott/03 Pass-Weites Luftmeer/04 Woischwiemoin/05 La Folie D'espange/06 Kleines Idyll/07 Rulaman/08 En Tag Aus Dem Leber des Monschen Pi/09 Reif Fur Die Insel/10 See Ya

Links coming......think a positive thouht for me, my family, and our future today, it's truly a huge day in our !

Elvis Hitler

A sort-of humorous band from Detroit, Elvis Hitler were singer Jim Leedy (aka Elvis Hitler), guitarist John Defever, bassist Warren Defever, and drummer Damain Lang. To show you the type of musical zaniness we're dealing with here, their best know number is "Green Haze", which utilized the lyrics of the theme from "Green Acres" done to the tune of Hendrix'"Purple Haze".....if that sounds appealing to you, there is a good bit more where that came from on these three albums.....if not you may wish to pass on their blend of psycho rockabilly and goofball humor.

They debuted with 1988's "Disgraceland", if you only wish to sample these boys I'd probably advise this one....it features the aforementioned "Green Haze", also assorted nuttiness ala "Black Babies Dancing On Fire", "Crush Your Skull", and "Ten Wheels for Jesus".....pretty much a less-serious (!) version of the Cramps.

The follow up the next year "Hellbilly" is a similar set, ("Ballad of the Green Berets", "Teenage Surf Slave", "Revolving Blues of Death")......I do enjoy these albums from time to time (fans of the aforementioned Cramps may go for them), altough, honestly,  little bit of them has the potential to go quite a ways.

Their final effort, to my knowledge, was 1992's "Supersadomasochisticexpilaidocious", don't expect a lot of growth/change from the earlier efforts....."Yummy Yummy Yummy", "Dickweed", and "Shove That Sax" being the standouts......

Again, striving for variety.....these aren't going to be hanging on the walls of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, but, then again, not everything HAS to be.....you can tell these dudes had a great time making these albums, and, perhaps, for them, that was enough.....for certain tastes only.

DISGRACELAND-01 Cool Daddy In a Cadillac/02 Live Fast Die Young/03 Hot Rod to Hell/04 Rocking Over Russia/05 Berlin to Memphis/06 Elvis' Ripoff Theme/07 Battle of 1000 Men/08 Green Haze (Parts 1 & 2)/09 I Love Your Guts/10 Ten Wheels For Jesus/11 Black Babies Dancing On Fire/12 Crush Your Skull/13 Disgraceland

HELLBILLY-01 Showdown/02 Hellbilly/03 Ballad of the Green Berets/04 Teenage Surf Slave/05 Booze Party/06 Gear Jammin Hero/07 Revolving Blues of Death/08 Crush Kill Destroy/09 Ghouls (Looking For Food)/10 Hang Em High/11 Don't Blame Me If You Die Tonight/12 Black Death On a White Horse/13 Dance of the Living Dead/14 Misanthropes

SUPERSADOMASOCHISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS-01 Last Sound/02 World Explodes/03 Shotgun Shell/04 Don't Push Me/05 Cathouse/06 Ghoul/07 Bloody Bride/08 Yummy Yummy Yummy/09 Shove That Sax/10 Dickweed/11 Rebellion/12 Bury the Hatchet/13 Flat Head Boogie/14 Open Road/15 Yummy Yummy Yummy (Satan Remix)

JUNE 27, 2014...........that will be my final day of performing tasks as a civil servant for the taxpaying citizens of Ohio.....31 years, as I have likely said many times, is quite enough.....it has been my experience that in my time of employment, much like every conglommeration of people that I have experienced over a period of time, pretty much seperate into a 90/5/5% split.....90 % of them are just people, basically good, who perhaps touch our lives in a small way, but in reality will eventually simply blur together in memory.....5% of the people I have workd with in my 31 years have been true friends, the kind that are friends for life, whom I will continue to see, and to cherish the great friendships that I have developed with them.....and then there are the other 5%.....the other 5% represent the most loathsome, vile, reprehnsible excuses for pathetic human refuse that I can possibly imagine to exist. It will continue to be my hope that you roast in hell for some of the things you have done. How you can look at your vile reflections in the mirror is beyond me, and, assuming there IS a God, perhaps He will forgive you.......I won't.........

On a much less somber not, tomorrow will bring forth a treat.....Dave Sez again will be contributing some reggae treasures.....I LOOOOOVE me some reggae but I am FAR FROM an expert on it, so hopefully some good tunes AND some education for me....I know Joe Strummer and the Mescalleros is a part of it, there is more, tune in tomorrow, same Bat-time, same Bat-Channel......

A lot of outside contributions....and I thank you all SO much

Here is what I like, when reader/listeners get involved and send in stuff for everyone else to enjoy.....got a few here today, including a couple of submissions from the blog-legend that is Dave Sez, although I HAVE had some trouble with one of his downloads, on his advice I am trying it again, and we will get to him last.....but a LOT of these contributions turn up in the comments section after you guys have gone on to more recent things, and I want to make SURE you don't miss any of this fab generosity!

OK, first of all, just today, we have Phil, a big fan of yesterday's featured band Elvis Hitler.....he contibutes to us all an album of which I at least was unaware, "Splatter"....thanks Phil, I know I will be checking it out, again i thank you because this is what I have said MANY times: THIS, RIGHT HERE, is how I want THIS blog to work.......people sharing, ALL in an effort to obtain the perfect or him/her) music collection.....Thanks Phil..... http://www77.zippyshare.com/v/70369495/file.html

Now, somewhat a little stranger is an Anonymous contributor.....he has contributed a metric tonne of Angel City/The Angels albums, videos, live shows, etc.....MY OWN Angel City post was long, long ago and the links (for my stuff) are dead, but if you are a huge Angel City fan (blistering hard rock from Australia), you WILL want to check this out.....I think the easiset way to help you get to HIS stuff is to simply link the original post, and then direct you to the comments section.....IF YOU ARE a huge Angel City/Angels fan, this will be like Christmas in April for you, I plan on checking hem myself, thanks VERY MUCH Anonymous, here is the link to MY original post, remembe, go there, and seek the comments section for more Angel City than you thought possible:


Next up we have a couple of my favorite type of contributions......Andrea Barlotti, guitarist for the great Italian Kyuss-style stoner rockers Herba Mate whose debut I posted last week, emails me and informs me that his band Herba Mate has released a new split with Fatso Jetson (I have a bunch of Fatso Jetson, and may even do a post on them tomorrow).....anyway, most generous of Andrea who "gets it", wants MORE listeners for his band, and they DO rock the hell out (for my memory so do Fatso on), so this should be a fine split......generously, Andrea contributes a link for us:


Also got a kind email from the French band Blondstone haven't heard it yet, but THIS IS ALSO what I want....lesser-known bandswho come to me will be given the same respect as would, say Led Zeppelin, I want them ALL to be heard.....Blondstone gives us a Bandcamp link to their album "Mass Solace",  this MAY be a streaming-only link, they sent me one with a private download code, so I will snatch it up and if it's as good as all that, I'll put up a copy....meantime, download the stream and give it a chance, again, they WANT us to hear their music, so let's take a free opportunity to do so......please report back if you hear thisn before I do!

I have also received an email from a band called A Cat....they call themselves a digi-rock-techno-dream-afrodisco band (indeed) fromTel-Aviv, Israel..ok then. they have their new single sale on Itunes, I wish they would provide us all with a free copy to evaluate (they sent me one which I have not heard yet), but they do offer up you guys Youtube and SoundCloud preview options, you can at least see what you think of them....my PREFERENCE is always that new bands provide a least a little "something" to everyone for free, my opinion is the exposure is more valuable than the income generated, but that is just me......I will respect the wishes of any bad who comes here looking for exposure.

Although I don't think it is out yet, Blair Kodman sends us an email to tell us that the recently profiled Heavy Glow DO IN FACT have a new album coming out.......I had no idea if they were still at it or not, see my Heavy Glow post of a few weeks back.....he provides this information on thier upcoming release:  heavyglowmusic.com

In case you missed it, Marcan from France provided us a link to Arc Of Ascent's hard to locate second disc "The Higher Key", I snatched mine right up coz I LOOOOVE me some Arc of Ascent (Datura, Jr.)......if you are as big a Datura fan as myself (unlikely)or enjoyed my Arc of Ascent post a couple weeks ago, you DO want to hear this.....trust me, from one of the (still) mos underappreciated stoner-metal bands on our planet.....


OK, I think "amature hour" (you know I'm fucking KIDDING) is over, and time for a longtime contributer to come thrugh with some more gems....first I have to check and see if one of is downloads that I previously had a problem with is OK.....give me a minute.......

OK, ALL GOOD.....the legend that IS DAVE SEZ is in a reggae mood today, I LOOOOVE me some reggae, but AM BY NO MEANS AN EXPERT, which makes this tremedously interesting and gret for me.....I'm gonnalet Dave Sez use his own words etc here, after I tell you what we got...first of all we have Linton Kwesi Johnson 1984 at the Paris Theater, an artist I am but minimally familiar with, so, thusly, I CANNOT wait to hear this on tomorrow's morning commute......as if that were not enough, Dave Sez ALOS very generously contributes a wondeful live set from Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, I have heard this one and it is the absolute SHIT, you guys WANT THIS PERFROMANCE, trust me.......As Dave Sez prefers that I use his text for description, which I am VERY happy to oblige, see the following for any details on these fine performances.......

I just want to say thanks to Dave  Sez, as usual, but also to the others who have contriuted to this post...the Angel City stuff is really THOROUGH, and I LOVE when a band (Herba Mate) turns up and actually understands that I am trying to get MORE listeners for them!   also the bands who are sending me stuff......KEEP IT COMING.....I would rather post stuff like that than another, say Sleater Kinney boot, and do not take that wrong I LOVE SLEATER KINNEY BOOTS, but I have done a couple hundred of them......NEW STUFF, DIFFERENT STUFF, THAT is what we like to be about here......love all my readers/listeners, but ESPECIALLY those who contribute and UNDERSTAND what we are trying to do here......some don't, I fear, but here is no helping them......our mission is twofold.....1) help MUSIC LOVERS try to complete their "perfect" music collection, as best we can, and 2) introduce everyone to some NEW AND DIFFERENT sounds that they may not otherwise get to hear.......I love it that some bands (Herba Mate for example) actually understand that  WANT TO HELP, NOT HINDER their careers......an again, thanks so muchto Dave Sez, one ofthe blog's all-time finest contributors, these reggae gems, and for everything else too....wish I ahde more like you brother, it would be fab......here are the texts for Dave Sez' newest posts, thanks again my brother:

Linton Kwesi Johnson - 1984 Paris Theatre, London (FLAC)
From the Dave Sez archive: more LKJ, taken from a BBC Radio One In Concert performance, recorded at Paris Theatre in London on 30th May 1984. Mixcloud>WAV>FLAC, artwork thanks to www.bootlegzone.com.
Introduction 1:00
Dread Beat An' Blood 3:21
All Wi Doin' Is Defendin' 3:02
Want Fi Goh Rave 4:01
Reggae For Dadda 3:53
Band Introductions 1:41
Reggae Fi Peach 3:14
Di Great Insohreckshan 3:43
What About The Workin' Class? 5:37
Makin' History 3:56
Reggae For Rodney 3:34
Instrumental 1:52

Listen to the gig online: http://www.mixcloud.com/dubwisegaragecollection/linton-kwesi-johnson-paris-th-london-1984-bbc-broadcast/

(See Comment Section for Zippy upload Link)

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Acton Town Hall, 15th November 2002 (FLAC)
From the Dave Sez archive: On the ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ tour in November 2002, Joe included this benefit gig for the members of the striking Fire Brigades Union. Mick Jones was in the audience and joined Joe onstage for the last three songs, the first time the two had shared a stage since their last performance together in the Clash in 1983. Originally a fan club only release, the CD is now out of print and has taken on legendary and essential status for all Clash fans, as the sound quality and mix are superb.  It is a fine memento from Joe’s final tour deserving a permanent official release. Joe died from an undiscovered congenital heart defect just over a month later on 22nd December 2002.
01. Shaktar Donetsk
02. Bhindi Bhagee
03. Rudie Can’t Fail
04. Tony Adams
05. White Man In Hammersmith Palais
06. Mega Bottle Ride
07. Get Down Moses
08. Police & Thieves
09. Cool ‘n’ Out
10. Police on My Back
11. Johnny Appleseed
12. Coma Girl
13. I Fought the Law
14. Bankrobber
15. White Riot
16. London’s Burning

Joe Strummer: vocals, guitar
Martin Slattery: keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
Scott Shields: guitar, backing vocals
Simon Stafford: bass
Luke Bullen: drums
Mick Jones: guitar, guest appearance on last three tracks

Check out Gobshyte's great blog featuring lots of Clash at mondo-de-muebles.blogspot.com, and don't miss this fantastic rarity: http://mondo-de-muebles.blogspot.com/2014/04/joe-strummer-and-101ers-smokey-joes-cafe.html

(again, see comments section for zippy upload link.......THANKS DAVE SEZ, at least YOU understand what I/we are trying to accomplish here.....please don't be a stranger!)


OK, back to the BigLad.......lotta stuff here to deal with, pick and choose what you want......I LOVE THIS POST, because the material has been provided from OTHERS, not ME, which is what this is ABOUT....sharing, sharing, sharing, we can all share with each other and ALL have wonderful music collections......as they said on the "Six Million Dollar Man" (Gorsh am I showing my AGE?...oh well FUCK IT)...."We HAVE the technology"....if you check out anything on tonights post, please comment and above all THANK THE CONTRIBUTOR, they are the lifeblood here, at least of what I want to accomplish.

Did I mention I am retring June 30? Yes? Allow me to mention it AGAIN!

THANKS EVERYONE, I LOVE YOU, especially those who "get it" (if you DON'T get it, I still LOVE you, we are all winding up in the same plce anyway, if you think about it!)

Fatso Jetson

Since they have recently split a disc with Herba Mate (see yesterday), might as well get introduced to
these fellows if you are unfamiliar......from Palm Beach California, another that worship at the alter of Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age, which make them a prefect compliment to split a CD with Herba Mate.......anyways....here is most of the work from Fatso Jetson that I can locate.......hope you guys enjoy it, there is some good stuff here, for fans of West Coast stoner rock at least!

Former memebers of  (the great) Yawning Man Mario Lalli and Tony Lalli joined forces with Tony Torny to form Fatso Jetson in 1994......thier debut was "Stinky Little Gods", a unknown somewhat-classic of Dessert Surf......it's not thier best effort, for my cash, but itis worth a listen: the fab finale "Corn on the Macabre" gets the job done, as do several other stoner/burner numbers here.....it's a good album,good starting point.

In 1997 they came up with "Power of Three", a fine album of power trio/stoner rock, LOTS of oddball shit here such as "Ugly Man, Ugly Name", "Orgy Porgy" (Named for a term in "Brave New World" what could be better?), and "Phil the Hole"....simply put, what Herba Mate=Kyuss, Fatso Jetson=QOTSA.....pretty simple really, but I do love all these bands, really.

For their next disc "Flames For All", they added second guitarist Gary Arse, formerly of Yawning Man, and turn out another winning effort, perhaps their best (I'd say so...), "Fucked Up and Famous", "Untimely Deat of the Keyboard Player", and "Icon To Ex-con" are perhaps the highpoints, not only of the album, but arguably of the career.

2001's "Toasted" is also a fine album, albiet returning to the power trio format of the earlier
efforts....Good hard rocking stuff, the definition of "stoner rock", .......what else would you make of titles such as "Too May Skulls", "She's So Borg", or "Tutta Dorma".....frankly, if you like this stuff  (and I DO), you wil want this one as well.

2002's "Cruel and Delicious" added some other musicians, ie keyboards and the like......well, what are ya gonna do? It's "growth", I guess, shorter songs, more fleshed out sound.....not as great an album, but there ya go.....there are plenty of good, listenable moments here, like "Drinkin Mode", "Party Pig", Mountain of Debt".......frankly, another good LP, these guys were really underappreciated.

They released a 2007 Live disc that for whatever reason I cannot find (CALLING BLOG FRIENDS), the most recent release I happen to have is "Archaic Volumes" from 2010 after all these years, these burnouts still know on which side their bread is buttered......not at all a bad CD, "Golden Age of Cell Block Slang, "Jolting Tales of Tension", and "Play Dead" stand up  with all of their earlier "classics"......

These guys were farily-under-the radar masters of dessert surf/stoner rock.......nothing here as great as you might find on the greater albums of Kyuss or QOTSA, but still, this is pretty good stuff, if you are a fan of stoner-rock (NOT really "stoner metal", there's a diff) you will likely enjoy this...and if ya DO, make certain to go to the Herba Mate post and check out their new split with THAT band, whom both of have agreed to share with us for free so we can check it out......cool.....also if anyone has "Fatson Jetson Live", I don't seem to and it would be a sweet addition to THIS bunch ,so please be generous!.

OR.....never mind.....I found a copy of the live disc somewhere online....I THINK that this is their complete catalouge, if anyone has anything else please share....this was/is a decent stoner rock band, I would classify them as a poor-man's QOTSA, and that is no insult....

Want to go off-topic for a minute? Of course you do......when me an dmy "homies" (GOD I am so HIP) were talking about famous media-bitches we'd like to do earlier this evening, the name of Nancy Grace came up (from me)......looking for opinions here.yes she is a total bitch.....but I sincerly would fuck the living hell out of her, she (IMO) is SOOOOO fucking hot, ESPECIALLY with that fucking handcuff necklace.....OOOOOOOOH baby.....and, since what babes we'd like to do is such a topic of titanic importance, here is MY list of the world's hottest fucking women (notice Nancy doesn't quite make the grade, but personal to NG: Anytime, anyplace Baby)......I would LOVE to hear everyone else's lists of the hottest babes in captivity, it's SO much more interesting than talking about stoner rock or retirement (did I mention I am retiring June 27? possibly, I have....)

1. Carla Miller (my beloved of 27 years)
2. Drew Barrymore
3. Geneveve Gorder
4. Megyn Price
5. Jenny McCarthy
6. Lennon Murphy
7. Lita Ford
8. Vida Guerra
9. Emile de Raven
10. Olivia Paige

MMmmmmmmmmmmmm, that is a fine list......anyone else have any "special favorites"? My wife and I jokingly have a "list of three" that we are allowed to have sex with without reprecussion, mine, of course, is Drew, Geneveve, and Megyn.......hers are three guys I've never heard of, ahh, well......

so anyways, Fatso Jetson......COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT, this is a pretty big post on which I worked my fingers to the bone. I may have forgotten to mention that I am retiring on June 27, and, if so, send cash in lieu of congratulations.......

STINKY LITTLE GODS-01 Kettles ooom/02 Joke Shop/03 Von Deuce/04 Captain Evil/05 Pressure For Posture/06 Nightmares are Essential/07 Gargle/08 Salt Chunk Mary's/09 Highway 86/10 Corn on the Macabre

POWER OF THREE-01 Builders and Collectors/02 Ugly Man, Ugly Name/03 Mummified/04 Orgy Porgy/05 El Taurino/06 Phil the Hole/07 Phantom of the Opry/08 Handgun/09 Sandy and the Clockfamer/10 Bored Stiff/11 Itchy Brother/12 Drones Pills

FLAMES FOR ALL-01 Untimely Death of the Keyboard Player/02 Vatos of the Astral Plane/03 Fucked Up & Famous/04 Flames For All/05 Icon to Ex-Con/06 Let's Clone/07 August In Lawndale/08 Graffiti In Space/09 Deaf Conductor

TOASTED!-01 New Age Aroid/02 Magma/03 I've Got the Shame/04 She's So Borg/05 Swollen Offering/06 Tutta Dorma/07 Rail Job/08 Procrastination Pros/09 Too Many Schools

CRUEL AND DELICIOUS-01 Pleasure Bent/02 Drinkin Mode/03 Light Yourself on Fire/04 Died In
California/05 Heavenly Hearse/06 Ton O Luv/07Pig Hat Smokin/08 Superfrown/09 Iron Chaf/10 Sunshine Enema/11 Party Pig/12 Strangers Blues/13 Mountain of Debt

ARCHAIC VOLUMES-01 Jet Black Boogie/02 Play Dead/03 Jolting Tales of Tension/04 Archaic Volumes/05 Golden Age of Cell Block Slang/06 Here Lies Boomer's Panic/07 Let Go/08 Back Road Tar/09 Garbage Man/10 Monoxide Dreams

LIVE-01 Too Many Skulls/02 Back Road Tar/03 Orgy Porgy/04 I've Got the Shame/05 Let Go/06 The Golden Age of Cellblock Slang/07 Rail Job

Wow, for such a huge (and pretty good) catalogue, these dudes are fairly unknown......not bad at all, ya just never know.......if ya like these, by chance, please go to the Herba Mate post and  check out their NEW split CD with that band, as they have generously allowed us to preview free of charge.....pretty decent stoner rock, not the world's greatest, but it will do.......anyway, SIT ON MY FACE, NANCY GRACE!!!! (AWESOME how that rhymes and shit!)

Links in a little while, most likely after I wake up!

David Johansen

It is often forgotten or overlooked that after the inevitable implosion of the original New York Dolls
and the "rise" (so to speak) of that Buster Poindexter nonsense, that David Johansen put out some great music, including one fairly unknown five-star classic album.....blending Dolls-like garage-punk blare with a more mature, white-blues sound, if you missed out on this stuff the first time, don't hesitate here......

The history of the Dolls, of course, is well-documented, no need to rehash it here, I think I have put up a  bunch of Dolls rarities and stuff before, I don't THINK I have ever put these up, at least all of them, and even if I have they are worth another shot.

After the Dolls were dead and gone, in 1978, Johansen released one of the great unknown rock albums of all time, not kidding here......his self titled solo debut is a rock-soul masterpiece, nine songs all of the absolute highest quality......opening with the strange "Funky But Chic" ("Momma thinks I look pretty fruity but in jeans I feel rotten"), the manic "Girls" ("I like to watch em go down"), the soulful "Pain in My Heart", hard rocking "Not That Much" and super heartfelt "Donna", this is one incredible album, one that has not dated a bit, and by the way, that is just side ONE, the LESSER of the two sides......

Side two opens with the positively explosive "Cool Metro", which basically (coming from a Dolls fan) blasts every Dolls track out of the park, the amazingly catchy "I'm a Lover" with it's goofy spoken intro, the powerful "Lonely Tenament", and the finest song Johansen has ever created "Frenchette", which is so great, so complicated,  and works on so many levels that trying to explain it here  be pointless, just listen to it over and over and be amazed.

This is, in my opinion, obviously, a fantastic record, and mine is just that, a RECORD (vinyl rip) so it
does NOT include the CD-only B-Side "The Rope (The Let Go Song)", before I post I will see if I can find a copy of it on the Bay or something. (Edit:Couldn't find one.....that'd be a great share if anyone has a CD copy of this, I have never heard it and would obviously like to). Trust me, though, this is a classic, 5-star, unknown masterwork that sank without a trace at time of release. PLEASE grab this and I assure you, you will love it.

OK, his other commercial solo works are not up to this caliber, or even close......the follow up "In Style" is a so-so record, with occasional highlights ("She", "Swaheto Woman") but it pales next to the self titled epic (anything would)......"Here Comes the Night" is even less spectacular, in my opinion, and right this second I can't find it, I'm sure I have one here somewhere, and likely I'll find it before I post......(Edit: found it!)

So, is that it? One masterpiece and a pair of so-so follow-ups? Well, no, because Johansen was such a dynamic live performer and we have a tasty variety of live discs here for your pleasure. "Live It Up" with it's minor-hit Animals medley, was something of a commercial success, as it should have been, a tour de force with some perfect cover material (the aforementioned Animals stuff, "Reach Out I'll Be There", "Build Me Up Buttercup") some welcome Dolls material ("Personality Crisis", "Stranded in the Jungle") and even "Frenchette" and a couple others from the solo debut......really, really great live release, glad someone had the balls to pit out commercially, couldn't really have blamed them if they'd have left it in the vaults in view of his previous lack of commercial success.

Got a bunch of other live sets here, including FOUR from 1978 when he was at his smoking, solo-album masterpiece-making best, "Philadelphia 7/17/78" features "Cool Metro" (which would have made "Live It Up" nearly a perfect set), versions of "It's a Heartache" and "Love Child" that you will find great, and the other essentials: "Frenchette", Dolls classics.....what are you waiting for, I think this is fairly rare.

"Madison Wisconsin 7/4/78" features a similar setlist (it was, after all, a few days before the Philly
show), but does include a rare "Give Me a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer". "Live at the Bottom Line 1978" is a fairly common promotional album, it's a good one also albeit with again a similar set list, this  can also be said for "Cleveland Agora 5/29/78".......maybe you don't want all of these, but they are all pretty good and if you are a Dolls fan or even a David Jo fan, this might be a treasure trove you've stumbled upon today.

Finally, from 1981, we have another set from the Bottom Line, a WNEW simulcast, which includes some latter-day material such as "Melody"and "She Loves Strangers", mixed in with the prerequisite Dolls numbers and classics from the self-titled masterwork.

Some great music here, maybe something you've not heard...if you've never heard the solo debut, you'll be amazed.....if you HAVE heard it, you will flip for the live recordings......and you are STILL craving more, "In Style" and "Here Comes the Night" at least have their moments......sorry (well, really, NOT sorry), but no Buster Poindexter foolishness here.....I mean, I always advise not to take music TOO seriously, but I suppose that would be an example of taking things just a tad too far in the other direction

DAVID JOHNASEN-01 Funky But Chic/02 Girls/03 Pain In My Heart/04 Not That Much/05 Donna/06 Cool Metro/07 I'm a Lover/08 Lonely Tenament/09 Frenchette

IN STYLE-01 Melody/02 She/03 Big City/04 She Knew She Was Falling In Love/05 Swaheto Woman/06 Justine/07 In Style/08 You Touched Me Too/09 Wreckless Crazy/10 Flamingo Road

HERE COMES THE NIGHT-01 She Loves Strangers/02 Bohemian Love Pad/03 You Fool You/04 My Obsession/05 Marquesa De Sade/06 Here Comes the Night/07 Suspicion/08 Party Tonight/09 Havin' So Much Fun/10 Rollin' Job/11 Heart of Gold/12 Here Comes the Night

LIVE IT UP-01 Medley-We Gotta Get Outta This Place/Don't Bring Me Down/02 Frenchette/03 Reach Out, I'll Be There/04 Is That What I Get For Loving You/05 Donna/06 Build Me Up Buttercup/07 Melody/08 Funky But Chic/09 Bohemian Love Pad/10 Stranded In the Jungle/11 Personality Crisis

LIVE AT THE BOTTOM LINE 1978-01 Funky But Chic/02 Not That Much/03 Build Me Up
Buttercup/04 I'm a Lover/05 Donna/06 Frenchette/07 Lonely Tenement/08 Girls/09 Personality Crisis

PHILADELPHIA 7/17/78-Station ID, DJ Intro/02 Cool Metro/03 Looking For a Kiss/04 Not That Much/05 Funky But Chic/06 Donna/07 Build Me Up Buttercup/08 I Found Love/09 I'm a Lover/10 Love Child/11 Reach Out I'll Be There/12 Girls/13 Lonely Tenement/14 Frenchette/15 Personality Crisis/16 It's a Heartache/Personality Crisis (reprise)/17 Outro

MADISON WISCONSIN 7/4/8-01 Cool Metro/02 Looking For a Kiss/03 Not That Much/04 Funky But Chic/05 Donna/06 I'm a Lover/07 Build Me Up Buttercup/08 I Found a Love/09 Give Me a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer/10 Love Child/11 Reach Out and I'll Be There/12 Frenchette/13 Lonely Tenement (cut)

CLEVELAND 5/29/78-01 Intro/Cool Metro/02 Looking For a Kiss/03 Not That Much/04 Funky But Chic/05 Build Me Up Buttercup/06 Donna/07 I'm a Lover/08 Frenchette/09 Band Intros/10 Reach Out I'll Be There/11 Lonely Tenement/12 Girls/13 Personality Crisis

BOTTOM LINE 7/15/81-01 Intro/Cool Metro/02 Here Comes the Night/03 Funky But Chic/04 Melody/05 She Loves Strangers/06 She Loves Strangers (conclusion)/07 Build Me Up Buttercup/08 Marquesa De Sade/09 Stranded In the Jungle/10 Bohemian Love Pad/11 Frenchette/12 Reach Out I'll Be There/13 Girls/14 WNEW DJ's/15 Personality Crisis/16 WNEW DJ's/17 Wreckless Crazy/18 WNEW DJ's

Hope that keeps ya busy for a little while at least. Links in a little while.....want to hear about my retirement? OK, I will stop....for now at least. All joking aside this is a post of which I am proud and I think there is some great AND hard to find music here, so by all means check this out, in particular fans of the Dolls, of soul/rock, and of just plain great rock n roll.

De Staat

We venture now to the Netherlands in our never ending search for new and different sounds.....De
Staat are singer/guitarist Torre Florim, guitarist Vedran Mircetic, bassist Jop van Summeren, synth/sampling whiz Rocco Bell, and drummer Tim van Delft.....they have released three albums (only two of which I happen to have here), they have a fairly unique electronic/alternative (normally I hate that term but it seems to fit here)/stoner blend that is nothing if not interesting.

So, where to begin......these guys have a pretty unique sound, both of their albums feature a lot of outside noise/sampling (perhaps something like Pink Floyd used to do) and alot of unorthodox song structures ala Queens of the Stone Age......I'm doing my best, sorry....

The 2009 debut "Wait For Evolution" was one of the better releases of that year, not that most of the USA would take notice....."Habibi", the title track, and "The Fantastic Journey of the Underground Man" are standout moments, but, for me at least, this works something like a Pink Floyd album (TWO Pink Floyd mentions?) in that I think it works best listened to as a whole.

The follow up, "Machinery" works just as well, pehaps even a little better, as "Ah I See" and "Sweatshop" hit their targets, this is another good album for anyone who might wish for something that doesn't sound like REO Speedwagon, I KNOW there still have to be few of ya still out there....right? ......right?.....

Anyway, it's a given that De Staat are not going to be for all of us.....I have yet to hear their latet release, 2013's "I_Con", couldn't find a copy online either, so if ya happens to have one, well....yu know.....

Anyway I like these albums a good bit, perhaps if you wish to dance along the edge a bit you will as well.....perhaps not too, but as has been well-documented, everyone cannot be pleased by everyone else, and that, my children, is why Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavours.....

Please leave a comment if you sample these, I hope you enjoy them, they really are pretty good....an if ya happen to have that "I_Con" effort, please at least tell me about it......

WAIT FOR EVOLUTION-01 Sleep Tight/02 The Fantastic Journey of the Underground Man/03 I Am Here To Lose Control/04 Wait For Evolution/05 Habibi/06 We're Gonna Die/07 My Blind Baby/08 Kill The Man/09 Meet the Devil/10 You'll Be the Leader/11 Taste It/12 Love It

MACHINERY-01 Ah I See/02 Sweatshop/03 I'll Never Marry You/04 Old McDonald Ain't Got No Farm No More/05 I'm a Rat/06 Keep Me Home/07 Tumbling Down/08 Pycho Disco/09 Rooster-Man/10 Serial Killer/11 Back to the Grind

links coming

Duff Downer

As far as I know (I am often wrong), Duff Downer's only
contribution to the world of our ear-
wrecking project is "Lilac Hooter" from 2010...what more could we want but some fine German stoner-rock, GOD there are so many stoner bands that have been overlooked for whatver reason, when to these two ears this is some good shit as well, GODDAMN I just love the "stoner" sound of the 2000's-2010's, why the FUCK it never caught on is anyone's guess, I suppose, wrongtime/wrong place, but still, FINALLY when i turn 50 some GOOD heavy psych which is what I have been waiting for my whole fucking LIFE.

Duff Downer touches no new territory, in fact, your virgin ears may not be able to tell them apart from Orange Goblin, or Kyuss, or Sixty Watt Shaman (and they've ALL been featured here, I don't wanna hear it!).......point being, what the FUCK is wrong with sounding something like Orange Goblin? MAN I love me some stoner rock, wish I was twenty years younger and I'd have the energy to make SURE you fuckers got turned on to ALL of these good bands......as it is, I just need a fucking nap......say, anyone wanna hear about my retirement plans?

LILAC HOOTER-01 Mountain Founton/02 Spine Honey Love/03 Black Beauty/04 14 80 000 000/05 Salow Pin Muta Create a Heaven)/06 Utopia/07 Melting Tongues

OKEE DOKE, you've never heard of this disc.....SO FUCKING WHAT? Uncle BigScott62 Sez this is a fine disc that your lame ass SHOULD listen to, stoner rock is a "movement" that couldn't have occured at a more "wrong" time/place.......great music in search of an audience, in, say,the mid-70's these dudes would have all been mega-stars or something.....anyway, here is more great shit for you to rock out/nod out to, check it out, I promise you it's fab!

Dixie Witch

Well, fucking sue me, I am staying around the "D"
shelf for a minute or two, Dixie Witch gave us
some totally bad-ass southern stoner metal ala Corrosion of Conformity or Alabama Thunderpussy, and fuck me sideways, what could be wrong with that?

From what yer uncle can acertain, they have released four slamming CD's...three of which I have, so you know i will be making a request for numero 4......anyway, Dixie Witch are more or less bassist/vocalist CC, drummer Trinedad Leal, guitarist Clayton Mills, and since the early 2000's they have seriously kicked out the noise (NOTE: I always pretty much hated the Lynyrd Skynyrd/Molly Hatchett type of "Southern Rock", if you liked it, so be it, but rarely did it do it for me...BUT the recent wave of "southern" stoner-type bands are A-OK by me.......just my worthless opinion, and if you don't like it, well, hey, YOU retire at age 52 (and I promised I wouldn't do that anymore!)

So, dig, pig.....they debuted in 2001 with "Into the Sun"...a very fine album that any hard rock lover should have on hand. It's nothing SPECTACULAR, but what it is is a damn fine solid collection of hard guitar riffing, highlighted by the workout "CC".....good album, don't miss it.....

Thier second release, 2003's "One Bird Two Stones" is even a bit better, "Get Busy" and "Going South" for all thte world sound like they could have come off of a C of C or Alabama Thunderpussy album, and, once again, there is not a GODDAMN thing wrong with that.....hard rocking album, smoke you a "j", or drink a 6-er, or down some kratom, or whatever, and this bad boy will sound like a fucking classic.

Release numero three was 2006's "Smoke and Mirrors", also a fine collection of hard rocking tracks (if ya haven't figgered it out yet, that is KINDA what yer uncle likes!)....though all three of these discs are pretty damn good, this one may be the best...a bit shorter songs but they still rock like a MOFO, check "Gunfight" and "Shoot the Moon" for examples.........

OK, they released an album in 2011, it's called "Let It Roll" and I have never heard a note of it......could be the greatest album in music history, or it might be the worst for all I know.....Mark Eveleigh, who is apparently missing in action, do you have this one? If not, does anyone else? wouldn't mind filling out my Dixie Witch stash even if the recent release sucks....No reason to think it does of course, these three albums rock the house and you (if you are a fan of southen stoner rock, and who isn't) will love them like they were your own children. Links in a liddle whyle!

INTO THE SUN-01 Into the Sun/02 Throwin Shapes/03 CC/04 Freewheelin Rollin/05 Thunderfoot/06 Makin' Time/07 The Bomber

ONE BIRD TWO STONES-01 Get Busy/02 Going South/03 More of a Woman/04 The Wheel/05 On My Way/06 Drifting Lady/07 Makes Me Crazy/08 Turbo Wing/09 Here Today Gone Tomorrow/10 Traveller

SMOKE AND MIRRORS-01 Set the Speed/02 Shoot the Moon/03 S.O.L./04 Out in the Cold/05 Ballinger Cross/06 Getaway/07 Bridges/08 What You Want/09 Thursday/10 Gunfight/11 Last Call...

Today is, of course, April 30....that means tomorrow is May 1......and THAT means think about wishing a happy birthday to football greats Chuck Bednarik, Curtis Martin, and Gary Clark....also HOT ASS BABES Julie Benz (yummy) and Judge Marilyn Milian....former folkie stalwarts Judie Collins and Rita Coolidge....jockie/junkie combo Steve Cauthen...baseballer Manny Trillo....Jack Paar....Smashing Pumpkins bassist D'arcy.....awesome blogger RatBoy....probably more, but most notably, your favorite well-mannered host, ME, who hits number #52 tomorrow......please just send cash/drugs in lieu of gifts, and if you see Julie Benz tell her that we simply HAVE TO get together for some birthday "fun"....(D'arcy would do, I guess, in a pinch)....

Something cool for my 52nd birthday......

Just found these the other day on the Bay, not sure who created them, but they have a ton of good shit
on them, since the BigFella is such a champion of stoner rock (I'll convert you or DIE), here are five discs (internet creation, I assume), "Compila Chega a Chinela" (I have no clue as to what that would translate to), known on the Bay as "Southern Stoner Blues Rock" or "Projecto Chernobyl"......so whatever, I don't know who created these, or when, or what the English translations are of these titles, but these are five discs which include both some stuff I KNOW to be way cool, as well as some obscurities with which I am not familiar (which of course I love).......

As aways, stoner rock is NOT the best format for compilations.....power pop or punk work MUCH better as they are basically singles formats, thus they replicate a "radio experience" FAR better than stoner rock or metal does...and yet, simply viewed as collections (rather than cohesive statements) these can be great to listen to as well......so let us review.....

As a few times before with different comps, tracks are programmed in alphabetical order...maybe not the greatest idea in MY book, but, when I get off my ass and start creating comps of my own, I guess I can program them however I please......right-o?

So, Volume 1.....of COURSE, you know of Nebula....of  Black Cherry Stone....Gov't Mule.....Masters
of Reality.....but not a damn thing wrong with hearing from any of them, and LOTS of obscure gems mixed among them.....but FAR lesser known (hey, to ME at least) are The Teague Stefan Band, Parlor Mob, Indigenous, and The Brew, among others, this is the pattern the whole set follows, a near 50/50 mix of fairly well known and fairly obscure stoner rockers.....but if you love the sound (as I do), this is Christmas (well, actually, it's my fucking birthday!)

Volume 2 gives us Brandt Bjork's great "Punk Rock Guilt", Armitus Pyledriver, stoner legends Clutch, and the great Unida......lesser known acts include Township, Johnny Law, King Hobo, and Barefoot Servant......a fix again, stoner fans should salivate.....here it is MY birthday, and I'm the one GIVING the cool gifts! What a guy I am!

The third disc does not let up a bit, Blackfoot, hardly a stoner legend but I think an underappreciated Southern rock band from the 1980's checks in with maybe their best number "Road Fever"....Kyuss is here, as is Lonely Camel, and the Company Band among the familar acts, backed up, of course, by the lesser knowns (at least in this corner), Ride the Blinds, Boss Kean's Ditch, Silvertide and many more....by now you get the pitcha, you're either racing to download or yawning and seeing what's on "Twilight Zone" today (always a superior option, gratned)

So, disc #4.....a lot of "legends of the game on this one, including tracks from Dozer, Down, Beaver, Colour Haze, Monster Magnet and Radio Moscow (all of whom I think I have done full posts on), melded with some stuff from Lions in the Street, Freezing Fog and The Dirty Guv'nahs, to name a few.

The final disc of the set does let up a bit, because I am not sure ZZ Top and Molly Hatchet really fit the mold (but, on the other hand, it DOES have "Southern" in the title so I guess they are fair game)..Danko Jones and the great Atomic Bitchwax are the best known stoners here, along with the Quireboys, Koritni, and Sun Dried Opossum, among others.......

This is quite an imaginative collection, not sure I would have programmed it the way he did, but he obviously has a passion for both stoner rock and southern hard rock, and I give him credit for blending the two......a good job and I am happy to hopefully get a few more sets of ears to hear it......

There was no artwork available in the download, so I don't even have anything to decorate the text with, so we'll, on my birthday, simply rely on he old fallback of showing off a few of  my favorite chiquitas........

DISC 1-01 BACK DOOR SLAM- It All Come Around/02 BACK DOOR SLAM- Too Late/03
BLACK STONE CHERRY- Soulcreek/04 GOV'T MULE- Blind Man In The Dark/05 GOV'T MULE- Mr. Man/06 INDIGINOUS - Holdin Out Nanji/07 LOS LONELY BOYS- Heart Won't Tell A Lie/08 MASTERS OF REALITY- High Noon Amsterdam/09 MOTHER SUPERIOR- (I'm) Obsessed/10 MOTHER SUPERIOR- Stealing My Shadow/11 NEBULA - So It Goes/12 PLANKTON - What's Your Favorite Colour/13 PRIDE AND GLORY- Losin Your Mind/14 THE ANSWER - Too Far Gone/15 THE BREW - Better Man/16 The BROUGHT LOW- Blues For Cubby/17 THE PARLOR MOB- Carnival Of Crows/18 THE TEAGUE STEFAN BAND- Carl Perkins

DISC 2-01 7DAY BINGE - Free/02 7DAY BINGE - Good Times/03 ARTIMUS PYLEDRIVER- Swamp Devil/04 BAREFOOT SERVANTS- Love's Made Fool/05 BLINDSTONE - Power Man/06 BRANT BJORK- Punk Rock Guilt/07 CLUTCH - When Vegas Attack/08 FREEDOM AND WHISKEY- Super Real/09 JADED SUN- Breaking Through/10 JADED SUN- Higher/11 JOHNNY LAW - Pieces Of The Bottle/12 KAMCHATKA -Out My Way/13 KING HOBO- Running/14 NIGHT HORSE - The Dark Won't Hide You/15 PREACHER STONE- Southern Hospitality/16 THE SULENTIC BROTHERS BAND- In Your Hands/17 TOWNSHIP - Sinister Minister/18 UNIDA- Human Tornado
DISC 3-01 AMERICAN MINOR- Walk On/02 BLACKFOOT - Dry Country/03 BLACKFOOT - Road Fever/04 BOSS KEANE"S DITCH- Never See My Face Again/05 BUDDAHEADS- Nothing To Lose/06 CHIGGER RED- Hangover Hotel/07 DIRTY SWEET- Come Again/08 DOOMFOXX- Piece Of Me/09 KYUSS - Green Machine/10 LONELY KAMEL- Damn You're Hot/11 LONELY KAMEL - Street To Street/12 MOON DOG MANE- Watcha Gonna Do/13 RIDE THE BLINDS-Ashes of My Past/14 RIDE THE BLINDS- Move Along/15 ROLLERBALL - Looking For The Moon/16 ROLLERBALL - Loungeroom Lifter/17 SLIVERTIDE - Ain't Comin Home/18 STONERIDER- Juice Man/19 THE COMPANY BAND- It's A Confusing World/20 THE HOT DOGS-You Can Bet It

DISC 4-01 BEAVER - At The Mirror Palace/02 BISHOP BLACK- Long Way/03 COLOUR HAZE-
Periscope (Breit Return)/04DOWN- Stone The Crows/05 DOZER - Lightyears Ahead/06 LIONS IN THE STREET- Moving Along/07 MONSTER MAGNET- Sin's A Good Man's Brother/08 RADIO  MOSCOW - Black Boot/09 REBEL PRIDE- Getting Closer/10 REGULATORS - Money Pride and Greed/11 ROADSTAR- Stone/12 ROLLERBALL - Youth Bailed ( Back To Hell)/13 THE CHEATERS- Blow My Mind/14 THE CHEATERS- Let Down/15 THE DIRTY GUV-
'NAHS- We'll Be The Light/16 THE FREEZINGFOG - The Dweller Upon The Threshold of Time/17 THE SUEDE BROTHERS- Collar Blues/18 THE SUEDE BROTHERS- Tired/19 THE  UNION - Step Up To The Plate

DISC 5-01 AMERICAN DOG- Motors Down/02 DANKO JONES- Sugar High/03 GREEN MANALISHI- Fear Alive/04 HOGJAW - Rollin Thunder/05 KORTINI - 155/06 KORTINI - Game Of Fools/07 LORD FOWL- Streets Of Evermore/08 MEDUSA STONE- Live Alone/09 MOLLY HATCHET - Boogie No More/10 RIVAL SONS- Keep On Swinging/11 STEEPWATER BAND- Steel Sky/12 SUN DRIED OPOSSUM- Don't Wanna Break Your Heart/13 SUN DRIED OPOSSUM- Spend My Money/14 THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX- Don't Do It/15 THE BLACK JETTS- I'm Your Animal/16 THE QUIREBOYS- Louder/17 VIUNDER - Summoning The Not Living/18 WALKING PAPERS - Red Envelopes/19 ZACH WILLIAMS AND THE REFORMATION - Set You Free/
20 ZZ TOP - La Grange

I always appreciate a good homemade, internet-only comp, especially ones that are so called "labors of love" as this one appears to be.....as I've said I am not a HUGE fan of the "classic" southern rock sound that appears some here in it's pure form, but as for the selections of ZZ Top's "La Grange" and Blackfoot's "Road Fever", well, hard to argue (Skynyrd's "Saturday Night Special" might have fit in as well)....a lot of stoner rock DOES have some roots in the classic southern rock sound, as I've said before in particular bands such as Corrosion of Conformity and Alabama Thunderpussy, to name a couple.......anyways the creator of this series did a fjob of compiling the music that he obviously loves, it's a fine compilation and works for ANY fans of good hard rock n  roll.......and happy birthday to me, again, my 52nd......hope I have several more, this year promises to be interesting with the retirement, the search for post-retirement employment, and all......things, for better or worse, gonna be DIFFERENT......scary, but also exciting and cool.......and enjoy the babe pictures, I'd rather look at THEM than, say, more pictures of Down or (especially) ZZ Top, right?

Links coming up soon.....wish I knew the creator's name so we could thank him, I simply don't, PLEASE don't credit ME I am but the 52 year old middle man! Enjoy, I'm calling in sick and planning on having a mellow day with BigCarla66.........nothing better in MY book!

BABE INDEX (from top): Drew Barrymore, Megyn Price, Genevieve Gorder, Lennon Murphy, Lita Ford, Emile de Raven, Vida Guerra, and Olivia Paige......thanks to all of you, just for being you!

The Tubes "What Do You Want From Live?"

Ya don't see THIS one too often, maybe there's a good reason for that, but I've always had a soft spot
for this double live epic......

Pity the poor Tubes, caught almost EXACTLY squarely between the glitter/punk eras, perhaps no band cold have benefitted by appearing EITHER 3 years earlier OR 3 yearsa later, if you understand what I mean.....plus, I never cared for their studio work, especially the later "hit" stuff ("Talk to Ya Later", "She's a Beauty" GAG!).....anyway, though they were exceptional live performers, at least judging from the one time I saw them and from "What Do You Want From Live?" (1978) which, for me, is ALL the Tubes I will EVER need to hear, and then some.

Perhaps the closest approximation /comparison I can bring up is maybe the Plasmatics (see earlier Plasmatics post), certainly the Tubes were more talented musically, they featured a large conglomeration of skilled studio performers as well as their core of  "regulars", but like the Plasmatics they specialized in onstage antics, satirizing, well, basically everything......they had a handfull of studio albums before this live set, and IMO they are NOT very good.....but, as a listening experience (and having seen them onstage around this same time), I think this relicates their nothing if not memorable live shows pretty well.....a video disc would be better but unless there is some vintage footage from 1976-7 out there, this must suffice.

So, slip this on,  and you get a rambling, goofy intro ("TIED FOR the best band in the world...."), the first highlight being the live version of "What Do You Want From Life?", which works MUCH better onstage than the earlier vinyl version (a female audience member is selected to participate in a ridiculous "game show") complete with the same silly lyrics (sample: "What do you want from life? To kidnap an heiress and threaten her with a knife?")......it DOES work pretty well live, though, at least I think so......

Later on we get two of their better known tunes, "Don't Touch Me There" and "Mondo Bondage" both of which, again, work MUCH better live than the earlier studio versions, "Mondo Bondage" actually being a decent song as well......a video would REALLY come in handy here, what with the near-naked babes prancing around and all.....you'll just have to imagine it I guess......

Then comes the memorable "Johnny Bugger and the Dirtboxes""punk" satire, which launches into
the goofy/great "I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk" ("you don't beleive me? Just step outside and see me!") and an actually pretty good (seriously) cover of "I Saw Her Standing There".

The highlight of the entire set is the show-ending "White Punks On Dope", a cool song that works quite well as an extended encore, it does go on for quite a while, but again, MUCH superior (in my opinion, to the studio version).

OK, not MUCH of a Tubes fan, but this is one that I don't see on the blog or the Bay too often, and maybe it might be of interest to some of ya, especially if you are only familiar with the post-"Live""She's a Beauty" stuff........the whole set is at least listenable, at least every now and then, except maybe for the excessive "Drum Solo" which I HOPE was intended to serve as a satire of just how boring drum solos are.

Been a little while since I've listened to this, did so today and immediately was transformed back to a dope smoking tenth grader, remembering thier live performance and, unfortunatly, recalling that both of the other guys who attended that show with me are no longer with us. Such is the power of the soundtracks of our lives.

Enjoy, and don't take to seriously.......btw this is a vinyl rip and if I hadn't told you, you'd have been able to tell really easilly......just a precaution!

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM LIVE-01 Overture/02 Got Yourself  Deal/03 Show Me a Reason/04 What Do You Want From Life?/05 God-Bird-Change/06 Special Ballet/07 Don't Touch Me There/08 Mondo Bondage/09 Smoke (La Vie en Fumer)/10 Crime Medley: Theme From Dragnet/Theme From Peter Gunn/Theme From Perry Mason/Theme From the Untouchables/11 I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk/12 I Saw Her Standing There/13 Drum Solo/14 Boy Crazy/15 You're No Fun/16 Stand Up and Shout/17 White Punks On Dope

Link shortly