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LSD and the Search For God

LSD and the Search for God cover artGood, spacey EP from 2007 compliments of LSD and the Search For God.....from San Francisco, perhaps NO band ever selected a more perfect moniker.....they sound EXACTLY like you'd expect....trippy, droning, hypnotic. I like it a good bit, actually....another of those "File under "Not For Everybody" efforts, but isn't that why we're all here anyway?

LSD and the Search for God consisted of guitarist/vocalist Andy Liszt, guitarist Fifield, vocalist Sophia Campbell, bassist Caleb Rush, an drummer Kevin Crouse.

Be in the right frame of mind for this one, and it is rewarding......I very rarely recommend headphones, but this might be one of those rare instances......trip out and become one with the universe, maaaaaaaaan!

LSD AND THE SEARCH FOR GOD-01 This Time/02 I Don't Care/03 Backwards/04 Starting Over/05 Starshine

Link in just a wee little bit.......comments are down, come on, please discuss these albums, that is all I ask1

Heavy Metal from the USSR

Sometimes I find something accidentally on Pirate Bay or wherever, that I just cannot wait to share with everyone.....I haven't listened to this (I will by the time it's posted), I happened over this comp and totally freaked, seems to be taylor-made for this blog....I still have that huge (100+ albums) of Greek punk, STILL want to post it, the problem is the names/titles etc are in Greek, not just language but FONT so I can't really even ask for translation help as I can't replicate the titles on my good ol' USA keyboard......anyway, is was just poking around and found this collection, sounds AWESOME, I know what I will be listening to on the to and from commute tomorrow.

This is entitled "Rock is Forever"(2014) (gotta LOVE that!), there are some twenty tracks by 20 different bands I've never heard of, as I said by the time I post this I will listen to it and maybe something will blow me away enough that I will comment/recommend it, but as for now, as always, expand your horizons, listen to some fine foreign language rock n roll (I'll convert you if it kills me!), if it sucks, it sucks, what are we out anyway? Rock n roll is UNIVERSAL and I hope that you don't care if I lazilly copy/paste the track list from the Bay rather than use my normal format......and PLEASE listen to this and comment......I know it isn't REO goddamn Speedwagon or something, but that is not exactly the point here. New, different sounds....new, different sounds....if that is what you are interested in, you are in the right spot. Now get busy listening/COMMENTING! Sorry but this set is about THREE SECONDS over fitting on a single CD, guess we gotta break it down to two...


01 - ARIA - Will and Reason 1986.mp3
02 - KRUIZ - Rock is Forever 1986.mp3
03 - BLACK COFFEE - Rise of Life 1987.mp3
04 - HARD DAY - In Flight 1987.mp3
05 - MAGNIT - Listen to Rock 1987.mp3
06 - FRONT - Gloomy Walls 1987.mp3
08 - AUGUST - Demon 1987.mp3
09 - KORMUKHINA - Time has Come 1988.mp3
10 - MARKIZA - Listen my Friend 1988.mp3

01 - SPRUT - Kapital 1990.mp3
02 - MASTER - We don't Want 1989.mp3      
03 - EST - Father Spare these Horses 1989.mp3
04 - BLACK OBELISK - The Wall 1991.mp3
05 - MONOMAKH - Save Me 1990.mp3
06- KRUGER - Nine Rings of Orodruin 1991.mp3
07 - RED RISE - Superman 1991.mp3
08 - FIRST AID - Time to See Clearly 1989.mp3
09 - DEMARSH - You'll Be The First 1991.mp3
10 - DIALOG - Red Rock 1988.mp3

OK, listened to these today...they are just OK, not going into heavy rotation around here anytime soon, but as a curiosity, this is just the thing.....alot of it sounds REALLY slickly produced, reminding me of maybe Scorpions, or Judas Priest after they got suckish, American bands like (gag) Poison......a few others get a little more "thrashy" or punkish, but for the most part it sounds a lot like the slick hair metal of the 1980's that I dislike in general .....NOT great albums, but TOTALLY great novelties/curiosities......see what you think!

Links shortly......

Do you want me to do this? Estimating interest

April of this year marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain (unbeleivable).....Nirvana was one of my all time favorite bands, although I have never really done much with them on the blog....point being, I probably, with perhaps a very few exceptions, have more material from Nirvana than anyone else....I probably have 300 live shows, plus tons of demos, rarities, nearly everything you could name.....I could EASILLY dedicate the whole month of April posting over 10 Nirvana discs a day....question is, do you WANT this? or is it excessive? I really want to know and will tend to go in whatever direction that the most people who take the time to comment say.....say, if only ONE person responds, and says, "sounds great", I'll likely do it.....but if 20 people answer and 11 say "too much", I won't.....I am usaully wrong when I estiamte how popular (or unpopular) one of my post will be, and I am not talking about one post here, I'm talking about a whole month of them. SO what is your pleasue......MY HONEST opinion? I think maybe it's a bit much and will take the focus of the variety I try to deliver.....BUT if this would be something ultra-popular among the throngs, I WANT to do it......so that is my dilemma, let know your preference, I don't care one way or the other, just want to get a feel for what the response might be. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, whether daily or just on occasion.

Scott M.


How about one MORE for today? Here's a classic one-shot blues rocker from Scotland ca. 1969. NSU's "Turn On, Or Turn Me Down", was the only effort they had in them, it's a fantastic effort though, and fans of frenzied acid rock, or of metal, or of Cream-like blues rock freakouts should not miss this if you have never heard it......can't really even find a lineup for these blokes, the vocalist has a semi-noticeable Scottish accent, and the acid guitars simply scream and burn and fuzz all over the yard. Great, great album, if you are a lover of hard rock n roll you must have this essential LP.

TURN ON OR TURN ME DOWN-01 Turn On Or Turn Me Down/02 His Town/03 You Can't Take It From My Heart/04 Love Talk/05 All Aboard/06 The Game/07 Stoned/08 Pettsie's Blues/09 On the Road

New Keepers of the Water Towers

Some good progressive stoner/doom from Stockholm Sweden.......The New Keeper of the Water Towers are singer/guitarist Rasmus Booberg (I don't make em up), guitarist Victor Berg, drummer Tor Sjoden, and bassist Bjorn Andersson.

These guys have released three albums to my knowledge, the first being 2009's "Chronicles" which apparently is a collection of some of their earlier works.....it does not disappoint, this is some pretty fair Swedish stoner metal complete with WAY out-there song titles and lyrics (random examples: "The Strafing Lobster", "The Three Headed Cow" , "Fall of  the Massive Boar (Parts 1 & 2)"....good stuff, really, for stoner rock fans, nice and loud and heavy and druggy and what more could you want?

Thier first "proper" album, then, was "The Calydonian Hunt" from 2011...a very underappreciated albom that particulat "era", they really rounded into form and turned out a full, mature effort.....I assume that maybe some "concept" is at work here, but there is no way that the big guy's addled brain is going to wrap around the concept set forth in stuff like "Return of Ziz" and "The Call From the Cosmos".....sounds pretty good coming from the speakers after 15grams or so of Kratom......

More recentley, they have given us "Cosmic Child", again, very, very underappreciated in the stoner rock genre.....they are getting MORE "out there" rather than moving towards the mainstream which is normal behavior in this field...this is more like a Wo Fat album or something (and you know I LOVE Wo Fat) with long hypnotic tracks like "Visions of Death" and "Pyre for the Red Sage"......

Really, really like this band's stuff.....they put every ounce of thier imagination into being bizarre, which is a bonus in the stoner realm, and they also bring the goods instrumentally, loud and hard......if you are a fan of stoner rock,of the other stoner bands I have featured here, this is certainly for you...... promise!

CHRONICLES-01 Awrecktion/02 Masatercklaw/03 Pursuit of Yeti/04 Scientists and the Man of Ice/05 Rise of the Lizard King/06 Flight of the Reptilian/07 New Sleepers/08 Enter the Great Forrest/09 Giant Subway Beast/10 The Strafing Lobster/11 The Three Headed Cow/12 The Knowledgeable Kangaroo/13 The Monument/14 Fall of the Massive Boar (Part 1)/15 Fall of the Massive Boar (part 2)

THE CALYDONIAN HUNT-01 Abyssal Lord/02 The Calydonian Hunt/03 Mankind's Fall/04 Arise, the Serpent/05 The Call From the Cosmos/06 Crystal Lake/07 Return of Ziz/08 Fire Breather/09 The Sword in the Stone

THE COSMIC CHILD-01 The Great Leveller/02 Visions of Death/03 Pyre for the Red Sage/04 Cosmosis/05 Lapse/06 The Cosmic Child

Links in a little while......New Keepers of the Water Tower are bad-ass, check them if you don't know them!


The great Krautrock of the early 1970's is perhaps a genre that I haven't dedicated enough time/space to, don't really know why, a lot of great records came out of that scene.....a lot of very good, challenging music is documented on some sprawling comp series that I ought to get around to posting, but for today, let us focus on one of the true greats of the genre, NEU!

Formed in 1971 in Dusseldorf Germany with a couple displaced members of Kraftwerk, their first release, "NEU!", is something of a masterwork of the formula, some fabulous tracks such as "Negativeland" (from which the band Negativeland, whom I've also GOT to get around to, took their name) and "Hallogallo", this album sold next to nothing at the time, but is, today, regarded as something of a classic in Krautrock circles....very highly recommended.

The second album, the imaginatively entitled "NEU! 2" is a good one as well, and features some of the very earliest musical "remix" experiments. The band had enough material for only about half an album, and filled in the rest with manipulated versions of their previously recorded single "Super", giving us "Super 16", a slowed down version of the song, and "Super 78", a sped up version of the same.....look, it seems trival today BUT these boyos earn points for innovation, we take remix technology as a given these days, sometimes it "works" and sometimes not, but is was a hell of an idea at the time, and they deserve credit.

The band took on a couple of new members and released argueably thier best effort "NEU! '75", in, yep, 1975....."Hero" is a fine example of the genre, but the album as a whole is a four-star effort, no question worth the time/effort.

"NEU! 4" was a fairly awful album of earlier outtakes, released in the 1990's, I'll put it up since I have one, but, really, not much to recommend it. Also far from great is the 1990's release "NEU! Live in Dusseldorf 1972", again if you must, it's here, but the essentials are the first three discs by a huge margin, these latter day releases are for the serious fan, who probably already has them, actually.....

"NEU! '86" takes the tracks on "NEU! 4" and cleans them up a bit, it's really kind of interesting, certainly a better effort than the sloppy "4".....if you are  Krautrock junkie, most likely ALL of these are familar to you, if you are dabbling, I recommend the first three discs highly, if this is your cup of  hemlock, then checkout the other releases.......

So, do I have any Krautrock fans in the house? I like a lot of this stuff, notably the band Krokodile, I have a few comp series, as I said they are failry extensive ("Music For Your Mind" is the one I can think of the title to right now).....let me know, is there an audience for this stuff here? As I always say, this may not be the world's greatest blog (It MIGHT be the wost, but that is another issue), but I hope, always, that I acheive my true goal, which is bringing a diverse variety of rock n roll genres to some ears that may not have heard them before. Comments, as always, are greatly apprecited.

NEU!-01 Hallogallo/02 Sonderangebot/03 Weissensee/04 Im Gluck/05 Negativeland/06 Lieber Honig

NEU! 2-01 Fur Immer/02 Spitzenqualitat/03 Gedenkeminute/04 Lila Engle/05 Nueschnee 78/06 Super 16/07 Nueschnee/08 Cassetto/09 Super 78/10 Hallo Excentrico/11 Super

NEU! '75-01 Isi/02 Seeland/03 Leb Wohl/04 Hero/05 E-Musik/06 After Eight

NEU! 4-01 Nazionale/02 Crazy/03 Flying Dutchman/04 Shone Welle (Nice Wave)/05 Wave Naturelle/06 Good Life (Random-Rough)/07 86 Commercial Trash/08 Flying Dutch II/09 Danzing/10 Quick Wave Machinelle/11 Bush Drum/12 La Bomba (Stop Aparthijd World Wide)/13 Good Life/14 Elanoizan

Neu band.jpgNEU! '72 Live! In Dusseldorf-01 6 May '72 Part 1/02 Silence/03 6 May 1972

NEU! '86-01 Intro (Hayden Slo Mo)/02 Danzing/03 Crazy/04 Drive (Grundfunken)/05 La Bomba (Stop Aparthijd World Wide)/06 Elanoizan/07 Wave Mother/08 Paradise Walk/09 Euphoria/10 Vier 1-2/11 Good Life/12 November/13 KD

Little different, little different, try for the variety......links in a short while, hope ya like it, I know some won't, I am probably one of the very very few people who is a fan of, say, the Sex Pistols, AND Orange Goblin, AND Le Tigre, and NEU!.....that is the point here, not to pigeonhole ourselves


Touched on Krokodil just briefly yesterday while discussuing Neu!, Krokodil hailed from Switzerland in the late 60's/early 1970's producing a fine blend of Groundhogs-like bluesrock and hard rocking, kraut/psychedelia.....I don't have ALL their albums, I think I am missing only one important one (the first), all of these are fairly hard to find, so check these out, they are very enjoyable.

OK, the first, self titled album, I do not have, I HAVE heard it, it's not really a good fit with the others anyway.....very bluesy rock, wrong with it, the album is nearly impossible to locate, so I'll put out a call for anyone who may have it......however, it is on the second disc, "Swamp", on which the more progressive/psychedelic touches begin to emerge, and it is at this point that they started to become a great band. The band throws in sitar, keyboards, violin, flute, and more......it's a pretty good album of decent, not quite yet hard rocking psychedelia, not a "great" album, but an important one, in light of what was to come.

1971's "An Invisible World Revealed" is a tremendous album, one of the best of it's type and era, a masterpiece of prog-psych......."Swamp"'s multi-instrumentalism continues, but this is a MUCH harder rocking effort. The epic long tunes, "Odyssey in Om" and "Looking at Time" are psychedelic masterpieces, mixed in are shorter, more folkish/blusey tunes like "Lady of Attracation" and "Green Fly"....this edition contains three bonus tracks, basically throwaways, (two are 11 minute, Grateful Dead-like jams)......nonetheless, this is a fine, 4.5 star effort and any fans of Krautrock, Psychedelia, and progressive rock will wonder how they managed to live so long without hearing this one (if, in fact, they haven't).

The follow-up, "Getting Up For the Morning", is a good effort as well, continuing their formula of skillfully blending blues/prog/and psych...."And I Know" is a good one, as is "Song No. 2 (Thoughts Under Bad Conditions), this is a perfectly respectable follow up effort to "World"....a solid four-star production.

The final effort that I have is "Sweat and Swim", a bit more "Song" oriented and not quite up to the standards of the previous albums.....not bad, but the course, pretty much, had been run.....I am unsure if there are any other albums out there, Lord knows they probably reunited years later or something, I think I recall someone having some live boots but I don't recall who it was......

So, help a brother out if you have the first album or any other odds and ends (specifically live albums), and if you are unfamilar at least do yourself the favor of checking "Invisible World" and possibly "Getting Up"......worth your time I promise!

Another Friday, another week of Strat o Matic baseball action as my seemingly unstoppable Kissimee Astros take on the lasat place Joliet Jailbirds in an 8-game series in which my squad should get INCREDIBLY fat!

See you tomorrow with.......something!

SWAMP-01 Get Your Personality Together/02 Light of Day/03 Sunlight's Beautiful Daughter/04 Tell Me What You Want (Tell Tale)/05 Blue Flashing Circle/06 Snow White and Blue/07 Human Bondage/08 Gipsy Man (Bonus)/09 That's What I Do (Bonus)/10 Stenhaufmadchen (Trailer) (Bonus)

AN INVISIBLE WORLD REVEALED-01 Lady of Attraction/02 With Little Miss Trimmings/03 Odyssey In Om/04 Green Fly/05 Looking at Time/06 Last Doors/07 Pollution (Bonus)/08 Krokodil-Session (Part 1) (Bonus)/09 Krokodil-Session (Part 2) (Bonus)

GETTING UP FOR THE MORNING-01 Marzipan/02 And I Know/03 Rabatz/04 Was There a Time/05 Schooldays//06 Song No. 2 (Thoughts Under Bad Conditions)/07 The 12th Of March

SWEAT AND SWIM-01 Talking World War III BLues/02 All I Ever Wanted/03 Daybreak/04 Skylab/05 Two To Twelf/06 That's Allright Mama/07 Linger/08 Little Girl/09 Billy Dee/10 There You Stand Entangeld

Just had to run a few errands and took along "An Invisible World Revealed"......MY GOD that is a tremndous album, sounds better than the last time I listened to it.....FANTASTIC album, hihgly, highly recommended. Do not hesitate!

Late edit: my copy of "Sweat and Swim" has a huge gash on it and will not.....it's not that great anyway, if you have a copy to contribute (along with album #1), please ado, if not, no great loss......"Invisible World" is the one that REALLY matters, do not miss it, at least

Jesus Lizard

Variety, variety, variety.......how about some fucking JESUS LIZARD? Formed from the ashes of Scratch Acid, certainly THIS won't be for everyone, Jesus Lizard are/were vocalist David Yow, bassist David Wm Sims, guitarist Duane Denison, and drummer Mac McNeilly.......it will come as no surprise that Steve Albini has his fingrprints on this either (See: previous Big Black post, etc)....one claim to fame is they released a split single with Nirvana which includes a fairly rare Nirvana track, "Oh, the Guilt" (included here, despite my frequently mentioned dislike of splits).....

Jesus Lizard, originally from Texas and reloated to Chicago,   cranked out a very abrassive/obnoxious blend of punk/noise, it's loud, and Yow's drunken vocals are often inaudible under the din, but it is often effective. Their 1991 debut "Goat" (cleverly, all their albums have four-letter titles.......like oh, wow, man)......it has it's moments ("Rodeo in Joliet", "Mouth Breather"), and some true beleivers call it their fave......two earlier EP's ("Head" and "Pure" are combined on a full length CD, fairly interesting tracks such as "Rabid Pigs" and "Happy Bunny Goes Fluff-Fluff Along" are bured under the sludgy mix and are, as stated, interesting, if fairly unlistenable.

1992's "Liar" is my pick as their career "highlight", if that is the terminology I'm looking for, lyrics like "Misery fucks you in the ass over and over" drive the point home if nothing else (as stated before, Kurt Cobain was afan which led to the split single).....if  you want just one Jesus Lizard disc, "Liar" is probably it I guess. "Lash"(EP) and "Show" both document the bands sort-of legendary live shows....they are kind of rough, to say the least, but I would assume they replicate the experience fairly well (never saw them myself)........

1994's Down s supposed to be a return to thier Texas roots, a few rockabilly-type touches and the like, but again, it is Yow's psychotic vocals that dominate the show. "Shot', the next effort shows the decline phase setting in, allegedly, if you listen hard, you can hear on of the tracks from it in the greatest movie ever made, 1995's "Clerks".

They released a 10" EP, going way out there for a title ("10" EP"), with a few odds and ends on it, most of which would turn upon the next release "Blue". It's not a bd album, really, if you dig these guys, you won't want to be without it, although the glory days were long gone. They prety much called it a day after that, "Bang" is a respectable career retrospective. We've evn got a Peel Session...

Never my VERY favorite, but I enjoyed this tuff from time to time, sloppy and deliberatley offensive.....wish I'd maybe have seen one of their super-rowdy live shows, but it was not to be.....I think they are pretty much forgotten about today, already, and they do deserve a better legacy than that.....

Let me know what you think, as usual, especially if you are new to this......Variety, variety, variety?

GOAT-01 Then Comes Dudley/02 Mouth Breather/03 Nub/04 Seasick/05 Monkey Trick/06 Karpis/07 South Mouth/08 Lady Shoes/09 Rodeo In Joliet

HEAD/PURE-01 One Evening/02 SBDJ/03 My On Urine/04 If You Had Lips/05 7 vs 8/06 Pastoral/07 Waxeater/08 Good Thing/09 Tight N Shiny/10 Killer McKann/11 Blockbuster/12 Bloody Mary/13 Rabid Pigs/14 Starlet/15 Happy Bunny Goes Fluff Fluff Along

LIAR-01 Boliermaker/02 Gladiator/03 The Art of Self Defense/04 Slave Ship/05 Puss/06 Whirl/ 07 Rope/08 Perk/09 Zacariah/10 Dancing Naked Ladies

LASH (EP)-01 Glamorous/02 Deaf as a bat/03 Lady Shoes (Live) 04 Kille McHann (Live)/05 Bloody Mary (live)/ 07 Monkey Trick (Live)

DOWN-01 Fly On The Wall/02 Misletoe/03 Countless Backs Of Sad Losers/04 Queen For a Day/05 The Associates/06 Destroy Before Reading/07 Low Rider/08 50 Cents/09 American BB/10 Horse/11 Din/12 Elegy/13 The Best Parts

SHOW-01 Glamorous/02 Deaf as a Bat/03 Seasick/04 Bloody Mary/05 Missletoe/06 Nub/07 Elegy/08 Killer McHann/09 Dancing Naked Ladies/10 Fly On the Wall/11 Boilermaker/12 Puss/13 Gladiator/14 Wheelchair Epidemic/15 Monkey Trick

SHOT-01 Thumper/02 Blue Shot/03Thumbscrews/04 Good Riddance/05 Mailman/06 Skull of a German/07 Trephenation/08 More Beautifu Than Barbie/09 Too Bad About the Fire/10 Churl/11 Now Then/12 Inamorata/13 Pervetedly Slow

10" EP-01 Cold Water/02 Infected By Hounds/03 Eyesore/04 Valentines/05 Needles For Teeth

BLUE-01 I Can Learn/02 Horse doctor Man/03 I Can Learn/04 A Tale of Two Women/05 Cold Water/06 And Then the Rain/07 Postcoital Glow/08 Until It Stopped Die/09 Soft Damage/10 Happy Snakes/11 Needles For Teeth/12 Terremotto

BANG-01 Chrome/02 7 Vs 8/03 Gladiator/04 Seasick/05 Wheelchair Epidemic/06 Dancing Naked Ladies/07 Mouth Breather/08 Sunday You Need Love/09 Glamorous/10 Deaf as a Bat/11 Lady Shoes/12 Killer McHann/13 Bloody Mary/14 Monkey Trick/15 Uncommonly Good/16 The Test/17 Blockbuster/18 Fly On the Wall/19 White Hole/20 Anna

PEEL SESSION 1991-92-01 Wheelchair Epidemic/02 Bloody Mary/03 Seasick/04 Monkey Trick/05 Gladiator/06 Whirl/07 Puss/08 Boilermaker


Links forthcoming.....

Happy Birthday to my wife, RIP to my Dad

DAVID Bowie's landmark album Ziggy Stardust has been celebrated with a ...March 30 is always a difficult day for me......it's the birthday of my beloved wife of some 27 years.....as always I wish her the happiest of birthdays and thank her for all these wonderful years....couldn't have asked for better in my wildest imagination.

March 30, though, is also one of the saddest days of the year for me.....on March 30, 1990, which happened to be my beloved's 24th birthday, my father, with whom I had a kind of strange, love/hate relationship passed away (I had kind of strange relationships with both my parents, but they are both gone now and I'd be thrilled if they were both still here with me, arguing and fighting and all)....he was but 47 years of age at the time of his passing, he was a morbidly obese man (350+) who really never ate much, it was just in his genes, along with diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and more, all of which he generously passed along to me.....fortunately, I live in the age of the gastric bypass, which I had in 2008, (I was 375 at the time, hence the name "BigScott" which sticks with me still)....gastric bypass saved my life, and had it been perfected in 1990, may have saved my Dad's life as well.....one of my greatest regrets is that my son Grant never got to meet either one of his grandfathers, both of whom were damn good men and would have been a great influence on him....it is my hope that I live long enough to meet my own grandchildren, just NOT TOO SOON!

Anyway, we really don't celebrate my wife's birthday for this reason, hell, we don't celebrate mine either, just another day......but I wanted to honor both my wife AND my dad today, Carla, I love you more than I could ever express, and Dad, I miss you tremendously, even though we fought and argued a lot, I know you did the best you could and would give my left arm were you here arguing with me today.

So, musically, there will be nothing "rare" or spectacular today....what I thought I'd do is post my wife's favorite (rock) album (she likes lots of different types of music, unlike me, strictly a rock-nazi), as well as my Dad's favorite album (he had a huge record collection I  inherrited, and, like myself, continued to enjoy "new" music that I would share with him (He loved the Clash, Ramones, Blondie, and more)......I credit him with instilling in my my love of music, similarly, I credit my late Mother with passing along her/my love of literature......to my wife, I credit with instilling in me my love of life itself, because without her and my son, life, to me, would be one sad, dreary affair.....

My wife's favorite album has long been Bowie's "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders
From Mars", certainly nothing wrong with that......she's always loved the way Bowie has been such a "chameleon", and while this might not be my pick as my favorite Bowie album (although close), it is hers, and who could argue much? Side one is the lesser, but still has "Five Years" and "Moonage Daydream", but side two.....whoa....."Lady Stardust" (allegedly about Marc Bolan), "Star", (my fave) "Hang Onto Yourself" ("the bitter comes out better on a stolen guitar, you're the blessed, we're the Spiders from Mars...") the amazing title track "just a beer light to guide us"), the unreal "Suffergette City"......"Rock N Roll Suicide" is for my money the WEAKEST track on the side and it's amazing too......five star album, without question, and exemplifies my wife's good taste in music if not in men.....

My Dad's favorite album was a close call, The Beatles "Sergeant Pepper" and Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde" were in heavy rotation for a LOT of my young childhood, but, with a  gun to his head, I think he would have chosen Jethro Tull's "Aqualung"......a man of faith who always kept a mind open enough to have doubts, he played this album over and over......and a fine album it is....."Hymn 43" is my absolute favorite (also done in an amazing cover version by Alabama Thunderpussy), but the title track, "Crosseyed Mary", the great "Locomotive Breath", "Wind Up" and more are a perfect soundtrack for a life of agnosticism. The album, by the way, is selected in the book "The 50 Worst Rock N Roll Records of All Time", which has got to be one of the most puzzling and frankly stupid statements ever made, at least of those made by someone other than myself.

My parents were very young when I was born, 18 years old both, and in 1962 that was not all that
common....predictably, they divorced when I was about 8, and my childhood was not the greatest, but I KNOW they did the best they could do and I miss them both tremendously......we didn't have our son until we were in our thirties, thusfar it seems to be working out well, we shall see......after I'm gone, maybe my son will post a blog review of MY favorite album ("Forever Changes" by Love).....the circle of life.......

ZIGGY STARDUST-01 Five Years/02 Soul Love/03 Moonage Daydream/04 Starman/05 It Ain't Easy/06 Lady Stardust/07 Star/08 Hang Onto Yourself/09 Ziggy Stardust/10 Suffergette City/11 Rock N Roll Suicide

AQUALUNG-01 Aqualung/02 Cross-Eyed Mary/03 Cheap Day Return/04 Mother Goose/05 Wond'ring Aloud/06 Up To Me/07 My God/08 Hymn 43/09 Slipstream/10 Locomotive Breath/11 Wind-Up

I know, I know.....chances are if you are reading this blog, you have these albums......well, sometimes it's not all about YOU.....I try to deliver unusual and interesting albums each day, but for today, I put up two very easy to find discs simply as a tribute to two people who were/are very important in my life.......

If you read yeseterday, you'll recall that my neighbor's tree fell, basically destroying my garage but knocking out the electricty, making it impossible to upload the Jesus Lizard albums.....they'll be up soon, electricty was restored last night, and my fucking neighbor's insurnace should be purchasing me a new garage (the old one was a piece of shit anyway).

The above pics are of my wife Carla, the first one is her and I shortly after we met WAY BACK in 1995 (neither of us looks much like that anymore, but she is A BUNCH closer to it than myself.....) I really wish I had a good picture of my Dad, but I don't, but today, March 30, is "thier" day!


The Kings

Okay.....it's 1980, I'm fresh out of high school.....smoking lots of weed (LOTS), screwing lots of the local sluts (LOTS), and trying to impress everyone with the fact that I didn't just listen to AC-DC or whatever.....I was "deeper" than that....what a pretentious piece of grabage I was.....anyway when I think of that time, ONE song (or, technically, two) serves as the PERFECT soundtrack music for that era.......

"Hey, Judy......get Trudy.....you said to call up if I was feeling moody.......Hey little Donna, ya still wanna?".....if you don't recognize it, that is the Kings' great "This Beat Goes On/Switchin To Glide", one of the most wonderful singles of that much more innocent era......simply a fantastic two-sided single, we played the shit out of it back in that era.......the lyrics sound kind of silly (kind of?  "Lunatics Anoymous that's where I belong", and more), however, this is a great song and a wonderful memory each time I hear it......the Kings were not anything legendary, in fact, if not for "This Beat Goes On/Swithin to Glide", i would guess they would be 99.9% forgotten......

Anyway, the Kings were from Vancouver BC, and comprised of bassist/singer David Diamond, guitarist Mister Zero, keyboadist Sonny Keyes, and drummer Max Styles...they released "The Kings Are Here" (with the great single) to some success, the followups, well, not so much.....the definition of a "one hit wonder" pretty much. They released several albums that I honestly have never heard, but, surprisingly, what I have for you today "The Kings Are Here and More", DOES have some other intersting tracks other than the "famous" single......."Partyitis" and "Running Shoes Running" are worthwhile tracks, give them a try, this is some fine late 70's/early80's power pop ala the Romantics, say, or the Records, or.....well you get the idea....and if you've never heard that fine single, your life is incomplete!

THE KINGS ARE HERE AND MORE-01 This Beat Goes On/02 Switching To Glide/03 It's Okay/04 Go Away/05 Partyitis/06 Running Shoes Running/07 Anti Hero Man/08 Love Store/09 Don't Let Me Know/10 My Habit/11 Right to the Top/12 If the Stars Came Out Tonight/13 Unstoppable/14 Shoulda Been Me/15 If We Don't Belong Together

Link in a little while.......hope you guys have been enjoying the variety I have tried to provide.....I know there are blogs STRICTLY for power pop, or stoner rock, or whatever, but I try to include simply the stuff I like.....maybe I'd have more of a following if I went in one direction or another, but I just can't see me doing that......anyway, hope you like SOME of the stuff I put up! God bless you all, I wish only the best for my readers and their cherished families.....


Simply stated Wolfmother are some bad-ass heavy-stoner rock...to me, they are in a category with some bands such as Blue Oyster Cult and Soundgarden, ya never quite knew if they were simply a kick ass hard-rock band OR if they were somewhat satiric and making fun of their audience.....the ultimate point, though, is who gives a fuck? Awesome, fantastic stoner metal from Australia, anyone who overthinks this shit is too pseudo-intellectual anyway....Wolfmother fucking rock hard core, one way or the nother!

Wolfmother were, for the most part, guitarist/vocalist Andrew Stockdale, bassist/keyboardist Ian Peres, and drummer Vin Steele.........they cranked out some magnificent stoner metal in the late 2000's, criminally underappreciated in this guy's opinion. Their first release was a self titled EP (2004), with some of the good stuff that would make it to thier fist full length, also self titled and a great, great album....."Woman" is a fine track, as are "The Joker and the Thief", "Dimension"," Mind's Eye", and more, four star album all the way, you WILL enjoy this fine, hard rocking disc.

They released another EP prior to the 2nd release, ("Dimensions"), worth a listen for certain, but album #2, "Cosmic Egg", now here is a fine piece of hard rock n roll...please, please, please don't miss this.....a  great album......this is a great album, one of the most under-rated of the era, it rocks mercilessly, and fans of this type of hard/stoner rock will have NO EXCUSE but to love it!

 OK, for whatever reason, have several boots, "Live at the Wireless 2005", "Live Berlin 2006", and even an '09  Los Angeles show with guest Slash of Guns N Roses, a perfect fit and a great recording.....We also have a show from Sydney Australia, which is great as well, and (shhhhhh), their new release, "New Crown", which, to be honest, I have not heard yet, but HEY it's Wolfmother, and these guys ROCK THE MOTHERFUCKING HOUSE.........

Lemme tell ya this, these motherfuckers are BAD ASS (except maybe the new album which I haven't heard but have generously posted for you slugs)......Wolfmother are a GREAT hard rocking band of the current era, if you are unfamiliar, you are totally cheating yourself.....please investigate, and see if I ain't right, the live shows, in particular rock like a mofo.......comments, comments, comments, but I will tell you THIS: Wolfmother FUCKING ROCKS......if they want me to take their shit down, so be it, but if you love metal/hard rock/stoner rock, look no further this is THE place!

WOLFMOTHER EP-01 Dimension/02 Woman/03Apple Tree/04 The White Unicorn

WOLFMOTHER-01 Dimension/02 White Unicorn/03 Woman/04 Where Eagles Have Been/05 Apple Tree/06 Joker & the Thief/07 Colossal/08 Mind's Eye/09 Pyramid/10 Witchcraft/11 Tales/12 Love Train/13 Vagabond

DIMENSIONS EP-01 Dimensions/02 Mind's Eye/03 Love Train/04 The Earth's Rotation Around the Sun

COSMIC EGG-01 California Queen/02 New Moon Rising/03 White Feather/04 Sundial/05 In the Morning/06 10000 Feet/07 Cosmic Egg/08 Far Away/09 Cosmonaut/10 Pilgrim/11 Eyes Open/12 Back Round/13 In the Castle/14 Caroline/15 Phoenix/16 Violence of the Sun

LIVE SYDNEY 2010-01 Dimensions/02 Cosmic Egg/03 Woman/04 Pilgrim/05 Joker& the Thief

NEW CROWN-01 How Many Times/02 Enemy Is In Your Mind/03 Heavy Weight/04 New Crown/05 Tall Ships/06 Feelings/07 I AIn't Got No/08 She Got It/09 My Tangerine Dream/10 Radio/11 I Don't Know Why

LIVE BERLIN 8/22/06-01 Dimension/02 Pyramid/03 Apple Tree/04 White Unicorn/05 Love Train/06 Where Eagles Have Been/07 Woman/08 Witchcraft/09 Mind's Eye Intro/10 Mind's Eye/11 Vagabond/12 Colossal/13 Joker and the Thief

LIVE AT THE WIRELESS-01 Intro/02 Dimension/03 Pyramid/04 Woman/05 White Unicorn/06 Witchcraft/07 Where Eagles Have Been/08 Apple Tree/09 Tales From the Forest of Gnomes/10 Mind's Eye

LIVE LOS ANGELES WITH SLASH 11/24/09-01 Dimension/02 Cosmic Egg/03 Woman/04 White Unicorn/05 10000 Feet/06 Slash Intro/07 By the Sword/08 Vagabond/09 The Joker and the Thief

Links in a little while.......GOD I hate my fucking job I need a new one like yesterday!

A tiny dab of Snakefinger

close snakefinger greener postures lpSomeone asked for some Snakefinger a while back, can't recall who, but here is the best I can come up with, I've been asking around and looking, but this is kind of hard stuff to find......so I have but two albums, hopefully someone else can hook us up with a few more, we'll see....but for now, to whomever requested this, well, here you are.

Snakefinger (real name:Philip Charles Lithman, 17 June 1949 – 1 July 1987) was a kind of odd British multi-instrumentalist, most noted for his odd guitar/violin playing....a member of the legendary Ralph Records stable in the early 80's (along, of course with the Residents, not to mention my faves MX-80 Sound who were featured on this blog LONG ago)....his first (and likely best known) album (as Snakefinger, he had rcorded under some other names previously) was 1979's "Chewing Hides the Sound" which I swear to God I have around here somewhere but can't find, so we will settle for his second effort, "Greener Postures" from 1980. I also found "The Collection" which includes most of "Chewing" and "Postures", as well as an early couple of singles.....a littany of his recordings exist, Ralph Records eventually released seemingly every note he ever released.....

Some odd, odd stuff here, you will like it or you won't simply stated.....some very weird slide-guitar playing and violin, oddball lyrics and Residents-like strangeness.......sorry I couldn't locate either "Chewing" or some of the more rare stuff, I did try.....anyone wanting to contribute any further recordings, please do so!

Links in a little while.....

Snakefinger CollectionGREENER POSTURES-01 Golden Goat/02 Don't Lie/03 The Man in the Dark Sedan/04 I Come From an Island/05 Jungle Princess/06 Trashing All the Loves of History/07 Save Me From Dali/08 Living In Vain/09 The Picture Makers Vs The Children of the Sea

THE COLLECTION-01 The Spot/02 Smelly Tongues/03 The Model/04 Kill the Great Raven/05 Jesus Was A Leprechaun/06 Here Come the Bums/07 Magic and Ecstacy/08 Who is the Culprit and Who Is the Victim?/09 What Wilbur?/10 Picnic in the Jungle/11  I Love Mary/12 The Vultures of Bombay/13 Golden Goat/14 Don't Lie/15 The Man in the Dark Sedan/16 I Come From an Island/17 Trashing All the Loves of History/18 Save Me From Dali/19 Living In Vain/20 The Picture Makers Vs the Children of the Sea

Sorry no post today......feeling sick last few days

Was going to do either a post on  These Arms are Snakes or possbly Wesley Willis, got a few others
almost ready too, and still wanted to do a Nirvana thing this month sometime, but ya know what? I FEEL LIKE ABSOLUTE SHIT the last few days, so the hell with it.....there is some kinda bug going around the house, the wife is feeling poorly too.....thus far BigGrant97 has been spared but I almost NEVER sick (literallly almost never) so this must be a strong bug, whatever it is.......so anyway, I didn't even go to work today, also a rarity for me, just laid around all day, drinking Coke Zeroes and hoping to get some rest, was feeling a bit better then tried eat and FELT LIKE SHIT AGAIN! Started sweating profusely, which may be a good sign, I don't know, but this REALLY sucks.....hopefully I get some sleep tonight and get something done tomorrow on here, we'll see, but if not, Saturday.....next up is MOST LIKELY These Arms Are Snakes but I have a LONG history of changing my mind at the last minute, so we shall see. Be well, use this time to catch up and thanks to the Anonymous contributer who so generously posted a BUNCH of hard to find Snakefinger....if you missed it go to the comments section of the Snakefinger post, it is awesome! Be wel and remember that I try to honor requests, sometimes takes me a while, but I do try......and if any of you gave me this flu or whatever it is, piss off. Here's a nice picture of Allison Brie, just for the of it, and since Community was on tonight.

RIP Kurt D Cobain, 20 years ago today

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the suicide of Kurt Cobain......for me this was a gut-wrenching experience, honestly, as I suffering from one of my periodic bouts of depression at the time, anyway, and was a huge fan of Nirvana.....the music of Nirvana was VERY important to my feelings about music itself....during the 1980's, I had basically given up on rock n roll....there WAS, of course, plenty of good stuff released in the 80's, but the trend was no question downwards, in opinion, after the punk/new wave/metal/glitter excellence of the 1970's....anyway, "Nevermind" in 1991 changed all that, making me realize that it WAS still possible for great rock music to be made, and of course, after opening my mind up a little bit, I realized that not only were Nirvana a truly GREAT band, but also, so were Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and Green Day and Hole and Smashing Pumpkins and so many more....a musical rebirth for a 30 year old who (thought he) knew everything to know about music and the directions it can take.

Anyway Nirvana remain one of my favorite listening experiences to this day....since I've been doing this blog, I really haven't done much with them, at all, mostly because I have so very MUCH material, 500-600 discs worth, that I really don't know how to approach it.....I had thought of, as I said the other day, dedicating the whole month to posting Nirvana boots, demos, rarities, but, I'm not going to.....it would betray the concept of versatility that defines why I think many who enjoy the blog do so.....I will do another post or two on Nirvana yet this month, really still don't know how to approach it, 500 discs is a WHOLE lot, but let's see what we can do here......

Well, how about ten discs today?  I would think that the six disc "Outcesticide" set is likely the most well known of all the many Nirvana rarities sets, but perhaps also the most comprehensive, even theough as a listening experience, the "everything but the kitchen sink" approach is sometimes a little overwhelming, although perhaps not as much as trying to cull through 500 discs and select ten of them to post.....as well, more than one edition of "Outcesticide" exist, actually quite different ones, which makes footnoting from where the material comes nearly impossible....I would have a hell of a time getting ALL of these uploaded AND having to reference from which demo session, which live performance, which radio broadcast, that all of these tracks came from, Wikipedia lists a SOMEWHAT different track listing as the ones I have here, so the the track lists below are simply the song titles.......Disc I, "A Tribute To Kurt Cobain", has a couple of versions of "Sappy" which was a great song they performed live often, version of The Velvet Underground's "Here She Comes Now" and Kiss'"Do You Love Me"......also Courtney Love's rambling eulogy.

Disc II, "The Needle and the Damage Done" has them covering the Who, the Doors, and also a version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" that features Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on trumpet(!)..
Disc III "The Final Solution" features a lot of poor quality audience recordings, "Teen Spirit" recorded at MTV Studios, and a version of "Dumb" with Melora Creager on cello. Disc IV "The Rape of the Vaults", continues with a mix of both audience and soundboard live tunes....Disc V "Disintegration", has another mix of strange cover material, The Cars, Boston, and also one that I really enjoy, a version of Hole's "Asking For It" on which Kurt contributes a very eerie background vocal which were mixed out, apparently, before the final version that appeared on "Live Through This", a favorite track mine, in listening to it now, Kurt's vocal is positively chilling.....Disc VI "It's Better to Burn Out That To Fade Away", is not even listed on the Wikipedia page, or on most other sites I looked at, but MINE has 6 discs, for sure, and doesn't sound any worse than the other five discs, hell, I don't know, I have ANOTHER "Outcesticide" set with four discs, which is VERY different from this one, maybe we'll get to that one next time.....

Let's also add "The Demo Tapes 1988-1990", obviously pre-Nevermind stuff, a lot of the stuff on "Bleach" appears here in rough versions, there are also early versions of "In Bloom", "Breed", and "Stay Away" which eventually, of course, wound up on "Nevermind".

A two disc set, entitled "Very Fucking Rare", has some overlap with "Outcesticide", but also in continuing with showcasing the band's ability to cover most ANYTHING and make it sound like "their own", versions of tunes from Deep Purple, The Stooges, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Cher.....alot of other oddball random stuff, the "Gothic Version" of "Teen Spirit", this set takes the same course as "Outcesticide" by carpet bombing material from many sources.

"Play the Fucking Guitar, Man" is a good early live set, which includes stuff a 1989 Vienna show and one from 1990 Sacramento......again, more pre-"Nevermind" stuff that most of us (including me) never existed until "Smells Like Teen Spirit" grabbed our attention.

Geez, I feel like I haven't done ANYTHING here, really.....I'll put up some more tomorrow, I have around 300 live shows of varying quality and TONS more demo recordings and the like, I juse to stop somewhere, but it's just so difficult to properly tribute such a great and important band, especially one that is so important to me personally.......obviously I'm a "fan", but honest to God, I can't think of a SINGLE Nirvana song that I absolutely hate, well-known "All Apologies" may be my least favorite (haven't REALLY thought about it) song, and it's by no means horrible or anything.

Gonna have  to do some more tomorrow, this just isn't enough.....we'll see where I stop, but I knew this would happen. Perhaps my favorite band ever, rivaled perhaps only by Roxy Music, the Clash,  and maybe Sleater-Kinney, I could honestly listen to their stuff every day and NEVER get tired of it.....thanks so much to Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and especially to Kurt Cobain for their contribution to the soundtrack of MY life, as well as the lives of many others.

Rest in Peace Kurt Cobain, I'll have some more tomorrow, PLEASE SHOW SOME PATIENCE waiting for the links I may not get them all up tonight, but here for the next couple of days we are going to be hearing some Nirvana, I guess.....tomorrow, I'll try to find 8 or ten complete live shows from each of their developmental stages. If you have something you want to specifically request, please do so and theirs a good shot I may have it, so now is the time to ask. Just give me a little slack on getting all these discs upped, I have been sick for a few days and fallen behind on things, sorry....

OUTCESTICIDE I-01 If You M/02 Downer/03 Floyd the Barber/04 Paper Cuts/05 Spank Thru/06 Beeswax/07 Pen Cap Chew/08 Blandest/09 Cracker (Polly)/10 Misery Loves Company (Seed)/11 Sad (Sappy)/12 Do You Love Me/13 Been a Son/14 Token Eastern Song/15 Opinion/16 D-7/17 Imodium (Breed)/18 Pay to Play (Stay Away)/19 Sappy/20 Here She Comes Now/21 In the Pines/22 Return of the Rat/23 Talk to Me/24 Courtney Love's Eulogy

OUTCESTICIDE II-01 Bloom/Imodium (Breed)/02 Help Me/03 Oh the Guilt/04 Smells Like Teen Spirit/05 Pennyroyal Tea/06 It's Closing Soon/07 Heart Shaped Box/08 Scentless Apprentice/09 Been a Son/10 Something In the Way/11 Negative Creep/12 In the Pines/13 Baba OReilly/14 The End/15 Lithium (Mix 6)/16 Dumb/17 Molly's Lips/18 Verse Chorus Verse/19 The Man Who Sold the World/20 Smells Like Teen Spirit

OUTCESTICIDE III-01 Rape Me/02 Pennyroyal Tea/03 Drain You/04 Mariglod/05 Dive/06 Mr. Moustache/07 Blandest/08 Even In His Youth/09 Polly/10 Smells Like Teen Spirit/11 Serve the Servants/12 Dumb/13 Tourette's/14 Aneuryism/15 Oh the Guilt/16 Dive/17 About a Girl/18 The Money Will Roll Right In/19 Verse Chorus Verse/20 Curmudge/21 High on the Hog/22 Rawnchola/23 Beans

OUTCESTICIDE IV-01 Pennyroyal Tea/03 Spank Thru/04 Territorial Pissings/05 Smells Like Teen Spirit/06 Rape Me/07 Pay to Play/08 Scoff/09 Love Buzz/10 Floyd the Barber/11 Here She Comes Now/12 D-7/13 Drain You/14 About a Gil/15 Lithium/16 Blew/17 All Apologies/18 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/My Sharona/19 Sappy/20 Clean Up Before She Comes/21 Black and White Blues/22 Montage of Heck, Parts 1 and 2

OUTCESTICIDE V-01 Asking For It/02 Love Buzz/03 Verse Chorus Verse/04 Lithium/05 Rape Me/06 On a Plain/07 Stain/08 School/09 Molly's Lips/10 Aneuyrism/11 Love Buzz/12 Floyd the barber/13 Downer/14 Mexican Seafood/15 White Lace and Strange/Spank Thru/16 Suicide Samurai/18 Hairspray Queen/19 Pen Cap Chew/20 More Than a Feeling/21 My Best Friend's Girl/22 You Know You're Right

OUTCESTICIDE VI-01 School/02 Heart Shaped Box/03 Lounge Act/04 Stain/05 Blew/06 Aero Zeppelin/07 Something In the Way/08 Sappy/09 Very Ape/10 Marigold/11 Habanera/Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam/12 Demoliton/13 Smells Like Teen Spirit/15 Stain/16 Scoff/17 Big Cheese/19 Oh the Guilt/20 Scentless Apprentice

VERY FUCKING RARE DISC I-01 Talk To Me/02 Anorexorcist/03 Bambi Slaughter/04 Clean Up Before She Comes/05 Crisco (Rock Whore)/06 Divine and Bright/07 Down in the Dark/08 Formledehyde/09 Gothic Teen Spirt/10 Gypsies Tramps and Thieves/11 I Feel Fine/12 I Hate Myself and I Want To Die/13 Immigrant song/14 In His Hands/15 Jealousy/16 Kurt Cobain-Ultra Rare (?)

VERY FUCKING RARE DISC II-01 Laminated Effct/02 Lithium/03 Lounge Act/04 Lovegun/05 Me and My IV/06 Moist Vagina/07 My Best Friends Girl/08 My Sharona/09 Her She Comes Now/10 I Wanna Be Your Dog/11 Formaldehyde/12 Old Age/13 My Best Friend's Girl/14 Smoke on the Water/15 Suggestion/16 Suicide Samurai/17 Sweet Emotion Jam/18 Sweet Home Alabama/19 White Lace and Strange/20 You Know You're Right (Acoustic)/21 You've Got No Right/22 Do Nuts

DEMO TAPES 1988-90-01 If You Must/02 Downer/03 Floyd the Barber/04 Paper Cuts/05 Spank Thru/06 Beeswax/07 Pen Cap Chew/08 Aero Zeppelin/09 Beeswax/10 Mexican Seafood/11 Pen Cap Chew/12 Mr Moustache/13 Blandest/14 Downer/15 Floyd the Barber/16 Paper Cuts/17 Spank Thru/18 Jam/19 Lithium/20 Sappy/21 In Bloom/22 Breed/23 Stay Away

PLAY THE FUCKING GUITAR MAN-01 Hairspray Queen/02 Love Buzz/03 Floyd the Barber/04 Dive/05 About a Girl/06 Spank Thru/07 Big Cheese/08 Sappy/09 Breed/10 Been a Son/11 Negative Creep/12 Blew/13 Vendetagainst (Fuck Up)/14 School/15 About a Girl/16 Polly/17 Molly's Lips/18 Sappy/19 Stain

Again, I appreciate your patience in my getting these links up, but I wanted to be certain, at least, to get the text portion of the post up today, on the EXACT 20 year anniversary date of Kurt's tragic end......Kurt and Nirvana deserve at least that much.

Nirvana Some Random Live Shows

Do you realize (I didn't actually) how hard it is to select a fairly "representative" group of ten or so concerts when you have around 300? Also, I obviously don't recall the level of sound quality on each of them individually, some of these MAY BE less than the best, honestly I selected these pretty much at random, trying to span the whole career......not going to wax especially poetic about these, likely, it's been a while since I've listened to these, the track lists will give you the dates and locations.....hope these are acceptable, obviously they were an explosive live act....the first set, is the oldest thing I could locate, a 1987 FM simulcast, which was before Dave Grohl had even appears on the scene, pounding the skins here is Aaron Bruckhard......

I think I'll go another day and maybe two more with this stuff, not just the live stuff but I have some more interesting demos and the like, if you have a specific show or something in mind now is the time to ask....ad thanks for your patience with the links for part 1, they'll start appearing within minutes, hope to get THESE ones up tonight, I'll try to.

By the way, depression is a horrible thing, I personally have dealt with it one and off for as long as I an remember.....with proper medication it is treatable, so if you feel as though you are "physically" depressed, please seek medical attention....there are a LOT of specific anti-depressants out there, on of them will work for you.  Kurt Cobain, Ian Curtis, Nick Drake, Wendy O Williams, and God knows who else weren't properly treated and they are obviously no longer with us, as it became too much for them....please don't join their ranks, there IS effective treatment available.

KAOS RADIO 4/17/87-01 KAS Commercial/02 Love Buzz/03 Floyd the Barber/04 Downer/05 Mexican Seafood/06 White Lace and Strange/07 Spank Thru/08 Annorexocist/09 Hairspray Queen/10 Pen Cap Chew

ANN ARBOR MICHGIGAN 4/10/90-01 Intro/02 School/03 Floyd the Barber/04 Love Buz/05 Dive/06 Spank Thru/07 Breed/08 About a Girl/09 Big Cheese/10 Scoff/11 Molly's Lips/12 Stain/13 Been a Son/14 Negative Creep/15 Blew

DUFFYS TAERN LINCOLN NEBRASKA 5/13/90-01 Intro/02 School/03 Floyd the Barber/04 Spank Thru/05 Scoff/06 Dive/07 About a Girl/08 Imodium/09 Big Cheese/10 Love Buzz/11 Here She Comes Now/12 Polly/13 Pay To Play/14 Been a Son/15 Stain/16 Negative Creep/17 Blew

DALLAS TEXAS 10/19/91-01 Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam/02 Aneurysm/03 Drain You/04 School/05 Floyd the Barber/06 Smells Like Teen Spirit/07 Breed/08 Polly/09 Sliver/10 Pennyroyal Tea/11 Love Buzz/12 Come As You Are/13 Been a Son/14 On a Plain/15 Lithium/16 Territorial Pissings/17 Rape Me

MINNEAPOLIS MINESOTA 10/14/91-01 L'Amour Est Un Diseau Rebelle (Jam, ending cut)/02 Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam/03 Aneurysm/04 Drain You/05 School/06 Floyd the Barber/07 Smells Like Teen Spirit/08 Polly/09 About a Girl/10 Lithium/11 Come As You Are/12 Breed/13 Love Buzz/14 Sliver/15 Territorial Pissings/16 Been a Son/17 Negative Creep/18 Blew/19 On a Plain/20 Endless, Nameless/21 Something In the Way/22 Rape Me

SEATTLE 10/31/91-01 Jesus Don't Want Me For a Sunbeam/02 Aneyurism/03 Drain You/04 School/05 Floyd the Barber/06 Smells Like Teen Spirit/07 About a Girl/08 Polly/09 Breed/10 Sliver/11 Love Buzz/12 Lithium/13 Been a Son/14 Negative Creep/15 On a Plain/16 Blew/17 RapeMe/18 Territorial Pissings/19 Endless Nameless

SEATTLE 9/11/92-01 Breed/02 Drain You/03 Aneusrisym/04 School/05 Sliver/06 In Bloom/07 Come As You Are/08 Lithium/09 About a Girl/10 Son of a Gun/11 Polly/12 Lounge Act/13 Smells Like Teen Spirit/14 On a Plain/15 Negative Creep/16 All Apologies/17 Been a Son/18 Dive/19 Dumb/20 Rape Me/21 Stay Away/22 Love Buzz/23 Territorial Pissings/24 Guitar Smash

MELBOURNE 1992-01 Aneurysim/02 Drain You/03 School/04 Sliver/05 About a Girl/06 Come As You Are/07 Lithium/08 Breed/09 Polly/10 Lounge Act/11 In Bloom/12 Love Buzz/13 Smells Like Teen Spirit/14 Negative Creep/15 On a Plain/16 Blew/17 Smells Like Teen Spirit

CHICAGO 10/23/93 DISC 1-01 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/02 Drain You/03 Breed/04 About a Girl/05 Heart Shaped Box/06 Dumb/07 In Bloom/08 Come As You Are/09 School/10 Polly/11 Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam

CHICAGO 10/23/93 DISC 2-01 Milk It/02 Rape Me/03 Territorial Pissings/04 You Know You're Right/05 All Apologies/06 Something In the Way/07 In Bloom/08 Come AsYou Are/09 School/10 Polly/11 Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam

MILAN ITALY 2/25/94-01 Intro/02 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/03 Drain You/04 Breed/05 Serve the Servants/06 Come As You Are/07 Smells Like Teen Spirit/08 Sliver/09 Dumb/10 In Bloom/11 About A Girl/12 Lithium/13 Pennyroyal Tea/14 School/15 Polly/16 Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle/17 Sappy/18 Rape Me/19 Territorial Pissings/20 All Apologies/21 On a Plain/22 Scentless Apprentice/23 Heart Shaped Box

Enjoy and please comment, more tomorrow, links slowly but surely coming up......

Nirvana Part 3

Nirvana - The Chosen Rejects (4 CDs Box Set) (2009)Continuing with the Nirvana stuff, at least for today and tomorrow, still just have SO much more.....some more rarities collections today, we'll put up some more live shows tomorrow, after that, well, we'll see, I have some fairly comical, for the most part, tribute albums I may just have to dig out to cap this off eventually......there is just SO much stuff.....

Let's begin today with the four-disc "Chosen Rejects" collection.....Disc 1 consists of "Home Demos", someone asked if I had any Fecal Matter (shut up), and a good portion of this disc is comprised of Fecal Matter recordings.....,also some other 4-track demo tapes, not always the greatest in sound quality, but nonetheless interesting. Disc 2 is a load of "Studio Sessions", lots of rare demos, rough mixes, and the like, running the gammit from 1988 through 1993. Disc 3 is made up of "Radio Broadcasts", some of the earlier-posted KAOS tape appears here, but also a lot of stuff that I don't think makes the other comps...Disc 4 is a mishmash of "Live Rarities", most of which may or may not come from complete shows that I have elsewhere but do not care about even close to enough to cross-reference.....this is a fine collection and pretty hard to locate, recommended to fans of the band.

Nirvana - The Chosen Rejects [4 Cds 320 kbps][2 Links]
We also have the "Complete Radio Sessions", the dates of the performances are given, not the sources, I do know that the version of "Lithium" with the "Rape Me" tease intro is from the 1992 MTV Awards  and is, I understand pretty rare in uncut form. Dates do appear with the track lists, I'm sure a bit of reasearch (by this, I mean YOUR research, not mine) would turn up the sources....I simply don't want to do that much work, sorry.

The title of the "In Utero Demos" should fill you in on what it's about, the "In Utero" album unmixed, basically, complete with the B-sides of the singles from the album. I find it fairly intersting, myself. Similarly, "The Nevermind Sessions" include some studio work from THAT album, highlighted by an acoustic "Sappy'....

Nirvana - The Chosen Rejects [4 Cds 320 kbps][2 Links]Wishing to watch the NCAA championship so likely this post won't get up  until Tuesday, I'll wrap it up with the oddball "In Extremis Nirvana Remixed".....MOST of the time I don't much care for this stuff, but sometimes there is a surprise or two (I'll never forget the badass "Techno Mix of BOC's "Astronomy", have I ever posted THAT piece of kickass?).

OK, back with some more live shows tomorrow, as great as they mostly are, they (face it) do have their similarities, reminds me of one guy I know who PURCHASED all of those Pearl Jam "official" bootlegs, these here Nirvana shows, uhh, somebody GAVE them to me! Even so, they are for the most part great, and hardcore Nirvana freaks will likely be pissed that I didn't post the whole 300 or so live shows that I DO have.....Thursday I will probably put up those goofy, aforementioned "tributes", I guess, as you may have noticed I am kind of prone to changing my mind after saying I'm going to do something......a true man of mystery, I am, either that or I forget what I say after I say it....but as of now, the next two days will probably wrap up the Nirvanafest.....still, if there is something PARTICULAR you are looking for, a specific show or something, now be the time to inquire.......

Nirvana - The Chosen Rejects (4 CDs Box Set) (2009)CHOSEN REJECTS DISC 1-01 Montage of Heck (short) (4 track tape collage 1988)/02 Sound of Dentage/03 Bambi Slaughter/04 Laminated Effect/05 Insurance/06 Class of '86/07 Blathers Log/08 Downer (Tracks 2-8 Fecal Matter Demos, 12/85)/09 Escalator to Hell (4-Track Experiment 1988)/10 Sappy/11 Creation/12 Black & White Blues (tracks 10-12 4-track demos, 1988)/13 Intro/Old Age/Low Rider (4 Track Demo 1992)/14 Montage of Heck (long) (4-track tape collage 1988)/15 Gypsies Tramps and Thieves (Band Practice 1987)

Nirvana – The Complete Radio Sessions (1995, 320 kbps)CHOSEN REJECTS DISC 2-01 Spank Thru (1/23/88)/02 Paper Cuts (1/23/88)/03 Mr Moustache 6/11/88/04 Blew (6/11/88)/05 Sifting (6/11/88)/06 Aint It a Shame (8/20/89)/07 Even In His Youth (9/89)/08 Lithium (4/90)/09 Breed (4/90)/10 Sappy (4/90)/11 Aneurysm (1/1/91)/12 Oh the Guilt (1/1/91)/13 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (1/1/91)/14 On a Plain (1/1/91)/15 All Apologies (1/1/91)/16 Token Eastern Song (1/1/91)/17 Something In the Way (5/91)/18 Drain You (5/91)/19 Stay Away (5/91)/20 Scentless Apprentice (1/19/93)/21 Onward nto Countless Battles (1/19/93)/22 Very Ape 1/19/93

Nirvana - In Utero Demos (2001)CHOSENREJECTS DISC 3-01 Floyd the Barber/02 Mexican Seafood/03 Hairspray Queen(tracks 1-3 KAOS 4/87)/04Dive (11/1/89 VPRO)/05 About a Girl/06 Love Buzz/07 Polly/08 Spank Thru (tracks 4-8 BBC FM 10/26/89)/09 Drain You (BBC FM 9/3/91)/10 Something In the Way (BBC FM 11/9/91)/11 Where Did You Sleep Last Night (11/25/91 VPRO)/12 Here She Comes Now (11/25/91 VPRO)/13 Smells Like Teen Spirit (1/11/92 SNL)/14 School (1/10/92 MTV)/15 Mollys Lips (1/10/92 MTV)/16 Lithium (9/9/92 MTV VMA'S)/17 Heart Shaped Box (9/25/93 SNL)/18 Rape Me (2/4/94 CANAL+) 19 Pennyroyal Tea (2/4/94 CANAL+)/20 Serve the Servants (2/23/94 TUNNEL)/21 Dumb (2/23/94 TUNNEL)/22 Territorial Pissings (1/11/92 SNL)

CHOSEN REJECTS DISC 4-01 If You Must/02 Pen Cap Chew/03 Big Cheese (tracks 1-3 Tacoma 3/19/88)/04 Run Rabbit Run (Olympia 10/30/88)/05 Sifting (12/28/88 Seattle)/06 Token Eastern Song (10/8/89 Omaha)/07 Son of a Gun (10/23/90 Birmingham)/08 Oh the Guilt/09 Mr Moustache/10 Verse Chorus Verse/11 Stain (tracks 8/11 11/25/90 Seattle)/12 Rape Me (11/19/91 Rome)/13 Curmudgeon (10/23/91 Tempe)/14 Talk To Me (11/17/91 Mezzago)/15 Where Did You Sleep Last Night (2/7/92 Sydney)/16 Swap Meet/17 Scoff (tracks 16-17 6/92 Roskilde)/18 Beeswax (10/30/92 Buenos Aires)/19 You Know You're Right (Chicago 10/23/93)/20 The Man Who Sold the World (1/8/94 Seattle)/21 Erectum/Moby Dick (3/19/88 Tacoma)

Bootleg Bonanza: Nirvana - Nevermind SessionsCOMPLETE RADIO SESSIONS Disc 1-01 Love Buzz/02 About a Girl/03 Polly/04 Spank Thru/05 Son of a Gun/06 Mollys Lips/07 D-7/08 Turnaround/09 Dumb/10 Drain You/11 Endless, Nameless

(Tracks 1-4 recorded 26th October 1989,Tracks 5 to 8 recorded 21st October 1990,Tracks 9 to 11)

COMPLETE RADIO SESSIONS Disc 2-01 Been a Son/02 Polly/03 Aneurysm/04 Something In the Way/05 Here She Comes Now/06 In the Pines/07 Drain You/08 Polly/09 Territorial Pissings/10 Lithium

(Tracks 1 to 4 recorded 9th November 1991
Tracks 5 & 6 recorded 25th November 1991
Tracks 7 to 9 recorded 10th January 1992.
Track 10 recorded 9th September 1992)

In Extremis - Nirvana RemixedIN UTERO DEMOS-01 Rape Me/02 Scentless Apprentice/03 Heart Shaped Box/04 Milk It/05 Dumb/06 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/07 Very Ape/08 Pennyroyal Tea/09 Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle/10 Tourette's/11 Serve the Servants/12 All Apologies/13 Moist Vagina/14 Marigold/15 Sappy/16 I Hate Myself and I Want To Die

NEVERMIND SESSIONS-01 In Bloom/02 Breed/03 Stay Away (Pay to Play)/04 Polly/05 Dive/06 Lithium/07 Sappy/08 Here She Comes Now/09 Aneurysm/10 Endless Nameless

IN EXTREMIS NIRVANA REMIXED-01 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Big Beef's Absolute Remix)/02 In Bloom (That Stupid Fucking Club Mix)/03 About A Girl (Pootey & The Beats Summer Solstace )/04 Love Buzz (Dimention Dog's Remix)/05 Something in the Way (Call Yourselves Professional Remix)/06 The Priest They Call Him/Come as You Are (Radio Dog's Reservoir Mix)/07 Happy Hour/08 Help Me/09 The Nirvana Mega Mix/10 Token Eastern Song

More live Nirvana shows.....

I am almost ALWAYS surprised by the download numbers, really, of most things I post....I thought this Nirvana thing would be very popular, quite the opposite, very low numbers.....same was true off the Clash thing, MUCH lower numbers than I would have anticipated.....then somthing like Nikki & the Corvettes surprises me by doing so much BETTER than I figured.....you simply never know in this game, I guess.....

Today another mashup of fairly random live Nirvana shows, as of yet not nearly as popular as I'd have guessed, unless everyone ELSE has all these too.....todays show range from very early (1989) through very late (March 94).......one of the better of all live bands, they are worth a listen. .....

No commentary needed, dates/locations listed with the tracks.......

WHERE WERE YOU IN '89-01 School/02 Scoff/03 Love Buzz/04 Floyd the Barber/05 Dive/06 Polly/07 Big Cheese/08 Spank Thru (Sparks Through)/09 About a Girl/10 Token Eastern Song/11 Neive Creep/12 Blew/13 Drain You/14 Aneurysm/15 School/16 Been a Son/17 Negative Creep (Negative Creed)/18 Smells Like Teen Spirit

TRACKS 1-12-Duchess of York Public House, Leeds, 10/25/89
 TRACKS 13-18 Paradiso Amsterdam 11/25/91

OUT OF THE BLUE-SEATTLE UNIVERSITY 1989-01 Scoff/02 Love Buzz/03 Floyd the Barber/04 About a Girl/05 Spank Thru/06 Big Cheese/07 Sappy/08 Breed/09 Been a Son/10 Negative Creep/11 Blew/12 Help Me

CACTUS CLUB SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA 2/11/90-01 School/02 Floyd the Barber/03 About a Girl/04 Breed/05 Spank Thru/06 Molly's Lips/07 Polly/08 Dive/09 Stain/10 Been a Son/11 Negative Creep/12 Love Buzz/13 Blew

FOX THEATER DETROIT 10/29/91-01 Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam/02 Aneuurysm/03 Drain You/04 School/05 Floyd the Barber/06 Smells Like Teen Spirit/07 About a Girl/08 Breed/09 Polly/10 Silver/11 Love Buzz/12 Lithium/13 D-7/14 Dive/15 Been a Son/16 Negative Creep/17 On a Plain/18 Blew/19 Rape Me/20 Come As You Are/21 Territorial Pissings (Allegedly Dave Grohl was ill and replaced on drums on this album, cannot confirm)

PARADISO AMSTERDAM 11/25/91-01 Drain You/02 Aneurysm/03 School/04 Floyd the Barber/05 Smells Like Teen Spirit/06 About a Girl/07 Polly/08 Lithium/09 Sliver/10 Breed/11 Come As You Are/12 Been a Son/13 Negative Creep/14 On a Plain/15 Blew/16 Love Buzz/17 Territorial Pissings

IN THE SHADOWS OF THE SUN-ST PETERSBURG FLORIDA 11/27/93-01 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/02 Drain You/03 Breed/04 Serve the Servants/05 About a Girl/06 Heart-Shaped Box/07 Dumb/08 In Bloom/09 Come As You Are/10 Lithium/11 Pennyroyal Tea/12 Polly/13 Milk It/14 Rape Me/15 Territorial Pissings/16 Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam/17 Scentless Apprentice/18 Smells Like Teen Spirit

COMMODORE BALLROOM VANCOUVER BC, CANADA 10/30/91-01 Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam/02 Aneurysm/03 Drain You/04 School/05 Floyd the Barber/06 Smells Like Teen Spirit/07 About a Girl/08 Polly/09 Breed/10 Sliver/11 Love Buzz/12 Lithium/13 Been a Son/14 Negative Creep/15 On a Plain/16 Blew/17 Endless, Nameless

SEATTLE SOUND!-EL CASTELLO ROME 11/19/91-01 Drain You/02 Aneurysm/03 School/04 Floyd the Barber/05 Smells Like Teen Spirit/06 About a Girl/07 Polly/08 Lithium/09 Sliver/10 Come As You Are/11 Breed/12 Been a Son/13 Negative Creep/14 On a Plain/15 Blew/16 Rape Me/17 Spank Thru/18 Territorial Pissings

MUNICH GERMANY 3/1/94 DISC 1-01 My Best Friends Girl/02 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/03 Drain You/04 Breed/05 Serve the Servants/06 Come As You Are (Vypadek Proudo)/07 Come As You Are/08 Sliver/09 Dumb/10 In Bloom/11 About a Girl/12 Lithium

MUNICH GERMANY 3/1/94 DISC 2-01 Pennyroyal Tea/02 School (cut)/03 Polly/04 Very Ape/05 Lounge Act/06 Rape Me/07 Territorial Pissings/08 The Man Who Sold the World/09 All Apologies/10 On a Plain/11 Blew/12 Heart Shaped Box

ROME ITALY 2/22/94-01 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter/02 Drain You/03 Breed/04 Serve the Servants/05 Come As You Are/06 Smells Like Teen Spirit/07 Sliver/08 Dumb/Run to the Hills/09 In Bloom/10 About a Girl/11 Lithium

Links before too terribly long at all, unless you have ADD in which case you will forget about them anyway.

Wrapping up the Nirvana tribute with Nirvana Tributes

Again, I'm sorry and surprised that this hasn't been more popular.....I wish it had been, but as I said before I am almost NEVER "shocked", things that I think willl be extremely well-recieved are not, and just the opposite, too, something that I think may just earn a nibble, explodes.....just goes to show that I have NO idea what is going on in the minds of everyone else, and it's ALL good.....imagine, had I done the whole month of Nirvana as I had kicked around.....I''d cut my readership in half (to about 6?)....so anyway, this is it for now, some very goofy Nirvana tributes to send this uout on the lighter side...these links will probably hang around for a whild, so should you decide to pick up some of them letr they should still be......

Pay for Smells Like - A Tribute To Nirvana . mp3Briefly three "tribute" albums, you know they are not my favorites......genally so stupid that they are readilly dismissed, or such slavish copies as to be not worth the effort......some of both here, I fear, but some NIrvana-freaks may like these, so why not?

First and best is "Smells  Like Bleach" which at least includes some legit artists, Vibrators, UK Subs, Flipper, Agent Orange, and more, highlighted, perhaps byt Burning Brides "Somthing In the Way"......

Next is "Smells LIke Nirvava", which features slavish but subpar versions of the classics: The Butchers doing "In BLoom".....Kristen Krush tackling  "Polly".......Beki Bondage (I have an album by her here somewhere I think) taking in "Teen Spirit" AND "Lithium"......stuff like that, give it a  listen, they are attemting to tribute Nirvana much the same way taht I am.

Lastly, I have a freebie dic given away by SPIN Magazine on the 20th anniversary of the release of "Nevrmind", this entitled "Newermind", see this one around quit a bit.....highlights include Titus Andronicus taking on "Breed", Amanda Palmer's take on "Polly", and some surprisese such as Foxy Shazam taking on "Drain You", and Buthc Walker & the Black Widows trying their hand at "In Bloom"......again, no means a classic, fans of Nirvana and Tribute albums in general may enjoy these, let me know..........

SMELLS LIKE BLEACH-01 VIBRATRS-Come As You Are/02 BLANKS 77-Smells Like Teen Spirit//03 UKSUBS-Stay Away/04 AGENT ORANGE-On a Plain/05 TOTALCHAOS-Breed/06 DEE DEE RAMONE-Negative Creep/07 ROSETTA STONE-Territorrial Pissings/08 VICE SQUAD-Lithium/09 BURNING BRIDES-Something In the Way/10 FLIPPER-Scentless Apprentice/11 DOA-All Apologies/12 DR KNOW-Aneurysm/13 ICU-Drive

Nirvana – Nevermind 20 Year Anniversary SMELLS LIKE NIRVANA-01 BUTCHERS-In Bloom/02 BUTHCERS-Heart Shaped Box/03 KIRSTEN KRUSH-Polly/04 DEAD SEX KITTEN-On a Plain/05 ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS PORCE-All Apologies/06 ARTIST FORMERLY KNOWN AS PORCE-Rape Me/07 BEKI BONDAGE-Smells Like Teen Spirit/08 EDDY BOPP-Come As You Are/09 BEKI BONDAGE-Lithium/10 PINK GUN-Breed/11 KRISTEN DEBEAUVIOR-The Man Who Sold the World/12 BAPTISM-Something In the Way


Nirvana nirvanaAnything here "do it" for you? if so let me know......my favorite Nirvana cover would likely be "Something In the Way" by Burning Brides, but a unique and VERY difficult band to cover.....a testimony to thei greatness......again, surprised that this whole thing hasn't been more popular, but I just NEVER know, and that is what makes this interesting.......please, please, please, keep the requestsand the like coming......I THINK tomorrow I have a surprise coming up from the legend that is DaveSez, so you won't want to miss THAT, no way!

Obviousy I love the music of Nirvana, it spoke to me, at least, in a way that few otheres have. Hope you enjoy thte odds and ends I've tried to select this week, they deserve it........not only culturally, but personally, as they/Nevermind singlehandely made this 30 year old see that rock n roll was FAR fom dead, just resting, and as long as there are always who "get it", Kurt Cobain, Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan, Jack White......there will always be ideas which can be expounded into wonderful artwork for us to love.......it's always been that way, and should ALWAYS be.......that is why I am here.....to examine the past, present, and future, and I hope I make that clear......it's ONLY rock n roll (but, for the most part, I DO like it!)

Sleep well and welome to another weekend......coming up soon: These Arms Are Snakes,Wesley Willis, the longdelayed Yo La Tengo Mega Post, the long delayed Motorhead Post, and of courswe my usual stone-unknown gems, punks who slipped through the cracks, just general oddballs, and more and more of the stuff that has given this blog it's charachter (assuming it has ANY).......I thank everyone who reads, comment, shares (Dave Sez, YEAH, but also Sonic and Psychlist (MIA) and Mark (stoner rock king), Doug Wofsey and SO MANY others, special thanks to "Dasiy" who called me "Sweetie" in the comments.........LOTS AND LOTS OF OTHER contributors and friends, love you all and hop you stay with me for a while.....please request and comment, and continue to make this a FUN place to be

Wesley WIllis

The Wesley Willis Fiasco, SpookyDisharmoniousConflictHellrideSo, Nirvana thing was not as popular as I had hoped.......I hope YOU personally enjoyed it, and really, I'm GLAD I decided not to dedicate the entire month to the band, as my trademarked variety would have been compromised.....because the point here has alwasy been that Nirvana CAN BE on the same level of enjoyability as No Need For a Name or The Bannana Erectors, depending upon the listener and the listener's frame of mind.....I LOVE to share out Nirvana or Rollin Stones rarities, but I ALSO love shaking up with something maybe a couple of you never heard before.

Which brings us to Wesley Willis, a sort of project of Jello Biafra (Similar to the Frank Zappa/Wild Man Fischer relationship of years earlier)......Willis is a diagnosed chronic schizophrenic who "writes" and "sings" various songs on various topics.....if you have never heard him before, you may not enjoy this at all (GOOD chance of that), but you will not be able to compare it to anything else.

Wesley Willis - Greatest Hits Volume 2Willis claimed that there are three demons that resided within him, I am not going to go into full detail here, NOT making fun of the man......but the "demons" caused him to record about a zillion albums, best known the Wesley Willis Fiasco albums which were farily straight up punk, with Biafra's assistance......his life story would require a book, maybe there is one, there was a chapter about him (along with Wild Man Fischer and some others in the book "Unknown Legends of Rock N Roll to which I have alluded many times.)

wesley willisAnyway, a lot of Willis' songs are "tributes"other musicians......let's take, for example, the "great""Nirvana".....it goes something like this "Nirvaaaaaaana, Nirvaaaaaana, you is so bad you can kick a horses ass, Nirvaaaaaaana, Nirvaaaaaaana....".....or the creative "Alanis Morrisette", the lyrics being something like "A-Lan-Is Morrsett, A-Lan-Is-Morrsett, you is so bad you can kick a horse's ass".....soemthing like that......he also is known for a series of tunes such as "Lick a Camel's" ass and "Suck My Dog's Dick"......NOT for you to play for your grandmother, please. For some reason when "Huh?" Magazine put out it's monthly various artists CD, Willis turned up on them quite often, this is where I got my first exposure to him.....I MIGHT root through all those and put those tracks on here too (I also recall he covered "Jailbreak" on the Thin Lizzy tribte as well......

... AN INTRODUCTION TO WESLEY WILLIS (dedicated to SLAWN) » wesley willisI have a couple of his albums here, and I think that there is a tape or two on the Bay I don't have.....I try, as I say over and again, to put up VARIETY on this site, and Wesley WIllis gives us that to an absolute  T.......WIllis passed away in 2003.

This first one, I got off the Bay, the originator says he bought a burned CD from Wesley himself for $3.00 before a show.....gotta be "rare" as these things ...

Wesley Willis, sorely missedWESLEY WILLIS-01 Easy E Tried to Kill Me (with Pimp Daddy Welfare)/02 I Smoke Weed/03 Illinois State Police/04 Jesus is the Fuckin Answer/05 Suck a Cheetah's Dick/06 Suck My Rotweiller's Ass

I have an album on my shelf from his "Fiasco" period, which is an attempt, I guess, at hard-core punk rock...the album is entitled "Spookydisharmoniousconflicthellride"......you HAVE NOT, for better or for worse, heard anything like this before......

SPOOKYDISHARMONIOUSCONFLICTHELLRIDE-01 Get on the Bus/02 I'm Doing It Well On the Side of the Rea/03 Pop That Pussy/04 Casper the Homosexual FrienGhost/05 I Can't Drive/0He's Doing Time In Jail/07 The Bar Is Closed/08 Jesus is the Answer/09 Blood Guts and Fire Trucks/10 She Loves Me Truly/11 Drink That Whiskey/12 Steve Albini/13 Steve Albini Reprise/14 I'm SOrry That I Got So Fat
There were also three (!) "Greatest hits"albums, I know I used to them all but now I have only   "Volume 2" and "Volume 3", I'm sure these will suffice......comments, please, as I continue to span recorded history for not only the "best", but the simply "out there"? It ALL has it's place, right? ....Not ALL of the "classics" are here, but "Suck a Polar Bear's Dick", and "Suck a Pit Bull's Dick certainly do give us at least a general idea
And since we are in a Nirvana kind of mood, I tracked down his "Nirvana""tribute", you'll want to hear it as well, it's just a singel track, taken, as I said before, a "HUH?" Magazine compilation
Wesley Willis 
VOLUME 2-01 The Vultures Ate My Dead Ass Up/02 They Threw me Out of Church/03 Oil Express/04 Fuck You/05 Birdman Kicked My Ass/06 Make Sure I'm Out Screwing Up/07 I'm Running My Inkpen/08 Caryn Shaffer/09 Cut the Mullet/10 Jello Biafra/11 Suck a Caribou's Ass/12 Stop the Violence/13 Feel the Power of Rock N Roll/14 The Frogs/15 Aime/16 Girls On Film/17 Lotion/18 I Broke Out Your Windshield/19 Arnold Schwarzeneggar/20 Mr Scarface/21 Al Capone/22 Harmony Joy Busride
VOLUME 3-01 Verbal Assault/02 The Viper Room/03 Im Going On a World Tour/04 If/05 Your Way Right Away/06 Make My Joyplane Crash and Burn/07 I Whipped Spiderman's Ass/08 Suck a Pitbull's Dick/09 Oprah Winfrey/10 Love God (#)/11 I'm the Daddy of Rock N Roll/12 My Keyboard Got Damaged/13 Wrigly Field/14 Chuckie/15 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers/16 My Mother Smokes Crack Rocks/17 Beware of Dog/18 Gingerbread Knocked Me Out/19 Do It/20 Suck a Polar Bear's Dick/21 The Horse Bit Me/22 Carla Winterbottom/23 Catalina/24 Benny The Bull/25 It's the End of the Western.

Return of legend that IS Dave Sez!

Dave Sez has been a frequent contributor here, TONS of good stuff that you may hve happened by here may very well have been his handywork......today he wishese to contribute a fine Eric Clapton set from 1994, sounds good to me, and I will turn the description of the music over to him, take it away, Dave Sez:

Eric Clapton - From The Cradle tour rehearsals
Sony Studios, NYC, 28th September 1994
A+ studio mp3 @ 320, full artwork and text included
A couple of weeks after the release of the From The Cradle album on 13th September 1994, Clapton gathered his band at a New York studio to rehearse for their upcoming tour. These top-quality full run-throughs are at least equal to the official album, being again recorded as a single studio take then beautifully mixed down for the band to rehearse to.
Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Dave Bronze – bass
Andy Fairweather-Low – guitar
Chris Stainton – keyboards
Roddy Lorimer – trumpet
Tim Sanders – tenor saxophone
Simon Clarke – baritone saxophone
Jerry Portnoy – harmonica
Andy Newmark – drums
01 - Hootchie Coochie Man*
02 - Tore Down*
03 - Sinner's Prayer*
04 - Motherless Child*
05 - Malted Milk
06 - Born Under A Bad Sign
07 - Someday After A While*
08 - It Hurts Me Too*
09 - 44
10 - Five Long Years*
11 - Crossroads
12 - Ain't Nobody's Business
Bonuses: "Saturday Night Live" session, 24th September 1994
13 - Tore Down*
14 - Five Long Years*
* = on From The Cradle album.
Thanks to http://vivalesbootlegs.blogspot.com!
Research and text by Dave Sez, 2014 - almost twentieth anniversary!


So, there ya go, some rare Clapton which sounds great to me, ALL thanks go to Dave Sez, I'm just the middle man.......but PLEASE, if you have any stuff like this PLEASE share, share, share!!!!! That is the name of this game.