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Sunshine & The Rain

Tripped over this one by mistake, album of the day! A great one from Sunshine & the Rain, girl-group sounds ala Nikki & the Corvettes or the Junior Varsity, fleshed out with great songs, great hard rocking guitars, ........  simply a great album......thanks to the anonymous contributor for sending "In the Darkness of My Light".....perhaps a less frightening, modern day Donnas?

IN THE LIGHT OF MY DARKNESS-01 Let's Go/02 Little Rag Doll/03 I'm Not Your Girl/04 Come On Baby/05 Merchandise/06 So Far So Close/07 Going the Wrong Way/08 Take Me Out Again/09 Can'tStop Thinking About You/10 In a Dream

DO NOT miss this phenominal album.


Angel Dust Psychedelia

Borrowed this comp from another blog (link converted), this is one we've ALL got to hear.....a collection of hard acid from my fave era, 1968-72........brief summarization:

Angel Dust Psychedelia 1968-1972
Guitar-psych & wasted hardrock from the Altamont generation.
No hippies. No flower-power. No peace.

Non-hippie, devastating guitar-psych and PCP induced hard-rock: Angel Dust Psychedelia is a '100% killers, no fillers' compilation featuring obscure and unknown 45s and unreleased acetates from the US, most of them released on private labels. Many local underground bands of the late 1960s and early 1970s lacked the money and/or material needed to make a full-length album, and would put out a self-released 45s instead.RECORD collectors and writers have been slow to understand this treasure of vintage private press singles, with music that is every bit as good as hallowed underground LPs like Mystic Siva or Boa.

Fourteen tracks including the monster acid-punker 'Time Gone to Waste' by Local Traffic, post-Stereo Shoestring band Red House with an unreleased track, the mega rare acetate by Matchbox from Houston, tremendous acid-psych by Dick St John and Ragweed Patch, raw hard-rock by Masque and Zoo and more. The perfect companion to those legendary '80s psych comps like Brain Shadows, Acid Dreams, and Endless Journey. Remastered sound for a stunning in-your-face heavy guitar experience. Limited to 500 copies."

1. MASALLA - Burning Feeling
2. MATCHBOX - Metaphysical Composition
4. DICK ST JOHN - Lady Of Burning Green Jade
5. LOCAL TRAFFIC - Time Gone To Waste
6. RED HOUSE - Mary-Ann
7. MASQUE - Wake Up In The Morning
8. ZOO - 4-44
9. RAGWEED PATCH - Burn The Midnight Oil
10. LIFE - This Time
12. MASQUE - Lady Of The Land
13. PUNCH - Death Head
14. FLINTLOCK - Hope You’re Feeling Better


A Thousand Hours

Some more great hypno-shoegaze pop, this time from A Thousand Hours from Alaska.....cold and spacey, the title track "Endless Grey" is my favorite.

ENDLESS GREY-01 Endless Grey/02 B/03 Ship/04 Moments/05 Tender/06 Hold/07 Down/08 Flood/09 The Desolate Hour/10 Rainy Days/11 Closure



Fabio sends some doom rock from Sweden, this time in the form of Vokonis with their release "Olde One Ascending"......I will carpet bomb soon, if you have already, send your views.

OLDE ONE ASCENDING-01 Olde One/02 The Serpent's Alive/03 Acid Pilgrim/04 Shroom Parade/05 King Vokonis Plague/06 Hazmat the Ashen Rider/07 Acid Pilgrim (Live)


Tolo Marton

Fabio raves about this Venezia guitarist......never heard of him myself, but I trust Mr. Fabio, and am guessing this will be a pleasant surprise.

Tolo Marton - My Place is Close to You (1996)

01 Certitude Of Laundromats.m4a
02 Alpine Valley.m4a
03 See What You've Done To Me.m4a
04 Music Lady.m4a
05 Plains Of Joy.m4a
06 Rainy Day.m4a
07 Back To My Youth.m4a
08 I Don't Wanna Be Alone.m4a
09 My Place Is Close To You.m4a
10 Wake Up.m4a
11 Pinto Creek.m4a

Almost Honest

Another fabio choice, here is some crushing stoner metal from Almost Honest, their second
release....another hard-rocking submisssion from Fabio!


1.Thunder Mouth03:54 
2.Cannibal Cowboy03:24 
3.Ghost in Flames03:52 
4.Appalachian Sasquatch03:59 
6.Gods & Swine06:59 
7.'72 Cosmos02:14 
8.Grandfather Frost04:35 
9.Forbidden Knowledge02:48 
10.Robot Slave06:22 

Daddy Issues

"Deep Dream" from Daddy Issues is a fine release, grungy-alt rock, the submitter of The Breeders or Belly, good enough comparisons for me.......really great album, even the cover of "Boys of Summer" which I was prepared to hate, it's not even close to that bad.......this is possible year-end

DEEP DREAM-01 Mosquito Bite/02 In Your Head/03 Lemon/04 High Street/05 Dog Years/06 Boring Girls/07 Locked Out/08 I'm Not/09 Boys of Summer/10 Dandelion



Excited to get this one (Fabio), I'm unfamiliar with it but it's from the classic era of early 70's pre-stoner metal, which I love, and from the review seems to be from the Atomic Rooster/Hard Stuff school of 70's rock.......there is a goldmine of this stuff still out there virtually unknown, so if you're my age and have any classic heavy-psych from this era, please don't hesitate.



With a massive proto-doom vibe running throughout, this album is a blast of riffs, hammond organ abuse and wah-wah solos. Uriah Heep/Purple song compositions are the template here, all played with the conviction of Atomic Roosters Death Walks Behind You. Doomy riffing and sinister organ use bring a modern touch to proceedings .. yeah, the wheel is not being reinvented here but as Medusa1975 were around in the 70s, they have every right to sound like this, unlike the slew of current bands lazily ripping off wholesale riffs from that time. ~ Tony Maim (Black Insect LaughterStoner HiVe)

RISING FROM THE ASHES-01 Armageddon/02 Rage On/03 Fall of the House Usher/04 Turn To Stone/05 Into the Night/06 Circles of Hell

Moon Duo

A good EP from Moon Duo, some classic Krautrock sounds with modern day touches.....Moon Duo is the side project of Wooden Shjips guitarist Ripley Johnson and collaborator Sanae Yamada. Four long hypnotic tracks,as well as bonus tracks on this expanded edition,  a very enjoyable effort.

KILLING TIME-01 Killing Time/02 Speed/03 Dead West/04 Ripples/05 Boppers Hat/06 Run Around/07 Dead West Part 2



Some alterna-pop that contains former members of Guided By Voices, The Jicks, and The Decemberists, weird and really good from what I've heard so far.

or-01 Slow It Goes/02 Camelot/03 Falling Eyes/04 Tell Me You Know/05 My Caved In Mind/06 Ghost Ghost Ghost/07 23 (Years)/08 (I Will) Leave With You/09 Don't (Please) Come Around/10 Moony/11 You Know I Gotta Reason/12 Furthest Blue


Sleepy Sun

Some good light psych from Sleepy Sun, from Santa Cruz CA.....I'm unfamiliar with them, this is album #5 for them........recommended.

PRIVATE TALES-01 Prodigal Vampire/02 Seaquest/03 When the Morning Comes/04 It's Up To You/05 Throes/06 Crave/07 The Keys/08 Demon Baby/09 The Plea/10 Reconcile


Sleepy Sun Redux

Studkid sends along a bunch more Sleepy Sun to flesh out yesterday's new release......seems like a fave of
his, can't wait to hear these.

Sleppy Sun Is one of my smaller fav. So here is all I have.

Embrace (2009)
1New Age
4Sleepy Son
5Golden Artifact
6White Dove
7Snow Goddess
8Duet With The Northern Sky
 9 Mating Season (unreleased)
10 Sandstorm Woman (new)

Fever (2010)-01 Marina/02 Rigamaroo/03 Wild machines/04 Ooh Boy/05 Acid Love/06 Desert God/07 Open Eyes/08 Freedom Line/09 Sandstorm Woman

Spine Hits (Expanded Tour Edition)
1. Stivey Pond (2:52)
2. She Rex (3:54)
3. Siouxsie Blaqq (4:34)
4. Creature (3:15)
5. Boat Trip (3:50)
6. V.O.G. (4:14)
7. Martyr's Mantra (6:04)
8. Still Breathing (5:01)
9. Yellow End (3:46)
10. Deep War (3:34)
11. Lioness (Requiem) (4:44)
12. Martyr's Mantra (Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12) (6:03)
13. She Rex (Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12) (3:59)
14. Wild Machines (Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12) (6:01)
15. Siouxsie Blaqq (Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12) (4:38)
16. Creature (Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12) (2:49)
17. Desert God (Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12) (5:18)
18. Stivey Pond (Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12) (3:08)
19. Boat Trip (Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12) (4:22)
20. New Age (Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12) (8:28)
21. Lioness (Requiem) (Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12) (5:10)
22. V.O.G. (Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12) (4:16)
23. Sandstorm Woman (Live @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, 5/10/12) (9:05)

Maui Tears (2014)
1The Lane4:43
3Everywhere Waltz6:00
8Galaxy Punk2:36
9Maui Tears10:31 

Daytrotter Session (2009)
1. Welcome To Daytrotter (0:09)
2. Snow Goddess (3:11)
3. Mating Season (6:03)
4. Sleepy Son (8:19)
5. Golden Artifact (4:08)

Live iTunes Session (2009)
1. Sleepy Son (7:56)
2. The Chain (5:48)
3. New Age (14:25)
4. White Dove (9:46)
5. Lord (6:18)

Classic Turtles Deluxe

Double disc deluxe editions of a pair of Turtles classics ("The Turtles Present The Battle of the Bands",
"Wooden Head") fleshed out with a metric ton of bonus material......all I can say is if you only know "Happy Together", there is a good deal you are missing out on.

On a related matter, anyone have The Flo and Eddie album (albums?) from ca. early 70's.......they were part of Zappa's circle (2 former Turtles).......used to have that LP ages ago, love to hear it again.

"Battle" features the Turtles performing as various "different" bands, quite a novel idea for the time, "Wooden Head" is more insanity.......you want theses, and may wish to hurry!

BATTLE OF THE BANDS DISC 1-01 The Opening-The Battle of the Bands/02 The Last Thing I Remember/03 Eleanore/04 Too Much Heartsick Feeling/05 oh, Daddy/06 Buzz Saw/07 Surfer Dan/08 I am Chief Kamanawanalea (We're the Royal Macadamia Nuts)/09 You Showed Me/10 Food/11 Chicken Little Was Right/12 The Closing (Earth Anthem)

BATTLE OF THE BANDS DISC -01 She's My Girl/02 Chicken Little Was Right (single Version)/03 Sound Asleep/04 Umbassa The Dragon/05  The Story of Rock N Roll/06 Can't You Hear The Cows/07
The Last Thing I Remember/08 The Owl (Outtake)/09 To See The Sun (Outtake)/10 Earth Anthem (Alternate Version)/11 Radio Spot

WOODEN HEAD DISC 1-01 I Can't Stop/02 She'll Come Back/03 Get Away/04 Wrong From The Start/05 I Get Out Of Breath/06 We'll Meet Again/07 On a Summers Day/08 Come Back/09 Say Girl/10 Tie Me Down/11 Wanderin Kind

WOODEN HEAD DISC 2-01You Baby (1967 Stereo Mix)/02 So Goes Love/03 Makin My Mind Up (66 Stereo Version)/04 Is It Any Wonder?)/05 Let It Be Me (1966 Stereo Mix)/06 Grim Reaper of Love/07 It Aint Me Babe (67 Stereo Mix)/08 I Can Get To Know You Better/09 Outside Chance/10 You Know What I Mean/11 Cat In The Window/12 We'll Meet Again (Alternate Take)/13 Turtles Radio Spot



Flo and Eddie

I asked yesterday, and MD Milner comes through with the first Flo and Eddie album, "The Phlorescent Leech and Eddie".......hadn't heard it in 40 years probably, still elicits a smile, although I wish it was the album (anyone?) which contains the hilarious "Another Pop Stars Life Goes By".........still this one is way worth your time, especially if the Turtles thing did it for ya yesterday.

THE PHLORESCENT LEECH AND EDDIE-01 Flo & Eddie Theme/02 Thoughts Have Turned/03 It Never Happened/04 Burn The House/05 Lady Blue/06 Strange Girl/07 Who But I/08 I Been Born Again/09 Goodbye Surprise/10 Nikki Hoi/11 Really Love/12 Feel Older Now/13 There You Sit Lonely


Thanks MD, great submission

Ulrika Spacek Redux

Their latest was posted a couple of weeks ago, "Modern English Decoration", this is their previous efffort "The Album Paranoia" from 2016.....more good shoegaze/dreampop from the UK.

THE ALBUM PARANOIA-01 I Don't Know/02 Porcelain/03 Circa 1954/04 Strawberry Glue/05 Beta Male/06 NK/07 Ultra Vivid/08 She's a Cult/09 There's a Little Passing Cloud In You/10 Airpotism

Superior effort to the other IMO


Mad Monkees

Fabio sends us a Bandcamp link for Brazil's Mad Monkees, who blast out some great loud grungy-blues based rock.......totally worth your while, as Fabio's usual superb judgement reigns supreme.

MAD MONKEES-01 Bombman/02 Monkee Business/03 I Cannot Feel/04 Profit Over Doom/05 Try Harder (Again and Again)/06 Deamons and Angels/07 Love Yourself/08 Scars/09 Cold Sparkle/10 Scream



Another Fabio contribution is Spocaine's "Solar Fuzz" a very spacey stoner EP......see attached review!

01 Intro/02 Giants Walk/03 Solar Fuzz/04 Into the Light/05 Outro

Germany's SpocaineFlorian Rauch (vocals), André Stefan (guitar, slide guitar), Patrick Weber (guitar), Jorin Gundler (bass) and Tim Rauch (drums, percussion) first came to Desert Psychlist's attention when in 2013 the band released their self-tiled album "Spocaine" a nine song opus headed up by "Little Jimmy" one of the most infectious  bluesy stoner/hard rock songs recorded that year.
The band return this year (2017) with "Solar Fuzz" a new EP consisting of three gritty slices of fuzz drenched stoner blues bookended by two brief but very interesting instrumentals

"Intro"STARTS things rolling it's short sharp burst of solid drum beats and raked guitar strings and swirling effects seguing into a thrumming heavy rock riff underpinned with deep rumbling bass.
" Giants Walk" follows and finds SpocaineJAMMING a groove that recalls MARYLANDfuzzmeisters Clutch'sbluesier moments but also those of Greece's Planet Of Zeus minus the hardcore vocals, jagged grooves of bluesy bluster taken to another level by Florian Rauch's big vocal tones, the frontman's bear-like growl tinged with stoner grit and southern swagger a dominant force as he roars over a gritty backdrop of gnarly fuzzed out groove.
"Solar Fuzz" explodes from the speakers on a wave of chainsaw guitar riffage, guitarists Stefan and Weber laying down a crunching heavily fuzzed refrain superbly backed up by Gundler's thrumming bass and Tim Rauch'spersistent and pulverising percussion. Into this maelstrom of gloriously distorted sludge-like noise enters Florian Rauch, sounding like he's been gargling razors and smoking tree bark, telling tales of a sun "that blinds my eyes" as well as throwing an Ozzy -like "yeah" in here and there.
"Into The Light" sees Spocaine hitting a groove that sits comfortablyBETWEEN doom and southern metal withFlorian Rauch's grizzled tones crooning over  a bedrock of big resounding guitar chords, booming bass lines and military style drumming before exploding into a gloriously powerful proto-metal jam and taking things to a deliciously noisy close.
"Outro" wraps things up with a brief butQUITE delightful foray into experimental territory with hand played percussion the base around which big booming bass resounds and reverberates and heavily effected guitars add colouring and texture.

Kamikaze Girls

Coming out of the UK’s burgeoning and ever-developing DIY/punk scene, Leeds-based duo Kamikaze Girls areHERE to bring you their incredible new debut album - Seafoam.
CONTINUINGfrom their critically acclaimed Sad EP the band talk personally and candidly about the issues surrounding mental health, but also about moving forward in a more positive state of mind. Exploring wider musical influences from shoegaze, Riot Grrl and fuzz pop, the whole result is a triumphant, important record. A giant leap forward in quality and substance, that while tinged with personal sadness, is a bold statement of moving forwards and onto new horizons.
1. One Young Man 
2. Berlin 
3. Teenage Feelings 
4. Good For Nothing 
5. KG Go To The Pub 
6. Lights & Sounds 
7. Deathcap 
8. Weaker Than 
9. Unhealthy Love 
10. I Don't Want To Be Sad Forever



A pretty good submission from the one and only Johnny Nabisco........


The sophomore album from Boston trio Palehound, A Place I'll Always Go, is a frank look at love and loss, cushioned by indelible hooks and gently propulsive, fuzzed-out rock. 

Ellen Kempner, Palehound's vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter explains, "A lot of it is about loss and learning how to let yourself evolve past the pain and the weird guilt that comes along with grief." 

Kempner's writing comes from upheavals she experienced in 2015 and 2016 that reframed her worldview. "I lost two people I was really close with," she recalls. "I lost my friend Lily. I lost my grandmother too, but you expect that at 22. When you lose a friend—a young friend—nothing can prepare you for that. A lot of the record is about going on with your life, while knowing that person is missing what's happening—they loved music and they're missing these great records that come out, and they're missing these shows that they would've wanted to go to. It just threw me for a loop to know that life is so fragile." 

Palehound's first release for Polyvinyl is also about the light that gradually dawns after tragedy, with songs like the bass-heavy "Room" and the gentle dreamy album closer "At Night I'm Alright With You" feeling their way through blossoming love. "The album is also about learning how to find love, honestly, after loss," says Kempner. 

Since forming in 2014, Palehound—Kempner, drummer Jesse Weiss (Spook The Herd), and new bassist Larz Brogan (a veteran of Boston DIY who, Kempner posits, "had 13 local bands last year")—have taken their plainspoken, technique-heavy indie rock from the basements of Boston to festivals around the world. A Place I'll Always Go was recorded in late 2016 at the Brooklyn complex Thump Studios with the assistance of Gabe Wax, who recorded Dry Food. "I would put my life in his hands," Kempner asserts. "I trust him so much." 

A Place I'll Always Go builds on the promise of Palehound's critically acclaimed 2015 album Dry Food with songs that are slightly more reserved, but no less powerful. "Flowing Over" rides a sweetly hooky guitar line, with Kempner using the fuzzed-out upper register of her voice as a sort of anxious counterpoint to the riff's infectious melody. "That song is about anxiety," says Kempner, "and when you're sad and you listen to sad music to feed it and feel yourself spinning all these 'what if's and 'I'm terrible's in your head." 

"This record represents a period of time in my life way more than anything I've ever written before," says Kempner, who notes that the swirling "If You Met Her" and the piano-tinged "At Night I'm Alright With You" could represent the opposing poles of the record. "One of them is about love, and the other one is about death—it was a really healthy experience for me to find my own dialogue within that," she says. "There's so much that you learn and read, and other people's experiences that you internalize, that you try to then base your own on. It was helpful to carve my own path for that." 

Part of what makes A Place I'll Always Go so striking is the way it channels feelings of anxiety -- heart-racing moments both exhilarating and crushing -- into songs that feel well-worn and comforting. 

The hushed confessionalism of "Carnations" and the fugue state described in the stripped-down "Feeling Fruit" are snapshots of moments marked by big, confusing feelings, but they're taken with compassion and honesty—two qualities that have defined Palehound's music from the beginning.

Tombstones In Their Eyes

An EP, "Fear" of good LA psychedelia, dark, brooding, somewhat Pink Floyd based,  and really quite good. They seem to have a bit of a history which I wouldn't mind giving a listen to.

FEAR-01 I Want to Fly/02 Seperate/03 Always There/04 Another Day/05 Fear