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King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard again!

Crazy Australian psych-rockers return with "Murder of the Universe".....and hell yes its fab......some kind of
concept at work here, I am guessing, but the music and vocals are aces! For more from this band, look back a couple months on this very site......this one is very, very good.


A New World

Altered Beast I

Alter Me I

Altered Beast II

Alter Me II

Altered Beast III

Alter Me III

Altered Beast IV

Life / Death

Some Context

The Reticent Raconteur

The Lord Of Lightning

The Balrog

The Floating Fire

The Acrid Corpse







Tame Impala MEGA Redux

Some more bonus material has been submitted to supplement yesterday's Tame Impala posts:

LIVE VERSIONS ("CURRENTS")-01 Endors Toi/02 Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind/03 Sestri Levante/04 Mind Mischief/05 Desire Be Desire Go/06 Half Full Glass of Wine/07 Be Above It/08 Feels Like We Only Go Backwards/09 Apocalypse Dream


EXTRASPEAKER ("Innerspeaker Bonus Disc)-01 Sundown Syndrome/02 Remember Me/03 Half Full Glass Of Wine/04 Wander/05 Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind/06 Lucidity (Pilooski Remix)/07 Solitude Is Bliss (Mickey Moonlight TAM Remix)/08 41 Mojitos (Canyons Poolside Dub)/09 Canyons Sunrise Reprise


INNERSPEAKER BONUS MATERIAL DISC 1-01 30 Minutes With Matthew Saville


INNERSPEAKER BONUS MATERIAL DISC 2 (LIVE AT THE CORNER)-01 Half Full Glass of Wine/02 Skeleton Tiger/03 Sundown Syndrome/04 The Bold Arrow Of Time


ROUGH TRADE EXCLUSIVE-01Remember Me/02 Desire Be Desire Go/03 Sundown Syndrome/04 Half Full Glass of Wine /05 Forty One Mosquitos Flying in Formation/06 Sunrise Reprise/07 41  Mojitos
Poolside Dub


WHY WONT YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND-01 Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind//02
Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind (Erol Alken Rework)/03 Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind (Erol Alken Instro)/04 Why Wont You Make Up Your Mind (Erol Alken Rework Edit)


Thanks to the anonymous contributor!

Brother O Brother

Fabio sends us this new release from this frantic Indianapolis duo......here's a review, with link and track list


01. R.O.S.E
02. 16 Flowers
03. Sunshine
04. Grab The Rope
05. I Got It
06. I Confess
07. Cardinal
08. Fever
09. White Noise
10. Take Me
11. Life On Mars
12. Widow Maker
I’ve been singing the praises of Brother O’ Brother’s stripped-down raw sound since I first heard them dominate the Birdy’s Battle Royale in 2015. With Chris Banta at the helm on vocals and guitar, frantically dominating the stage at every show with the manic energy of a punk-rock evangelist, it is impossible to see a show of theirs and not come away converted.
I was reading thatan article from a couple months ago looked to predict which long-awaited albums from national acts was likely to propel them back into the mainstream spotlight. Heavily focused on the likes of the Jesus and Mary Chain, Spoon and Granddaddy, bands which have ridden the wave of 90s nostalgia to find new audiences in an age where the cyclical music trends are realigning with the music of two decades past, the article got me thinking. Which Indianapolis band’s new album seems most destined to propel them into the national spotlight?
bob neon nativeThe answer was easy: Brother O’ Brother’sNeon Nativewhich will be released this May, is already making national waves witha prime feature via the Huffington Post, and the band has been steadily working the touring circuit over the last two years, earning more than $20,000 on vinyl sales last year thanks to Banta and drummer Warner Swopes’ single-minded dedication to ensuring audiences connect with the music.
But there is something about Neon Native which goes above and beyond the expected. It is an assured follow-up to an album which already clearly defined their sound on wax. With Show Pony in the rearview, the band is capable now of expanding their sound while managing to come closer than ever to capturing the raw sound of one of their live shows on record. Three albums into their career, Brother O’ Brother is at that point where they can play a few local shows to a packed house, while spending 150+ days on the road nationally doing the same thing. And everywhere in their wake they leave an audience beaten raw by their furious sound, desperate to find a way to experience it again and again.
It is a visceral experience, and the fact that they’ve come closer than ever to capturing that effect on Neon Native leaves me feeling confident in my prediction that, by this time next year, Brother O’ Brother will be more than “a local Indianapolis band to watch.”
They’ll be pushing the envelope nationally, building buzz as a band willing to take risks and embrace challenges as they in turn drive their audiences to accept a more personal role in what it means to truly appreciate music.

93millionmilesfromthesun Redux

Posted the latest album from 93miles recently, if you liked it be sure and check out this EP release, "Slowdive".......included here is a Japanese only track, "30th June"......the submitter wants anonimity, so I will grant it, but thanks a million anyway.

SLOWDIVE-01 Slowdive/02 Star Roving/03 Falling Ashes

BONUS-30th June

Swing Set

Tonight's look at some obscure 1980's new wave yields Minneapolis' cool Swingset with their 1986 mini-gem, "Life Speeds Up".......lovely radio-friendly power pop, that wonderfully innocent sound of (part of) the 1980's........this one is a good one, nearly every track is a winner......period piece, but so what?


01 Black Out/02Laying Low/03Runaway/04Victim/05Walking In the Night/06Lost Track/07The Dance/08 I'm on Fire/09Rain on Our Parade/10So Long

NY Dolls 1972 Mercer Street Sessions

Also called "Lipstick Killers", I think I've put this up before, but feeling some Dolls this minute.....this set is famous as the early seeds of the Dolls, the sound quality could be better, but the beginnings of one of the greatest of 1970's bands makes it worth our while.

LIPSTICK KILLERS-01 Bad Girl/02 Looking For a Kiss/03 Don't Start Me Talkin'/04 Don't Mess With Cupid/05 Human Being/06 Personality Crisis/07 Pills/08 Jet Boy/09 Frankenstein



Echo & the Bunnymen Tribute album

Again making use of the fantastic "THE BLOG THAT CELEBRATES ITSELF", hear's another dandy tribute album, this time obscure-o's take on the great Echo & The Bunnymen.....I swear I think these albums are the greatest, amatuerism taking on greatness is always a fun idea......check out Between the Cities Are Stars version of "Do It Clean", but lots of moments here.


The Stooges Fun House Sessions

I've posted the box set before, this is a fine two disc highlight package, a best-of the box.......great raw stuff,
read up if you like:

http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/cJaVd7Hd/file.html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions was recorded at Elektra Sound Recorders in Los Angeles and compiled from all thirteen reels of multi-track tape that held every note and snippet of studio dialogue. Twelve reels of tape were used during the original sessions, with the thirteenth reel having the takes that would be used on the studio album. This sprawling set which was originally aimed at the collector market would be challenging and cost prohibitive to reissue as a multi-disc vinyl box set. What is presented here is an attempt to assemble some of the best highlights from the Fun House Sessions on an officially-released 2LP set in high quality packaging with a sequence that hopefully proves to be an easier, and more casual listen. Included are some terrific alternate versions of Down on the Street, Loose, Dirt, Funhouse ,1970 and others, pulled from session reels 1, 4,6, 7, 9 & 11and originally recorded on May 11,12, 15, 18, 21 & 25 of 1970. Also notable is the inclusion of the 17+ minute-version of L.A. Blues, titled as “Freak,” which encompasses the entire fourth side of this set and is the prime example of what makes the Funhouse Sessions both loved and feared simultaneously.

Track Listing:
Side A
Studio Dialogue #23 (reel 6) May 18, 1970
2  Down on the Street Take 6 (Reel 6) May 18, 1970   
3 Loose Take 16 (reel 4) May 15, 1970
4 T.V. Eye Take 5 (reel 7) May 18, 1970
5 Dirt Take 5 (reel 11) May 25, 1970        
Side B
1 Studio Dialogue #3 (reel 1) May 11, 1970
2 1970 Take 3 (reel 1) May 11, 1970       
3 Funhouse Take 3 (reel 9) May 21, 1970
Side C
1 Studio Dialogue #7 (reel 2) May 12, 1970
2 See That Cat (T.V. Eye) (reel 2) May 12, 1970
3 1970 Take 2 (reel 1) May 11, 1970
4 Lost in the Future Take 3 (reel 3) May 15, 1970
5 Slide (Slidin’ The Blues) (reel 4) May 15, 1970
Side D
1 Freak (L.A. Blues) Take 1 (reel 12) May 25, 1970

Studkid sends some cool Bandcamp links

Scott: I LOVE free bandcamp links, again, artists who GET IT.....I WANT to spread the sounds of the up-and-comers, please, I welcome all rock bands to submit their bandcamp links here!

Studkid:  Time for some free Bandcamp:

Aloha Mr.Hand - Hipster Killer: https://alohamrhand1.bandcamp.com/releases

Oohh. I love this simple raw primal guitar riffs, like in 70' hard rock/doom.

Some fantastic heavy psych/doom. 3 records for grabs.

White Orange and Black Pussy:

They are almost the same band (three members). Both bands plays  a kind of heavy psych.

Black Pussy's latest is not for free

Frigidaire Tango

Fabio sends this Italian punk release, ca. 1981, "The Cock"....I kind of recall this album, am thrilled to hear it again......Fabio offers up a good description of this one:

Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italia 1981 This Band record perfect English post-punk
better and in anticipation of most English band.

    01. Dangerous Echo              -  03:13
    02. Any Time you Dress So Fine  -  02:57
    03. Blue & Pink                 -  05:31
    04. Push                        -  01:49
    05. A Citizen Came              -  03:31
    06. I'm Faster                  -  04:54
    07. Black Curtains              -  04:28
    08. Nothing More                -  01:50
    09. Tell Me Sometimes           -  02:14
    10. Brain Rock                  -  02:52
    11. Frigidaire Tango            -  04:40
    12. Don't Kill Time             -  04:46
    13. This Days '78               -  01:35 

An older UK band

It was 50 years ago today, some fucker taught this band to play..........this band came from England and they made a few albums.......this one was famous in it's day, can't recall the title, but it has some memorable tunes, remixed and demo'd here........if you can think of the bands name, don't tell anyone, it's the Quarrymen.

AN OLDER UK BAND-DELUXE REISSUE-Can't Find a track list!

Buried under other posts for no reason whatsoever.....don't even take a chance and worry about what this link opens, move along nothing to see here.........

Part 1

Part 2



Fabio sends this recent release from Danzig, honestly never a favorite of mine......still, loud ugly metal will always have a place here, and I'm sure several of you will love this.....I will be checking it out myself later today.

  1. "Black Laden Crown"– 5:59
  2. "Eyes Ripping Fire"– 4:19
  3. "Devil On Hwy 9"– 3:52
  4. "Last Ride"– 4:59
  5. "The Witching Hour"– 5:59
  6. "But a Nightmare"– 5:04
  7. "Skulls & Daisies"– 3:58
  8. "Blackness Falls"– 5:47
  9. "Pull the Sun"– 5:54

Some Live Swans

Havent talked to Brian in a while, hope he sees this, he's a big Swans fan......anyway a lengthy article accompanies this post, here it is:


Here ya go, two discs of Swans gloom and doom........thanks to Jauques Nathaniel for the submission.

DISC 1-01 The Knot/02 Screen Shot/03 Cloud of Forgetting/04 Deliquescing


DISC 2-01 Cloud OF Forgetting/02 The Man Who Refused to Be Unhappy/03 The Glowing Man



Boston's Elder turn in a good one with their fourth album, "Reflections of a Floating World"........I'll add a quick review but these long, hypnotizing tracks are great stuff for sure!
Thanks to Fabio for the submission.

Reflections of a Floating World is Elder's fourth full length album and second LP released via Stickman Records (EU) and Armageddon Label (US). Long, undulating and dense tracks float between psychedelic passages and progressive rock without missing a beat; adventurous and unpredictable songs are punctuated by hypnotic jams, all colored by the tendency toward melody and dynamism that has become the band's hallmark. In keeping with their motto of expanding and expanding upon their repertoire, guest musicians Mike Risberg and Michael Samos joined the core three in the studio to add extra guitar, keys and pedal steel, adding vibrancy and lushness to the album. In all regards, Reflections shows a band with a clear vision honing their skills with every year.

01 - Sanctuary.mp3
02 - The Falling Veil.mp3
03 - Staving Off the Truth.mp3
04 - Blind.mp3
05 - Sonntag.mp3
06 - Thousand Hands.mp3


A Bandcamp "Pay What you Want" from New Jersey 
metal trio Kolossor......three track EP has crushing metal riffs with those doom/death vocals......worth a listen, thanks to Fabio


New Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore's latest I found quite good, a friend disagrees a lot so tell me what you think.....here's a
review in case you need to decide if it's for you (This Japanese edition includes two bonus tracks)

Reunited with his backing band for The Best Day -- My Bloody Valentine bassist Deb Googe, Nøught guitarist James Sedwards, and longtime drummer Steve Shelley, asWELL as poet/songwriterRadieux Radio -- Thurston Moore delves even deeper into that album's contemplative, redemptive side on Rock N Roll Consciousness. On songs like the bold yet reverent "Cusp," Moore and company explore spiritual, sexual, and emotional healing on a mystical level. With two tracks stretching beyond the ten-minute mark, Rock N Roll Consciousness' songs are consistently longer than Sonic Youth's output, but they're not just expanded; they're heightened. The band locks in on the most transporting aspects of Moore's music, allowing his deadpan vocals to be the eye of the of the storms surrounding him. Though his delivery gives lyrics like "She is the future and the prophetess" an extra dose of cool, his words mostly function to usher in different movements within each song, which showcase the band's interplay and star turns. Sedwards' work on the New York City love letter "Smoke of Dreams" and "Turn On" (possibly the most Sonic Youth-like trackHERE) reaffirms what a worthy foil he is toMoore. Meanwhile, the album's bookends underscore how impressive the band is as a unit: "Exalted"BEGINS the album with its most varied track, as it moves from hypnotic harmonics to doomy, metal-inspired passages before drifting off on tightly woven guitars, while "Aphrodite" closes it with a standout performance from the rhythm section and some of Moore and Sedwards' most unearthly guitar tones. Another fine addition to his solo work, Rock N Roll Consciousness proves that Moore's search for enlightenment through noise remains vital.

ROCK N ROLL CONSCIOUSNESS-01 Exalted/02 Cusp/03 Turn On/04 Smoke Of Dreams/05 Aphrodite/06 Cease Fire/07 My Liberty


Happy Birthday Miles Davis

MD Milner submits three boots in honor of the anniversary of Miles Davis' birth, I like Davis stuff from this era (early 70's) the best...

Today, May 27 is Miles Davis' birthday, so I thought I'd share three bootlegs of him at the Fillmore East, when really leaned into the lean funk/rock/jazz but before his music really went wild. 

Miles Davis -1970 04 12 - Fillmore West, San Francisco 


 Miles Davis - 1970-10-15 - Fillmore West http://www.mediafire.com/file/b2za3ola13q41v8/md_-_1970-10-15%2C_Fillmore_West%2C_San_Francisco.zip 

 Miles Davis - 1971-05-07 - Fillmore West, San Francisco http://www.mediafire.com/file/xzu392co5xgo51p/MD_-_1971-05-07_-_Fillmore_West%2C_San_Francisco.zip

Live Cars (Record Store Day Release)

I know I've posted this in raw boot form before, but it's good enough to share again, in honor of Record Store Day.......here's a brief snippet on the performance:

The Cars Live at the Agora was recorded at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, OH on July 18, 1978, right after The Cars' first blush of success with the singles "Just What I Needed" and "My Best Friend's Girl". This never-before-released live show captures The Cars' early vitality and fierce energy. Side D contains a custom "tire tread" etching designed by Cars drummer David Robinson. (Limited worldwide release of 5000.) 

SIDE A: 01 Intro/Good Times Roll (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 02 Bye Bye Love (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 03 Night Spots (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 04 I'm In Touch With Your World (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 
SIDE B: 01 My Best Friend's Girl (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 02 Moving In Stereo (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 03 All Mixed Up (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 04 Take What You Want (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 
SIDE C: 01 Don't Cha Stop (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 02 You're All That I've Got Tonight (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 03 Just What I Needed (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 04 Hotel Queenie (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78) 05 Somethin' Else (Live at the Agora Theatre, Cleveland Ohio 7/18/78)



Fabio sends to us, from Poland, "Anthony Hill", the latest LP from SaturuS......Hard rocking stoner rock LP, Anthony Hill is a character in the album's concept......rocks loud and hard though, concept or not......

01. The Way
02. Good Mourning
03. The Fungus
04. Cats On The Fence
05. Synopticon
06. Shotgun
07. When The War Is Over

Siena Root

"A Dream of Lasting Peace" is album 7 from the back-to-basics rockers, Siena Root.....hailing from
Sweden, this band has been of interest for sometime......here is a brief review......thanks to Fabio for this one

With a vast discography and a reputation of being an extraordinary live act gained in more than 400 live shows, Swedish root rock bandSiena Root is releasing their seventh album due to production-related reasonsNOW on May 26, 2017, with Hänsel & Gretel/MIG Music. The cover artwork of „A Dream of Lasting Peace“ was designed by Sofia Sagerberg, Patrik Kindwall and Siena Root.
The bandCONTINUED their passionate quest for analog sounds. With a superb result: The new album shines with heavy drum grooves, solid bass riffs, screaming guitar/organ dogfights and powerhouse vocals.
The first single “Tales Of Independence” is going to be released on March 9, 2017.

  1. Secrets
  2. Tales Of Independence
  3. Sundown
  4. The Piper Won’t Let You Stay
  5. Outlander
  6. Growing Underground
  7. Empty Streets
  8. No Filters
  9. Imaginarium
  10. The Echoes Unfold