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Got this one a few days ago, it's a goodie........good review enclosed as well, so I will include
it.....remember, since my surgery, I've had time to listen to a LOT of stuff......this one sticks in my memory as much as most any of them.

Bloomington, Ind., indie-pop four-piece Hoops made quite a name for themselves with their acclaimed 2016 EP, and after an all-too-long wait, the band has announced their much-anticipated debut full-length. Today Hoops have unveiled Routines, due out in May; shared lead single “Rules,” which premiered today via The Fader; and set a slate of U.S./U.K. tour dates.
A press release describes Routines as “a bittersweet and honest record that sounds both warmly familiar and jarringly distinctive.” The album marks the band’s first sessions in an actual studio, as opposed to the four-track tape machine-assisted recordings in the living rooms and basements that produced the Hoops EP.
The increase in polish one might expect to accompany Hoops’ first foray into the studio is evident in the irresistibly slick “Rules,” which is loaded with the intoxicating guitar lines and murmured melodies we associate with this outfit. The single is a dizzying head rush that clocks in at just over two minutes and will surely have you pressing play several times in a sitting.
Hoops’ self-titled EP made our list of 2016’s best, with yours truly describing the band’s sound as “dreamy indie-pop that feels both hand-crafted and ethereal,” and gushing, “Hoops’ tantalizing EP has us heavy-breathing while waiting for a full-length.” Thank goodness the end of that wait is finally in sight.
Routines is due out May 5 on Fat Possum—you can preorder it here. Listen to “Rules” below, and further down, find the new album’s tracklist and album art, plus Hoops’ tour dates.


Sun's Out
 03:45 video
On Letting Go
The Way Luv Is
All My Life
Underwater Theme


I think I'll wrap this up for now, maybe more later........this hard rocking album is "Dialect of Ignorance." I can't find a review in English, so take my word for it, this is a hard rocking riff-fest!


  • Easy Does It
  • Ignorance Makes Me High
  • Tomorrow Is Forgetting
  • Hidden Prettiness
  • Youth And Age
  • Dirtbags
  • Herb Is My Next Door Neighbor
  • We've Fucked This Up

New album from one of my faves

Smoking new, havent listened yet (will in minutes) "'16 Atomized"(see concept below)  by the forever cool Raveonettes was submitted by Julio Carrochio, whom obviously has fine taste in music.....well, true this one MIGHT suck, but I doubt it, love the Raveonettes' retro/future buzz.......reviews and opinions awaited! (two bonus demos await you here as well!

1."This World Is Empty (Without You)"2:26
2."Run Mascara Run"3:02
4."Junko Ozawa"2:57
6."Won't You Leave Me Alone"3:27
7."Where Are You Wild Horses"3:18
8."A Good Fight"3:30
9."This Is Where It Ends"2:50
10."Choke on Love"2:23
11."Fast Food"3:54

13. Where Are All You Wild Horses (Demo)

14. Won't You Leave Me Alone (Demo)

Released by The Raveonettes, in genre Rock/Pop, on 04/21/2017 — The culmination of twelve monthly 2016 singles from the acclaimed Danish duo. The Raveonettes have completed their RAVE-SOUND-OF-THE-MONTH which began at the start of 2016 where the band would release a freshly recorded track on the last Friday of every month throughout the year. The album features a collection of new tracks that aren't bound by the constraints of the format. Previous 2014 album Pe'ahi reached #5 on Billboard's "Heatseekers" soundscanning over 10,000 albums and received praise from NPR, Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, NME and more. They've issued seven albums since 2003, via Columbia, Vice, and their own Beat Dies imprint.


Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Ultra-redux!

Hell Yesssssss, check this out!

Recently discovered ultra rare tapes of 3 sets by the legendary Detroit super group. Pre the iconic 7" single release of City Slang and almost 40 years to the day. 2x Cds packed full including extra bonus material from their local haunt The Chances Are Club in Ann Arbor, housed in deluxe gatefold card sleeve with stunning artwork and full in depth liner notes by Geoff Ginsberg with previously unpublished photos in the substantial booklet. The Sonic's Rendezvous Band Box set had been one of the most successful on going catalogue pieces in the Easy Action catalogue. BIOG: Sonic's Rendezvous Band came from the ashes of four Michigan rock bands: Fred "Sonic" Smith, formerly of the MC5 Scott Morgan, formerly of the Rationals, a soul-influenced Detroit band of the 1960s, Gary Rasmussen, formerly of The Up, Scott Asheton, formerly of The Stooges. They remained virtually unknown, but their one and only single retained high interest among fans of Detroit rock. The band had had only enough money to mix one song, "City Slang", so it was pressed on both sides of the single. One side was labeled mono and one side stereo although both sides were identical. A badly recorded bootleg LP called Strikes Like Lightning was traded in the 1980s. Renewed interest in Scott Morgan, who was

 critically acclaimed in the 1980s with bands like Scots Pirates and the Scott Morgan Band who were largely successful only in the Midwest. SRB disciples, Sweden's Hellacopters recorded five Scott Morgan/ SRB compositions ("City Slang", "16 With a Bullet", "Downright Blue", "Heaven", "Slow Down [Take A Look]") which further popularized the group. Scott Morgan went on to record with the Hellacopter's Nicke Royale, releasing two Hydromatics albums as well as two soul albums by The Solution. The band has enjoyed renewed interest, along with mainstream critical acclaim in the music press, with the September 2006, release of a six-disc box set, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, by UK label Easy Action.The record was reviewed by Rolling Stone, October 19, 2006, by David Fricke, as one of "Fricke's Picks," saying of the band's 1978 single (included in the set), "City Slang""5:15 of assault guitars, railroad drumming and Smith's determined-rebel call - has all you need to know why SRB were masters of their domain." That domain, as Fricke put it was "the Detroit Church of High Energy Rock," where Sonic's "holy rank" secured "forever." Said Fricke: "I just want as much of the best of this band as I can get, in good faith and quality. Right now, this is what I have. And I am playing it. Loud." Among other notable cuts in the set, Fricke, says, "a highlight is the sixteen-minute "American Boy," on which Smith plays a long, heated-raga solo on saxophone, evoking the MC5's earlier forays into the music of Sun Ra and Pharoah Sanders." Fricke repeatedly cited Scott Morgan's influence, describing the two concert discs from 1975 and 1976 as having that "manic-white-Motown streak that Morgan in particular brought to SRB."

DISC 1-01 Succeed/02 (Slow Down) Take a Look Around/03 Hustlin'/04 Dangerous/05 Promised Land/06 Grand River Subway/07 Like a Rolling Stone/08 I Believe to My Soul/09 Mystically Yours/ 10 Soul Mover/11 Part Time Love/12 Electrophonic Tonic

DISC 2-01 Warm Up Jam/02 Heavy Makes You Happy/03 Space Age Blues/04 Do It Again/05 Hearts/06 Roberta/07 Chungo of the Asphalt Jungle/08 It's Alright/09 Hi Jackin Love/10 Cool Breeze

Devil & the Almighty Blues Redux

Fabio submitted these guys yesterday and I was impressed enough to request their debut.......well who else but Fabio himself comes up with a copy? Haven't heard yet, but thanks a million to the hard-working Fabio!


(Can't find a track list, I bet one will sneak through!)

Male Bonding

Wonderful noisy-shoegaze, loved this  ( "Headache") the first time I heard it........reminds me of maybe A Place to Bury Strangers........really is a fine album, don't miss this one!

HEADACHE-01 Wrench/02 What's Wrong/03 Eyes/04 Hole/05 Visible Girls/06 I Would Say/07 Chipping Away/08 Hands/09 Magazines/10 Not As Planned/11 Out To Sea


Wall of Orange

Spacey, recent psych rock......carpet bombed this and will be listening in full shortly.......here's a review:


Wall of Orange was born in Dallas, Texas in 2015 as a collection of songs written by Gary Parks, an indie film and commercial music composer and member of Dallas space rock legends The Tomorrowpeople. Heavily influenced by Shoegaze and Neo-Psychedelic giants of the ‘90s such as The Verve, My Bloody Valentine and early Smashing Pumpkins, Parks set about looking for a sound that would encompass both his love for layered, dreamy soundscapes and the pop sensibilities he had honed during his years in the TV and Film Industry.

After an extensive demo process, recording for eight songs that would become the debut album began in the Spring of 2016. Parks enlisted longtime musical friends Danny Rix on bass guitar and Matt hunt on drums for session work and recording at Pure Evil studios continued into the summer, with final mixing taking place during July and early August. While final polish was taking place on the mixes, video production for the first single, “Sweetest Blue” began. Mastering for the record was done by Carl Saff in Chicago and on August 24th the album and video were released.

What people are saying about Wall of Orange:

“The latest release from Dallas’ Wall of Orange is a lovely hybrid of ephemeral, 90s, psychedelic influences. It’s a joy to listen to.”
-KXT 91.7 FM

"Absolutely stunning”

 "Wall of Orange's sound truly fills the room. Their aura exudes spacious floating concepts coupled with some very thought provoking lyrics. Their self-titled debut consists of eight inspiring tracks that infuse a ton of positive energy. Your music collection needs this album. Wall of Orange possess a freshness often lacking in today’s rock music."

"Wall Of Orange with their whimsical debut have just verified themselves as one of the strongest upcoming acts of not just the restive sub-genres that they serve, but of a much broader notion of rock music in general."

With the help of US and UK radio airplay as well as a very active social media presence, Wall of Orange continues to gain a following worldwide. Touring begins Summer 2017.


01 Sweetest Blue/02 Small Hour Crimes/03 View From a Broken Couch/04 Monster/05 Lost By The Sea/06 Little Destroyer/07 New Medecine/08 Hellogoodbye



I was unfamiliar with this until one o my friends shipped it my way, the gyst is Italian hard rock, with Italian lyrics/vocals......you know I LOVE that stuff, whether you do is up to you......read below......

The independent segment of the Italian music scene keeps moving and produce new ideas. A short touch to Zeronauta groped the emergence and try to make themselves known with their debut album, "Backlight" , to be released in the month of April . Toscani Florence , after previous experience with Clever , Giacomo Aiolli (guitar and keyboards), Gregorio Serni (vocals and guitar) and Simone Fallone (bass) join younger Dario Valoti (drums and percussion) to become, since in 2015 , the  Zeronauta . The four boys offer a full-bodied rock that recalls took weight sounds from the 90's , with flavors that range from Italian rock style Verdena vague echoes of grunge. Right from ' opener Find me to save , his voice a little slurred by Gregory , along with the work done in producing the sounds, seems to get us into a sort of cloud that envelops consistent all the work of the four Florentine, a suspended dimension from which you come out only at the end of the particle , the last track on the album. Find me to save ushers us into the world of Zeronauta , made of dilemmas, concerns, requests for help, and in some way by the search for something, perhaps an ultimate meaning, with the feelings that I was I underlie an appealcapable to involve the listener after a few notes. Plastic is a taut piece and compact which shows that sense of disorientation that often evidenced by the lyrics of the songs present in the lineup, while Killer Queen the Zeronauta you might stain the injured sin majesty in the choice of the title (believe with all my compared to their predecessors) but spraying with a little 'sunshine their proposal. The title track is well built, tools and nourish text better mournful song of Gregorio Serni , deadlifts repeated the battery Dario  Valoti give the piece a wrap-around rhythmic gait, excellent introduction to the rest of the journey with me drag and photophobia It is full of energy and the opposition themes, recurring frequently in the entire work of the group. It closes with short dark particle , like a disembodied tail that allows us to get out of the cloud evaporates Zeronauta . "Backlight" will have no difficulty to overcome the Band with satisfaction the rock of the first release, because their commitment and the desire to play these guys seem quite obvious, as well as a lot of very appropriate songs.

CONTROLUCE-01  Vienemi a Salvare/02 Giornno Immobile/03 Sono Romasto Io/04 Plastica/05 Killer Queen/06 Tu Chi Sei/07 Controluce/08 Mi Trascino/09 Fotofobia/10 Particella Oscura

Don't let the language thing bother you as I ALWAYS say.....some good rocking music here


The Tweeds

Here ya go power pop fans, a good and comprehensive anthology of the Tweeds! From good ol' USA comes a set of Buzzcocks'-like power-popping singles......good collection.

Usually Numero reissues come with lengthy bios and myriad facts about careers gone astray, labels that were pockets of talent or early careers that were overlooked. This one seems a bit oddly rushed for Numero, in that its onlyAVAILABLE digitally and there don’t seem to be any notes with it. However, for those familiar with theirYellow Pills comp, theNAME Tweeds should be familiar. They showed up on both the early CD version of Prefill and Numero’s later issue of Buttons. The band was from Massachusetts and issued a small string of singles and EPs from 1977 – 1981, the most famous of which is probably 1980’s Perfect Fit which contains their most lasting tracks “I Need That Record” and “The Girl Who Said No”
Pretty much all of their output is included here, even including an alternateRECORDING of “Underwater Girl” from its inclusion on an ’81 b-side that saw it rerecorded for the release and added an intro. The band apparently included Kenny Gorelick (aka Kenny G, the band of your elevator existence) on keys at one point but its unclear how much of the material he may have played on. In general the band has a lot of delightful, but not especially hard hitting power pop and its safe to say this may be the most definitive release of their music that you’d ever need. The aforementioned “Underwater Girl” might be the best surprise, as its not included on many compilations and its a solid runner of a power pop jam and gives the band a bit of a harder edge. The rest isPROBABLY for the true power pop diggers but I’ve always been a sucker for the fringes of the genre. Not holding my breath for a vinyl issue of this but it would be nice to have a bit more background from the label on this one. Barring that, I’ll just cross my fingers that the Buttons series might startBACK UP (please, please, please), it was promising but I’m sure it sorely undersold those soul comps. One can only hope this might be an indication of turning their gaze back towards power pop.
01. If I Could Only Dance 02:21
02. I'm Thru 01:56
03. Shortwave 02:25
04. Teen Love 02:35
05. Ode to a Glicknick (The Larry Glick Song) 01:39
06. Underwater Girl 03:10
07. My Memories 02:44
08. Postcard 03:01
09. I Need That Record 03:19
10. Hey Baby 03:50
11. Later Tonight 02:53
12. She's the Girl (Who Said No) 03:09
13. I've Got Rock 03:39
14. We Ran Ourselves 03:45
15. Away from You 04:11
16. Underwater Girl (Eat Records Version) 03:51
17. Part of the Game 04:02
18. No More 03:02

Scott's Mega-Sons of Garage Fuzz Part 12

Letter M is  abig one so I may not be able to lefty-type all these tune titles tonight......anyway, continuing with
this great torrent/series, we venture on to the letter M.......I have said before, there is no overlap between these and the original (first) "Garage Fuzz" series......please enjoy.....

VOLUME 12-01 MACH FIVE-If I Would/02 MAE WEST & SOMEBODY'S CHYLDREN-Day Tripper/03 MAGIC MUSHROOMS-It's a Happening/04 MAGIC MUSHROOMS-Never More/05 MALIBUS-Cry/06 MALIBUS-I've Gotta Go/07 MANDRAKE-Len/08 MARBLE PHROGG-Love Me Again/09 MATADORS-Indolence/10 MEAT DEPT.-This Week's Children/11 MERREL FRANKHAUSER & HMS BOUNTY-Drivin' Sideways on a One Way Street/12 MERSEY MEN-Yes I Can/13 MERSEY MEN-Miss Ann/14
MESSENGERS-Seen You Around/15 MICHAEL & THE MESSENGERS-(LIFS) Don't Mean Nothin'/16 MICHAEL POLNEROFF-Time Will Tell/17 MIDNIGHT SHIFT-Never Gonna Stop Lovin You/18 MIND GARAGE-Tobacco Road/19 MISSING LINKS-Run & Hide/20 MISSING LINKS-They Say You Lie/21 MISTERS VIRTUES-Captured/22 MODELS-Bend Me Shape Me/23 MODS-Empty Heart/24 MODERN CORPORATION-What to Do/25 MONARCHS-You've Got Love/26 MONGRELLS BAND-Be My Girl/27 MONGRELLS-Funny Day/28 MONKEES-Valleri/29 MONTANAS-That's When Happiness Begins/30 MOON RAKERS-I'm Alright/31 MORNING REIGN-Our Fate/32 MOTHERS
WORRY-Can't Seem To Come Down/33 MOURNING REIGN-Satisfaction Guarenteed/34 MOUSE & THE TRAPS- Lie, Beg, Borrow, Steel/35
MOUSE & THE TRAPS-Maid of Sugar Maid of Spice/36 MOVERS-Hey You Hey Me/37 MYSTERIES-Please Agree


Cool.......Dreamy, trippy psych.......indecypherable distorted vocals......female ones yet......hell if this came with a coupon for Coke Zero it'd be like ALL my favorite stuff........this reminds me a bit of a heavied-up Mazzy Star,maybe, but that might be a short sell....."Melt Inside the Sun" was one of the better issues of 2015.

MELT INSIDE THE SUN-01 Melt Inside the Sun/02 Wild Machine/03 Flower Gunshot/04 Covers and Shells/05 Storm Aust Licht/06 Beautiful For You/07 Together, On a Raft/08 To Miss/09 Summertraun/10 Love Psychosis


Some Sonic Youth Peel Sessions

Sonic Youth has long been popular here, I don't think I've posted this one before......SY take on a hand full of Fall covers, ca. 1988.......for Sonic Youth fanatics, and I know that the cross-over love for the Fall is high as well.

BBC 1988-01 My New House/02 Rowche Rumble/03 Psycho Mafia/04 Victoria


Star Horse

Here are SEVEN (!) excellent EP's and singles of tremendous Swedish dreampop/shoegaze......I think we got all of em, usually I am wrong on stuff like that so, let us see if more of this stuff exists.....

CRUSH EP-01 Kiss a Smile/02 Marybelle/03 My Soul is Bigger Than Yours/04 PLS (Song for Rico)


LUST EP-01 Alone/02 Stranger/03 Pink Balloon/04 Aishiteru/05 Home


DEVOUR EP-01 Hope to Feel a Hand/02 Magic Light/03 Last Night's Haze/04 Darkness is a Colour


SINGLE-01 Don't Get Closer/02 100 Eyes


SINGLE-01 Spend the Night

SINGLE-01 Slower Now/02 Wherever You




Another Fabio submission is from Sourvein, who have been around for a while (still? unsure) this album, "Will to Mangle" is from 2002.....I'm not a lover, as Fabio points out, of these type vocals, but the music is skull crushing.........I have a bunch of Sourvein, if you want it request and I'll see if I can find it.

"01 Bangleaf"
"02 Seamerchant"
"03 Blizzard"
"04 Blackzorlac"
"05 ZeroPath"
"06 1%D.F.F.D."
"07 Carveblind"
"08 Dirgewine"


The fourth album from UK shoegazers 93millionmilesfromthesun......this was an anonymous submission, and
I am unfamiliar with the band, but I DID carpet-bomb and it sounded fine......maybe not quite as rocking as some of my very faves but very nice and listenable




Steve Drewett & The Indestructable Beat

Gotta love some "Afro-Punk", which is just what it sounds like......this is a really fine album, enjoyed it a
good bit......you can hear African influences, latter day Heads, Clash and more......"Disgraceland" is a fine album, like to hear more.......here's a review:

Originally released in 1993 in cassette format, and briefly on Brooklyn based download site ‘Anthology’ in 2000, it has since been much sought after, originally titled ‘The Broad Church of the Indestructible Beat’ it is now named after one of it’s tracks ‘Disgraceland’, this title reflects more fully on the state of the nation as it is now

The Indestructible Beat (taking its name from the album ‘The Indestructible Beat of Soweto” on Earthworks International 1985) and along with it, the musical genre ‘Afro-punk’, was created by Steve excitement’.

“Glad I came across you!! Your music is gorgeous, power, passion, unforgettable dreamy melodies with a unique quality. . . lovely!!” (‘Urgent Fury’ Facebook comment that sums up the album very well)

"His (Steve Drewett & The Indestructible Beat) is a jagged music, the rawness of prime new wave forged with
the lilting rhythms of African dance, two seemingly impossible partners, a match made somewhere other than heaven, the results can only startle". (Folk Roots issue 21 1990)Drewett in 1990 (long before the James Spooner film ‘Afro Punk’ in 2003, that inspired the Brooklyn Festival of the same name starting in 2005.) He had just called it a day with his punk band the ‘Newtown Neurotics’ (1988, Reformed in 2005), a combo he had spent the Eighties fronting, producing eight classic singles and four classic albums. Trying to decide where to go from there, Steve avoided the formation of a Newtown Neurotics 2.0 by sticking to the original spirit of punk which demanded constant creativity, of pushing barriers, of challenging pre-conceptions. He wanted the next band he formed to be different, very different, but still within the framework of punks’ ‘concise


released March 20, 2017

Steve Drewett: Guitar/lead vocals
Mac: Bass guitar/trombone/backing vocals
Sarah Ross: Vocals
Neil Tye: Percussion
Ian Bristow: Percussion
Greg Caburn: Sax/backing vocals
Adam Amore: Sax/backing vocals
Isaac Prevost: Drums
Tony Bennett: Drums


Winter Passing

Some pretty fair Irish punk from Winter Passing in the form of a recent EP "Double Exposure"....a good
single in "Paper Rabbit", and more good tracks as well.......certainly worth a few minutes of your time.

01. Paper Rabbit 
02. Significance 
03. She Was A Rose 
04. Like Flowers Ache For Spring 
05. Escapism 
06. So Said Virginia 


From Fabio, Green Yeti

I think I have posted another Green Yeti album before (if so, it was from Fabio as well).....this is a new one
from them and it is a GOOD one......structured much like a Pink Floyd opus, yet rocking as hell.......here is a link to a very long review (usually I paste em on but this one is long)


So read up if you want, but DO listen up, this is a good album here......thanks to Fabio for yet another gem!

01 - Black Planets (part 1)
02 - Black Planets (part 2)
03 - Rojo
04 - Bad Sleep (part 1)
05 - Bad Sleep (part 2)

Shadow Adept

Good old USA psychedelic rock, another good carpet bomb experience (from Fabio).......review attached,
check this one out, I like it a good bit. Some conceptual affair here, apparently, for us to decode as well!

VOCA TERRA (Sounds of the Miles) was created (along with Temple of the Atheist Mantis), as one of a pair of concept albums, which, together, tell the story of a planes-walking hunter god/Orion figure who, upon discovering a shamanistic necklace with 32 animal totems, travels time & space in order to purify the various locas/spirit-realms as he searches for his stolen wife, a ghost-lion who lives in the sun.

In the context of VOCA TERRA, he fights and befriends many different spiritual entities, among them a Sphinx whose riddle he must answer, a Tibetan vampire queen who wants to conceive a child with his energy, and a number of socio-political demons he must fight within the present timestream. In VOCA TERRA, our hero also pilots spell-powered sky-ships, gets lost on the NeoTokyo subway in the future, sings with rattlesnakes in the desert, races a Lamborghini for the sake of humanity in a bet against a demon who takes the form of Jeff Gordon, and climbs Jodorowsky's holy mountain while pondering tarot cards in order to reclaim a burning sword with the power to cleave perception in twain. Upon receiving his sword, our hero grows buffalo horns and fangs like a lion in order to do battle with contemporary greed/exploitation. Although he never finds his wife, our hunter becomes a justiciero, and ultimately gifts to the world a mysterious Tesseract, which can enlighten others to the significance of equanimity.

For our hero's exploits in the context of Temple of the Atheist Mantis, please see the description for that album. We hope you enjoy our adventures.


released April 20, 2017