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Valium Brothers

Another Fabio submission, some South American stoner rock.......can't find much info but listening now and
sounds good! REALLY good......

01.Elefantes Blancos
03.Gren Glen
04.Valium Brother
05.La Jaula



This one may not last here, unsure, and I am kind of worried about what this one might sound like......always
like Bush and with Gavin back and my recent rarities, I thought I'd give it a listen......"Black and White Rainbows" is the title, I'd maybe act quickly if interested......

01. Mad Love
02. Peace-s
03. Water
04. Lost In You
05. Sky Turns Day Glo
06. Toma Mi Corazon
07. All The Worlds Within You
08. Nurse
09. The Beat of Your Heart
10. Dystopia
11. Ray Of Light
12. Ravens
13. Nothing But A Car Chase
14. The Edge of Love
15.  People At War


Dale Hawkins

Some killer swamp-rockabilly sent our way by John N, this comp is pretty much complete as it runs from
1956-2007.......you really want to hear this if you are a rockbilly fan, it's an important step in how we got to where we are now.

  1. Susie Q
  2. See You Soon Baboon
  3. Four Letter Word (Rock)
  4. Don't Treat Me This Way
  5. Number Nine Train
  6. Baby, Baby
  7. Mrs. Mergritory's Daughter
  8. Juanita
  9. Teenage Dolly
  10. Boogie Woogie Teenage Girl
  11. Tornado
  12. Sweetie Pie
  13. Little Pig
  14. La-Do-Dada
  15. Who Can Say
  16. My Babe
  17. Someday, One Day
  18. Take My Heart
  19. Liza Jane
  20. Wild Wild World
  21. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
  22. Gooblie Booblie
  23. Lifeguard Man
  24. Lulu
  25. Back To School Blues
  26. Caldonia
  27. Every Little Girl
  28. Linda
  29. Who
  30. Lovin' Bug
  31. One Dozen Roses
  32. I Want To Love You
  33. Liza Jane (alt)
  34. My Babe
  35. The Wind (bonus track)

Green Buzzard

Like this one a good bit, some poppy-alt rock from Australia with some spacey touches thrown in.....quite a good album IMO, see what you think.....a submission from John N. The single "Do You Ever Glow" is quit cool.

01 (Take Off Transmission)/02 Do You Ever Glow/03 Tear My Heart Away/04 (Transmission #1)/05 Never Let Me Go/06 Space Control/07 IDWK/08 (Transmission #2)/09 Hypnotized/10 Dream In/Out


Burnin' Red Ivanhoe

An old fave of mine, from Denmark ca. late 60's/early 70's, good hard rock/psych with jazzy touches....two
albums on one disc here, 'Burnin' Red Ivanhoe" and "WWW".......this is a REALLY good unknown classic, I've posted this before, but please don't miss it, it's really fab!

BURNIN RED IVANHOE/WWW-01 Across the Windowsill/02 Canaltrip/03 Rotating Irons/04 Gong-Gong, The Elephant Song/05 Near the Sea/06 Secret Oyster Service/07 2nd Floor, Croydon/08 WWW/09 Avez-vous Kaskelainen?/10 Kaske-Vous Karsemose/11 All About It/12 Oblong Serenade/13 Cucumber-Porcupine


Black Marble Selection Redux

John N fills out the Black Marble Selection shelf with this new release, "Greener Than the Other Side". I haven't got to listen to this one yet, but go back a week or so and check them out, they are rockin'!

GREENER THAN THE OTHER SIDE-01 The Primrose Path/02 Deja Enteneu/03 Window of Opportunity/04 These Eyes Adhere/05 Waiting For the End of the Day/06 Garden of Delight/07 No Time/08 A Big Facade/09 Above Par/10 His Hands Go For Miles


Fixing up "Disc 3" of "Fresh Cream"

John N generously breaks down disc 3 of the "Fresh Cream" deluxe reissue.....originally I had trouble with the file for disc 3, John N broke it down to individual MP3's and here they be, in one file......this is important, because in my opinion, this is the superior disc of the three, by far.......so thanks to John N, again, for all the hard work.


FRESH CREAM Early versions, outtakes and alternate mixes:
1. THE COFFEE SONG early version 2:54
2. YOU MAKE ME FEEL session outtake 2:41
3. BEAUTY QUEEN session outtake 2:38
4. WRAPPING PAPER early version 1:05
5. CAT’S SQUIRREL early version 2:27
6. I FEELFREE early version 3:08
7. I FEEL FREE mono mix with no lead vocal 2:51
8. I FEEL FREE alternate mono mix 2:50
9. SWEET WINE early version 3:07
10. ROLLIN’ AND TUMBLIN’ early version 4:35
11. TOAD early version 4:19
All tracks previously unreleased except “You Make Me Feel” which was first released
on the box setTHOSE Where The Days, Polydor 314 539 000-2, in September 1997.
THE BBC SESSIONS (November 1966 – January 1967):
BBC Light Programme “Saturday Club” session
RECORDED at the Playhouse Theatre, London, 8th November 1966:
*12. SWEET WINE 3:28
*16. SLEEPY TIME TIME 3:16 previously unreleased
*17. STEPPIN’ OUT 1:50
BBC HomeSERVICE “Guitar Club” session
Recorded at BBC Studio 2, Aeolian Hall, London, 28th November 1966:
*18. CROSSROADS 1:55
*19. STEPPIN’ OUT 2:34 previously unreleased
BBC WorldSERVICE “R & B Club” session
Recorded at BBC Maida Vale Studio 4, London, 9th December 1966:
*20. CAT’S SQUIRREL 3:43
*21. TRAINTIME 2:56
*22. I’M SO GLAD 4:24
*23. LAWDY MAMA 1:54
BBC Light Programme “Saturday Club” session
RECORDED at the Playhouse Theatre, London, 10th January 1967:
*25. I FEELFREE 2:55
*26. N.S.U. 2:57

Fabio's choice for album of the year (so far)

From Arizona is Goya with their new album "Harvester of Bongloads", and, yes, it's a damn good one, don't
miss.....this is more metallic than a lot of stoner/doom, the result is some era-wrecking loudness........not sure if it'll be album of the year, but it IS a damn agood one, thanks to Fabio for sending!



Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree

Burnin' Red Ivanhoe, redux

From Zigzagwanderer comes the remaining recordings of Burnin' Red Ivanhoe......I think I have most of
these if not all, and i will recommend them for fans of early 70's prog/rock.......very good stuff, thanks to zigzag for these.

M144 [1969]

01 - Ivanhoc I Brondbyerne.mp3
02 - Ridder Rod.mp3
03 - Saxophone Piece.mp3
04 - Marsfesten.mp3
05 - Antique Peppermint.mp3
06 - Indre Landskab.mp3
07 - Jiizlou.mp3
08 - Kaj.mp3
09 - Tingel-Tangelmanden.mp3
10 - L-g Dig Kun Ned.mp3
11 - Saxophone.mp3
12 - Medardus.mp3
13 - Purple Hearts.mp3
14 - Larsen.mp3
15 - Oyizl.mp3
Disc 2
01 - Ivanhoe In The Woods.mp3
02 - Ida Verlaine.mp3
03 - Sensitive Plant.mp3
04 - Inside.mp3
05 - Ksilioy.mp3
06 - Opera.mp3
07 - Omegnens Poesi.mp3
08 - Fodelandssoldatersang.mp3
09 - Why Don't You Trust.mp3
10 - Purple Heart.mp3
11 - Kai (1997).mp3



Burnin Red Ivanhoe & Povl Dissing - 6 Elefantskovcikadeviser  [1971]

01 - Introduktion v_Sigvaldi.mp3
02 - Wallifanten.mp3
03 - Narrevise.mp3
04 - Snehvidekys.mp3
05 - Kometen v_Sigvaldi.mp3
06 - Ta' Fri Ta' Fri.mp3
07 - Et Samfund.mp3
08 - Tingel-Tangelmanden.mp3
09 - Introduktion Til Medardus.mp3



Right On [1974]

01 - August Suicidal.mp3
02 - When I Look Into Your Eyes.mp3
03 - La Bearte Du Buste.mp3
04 - Make Me Look Away.mp3
05 - Rockin' Rambler.mp3
06 - Tell Me.mp3
07 - Accident After The Carcrash.mp3



BRI  [2013]

01 - Tiden Om Tiden.mp3
02 - Cafe Blaahat.mp3
03 - Sig Det.mp3
04 - M 144.mp3
05 - Alting Var Bedre.mp3
06 - Mind The Gap.mp3
07 - Ironman Ivanhoe.mp3
08 - Natlig Rejse.mp3
09 - Det Er Det.mp3
10 - Air II.mp3



Live '69.
01 - Announcement Speaker.mp3
02 - Announcement.mp3
03 - The Inner Landscape - Announcement.mp3
04 - Purple Heart - Announcement.mp3
05 - Saxophone Piece - Announcement.mp3
06 - You Got Enough - Announcement.mp3
07 - Title - Announcement.mp3
08 - Titlé.mp3



Burnin Red Ivanhoe - Miley Smile / Stage Recall [1972]

01 - Ivanhoe I Brondbyrene.mp3
02 - I Want The Rest Of My Life Surrounded With Money.mp3
03 - Indre Landskab.mp3
04 - A Monster Song.mp3
05 - Red River Rock.mp3
06 - Bareback Rider.mp3
07 - Rotating Irons.mp3
08 - Goodbye.mp3



Pure Camomile Jam

All the way from Minsk (2011) come Pure Camomile Jam, a good stoner rock pand with a bit of garage/punky edge to it.......listening to it for the first time in years, but, seriously, this is a good rocking album you wish to hear.



Jay Som

Anxious to hear this one, as last year I thoroughly enjoyed Jay Som's "Turn Into" effort, a top-20 year end effort. Have NOT heard the new one yet, but here's a review. Thanks to John N for sending this our way.

Virtuous though it may be, patience is a difficult quality to capture in guitar rock, a medium that much prefers boldness, concision, and urgency. Perhaps that’s why Bay Area multi-instrumentalist Melina Duterte’s reverence for the human capacity to wait and think and grow comes across as a revelation on Everybody Works, her first official album as Jay Som. “Take time to figure it out,” she advises on lead single “The Bus Song.” In its context, she’s caught between relationship statuses, assuring the object of her fixation that she’ll “be the one who sticks around.” As an introduction to an album full of reminders not to rush things, though, the line is a relief, enough to make you involuntarily exhale.
Bedroom pop is a genre designation that loses meaning by the year—not just as technology creeps closer to erasing any distinction between studio production and home recording, but also as the musicians associated with it develop tastes more varied and less retro than, say, Ariel Pink’s. Twenty-two-year-old Duterte made the fuzzy, dreamy, plaintive aesthetic her own on Turn Into, nine self-recorded tracks she uploaded to Bandcamp on a tipsy whim over a year ago and re-released with Polyvinyl in late 2016, billing the makeshift debut as a collection of “finished and unfinished songs” rather than a proper album. Although she made Everybody Worksalone in her bedroom studio, its repertoire ranges from folk to funk to chart pop. It’s not a bedroom-pop album because it sounds a certain way, but because it feels so intimate. Most of Duterte’s elaborate songs could be mistaken for full-band compositions, yet her preference for writing and recording in solitude imbues each one with an introspective quality.
Liberated from the obligation to conform to any one sound, Duterte investigates new styles with purpose. She’s smitten with Carly Rae Jepsen’s E•MO•TION, and it shows in the hooky choruses of “The Bus Song” and “Remain,” two tracks steeped in exuberant longing. With its smooth keyboards and slinky bass line, “Baybee” comes on like an R&B slow jam, but instead of steaming up the windows, it’s about seducing yourself into seeing your beloved through a rough patch: “If I leave you alone/When you don’t feel right/I know we’ll sink for sure,” Duterte coos on top of the music, like a layer of pure calm. “1 Billion Dogs” submerges anxious lyrics in a cloud of feedback that melds shoegaze, indie pop, and grunge as if it were a forgotten gem from the DGC Rarities compilation.
But the most arresting songs are the ones that defy categorization entirely. The first minute of the album, on “Lipstick Stains,” sounds the way orchestra instruments might upon waking from an afternoon nap, blinking and stretching in the sunlight. When the vocals kick in more than halfway through the track, Duterte’s murmur is just as drowsily blissful: “I like the way your lipstick stains/The corner of my smile,” she breathes. Everybody Workscloses with “For Light,” an epic, seven-minute ballad that transforms a whispered promise—“I’ll be right on time/Open blinds for light/Won’t forget to climb”—into a sing-along prayer by adding in the voices of backup singers. The mood of weary resilience is reminiscent of Nick Cave’s “Push the Sky Away,”another album-closing message of encouragement that fully acknowledges the herculean effort it takes, sometimes, to merely keep going.
As that comparison suggests, Duterte has absorbed more of life’s hard lessons than most of us do by age 22. The patience that suffuses Everybody Works doesn’t reflect the naïveté of a kid who’s sure she has unlimited time to chase her ambitions and find love; it comes out of an emotionally mature view of relationships and the 10 years of work she has already put into her songwriting, taking shitty jobs and enduring family strife to become the musician she is today. “I’ll remain under your moon,” she pledges on “Remain,” an anthem of (perhaps one-sided) commitment. “Everybody Works” registers Duterte’s resentment at how easily success seems to come to the “rock star” who make her wonder, “Did you pay your way through?” But empathy wins out in the end; she makes “everybody works” a mantra, repeating the phrase as though to remind herself of the way other people’s painstaking efforts can be invisible to us.
“All of my songs are so different, but you know it’s me,” Duterte remarked in a recent Pitchfork profile. She’s right, and there’s no better indicator that a songwriter has found her voice than the ability to explore new styles and still sound like the same artist. Just a few years into her adult life, and only one album into her recording career, Melina Duterte has swept past a milestone many musicians never even get in their sights.
Everybody Works by Jay Som, releases 10 March 2017

 1. Lipstick Stains 2. The Bus Song 3. Remain 4. 1 Billion Dogs 5. One More Time, Please 6. Baybee 7. (BedHead) 8.


From away back in 1993 comes some punk rock craziness from Cows, with "Sexy Pee Story"....I recall this album, vaguely, and it seems like I liked it......gonna hafta check to see if it still sounds good, but it's a John N submittal, so the odd are good it's a winner.

this follow-up to Cunning Stunts showed the Cows hitting their stride, producing another terrific, noisy, clamorous record stuffed to the gills with pure punk rock excitement. Never ones to miss an opportunity for humor, included on this disc is a great cover of "39 Lashes" from Jesus Christ Superstar, lyrics ("1, 2, 3, 4...") included.


A live Miracle Workers set

I've long been a Miracle Workers fan, their keyboard-driven retro-garage rock was always enjoyable.....here's a live set from Eugene Oregon, 1983........I have no specific date and also not set list (listened to the whole thing but didn't write the track names down), but this is a decent sounding and high-energy set from these semi-legendary Portland garage rockers


The Launderettes

From Oslo Norway, ca. 2002, comes the first (VERY good) album from the Launderettes, all-girl garage-pop, "Shaken and Disturbed"
......really rockin' too, "Turn Around" is fab, but "Porn Star", "I Wanna jump Your Bones" and the cover of "Nobody But Me" are worth your while as is most of the album. Only one I ever heard by this outfit, like to hear more if anyone has any of the latter stuff

1 Turn Around
2 Robot Love
3 Home
4 Transition Man
5 Loser
6 Let's Go
7 I Wanna Jump Your Bones
8 Porn Star
9 You're So Wrong
10 Nobody But Me

Buffalo Springfield Live & Rare

A fave of both mine and my Dad's, here is a disc I just ran across with a bunch of rarities........mostly for fans/completists, unless you've never heard the extended studio jam version of "Bluebird", to me, the "only" version.......I should put up my vinyl rips of my Dad's albums from this band, have to keep that in mind.

BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD SELL OUT-01 Bluebird (Long Version)/02 Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (Demo)/03 Sell Out/04 Raga/05 Mr. Soul (Single Version)/06 For What It's Worth (Live)/07 Go And Say Goodbye (Live at Hunnington Beach)/08 Mr. Soul (Live At Hunnington Beach)/09 Bluebird (Live at Hunnington Beach)/10 Rock and Roll Woman (Live Dallas)/11 A Child's Claim to Fame (Live Dallas)/12 Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (Live In Dallas)/13 Uno Mondo (Live in Dallas)/14 For What it's Worth (Live In Dallas)/15 Bluebird (Live In Dallas)/16 Bluebird (Long Version with Neil Young Guitar Overdubs Added)


The Compete Can Part 9

Another chapter in the epic Can saga, compliments of Zigzagwanderer.........according to him, there should
be likely one more chapter, and then you should have all the Can you could ever need.

Hamburg Musikhalle [1973]

01 - Vitamin C-Untitled Improvisation #1.mp3
02 - Spoon.mp3
03 - Untitled Improvisation #2.mp3
04 - Untitled Improvisation #3.mp3
05 - One More Night.mp3

Part I
Part II


Musik Forum [1975]

01 - Stomp.mp3
02 - Frenische.mp3
03 - Tunbra.mp3
04 - The Jet.mp3



Paris Bataclan [1975]

01 - Untitled #1.mp3
02 - Dizzy Dizzy.mp3
03 - Quantum Physics.mp3
04 - Splash-Gomorrah.mp3
05 - Chain Reaction-Meadow Sweet.mp3
06 - Untitled #2.mp3
07 - Untitled #3.mp3
08 - Full Moon On The Highway.mp3
09 - Pinch-Improvisation.mp3
10 - Meadow Sweet.mp3

Part I
Part II


Roundhouse [1975]

01 - Chain Reaction.mp3
02 - Bel Air.mp3
03 - Dizzy Dizzy.mp3
04 - Improvisation.mp3
05 - Quantum Physics.mp3
06 - One More Saturday Night.mp3
07 - Full Moon On The Highway.mp3

Part I
Part II


Complete Colchester [1975]

01 - Chain Reaction.mp3
02 - Bel Air.mp3
03 - Bel Air (Continued).mp3
04 - Dizzy Dizzy.mp3
05 - Pinch - Mother Sky.mp3
06 - One More Night.mp3
07 - Half Past One.mp3
08 - Vitamin C.mp3
09 - Meadow Street - Gypsy.mp3
10 - Full Moon On The Highway.mp3
11 - Up The Floyd.mp3

Part I
Part II


We Can Do It ! [1975]

01 - Dizzy Dizzy.mp3
02 - Bring Me Coffee Or Tea.mp3
03 - Vitamin C.mp3
04 - Red Hot Indians-Meadow Sweet.mp3
05 - Chain Reaction-The Gypsy.mp3



The Runaways

The Runaways were a tremendously talented band.....that is, if your idea of talent is teenage girls shaking
their denim and leather clad asses.......or if your idea of talent is raccoon eyeliner clad, constantly sneering teenage wannabe nymphs......or if your idea of talent is teen girls getting all hot n sweaty and belting out lyrics like "Come and get it, boys"......in other words, they were MY KIND OF BAND!

Critically hated, but not nearly that bad, they Runaways were a lot of fun with their punk/metal racket and style-over substance personas.....we have four albums here for your approval....the self titled debut, with the infamous "Cherry Bomb"......."Live in Japan", where they were gigantic........"Queens of Noise", with it's cool title track, "Heartbeat", and "Playin' With Fire"......and "Waitin' On the Night", with the rocking "Little Sister", "Wasted", and (especially) "School Days".......they were MUCH more than a joke band (as they are kind of remembered), they were a fucking fab 1970's rock n roll band, and Lita Ford was a goddess.

Anyway, LOVE me some Runaways!

THE RUNAWAYS-01 Cherry Bomb/02 You Drive Me Wild/03 Is It Day or Night/04 Thunder/05 Rock N Roll/06 Lovers/07 American Nights/08 Blackmail/09 Secrets/10 Dead End Justice

LIVE IN JAPAN-01 Queens of Noise/02 California Paradise/03 All Right of You Guys/04 Wild Thing/05
Gettin' Hot/06 Rock N Roll/07 You Drive Me Wild/08 Neon Angel on the Road to Ruin/09 I Wanna Be where the Boys Are/10 Cherry Bomb/11 American Nights/12 C'mon

QUEENS OF NOISE-01 Queens of Noise/02 Take It or Leave it/03 Midnight Music/04 Born to Bad/05  Neon Angel on the Road to Ruin/06 I Love Playin With Fire/07 California Paradise//08 Hollywood/09 Heartbeat/10 Johnny Guitar

WAITIN ON THE NIGHT-01 Little Sister/02 Wasted/03 Gotta Get Out Tonight/04 Wait For Me/05 Fantasies/06 School Days/07 Trash Can Murders/08 Dont Go Away/09 Waitin' For the Night/10 You're Too Possesive

Virtual Haze

Fabio sends us "Uninvited", a stellar album of Mexican heavy psych from Virtual Haze......highly rocking, highly psychedelic, highly recommended!

Virtual Haze - Uninvited (2017)
01. Endless.mp3
02. Uninvited.mp3
03. The Chase.mp3
04. Descend.mp3
05. From Beyond.mp3
06. Remorse.mp3
07. D.O.G..mp3
08. Blind Soil.mp3

Scott's Son Of Garage-Fuzz Comp Part 10

Here we have the letter "K" in the garage fuzz series #2. I got an interesting email a couple weeks ago from
Hi Scott,
I've read you are looking for the creator of the Fuzz torrents,  well, it's me.

I would hang on to the overlap songs for your personal collection because I removed and replaced a lot of them with better sounding and quality.

It was a labor of love making the torrents and I thank you very much with sharing them with the world.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions about them.

How cool is that? Way appreciative James, you did an incredible job. I also got an email (unfortunately I have deleted) from some tool in one of the bands on Volume 7, I forget which. He was crying that the compilation was no good, and I spelled the name of his fucking band wrong.....what a dope, if your only claim to fame is some 50 year old single, be fucking GRATEFUL, jackass.......anyway, here is volume 10, more to come soon!

SON OF GARAGE FUZZ VOLUME 10-01 KARTUNE KAPERS-Knock On Wood/02 KAVALIERS- Congregation For Anti-Flirts Inc./03 KEITH ALLISON-Action, Action, Action/04 KEITH EVERETT-The Chant/05 KEMPY & THE GUARDIANS-Love For a Price/06 KENNY & THE CASUALS-I'm Not Talking/07 KENSINGTON FOREST-Movin' On/08 KHARMA-NSU/09 KIM FOWLEY-Something New and Different/10 KING FOX-Unforgotten Dreams/11 KINKS-Time Will Tell/12 KNACK-Time Waits For No One/13 KNICKERBOCKERS-High On Love/14 KORDS-Boris the Spider