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Fabio sends us another stoner gem, this time from Poland......the third full length from Dopelord, "Children of the Haze"......this is pretty good, might remind one of Sleep (it did me) or some of the other similar bands of the genre......anyway Fabio continues to amaze with  quality stoner rock and other slamming stuff, and I thahnk him from the bottom of my heart......I've said many times before, I would have shut this down LONG ago if not for my GBFAL team of submittors, they are the best.

CHILDREN OF THE HAZE-01 Navigator/02 Scum Priest/03 Children of the Haze/04 Skulls and Candles/05 Dead Inside (parts I and II)/06 Reptile Sun

If you are a stoner/doom fan here is another band form your approval......and again thanks to Fabio.


Dwellers, redux

Been awhile since I posted the "Good Morning Harikari".......according to Fabio, he discovered the band here, which is WHY WE DO THIS, and he submits "Pagan Fruit" (2014) as a compliment to the other effort.......like the other Dwellers album, slamming stoner/heavy psych riffing, almost criminally underappreciated. take it from Fabio, this band/album rock like fuck, and is damn near as good as anything in the stoner game.


    01. Creature Comfort           -  05:56
    02. Totem Crawler              -  04:33
    03. Return To The Sky          -  04:15
    04. Rare Eagle                 -  07:10
    05. Son Of Raven               -  03:58
    06. Devoured By Lions          -  04:15
    07. Spirit Of The Staircase    -  04:18
    08. Waiting On Winter          -  04:46
    09. Call Of The Hallowed Horn  -  08:33 

The Menzingers

From John N comes the latest disc from The Menzingers, "After the party"....quite good, quirly lyrics
about aging, power-popping/ska tinged hard rock, "Post-30 punk" as the review calls it......really nearly every track here is a winner, and, again, pay special lyrical attention to this one, some cool songwriting here.

"Lookers" is a standout track, but, really, no problems here at all.....damn solid release. From Scranton, PA, mentioned of course because it is the home of the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company! (Humor me I'm a TV addict)

AFTER THE PARTY-01 Tellin Lies/02 Thick as Thieves/03 Lookers/04 Midwestern States/05 Charlie's Army/06 House on Fire/07 Black Mass/08 Boy Blue/09 Bad Catholics/10 Your Wild Years/11 The Bars/12 After the party/13 Livin' Ain't Easy

The Menzingers are classic rock bards withEXPIRED Warped Tour laminates, as rooted in Social Distortion and ska as they are Springsteen and Kerouac. This is their thing, and five albums in, they have it so down that it threatens to leave nothing to the imagination. Their fiercely beloved and unabashedly nostalgic dirtbag opus On the Impossible Pastchallenged Celebration Rock for 2012’s most accurately titled album. Its follow-up led off with “I Don’t Wanna Be an Asshole Anymore,” which emphatically slam-dunked its premise andLEFTthe rest of the dispirited Rented World to pick up the shattered backboard. And if there’s any doubt about what After the Party is getting at, the very first chorus rants “Where we gonna go now that our 20s are over?” 
“Post-30 punk” feels like a subgenre of a subgenre at this point: age isn’t aNUMBER for Beach Slang, it’s a nullity, whereasJapandroids embraced maturity with the same legendary fire as their younger selves. After the Party works with more typical talking points: the buzz is shorter and the hangovers are longer. Can I hide these tattoos at my day job? Is playing Minor Threat on laptop speakers keeping it real or just lame? Am I too old to beSLEEPINGon floors? Am I too old to be too broke to afford a hotel?
 On first glance, single “Lookers” plays too much to stereotype, name-dropping Dean and Sal, “Julie from the Wonder Bar” and a hook of “Jersey girls are always total heartbreakers!” (also, lookers). Maybe it’s the “sha la la la!” in the chorus, but “Lookers” has a self-aware, sarcastic edge, an added pain of looking back on a seemingly rebellious youth and seeing just another kind of conformity. The MenzingersEARN the benefit of the doubt when “Thick as Thieves” opens with a sly skewering of the songwriting process (“I held up a liquor store/ Demanding topshelf metaphors”) and “Tellin’ Lies” hits on a point where the difference between 29 and 31 really does feel like an entire decade: “When buying marijuana makes you feel like a criminal / When your new friends take a joke too literal.”
But this is a Menzingers album, so the laughs are momentary and ultimately futile deflections of fear. The narrators in these songs are people racing through their 20s who find themselves trapped in tour vans or, most of the time, relationships they can't convince themselves they deserve. “Midwestern States” provides a gutting account of a codependent and deeply-in-love couple couch-surfing across the country, unsure of when things will ever be different as theirOPTIONS and prospects dwindle with each passing year. 
The Menzingers’ way with an anthem never fails them, even when the tough talkin’ boyfriends on “Charlie’s Army” and “Bad Catholics” lack definition beyond their bluster (“To everyone you’re such a sweet church girl/but I know your secret”), or the record’s best melody searches for the rest of a proper song (HOUSE on Fire”). After the Party mightACTUALLY be too well-designed for jukeboxes, as the relentless, face-to-the-glass production results in the sad cowpoke shuffle of “Black Mass” and the Meatloaf-inspired “The Bars” clocking in at about the same volume as everything else, denying a dynamic range that’s needed on a record that lives up to itsTITLE by sticking around one or two songs longer than it probably should.
At least it seems that way until “Livin’ Ain’t Easy.” The preceding title track could’ve easily been an exit ramp for Menzingers, a wizened, hard-earned moment of contentment where a couple looks back on their drunken nights and wake-n-bakes to a new morning, confiding, “after the party, it’s me and you.” But on the very next song, singer Greg Barnett remembers the foreclosure sign in the yard and the emptyBANK ACCOUNT, and hits I-80 to another show that will surely be the start of someone else’s debauchery. After the Party, though? It’s the hotel lobby and, “they’re always out of coffee.”  


Maybe not, but this might be the best release of the still very young year that I have hard thusfar.....I think it  is the third album from Japandroids, a duo from Vancouver BC......they have a hell of a pedigree, Spin Magazine's band of the year 2012, and much critical love for the previous releases (I don't have em.....any help?)......

Really do like this one though, clever lyrics, tight rocking song-structures, nice blend of hard post-punk/garage-noise, I really can't stress enough how much you need to hear this one. THANKS to John N for sending this one our way.....took me a while to get to but good stuff is worth the wait......

And, it's a new (2017) release, so you SHOULD know what that means by now. use your decoder ring if you don't.

NEAR TO THE WILD HEART OF LIFE-01 Near to the Wild Heart of Life/02 North East South West/03 True Love and A Free Life of Free Will/04 I'm Sorry (For Not Finding You Sooner)/05 Arc of Bar/06 Midnight to Morning/07 No Known Drink or Drug/08 In a Body Like a Grave

Couple More Ty Segall Boots

Found a couple more of these that were hiding in the stack, same rules as last time though.....I have no printed set lists and Ty has son MANY damn songs that I am not likely to sift through all of them and and create a set list.....just trust me, I guess, that Ty is an awesome live performer and his shows are always tremendously exciting.........more good stuff here, the first comes to us from Poland, 8/5/12, and the companion comes to us from Leeds, 5/31/12......if any of you wants to create a set list, knock yourself out, but not me.........links are in the comments section as always, enjoy these and send any TY boots you might have this way for sharing !

Yeah Yeah Yeah's I Tunes Original

Don't think I've posted this before, and it's something of a fine, and I Tunes original stacked with great
stuff from Karen O and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, lotta stuff here, live takes, interviews, etc......the Yeah Yeah Yeah's were a tremendous post-punk/alt band, they were great.....I long ago posted their albums and EP's, but I think this one might be a new one for ya!.......check it and see, this is a real find for fans of this band

Blind Dog

Blind Dog - Captain Dog Rides AgainFabio sends us "Captain Dog Rides Again" from the fab Blind Dog.....I posted all three albums of the "Captain Dog""trilogy", a long while back......if there is much of a demand for their other albums, (without checking I think they were called "Last Adventures of Captain Dog" and "Captain Dog Logs Out"), I'll go find them in the clutter of my CD room and post them......."Rides Again" is damn great, probably their best, excellent hard driving stoner rock from Sweden ca. early 00's.


1.Don't Ask Me Where I Stand05:03 
2.Iron Cage03:14 
3.Let It Go04:48 
4.Would I Make You Believe06:20 
5.Follow the Fools05:54 
6.Back Off05:13 
7.Fading Memories04:21 
9.There Must Be Better Ways of Losing Your Mind05:46 
10.Be the Same03:51 

LINK:  https://mega.nz/#F!CQgVVSDK!IiwtjIgYHoKDMi7WuU3JZQ

Whores of Tijuana

Inline image 1I also posted the works of Whores Of Tijuana a couple or three years back, this self titled first and 2010's "Psycholongevity"...... Fabio sends us the debut, thanks a million to him and his great shares.As with the Blind Dog post, if there is much demand for these guys' second album, let me know and I'll put it up again.....it's good loud stoner metal from Los Angeles, and both albums are really great!


01.  Don Juan.mp3
02.  6 Minutes Of Lovin.mp3
03.  Carved.mp3
04.  Running My Machine.mp3
05.  Chick Hearn.mp3
06.  Trip Manhattan.mp3
07.  Shut Your Piehole.mp3
08.  Black Salt.mp3


SmokeAnd Fabio continues to work tirelessly to send us quality hard rocking fare......THIS ONE is not one I am familiar with, "Smoke" from M-Squad........I'm listening right now, some excellent heavy psych, from 2002....I'm down with most of the albums of that era/scene, but not this one, which makes me happy to hear a "new" one to these ears.....anyway, I highly recommend this one, and if they have any more albums in the vault, let's bring em out!

    Smoke - Tracks: 11 Time: 00:58:02
    01. Lift-off                  -  00:28
    02. Delusions                 -  04:58
    03. Steps Away                -  04:17
    04. Hide Your Revolution      -  04:21
    05. Back In Time              -  14:44
    06. Lost In Sonic Distortion  -  05:12
    07. Smokeblower               -  07:20
    08. Hey Alright               -  03:43
    09. Deception's Game          -  03:46
    10. Bald Rock Blues           -  02:56
    11. Before the Grave          -  06:17 

A couple Mastadon singles from Fabio

Inline image 1Another contribution from Fabio are this pair of singles from metal giants Mastadon.......and a question for you guys.....I think I have this bands entire discography (a friend of mine loved them and I made it for him and kept copies), but I am NOT real familiar with them.....so vote on this issue my good people: Do you want the whole Mastadon collection? Yes or No will suffice, voting ends, oh, fuck, say Tuesday at 1:00 AM EST.......don't matter to me either way!




LINK:  https://mega.nz/#F!mABzUKib!Lch6BrK-xTf8EnbuTh32xA

A Couple of Cool EP's From Visiting Diplomats

Here are a pair of fine 3 track EP's from the noise-pop/shoegaze team of Visiting Diplomats.....again, listening right now, really cool stuff, dreamy, yet rocking in a trippy sort of way. I like em both a good bit, thanks a million to John N for these they are awesome.

BRET HARTE ROAD EP (2014)-01 Brings Me Down/02 Pressure/03 The Hardest Easy Thing

BIG SWELL EP (2017)-01 Let Go/02 Ocean/03 Between the Walls





The Complete Can Part 6

We thought this was going to wrap up Can, but Zigzagwanderer has located some more boots, so there will be another couple of chapters in our quest for completeness......this series of posts has been very popular, the next parts will take some work so it'll be a while until we get them put up, but in the meantime, MY fave prog/kraut band, Sweden's Krokodil, including some boots I've not heard. YEAH!.....anyway thanks to zigzagwanderer for all the work, both on Can and the (to come) Krokodil........

Here is Can Part 6, enjoy:

Can Part Six

Out Of Reach [1978]

01 - Serpentine.mp3
02 - Pauper's Daughter And I.mp3
03 - November.mp3
04 - Seven Days Awake.mp3
05 - Give Me No Roses.mp3
06 - Like Inobe God.mp3
07 - One More Day.mp3



Can [1979]

01 - All Gates Open.mp3
02 - Safe.mp3
03 - Sunday Jam.mp3
04 - Sodom.mp3
05 - Aspectacle.mp3
06 - Ping Pong.mp3
07 - Ethnological Forgery Series No. 99 Can Can.mp3
08 - Can Be.mp3



Onlyou  [1982]

01 - Mister Schmidt.mp3
02 - Machine Dance II.mp3
03 - Comment. Brain.mp3
04 - Alone.mp3
05 - Comment. Commercial.mp3
06 - Spanish Drive.mp3
07 - Comment. Axe.mp3
08 - End of a Party.mp3
09 - Comment. Influence.mp3
10 - Under the Surface.mp3
11 - Comment. Cheers.mp3
12 - Only You One.mp3
13 - Comment. Art.mp3
14 - Comment. Finger.mp3
15 - Shall I Get You More.mp3
16 - Comment. God.mp3
17 - A Radio Beam.mp3
18 - Comment. Hands.mp3
19 - Machine Dance I.mp3
20 - Howdoyoudooright.mp3
21 - Comment. Musician.mp3
22 - The Can Telefon Jingle.mp3
23 - Only You Two.mp3
24 - The Master and the Needle.mp3
25 - Rose.mp3
26 - Comment. Next LP.mp3
27 - Harry. The Thief.mp3



Rite Time [1989]

01 - On The Beautiful Side Of A Romance.mp3
02 - The Withoutlaw Man.mp3
03 - Below This Level (Patient's Song).mp3
04 - Movin' Right Along.mp3
05 - Like A New Child.mp3
06 - Hoolah Hoolah.mp3
07 - Give The Drummer Some.mp3
08 - In The Distance Lies The Future.mp3



The Peel Sessions [1995]

01 - Up The Bakerloo Line With Anne.mp3
02 - Return To Bb City.mp3
03 - Tape Kebap.mp3
04 - Tony Wanna Go.mp3
05 - Geheim (Half Past One).mp3
06 - Mighty Girl.mp3



Radio Waves [1997]

01 - Up The Bakerloo.mp3
02 - Paperhouse.mp3
03 - Entropy.mp3
04 - Little Star Of Bethlehem.mp3
05 - Turles Have Short Legs.mp3
06 - Shikaku Maru Ten.mp3



Yawning Man

Inline image 1Another submission from Fabio, the name Yawning Man rings a bell, I MIGHT have posted another album by this band before.......not sure though, but if so it wasn't this one, the "Pot Head" EP....this one dates back to 2005, I THINK they've released stuff since, I'll check.....meanwhile, I'm certain "pot Head" is a fine taste of their work.

POT HEAD-01 Manolete/02 Digitial Smoke Signal/03 Encounters With an Angry God/04 Samba de Primavera


House of Love

Inline image 1Fabio continues to send stuff I need to hear, I am also unfamiliar with House of Love's "HOL" is a new one on me, even though it dates way back to 1987.......I'll have to personally check this one and see what we have here, but I always trust Fabio on these things.......btw, he recommends the tracks "Destroy the Heart" and "Shine On".

01 Destroy the Heart.m4a
02 Shine On.m4a
03 Real Animal.m4a
04 Nothing to Me.m4a
05 The Hedonist.m4a
06 Plastic.m4a
07 Blind.m4a
08 On the Hill.m4a
09 Flow.m4a
10 Mr Jo.m4a
11 Welt.m4a
12 Love.m4a
13 Loneliness Is a Gun.m4a


Kadavar/Aqua Nebula Oscillator split CD

Inline image 1
And todays final submission from Fabio comes a split CD (A VINYL RIP, YET, YAAAYYYY!!)"White Ring"....the bands Kadavar and Aqua Nebula Oscillator team up for this one, with stellar results imo.......good, good split album!

01 Broken Wings [Kadavar].mp3
02 Flying Mountain [ANO Cover] [Kadavar].mp3
03 The Man I Shot [Kadavar].mp3
04 From The Flying Dutchman [Kadavar & ANO].mp3
05 Purple Sage [Kadavar Cover] [ANO].mp3
06 Jungle Man [ANO].mp3
07 The Lovers And The Moon [ANO].mp3
08 The White Ring [Kadavar & ANO].mp3

More Japandroids

Celebration Rock.jpgBy request (from Me), longtime lurker Kurious Kev sends us album #2 from Japandroids, "Celebration Rock".......Don't really know the album, but if you remember I raved about the Japandroids new album just the other day......Be checking this one tonight and looking forward to some FAB japandroids stuff......thanks 10x over, Kev!

1."The Nights of Wine and Roses"Japandroids4:02
2."Fire's Highway"Japandroids4:44
3."Evil's Sway"Japandroids4:27
4."For the Love of Ivy" (The Gun Club cover)Jeffrey Lee PierceKid Congo Powers4:13
5."Adrenaline Nightshift"Japandroids4:26
6."Younger Us"Japandroids3:33
7."The House That Heaven Built"Japandroids4:49
8."Continuous Thunder"Japandroids4:59


Great Ytene

OHHHH, you know I love dat stonergaze/garagefuzz kinda thang (I call it the current sound of rock) and this is a fabulous example..........John N ends me this band, listened to the album and it's damn good......I'll paste a write up here so you can read about them your self, but this is a great album.


Great Ytene are a band built upon deconstruction and reassembly. In order to create something that felt truly complete, they had to tear down everything that had come before. From their formative years as 'Colours', to their reemergence as Great Ytene (taking their name from an old term for the New Forest, which is where they all grew up), they replaced sounds, members and even their name before they felt truly comfortable in their collective skin. 

So, it's quite fitting that In 2015 Great Ytene lost a full album's worth of material to a technological worm hole. It was just another clean slate. It was the best thing that could have happened. The band spent six months writing new songs, perfecting their shape, pulling them apart and piecing them back together until Locus was in exactly the right place. 

Locus, Great Ytene's first full length LP since their self- titled debut (via Bella Union) in 2014, sees the band moving forward to explore darker themes. The name ‘Locus’ refers to the attempt to pin-point exact moments in time when an event took place. This idea is explored lyrically throughout the album, even as the music loops and pushes back. 

If you are looking for like-minded contemporary peers then look no further than the grey and black post-punk of the likes of Disappears and Preoccupations. At times waves of noise are underpinned by tight, rigid rhythms, at others they’re allowed to spill over the edges to create disquiet landscapes. 

The album was recorded and mixed in East London at Holy Mountain with producer and long-time collaborator Iggy B, mixed by MJ (Hookworms) at Suburban Home Studios in Leeds & mastered by Joe Caithness of Subsequent Mastering.

             1. Mono Aware 03:27



Meat Wave

know not a thing about Meat Wave, this is a John N submission, and a DAMN fine one......good punk-
tinged harda rock, basically, and there is not a fucking thing wrong with that.......3.5 star album.

There’s a great line in Conor Oberst’s ‘Next of Kin’ that runs “I spread my anger like Agent Orange / I was indiscriminate”. Oberst dwells on the final word, emphasising each syllable between clenched teeth, as if the realisation of his actions is only beginning to set in. Meat Wave’s latest LP, The Incessant, is its sibling in denial, conceived by rage and ineptitude in the vain hope of catharsis. It’s a self-abusive record that writhes with fury, tightly wound into concise, ugly outbursts of pain. Even with no knowledge of the band’s situation going into the writing process, it’s immediately apparent that the time since 2015’s Delusion Moon hasn’t been peacefully spent.
Instead of building on that excellent release, frontman and chief songwriter Chris Sutter found himself adrift from a 12-year relationship. Self-centred and nihilistic behaviour followed close behind, leaving him spent and overwhelmed by anxiety, fear and regret. As a result, his day-to-day existence became impossible. To make it tangible (and therefore something he could fight), he gave it a name: The Incessant. It was only a matter of time before Steve Albini got a call.

Delusion Moon opened with the catchiest, most immediate song in the collection, but here you have ‘To Be Swayed’ leaping into your ear canal, all jagged edges and a threatening monotone vocal. Sutter’s voice is low and raw, dripping with spite atop a melody that grows more enjoyable as the song develops. Then it’s snatched away and ‘Tomosaki’ is upon you, cruelly dragging in a different direction. This is a recurring pattern, and the first four tracks are up in under ten minutes. The tracklisting is arranged for maximum unease, and befitting its title, it’s a relentless assault. ‘No Light’ is a little looser, patiently traversing its jangly confines before, inevitably, succumbing to thunderous noise. ‘Glass Teeth’ is the record’s centrepiece and towering peak – a perfectly structured beatdown that also manages to accommodate a one-note piano solo without sounding ridiculous. The title track follows, and Sutter laments “the banal sensation of following a dream / the realisation it wasn’t what it seemed”. Again, the notes give way to dissonance and the song finally collapses in on itself, unable to balance its own kinesis.
Meat Wave eventually allow some respite on ‘Birdland’, but only acquiesce to a consistent reduction in volume, and the ability to fully understand the lyrics actually makes for a more unsettling composition: “down into the valley / surrounded by the scum / no point in climbing out / you burned everyone you love”. As ‘Birdland’ fades away, it feels like an inauspicious (although appropriate) end to proceedings, but instead the band launch into ‘Killing The Incessant’, which uses black metal as the tool with which to drive the album home. It’s an assault that approaches physical, with Sutter spitting his final lines into the suffocating noise around him: “here’s to killing The Incessant / I don’t need it / here’s to killing The Incessant / it’s defeated”. A gentle acoustic coda arrives, finally granting peace.
The Incessant isn’t a lot of fun, and on more than one occasion, a run-through of its contents has left me with a sizeable headache. It’s a document of a terrible time, and the sensations Sutter describes are amplified by the band’s unflinching instrumentation and Albini’s too-close recording style. Yet despite all this, there is celebration within. That terrible time has passed, and this record is a testament to its creators’ endurance. It has also resulted in an absolute creative peak. There’s no welcome to be found anywhere, but somehow I can’t seem to leave.
The Incessant by Meat Wave, releases 17 February 2017 1. To Be Swayed 2. Tomosaki 3. Run You Out 4. Leopard Print Jet Ski 5. Bad Man 6. No Light 7. Glass Teeth 8. The Incessant  9.  At The Lake/10. Mask/11 Birdland/12Killing the Incessant


Rob Marenghi

ok, this guy left something on the comments comparing his own singing to that of Nick Drake and Bob
Dylan.......cana't wait to see what THIS sounds like, so here's his linking (MAY only be streaming, I don't know).....here's the email/link, investigate and report back.........

Hey guys, if you like Nick Drake you may like my stuff. 'A Cross between Nick Drake and early Dylan' as one reviewer put it. You can get a free song here: 


Best regards, Rob



Inline image 1Another Fabio contribution, Lowlife was a post-punk outfit, active 85-95 or so.......this is a good compiliation of some of their best work.....

Lowlife - Eternity Road - reflections of Lowlife 85-95

01-19 - Lowlife - Sometime, something.mp3
02-19 - Lowlife - Again and again.mp3
03-19 - Lowlife - Conward's Way.mp3
04-19 - Lowlife - Permanent Sleep.mp3
05-19 - Lowlife - The Betting & Gaming Act 1964.mp3
06-19 - Lowlife - Hollow Gut.mp3
07-19 - Lowlife - Ragged Rise to Tumbledown.mp3
08-19 - Lowlife - From Side to Side.mp3
09-19 - Lowlife - Eternity Road (7' Version).mp3
10-19 - Lowlife - Swing.mp3
11-19 - Lowlife - Ramafield (Underground Version.mp3
12-19 - Lowlife - Where I lay, I'll die.mp3
13-19 - Lowlife - I don't talk to me.mp3
14-19 - Lowlife - I the Cheated.mp3
15-19 - Lowlife - My Mother's fatherly Father.mp3                    
16-19 - Lowlife - Suddenly violently random.mp3
17-19 - Lowlife - Give up giving up.mp3                  https://mega.nz/#F!uBpzUYoS!oTM1K0B6AhTbsxUxzuookQ
18-19 - Lowlife - Truth in Needles.mp3                                                                
19-19 - Lowlife - Swell.mp3