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Hope Sandoval bonus tracks

Recently posted here was the latest album from Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions, "Until the
Hunter".....I've always been a fan of Ms. Sandoval, the queen of bored, melancholy vocals, and John N comes through again, this time with a pair of bonus tracks for the album.......awesome stuff here, both tracks are good ones......thanks to John N, stuff like this is one reason I continue to do this!

BONUS TRACKS-01 That Spider/02 She's In the Wall

Yet more Clash boots

Running in the final stretch now, as we continue to showcase Lewdd's deep Clash collection. we're up to
1982-3 by now, and still have a handful to go......as stated many times previous, the sound quality on these will vary, as Lewdd has a ton of these stashed for archival purposes....they don't, for the most part, sound too bad though, sort through them and get what you want.......after all, it is THE ONLY BAND THAT MATTERS! By the way, this batch contains the stellar 1983 "US Festival" show, I've posted it previously, but it shows the Clash at their angriest, even this late in the game ("Aren't you tired of hearing 'It's so groovy"?.......Strummer came off as REALLY pissed on this day)
1982/6/22 SAN FRANCISCO-01 London Calling /02 Spanish Bombs /03 Career Opportunities /04 The Guns Of Brixton /05 Train In Vain /06 Bankrobber /07 Car Jamming /08 The Magnificent Seven /09 Wrong 'Em Boyo /10 Police On My Back /11 Know Your Rights /12 Safe EuropeanHome /13 Rock the Casbah /14 Brand New Cadillac /15 Should I Stay or Should I Go? /16 I Fought the Law /17 Clampdown /18 Ghetto Defendent /19 Armagideon Time /20 Somebody Got Murdered /21 English Civil War /22 Straight to Hell /23 Janie Jones /24 Clash City Rockers /25 Garageland

1982/11/27 FROM LONDON TO JAMAICA-LIVE AT JAMAICA WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL, KINGSTON-01 Intro/02 London Calling/03 Police On My Back/ 05 The Magnificent Seven/ 06 Armagideon Time/07  The Magnificent Seven (Reprise)/08 Junco Partner/09 Spanish Bombs/10 One More Time/11 Train In Vain/12 Bankrobber/13 This is Radio Clash/14 Clampdown/15 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/16 Rock The Casbah/17 Straight to Hell

1983/5/23 SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY-01 London Calling/02 Somebody Got Murdered/03 Rock
the Casbah/04 Guns of Brixton/05 Know Your Rights/06 Koka Kola/07 Hate and War/08 Armagideon Time/09 Ain't Good Enough/10 Safe European Home/11 Police on My Back/12 Brand New Cadillac/13 I Fought the Law/14 I'm So Bored With the USA/15 Train in Vain/16 The Magnificent Seven/17 Straight to Hell/18 Should I Stay or Should I Go/19 Clampdown

1983 CLASH CALLING US FESTIVAL-01 London Calling/02 This is Radio Clash/03 Somebody Got Murdered/ 04 Rock the Casbah/05 The Guns of Brixton/06 Know Your Rights/07 Koka Kola/08 Hate and War/09 Armgideon Time/10 The Sound of Sinners/11 Safe European Home/12 Police on My back/13 Brand New Cadillac/14 I Fought the Law/15 I'm So Bored With the USA/16 Train In Vain/17 The Magnificent Seven/18 Straight to Hell/19 Should I Stay or Should I Go/20 Clampdown

DA!-(1980-81 Unreleased recordings)

(scott) I had forgotten all about DA!, searched my shelves and seem to have nothing, I know I used to have
a couple of singles, anyone help? (this is a REAL challenge, I think)......DA! were a fab early 80's post-punk outfit, think Siouxsie & the Banshees (by the way, I'm working on a MEGA-banshees post) or the Bauhaus......formed by talented singer/bassist Lorna Donelly, and these demos/outtakes would have made a dandy album by themselves......not kidding, this is a really good "forgotten" (if ever known, much,at all) band, and this set of demos will educate us all to that........really, anyone with the singles they released, please speak up (I don't think they ever released an album, not quite sure but I don't think so.) They had a track or two on the "Busted at Oz" album, featured here a while back.

Anyway, it's a wonder that they never did make any waves, coz this collection is simply fucking awesome. Listened this evening, to some of it TWICE, and it's really something. It's amazing how we literally just "forget" about bands, and upon rediscovery, they sound better than ever.....honestly, I'd start listing highlights and the like, but the whole album merits your attention.

Thanks to John N for this submission, I know it was a while ago, but I try to get to all the good ones eventually!

! EXCLAMATION POINT-UNRELEASED RECORDINGS 1980-81-01 1-28 (1980 Demo)/02 Dark Rooms (1980 single a-side)/03 Silent Snow (alternate mix)/04 Mirrors (1980 demo)/05 Time Will Be Kind (1981 Outtake)/06 This Doubt/07 Fish Shit (1980 demo)/08 Strangers/09 Next to Nothing/10 The Killer (Live)/11 Oh Boy! (1980 demo)/12 Three Shadows/13 The Good's Gone (Live)/14 White Castles (1980 b-side)/15 Silent Snow (original version)/16 Fish Shit (Live, Busted at Oz)/17 The Killer (Live, Busted at Oz)

Ya know, looking at the track list, this MIGHT be pretty much their entire recorded output, I am unsure.....I see that some of (not sure if ALL) the singles are on this comp.......well, it's great regardless, and if you happen to have anything that does not appear on this disc, it's a great time to speak up!

Surfer Blood

(scott) Totally unfamiliar with Surfer Blood, this, their fourth album "Snowdonia" was sent to me by John N.....well, what have we here? Fairly good, fairly standard 2017 alt-rock, straight outta Florida.......no classic, but listenable enough, sort of a singles/radio-oriented sound to them......here's an Amazon review of the album, I've listened to it once, and it is blog-worthy, no question......I like the songs "Six Flags In F Or G" as well as the title track, both, I think would be decent singles, unsure if they were released as such.
(Amazon)-SURFER BLOOD are one of the best young indie-rock bands around, and their fourth album, Snowdonia, is their most ambitious effort yet. Overcoming adversity, the band has artistically grown and thrived. Following the departure of bassist Kevin Williams and guitarist Thomas Fekete (tragically lost to cancer in May), singer/guitarist John Paul Pitts and drummer Tyler Schwarz have rebuilt a talented lineup with guitarist Michael McCleary and bassist Lindsey Mills, all four alumni of the same high school in West Palm Beach, Florida. Pitts wrote specifically with the new band's talents in mind: "When I was writing I was thinking more about background vocals and harmonies. Lindsey and Michael are great singers, and I really wanted that to show in the songs. There are layers of vocals on almost every track, and the call-and-response parts between Lindsey and I are something totally new."

SNOWDONIA-01 Matter of Time/02 Frozen/03 Dino Jay/04 Six Flags in F Or G/05 Snowdonia/06 Instant Dopplegangers/07 Taking Care of Eddy/08 Carrier Pigeon

Fahrenheit 451

I haven't given you guys a good novel to read in a while, so here is an old, old fave of mine, the brilliant Ray Bradbury's brilliant statement on censorship and the like.......wonderful book, very timely TODAY as well, despite being written in, I think, the 1940's........this book can really creep you out, envisioning a future where books are illegal and must be burned. Doncha worry chilluns, in Donald Trump's America, this is a perfectly logical scenario to be played out.......I may post some more dystopian novels in th
e near future as they are so "timely"......btw, DON'T watch the movie "Fahrenheit 451", it fucking sucks, sorry.......

Greatest opening line for a novel in literary history: "It was a pleasure to burn"..........

A very timely book by a brilliant writer (check also "The martian Chronicles" and "The Illustrated Man", the guy was a genius, but never could he (or anyone else) match the brilliance of "Fahrenheit 451".......welcome to your future.

This ain't no disco.

Fabio submits Snowy Dunes

Fabio is becoming a great contributor, I hope he continues as he seems to have a great feel for the stoner
rock I love so much.......I was unfamiliar with Snowy Dunes, listened today and this is a hell of a good album. This is some amazingly great riff-rocking shit here, I'm amazed, really, that I don't know of this......anyway, great band, great album, and hopefully a new GREAT contributor, we can never have too many of those......Fabio, feel free to submit as much stuff as you wish, all of your shares have been A-1.....welcome to "Team growing Bored"!

SNOWY DUNES-01 Tranquil Mountain Lake/02 Dawn/03 Turn Around/04 Watch Out For Snakes/05 Desert Cold/06 Bad Wolf/07 Electric Love/08 Diablo/09 The Light

Hey stoner rock fans.........I know some of ya hang out here.......you WANT this, it's slamming!

 Snowy Dunes.rar

Son of Garage Fuzz, Volume 5

Well, letter "E" should be pretty easy to get through, so I'll throw up right now as well......glad I found this
torrent to supplement the previous huge batch, they have both been quite popular......and I understand why, obscure Nugget rock is one of the great joys in life, along with obscure punk, obscure glam, obscure stoner rock......you get the idea.......I love me some Nugget rock and I hope after I finish this one, I find another huge torrent, and can make a "Grandsons of Garage Fuzz".......for now, continue to enjoy the flood of great tunes coming your way in these fab volumes!

VOLUME 5-01 EDDIE & THE STOMPERS-The Stompers Ride/02 ELECTRAS-Dirty Old Man/03 ELECTRIC PRUNES- You've Never Had It Better/04 ELEKTRAS-Say You Love Me/05 ELOIS-By My Side/06 EMBERS-Evelyn/07 EMBLEMS-We're Gonna Love/08 ENDEAVORS-Distortions/09 EPICS-East Side Story/10 EPICS-Humpty Dumpty/11 EQUALS-My life Ain't Easy/12 EVERGREEN BLUES-Three's a Crowd/13 EVIL-From a Curbstone/14 EVIL-Whatcha Gonna Do About It/15 EX-CELS-Like a Dream/16 EXOTICS-I Was Alone

New from All Them Witches

Our new go-to guy Fabio submits another gem today.....All Them Witches are a fab stoner/southern psych outfit from Nashville that was featured here a couple months ago, and were quite popular. Unbeknownst to me, they apparently have a new one for us, and the very astute and stoner rock loving Fabio is on the case, sending us a copy of  "Sleeping Through the War" (due out 2/24, shhhhhhhh)....haven't listened yet, I will tonight, but I really like the rest of their material and I'm sure (at least hoping) that this maintains the previous quality standards......otherwise thanks to Fabio for working so hard to keep us in interesting shares......great work so far, hope you continue for as long as you wish! (Hint: We ALL (at least me, anyway) LOVE stoner rock and its derivatives, so stoner posts are always EXTRA welcome) (don't get me wrong, most ANYTHING is welcome).

SLEEPING THROUGH THE WAR-01 Bulls/02 Don't bring Me Coffee/03 Bruce Lee/04 3-5-7/05 Am I going Up/06 Alabaster/07 Cowboy Kirk/08 Guess I'll Go Live on the Internet (can't wait for that one, based on title alone)

Enjoy and and thanks so much to the newest member of Team GBFAL! The world's greatest team of blogging superstars (except maybe Jose's Spanish all-star blogger team, they kick ass as well!).

 2017 - Sleeping Through The War.rar

Scuzzy Yeti

Another Fabio share is this 2017 EP from New Hampshire's heavy stoner assault troop, I have listened to this one and it's really hard hitting, the kind of thing I just love. I really liked this one, and I also appreciate the fact that Fabio knew that this would be a perfect fit for this blog.......he's gonna be a GREAT team member, already is, in fact........thanks to all who share here!

SCUZZY YETI-01 Westward/0 BTK/03 Conqueror/04 Knees in the Breeze/05 Flare

 Scuzzy Yeti - 2017 - Scuzzy Yeti (EP).rar

A Fahrenheit 451 follow up

OK, this was sent by long-time blogging cohort PettyVendetta......honestly, I'm not sure what this is, its a track entitled "Fire Is bright" which liberally quotes the novel, and features some trippy noises, music, sound effects.....In Flames is mentioned, I know them as a progressive metal band, however, this REALLY doesn't sound like them, so I am unsure......so why post it, scott? Because it's fucking cool, has relevance, is unique, and all that......I wonder if PettyVendetta might provide a bait more information, such as what context this was issued? Because I'd like to hear the whole thing, be it an In Flames effort (I like In Flames), or is it an effort that has something to do with Fahrenheit 451, as it is a favorite book of mine.......gotta give credit to PettyVendetta here, he has aroused my curiosity big time!


DA! redux

Hey, you never know......last night I posted a bunch of unreleased and other tracks from semi-legends DA!, I asked that if anyone had anything else, I'd love to hear it/have it to complete the collection.....a few hours later, and Lewdd provides a link to, as he says, to the singles and Oz tracks.....just wonderful. I wouldn't have figured on such a snappy response, but I love it........hell, he had the set i posted last night, too, coulda just let HIM do all the work. Just fuckin round, he does PLENTY of work round here, another stellar member of Team GBFAL!

BUSTED AT OZ (Previously posted here in full context)-01 Fish Shit/02 The Killer

DARK ROOMS (7") 01 Dark Rooms/02 White Castles

TIME WILL BE KIND (12")-01 Next to Nothing/02 Strangers/03 Silent Snow/04 Three Shadows/05 This Doubt

Anal Cunt

Hey, you figured a band called "Anal Cunt" was going to do Rod McKuen covers? This is their final release of about 10 or so albums, specializing in (go figure ) sleezy metal/thrash-core punk........this is the only album of theirs that inhabits my shelves, although, I think I've heard em all, and imo, one will suffice.......titles like "Kicking Your Ass and Fucking Your Bitch", "All I Give a Fuck About is Sex", and "I'm Gonna Give You AIDS" pretty much tell the story as though with pretty pictures.....

Again, another band I had forgotten about.....once again, let me throw this at the wall and see what happens, anyone else have any of the earlier releases? (This one is titled "Fuckin' A")........hey I like this stuff sometimes, provided we remember to bring our senses of humor to the table.......hey, anything goes, and if you have some of this stuff, it's way more than welcome here!

Bring it on team GBFAL........let's see what ya GOT!

FUCKIN A-01 Fuck Yeah/02 Crankin My Bands Demo On a Box at the Beach/03 Loudest Stereo/04 kicking Your Ass and Fucking Your Bitch/05 Hot Girls on the Road/06 Whiskey, Coke, and Sluts/07 All I Give a Fuck About is Sex/08 I'm Gonna Give You AIDS/09 Yay! It's Pink!/10 I Wish My Dealer Was Open

Hey, some pretty cool stuff here, if you be in the mood........check it out if you dare and remember, looking for other discs from these fine young gentlemen, if you can help us out, please do so!

Space Farm

Time for me to pay tribute to my all-time-favorite-all-but-ignored genre, that being the heavy
psychedelic rock of the 1968-73 (or so) period......I've talked about this many times here, but there were hundreds and hundreds of great albums of this type released in this period.....some were great, some just "interesting", but most all remained uncovered until a few years back......as the "building block" for modern-day stoner rock, this stuff became relevant as hell....ironically, the modern day stoner bands are not appreciated for their greatness either, for the most part, and hopefully will get their full due by say about 2045 or so......anyway, the album in question here is Space Farm (from Ne Zealand)'s 1972 self titled wonderwork......kind of bluesy, kind of psychy, very amaturish, NOT a "classic", per se, of the era, but another good one that slipped through the cracks and can easilly be appreciated today as solid rock n roll, listenable as well as significant. Here is a good write-up on the album:


This is a very rare recording by a great Kiwi pychedelic rock / blues band from the early 70's.
In February 1971, when the Underdogs, whom at that time consisted of Harvey Mann, Glen Absolum and Neil Edwards, released their "Wasting My Time" album, and it failed to sell in great numbers, Neil EdwardsDECIDED to leave the group and join Human Instinct. (seeMidotouch for Underdog's LP)
Harvey and Glen added a new bass guitarist, Billy Williams, and to beef up the sound, Bob Gillett was added on saxophone. Also required was a new name, so they became the Australasian Rock Squad.
Bob Gillett had been playing with Breeze prior to joining. Billy Williams came from Classic Affair.
In September 1971, Bob Gillett decided to become a part-time member of the group, so they rechristened themselves Space Farm.
Space Farm only recorded one album for Zodiac. It was self-titled and released in 1972. This album was re-issued on the Little Wing label in 1989 under the name GOING BACK To Eternity".
The album was largely ignored by the public, but Space Farm continued to pull crowds and they remained at the forefront of the underground movement until their demise in 1973. Towards the end of the band, there had been drastic changes within. Harvey began to forego drugs and alcohol and these changes were reflected in his song writing and performances. After the group ended, Harvey took a sabbatical and when he returned to the scene it was as a member of the Krishna faith. He later joined Living Force with Glen.
Billy Williams joined Ticket and Blerta before heading to Australia and great success in a number of Australian groups. In 2000 Ascension Records released their original album on CD.
Interesting if not wholly convincing. Space Farm were a trio of likely Kiwi pot heads from the early seventies. This album has some great moments. The musicianship in places is quite superb, Harvey Mann was an obvious talent and his guitar playing gets right out there in places. At times, you can hear a distinct 'Hendrix' influence in his playing and the production affects in the title track liken themselves to those found on 'Electric Ladyland'. In fact, 'Flying' has a riff very similar to Hendrix's 'Ezy Rider'. My favourite track is by far the excellent live blues track 'Gypsy Queen' and one can't help but compare Harvey's blues work to that of Stevie Ray Vaughan and L.J Hooker.SIMPLY magical stuff here.
However, whoever the singer was (Harvey perhaps?), tends to let down the group somewhat. I felt slight twinges of awkwardness listening to the singer at times and the psycheledic lyrical content is alittle weak at times. That being said though, I still kinda dig this band and highly recommend you have a listen. OK, they're no Split Enz or La De Das but they certainly deserve more recognition than what they have received (or should or say not received) in the past. Pity they didn't get a chance to record more material.
Rip included here was taken from remastered CD at 256kps and includes full album artwork, including the German'GOING BACKTo Eternity' alternative cover.
Track Listing
01. Space Farm
02. Homeward Bound
04. Waking Dream
05. On The Loose
06. Flying
07. Gypsy Queen (Live)
08. Wheel
09. Lover Not A Dancer
Band Members:
Harvey Mann (Guitar)
Billy Williams (Bass Guitar)
Glen Absolum (Drums)
Bob Gillett (Saxophone)

Atomic Workers

Ok, smart guys, who has the rest of THESE guys' albums? All I have is album #3 ("Third
Disaster")....this is some pretty good wah-wah drenched 2009 German stoner rock, quite a solid album, but as I said, their third, so at least a couple more exist......this one was sitting on the "a" shelf, I couldn't remember shit about it, but upon listening, wow, it's really rocking, sometimes to the point of even reminding me of someone like Datura (and you know they are one of my faves) or Arc Of Ascent.

Pretty good one here, read up, listen up, but PLEASE if you can hook me up with their other albums, that would be fucking fantastic, this is  band I'd like to hear more of.......man that last track "Kap-e-Tone" gets pretty chaotic!

THIRD DISASTER-01 Secret Way to the Valley/02 Third Disaster/03 You/04 Chaos on the Breeze/05 Lost Pleasure/06 Here's Where I Belong/07 Home/08 Breakdown/09 Kap-e-Tone

Atomic Workers’ Third Disaster is astonishing. A true Unidentified Sonic Object. A spaceship, a time capsule coming from the past depths of hard rock planet such as from the future kingdoms of the so called post-rock. The space-rock, garage, psychedelic groove expands itself here as an overwhelming attitude instead of lying just as a mere gender label. As a result of a flexible and ductile line-up, that provides richness in sounds and harmonies, with keyboards, strings, electronic machines on the huge guitars floors, the music stream, along with touching lyrics, traces a unique and atmospheric organism, track by track. In the end, Atomic Workers sound far more than a simple band: not properly a superband, nor just an individual creativenesses addition, rather a confident collective aimed to multiply its creativeness, thanks to the accurate and powerful sound engineering too. The symphonic ambition of this third album is fully justified by the olistic vision of the music work. Excellent.
Enzo Mansueto


released April 14, 2009

L. O'Toole, voice, guitar
F. Mongelli, guitar, vocals
D. Sindaco, guitar, vocals
D. Mocci, drums, vocals
M. Rossiello, bass, vocals 

Fabio sends another gem

(scott)....OK, hard to find info on this band, Arctic.......hard to find lineup, discography, country of
origin......howeveah, this 2016 album DOES rock like a motherfucker, I recommend you try it out.....anyone know anything about them? "Arctic Monkeys" get in the way of a Google search!

ARCTIC-01 Over Smoked/02 Cryptic Black Sun/03 Burnt Ice/04 Daewon/05 Higher

Thanks Fabio, another excellent share!

 Arctic - 2016 - Self Titled.rar

Atomic Workers Redux!

The other day I posted an Atomic Workers album ("Third Disaster") and challenged anyone to come up
with the rest of their stuff.......but BAM along comes Zigzagwanderer, who thinks he can clean up the entire discography.......haven't listened yet, but "Third" is badass, hope these are too.....thanks a zillion zigzag!


Tragick Orgasmik Musik  [2002]
[Pre Atomic Workers ]

01 - Sweet Wind Of Summer.mp3
02 - Snake In The Sea.mp3
03 - You Love Another Man.mp3
04 - Down Or Upside.mp3
05 - That Room Before That Light.mp3
06 - The Woman And My Dog (Live).mp3


Embryonic Suicide [2004]                                                      

01 - Embryonic Suicide.mp3
02 - No Reaction.mp3
03 - White.mp3
04 - Plastic Man.mp3
05 - Hurdy Gurdy Man.mp3
06 - Down On Earth.mp3
07 - Far Away.mp3
08 - Breakfast On The Ocean Part 1.mp3


Wall Of Water Behind Me [2007]

01 - Through The Channel.mp3
02 - I Must Confess.mp3
03 - Girl In The Tower.mp3
04 - Scientist Mantra.mp3
05 - Unpredictable.mp3
06 - Waterfall.mp3
07 - Six Afternoon.mp3


Get Your Head Unreal [2014]

01 - Paper Planes.mp3
02 - Burning Deck.mp3
03 - Crocodile Or Alligator.mp3
04 - The World Is Coming Home.mp3
05 - Through The Golden Door.mp3
06 - Get Your Head Unreal.mp3
07 - Rainbow Over The Guillotine.mp3
08 - Soul Mining.mp3
09 - Slow Fingers - The Man With Two Shadows.mp3
10 - Breakfast On The Ocean Part 2.mp3
11 - Song Of A Baker.mp3


Cliff Notes, Part 1

(scott) Cliff sends a large post this time, and with his blessing I am going to split it into three parts, so
consider it reggae-fest for the next few days! Anyway, here is the first part.

Groundation are an American roots reggae band hailing from Sonoma County in Northern California.  While capturing the essence of true roots reggae Groundation's regg/file.htmlae is a progressive amalgamation of jazz, funk, dub, salsa, and soul in a progressive amalgam of sound all their own. It challenges unknowing listeners but is certainly worth a listen.  The name "Groundation" comes from the Rastafarian ceremony of the same name. Its goal is using the vibration of music to get everyone on the same wavelength in order to forward positive consciousness. Not a bad thing I feel

EACH ONE TEACH ONE-Tracklist: 1. Weak Heart 2. We Na Forget (Rome) 3. Wanna Know  4. Throwing Stones 5. One More Day 6. Live it Up 7. If I 8. Waterfall  9. Nyabinghi Order/10. Jah Spirit/11. Each One Teach

Link: http://www115.zippyshare.com/v/jARPbTGX/file.html

YOUNG TREE- Tracklist: 1. Long Long Ago 2. Glory to Kings 3. Confusing Situation  4. Congress Man 5. Craven Fe' Dead 6. Dream  7. Young Tree  8. Vibes Alive  9. Groundation Chant  10. Grounding Dub

Link: http://www45.zippyshare.com/v/51ueRYXO/file.html

HEBRON GATE- Tracklist: 1. Jah Jah Know  2. Babylon Rule Dem 3.Silver Tongue Show  4. Weeping Pirates 5. Picture on the Wall 6. Something More  7. Hebron 8. Freedom Taking Over  9. Undivided

Link: http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/ux9Lkvnm/file.html

WE ARE FREE AGAIN- Tracklist:  1. Praising 2. Dem Rise 3.
Suffer the Right  4. Music is the Most
High  5. Wish Them Well  6. We Free Again 7. Smile  8. Fourth Dimension  9. Feel Jah  10. Cultural Wars I 11. Cultural Wars II  12. Cultural Wars III 13. Cultural Wars IV  14. The Seventh Seal

Link: http://www53.zippyshare.com/v/kUWD4sw2/file.html

DUB WARS- Tracklist: 1. Ruling Dub  2.  Don's Intro  3. Elder's Dub  4. The Dragon  5. Elements  6. Dub Rise 7.  Dub Them All  8. The Mountain  9. Feel Jah's Dub  10.  The Seventh Dub

Link: http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/5HaZ8gGi/file

UPON THE BRIDGE- Tracklist: 1. What Could Have Been  2. Down  3. Me Na In De  4. Ratant Crow 5. Nonbeliever  6. Upon the Bridge  7. Used to Laugh  8. Fight All You Can  9. Mighty Souls  10. Sleeping Bag-O-Wire  11. The Seesaw

Link :http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/6SEcT5af/file.html

HERE I AM-Tracklist: 1. Run the Plan  2. Everyone Could Lose 3. So Bad 4. Time Come 5. By All Means  6. Blues Away  7. Not So Simple  8. Here I Am  9. You Can Profit  10. Beating Heart  11. Walk Upright  12. Golan to Galilee

Link: http://www50.zippyshare.com/v/vna1Ylfx/file.html

Some more Anal Cunt submissions

Got a good bit of response to this one as well, already posted one I think, and here are a couple more today......first we have, from Rexx, a boot of their early works.....1988-2001.....sounds fab, I'll be grabbing and listening soon......

Anal Cunt-1988-2001-The EP'sography-(Bootleg 2XCD)-(VBR)


And later on, it's Rexx again with another album, "Picnic of Love".....


Great submissions Rexx, DO NOT BE A STRANGER, I LOOOOOOOVE submissions!!!!!!

Cliff Notes Part 2

(scott) As noted before, Cliff's latest great reggae share is a big one, so I've split it in three parts (with
his blessing, of course)....this being the second.....I think I might have posted some of these before, but I think I might have gotten confused as to how many discs comprise the set, or something.....I know Cliff knows his shit, so I will vouch for completeness this time.

(cliff) I seem to recall that sometime last year our main man Scott posted a few discs of reggae cover versions of Beatles songs.  Since that time I'ave always meant to post this 3 disc Trojan Box Set but for some reason or another, probably old age forgetfulness, I have never got round to it.  Reggae acts have never been slow to turn out reggae versions of songs from other genres and this shows that the Beatles sounds were no different for them. Alongside the typical Beatles songs are a number of John Paul and George's solo efforts although Ringo appears to be ignored.  As with cover versions sometimes they can be a bit hit and miss but on the whole this set is generally enjoyable, worth a listen anyway if only for curio value.

1-1Glen AdamsI Wanna Hold Your Hand
1-2Pat KellyA Hard Day's Night
1-3Byron Lee And The DragonairesAnd I Love Her
1-4The Now GenerationYou Never Know (I'll Be Back)
1-5Joe WhiteYesterday
1-6The Flame All StarsYesterday
1-7Willie LindoNorwegian Wood (aka A Darker Shade Of Black)
1-8Ernest RanglinYou Won't See Me
1-9Ernie SmithYou Won't See Me
1-10Joe WhiteIf I Needed Someone
1-11B.B. SeatonNo Eleanor Rigby
1-12Don Carlos (2)Hello Goodbye
1-13The CrystalitesLady Madonna
1-14John HoltHey Jude
1-15The DynamitesHey Jude
1-16Ken LazarusOb La Di Ob La Da
1-17Rosalyn Sweat* & The ParagonsBlackbird (Singing)
2-1John HoltI Will
2-2Anonymously YoursGet Back
2-3Marcia GriffithsDon't Let Me Down
2-4Harry J. All StarsDon't Let Me Down
2-5The MaytalsGive Peace A Chance
2-6The Blues BustersSomething
2-7Sharon ForresterHere Comes The Sun
2-8Dobby DobsonCarry That Weight
2-9Nicky ThomasLet It Be
2-10The Upsetters Feat. The SoulettesLet It Be
2-11Keith Lynn & The S.P.M'sMy Sweet Lord
2-12John HoltHappy Xmas (War Is Over)
2-13Ken BootheMy Love
2-14Byron Lee & The Dragonaires*Live And Let Die
2-15The TechniquesWorld Without Love
2-16King Kouchi & The TechniquesShow Me Your Motion (World Without Love Version)
2-17Ken LazarusCome And Get It
3-1The Black BeatlesReggae And Shout (Twist And Shout)
3-2Alton EllisAnd I Love Her
3-4Jackie Robinson (2)In My Life
3-5The Pioneer All StarsIn My Life Dub
3-6Rico & The Rudies (aka Joe's All Stars)*Hey Jude
3-7Joyce BondOb La Di Ob La Da
3-8Desmond DekkerBlackbird (Singing)
3-9The IsraelitesCome Together
3-10Susan CadoganSomething
3-11Dawn PennHere Comes The Sun
3-12Nicky ThomasIsn't It A Pity
3-13The RudiesMy Sweet Lord
3-14T.T. RossImagine
3-15Del DavisA World Without Love
3-16Johnny Arthey OrchestraA World Without Love

DISC 1 LINK: http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/vbS3HqlB/file.html



Break out the decoder rings, more Zimmerman Comics

OK, another installment of "Zimmerman Comics", "issues" 5-8.....see below for the dates and locations
that these were "published" on.......and remember, those decoder rings are STILL available for only $295.99 plus a mere $40 for shipping......everyone let me know how you are enjoying the "comics".....also remember, there are no "tables of contents" for these. Jon S says they are all pretty similar......thanks to both John N and Jon S for these awesome submittals.

ISSUE #5- 4/19/66 Melbourne, Austrailia

ISSUE #6- 4/20/66 Melbourne, Australia

ISSUE #7- 4/29/66 Stockholm, Sweden

ISSUE #8- 5/1/66 (MY fourth birthday!) Copenhagen Denmark