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The Woodstock bootleg completer

(scott) Pretty sure I've never posted this one before, I know I did post the 8-disc Monterey set once.....what
we have here is a Woodstock set, with the material not on the official release.....this will be explained below by the torrent's creator (I'd give him credit but he was unidentified at least in my notes).....there are 12 discs here, (disc 13 is artwork) and alot of this didn't make the final cut for good reason. I mean Sweetwater? Quill? TWO discs of Grateful Dead meanderings? Well, anyway, it's a historic document, so we shall treat it as such.

I will post the creator's notes here so you can better understand the scope of this project, but I have another 6-disc set (in a few days) which includes a good bit of the "official" material, pick and choose as you desire.....btw be advised these are FLAC files......
(Torrent Crator)

The Complete Bootleg Woodstock

This is it! All of the known bootleg sources of Woodstock as of 2004. We're working on the new version, but this'll hold you till then. We included Hendrix, even though its officially released, as the official version is missing two songs plus it was edited so much that other parts are missing.

The idea is to get this and then buy the official sources and put your own version of Woodstock Complete together. There's a file included which tells you what cds to buy.

There are TWO versions of the artwork here - one for this Complete Bootleg Woodstock and one for Woodstock Complete (the one you put together at home from official + bootleg sources).

If Woodstock interests you, visit our Woodstock Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/woodstockproject?yguid=20254900

And of course http://www.woodstockproject.com

This *will* take a few days to seed. Be patient. Why didn't I seed it in parts? It wouldn't be worth it to have 4 parts and only 2 or 3 of them available months from now. A year ago, I seeded the bootleg Live Aid (the stuff not on the official dvd) and almost a year later, its still on The Pirate Bay!

Pass this onto your friends. When I see people write, "don't encode to mp3", on other torrents, I laugh to myself -- its none of my business what you convert this to once you have it. All file extensions were created equal. I prefer wav/flac/shn/lossless, but its not an ideology, its a hobby!!

Here's the setlist:


Richie Havens:
1. John Morris/Richie Havens Intro Sources: Film Outtake, B&W Video
2. High Flyin' Bird Source: Film Outtake
3. Unknown song Source: B&W Video
4. I Can't Make It Anymore Source: Film Outtake
5. Strawberry Fields Forever/Hey Jude Source: Film Outtake
6. With A Little Help From My Friends Source: Film Outtake

7. Motherless Child Source: Audience Tape
8. Day Song Source: B&W Video

Bert Sommer:
9. Jennifer Source: Film Outtake

Arlo Guthrie:
10. Amazing Grace Source: Film Outtake

11. John Morris Intro/They Live The Life Source: Diary Video, Audience Tape
12. BBY Source: Audience Tape
13. Waitin' For You Source: Diary Video, Audience Tap
14. Unknown song/jam

Country Joe McDonald:
15. Chip Monck/Country Joe Intro Source: Film Outtake
16. Janis Source: Film Outtake
17. Rockin' All Around The World Source: Film Outtake
18. Flyin' High All Over The World Source: Film Outtake
19. Seen A Rocket Source: Film Outtake

20. Waiting Source: Audience Tape
21. You Just Don't Care Source: Audience Tape


Keef Hartley Band
1. Spanish Fly Source: Audience Tape

Incredible String Band            
2. Invocation Source: B&W Video
3. The Letter Source: Film Outtake, B&W Video
4. This Moment Source: Film Outtake
5. When You Find Out Who You Are/Chip Monck Outro Source: Film Outtake, Diary Video

6. Stormy Monday Source: Soundboard Tape
7. Theme From An Imaginary Western Source: Soundboard Tape
8. Long Red Source: Soundboard Tape
9. For Yasgur's Farm Source: Soundboard Tape
10. You And Me Source: Soundboard Tape
11. Waiting To Take You Away Source: Soundboard Tape
12. Dreams Of Milk And Honey Source: B&W Video

13.Stage Problems Announcement Source: B&W Video

Grateful Dead (all tracks sourced from original Multitrack Master!! gaps in St. Stephen filled in by alt. Soundboard tape)
14. Ken Babbs/Chip Monck Intro-St. Stephen

Grateful Dead (track sourced from original Multitrack Master!! gaps in Lovelight filled in by alt. Soundboard tape)
1. Mama Tried
2. Equipment Failure And Stage Raps
3. Dark Star
4. High Time

Grateful Dead (track sourced from original Multitrack Master!! gaps in Lovelight filled in by alt. Soundboard tape)
1. Turn On Your Lovelight


Creedence Clearwater Revival Source: Soundboard Tape EXCEPT as noted
1. Chip Monck Intro/Born On The Bayou Source: Soundboard Tape, Blackstead Tapes MP3 File
2. Green River
3. Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)
4. Bootleg
5. Commotion
6. Bad Moon Rising
7. Proud Mary
8. I Put A Spell On You
9. Night Time Is The Right Time
10. Keep On Chooglin'
11. Suzy Q


Janis Joplin Source: Soundboard Tape
1. Chip Monck Intro/Raise Your Hand
2. As Good As You've Been To This World
3. To Love Somebody
4. Summertime
5. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)
6. Kosmic Blues
7. Can't Turn You Loose
8. Work Me Lord
9. Piece Of My Heart
10. Ball And Chain


Sly & The Family Stone Source: Soundboard Tape From "Down On the Farm" CD
1. Chip Monck Intro/M’Lady
2. Sing A Simple Song
3. You Can Make It If You Try
4. Everyday People/Dance To The Music
5. Music Lover
6. I Want To Take You Higher
7. Love City
8. Stand


The Who Source: Soundboard Tape EXCEPT where noted
1. Chip Monck Intro/Heaven And Hell
2. I Can't Explain
3. It's A Boy
4. 1921
5. Amazing Journey
6. Sparks
7. Eyesight To The Blind
8. Christmas
9. Acid Queen
10. Pinball Wizard
11. Abbie Hoffmann Incident
12. Fiddle About
13. -There's A Doctor I've Found
14. Go To The Mirror Boy
15. Smash The Mirror
16. I'm Free
17. Tommy's Holiday Camp
18. We're Not Gonna Take It
19. See Me Feel Me
20. Summertime Blues
21. Shakin' All Over/Chip Monck Intro/Pete Townshend Intro
22. My Generation-Naked Eye/Chip Monck Outro Source: Soundboard Tape, Soundtrack LP


1. Doctor Request/Chip Monck Intro/Grace Slick Intro Source: Diary Video

Jefferson Airplane
2. The Other Side Of This Life (segments only) Source: Director's Cut, Audience Tape

Joe Cocker
3. Something's Coming On Source: Acetate
4. Dear Landlord Source: Audience Tape

Country Joe & The Fish
5. Thing Called Love Source: Film Outtake
6. Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine Source: Film Outtake

The Band Source: Soundboard Tape EXCEPT where noted
7. Chip Monck Intro/Chest Fever
8. Baby Don't Do It
9. Tears Of Rage
10. We Can Talk
11. Don't You Tell Henry
12. This Wheel's On Fire Source: Acetate

Johnny Winter
13. Mama Talk To Your Daughter Source: Blackstead Tapes MP3
14. Rock Me Baby Source: Blackstead Tapes MP3

Blood Sweat And Tears
15. Chip Monck Intro/More And More Source: Film Outtake
16. Something's Coming On/More Than You'll Ever Know Source: Film Outtake
17. Spinning Wheel Source: Film Outtake


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
1. Blackbird Source: Film Outtake
2. Helplessly Hoping  Source: Film Outtake
3. Mr Soul Source: Film Outtake
4. Long Time Gone Source: Film Outtake

Paul Butterfield Blues Band
5. All In A Day Source: Blackstead Tapes MP3
6. All My Love Comin' Through To You Source: Film Outtake
7. Drifting Blues Source: Film Outtake
8. Everything's Gonna Be Alright Source: Woodstock Two LP, Film Outtake

9. Teen Angel Source: Film Outtake
10. Wipe Out  Source: Film Outtake
11. Who Wrote The Book Of Love Source: Film Outtake
12. Duke Of Earl Source: Film Outtake


Jimi Hendrix Source: Soundboard Tape EXCEPT where noted
1. Chip Monck Intro/Introduction Source: Soundboard Tape, 2 CD Hendrix At Woodstock
2. Message To The Universe Source: Audience Tape
3. Getting My Heart Back Together Again
4. Spanish Castle Magic
5. Red House
6. Master Mind
7. Here Comes Your Lover Man
8. Foxy Lady
9. Jam Back At The House

DISC TWELVE:                                                                                      

Jimi Hendrix Source: Soundboard Tape EXCEPT where noted
1. Izabella
2. Gypsy Woman
3. Fire
4. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
5. Stepping Stone
6. Star Spangled Banner
7. Purple Haze
8. Woodstock Improvisation/Villanova Junction
9. Hey Joe
10. Woodstock Farewell (Chip Monck, from single cd Jimi Hendrx at Woodstock - its only a bit of audio so we added it here. Buy both single and double cd Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock official
cds if you’re a fan!)

Teen Trash from Psychedelic Tokyo

Great stuff here, I can't recall who sent me this, but two great discs of Japanese psych/punk/garage
etc.....The Mops you certainly know, some of the others too, but often these are unintentionally hilarious due to the language issues, but a lot of fun to listen too.......worth one's time for certain!

DISC 1-01 UNKNOWN-intro/02 THE BEAVERS-I'm a Man/03 THE CARNABEATS-When/04 THE SPIDERS-Nati Bat/05 THE VOLTAGE-In the Middle/06 THE MOPS-Blind Bird/07 D'SWOONERS-Stone Free/08 UNKNOWN-Outro/09 UNKNOWN-Intro/10 THE BUNNYS-Test Drive/11 THE SPIDERS-Around/12 THE GOLDEN CUPS-LSD/13 THE CARNABEATS-Jenny/14 THE SAVAGE-SPI/15 THE MOPS-Inside Look/16 UNKNOWN-Outro

DISC 2-01 UNKNOWN-Intro/02 THE GOLDEN CUPS-Got My Mojo Workin/03 THE BEAVERS-Over Under Sideways Down/04 THE MOPS-Haiku/05 THE SPIDERS-Johnny B Goode/06 THE CARNABEATS-I Love You Everyday Sandy/07 D'SWOONERS-Purple Haze/08 UNKNOWN-Outro/09 UNKNOWN-Intro/10 THE JAGUARS-Tobacco Road/11 THE GOLDEN CUPS-Hey Joe/12 THE JAGUARS-I'm So Glad/13 THE GOLDEN CUPS-Hiwa-Mata Noboru/14 THE SPIDERS-Boom Boom/15 UNKNOWN-Outro

Dust Bowl Cavaliers

While looking for material for a potential future Tenacious D post (maybe soon), I came across this, uhh, oddity.....Los Angeles bluegrass band Dust Bowl Cavaliers take on the music of the aforementioned Tenacious D, with, kind of, odd results......words could do this little justice, but if you are a fan of Tenacious D's unusual brand of entertainment, you'll at least want one listen to this, it's really pretty funny........wish they woulda included my fave, "Lee", but ya can't have everything!

BLUEGRASS WRECKS THE MUSIC OF TENACIOUS D-01 The History of Tenacious D/02 Fuck Her Gently/03 Kielbasa/04 Double Team/05 Karate/06 Kyle Quit the Band/07 Wonderboy/08 Explosivo/09 Jesus Ranch/10 Sasquatch/11 Tribute

Ramoneskidz- A Russian Tribute to the Ramones

And while we're dealing with silly tributes, here's another of the several Ramones/comedy albums ("Ramounz", "Gabba", etc) that have dotted the landscape......no way in hell I can replicate the Russian alphabet on my computer, HOPING I can copy/paste the track list, let me see......yep, seems to have worked, see below, if you can read Russian you are officially in fat city!

1В БегаDo You Remember Rock'n'Roll Radio?
2Dante.KomaHavana Affair
3Все СтволыThe Job That Ate My Brain
5P.P.SkaThe KKK Took My Baby Away
6Banana GangSomebody Put Something In My Drink
7I Am BadThe Crusher
9Коллекция ДнейСмертельный Яд (Poison Heart)
10RamonakidsI Won't Let It Happen
11Коко БрайсMain Man
12Ляпис ТрубецкойI Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
13Александр Тон и КомпанияShe Talks To Rainbows
14Нулевая ПозицияGot Alot To Say
15RossomahaarCretin Family
16ПупсыStrength To Endure
17The Wanted (6)Chasing The Night
18Susan & The SurftonesChinese Rock
19Витамин РостаRock ’n’ Roll High School
20КускиMy Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)
21Туалета НетPinhead
22КабзонRockaway Beach
23Литр в ЧасPsycho Therapy
24Тени СвободыI Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
2517 ОборотовI Don't Care
26ФигиWe Want The Airwaves
28ШлюзSheena Is A Punk Rocker
29Тараканы!I Believe In Miracles

Black Drawing Chalks

Black Drawing Chalks are a Brazillian stoner rock band, mid 2000's era, not bad, also not great, kind of on
the border between the stoner rock of the era and conventional hard rock.....

The first album, "Big Deal" was released in 2007, it's only fair, but it IS SOLID, a collection of hard rocking numbers that sometimes don't take off as intended.....much better is "Life is a Big Holiday For Us" (2009).....they "stoner" the sound up a bit, and the result is their best work......LOTS of cool riff-rockers here, including one called "Don't Take My Beer" and another called "Girl I've Come to lay You Down".......seriously this is a pretty good, say, 3-star LP.

From 2010, we have the not-great sounding "Live in Goiana".....it is the sound quality only that lacks, as it is  a fairly hot performance, and the sound quality is not THAT bad.......most tracks kick ass pretty hard, (especially "The Legend"), this is as good a live representation as I could come up with.

"No Dust Stuck on You" was released in 2012, sort of similar to "Life", again, they sludge-up their sound a bit, and it DOES work, perhaps another three star effort......

Decent hard/stoner band, fans of the genre will be happy, I am a fan of the genre, as you know, and it works well enough for me for the most part.

BIG DEAL-01 Big Deal/02 Rising Sun in the Purple Morning Sky/03 Help Me/04 Holiday/05 Everything Is
Going to Be Fine/06 High and Smashed/07 A Place to Hide/08 Legs Don't Lie/09 Little Story/10 Suicide Girl

LIFE IS A BIG HOLIDAY FOR US-01 My Favorite Way/02 Free From Desire/03 My Radio/04 The Legend/05 Girl I've Come to Lay You Down/06 Find Another Road/07 I'm a Beast I'm a Gun/08 Don't Take My Beer/09 Precious Stone/10 Magic Travel/11 Leaving Home

LIVE IN GOIANA-01 Intro/02 The Legend/03 Free From Desire/04 Simmer Down/05 Everything Is Going to be Fine/06 My Radio/07 Red Love/08 My Favorite Way/09 A Place to Hide this Gold/10 Cheat, Love, and Lies/11 Leaving Home/12 Precious Stone/13 Big Deal

NO DUST STUCK ON YOU-01 Famous/02 Cut Myself In Two/03 Street Rider/04 Walking By/05 No Anchor/06 Disco Ghosts/07 I've Got Your Flavor/08 Simmer Down/09 Swallow/10 Immature Toy/11 Little Crazy/13 The Stalker/14 Deni's Dream/15 Cheat, Love, and Lies

The Molochs

From Los Angles come The Molochs, submitted by the unmatchable John N.......their new album, "America's Velvet Glory", is the item in question here. Listened a couple days ago, not bad, retro-ish garage/hard rock, maybe with some Stones-ish touches in there as well.......not likely destined for classic status, but not everything has to be.....mostly, we're all here for the rock n roll, and here's another slab of it......

01. Ten Thousand
02. NoCONTROL(best track of the album, imho)03. Charlie’s Lips
04. That’s the Trouble with You
05. The One I Love
06. Little Stars
07. No More Cryin
08. You and Me
09. New York
10. I Don’t Love You
11. You NeverLEARN

A Specials demo

I am going to post some live Specials shows soon, Lewdd has sent me a slew of em, weeding out the better sounding ones.....for now, I thought this demo tape was interesting, I've never seen or heard it.....the early 80's (this tape 1981) ska-rockers turn "96 Tears" on it's head, with a good and kind of creepy version. "Why Dub" and "Why part 2" wrap up this short demo tape, but I thought it was of sufficient interest to post now, apart from the live stuff......see what ya think, Specials, ska, reggae, two-tone, new wave, and 1980's fans!

1981 DEMO TAPE-01 96 Tears/02 Why Dub/03 Why Part 2

Exploding White Mice

(scott) Zigzagwanderer sends us the works of Exploding White Mice, a band I was thinking of posting just a
few days before......he sends a text file to describe these to ya, so I'll let him tell ya......but thanks to zigzag for these, really great share.

Exploding White Mice .

Biography [AllMusic];

This hard-hitting guitar band was formed in Adelaide, Australia, in early 1985, and featured Jeff Stephens (lead guitar), Paul Gilchrist (vocals) and Giles Barrow (rhythm guitar). Their style drew influences from the tough Detroit sound of the early Stooges with just a hint of Ramones -style ‘dumb fun’. In fact they took their name from the laboratory rodents that featured in the Ramones’ movie Rock ‘N’ Roll High School. Their debut recording featured three originals and three cover versions, including ‘Pipeline’ and a burning version of Bo Diddley’s ‘Let The Kids Dance’, and indicated a young band with considerable talent.

Discography ;

A Nest Of Vipers  [EP][1985]

01 - Burning Red.mp3
02 - Bad Little Woman.mp3
03 - Let The Kids Dance.mp3
04 - Pipeline.mp3
05 - Your Claws.mp3
06 - Dangerous.mp3


Brute Force & Ignorance [1985]

01 - Fear.mp3
02 - Goodbye Gravity.mp3
03 - Worry About Nothing.mp3
04 - Verbal Abuse.mp3
05 - The Wheel.mp3
06 - Surfing In A Dust Storm.mp3
07 - Breakdown No 2.mp3
08 - Bury Me.mp3
09 - Uninvited.mp3
10 - Sea Of Justice.mp3
11 - Hit In The Face.mp3
12 - When I Get Off.mp3
13 - Without Warning.mp3


Exploding White Mice [1990]

01 - Sleepwalk.mp3
02 - Intuition.mp3
03 - Real Tough Guy.mp3
04 - Do The Crunch.mp3
05 - You're Losing Me.mp3
06 - I Just Want My Fun.mp3
07 - Misunderstood.mp3
08 - Ain't It Sad.mp3
09 - Verbal Abuse.mp3
10 - Meet The Creeper.mp3
11 - Uninvited.mp3
12 - Bankok.mp3
13 - King Of The Surf.mp3
14 - Dangerous.mp3
15 - First Time Is The Best Time.mp3
16 - Do The Crunch.mp3


Collateral Damage

01 - And Stay Out.mp3
02 - Enemies.mp3
03 - In Your Eyes.mp3
04 - Imaginary World.mp3
05 - Human Garbage.mp3
06 - Frozen Alive.mp3
07 - Shadow In The Sky.mp3
08 - Everybody's Waiting.mp3
09 - Empty T.V..mp3
10 - This Is The News.mp3
11 - When She Walks.mp3
12 - Falling On All Side.mp3
13 - Tooth And Nail.mp3
14 - Hate Mail.mp3


We Walk Alone

01 - Born Loser.mp3
02 - 51st State.mp3
03 - Balance Of Power.mp3
04 - Faceache.mp3
05 - The Silent Treatment.mp3
06 - Just Plain Bad.mp3
07 - No Sign Of Life.mp3
08 - Out Of My Head.mp3
09 - Something Wrong.mp3
10 - Different Girl.mp3
11 - We Walk Alone.mp3
12 - Always End The Same.mp3


More Woodstock stuff

Here's a SIX disc Woodstock set to compliment the 12-disc bootleg set of the other day.....this is titled "40
Years on, Back to Yasgur's Fqarm (2009)".....there is some officially released material here, AS WELL as (I think) some non-official, unsure of the overlap between this and the previous post, Woodstock fans no doubt will appreciate both sets.

Disc 1 is stuffed with things, both good (Richie Haven's great "Handsome Johnny", Arlo Guthrie's "Coming Into Los Angeles) and bad (Melanie).......Disc 2 is dominated by Joan Baez and Country Joe & the Fish (both with "officially" released stuff)......Mountain and CCR rock disc 3 pretty well.........Disc 4 is stacked...Jefferson Airplane, Sly, Janis Joplin, and The Who........Disc 5 very good (Cocker, Country Joe, Johnny Winter), and Disc 6 brings it home with CSNY and a bit of Hendrix.......other than the official set, I think this is all the Woodstock material I have (other than say, "Hendrix at Woodstock", "The Who at Woodstock", etc.

Enjoy, recreate the entire Woodstock experience!


Disc: 1

  1. Handsome Johnny (Richie Havens)
  2. Freedom (Motherless Child) (Richie Havens)
  3. Choppity Choppity (John Morris)
  4. Look Out (Sweetwater)
  5. Two Worlds (Sweetwater)
  6. Jennifer (Bert Sommer)
  7. And When It's Over (Bert Sommer)
  8. Smile (Bert Sommer)
  9. There Goes Marilyn! (John Morris)
  10. Hang On To A Dream (Tim Hardin)
  11. Simple Song Of Freedom (Tim Hardin)
  12. Flat Blue Acid (John Morris)
  13. Raga Puriya-Dhanashri/Gat In Sawarital (Ravi Shankar)
  14. Momma Momma (Melanie)
  15. Beautiful People (Melanie)
  16. Birthday Of The Sun (Melanie)
  17. Coming Into Los Angeles (Arlo Guthrie)
  18. Wheel Of Fortune (Arlo Guthrie)
  19. Every Hand In The Land (Arlo Guthrie)
  20. All You Funny People (John Morris)

Disc: 2

  1. Joe Hill (Joan Baez)
  2. Sweet Sir Galahad (Joan Baez)
  3. Hickory Wind (Joan Baez)
  4. Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man (Joan Baez w/Jeffrey Shurtleff)
  5. Bring Scully His Asthma Pills (John Morris)
  6. Insulin & Quill Intro (John Morris)
  7. They Live The Life (Quill)
  8. That's How I Eat (Quill)
  9. I Understand Your Wife Is Having A Baby (Chip Monck)
  10. Donovan's Reef (Country Joe McDonald)
  11. The 'Fish' Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag (Country Joe McDonald)
  12. Persuasion (Santana)
  13. Soul Sacrifice (Santana)
  14. How Have You Been (John B. Sebastian)
  15. Rainbows All Over Your Blues (John B. Sebastian)
  16. I Had A Dream (John B. Sebastian)
  17. The Letter (Incredible String Band)
  18. When You Find Out Who You Are (Incredible String Band)
  19. She Is Lost (Chip Monck)

Disc: 3

  1. We're In Pretty Good Shape (Chip Monck)
  2. Going Up The Country (Canned Heat)
  3. Woodstock Boogie (Canned Heat)
  4. The Brown Acid Is Not Specifically Too Good (Chip Monck)
  5. Blood Of The Sun (Mountain)
  6. Theme For An Imaginary Western (Mountain)
  7. For Yasgur's Farm (Mountain)
  8. For Those Of You Who Have Partaken Of The Green Acid (Chip Monck)
  9. Green Acid Advice (Jerry Garcia & Country Joe McDonald)
  10. Dark Star (Grateful Dead)
  11. Green River (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  12. Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
  13. I Put A Spell On You (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Disc: 4

  1. Work Me, Lord (Janis Joplin)
  2. Ball And Chain (Janis Joplin)
  3. Medley: Dance To The Music/Music Lover/I Want To Take You Higher (Sly & The Family Stone)
  4. The Politics Of The Situation (Abbie Hoffman)
  5. Amazing Journey (The Who)
  6. Pinball Wizard (The Who)
  7. Abbie Hoffman vs. Pete Townshend
  8. We're Not Gonna Take It (The Who)
 9. The Other Side Of This Life (Jefferson Airplane)
  10. Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane)
  11. Won't You Try/ Saturday Afternoon (Jefferson Airplane)
  12. We Got A Whole Lot Of Orange (Grace Slick)
  13. Volunteers (Jefferson Airplane)
  14. Breakfast In Bed For 400,000 (Wavy Gravy)
  15. It Just Keeps Goin' (John Morris)
  16. Max Yasgur Speaks

Disc: 5

 1. Feelin' Alright (Joe Cocker)
  2. Let's Go Get Stoned (Joe Cocker)
  3. With A Little Help From My Friends (Joe Cocker)
  4. The Rainstorm
  5. Rock & Soul Music (Country Joe & The Fish)
  6. Love (Country Joe & The Fish)
  7. Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine (Country Joe & The Fish)
  8. Summer Dresses (Country Joe & The Fish)
  9. Silver and Gold (Country Joe & The Fish)
  10. Rock & Soul Music (Reprise) (Country Joe & The Fish)
  11. Leland Mississippi Blues (Johnny Winter)
  12. Mean Town Blues (Johnny Winter)
  13. You've Made Me So Very Happy (Blood Sweat & Tears)

Disc: 6

 1. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Crosby Stills & Nash)
  2. Guinnevere (Crosby Stills & Nash)
  3. Marrakesh Express (Crosby Stills & Nash)
  4. 4 + 20 (Crosby Stills & Nash)
  5. Sea Of Madness (Crosby Stills Nash & Young)
  6. Wooden Ships (Crosby Stills Nash & Young)
  7. No Amount Of Loving (The Butterfield Blues Band)
  8. Love March (The Butterfield Blues Band)
  9. Everything's Gonna Be Alright (The Butterfield Blues Band)
  10. Get A Job (Sha Na Na)
  11. At The Hop (Sha Na Na)
  12. Get A Job (Reprise) (Sha Na Na)
  13. The Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze/Woodstock Improvisation (Jimi Hendrix)
  14. Woodstock Farewell (Chip Monck)

Le Villejuif Underground

Sent to us by John N, this is a pretty cool set of French Alternative rock, I am damned if I can comparea it to much of anything, but it's quite fab, in particular leadoff track "Visions For Shannon", which reminds me in a weird way of Lou Reed/Willy DeVille's vocals brought into 2017......listening to the rest of it now as I type, and I am enjoying it, keep thinking the singer has a Reed-fixation, which, hey, as I always say, better a Lou Reed fixation than a Geddy lee one, right? This is loaded up with some pretty good alt-pop, (English vocals) also, believe it or not, sort of reminds me of what a post-modern Dire Straits might sound like.......anyway, ice-cool lyrics, slick instrumentation, smart-ass sounding lyrics and vocals all add up to a pretty good time......3.5 star album in Scott's black book

SELF TITLED-01 Visions For Shannon/02 The Daintree Is Gone/03 CCC/04 Since Everything Changes/05 Cold Dark Place In Your Art/06 Portrait of a Serial Killer/07 On the Seine/08 Chefchouen Blues/09 Sake of the Sake/10 Absinthe Minded Woman

Like this one a good bit, if this is your kinda thing, thought it was really quite good!

Menace Beach

Another John N submittal, "Lemon Memory" is the second album from UK alt-rockers Menace Beach, and
it's pretty solid.......moderate hard rock, with some squalling guitars and some hard to grasp lyrics, "Give Blood" is quite a good one, but so are "Sentimental", "Cant Get a Haircut", and others.......this is a solid album that you won't want to miss out on.....I'd say I like it about three stars worth, and recall, I listen to lots OF stuff.......just SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO! seriously, a good album,a don't hesitate, I like it a good bit! Thanks John N!

LEMON MEMORY-01 Givae Blood/02 Maybe We'll Drown/03 Sentimental/04 Lemon Memory/05 Can't Get a Haircut/06 Darlatoid/07 Suck It Out/08 Owl/09  Watch Me Boil/10 Hexbreaker II

I need YOU GUYS to tell me what to do

Here's the situation: Jon S and John N Have both sent me an incredible submission, something I DON'T
want to ignore......I'm gonna dance around this a little, but here is the gyst.......remember Zimmerman? He was a folk-rock type from a while back, is quite popular on this site, and often has the resources to get his shit pulled from here, unless I am VERY CREATIVE.......ok, so what did they send? Oh, just a THIRTY SIX DISC box set of a variety of Zim's shows from the 1960's......I HAVE DL'd them and have them both Jon S' Rapidshare link for the whole thing, and John N's individual links for each.......now, what should I do? I DO NOT wish to go to all this trouble if it's going to be fairly ignored. If a lot of you desire this, I'll get it put up.......but how? Do you want them all at once? 3-4 at a time like I do the Clash? Should I do it by request? remember I tried THAT once and it
was a disaster (for me).......Please, please, give me a bit of guidance,I don't want to waste our time, but if there is huge demand here, I WILL get it done somehow.......so, do you guys really WANT 36 discs of Zimmerman live? I've spot listened and they are quite good.......it's just that this is a big, messy project, and I would like to know the preferred method of getting them to those who desire them, provided there are enough.........PLEASE comment in the space below, help me to figure out the best way to get these to you and keep them active for the longest time possible........remember, I'VE ALREADY GOT EM.......I just wanna know the best way to share it, it's kind of sprawling, but I'd love to get it to you.......do you want them? and in what increment would you prefer

Thanks to Jon and John, this is a monster, and I don't want to waste it........I am hoping for some good advice on this one!

Well, you told me what to do......

See yesterday's post, people want this broken down to 3-4 a week, like I do Clash boots......but on THIS
ONE there are some special instructions, ie, to get your "Zimmerman COMIC BOOKS" you need your special BigScott62 Decoder Ring.......now, if you DON'T have one, don't panic, there are a handful lefat, only $295.99 each, plus $45 shipping.....THEN you can find the HIDDEN MESSAGES in these posts......here is how it works.....wherever a word appears in "quotes", shine the decoder ring on the word and see what it REALLY means......for example, these "Zimmerman Comic Books" were all "printed" in 1966, at various locales around the world that we will note. Also the exact dates.......there will be no "tables of contents" for these efforts, you'll figure it out, with the help of the incredible decoder ring.

Anyway, don't give away the secrets of the Decoder ring......if someone figures it out and the links to these "comic books" begin to disappear, I'll have little choice but to stop putting "issues" of it up.......I'm also going to include Jon S' link (Mediafire) in case you WANT all 36 "issues" at once.....otherwise, use John N's for one "issue" at a time.......as for John N's, 1-link doesn't especially equal 1 "issue", you'll need to grab them as they are posted, I think 36 "issues" are contained in 32 links......

I implore everyone to cooperate here, lets' leave these "comic books" up for as long as we can, and REMEMBER there are still Decoder rings left for your easier use of the blog........please, when you comment, be sure to use the proper WORDING so that others can use THEIR decoding rings as well! What FUN!

See comments for more info and FUN games to play with the decoding ring1

Get those rings while they last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ty Segall

I hope you all know Ty Segall, his unique blend of noisey garage rock and experimental, distorted hard rock
is one of my fave sounds of the current rock n roll.......if you don't know, expect high distortion, high energy, and never a single dull moment on each LP.......I have some boots around here somewhere that we'll get to eventually, but for now here are the studio albums that I have.....btw Ty plays with several bandds, notably Zoggs and Fuzz, among others, that have been featured on this site before. Here are the Ty Segall albums that I have handy right this moment:

2009's "Lemons" is not the greatest effort, but there is plenty of distorted good shit here......."Untitled #2" stands out, as does "Die Tonite"

"Melted" from 2010 is much better, one of the top albums of that year......its an ear-shredder for sure, with even a pair of singles, "My Sunshine" and "Ceasar".......fine album, recommended. Next came "Goodbye Bread", the sound is cleaned up a bit and a bit more mainstream, but still contains plenty of fuzz and distortion.

2012's "Twins" may be the best of the lot, imo it's his definitive work........loud and noisy, which is what Ty does best......."Love Fuzz" and "Ghost" stand out on this 4.5 star effort, one of the best releases of 2012.

"Sleeper" is much different, an album released to coincide with the passing of Ty's father......much more melodic, folkish-psych.......good in an eerie sort of way.

Both "Slaughterhouse" and "Fuzz" are done with "The Ty Segall Band".......both, especially "Fuzz" are worth your hard-rocking time......I think I've posted em before, but here they are again......finally, "Hair" is a fine collaboration with Tim Presley.....it's a fine and overlooked album, please give it a fair shot!

Like I said, I have somewhere a batch of boots from Ty and they ROCK! I'm gonna locatea thema, abuta for now, here is a TRUE rock n roll artist of the 2000's-10's.......this is really great stuff!

LEMONS-01 It #1/02 Standing at the Station/03 In Your Car/04 Lovely One/05 Can't Talk/06 Cents/07
Untitled #2/08 Rusted Dust/09 Die Tonite/10 Johnny/11 Drop Out Boogie/12 Like You

MELTED-01 Finger/02 Ceasar/03 Girlfriend/04 Sad Fuzz/05 Melted/06 Mike D's Coke/07 Imaginary People/08 My Sunshine/09 Bees/10 Mrs/11 Alone

GOODBYE BREAD-01 Goodbye Bread/02 California Commercial/03 Comfotrable Home/04 You Make the Sun Fry/05 I Can't Feel It/06 My Head Explodes/07 The Floor/08 Where Your Head Goes/09 I Am With You/10 Fine

TWINS-01 Thank God For Sinners/02 You're the Doctor/03 Inside Your Heart/04 The Hill/05 Would You Be My Love/06 Ghost/07 They Told Me Too/08 Love Fuzz/09 Hand Glams/10 Who Are You/11 Gold On the Shore/12 There Is No Tomorrow

SLEEPER-01 Sleeper/02 The Keepers/03 Crazy/04 The Man Man/05 She Don't Care/06 Come Outside/07 Sixth Street/08 Sweet CC/09 Queen Lullabye/10 The West

SLAUGHTERHOUSE-01 Death/02 I Bought My Eyes/03 Slaughterhouse/04 The Tongue/05 Tell Me
What's Inside Your Heart/06 Wave Goodbye/07 Muscle Man/08 The Bag I'm In/09 Diddy Wah Diddy/10 Oh Mary/11 Fuzz War

HAIR-01 Time/02 I Am Not a Game/03 Easy Rider/04 The Black Glove Rag/05 Crybaby/06 (I Can't) Get Around You/07 Scissor People/08 Tongues

OK, guys.....these are eight GOOD albums......they could use a bit more exposure, that's up to you......great stuff though, rocking, buzzing, fuzzy, distorted, and as I've said, THE sound of modern rock, right at the minute!

A new contributor, Pink Turns Blue Redux

(scott) I posted a recent album from this German band a while back, quite good, imo.......now from a reader/submittor named Fabio Danieli, with a 1988 release......I've not heard it, but we'll find out what it's about yet today........thanks to Fabio, PLEASE don't be a stranger, the more contributions, the BETTER!!!!!

Son of Garage Fuzz, Volume 4

Time for letter D listings for "Sons of Garage Fuzz"......this series has been good (I think) and popular, the
combining of the two monster torrents makes this as comprehensive set of obscure garage rock that you can locate......like I've said before, I pruned the overlap between "Garage Fuzz" and "Sons of", so all "new" original material on "Sons of"........glad you guys have been enjoying it, I think if you complete both sets, you will have something that is brilliant and worth your while!

VOLUME 4-01 DAILY FLASH-Jack of Diamonds/02 DAMON-Oh What A Good Boy I Am/03 DANNY & THE COUNTS-Ode to the Wind/04 DANNY & JERRY-We'v Got a Groovy Thing Going/05 DANNY BURKE-Ain't Goin' Nowhere/06 DANNY WARNER-Go 'Way Little Girl/07 DANNY'S REASONS-With One Eye Closed/08 DAVE MEYERS EFFECT-Nocho's Theme/09 DAVID-I'm Not Alone/10 DAVID CLAYTON THOMAS & THE SHAYS-Take Me back/11
DAYTRIPPERS-Where We Belong/12 DEEJAYS-Whatchca Tryin To Do/13 DEEP SET-Livin' It Down/14 DELICATE BALANCE-The Night Is Almost Good/15 DENONES-High Ho Silver/16 DERBY-HATVILLE-You'll Forget Me/17 DESCENDENTS-Lela/18 DETROIT RIOTS-A Fast Way to Die/19 DICK ST JOHN-You Know What I Mean/20 DICKY TREADWAY-One to Ten/21 DIFFERENT PARTS-Why/22 DIMENSIONS-She's My Girl/23 DISTANT COUSINS-Stop Running Round Baby/24 DISTURBERS-Free and Easy/25 DONNY B WAUGH-You Better Believe It/26 DONNYBROOKS-You're Gonna Cry/27 DORIANS-Help For My Waiting/28 DOWN CHILDREN-I
Can Tell/29 DOWLOADERS SECT-Glendora/30 DRAG SET-Day and Night/31 DRIVING WHEELS-Don't Be Bad/32 DRIVING WHEELS-She's Got Me Running/33 DUKES-I'm an Unskilled Worker/34 DYNAMIC DISCHORDS- Passageway to Your Heart/32 DYNASTY-I've Gotta Shout


As I've stated many times, I am no expert on krautrock/prog rock of the early 70's, although I do LOVE the music.....every now and then I pop out a single classic Krautrock disc, and see where it takes us.....today, let us focus on Can's fab "Tago Mago".......wonderful album, great prog/Kraut = fab psychedelic rock imo......anyway I think this is the only Can album I have, but imo it kicks serious ass, great listen.......non-Kraut fans, become familiar, established Kraut-fans, do the right thing and send us some more groovy-ass CAN!!!!!

TAGO MAGO-01 Paperhouse/02 Mushroom/03 Oh Yeah/04 Halleluwah/05 Aumgn/06 Peking O/07 Bing Me Coffee

Fine album.

Ty Segall redux

(scott) A couple of albums I didn't have before, the other day when I posted the Ty stuff.......Zigzagwanderer
sends us two, "Ty Rex" and "Manipulator"......I'm familiar with both and both are quite good. Thanks to Zigzag and also thanks to "r" who submitted "Manipulator" at my request.......I'll post both links just for the hell of it and to show that when you send me a link it gets published!

Ty Rex

01 - Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart.mp3
02 - Buick MacKane.mp3
03 - The Slider.mp3
04 - Woodland Rock.mp3
05 - 20th. Century Boy.mp3
06 - Salamander Palaganda.mp3
07 - Elemental Child.mp3
08 - Cat Black.mp3
09 - The Motivator.mp3



01 - Manipulator.mp3
02 - Tall Man Skinny Lady.mp3
03 - The Singer.mp3
04 - It's Over.mp3
05 - Feel.mp3
06 - The Faker.mp3
07 - The Clock.mp3
08 - Green Belly.mp3
09 - The Connection Man.mp3
10 - Mister Main.mp3
11 - The Hand.mp3
12 - Susie Thumb.mp3
13 - Don't You Want To Know  [Sue].mp3
14 - The Crawler.mp3
15 - Who's Producing You .mp3
16 - The Feels.mp3
17 - Stick Around.mp3

http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/GNhn5Rij/file.html    (zigzag's link)
http://www46.zippyshare.com/v/55650128/file.html     ("r"'s link)

Can redux

(scott)-Zigzagwanderer is putting together some more stuff from Krautrock greats Can, but, in the meantime,
a new contributor, Fabio Danieli, sends us "Delay", a 1968 compilation of some early outtakes......always fun to throw some of my very limited Krautrock stuff out there, I always get an avalanche of redux stuff......I'll do some more early 70's krautrock stuff soon!

DELAY-01 Butterfly/02 Pnoom/03 Nineteen Century Man/04 Thief/05 Man Named Joe/06 Uphill/07 Little Star of Bethlehem

 CAN - Delay.rar

Also, here are some writings by Ruben Chandler on the subject of Can:


Fabio sends great stoner rock

(scott) Fabio Danieli sends another winner, a great stoner album, the self titled effort from Kadavar. From Berlin Germany, this is a 2012
release......kind of retro-stoner actually, you'll hear Zeppelin riffs sure as hell.....good, long, riff-rocking tracks, in particular the epic "Purple Sage"

KADAVAR-01 All Our Thoughts/02 Black Sun/03 Forgotten Past/04 Goddess of Dawn/05 Creature of the Demon/06 Purple Sage

Thanks to Fabio and keep up the great shares!