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Vivien Goldman

Just about freaked when I saw John N had shipped  me these, I've been sort of a semi-fan of Vivien Goldman for a while.......she's done a lot of different things, notably for some perhaps Flying Lizards, she also had a track on the "Anti NY" Compilation (included here).....this is pretty much, as far as I can tell, is a pretty damn comprehensive look at her career, with various bands and on her own.....read the article attached, you'll be surprised how much great shit she has been a part of........until next time, thanking the legend John N for yet another winning submission.


Vivien Goldman - 1979-1982 - Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982) [2016]
= Songs Vivien Goldman recorded solo, with The Flying Lizards and with Chantage between 1979 and 1982
VA - ANTI NY compilation (feat. Vivien Goldman and others)

WHO IS VIVIEN GOLDMAN?  In case that was you saying that to yourself when the email came into your inbox, here is a brief idea: journalist, writer, musician, professor of punk

(1) a member of the Parisian new wave duo Chantage, which gained modest fame in France.
(2) solo effort "Dirty Washing EP" released in 1981 with tracks produced by John Lydon and Adrian Sherwood and featuring Keith Levene, Steve Beresford, and others.
      The EP appeared first on Ed Bahlman's iconic 99 Records imprint on 3 June 1981.
(3) The song "Launderette" was included on Gomma Records'"Anti NY" compilation and the Chicks On Speed-produced Girl Monster collection.
(4) contributed vocals on "Private Armies Dub" (or "P.A. Dub") to the New Age Steppers' self-titled debut
(5) a member of The Flying Lizards
(6) a member of The 49 Americans
(7) co-wrote the Massive Attack song "Sly"

(1) wrote for the music magazines NME, Sounds, and Melody Maker about reggae, punk and post-punk.
(2) shared a flat with fellow NME journalist and The Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde
(3) Bob Marley's first UK publicist
Kid Creole's biographer.


No One's More Punk than Vivien Goldman | Pitchfork
The title of a brilliant new reissue collecting Vivien Goldman’s small contribution to recorded music says it all: not revolutionary, but Resolutionary. Over her ...
REVIEW: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/21895-resolutionary-songs-1979-1982/

Vivien Goldman: Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982) Album ...
Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982) reintroduces us to the indomitable Vivien Goldman—music journalist, reggae scholar, NYU’s “Professor of Punk”—whose ...
ARTICLE/VIDEO: http://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2016/05/20/478807663/watch-a-long-lost-video-for-vivien-goldmans-launderette
Watch A Long-Lost Video For Vivien Goldman's 'Launderette'
Unseen since shortly after it was made, this music video is a charming snapshot of the early-'80s London life of its creator, the punk and reggae musician, scholar ...

Vivien Goldman - Resolutionary (CD, Album) at Discogs
Find a Vivien Goldman - Resolutionary first pressing or reissue. Complete your Vivien Goldman collection.
Shop Vinyl and CDs.
Songs Vivien Goldman recorded solo, with The Flying Lizards and with Chantage between 1979 and 1982
Tracks 1-3 originally released 1981 as "Dirty Washing" on Window / Rough Trade (U.K.) and on 99 Records (U.S.), Courtesy of Vivien Goldman. Publisher: Kassner.
Tracks 4-5 originally released on "The Flying Lizards" (Virgin, 1979). Courtesy of Universal Music International a Division of Universal Music GmbH. Publisher: Kassner [track 4]. Publisher: Universal [track 5].
Tracks 6-8 originally released on "It's Only Money" (Celluloid, 1982). Courtesy of Blouin-Goldman. Track 6: The Wailer's "Do It Twice" Publisher: Blue Mountain Music. Publisher [tracks 7-8]: Rough Trade Publishing Ltd. Chantage is Moona (Eve Blouin) & Viva (Vivien Goldman)
Track 9 originally released on Morrocci Klung! September 1981 cassette compilation (Morrocci Klung!, 1981)

The Killbots

Here's some fairly unknown and pretty good stoner rock from Belgium, this is classic stoner stuff, ala QOTSA, Kyuss, Fu Manchu......you get the idea, the stuff I like.......nearly impossible to get info on these dudes, I THINK this was their only full-length, (if I;m wrong please correct me).......this motherfucker DOES rok if nothing else.

What to say? Well, just that pretty much the whole disc rocks it out hard, ala the bands I compared them to earlier.....can't praise this one enough. I THINK 2001 is the proper release date, but I am even unsure of that......whatever, great hard rocking stoner tunes, a whole disc of em for ya, and again, if they have more stuff floating around out there I'd be interested.....damn, listening right now, and there are some killer tracks here ("Fever", "Rule Me Out", but trust me, the rest of the tunes are JUST AS GOOD......I'm always thrilled to come upon a stoner rock sc I had forgotten about that I can share......this one fits that description to an absolute "T".....

KILLBOTS-01 Hellfire/02 The Whore (Without a Name)/03 Whirlwind Pussay/04 Fever/05 Killer Raid/06 Freight Train/07 Rule Me Out/08 The Counts of Mondo/09 Pay the Dues/10 Cuda 69/11 Good Times/12 Tantra

NOT fucking around here, this one is really good (for the stoner fans at least).....I had forgotten totally about it, a huge error on my part.......stoner fans, please check this it is fairly bad-ass.

Sometimes It's a Dilemma

OK, sometimes (especially of late) I get a link from one of my vast network of friends that I wand to share BADLY, and also know it will be quickly removed......this is one of those times.....I'm going to talk in code here, a bit, to attempt to keep this alive for as long as I can......you all know David Jones, right? Did you know he passed last year? Tragic loss for all of us.....he was nearing birthday no. 70 at the time of his death.....this EP is supposedly the final work of his life.

Entitled "No Plan", the disc includes "Lazarus", which was on Jones' final album, as well as some material for the musical Lazarus.......I hope you know to whom I refer, I don't want to say too much......just to say that this was sent to me by John N, and is essential if you are a Jones fan. Gotta say the track "Killing a Little Time" turns out to be a really good one.

Don't wanna say much, want to leave this up as long as I can. Please hurry if you care.

NO PLAN-01 Lazarus/02 No Plan/03 Killing a Little Time/04 When I Met You

Everyone please check out this unknown singer/musician, I really think he will be missed.......please give thanks to John N for this one.

The Killjunkies

Another band that it is hard to find much info on, also another "K" disc off of my infinite stoner shelf.......this is from 2010, and is a bit post-stoner, more retro-metal, as if all those terms mattered......rocks harder than fuck, and that is what I usually consider........good metal-riff rocking with druggy lyrics, "Sexy Witch", "The Jesus Tool', and the rest are slamming......one problem.....Tracks 01 ("Damnit Jim") and 02 ("Volume IV"), both of which I think I recall as pretty good tunes were corrupted or something, I Tunes wouldn't copy them.......but I think the rest of this is good enough to post, and if anyone has this album, could you please post these tracks?

-01 Damnit Jim (Not Available)/02 Volume IV (Not Available)/03 Sexy Witch/04 The Jesus Tool/05 Illuminati/06 Practice/07 Voodoo Pharmacology/08 Obi-Wan

Sorry for 25% of the album missing, actually I'm looking for a repair job more than anything!


I only recently became aware of this band, someone sent me a very recent (2010, quite recent for a band that has been about for 30+ years).....however, I kinda like this album, "A Columbus Feeling", it's kind of Buzzcocks/Green Day style punk-pop from Germany, really a pretty good album to listen to, and I request help with their earlier stuff, Germany!.........Really, I never heard of them until recently, and I really thought it to be pretty good!

A COLUMBUS FEELING-01 Matter of Fact/02 Columbus Feeling/03 Stacks & Piles/04 Meet Me in the Middle/05 Can't Live Without It/06 Black in the Rainbow/07 Choose Not to Look/08 Legend of Honest Men/09 A Cliff to Jump Off Of/10 Try And Stop Us/11 Strategy For Victory/12 Let Me Think/13 Honestly


I'll leave you with a John N submission, Russian post-punk new-wave types Brandenburg, 2016's "The Foreign Lines"....it's quite good, English vocals, but not like it matters! Not sure EXACTLY who it reminds me of, but worth a spin for certain........maybe almost like a Russian Smiths? Perhaps......

THE FOREIGN LINES-01 Eye Struggle/02 M.O.M./03 Distraction/04 Belgium/05 Settling Down/06 Feelings/07 Lost/08 The Years After/09 Autumn Rain/10 Mist......

Thanks John N another share that I like a good bit!

Moby Grape: A VINYL rip!

Few would aruge, I doubt, the classic status of the great Moby Grape debut album, 1967......five stars without a doubt, I think, but one thing would make it perfect......VINYL! Well, here we have a delicious vinyl rip of this classic, coming from the stash of the late, great BigMike43......he wore this one out that summer, but DAMN it was worth it.

Moby Grape were Peter Lewis on guitar/vocal, Jerry Miller on guitar/vocal, bassist/vocalist Bob Mosley, guitarist/vocalist Skip Spece (remember his "Oar"? I posted it a whileback, a weird one) and drummer Don Stevenson. To be honest, they were a pretty mediocre, or less even, BUT the debut LP, a  semi-psychedelic, folky/jazzy/rocking wonderment of simply fantastic songs.......wonder what happened, as they didn't do a damn thing from there on out......"WoW", "Truly Fine Citizen" and the rest really suck for my money, the two disc-of is not even as good as the debut, even though the best of does contain the debut in its entirety.

So, let us not worry about their later stuff.....yes, it was bad, imo.....but this debut? I'll call it one of the 25 best  albums of the 60's......ALL of the band members write and sing, and do it well......song after song is fresh, unique, and solid. Damn close to a perfect album......

Well, touch on highlights? Well, the whole thing is great, "Hey Grandma", "Naked, If I want to" "8:05" and all the rest are great, but it is "Omaha", a scorching rocker in about 2 minutes that is a true teeth rattler

Of COURSE you have heard this, probably even own it......but on vinyl/in mono, THAT is an experience.....listen and notice that this is one that is better on vinyl ("Foghat Live" and "White Light White Heat" are another pair of examples)........

I heard "Omaha" today and raced to find my vinyl rip of this......if anyone wants the 2-disc anthology let me know and i'll put it up, but to me this find is a gem for vinyl lovers like myself.......treat yourself!

btw look at the cover (this is the original)......later Skip Spence's middle finger, the one on the washboard, was airbrushed out, and a nation slept soundly once again!

A Killjunkies Repair

If you noticed the Killjunkies post earlier, you might remember that two tracks on the album were defective.....I asked for help replacing them, and like a flash, here comes Zigzagwanderer, worrying about snow, but saving my "Steamroller" album.......the two missing tracks, 01 Damnit Jim and 02 Volume IV are in the link here, thanks Zigzag Very helpful!


Spermbirds, speedy redux!

Zigzagwanderer sends, along with the repair for the Killjunkies album, FIVE Spermbirds albums.......I'll be
digging these tomorrow, they range from 1986-95 or so, and if they are as good as the one I heard/posted before, this will be worth your time.........thanks to zigzagwanderer for this tremendous share, just great!

Something To Prove [1986]

01 - Something To Prove.mp3
02 - What A Bitch Is.mp3
03 - You`re Not A Punk.mp3
04 - Playboy Subscriber.mp3
05 - Kill Me Quick.mp3
06 - What Do You Want (Ronald Reagan).mp3
07 - My God Rides A Skateboard.mp3
08 - Americans Are Cool.mp3
09 - Get On The Stage.mp3
10 - No Punks In K-Town - Scumbag.mp3
11 - Shit Job.mp3
12 - Bed Tool.mp3
13 - Try Again.mp3


Nothing Is Easy [1988]

01 - Die Sgt. Landry.mp3
02 - Your Problem.mp3
03 - Nothing Is Easy.mp3
04 - Cave.mp3
05 - Another Dead Friendship.mp3
06 - It4s Just An Excuse.mp3
07 - Lights Out.mp3
08 - Texas Cowboy.mp3
09 - My Brother.mp3
10 - 12 8-Packs.mp3
11 - We Don't Care (Live).mp3
12 - Americans Are Cool (Live).mp3
13 - What Do You Want R.R. (Live).mp3
14 - Try Again (Live).mp3


Joe [1992]

01 - Crucifried.mp3
02 - Real Life (Digging A Hole).mp3
03 - Got Your Number.mp3
04 - Tell Me About It.mp3
05 - Dead.mp3
06 - We Are One.mp3
07 - My God Rides A Skateboard.mp3
08 - Shit Rolls Downhill.mp3
09 - She's Got Vd.mp3
10 - I'm Trapped.mp3
11 - 12Xu.mp3
12 - Truth Of Today.mp3


Shit For Sale [1994]

01 - Shit For Sale.mp3
02 - Media Bullshit.mp3
03 - You're Not Perfect.mp3
04 - Kkkrep.mp3
05 - I Fell Old.mp3
06 - I Fell Old 2.mp3
07 - Feed My Ego.mp3
08 - I Word.mp3
09 - Cold Busted.mp3
10 - Rich Man's High.mp3
11 - In Many Ways Alike.mp3
12 - Your Opinion.mp3


Family Values [1995]

01 - What Dad Says.mp3
02 - Mr. Cynical.mp3
03 - Family Values.mp3
04 - Pop Song.mp3
05 - Bad Things.mp3
06 - Disagree.mp3
07 - Nervous Anxiety.mp3
08 - All I Want.mp3
09 - Desires And Wishes.mp3
10 - Hate In The Eyes Of Old People.mp3
11 - Running In Circles.mp3
12 - Kaiserslautern Uber Alles.mp3


Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno

Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno have released a handful of albums, this is the only one I have/have heard......it's entitled "Starless and Bible Black Sabbath". LOVE to hear some of their other albums, should anyone out there in blog land have them......super-droning, 34+ minute title track will wear you down, I promise ya........I do like this kind of thing, and would really like to hear the rest of their stuff, if anyone can help out......thanks if ya can!

Starless and Bible Black Sabbath-01 Starless and Bible Black Sabbath/02 Woman From Hell


Scott's "Son of Garage Fuzz" Volume 2

Man, there is a lot of good stuff in this second torrent, after pruning the overlap from the first "Garage Fuzz"
series, I think letter "B" of the "Son of" (Volume 2) still has around 50 tracks.......geez, one from the Beatles even! So, away we go.......just to lightly touch on the highlights, how about The Beau Brummels, Bubble Puppy, a couple of Bob Seger numbers, even the great Blues Magoos........solid, of course, in every way, has been this incredible torrent series, I'd LOVE to know who created these, so I could thank them, but there is no evidence....I suspect MAYBE ChrisGoes (creator of more brilliant online torrents than any human in history) but I'm not sure......regardless, rock the fuck out to these tracks.......if you are by any chance burning these to disc, sems like to me that "Garage Fuzz", with it's 22 Volumes, would take somewhat close to 30 discs......this part will likely require fewer, guessing 15-17, but this project has been a joy to compile and share. Nugget rock, baby. Nugget rock forever!

VOLUME 2-01 BAKE TURNER-Violation/02 BANDIT-Rigor Mortis/03 BARBARIANS-Hey Little Bird/04 BARONS-I hope I please You/05 BARONS-Reach For the Sky/06 BARRACUDAS-The Reason Why/07 BARRY ALLEN & WES DAKUS' REBELS-And My Baby's Gone/08 BARRY LEE SHOW-I Don't Want to Love You/09 BEATEN PATH-Doctor Stone/10 BEATIN' PATH-I Waited So Long/11 BEATLES-Think For Yourself/12 BEAU BRUMMELS-In Good Time/13 BEAU DENTURIES-Straight Home/14 BEAU GENTS-Big Black Machine/15 BEDLAM FOUR-No one Left to Love/16 BEETHOVEN'S FIFTH-Come Down/17 BELLS OF RHYMNY-She'll Be Back/18 BERKSHIRE 7-Bring Your Love to Me/19 BILLY & THE KIDS-When I See You/20 BILLY ADAMS-Alone/21 BILLY BATSON-New York New York/22 BIRDS-How can It Be/23 BIRDS-No Good Without You Baby/24 BITTERSWEETS-In the Night/25 BLACK DIAMONDS-I Want, Need, Love You/26 BLUE BANANA-My Love/27 BLUE BOYS-I Know/28 BLUE CONDITION-Coming Home/29 BLUE LITE CONSPIRACY-Her Heart Said No/30 BLUE MIST-Twice Before/31 BLUE RONDOS-Baby I Go For You/32 BLUES MAGOOS-Pipe Dream/33 BLUES MAGOOS-There's a Chance We Can Make It/34 BLUES UV PURPLE-Miss Dove/35 BO PETE-Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun?)/36 BOB BRADY & THE COM CHORDS-It's Love/37 BOB SEGER & THE LAST HEARD-East Side Story/38 BOB
SEGER SYSTEM-2+2=/39 BOBBY JAMESON-Gotta Find My Boogaloo/40 BOJAX-Go Ahead and Go/41 BOOTMEN-Off the Hook/42 BOSS MEN-Easy Way Out/43 BRAND X-She Lied/44 BREAKAWAYS-Come See Me/45 BRIKS-I'm Losing/46 BRIMSTONES-It's All Over Now But the Crying/47 BRITISH-NORTH AMERICAN ACT-Don't Run Away/48 BRYAN DAVIES-I Need Help/49 BUBBLE PUPPY-Lonely/50 BUDDY PETERS & THE MAJESTIC FIVE-My Sweet Baby/51 BURLINGTON SQUIRES-Back Up/52 BURLINGTON SQUIRES-World/53 BUSH-To Die Alone/54 BUSHMEN-What I Have I'll Give To You/55 BUZZ-You're Holding Me Down/56 BYSTANDERS-Just Exactly Off

If you like this series, please be sure and share it with your friends, these two series are LOADED with
great, rare, and forgotten tunes......plenty more to come, obviously, but I am proud of this series, I think it's great, I just would like to be sure to keep these records ALIVE!

Tangible Rays

(scott)-Maybe my first "new" release of 2017, Tangible Rays hail from the Ohio Mafia stronghold, Youngstown (never mind), this is a pretty fair set of the noisy, trippy, shoegaze-stoner hybrid that I feel is THE current sound in rock n roll right now (just my opinion, I just like the sound of these bands of late.....REALLY druggy, yet sophisticated....on my 2016 year-end list, AT LEAST half the bands put out, to one degree or another incorporated this My Bloody Valentine/Jesus and Mary Chain influenced noise rock, and here is the first of 2017......good album, thanks to John N for this fab submission, looking forward to 2017 loaded with great music (2016 had some remarkable music, in my opinion)......here's a good kickoff for 2017.

SEANCE-01 Dizzy Spells/02 Wilt/03 Never Say/04 Mush/05 Everythings/06 Oldwave/07 Slumbernaut/08 Your Ghost/09 This Time/10 Pinkish

Really enjoyable rockin album from the great year of 2017, lots more to come I hope......thanks again John N!

Cherry Glazerr

Another new release, again from John N, and, again, another band I'm not familiar with, Cherry Glazzer......again, a new release, and you have to understand what that means by now.....anyway, I slipped this on and enjoyed it quite a bit........solid medium-hard rock from a chick fronted band with sort of semi-allusions to the droning noise rock I enjoy so much.......pretty good one, surprised me a touch.....very good album. I'd recommend fairly highly. Besides, can an LP called "Apocalipstick" be THAT bad?

APOCLIPSTICK-01 I Told You I'd Be With the Guys/02 Trash People/03 Moon Dust/04 Humble Pro/05 Nuclear Bomb/06 Only Kid on the Block/07 Lucid Dreams/08 Sip O' Poison/09 Nurse Ratched/10 Instgratification/11 Apocalipstick

Hillside 66

OHHHHH yeah........I took this from the great Italian blog, "Paradise of Garage Comps" a tremendous site (I've borrowed from him before with no issues) (http://paradiseofgaragecomps.blogspot.com/2016/11/hillside-66-lp-hillside-1966.html)

Anyway, the fab thing about this collection is that every track on this is from either Columbus Ohio, or Dayton Ohio......I live smack between the two, the megapolis that is Springfield Ohio, but I am thrilled to discover this comp...lotsa cover versions (we Buckeyes are not terribly creative), but another bunch of sloppy, noisy garage rock.....this time from my backyard......never heard of ANY of the bands here, but the Central Ohio scene HAS given us Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, New Bomb Turks, Gaunt, The Afghan Whigs, The McCoys, Toxic Reasons, The Breeders,  and more.......hey WE rock here, too, as they do in Italy, thusly, thanks to Caveman at "Paradise of Garage comps" for finding this one to begin with, brought a smile to my face!

 1 The Possums - She Don't Care About Time (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.) *
    2 The Possums - Stepping Stone (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.)
    3 Grim Reapers - Good Lovin' (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.) *
    4 Grim Reapers - Hang On Sloopy (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.) *
    5 The New Breeds - Girl In Love (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.)
    6 Penetrations - Midnight Hour (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.) *
    7 Terry Davidson & The Barracudas - Hurray For Hazel (Dayton, OH, U.S.A.)

Side 2
    1 Brick Walls - Walkin' The Dog (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.) *
    2 King's English - Mister You're A Better Man Than I (Worthington, OH, U.S.A.)
    3 The Gears - Time Won't Let Me (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.) *
    4 The Eggs - Little Red Book (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.) *
    5 Noblemen - Under My Thumb (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.)
    6 Marquis - Little Black Egg (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.) *
    7 The Deadlys - On The Road Again (Columbus, OH, U.S.A.)

Acid Mothers Temple, Redux

(scott) from long-timer Narcosislab comes a tireless effort to clear up the Acid Mothers Temple picture (see other day's post).......I haven't listened to any of these yet, so we'll find out together, but this one took a bit of work, so enjoy, and thanks to Narcosislab.

Psychedelic monsters Acid Mothers Temple have been around for over twenty years and have somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 official LPs when you add up all the various aliases and splinter projects. Probably twice that many bootlegs of live shows floating around as well.  While definitely heavy on the freakout psych, there are threads of noise rock, improv, progressive rock, space rock, krautrock and experimental rock that weave through their work. As you would expect for a group so prolific, it’s feast or famine - when they’re good they are untouchable but  some of the releases aren’t anything you’ll play more than once, assuming you get through it once.

AMT revolves around guitarist Kawabata Makoto and lineup of ever-changing contributors - I count about 40. They’ve recorded mostly as Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso but also as AMT and the Cosmic Inferno, AMT SRW, AMT and the Pink Ladies Blues, Acid Mothers Gong (w/ members of Gong),  Acid Mothers Guru Guru (with the great drummer Mani Neumeier from krautrock legends Guru Guru),  Acid Mothers Guru Guru Gong (….guess…) , Acid Maso Temple and a few others I can’t remember.  While the different names of the band are sometimes indicative of what’s on the LP, it’s still not easy to know what to expect on any given release.  Here are what I would say are the 10 you need to start with.  I’m in no way an expert so maybe someone else will add to this with their picks for essential AMT that are deeper into the catalog.

Acid Mother’s Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. (1997) is their first official LP release and if I understand correctly it’s really a compilation of a number of cassettes they produced in the previous couple of years. One 53 minute track with 12 songs, it pretty much lays out the template for their catalog. The first 1/3 of the track is relentless, ear ripping feedback psych and the last 2/3 are almost like a radio being dialed between every genre from Stockhausen to free jazz to ambient. Two years later they put out Wild Gals a Go-Go (1999),  a fake soundtrack to an imagined Russian porn film and it’s quite a bit more restrained than most of their stuff, like a good soundtrack would be.  But it’s still chock full of LSD and thick on the opium haze.

La Novia (2000) is a more “traditional psych” album and probably one of their all-time best. A good place to start. Univers Zen ou de Zero a Zero (2002) is a barn-burner more on the psych/space rock spectrum and full of ear-shredding jams. 

Speaking of bleeding ears, Electric Heavyland (2002) is an unrelenting 50 minutes of psychedelic chaos. Not much else to say here but test your meddle and give it a listen.

More full blown space rock can be found in their Acid Mothers Temple & the Cosmic Inferno releases of which IAO CHANT from the Cosmic Inferno (2005) is probably one of the best. It’s apparently a long version of a Gong song.  Another great Cosmic Inferno release is the Starless and Bible Black Sabbath (2006) BigScott posted earlier — it’s also my favorite of their many great album/song titles.

They’ve done two (that I know of) “tributes” to minimalist composer Terry Riley.  The first is In C (2001), which is sorta-kinda a version of that landmark composition. This one is full of shimmery drones and a lot more understated (i.e. quieter) playing. In 0 to ∞ (2010) is the second Riley-influenced release and it’s more or less a continuation of In C. Both are highly recommended.

Next is a noise tour-de-force: their third team-up with the Boredoms guitarist Yamamoto Seiichi, Giga Psychedelia (2012). It’s a live outing that has them roaring though the AMT discography and it’s everything you’d hope for from such a pairing.

Rounding out the even dozen: one of my personal faves - For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Goofy Funk? and one of their not so good ones but but the one everyone wants to hear because of the cover design, Sgt. Captain Freakout & The Magic Bamboo Request. 

Acid Mother’s Temple & The Melting Paraiso

Acid Mother’s Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - 1) AMT Prayer/Speed Guru/From The Melting Paraiso U.F.O 1/The Top Head Pixies/Zen Feedback/Coloradoughnut/From the Melting Paraiso U.F.O 2/Amphetamine Go-go/Pink Lady Lemonade/Sartori LSD/Hawaiian Brownie/Acid Mothers Temple for All

Wild Gals a Go-Go - 1) Reverse Of The Universe 1, 2) Space Bambino/Interstellar Over Dope, 3) Sweet Juicy Lucy, 4) Mammary Intercourse, 5) Hare Hare Hallelujah/Blow Out Sugar High, 6) Good-Bye Ice Cream/Stone Blind Blue Heaven, 7) Reverse Of The Universe 2

La Novia - 1) La Novia, 2) Bois-tu de le biere?, 3) Bon Voyage au LSD

Electric Heavyland - 1) Atomic Rotary Grinding God/Quicksilver Machine Head, 2) Loved and Confused, 3) Phantom of Galactic Magnum

In C - 1) In C, 2) In E, 3) In D

Univers Zen ou de Zero a Zero - 1) Electric Love Machine, 2) Ange mechanique de Saturne, 3) Blues pour bible noire, 4) Trinte orphique, 5) Soleil de cristal et lune d’argent, 6) God Bless AMT

In 0 to ∞ - 1) In 0, 2) In A, 3) In Z
Sgt. Captain Freakout & The Magic Bamboo Request - 1) I am St. Captain Freak Out,  2) Planet Pussy Virgo, 3) Cosmic Magic of Love Part 1, 4) Dead Man is Smoking, 5) Porks' Bomb in Aztec Part 0, 6) Hi Twiggy Cheesecake, 7) A Bamboo is as Close as Miss Trout to Marshmallows 8) Sir Satanic Magic Bamboo Jerks Off, 9) Maggot Head Cheese, 10) Man on the Holy Mountain, 11) Sweet Lucille or Lick My Milk Off, Baby, 12) Cosmic Magic of Love Part 2

Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno

IAO Chant From The Cosmic Inferno - 1) Om Riff from the Cosmic Inferno

Starless And Bible Black Sabbath - 1) Starless And Bible Black Sabbath, 2) Woman From A Hell

For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Goofy Funk? - 1) Space Hurricane Funky Night, 2) Sick Of Heaven Or Hell, 3) For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Goofy Funk?, 4) Force Of Obsession

Yamamoto Seiichi & Acid Mothers Temple

Giga Psychedelia - 1) Shine On You Crazy Dynamite, 2) Back Door Man Of Ghost Rails In/ La Novia, 3) Pink Lady Lemonade including Grandson Of A Bitches Brew


Acid Mother’s Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

Wild Gals a Go-Go

La Novia

Electric Heavyland

In C

Univers Zen ou de Zero a Zero

In 0 to ∞

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More vinyl ecstacy

OK, what we have here is a submission from Narcosislabs, and it is a great one.....a vinyl rip of PIL's "Metal Box"....I may have posted this before, I think Andie James might have sent it a while back, but it is worth a repost........

And, Narcosislab's email reminds me to occasionally post this notice: If you have something you would like to share, the BEST thing to do is, rather than post them in the comments section, is to email whatever you want to share to me via email, csgmiller@sbcglobal.net..........Narcosislabs was concerned that many may not see the share, as he posted in comments.....he is right, too, so sending them to me via email is always the better option, that way I can make a post of them.....

Here's his email/post:

Not sure if anyone will see this since it's so old but here's a rip of the vinyl version of Metal Box in FLAC. Someday when I get my turntable out of storage I'll do a proper 96KHz/24bit transfer.

Disc 1: http://www70.zippyshare.com/v/NdYqJyzL/file.html
Disc 2: http://www70.zippyshare.com/v/WM9BLnoh/file.html
Disc 3: http://www70.zippyshare.com/v/W3IQ44xg/file.html 

Note these are in FLAC, should sound incredible!

DISC 1-01 Albatross/02 Memories/03 Swan Lake
DISC 2-01 Poptones/02 Careering/03 No Birds/04 Graveyard
DISC 3-01 The Suit/02 Bad Baby/03 Socialist/04 Chant/05 Radio 4

Again, this is one of the great recordings of any era.......worth your time, no matter the format, trust me!

Jon S with Cloud Nothings

(scott) Jon S has always been grea at turning me onto bands I don't know, I couldn't count or name them
all......well, here's another, Cloud Nothings.......he's got a BUNCH of stuff from them here, and I have not listened yet, so I'll just copy his email over to ya.........I'll listen to most of these tomorrow, but for now I trust Jon S, as I always have, has NEVER steered me wrong!

Cloud Nothings

Turning On (2009 EP)
Cloud Nothings (2011)
Attack On Memory (2012)
Groningen, Netherlands 5/25/12
Here And Nowhere Else (2014)
Pitchfork Music Festival, Chicago 7/19/14
Coachella 4/10/15

They have a new one coming out at the end of the month.

Pitchfork Music Festival 2014 (if you want to check them out first.)

If you don't know them, Cloud Nothings are the best band you haven't heard.

(scott) And, before I published this, another note from Jon S:

of course, I found this about an hour after sending you the e-mail -

the new cloud nothings called life without sound. haven't been able to listen yet but wanted to get it off to you.

John N with new Ty Segal

I don't know if this one will be around long, or not, but hard rocking Ty Segal has a new (2017) releases....just checking it out now, not exactly like Ty's earlier garage-ish stoner rock, a bit more mainstream oriented, but not too much, still rocking plenty hard.....I'm trying to get a big TS post together, look for it hopefully in a couple weeks or so.....got plenty of boots and stuff.

Thanks to John N for this one, good share. It's new guys, act accordingly.

TY SEGAL 2017-01 Break a Guitar/02 Freedom/03 Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)/04 Talkin'/05 The Only One/06 Thank You Mr. K/07 Orange Color Queen/08 Papers/09 Take Care (To Comb Your Hair)/10 Untitled

Best track imo: the sludgy "The Only One".

Monday Clash boots

Another batch of Lewdd's Clash boots, we're getting there, there have been a LOT, but isn't that a GREAT
thing? I think so......as always he advises that sound will vary on these boots as some are for archival reasons only....still, it's the Clash....almost always SOMETHING you hear that makes you think, or smile!

1982 TOKYO'S BURNING-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 Train in vain/04 Washinton Bullets/05 The Leader/06 The Magnificent Seven/07 The Guns of Brixton/08 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/09 Ivan Meets GI Joe/10 Brand New Cadillac/11 Career Opportunities/12 Janie Jones/13 Clampdown/14 This Is Radio Clash/15 Clash City Rockers/16 Armagideon Time/17 London's Burning/18 Fujiyama Mama/19 Police on My Back/20 White Riot

5/30/82 RAT PATROL FROM NEW JERSEY- (26 tracks, no
track list provided)

6/6/82 BRONCO BOWL-DALLAS TEXAS-(24 tracks, no track list provided)

6/18/82 PALADIUM HOLLYWOOD CA-01 Know Your Rights/02 Train In Vain/03 Bankrobber/04 The Magnificent Seven/05 Rock the Casbah/06 This is Radio Clash/07 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/08 Brand New Cadillac/09 Police and Thieves/10 Somebody Got Murdered/11 I Fought the Law/12 Straight to Hell

Thanks Lewdd!

Son of Garage Fuzz, Volume 3

This torrent has been as popular as was the first series......we are but up to letter "C" in "Sons of.....", which
is a "big" letter, so a lot of tracks here. I have personally pruned the overlap from the FIRST "Garage Fuzz" series, so NOTHING here (unless I missed one or two) that appears on the original......thanks to everyone for making this so popular.

VOLUME 3-01 CK STRONG-Daddy/02 CALICO WALL-I'm a Living Sickness/03 CAMEL DRIVERS-You Made a Believer of Me/04 CANADIAN CLASSICS-I Don't Know/05 CANADIAN ROGUES-Ooh Poo Pa Do/06 CARETAKERS-Hidden Steps/07 CENTURYS- And I Cried/08 CHAIN REACTION-The Quiet Americans/09 CHANGIN' TYMES-Nobody/10 CHANGING TYMES-Cry/11 CHANTS R&B-Early in the Morning/12 CHANTS R&B-I'm Your Witchdoctor/13 CHANTS R&B-Neighbor Neighbor/14 CHAPS-Wait a Minute/15 CHARAYDES-I'll Cry/16 CHEROKEE-Willie & the Hand Jive/17 CHERRY SLUSH-I Cannot Stop You/18 CHOCOLATE MOOSE-Take a Ride/19
CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND-Blue's Theme/20 CHOSEN FEW-Asian Chrome/21 CHOSEN FEW-Is This a Dream/22 CHOSEN LOT-Time Was/23 CHRISTOPHER & THE CHAPS-It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding/24 CHRISTOPHER ROBIN-Nature Taking Its Course/25 CITY ZU-Too Much Too Soon Too Fast/26 CLE-SHAYS-Spend All My Money/27 CLOCK-WORK ORANGE-Help Me/28 COACHMEN-Land Of Olden/29 COACHMEN-Grapes of Wrath/30 COBBLESTONES-Down With It/31 COBRAS-I Wanna Be Your Love/32 COBRAS-Instant Heartache/33 CONLON & THE CRAWLERS-You're Coming on Too Strong/34 CONTINENTAL V-Wake Up Girl/35 CONTRASTS-She Didn't Care/36 COOL HEAT-The Other Side of Us/37 CORDS-Ain't That Love/38 CORPORATION-You Make Me
Feel Good/39 CORRUPTION INC-She's Gone/40 COUGARS-Aphrodite/41 COUNT FIVE-Double Decker Bus/42 COUNT FIVE-Mailman/43 CREEPERS-Look At Me/44 CUBY & THE BLIZZARDS-Your Body Not Your Soul/45 CUCUMBER-Don't Make Me Cry/
46 CURTIS KNIGHT-How Would You Feel/47 CYKLE-Do My Thing/48 CYKLE-If You Can/49 CYKLE-Walkin' Through My Mind/50 CYKLE-Walkout of My Mind